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Abbe -Abbey Genealogy 







^v^T-r/,, /4=. 

New Haven, Conn. 
The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company 

1916 '^3 


 '^ ' 


t « »«* (I 

.■■» •" 






Introduction v 

John Abbe of Salem and Wenham 1 

Second Generation 5 

Third Generation 14 

Fourth Generation 26 

Fifth Generation 56 

Sixth Generation 110 

Seventh Generation 210 

Eighth Generation 325 

Ninth Generation 390 

Unconnected Lines 407 

1790 Census Lists 434 

Revolutionary Soldiers 435 

Appendix 438 

Index 445 



Map of Windham, Connecticut frontispiece 

Seal of Ship Bonaventure viii 

Map of New England 1 

Statue of Captain Thomas* Abbey 52 

Autograph of Captain Thomas* Abbey and Town Hall of Enfield 53 

Peter^ Abbey 104 

Rev. Richard*^ Abbey, Mason Ellis'' Abbey and wife, Richard Newland^ 

Abbey, and Mrs. Emma V.'' (Abbey) Davis 126 

Dr. Homer Abbey^ Davis and Mrs. Pearl V.^ (Davis) Dunham 127 

Moses Cleveland*' Abbe and wife, John Randolph^ Abbe, and Charles Smith^ 

Abbe 140 

Seal of Battle of Prescott and Old Windmill at Prescott 188 

Seth Alden« Abbey 189 

Harris^ Abbe and wife 194 

Mrs. Susan Brown^ (Abbe) Frink 242 

George Waldo^ Abbe and wife, Cleveland^ Walter^, William Colgate^, 

Charles Colgate^, Robert^, and Harriet Colgate^ Abbe, and Mrs. Helen^ 

(Abbe) Howson between 242 and 243 

Henry Gilbert^ Abbey and Edwin Alden^ Abbey 300 

Henry® Abbey and Henry^ Abbey, jr 301 

Mrs. Frances Maria'' Abbey Freeman and Alden® Freeman 302 

Wife of Harris*' Abbe, Harris'^ Abbe, Mrs. Hannah^ (Abbe) Stephens, and 

Mrs. Lydia M.^ (Abbe) Stephens 312 

Mrs. Helen^ (Abbe) Howson, from the painting by Alexander 357 

Edwin Austin® Abbey 372 

English Abbey Coat of Arms 406 


The Abbe genealogy, as here piiblished, is the consummation of Professor Cleve- 
land Abbe's life-long interest in the history of his family. Before reaching his 
twentieth year he began to collect items of interest about his ancestors and the col- 
lateral lines, and in spite of more or less interruption he has continued to do so all 
througli his busy career. During the early sixties, Mr. William Weaver, who 
was then editor of the Willimantic Journal, began the publication of what he 
planned to be an exhaustive work on the old families of Windham. After pub- 
lication in the Journal he corrected and republished the sketches in pamphlet 
form. Mr. Weaver died before his hopes were realized and we have only a small 
portion of the work, covering the families alphabetically from " A " to " Bill. ' ' 
His fragmentary notes on other families have been preserved in the library of 
the Connecticut Historical Society where they were deposited as a gift from 
his son. 

From time to time other members of the family added to the items collected 
by or worked up at the suggestion of Professor Abbe. A few years ago, finally 
realizing that other matters demanded too much time and that he could not 
arrange this material in final form, he turned over all his material to Josephine 
Genung Nichols (Mrs. L. Nelson Nichols). She has arranged the data in its 
present form, and added to it, as far as practicable, by extensive correspondence, 
library research and examinations of the public records at some of the former 
homes of the family. 

Collaborators. — Most helpful contributions to this work have been made by: 
Mr. Charles E. Abbe of Sara Sota, Fla., who left an invaluable collection of 
records about the line of Obadiah Abbe, the basis of our history of that branch; 
Miss Norah D. Abbe of Elyria, Ohio, and Mrs. John Emerson, on Eleazer and 
the Abbe families of Eljrria; Miss Julia Maynard on the Vermont Abbeys and 
other New England lines; Mrs. Bronson Post Reynolds, about the Jonathan 
Abbey line; Mr. Richard N. Abbey on the soutliern lines; Mrs. D. Stearns 
Jamison on the Harris Abbey record and portraits; Mr. Charles T. Hendriek, 
whose unflagging interest and remarkable ability has secured materials hitherto 
unavailable; Mr. Alden Freeman, whose love for the family is expressed in the 
beautiful Thomas Abbey monument just erected on Enfield Green; Mrs. Martha 
B. Hanna on the Pease family descended from Mary Abbey; Mrs. Ashbel Welch, 
on the Welch family. Lack of space prevents mention of many others who have 
also contributed to the work and have cheered the compiler by their kind replies. 
We thank you all once more. 

A family history is never really complete or entirely satisfactory; but we feel 
that we have gone to as much expense as was justified. We have made this 
beginning; may others continue the work. 

Professor Abbe had hoped to make this genealogA^ no mere list of the members 
of the family. He would have it a contribution to the study of heredity, so 
has added as much as practicable on the personal characteristics of its members 
and has included many available photographs. He believes that the study of 
any good clean family will bring out facts just as well wortli following up for 
the development of the personality of the nation, as are the facts brought out 
by the work of criminologists and social workers in the field of the mentally 
deficient, etc., which show the immense value to a countiy, of the study of inherit- 
ance of traits that increase state expenses for caring for such defectives. 


vi Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Arrangement. — The general arrangement of the matter is the same as is 
commonly used in similar works on genealogy. We have tried to avoid unneces- 
sary numbers and to simplify the work as much as possible in order to make it 
useful to eveiy one. Few abbreviations are used in addition to b., m., and d., for 
born, married, and died, respectively. 

Dates. — Among the earlier records will be noted some double dating. Accord- 
ing to the old calendar used in England and her colonies up to 1751, the year 
began on March 26. In that year England followed the lead set by most European 
countries and decreed that after the last day of December, 1751, the 25th day of 
March should no longer be reckoned the last day of the year and that the year 
1752 should begin on January 1. Accordingly in most dates prior to 1752, we find 
the old year continued to March 25 with the new year annexed to it from the 
first of January. This was not a uniform practice, however. 

Spelling. — The spelling of the name has been a source of perplexity from the 
earliest days to the present. Abbe or Abbey have been the favorite forms, 
followed by Abby, Abbee, Abbe and other variations usually not authorized by 
the bearer of the name. In arranging the data for publication we have made every 
effort to follow the usage of each particular family in this matter; there are 
many errors no doubt in records sent by someone not wholly familiar with the 
usage of the family concerned. In some cases close relatives have used different 
spellings, thereby adding to the chance of errors. The records of the Abbay, 
Aby, and of a few other families have been added, although we do not know that 
they are connected with the family of John Abbe. The name is not a common 
one in England or elsewhere. It was probably a name of local derivation, 
denoting one who lived at or near an abbey. 

The late Dr. Edward Payson Abbe of New Bedford, Mass., believed in his 
French origin. He had a coat of arms that belonged to and was used by a French 
family in Normandy. This coat of arms is described as : a red eagle with beak 
and legs of gold on a shield of silver. In British heraldic works the coat of 
arms is given as : gules, five fusils in f esse between three escallops argent. There 
are several crests, viz., a cross crosslet azure; an eagle displayed argent between 
two cross crosslets or, each wing charged with a cross crosslet gules; an eagle's 
head erased proper; a leopard rampant proper. The motto also varies: "Spei 
mea coelo, " or " Confido conquesco. ' ' 

It is possible that some of the Abbes came over from France to England at 
an early date; but we have absolutely no evidence that John Abbey was entitled 
to use these arms, or that he ever did so. 

Migrations. — It is a source of regret that so little is known of the history of 
John Abbey before he emigrated to America. The Heralds' College, London, 
began a search for such information some time ago, but thus far no results 
have been reported. To us it seems likely that he was of or connected with the 
Abbey family of Staverton (see page 433). 

John Abbe, or Abbey, migrated to America at a time when many of England's 
young men were coming to the new colonies either for freedom from religious 
persecution, from a love of adventure, or simply from a desire to better their 
condition. The brief glimpses into his life and character afforded by colonial 
records, suggest that John Abbey was of the first-mentioned class. He was early 
a church member and land owner in the New World and his descendants were 
active for good in their communities. From the first homes in Salem and Wen- 
ham, the three brothers of the second generation went out to new homes in 
different sections of Connecticut, Windham, and Enfield, where each family 
became prominently identified with the life of their town. As settlements were 
extended into the interior, we find the Abbeys going on up the Connecticut valley, 
then turning westward with the tide of settlers through central New York, then 

Introduction vii 

on to Ohio, as that country was opened up, and still later on to Michigan and 
eventually across the continent. 

Appendix. — Some items of historical interest which it was not desirable to 
include in the body of the record but which we are happy to be able to contribute 
to the family history, have been placed in the Appendix. On pages 406 to 434 
we have concisely arranged practically all collected items that might be of use 
to a future historian. Any information serving to complete these items will be 


Washington, D. C. 


New York, N. Y. 

The following is a list of the more important sources of information that have 
been consulted in preparing this work: 

Public records in Salem, Wenham, Springfield, and Granby, Mass. ; Willimantic, 
Willington, Ashford, and Hartford, Conn. ; Albany, Syracuse, Utica, and Jamestown, 
N. T. 

U. S. Census lists of 1790 as published ; and originals of later censuses on file in 
Washington, D. C. 

New England Historic and Genealogical Register. See index vols. 

Connecticut Historical Society Collections. 

Vital Records of Wenham, Mass., to the end of the year 1849. Salem, Mass., 1904. 
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viii Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

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1. JOHN^ ABBE, born iu England about 1613; died in Salem, Mass., about 
1689-90. The place of birth of John Abbe, the founder of the American Abbe 
and Abbey families, is unknown, but every indication points to one of the interior 
and central counties of England as the home of the ancestors of the emigrant. 
It is not improbable that he was connected with the Abbye family of Staverton, 
Northampton. The parish registers of Stoke Bruerne, Northampton, show that 
there were many marriages of Abbyes recorded there during the 16th and 17th 

John Abbe, from the age as given approximately at his death, was born about 
1613. The first mention which seems to be of this John Abbe is on a register 
of the names "of all y® passengers w*^*^ i^assed from y^ Porte of London for a 
whole yeare endinge at X™'*^ 1635 — Those underwritten are to be transported 
to Virginia imbarqued in y^ Merch*^ bonaventure James Ricrofte M^' bound 

thither have taken y^ oath of allegeance — Jo: Abby -^ go ~~" Although this 

statement says bound for Virginia, it is a well-known fact that many of the 
early ships destined for Virginia landed many or all of their passengers at 
other ports, even in New England, and records of the name of John Abbe 
begin in New England about that time. The above Jo: Abby does not appear 
in the records of Virginia, nor in the Head Rights for lower Norfolk from 
1637 to 1666. The abbreviation Jo: sometimes stood for Joseph, but there are 
^ proven instances where it was used for John. 

The first reference to the name in the Salem records is on page 11, volume 
1, in 1637, or, according to the old method of marking time, 2d of the 11th 
month, 1636. 

"John Abbie is Reed, ffer Inhabitant & is to haue one acre lott for a house 
next beyond the Gunsmiths, and 3 acres of planting ground where the Towne 
hath apiDointed beyond Castle hill." 

There has existed some confusion regarding the various freemen of the 
name Abbey and Alby. Benjamin Albye was admitted freeman, May 18, 1642, 
and John Albye in Salem, May 10, 1643. These were, without doubt, the two 
Albys, John and Benjamin, mentioned in the early records of Braintree about 
this time. Benjamin Alby removed to Mendon and had numerous descendants, 
whose names occasionally appear in printed records as Abbey. John Abbey, 
sen., of Redding, freeman in 1634, may have been an Alby. 

On the 21st, 11th month, 1638, John Abby had a further grant of five acres, 
location not specified, but, as on the 15th, 2d month, 1639, this record occurs, 
"Granted unto John Abby 5 acres neere to Mr Throgmortons hoggehouse," it 
may be that the first was the grant and the second the location. Under date 

2 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

of the 25th, 10th month, 1637, it was agreed 'Hhe marsh and meadow lands 
that have formerly been laid in common to this town shall now be appropriated 
to the inhabitants of Salem, proportioned out to them according to the heads 
of families. To these that have the gi-eatest number an acre thereof, and to 
these that have least not above half an acre, and to these that are between both 
three quarters of an acre, always provided and it is so agreed, that none shall sell 
away their proportions of meadow, more or less, nor lease them out to any 
above three years, unless they sell or lease out their houses with their meadow." 

Under the above division a list of the inhabitants was taken, and the land 
divided. Jo. Abby is named in 1638 as having three in his family, and receives 
half an acre. 

On the 23d, 11th, 1642, ten acres are granted to John Abby together with 
several other ten-acre grants, all to be laid out near to Kings lot. This was on 
tlie Beverly side near Bass River, and on the 15th of the 12th month, 1642, 
it is voted "ordered that John Abby shall liave 10 acres of land at Enon in 
exchange of 10 acres of land bounded out nere Basse River." 

The lot near Bass River was afterward granted to Michael Sallows. The 
record of the grants to Abbey show that he was of the same standing in the 
community as the great majority of the early inhabitants. The grants were 
in a great measure made Avith an eye as to the ability of the grantee to develop 
the land so granted, small grants to the poorer and larger grants to the richer 

In 1642, Mr. Fiske organized a church at Enon and the following year the 
name Enon was changed to Wenham, while a permanent church organization 
was effected in 1644. 

In 1644, under date of the 13th, 6th month, it was agreed that John Abby 
"shall have all that wastground which lyeth between ye end of ye lott which 
he lives upon and ye meadow which belongs to ye town, leaving a poles bredth 
most convenient for a way." (Wenham town records, Worcester.) 

Under date of 1653 is a list of engagements with Goodman Haws about the 
mill, and "John Aby gives a day and a half of his labor toward its erection," 
and others contributed in like manner, some also giving tlie use of oxen. 

Mr. Fiske left the town in 1655 followed by a number of the church, and in 
1657 Mr. Newman was procured as pastor. Under date of November, 1657, in 
a total rate of £42, 19, divided among twenty-four persons, of whom five paid a 
total of £14, John Abey is assessed £1, 5, which was about the sum paid by 
eleven others, but two being less. 

In 1659, twenty-seven pay a rate of £46, 2, of whom sixteen pay £1 or a 
trifle over. Of these .John Abey pays £1, 5, as before, "in corne or cattle." 

In 1660 he was assessed as Goodman Abey at eight shillings toward a new 
meeting house or repairing the old one. The new house was built in 1663. 

Under date of 6th, 11th month, 1661, John Abbey, Sr., and Edward Waldron 
had a town grant of land to be equally divided between them. The use of the 
title Senior at this time helps to place the birth of the son John. 

In 1663 Goodman Abey, Sr., and John Clarke are chosen to join with the 
selectmen to make the minister's rate for the present year. 

In 1669 and in 1671 John Abbey appears as constable, an office of great local 
power and responsibility. 

April 3, 1675, John Abbe deeded 10 acres of land to his son Samuel, Thomas, 
John, and Maiy Abbe, being witnesses. John Abbe, sen., was a witness to the 
will of Edw<i Walden of Salem, 4th month, 1679. 

In 1683, John Abbey, who had been supporting his son Thomas, who lived 
with him and cared for him, dismissed Thomas on account of his bad behavior 
and called his son John, junior, to take charge of him and his affairs. The son, 
John, proceeded early to build a new house, as the old one was unfit to live in. 

First Generation 3 

Know all men By these p^sents that I John Abbey (Sen jr.) of Wenham in the County 
of Essex being sensible of my owne & my wives inability to Carry on my affaires So as 
to prouid for our Comfortable Livelybood by reason of our age & weakness of Body 
Attending vs by reason thereof Doe make Choice of >& Request my son John Abbey as my 
ffeiofe in trust to take into his hands my house & all my Lands in Wenham together w^ii 
wt right I have in that Land which was sometime Richard Gooldsmith^. to ocquipie & 
improue for myn »& his muttuall Benifit So long as my wife & I or eyther of vs shall 
live : »& for his incouriagment to maniage my affaires as abovesaid & he provide Com- 
fortably for my owne &, my wives maintenance I doe hereby Give and Bequeath to him 
my afforesaid Ifeiofe all my houses & Lands fforeuer Except wt I doe hereby Give out of it 
to the rest of my Childrin viz Samuell Sarah Marah Rebeca Obadia & Thomas & to each 
of them as foUoweth viz to Samuell I haveiug nlridy Given him a LcU of Land I give him 
one Shilling more & to all the rest of my Childrin above mentioned viz Sarah Marah 
Rebeca Obadia & Thomas two Shillings a peice or to so many of them as shall sirviv 
at the deacease of my selfe & wife : »& in Case God shall take awaye my Son John above- 
said before the Decease of my selfe & wife if his Heires Shall Continue to maniage & 
Carry on my affaires as my abovesaid ffeioffe ought to doe then they Shall have the houses 
& Lands abovesaid as therin ordvard & in Confirmation of what is above written I have 
here vnto set to my hand & Scale Signed Seald & Deliverd August the 3 1683 
in the p^sence of John \/ Abbey (seal) 

Thos ffiske Senjr ; bis A Senji' 

martha ffiske marke 

John Abbey Senjr ded acknowledg this writing above written to be his act & deed 
August ye 3^ : 1683 before me 

Samuel Appeton Assistant. 

On the outside of the above document is the inscription: 

John Abbey's Disposale of his Estate 1683 Record In Ips in ye Regr office for ye probate 
of Will for sd County of Essex Dec' 1702 p mee Dani Rogers Regr 

Administration on the Estate of John Ahhey senjr of Wenham. 
John Appleton Esq^. Comissionated by his Excellency Joseph Dudley Capt. Gener^ 
& Govern^ in Cheif in & over her Majess Province of ye Massach^t Bay in New England, 
with the advice and Consent of her Majestes Counsell of said province for the Probate of 
Wills and Granting Letters of adminstro. Within the said County of Essex &c. To 
Thomas Abbey of Enfield in ye County of Hampshire son to John Abbey senjr of 
Wenham — Deceased Intestate — Greeting — Trusting in yr Care and ffidelity I doe by 
These presents Comitt unto you full power to administer all & singular the Goods, 
Chattells, Rights & Creditts of the said Deceased & well & ffaithfully dispose of ye 
same according to law which to him while he Lived & att ye time of his Death did 
appeartain & belong, to aske sue for demand Levy Receive & Recover and to pay 
all Debts in which the Deceas^ stood bound so farr as his Goods Chattells Rights & 
Creditts. Can extend according to the Value thereof, and to make a true & pi'fect Inven- 
tory of all & singular the Goods Chattells Rights and Creditts of the Deceas^ and to 
Exhibit the same into the Registry office of ye s<i County att or before the Last Day of 
ffebruary next Ensueing, and to render a plain & true accoft of ye said adminjo upon 
Oath att or before ye Twentieth Day of Decemb"" which AVill bee in y* year of o"" Lord 
God One Thousand Seven hund^ & Three — And I doe by These p^sents Ordaine Con- 
stitute and Appoint you administratoer of all & singular the Goods Chattells Rights & 
Creditts of ye Deceasd afores^. — In Testimony Whereof I have herunto Sett my hand & 
caused the Seale of said office to be affixed — Dated in Ipswich the 12th Day of 
Decembr Anno. 1702. Annoq. R : Reginae Annae Angliae &c primo. 

Examd — 11 John Appleton. 

Daniel Rogers Regr. 
Recorded Book 307, Page 456. Essex Probate Office. 

Know AU men by these presents. That We Thomas abbey of Enfield in ye County 
of hampshire as principle and Waltar ffairfeild Senj & Thomas Edwards both of Wen- 
ham as sureties within His Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 
are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto John Appleton Esqi" Judge of the 
Probate of Wills and granting Administration within the said County of Essex in the 
full sum of Two hundred Pounds Currant Money in New England. To be paid unto 
the said John Appleton Esq^y his Successors in the said Office or Assignes. To the true 
payment whereof. We bind our selves, and each of us, our, and each of our heirs, 
Executors and Administrators, joyntly and severally for the whole and in the whole 
firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals. Dated the Eleventh day of Decemb^ 
Anno Domini. One thousand 702 Annoque Regni Reginae Annae primo. 

The condition of this present Obligation is such, That if the above-bounden Thomas 
Abbey administrator to all & singular the Goods, Chattells, Rights & Credits of his 

4 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

ffather John Abbey Senjr Late of Wenham Deceased to make or cause to be made a 
true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods, Chattells, Rights and Credits 
of the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge 
of him the said administrator or into the hands and possession of any other person or 
persons for him. And the same so made,, do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the 
Registry of the Court of Probate for the aforesaid County of Essex at or before the 
Last day of ffebruai-y next ensuing. And the same Goods, Chattells, Rights and Credits 
of the said Deceased, at the time of Death, which at any time after shall come into the 
hands and possession of any other person or persons for him do well and truly Administer 
according to Law. And further do make, or cause to be made a just and true Accompt 
of his said Administration upon Oath, at or before the Twentieth day of Decemb»' which 
will be in the year of our Lord, One thousand 703. 

And all the rest & residue of the said Goods, Chattells, Rights & Credits which shall be 
found remaining upon the said Administrators Accompt (the same being first examined 
and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being of Probate of Wills and grant- 
ing Administrations within the County of Essex aforesaid) shall deliver and pay 
unto such person or persons respectively as the said Judge or Judges by his or their 
Decree or Sentance pursuant to Law shall limit and appoint. And if it shall hereafter 
appear, That any last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased : And the 
Executor or Executors therein named do exhibit the same into the Court of Probate 
for the said County of Essex making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly. 
If the said administrator within bounden being thereunto required do render and deliver 
the said Letters of Administration (Approbation of such Testament being first had 
and made) unto the said Court. Then the before written obligation to be void and of 
none effect, or else to abide and remain in full force and virtue. 

Thomas TA Abbey (seal) 
Sealed and Delivered mark & seal 

in presence of Walter fayerfield (seal) 

francis Crumpton Thomas O Edward (seal) 

Daniel Rogers. mark & seal. 

This Inventory of the Estate of John Abee Senor formerly of Wenham decesed about 
thirten yere since Intestate we whos names are her vnto subscribed on this twentey- 
fovrth of febuary in the yere of our lord 17 did at the Request of thomas Abee one 
of the sons of the decesed and Administrator of his fathers estat or by his order vallew 
and aprise the said decesed his house and land in Wenham on which to our certain 
knowleg he lived for many yers and dyed seased of the same as his owne Estat of 
Inheritance as we ever vnderstod we being his nere neighboi's for many yers the sayd 
decesed his homsted being about twenty and three acers of vpland and medow together 
with the housing and fences ther on the apertenances ther onto belonging together with 
his Right in the Comon all which we vallewed at ninety and two pounds £92-s00-d00. 
We also being Informed that the sayd decesed in his lifetime did to acomodate his son 
Obadiah acording to his desire with a trad for his futer benifett when the sayd Obadiah 
was eighten yers old give to Richard Goldsmith three yers sarvit of his said son Obadiah 
and vntill he was one and twentey yers ould to learne him to be a shoemaker and all 
the sayd time his sayd father did find his sayd son meat and drink and Clothes washing 
and Lodging which we doe Judg to be worth thirtey pounds. 

the acount was settled betwen thomas Abee and his fathers Estat by the Children of 
the sayd decesed in our presants as witness our hands this 24 of the 12th month 170i 


Richard R H Hutton 

Joseph ffowler 


the estate debtor to his sonn thomas Abee for severall things for which our said father 
John Abee Senor was Indebted to his son thomas Abee before the death of our sayd 
father John Abee Senor the acount whereof was settled and alowed by vse vnderwritten 
which debt is thirtey and two pounds f32-s00-d00. 

as wittnes our hands this 24th febuerary 170|- 
Richard |- kimball for himself & Rebecc his wife 
her his 

mary | killam Thomas T Abbe 

mark marke 

May 18th 1703 

Then ye above s<3 Thomas Abbe made oath to this Inventory 
Before John Appleton 

Second Generation 5 

John Abbe married (1) MARY . She was born in England about 

1615-20, and died in Wenham, Mass., September 6, 1672. ''Mary, the wife of 
John Abbey, senr. dyed the 9 Sept. 1672"; Wenham records. She was 
doubtless the mother of all of his children. Her name is given as Mary Loring, 
by Frederick Orr Woodruff, who says that the name was found on Enfield records 
bv one who made researches for him there. 

'John Abbe married (2) November 25, 1674, MRS. MARY GOLDSMITH, 
widow of Richard Goldsmith, Avho was killed by lightning, May 18, 1674. She 
was living in 1683. "John Abbie and Marah Goldsmith maryed 25 of Novemb, 
1674"; Wenham records. 

Children, prohahly all hy first icife 

2 John Ahhe, b. probably in Salem, 1636 or 7 ; m. twice. 

3 Samuel Ahie; m. Mary Kuowlton. 
Sarah Abbe. 

Marah Abbe; m. Killam. 

4 Rebecca Abbe; m. Richard Kimball. 

5 Obadiah Abbe; m. Sarah Tibbals. 

^ 6 Thomas Abbe; m. Sarah Fairfield, v. 


2. J0HN2 ABBE, son of John^ and Mary ( ) Abbe, born in 1636 or 
1637, probably in Salem, Mass., died suddenly, December 11, 1700, in Windham, 
Conn. As early as 1663, he was one of three to oversee the Town's Common 
and to resist encroachments on the timber. He may be the John Abbe who 
was constable in 1669. He is first described as a yeoman of Wenham, and was 
admitted to freedom by the court at Boston, May 11, 1670. In a document 
of 1683, his father designated him as the heir to his estate in Wenham upon 
the condition of his caring for his father and mother in their old age. He 
apparently resided upon this estate until about 1696. 

The following items from the inventory of Robert Macklaflin of Wenham, 
September 19, 1690, doubtless refer to this John Abbe: 

To Jno. Abbe for nursing — £1 

To Jno. Abbe more for tending the swine 

for fatting — sl6-d3 
To John Abbe due for worke to save 

the corne & thresh the ry & killing the 

swine & carrying them to Salem & about fencing, 


March 9, 1694-5, he sold to Francis Wainwright a house and lands in Wen- 
ham, 50 acres in all; and in the following year, February 21, he had a deed 
of the same property back from Wainwright. In 1696 he disposed of his 
property in Wenham and j^urchased of Lieutenant Exercise Conant, July 13, 
1696, for £70, silver money, home lot number 7, at Windham Centre, with the 
1000-acre right belonging, dwelling house, etc. May 23, 1695, Jo. Abbey was a 
witness to a deed of Exercise and Sarah Conant of Beverly (Essex Deeds, Vol- 
ume 2, page 101). He sold his farm in Wenham, 30 acres with buildings, to 
Nathaniel Wainwi'ight, October 19, 1696, for £130. He probably soon after 
removed to Windham, Conn., for on December 9, 1696, he was admitted a 
freeman of that town as John Abbe, Sen', of Windham. He and his wife, 
Hannah, were dismissed from the Wenham Church to that of Windham by a 
letter of October 28, 1700, and were both original members of the first church 
in Windham at its organization, December 10, 1700. 

6 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Weuham Oct. 29th, 1700. 
Revrd: Sr. 

Yours I received of 22d instant : in behalfe & att the request of our beloved Brethren, 
John Abbee & Robert Hibberd both members in full communion <& good state with the 
church of Christ att Wenham, signifying their desires off Letters of dimission from sd 
church, in order (the Lord favouring) to join with others, in gathering & erecting a 
church att Windham & to call and ordain an officer to adminster the holy things of 
Christ's Kingdom unto them, which their desires, have accordingly been propounded to 
sd church, & readily complied withall : & to sd good worke have voted their dimission. 
As also we have dimissed their wives Hannah Abbe & Mary Hibberd unto such church 
when erected : & also all their children as iff named to your watch & discipline : And 
we here signify our rejoicing, that the Lord hath been pleased to make way for your 
Comfortable settlement in church order, according to the rules of the gospell: the 
elders & messengers of Neighbor churches yielding their approbation thereto, & accepting 
you as a sister church with them : bound up in the bond of thatt holy ifellowship, which 
ought to according to gospel rules observed between the true churches of the Lord 
Jesus Christ: We comend you with your pious & christian design, to the Guidance 
& conduct of the blessed & effectunly quickening spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, praying 
he would be with you in that weighty work : helping you to build up & to be further 
built up in the Kingdom of his grace here, being preserved blameless & brought to his 
Kingdom of Glory hereafter : The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all ; 

Yours in the Lord, 

Joseph Gerrish, pastor, 
with Consent off the Brethren of the church of Christ at Wenham. 

Documents pertaining to the settlement of the estate of John Abbe are 
found in the Probate Office at Hartford, Volume 6, page 17 ; Volume 7, page 27. 

Hannah the Relict of John Abby late of Windham deceasd presented this Court with 
a paper called the Last WiU of her husband. But the Court not being Sattisfied there- 
with doe defer the matter to some other time and order that the witnesses be present att 
the Probation of the said Will. 

She also did Exhibit an Inventory of his Estate and made Oath that She truely 
presented the Estate to the apprizers. September 4, 1701. 

Hannah the Relict of John Abby late of Windham deceasd presenting to this Court 
an Explanation of the Last WiU of the said Abby the persons that were witnesses to the 
said WiU which was given upon Oath, The Court having considered the will with the 
explanation thereof doe so cause to accept it as the Last Will of the said Abby 
deceasd (The widow was appointed administrator, giving a bond of £50). 

Windham the 10th of December 1700. 

The WiU of John Abby. That his wife should enjoy the house and Homestead and 
the meadows that are already laid out, with the moveables dureing her Ufe, and to 
dispose of it to them of her children as shee shall see cause. And the rest of the 
unlaid out land to be divided amongst his children and not to be sold away from my 
family not any of the Lands and the thirty acres adjoyning to Goodman Binghams and 
Goodman Larrabecs Land to be at my wives dispose and to give deed and to make 
sale of according to Law. Witness our hands. Robert Hebard senior and John Reed 
senior, both of the Same Town. Windham Aprill 8th 1702. The said Robert Hebard 
and John Reed gave oath that they were present when John Abbey that is deceased 
did give this direction to make his will as is above written, and when it was read to 
him he said, just so he would have it, and that they did judge him to be in a disposing 
frame, and right understanding of mind. Before mee 

Joshua Ripley Justice. 

Wee Robert Hebard and John Reed being Witnesses to the Last Will of John Abby 
of Windham do Testifie, That whereas 'tis said in the WiU, the Lands and meadows 
that are already laid out shall be at his wives dispose to give to them of her children 
as Shee shall soe cause — That they did understand it and are fully persuaded said Abbey 
did mean the Children she had by him — and further that the Intailment extend no further 

than to the Lands that are yett to be laid out to the best of their Judgment Taken 

upon Oath in Windham November 6th 1701. 

Before mee Joshua Ripley Justice. 

An Inventory of the Estate of John Abbey of Windham, who deceased December, 1700. 
vallued as money by us the subscribers 

vizt to 

Imps his wearing appareU at £01-18-00 

2 smaU beds and coverUds, sheets, in the Little room 02-00-00 

Second Generation 7 

a feather bed aud the furniture in the great room 06-00-00 

Table linneu 7s Iron pott, Iron kettle & frying pan 20^ 01-07-00 

Iron pott, tramell & tongs lis box Iron heaters and hamer 5s 00-16-00 

a sith & tackling 2 augurs and an axx 12s 2 sickils cart boxes & hoops 01-10-00 

horse harness & chaines, 4 howes and a pitchfork 00-13—00 

a plow & Irons, 2 beetle rings »& wedges & plow cops(?) 00-14-06 

a drawing knife & staple for a yoak 3s/6d pewter dishes 22s/9<l 01-06-03 
morter & Iron pestle & 2 bells 9s/6d, tubs, beer barrels, pails, dishes, spoons 01-16-06 

2 tables, a chest, box, chairs and spinning wheels 01-05-00 

His House, homelott and part of his first division 30-00-00 

pasture lott 10£ 4 acres meadow at Nachaug 4f 14-00-00 

6 acres of Land of the 10 acre division 03-00-00 

30 acres of Land between the Lines 07-00-00 

the 100 acre Lott 10£ the unlaid out Land 15£ 25-00-00 

2 steers 5f 2 cows 6f one hciffer SOs 2 young creatures SOs 16-00-00 

one horse, saddle, bridle and pillion 25s a warming pan 6s 01-11-00 

a Gun, a mould and ammunition 01-02-00 

two bibles and other books 10s swine 24s 01-14-00 
Totall is 118-13-03 

This Inventory was Taken by us 
Joshua Ripley, Jonathan Crane. 

The said Estate is Indebted about £14-3-2. 
September 4, 1701. 

John- Abbe married (1) . Isaac Goodale, who was perhaps the son of 

Isaac and Patience Goodale, called John Abbe his nnele, so this first w^ife may 
have been a Goodale. There were also intermarriages between the Killams and 

Married (2) HANNAH . She was a widow with children at the time 

of her marriage to John Abbe. She was perhaps Hannah Goldsmith, widow of 
Richard Goldsmith of Wenham. She married (2) in Windham, November 16, 
1703, Jonathan Jennings, sr., of Windham, and died March 8, 1724. On June 
16, 1710, Hannah, relict of John Abbe, deceased, divided property to Mary, 
Abigail, Obadiali, and five children under age. (Windham Deeds, Liber D.) 
One of the i^rovisions was "moved by the love and affection I bore to my 
beautifull daughter, Mary Abbe." 

Children hy first icife, births recorded in Wenham, Mass. 

John (1) Alhe, b. May 5, 1665; d. May 15, 1665. "John, the son of John Abye, 

born 5 May, 1665. John, the son of John Abey, died the 15th of May, 1665," 

(Wenham Records). 
John (2) Aiie, b. Dec. 15, 1666; probably d. young. "John, the sou of John 

Abbie, borne the 15th of December, 1666" (Wenham Records). 
Thomas Ahhe, b. Dec. 5 (or Nov. 4), 1667; probably d. young. "Thomas, son 

of John Abbey, b. the 5, 12 mo., 1667" (Wenham Records). 

7 Joseph Ahhe, b. Aug. 13 (or 18), 1673; m. Abigail Severance. 

8 Ohadiah Ahhe, b. about 1675 ; m. Elizabeth Wilkinson. 

Ahigail Ahhe, b. about 1677 ; m. March 18, 1701, Daniel Sabin of Windham, Conn. 
Child : Sarah, b. March 27, 1703, recorded in Windham ; d. May 3, 1737 ; m. in 
Windham, May 12, 1724, Israel Robinson and had children : Elisha, b. Feb. 25, 
1725 ; Daniel, b. Jan. 18, 1733 ; Eliezer, b. July 8, 1734, and Abigail, b. Feb. 22, 

Children hy second wife, births recorded in Windham, Conn., hut all hut last 

prohahly horn in WenJiam, Mass. 

9 Richard Ahhe, b. Feb. 9, 1682-3; m. Mary Jennings. 

10 Mary Ahhe, b. Sept. 16, 1684 ; m. James Pease. 

Mercy Ahhe, b. March 5, 1689 ; d. Dec. 5, 1771 ; m. in Windham, Dec. 11, 1734, as 
his third wife, Nathaniel Flint of Windham, who d. June 3, 1766. He m. (1) 
Sarah Martin, (2) Mary Davis, but had children by the first wife only. 

11 John (3) Ahhe, b. April 20, 1691; m. (1) Mary Bingham, (2) Mary Palmer, 

(3) Abigail (Cary) Ripley, (4) Mrs. Sarah Dodge. 

12 Hannah Ahhe, h. Aug. 13, 169S; m. Thomas Welch. 

13 Lydia Ahhe, b. May 21, 1696; m. Benjamin Bidlack. 

8 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Sarah AUe, b. March 11, 1699, in Windham ; m. John Welch of Windham, April 11, 
1729. They sold land to Richard Abbe, Nov. 14, 1728. were then of Plainfield. 
Marriage recorded in Plainfield, Conn., as are the following records of the family. 
Children: i. Hannah, b. Dec. 11, 1730; ii. John, b. June 12, 1732; m. Sarah 
, and had children : Eunice, b. Sept. 4, 1760, and Rufus, b. April 2, 1766. 

3. SAMUEL- ABBE, son of Johni Abbe, born probably at Wenham, Mass., 
about 1646, or soon after his father's settlement there; died in Windham, 
Conn., March, 1697-8. His name first appears in the Wenham records at the 
time of his marriage. "Samuel Abby and Mary Knowlton maryed the 12th 
October 1672." He received a grant of ten acres of land in Wenham, and land 
to set his house upon, from his father, John Abbey, and wife, Mary, April 3, 
1675, his brethren to have the refusal of the place if he should sell (Essex 
Deeds, 15:150). Samuel and his wife, Mary, were communicants of the church 
in Wenham in 1674. He was a land surveyor in 1676 and appears upon the 
town records as a husbandman, made freeman, October 3, 1680 (Massachusetts 
Records, 5:540). He was named in his father's will, 1683. 

A map of Salem dwellings in 1692, published in Volume I of Upham's Salem 
Witchcraft, shows the location of Samuel Abbey's house, number 114 on a 
plot in the south-west part, east of Bald Hill, within the 500 acres laid out 
to Robert Goodell in 1652 and its subsequent additions. 

On November 1, 1682, Samuel Abbey bought of Lott Killam and wife, Hannah, 
of Salem, he being then of Wenham, 6 acres in Salem on Norrice's Brook 
(12:112), and also bought of James Stimpson and wife, Priscilla, who had been 
the widow of Isaac Goodell, at the same place, some land in 1684 (12:113). On 
April 3, 1697, he and his wife, Mary, sold those lands described as a dwelling 
house, two orchards, and seventeen acres in Salem, bounding Anthony Needham, 
John Waleott, Isaac Goodale, Samuel Goodale, Abraham Smith, Abel Gardner, 
Joseph Flint, and also six acres on Norrice's Brook, and two acres bought of 
James Stimpson, to Zachariah White of Lynn, all for £130 (12:147), The 
above James Stimpson was of Reading and had married the widow of the elder 
Isaac Goodell. At the time of Goodell 's death in 1680, the widow was adminis- 
tratrix and Samuel Abbey was one of her sureties. He was then probably of 
Salem or possibly Topsfield. 

He was admitted freeman of Salem Village, March 22, 1689-90. He and his 
wife were dismissed from the Salem Church September 15, 1689, to unite in 
forming one at Salem Village; the date of its formation being November 15, 
1689. Salem Village is now Danvers. On July 1, 1690, he w'as taxed at Salem 
Village, and again, January 18, 1694-5, he and his son were taxed there. 

Samuel Abbey of Salem bought of Benjamin Howard of Windham, Conn., 
for £22. 10s. current money, half an allotment of land (500 acres), being 
number 2 at the Center, at or near the locality known later as Bricktop. He 
probably removed to Windlmm about that time as he was admitted an inhabitant 
of that town December 21, 1697, and died there March of the following year. 

His estate was settled in 1699. The inventory, taken May 9, 1698, gives as 
legatees, the following: wife, Mary; daughter, Mary, aged 25; son, Samuel, 
aged 23; son, Thomas, aged 20; Eleazer, aged 18 (the land records prove that 
this is a mistake for Elizabeth); Ebenezer, aged 16; Mercy, aged 14; Sarah, 
aged 13; Hepsibah, aged 10; Abigail, aged 8; John, aged 7; Benjamin, aged 
6 ; Jonathan, aged 2. One record says he left a son, Eleazer, and a daughter, 
Abigail, each 8 years old at his death. This is doubtless an attempt to rectify 
the error noted above. 

Samuel Abbe was living in Salem during the days of witchcraft and was one 
of those opposed to its fanaticisms. One Rebecca Nourse, on trial as a witch, 
produced a paper signed by several ''resj^ectable inhabitants" of Salem, among 

Second GenerxYtion 9 

•whom was Samuel Abbe. This document as to her good character caused her 
to be set at liberty but the sentence was later changed for some reason and 
she was put to death as a witch. Only a few years ago a monument to her 
memory was erected by her descendants. 

Samuel Abbey testifies as to Mercy Lewis, May 20, 1692, she being at the 
liouse of her neiglibor, John Putnam, jr., and accused of witchcraft. 

Samuel Abbe and his wife, Mary, were witnesses in a witch trial in Salem 
in 1692 against Sarah Snow, a Avoman of vicious temper who had lived in their 
home for a time but was dismissed on account of her disagreeable waj's. She 
vowed vengeance upon them and when several of their cows and hogs were 
taken sick, the blame was laid to her as a witch. 

The following are taken from Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the 
original documents. Volume 1, pages 24 and 25. 

Samuel Abbey Et ux vs. Sarah Good 

Samuel Abbey of Salem Village Aged 45 years or thereabouts and Mary Abbey bis 
wife aged oS years or tbereabouts, Deposetli and saitb. 

Tbat about this Time Three Years past AV™ Good and his wife Sarah Good being 
destitute of a bouse to dwell in these Deponents out of Charity ; they being Poor lett them 
live in theirs some time untill that tbe said Sarah Good was of so Turbulant a Sperritt, 
SpitefuU and so Mallitiously bent, tbat these Deponents could not suffer her to Live 
in their bowse any Longer and was forced for Quiettness sake to turne she ye said Sarah 
with her husband out of their bowse ever since, which is about two years Vi agone, the 
said Sarah Good bath carried it very Spitefully and MalHtiously, towards them, tbe 
winter following after the said Sarah was gone from our bouse we began to Loose Cattle 
and Lost sevei-al after an vnvsall manner, in a drupeing condition (sic) Condition and 
yett they would Eate : and your Deponents have Lost after tbat manner 17 head of 
Cattle within this two years besides Sheep and Hoggs, and both doe believe they Dyed 
by witchcraft, tbe said "William Good on the last of May was twelve months went home 
to bis wife tbe sd Sarah Good and told her, what a sad Accident had fallen out, she 
asked what, he answered tbat bis neighbovr xVbbey had lost two Cowes, both dyeing 
witbiu lialfe an bower of one another, the sd Sarah good said she did not care if be the 
said Abbey had Lost all the Cattle he bad as ye said Jno Good told vs. Just that very 
Day that tbe said Sarah Good was taken up, we yr Deponents had a Cow tbat could 
not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, tbe said Cow was weU and 
could rise so weU as if she bad ailed nothing. She tbe said Sarah good ever since these 
Deponents turned ber out of their bowse she hath behaved herselfe very crossely and 
mallitiously to them and their Children calling their Children vile names and hath 
threatened them often. 
Jurat in Curia. 

Warrant for Sarah Good was given at Salem, February 29, 1691-2, in response 
to complaints of Sarah Vibber, Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann 
Putnam, and Jno. Vibber. Among the many depositions in witness to her 
malign practices were those of Samuel Abbey and wife. 

Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the oiiginal documents, Vol. 2, 
pp. 41-2, old series. 

Samuel Abby v. Mary Easty 
Tbe Deposition of Samuel Abby aged about 45 years who testifieth and saitb that on 
the 20tb of May 1692 I went to the house of Constable Jno putnam about 9 a clock in 
tbe morning and when J came there : Mircy lewes lay on the bed in a sad condition 
and continuing speachless for about an hour : the man not being at whom : the woman 
desired me to goe to Tho : putnams to bring Ann putnam to se if she could se who it 
was tbat hurt Mircy lewes : accordingly J went : and found Abigail williams along 
■with Ann putnam and brought them both to se mercy lewes : and as they ware a goeing 
along the way botb of them said that they saw tbe Apperishtion of Goody Estick and 
said it was the same woman that was sent whom the other day : and said also that 
they saw tbe Apperishtion of the other woman tbat appered with gooddy Estick the 
other day, and botb of them allso said that the Apperishtion of gooddy Estick tould them 
that now she was afflectiug of mircy lewes and when they came to Mircy lewes both 
of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of gooddy Estick and Jno willard and Mary 
witheridge afflecting tbe body of mircy lewes : and J continueing along with mircy who 

10 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

contineued in a sad condition the greatest part of the day being in such tortors as no 
toungue can express ; but not able to spake : but at last said Deare lord Received my 
soule and againe said lord let them not kill me quitt, but at last she came to hir self 
for a little whille and was very sensable and then she said that goody estick said she 
would kill hir before midnight because she did not cleare hir so as the Rest did, then 
againe presently she fell very bad and cried out pray for the salvation of my soule for 
they will kill me. 

Jurat in Curia Sepr 9th '92. 

Inventory of the Estate of Samuell Abby late of Windham who deed in March 1697. 
Apprized and ordered to be recorded. Administration granted unto Abra. Mitchell who 
hath married Mary the Relict of the said Abby. July 5, 1699. (Hartford Probate Office, 
Volume 6, page 93.) 

An inventory of the Estate of Samuell Abby late of Windham deed as mony. 

His wearing Cloths £2 a feathr bed bolster 2 pillows wtb beirs £3 £05-00-00 

a bedsted curtaines wth a rug and blanket £02-10-d00 

3 pr Cotten and lining sheets 02-10-00 

more beds wtii 2 coverlids & blankets 02-00-00 

2 pillow beires 3 pr lining sheets 02-00-00 

3 table cloths 2 doz napkins £2 lO^ a great Iron pott 20s 03-10-10 
a little Iron pott 10V2 iron kettles lOV tramell pot hooks and tongs 15s 01-15-00 
pewter and earthen ware 22^/ a frying pan 5s 01-07-00 
dishes spoons and trenchers 5s/ box and irons 6s 00-11-00 
chest, box, tubs, and payles 20s/ a gun 15s/ 3 knives 33 01-18-00 
two axes 10*/ hoes 6s/ beetle, rings and wedges 10s 01-06-00 
two pitchforks wtb 3 hooks and old Iron 00-05-00 
Horse tackling, cart, wheels, boxes, & hoops 02-05-00 
a plough and Irons 6s/ an old spade shovell <& mattock 3s 00-09-00 
a syth and tackling 6s/ 2 horses & a mare w^h bridle & sadle 05-12-00 
a little quantity of wool wtii old bags 6s 00-06-00 
Lands £25-00-00/ two Swine 12s 25-12-00 

This Inventory taken May the 9th 1698 
pT us Joseph Cary ^ ™ 

Jeremiah Ripley J 
(Hartford Probate Office, Volume 6, pages 125, 126.) 

Mary the Relict appeared in Windham the 2d of May 1699 and gave oath that she 
had made presentmen of the estate of her dec^ husband, and if more comes to her knowl- 
edge she will cause it to be added to the Inventory, befoi'e me 

WiUm Pitkin, Assistant. 
Debts due from the estate is £5- 0-0 Cash 

Debts due to the estate is £1-10-0 Cash 

The children's names and age. 

Mary 25 years SamU 23 Thomas 20 Eleaz^ 18 Ebenezr 16 Mary 14 Sarah 13 
Hipzibah 10 Abigaile 8 John 7 Benj 6 and Jonathan 2 years of age. (The 
names appear as here given but it is apparent that Eleaz^ is a mistake of the 
copyist for Elizabeth and that the second Mary should be Mercy.) 

SamueP Abbe married in Wenbam, Mass., October 12, 1672, MARY KNOWL- 
TON, born 1653, daughter of William and Elizabeth ( ) Knowlton. She 
married (2), April 27, 1699, Abraham Mitchell and had by him a son, Daniel, 
who was born and died December 10, 1700. Mary Mitchell, formerly Mary 
Abby, was dismissed from the Salem Village Church to Windham, Conn., 
September 14, 1701. 

The following notes are from the "Knowlton Ancestry," compiled by Rev. 
C. H. W. Stocking of Freehold, N. J., published 1897: 

The name Knowlton reaches back traditionally to the time of William the Conqueror, 
1066-87. Richard Knowlton was born 1553, probably at Knowlton Manor, which is 
situated about six miles from the great cathedral at Canterbury, Kent County, England. 
He married, July 17, 1577, Elizabeth Cantize. The last of their four children was 
William, commonly called Captain William, born 1584, married Ann Elizabeth Smith. 
They had six children, two of whom died young. Captain William with his remaining 
family sailed for America about 1632. He died on the passage and was probably buried 
at Nova Scotia, as an ancient grave-stone bearing the name of WiUiam Knowlton, 1632, 
was discovered there by a land-surveyor in 1839. The family appear to have moved to 

Second Generation 11 

Massachusetts the next year, probably to Hingham, later to Ipswich. William, second 
sou of Captain William, born in England, 1615, was a member of the first church in 

Ipswich and a freeman, 1641-2. He was a brick-layer by trade, married Elizabeth , 

and died 1655. The youngest of their seven children was Mary, born 1649, who married 
Samuel Abbe. 

Cliildren of Samuel and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe 

Mary Abbe, b. in Wenham about 1674 ; probably d. unm. 

14 Samuel Abbe, b. in Wenham about 1676; m. Hannah SiLsby. 

Thomas Abbe, b. in Wenham about 1679, bapt. there 1680; d. in Windham, 
Conn., April 1, 1700 ; probably not m. In a deed of 1722, William Slate, Jonathan 
Ormsby, Sarah Abbe, Ebenezer Abbe, Jonathan Abbe, John and Samuel Abbe speak 
of "our loving brother Thomas Abbe deceased." 

15 Elizabeth Abbe, b. in Wenham about 1681 ; m. William Slate. 

16 Ebenezer Abbe, b. July 31, 1683 ; m. Mary AUeu. 

Mercy Abbe, b. March 1, 1684-5, bapt. in Wenham before 1689; m. in Windham, 
Conn., June 8, 1703, Jonathan Ormsby of Windham. Child : Ichabod, b. April 15, 
1704, recorded in Windham. 

Sarah Abbe, b. July 4, 1686; m. John Fowler of Lebanon. She was bapt. in 
Wenham before 1688. 

17 Hepsibah Abbe, b. Feb. 14, 1689; m. Samuel Pahner. 

Abigail Abbe, b. Nov. 19, 1690; m. May 10, 1710, as recorded at Rehoboth, Mass., 
Joseph Ormsby of Rehoboth, b. July 8, 1684. 

18 John Abbe, b. June 4, 1692; m. Hannah . 

19 Benjamin Abbe, h. June 4, 1694; m. Mary Tryon. 

20 Jonathan Abbe, b. about 1696 ; m. Mary Johnson. 

4. REBECCA- ABBE, daughter of Jolmi and Mary ( ) Abbe, born prob- 
ably in Wenham, Mass., about 1647; died June, 1704. She was mentioned in 
her father's will, 1683, and signed papers regarding the estate, 1702-3. 

Married in Wenham, May 13, 1667 (Wenham record), RICHARD KIMBALL, 
born October 13, 1643, at Watertown, Mass.; died July 30, 1715, at W^enham. 
He was the son of Henry and Mary (Wyatt) Kimball, removed with his parents 
to Ipswich, thence to Wenham. He was administrator of his father's estate 
and in 1715 made a deposition regarding tlie house of W^alter Fairfield, jr., 
in Ipswich. He married (2), November 20, 1706, Mrs. Ford, a widow of Ipswich. 


Rebecca Kimball, b. Dec. 20, 1668 ; m. April 12, 1694, James Poland of Ipswich. 
Mary Kimball, b. June 26, 1674 ; d. Feb., 1704. 
Abigail Kimball, b. March 12, 1680. 

5. OBADIAH- ABBEY, son of John^ Abbey, born probably in "Wenham, 
Mass., between 1647 and 1652; died in Enfield, Conn., October 28, 1732. From 
the inventory of his father's estate we learn that he w^as apprenticed to Richard 
Goldsmith to learn his trade of shoemaker, and that he served Goldsmith three 
years from his eighteenth year. As Goldsmith died in 1673, this places the 
date of Obadiah's birth approximately. He was an early settler of Enfield 
on the eighth lot from the south corner, east side, one of the original pro- 
prietors in 1682. He seems to have been a prominent and influential man of 
the community, was constable between 1682 and 1717, survej'or of highways in 
1692, assessor in 1702. In 1685 he was engaged in a law suit wdth Isaac Meacham. 
At Northampton is the will of Obadiah Abbey, dated September 22, 1732; pro- 
bated November 14, 1732. He names as legatees his wife, Sarah, to whom is 
given maintenance, all household goods and moveables; his cousin (nephew) 
Thomas, son of his brother Thomas, to whom is given his Seantic lot, and to 
the former Thomas' son, Obadiah, house and land, with reversion to his 
youngest son, Thomas, if the said Obadiah should die; to the last-named 
Thomas, he gives farm lands at the Mountains ; his wife 's daughter, Phebe Heal ; 

12 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

his cousin John Abbey's oldest son, John. His cousin, Thomas Abbey, and 
Elizabeth Warriner are made executors. This Elizabeth Warriner was pre- 
sumably the step-daughter of his wife, who was born in 1686. 

Obadiah Abbe's holdings in Enfield are described in the Enfield records: 
Home lot of 12 acres; 23 acres in the South Field, eastern division; 7 acres 
upon Sehantuck River, 5 acres of it upland and 2, meadow; 2 acres of meadow 
upon a small brook easterly from the "grate meadow"; 4 acres of meadow 
by grant of March 5, 1700; and on November 17, 171 [ ], a farm lying west of 
"Sehantuck grate meadow" consisting of 168 acres, some of the boundaries of 
which were designated as "wh* Oak Tree marked with the letters A" and 
a "Pine Tree marked with the letters A." 

See also under Thomas- Abbe, references to Obadiah 's property. 

Obadiah Abbe married in Enfield after 1697, SARAH TIBBALS, born Novem- 
ber 29, 1654, daughter of Thomas Tibbals of Milford. Her first husband was 
Daniel Collins, by whom she had children, and she married second Joseph 
"Warriner of Enfield, who died 1697. Obadiah Abbe had no children, so far 
as is known. 

6. THOMAS- ABBE, son of John^ and Mary ( ) Abbe, born probably in 
Wenham, Mass., about 1650 to 1656; died in Enfield, Conn., May 17, 1728. He 
was a witness to a deed made by his father conveying property to his brother 
Samuel, March 29, 1675. At first he took care of his parents and lived on the 
homestead, but about 1683 some complaint was made by his father who then 
turned him away and had his son John assume the charge of the place for 
himself and his aged wife. Thomas doubtless went immediately to Enfield, 
Conn., as he was one of the original proprietors of that town in 1683, with the 
11th lot, east side, north of the south corner as his home lot. He at once 
became one of the prominent men of the settlement and is mentioned frequently 
on the records of Enfield : selectman in 1686, 1689, 1706, 1707, 1709, 1710 ; fence- 
viewer repeatedly; assessor in 1705. He was administrator of his father's 
estate in 1703, and made his father-in-law, Walter Fairfield of Wenham, his 
attorney. There are several documents in the files at Essex pertaining to a law 
suit arising out of this. 

The case is that of Thomas Abbey of Enfield vs. Peter Lcgro of Wenham for 
trespass and the defendant is allowed to substitute his landlord as the defendant. 
So the case really is vs. Nathaniel Waldron, who held the lands formerly belong- 
ing to John Abbe, senior, and by him given to his son John, who in 1696 sold 
to Waldron. Some of these papers help prove various relationships and dis- 
tinctly call Thomas of Enfield the son of the older John of Wenham. 

Thomas Abbe was active in the military life of the day. He was a soldier 
in King Philip's War and was wounded at the Great Swamp Fight. He was 
sergeant in 1711 and lieutenant of the Enfield Trained Band in 1713. Upon the 
organization of the army for the expedition against Narragansett Fort, Major 
Samuel Appleton was appointed to the command of the Massachusetts forces 
and on a list of the soldiers whom the Court, in May, 1676, voted to repay for 
losses of those who were "damnified" by the burning of Major Appleton 's 
tent at Narragansett, appears the name of Thomas Abbe, £3, s.l6. His name 
is also on the roll of Major Appleton 's Company in the Narragansett Campaign. 
Thomas Abbe's will, made December 12, 1726, probated August 30, 1728, men- 
tions the following: wife Sarah; son Thomas, executor and to inherit the 
homestead and 57 acres; son John, to inherit land at Scantic Bridge; daughters 
Sarah Geer and Tabitha Warner to have the cattle. Witnesses were Obadiah 
Abbee, John Pease, jr., and Joseph Sexton. He styles himself Thomas, senior, a 

Second Generation 13 

The following passages are taken from the records of Enfield: 

Thomas Abbe is Possessed by Grant and measuring out to Him (viz) a Home lot 
as it is in page 25 which is 11 acres be it more or less length from the Street westward 
& ye Common land East bounded North on the Ministers lot South on A lot Called 
Peletiah Glovers. 

Also he is possessed of A lot in the west devisiou in ye south Field it Being 8 acres 
more or less, it being bounded East on the Country Highway Simeon Booth South, west 
by the Grate River North with Pease length 80 rods bredth 17. 

Also another lot in the south Field in the 3d devision it Being 26% acres be it more 
or less Bounded North on the Highway that runneth between the o'l and 2<l devision 
bounded West on W'l Bancroft South by the Highway that runs Between 3ii and 4^^ 
devision, W^ Simons on the East. 

Also a lot at schantuck the ends Bounded by the banks The North with Sami Terry 
south with John Burroughs it being 2 acres more or less. 

Also 3^2 acres of meadow Bounded on the sides and west end By upland Easterly end 
by a Pine Tree, this meadow lyeth upon a Brook called Brand Brook. 

Another lot lying upon Schantuck River above the saw MiU which land he hath insted 
of % an acre of meadow and iu stead of Land the Town had for a Highway over Schantuck 
this land is 7 acres more or less, it being bounded East by the river, west by the upland 
and by a wht Oak Tree. 

June 1700 he is possessed of A peace of meadow by Grant of the Town on the 15 of 
JIarch 1700 and it is measured to Him lying in Freshwater Brook Containing 4 acres 
more or Less Bounded on Obadiah Abbe west and by the upland south 16 rods North 20. 

Thomas Abbe sen^" is possd of A Farm or tract of land lying In the Mountains Near 
the North East Corner of the Township of Enfield Lying 160 rods in length, and 150 
rods in wedth Easterly and westerly and is butted and bounded south East Corner on a 
Chestnut Tree near A mountain with A Heep of Stones at ye root of s<i. Tree, North- 
east Corner with A rock and A Heep of Stones upon it with A bush marked by it, 
North west Corner with a Chestnut and A heep of Stones, The afore sd Land as it is 
butted and Bounded is 150 Acres be it more or less. Laid out by Tom Jones Town 
Measurer — Juno 22<i 1723. 

There is laid out to Thomas Abbe 2 peaces of s<i de\'ision Land, the one lying near 
the old sawmill, and bounds westerly by a Red Oak Tree a path. Southerly and Northerly 
on Highway or Common Land, Easterly on the sd Abbes own Land this land lyeth for 
12 acres more or less being 55 rods in length Easterly and westerly, and 35 rods wide. 

The other peace or Tract of land lyeth in the East precinct near a sawmill Called 
Hampshire and is bounded Northerly on Abbes Brook or meadow and runs 100 rods 
as sd Brook or meadow runs, and 32 rods wide and bounds Southerly on Common land 
and westerly on A pine Tree marked with the letters T A and Easterly with Timothy 
Roots meadow, this Peace of land is 20 acres more or less, laid out by Thomas Jones 
Town Measurer June 11th 1724. 

Acct of a meeting held Apr. 7. 1684. The Com. met at Enfield. The house lot of 
Thomas Abbe was next to the ministers. Next on the South Side thereof and adjoining 
there-to lies the house lot of Thomas Abbe 11 rods in breadth Southward and running 
in length Eastward as the lot for the ministry doth 160 rods. 

Next to the lot of Thomas Abbe southward lies the house lot and home lot of Mr 
Peletiah Glover Juu 12 i-ods in breadth and runs in length eastward from the street 
on the west 160 rods. 

Next was Daniel Collins' lot of 12 rods. 

Next adjoining to Daniel Collins afores^ on the north lies Southward the home lot 
of Obadiah Abbe 12 rods in breadth and iu length from the Street on the west back 
eastward 160 rods. 

Next was John Ferman's lot. 

April 10, 1683. At a meeting of the Committee for freshwater Plantation is given 
list of names and amounts of land held. No. IS Thomas Abbe, 3 acres meadow, 4 field 
land. No. 42 Obadiah Abbe 4 acres meadow, 3 field land. 

At a meeting of the Committee for Enfield March 8, 1687, John Pease SenJ", Isaac 
Gleason and Thomas Abbe were Selectmen for the following year. Thomas Abbe was 
also one of the Selectmen chosen May 20, 1689, viewer of fences February 11, 1689. 

January 7, 1691, it was "ordered also that those persons returned who neglected 
their days in cutting bushes in August last according to warning, shall make good and 
perform a days work for the same in cutting bushes on the commons where the selectmen 
shall appoint them, some time about this full of the moon, in June next or othei'wise shall 
pay 2s/6d which shall be levied upon each person that neglects and hath not done his 
days work accordingly, by the 24th day of June next the persons that did not work last 
year, who are unless they pay the fine of 2s/6d to do and perform each of them a days 

14 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

work. At the time afore mentioned are Thomas Hale, Lieut. Meacham, Isaac Meacham 
Jur, Thomas Geer, '\Y'^ Simons, Zachariah Booth, W™ Booth, Thomas Howard, Jonathan 
Pease, Abraham Pease, John Pease, Simon Rumril, Elisha Kibbe, Isaac Morgan, Jona- 
than Bush, Ephraim French, Thomas Bishop, Nathaniel Horton, Benj" Jones, Thomas 
Abbe, Obadiah Abbe, Isaac Gleason, John Bement, Joseph West, Benjn West Samuel 
Orsborne and that none may escape the penalty in case of neglect, the select men are 
ordered to return the names of any of the Afore s<i mentioned persons, under their hands 
who have not performed their respective days works before the 24th of June next, unto 
Mr. Pynchon, who is then forthwith to issue out warrants to the Constable for levying 
two shillings and sixpence on each person then returned defective." 
July 18th 1683. At a meeting of the Committee for Enfield Granted to Henry Abell 

John Pynchon 
Lieut. Stebbins 
Deaii J. Burt 
Dean Bn. Parsons 

an allotment of 50 acres and homelot 10 or 11 acres and meadow 
in proportion. To Thomas Abbe 35 acres Meadow 4 acres and a 
homelot of 11 acres. To Joseph West a homelot of 12 acres of field 
land 26 acres, and meadow four acres. To Samuel Averill an 
allotment of 30 acres 10 or 11 acres of home lot and four acres of 

meadow provided they settle at Enfield by micalstide come two years each one of them or 

else such grant to be void. 

Thomas^ Abbe married at Marblebead, Mass., December 16, 1683, SARAH 
FAIRFIELD, born December 24, 1655, at Reading, Mass; died in Enfield, Conn., 
November 27, 1742. She was the daughter of Walter and Sarah (Skipper) 

Fairfield, and had previoiasly been married to Needham. The Wenham 

records give this record of the marriage, "Thomas Abby and Sarah Fairfield 
of Wenham were married the 17th day of December, 1683, being lawfully pub- 
lished with the consent of her parents Walter Fairfield, and his witness with 
Moses Maverick and Elizabeth Fairfield." The marriage is recorded in both 
Marblehead and Wenham. 

Walter Fairfield was son of John and Elizabeth ( ) Fairfield, who came 
to America in 1638. According to tradition he sprang from the Huguenot 
Beauchamp family that left France for England shortly before St. Bartholo- 
mew's Day. 


21 Sarah Ahbe, b. March 31, 1684 ; m. Shubael Geer. 

22 Thomas Ahhe, b. Oct. 30, 1686; m. (1) Mary Pease, (2) Mrs. Rebecca Peirce. 
Mary Ahhe, b. Feb. 4, 1688 ; d. Oct. 15, 1705, as recorded in the Wenham town 

records. Many family and published records have wrongly stated that Mary, 
daughter of Thomas and Sarah, m. James Pease. Her cousin Mary, b. Sept. 16, 
1684, daughter of .John and Hannah ( ) Abbe, was the one who m. James 

Pease. The Wenham records read : "Mary, the daughter of Thomas Abbe by 
Sarah his wife, d. Oct. 15, 1705," and the will of Richard Abbe is further proof. 
/ See No. 9. 

>/23 John Ahhe, b. Sept. 27, 1692; m. Hannah Boardman. 

Tahitha Ahhe, b. March 29, 1696. She is called Abigail in her father's will, probably 
through the mistake of the scribe. Married in Enfield, Nov. 19, 1713, John 
Warner of Enfield, b. March 29, 1696-7. Children, born in Enfield : i. Nathaniel, 
b. Oct. 11, 1714; ii. John, jr., b. Aug. 28, 1716; iii. Daniel, b. May 25, 1719. 
Elisaheth Ahhe, m. in Enfield, November 28, 1723. Benjamin Bement, b. in Enfield, 
1698, son of John Bement. They had a son Benjamin, jr., b. in Enfield, 1724. 
They later removed to the part of Simsbury now called Granby. 


7. JOSEPH^ ABBE, son of John^ and Abbe, born in W^enham, Mass., 

August 13 (or 18), 1673; baptized there 1676; died in the winter of 1706-7. 
He is described as "of Exeter." It is the belief of the compiler that the 
marriage to Abigail Severance is a second marriage and that Joseph^ Abbe 
had by a previous marriage had a son Joseph, who was born in 1700 or earlier 
and lived later in Ipswich, Mass. 

Probably married (1) . 

Third Generation 15 


24 Josepli Ahhc; m. Thomasin Baker, 

Married November (or August) 30, 1705 or 6, ABIGAIL SEVERANCE, born 
August 29, 1683; died after 1718. She was the daughter of Ephraini and 
Lydia (Morrill) Severance of Salisbury, Mass. She married (2) December 11, 
1707, Philip Greeley of Salisbury, Mass., by whom she had at least one child. 

Child of Joseph and Abigail (Severance) Ahhe 

25 Joanna Able, b. at Salisbury, Nov. 15 or 16, 1706; ifi. Jonathan Brown, 

8, OBADIAH^ ABBE, son of John^ Abbe, born in Wenham, Mass,, about 
1675; baptized tliere 1676. He settled first at Windham, Conn., removed to 
Ashford after 1718, and was living there in 1737, He was mentioned in the 
will of his brother Richard in 1737. In 1717 he received a grant of 50 acres 
from the town of Ashford in return for a payment of 50 shillings to the town. 
Some of the records given under his son Obadiah have reference to this man. 
The name is found on various tax lists and petitions referring to Ashford in 
the Connecticut archives. 

Married at Maiden, Mass., December 26, 1701, ELIZABETH WILKINSON. 

Children, torn in Windham, Conn. 

Mercy Ahhe, b. Oct. 15, 1702. She was bapt. in Mansfield, Conn., Jan, 5, 1724. 
26 Ohadiah Ahhe, jr., b, April 10, 1704 ; m, EUzabeth , 

Elizaheth Ahhe, b, April 1, 1706, 

Hannah Ahhe, b. Dec. 5, 1707. She is probably the Hannah Abbe who m. as his 
third wife, in Kilhngly, Conn., Nov. 17, 1738, Joseph Symonds, b. June 8, 1689, 
in Lexington, Mass., son of Joseph and Mary (Tidd) Symonds, and grandson of 
Wilham and Sarah ( ) Symonds of Kilhngly, Conn., Chelmsford, Mass., 

Londonderry, N. H., Ware, and Lexington, Mass. He was a cordwainer, owned 
laud in Londonderry and Kilhngly, and hved in both places at different times. 
He was one of the leaders in the settlement of Ware River. By his first wife, 

Rachel , he had at least four children, Rachel, Abigail, Benjamin and 

James. By the second wife, Mary , he had five children, Huldah, John, 

Joshua, Keziah, and Nathan or Nathaniel. By Hannah Abbe, he had : i. 

Jotham, b. Sept. 16, 1739, in Kilhngly, m. Mary ; ii. Hannah, b. Jan. 19, 

1740-1, in Kilhngly ; iii. Joel, b. March 6, 1744, in Ware, m. there, Oct. 19, 1765, 
Patience Hall and had twelve children, the second of whom was John, the great- 
grandfather of Ernest N. Warner of Madison, Wis., who has family records ; 
iv. Judah, b. Aug. 26, 1746, in Ware, m. (intentions) May 13, 1777, Thankful 
Elhs ; V. Ehzabeth, b. July 2, 1748, in Ware, m. in Ware, Nov. 30, 1765, John 
Craft; vi. Lucy, b. Aug. 20, 1750, in Ware; vii. Mary, b, April 23, 1752, in 
Ware, m. Adonijah Montague of Pawlet, Vt. 

Abigail Ahhe, b. Oct. 25, 1709. 

Ruth Abbe, b. Sept. 15, 1712. In 1768 Ruth Abbe of Wilhngton deeded land to her 
brother Obadiah of Ashford. 

Joseph (1) Ahhe, b. May 28, 1714; d. Jan. 7, 1717-8. 

Richard Abbe, b. May 14, 1716; was mentioned in the will of his uncle Richard 
Abbe, 1737. Richard Abbe of Ashford was m. in KaUingly, Nov. 21, 1739, to 
Hannah Simmons. 

Joseph (2) Ahhe, b. Jan. 16, 1718-9. The wife of Joseph Abbe was a member of 
the Norwich Church, April 21, 1746. 

9. RICHARDS ABBE, son of John^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born in 
Wenham, Mass., February 9, 1682-3; died in Windham, Conn., July 10, 1737. 
He was a prominent and respected citizen of Windham, a man of considerable 
property and held various offices as constable, sheriff, justice of the j^eace, 

16 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

judge of the county court, and treasurer of the county. He represented Wind- 
ham in the Legislature from 1726 to 1737 with one year's exception, and was 
influential in the church. In 1726 it was ordered at a meeting of the justices 
"that Mr. Richard Abbe's back-room in his dwelling-house shall be a common 
gaol till the new one be built." In 1727 he opened his stately mansion as 
an inn for public entertainment and received a license. In 1736 Richard Abbe, 
Esq., of Windham, was one of the subscribers to the Chronological History 
of New England, by Thomas Prince, M.A., of Boston. At his death, his "books 
of all sorts" were appraised at £29-18-10. His will, dated June 27, 1737, 
probated September 5, 1737, makes the following bequests: to wife Mary, one- 
half his moneys, goods and chattels; to brother Obadiah, land in Ashford 
where he now dwells, to descend to his son Richard, reserving the iise of one- 
third jiart to Elizabeth, wife of said Obadiah, and if said Richard should die 
before his father or mother not having lawful heirs, the land should descend 
"to tlie heirs of my Cozon Obadiah Abbe of Willington"; to Reverend Mr. Clap, 
minister of the first church in Windham, £5; to the church, £20. The residue 
was to be divided into six parts and shared among the following: "my sister 
Abigail ye wife of Daniel Sabins who is my sister of ye half blood and Johanah 
Brown ye wife of Jonathan Brown who is ye daughter of my Brother Joseph 
Abbe deceased who was of ye half blood; ye other five parts to be equally 
divided to my sister Mary ye wife of James Pease, Mercy ye wife of Nathaniel 
Flint, Hanah ye wife of Thomas Welch, Lydia ye wife of Benjamin Bidlack 
and Sarah ye wife of John Welch who are my sisters of ye whole Blood." 
To Brother John Abbe of Windham, lands and tenements in Windham, wearing 
apparel and arms. He enjoins his executors to take no unjust advantage of 
his debtors and to allow those against whom he held mortgages reasonable time 
to redeem them even if they had been legally forfeited. (Windham Probate 
Records, Vol. 2, page 192.) He had no children. 
The following is the inscription on his tombstone: 

Here lyes buried ye Body of Richard Abbe, ESQ., 
one of his Majesties Justices of ye County of 
Windham, who after he had Faithfully Served his 
Generation Accoi'ding to the will of GOD Fell 
Asleep July 10th 1737 in ye 55th year of his 

Richard Abbe married in Windham, November 16, 1703, MARY JENNINQS, 
born 1682, daughter of Jonathan Jennings, one of the first settlers of AVind- 
hani. She died August 25, 1759, leaving no children. Her will, dated July 
12, 1758, was proved September 18, 1759. Among its provisions are the fol- 
lowing: £4 to the First Church in Windham, "to purchase a Flagon for the 
Convenianee of Furnishing the communion Table in said Church"; "unto 
Ginna my Negro woman her time & Freedom From hence Forward not to be 
Inslaved held or Controld by me or any under me as a slave or servant For 
Time or Life and I do hereby give & bequeath unto sd Ginna a good Bible 
& the best Feather bed I have saving one with good bedding, viz : Bolster, 
Pillows one pare good sheets, one pare woolen Blankets & a good coverlid 
& a Foot wheel and Farthermore I give unto sd Ginna a good Iron Pott & 
Kettle with my every day clothes & a good silk crape gown & Two Pewter 
Platters which I give unto ye sd Ginna For the good servis she hath done 
me"; "and I do here by order & desire that those of my Negro Children as 
shall be sold & disposed of so that they may have Christian Education and 
by their maysters not be used with cruelty & hardship." The inventor}- names 
four negro children: Sampson, £45; Peter, £40; Reuben, £35; Tamer, 
£28. The inscription on Mrs. Abbe's tombstone is as follows: 

Third Generation 17 

lu Memory of Mrs. Mary Abbe widow to 
Richard Abbe Esq. who died August 25th 
1759 in ye 78th year of her Age. them also 
yt sleep in Jesus will God bring with him 
1 Thess 4 and 14, 

Joseph Talcott Esq^ Governouk of His Majests Colony of Connecticut in 

New England 

To Mr. Thomas Huntington Mr. Joshua Ripley Mr. John Fitch Mr. Joseph Adams 
Mr. Ebenezer West Mr. Joseph Strong Mr. Richard Abbe Mr. John Woodward Mr. 
Joseph Leveus Mr. Peter Bucl and Mr. Jonathan Dressor Esqrs Greeting 

Know Ye that by vertue of Authority derived from his Late Majesty King Charles 
the Second of England Scotland France and Ireland King by his Letters bearing date 
the three and Twentieth day of ApriU in the fourteenth year of his Reign and by and 
with the Advace and Consent of ye Council and Representatives of this Colony in Generall 
Court Assembled I have Assigned you and Every of you Joyntly and Severally to Keep 
the peace Within the County of Windham Within the Colony aforesd & to keep and 
Cause to be kept all the Laws and Ordinances that are or shall be made for the good 
of the Peace and Conservation of the Same and for the quiet rule and Government of 
ye People Within ye County aforesd and to Chastise and punish all persons offending 
in ye County aforesd Against ye sd Laws or Ordinances or any of them as According to 
those Laws and Ordinances shall be fitt to be done and to Cause to Come before you or 
any of you all those persons who shall threaten any of His Majests Subjects in their 
persons or Estates to find suffict sureties for the Peace and Good Behaviour or in Default 
of their finding Sureties to Committ them to goal or Safe Custody tiU they shall so do 
And I have Assigned you Thomas Hunting Joseph Addams Ebenezer West and Richard 
Abbe to Assist ye Judge of ye County Court for ye County Aforesd to Enquire of hear & 
Determine by a Jury or otherwise According to Law all Causes Matters and things 
Civill and Criminall Cognizable by ye sd Court and I do Allso Assign you the said 
Joshua Ripley John Fitch Joseph Strong John Woodward Joseph Levens Peter Buel 
and Jonathan Dresser and Each and Every of you to Hear and Determine all Cause 
matters and things Civil and Criminal which any one Assistant in this Corporation now 
hath or hereafter shall have power by Law to hear and Determine And I Command 
you and Every of you that you dilligently Intend ye Keeping of ye Peace Laws and 
Ordinances and aU and singular Other ye premises and perform and fullfiU the same 
doing therein What to Justice Appertains According to ye laws of this Colony In 
Witness whereof I have Caused the Seal of ye Colony to be hereunto Aflixed Given 
under my hand in Hartford this 25th day of May in the 5th year of the Reign of our 
Soveraign Lord George the Second by ye Grace of God King of Great Britain France & 
Ireland &c 

Anno Domini 1732 

J. Talcott 
By his Honours Command 

Hez. WyUys Secret^T 

(On reverse.) 

Commission Justices 
Windham County 

10. MARY^ ABBE, daughter of John2 and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born in 
Wenham, Mass., September 16, 1684; baptized there before 1685. Lived in 
Somers and Enfield. 

Some authorities have given Mary, wife of James Pease, as the daughter of 
Thomas and Sarah (Fairfield) Abbe of Enfield. But Mary, the daughter 
of Thomas and Sarah, died in Wenham, Mass., October 15, 1705 (Wenham Vital 
Records). Moreover, Richard Abbe, son of John and Hannah ( ) Abbe, in 
his will mentions his sister Mary, ye wife of James Pease. Her mother divided 
land belonging to her first husband, John Abbe, among his children, June 16, 
1710, using these words, "moved by the love and affection I bore to my beautiful! 
daughter Mary Abbe." 

Married November (or October) 15, 1710, JAMES PEASE, born in Salem, 

18 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Mass., 1677 or 1679, son of John, jr., and Margaret (Adams) Pease. The first 

of the Pease family in America was Robert, who man-ied Marie , father 

of John Pease, sr., called the father of Enfield. John Pease, sr., married Mary 
Goodell and had a son, Captain John Pease, jr., a member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, served in the Colonial Wars, and 
married Margaret Adams, daughter of James and Frances (Vassall) Adams. 
James Adams was a son of John Adams, who came to the Plymouth Colony 
in the ship Fortune in 1621, and liis wife Eleanor Newton. James Pease 
removed with his father to Enfield when he was a child, was living in Enfield 
in 1710, and in Somers in 1713. He served as sergeant in one of the military 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Mary Pease, b. Oct. 8, 1711. 

27 James Pease, b. May 4, 1713 ; m. Abigail Ford. 
Margaret Pease, b. May 16, 1715. 

28 Richard Pease, b. Sept. 22, 1717 ; m. Elizabeth Parsons. 
Hannah Pease, b. April 20, 1722. 

John Pease, b. June 19, 1725 ; d. July 25, 1730. 

11. JOHN^ ABBE, son of John- and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born in Wenham, 
Mass., April 20, 1691; baptized there 1691; died in Windham, Conn., January 

16, 1770. Records pertaining to John Abbe of Windham are necessarily some- 
what indefinite as there were several of the name living there at the same 
period. This was perhaps the John Abbe who was a proprietor in the drawing 
of a twenty-acre lot in 1707. He is probably the John Abbe of Norwich to 
whom, April 1, 1714, heirs of John Abbe make deed; Lydia Abbe, Thomas 
and Hannah Welch, Hannah Abbe, Richard Abbe, Daniel Sabin, and James 
Pease. (Windham Deeds, Liber F, page 183, etc.) In 1752 he bought property 
in Union, the homestead of Nathaniel Gould, also land of Nathaniel Walker 
and Joshua Webb. His name occurs in Union land transfers several times 
between 1754, when he made over property to his son Richard, and 1764. His 
will, dated June 6, 1767, was probated February 2, 1770. It mentions his wife, 
Sarah; to son John, whose wife is Lois, land in Windham; grandson, John, 
son of above John; to son, Richard, land on Beaver Hill in Windham; daugh- 
ter, Hannah, who married Joshua Webb; to daughters Mary, Elizabeth, 
Eunice and Tabitha, lands in Windham; to his friend Reverend Mr. Stephen 
White of Windham, silver-headed cane. The inventory amounted to £1067, 
12s, 6d, with land valued at £949, 15s. (Windham Probate Records, Vol. 8, 
page 41.) 

John Abbe married (1) in Windham, November 7, 1717, MARY BINGHAM, 
born December 17, 1697, at Stratford, Conn.; died July 23, 1722. She was 
the daughter of Deacon Abel and Elizabeth (Odell) Bingham of Windham. 

Married (2) March 12, 1723, in Windham, MARY PALMER, born December 

17, 1691, at Rehoboth, Mass.; died May 30, 1750, in Windham; buried there. 
She was daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Kingsley) Palmer. 

Married (3) April 23, 1751, MRS. ABIGAIL (GARY) RIPLEY, died October 
16, 1766; buried in Windham. She was daughter of Deacon Eleazer and 
Lydia ( ) Cary, and widow of Jeremiah Ripley, jr. 

Married (4) April 8, 1767, MRS. SARAH DODGE, died April 11, 1776. She 
was perhaps the widow of Isaac Dodge. 

Child hy first wife 
29 John Alhe, b. July 4, 1722; m. (1) Lois Munson ; (2) Smith. 

Third Generation 19 

Children by second wife (baptized in Wiiidham) 

30 Hannah Abbe, b. Sept. 17, 1724; m. Joshua Webb. 

31 Mary Abhc, h. Sept. 10, 1T2G ; m. Elisha Wales. 

32 Elizabeth Abhch. Sovt. 1(1 1728; m. Jesse Ward. 

33 Richard Abbe, b. July 1, 17.'50 ; m. Mary Huutington. 

Eunice Abbe, b. August 20, 1732; m., probably as his second wife, Jonathan Jen- 
nings. No children are recorded in AVindham. 

34 Tabitha Abbe, b. Sept. 16, 1736; m. Charles Ripley. 

12. HANNAH^ ABBE, daughter of John^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born 
Ai;gnst 13, 1()93, in Wcnliani, Mass.; baptized there 1694; died March 24, 1769, 
buried in Windham, Conn., where tliey had resided. 

Married about 1713, THOMAS WELCH, born March 1, 1695, baptized at the 
First Church of Bristol, R. I., March 29, 1702; died August 14, 1781, buried 
at Windham. He was son of James and Mercy (Sabin) Welch. James Welch 
■was a soldier in King Philip's War from Maiden, Mass.; went to Mt. Hope, 
R. I., in Captain Samuel Moseley's Company and remained there until about 
1702, when he removed to Plainfield, Conn. Thomas Welch took up the 1000 
acres of land on Beaver Hill and Beaver Brook about three miles east of 
Windham on the road leading to Hampton. He married (2) before 1774, 
Mrs. Rachel (Huntington) Bingham, widow of Joseph Bingham. Thomas 
Welch died August 14, 1781, and was buried in Windham. His will, made 
February 1, 1770, was proved August 29, 1781. The following records of this 
family were kindly furnished by Mrs. Ashbel Welch of Germantown, wife of 
one of the descendants : 


35 Jeremiah Welch, b. Nov. 14, 1714; m. (1) Margaret Hebard ; (2) Mrs. Jerusha 


36 John Welch, b. July 8, 1717 : m. Abigail Manning. 

37 Daniel Welch, b. March 20, 1726; m. Martha Cook. 

13. LYDIA3 ABBE, daughter of John^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born 
May 21, 1696. "Lydeah, the daughter of John Abbey by Hannah, his wife, 
borne the 21th of May, Anno Dom. 1696, ' ' Wenham records. She was baptized 
in Wenham in 1696. 

Married in Windham, Conn., September 4, 1722, BENJAMIN BIDLACK, died 
February 3, 1740-1. He was son of Christopher and Sarah ( ) Bidlack, early 
settlers of Hampton, Windham County, Conn. Christoi^her gave to his son 
Benjamin his home fann in the northeast part of Windham. Benjamin Bidlack 
was a merchant, probably the first one in his section of the town, Canada Parish. 
In his inventory, taken March 11, 1740, are enumerated many articles of his 
trade. The opening items are : a wigg Christian hair, s 15 ; a brown wigg 
Christian hair, s5; a white wigg, hors hair, etc. (Windham Probate Records, 
Vol. 2, page 358.) 

Children, recorded in Windham 

38 Sarah Bidlaclc, b. Nov. 24, 1723 ; m. Nathaniel Flint. 

39 Benjamin Bidlaclc, b. July 10, 1725 ; m. Edith Spaulding. 
James (1) Bidlack, b. Jan. 3, 1726; d. March 29, 1728. 

James (2) Bidlack (twin), b. Oct. 28, 1728. The records of Captain James Bidlack, 

see below, may refer to this one. One James Bidlack m. in Windham, Feb. 14, 

1750, Mehitable Durkee. 
John Bidlack (twin), b. Oct. 28, 1730; d. Aug. 8. 1776; m. Mary . 

Children, recorded in Windham : i. Amos, b. May 19, 1754, d. Aug. 23, 1777 ; 

ii. John, d. Aug. 8, 1776. 
Mary (1) Bidlack, b. July 29, 17.32; d. Feb. 27, 1732-3. 
Mary (2) Bidlack, b. Dec. 4, 1733. 

20 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Lydia Bidlach, b. Jan. 8, 1736-7; m. in Windham, March 2, 1756, Asa Farnham, 
and settled in Ashford, Conn. He was b. Nov. 11, 1731, son of Nathaniel and 
Hannah ( ) Farnum. Child : Lydia, m. Joseph SneU, of Union, Conn., and 

had a son, Joseph, jr., who was killed in an accident in a WiUimantic factory. 
40 Bciliia Bidlack, h. May 22, 1738 ; m. Christopher Davison. 

Hannah Bidlack, h. Aug. 26, 1741. She may be the Hannah Bidlack who m. in 
Windham, Feb. 10, 1762, Benjamin Jewett. 

Captain James Bidlack, who may have been the James mentioned above, 
married Abigail Fuller, daughter of Stephen Fuller, and emigrated to Susque- 
hanna, Pa. He, with Robert Durkee and Samuel Ransom, was taken captive 
by the Indians, March 24, 1779. He was stripped, tied to a tree, stuck full 
of sharp splints of pine knots; then, having piled pine knots around him, 
the Indians set fire to the whole, piled the other two men on the fire, held them 
down with pitchforks and tortured them until they expired. 

Sarah Bidlack, perhaps a sister or daughter of Captain James Bidlack, mar- 
ried Stephen Fuller, jr., brother of Abigail Fuller. He, with others, was taken 
by Indians in the Wyoming battle, July 3, 1778, was led to a wheat field, 
where the Indians piled around them sheaves of wheat and burned them to 
death. The fort was taken and fired, most of the women and children perish- 
ing in the flames. Mrs. Fuller, with some others, went in boats down the 
Susquehanna to Northumberland. About two weeks later she returned to look 
for the body of her husband but found the bodies so mutilated as to be 
unrecognizable. Her home had been despoiled of everything. She later returned 
to Hampton, Conn., on horseback, with her only daughter, Polly, who was 
then two or three years old. Polly Fuller afterward married Judge Ebenezer 
Griffin of Hampton. Sarah (Bidlack) Fuller married (2) Asa Abbott and had 

14. SAMUEL^ ABBE, JR., son of SamueP and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, 
born about 1676, probably in Wenham, Mass.; baptized there 1679. He died in 
Windham, Conn., January 15, 1736-7, aged about 61. He was on the tax-list 
of Salem Village Jamiary 18, 1694-5; and was one of the original members 
of the First Congregational Church at Windham, Conn., December 10, 1700. 
He was among Windham's active and influential citizens and succeeded to the 
estate of his father at Windham Centre. A Samuel Abbe of Windsor bought 
land in Windham of Obid Abbe in 1714. His will, March 3, 1731-2, probated 
February 23, 1736-7, left everything to his wife, Hannah. (Windham Probate 
Records, Vol. 2, page 144.) 

Inventory of Samuel Abbe. February 9, 1736-7. 

one straight bodyed coat £3 a jacoat £2 s5 5_ 5_o 

a payr of coton and lining briches ^10 0-10-0 
a payr of ould leather dito ^8 

a payr of new leather dito £3 3- 8-0 

one Great Duffils Coat — a double' breasted old Jacot 1-15-0 

one Coat and Jacoat 1-10-0 

a bower hat £3 ^5 a flaniel shawl slS 4-00-0 

an ould hat ^6 a pr of stockins s4-6 0-10-6 

one payr of dito s7 one pr of dito ^2-6 0- 9-6 

a payr of ould shoes ^12 a silk handkirchiff ^14 1- 6-0 

one lining dito ^3 a payr of coton gloves s6 . 0- 9-0 

a bed and furniture £18-15 one dito £4 22-15-0 

one dito £4 ^10 six chairs £1 ^4 5- 4-0 

2 Bibles and sundry other books 3- 9-0 

2 iron pots one iron kittle 2 skillets 5- 4—0 

a warming pan & bras kittle 2- 0-0 

Tongs candlestick tobacco box 0-15-0 

several putar dishes basons and spoons 3- 5-0 

Third Generation 21 

several poringcrs 1-0-0 1- 0-0 

earthen ware 1-2-6 

a ston mugg and earthen cup 0-3-0 1- 5-6 

2 pails and severall wooden dishes 1-5-3 

Glass bottles 0-6-6 1-11-6 

4 spining wheels 2-5 one chest 2 boxes one Table 1- 3-5 

4 oukl barrils -5- tubs 1-6 2 hand pails 2 trays s8 1- 3-0 

one chest slO-4 meal bariels s6 a cider (?) tub ^5 1- 1-0 

one Riddle one half bushal s6 2 sives s6 0-12-0 

one Churn 3 more ould bariels ^9-6 an Road 0-15-0 

a payr of spectacles ^3 a putar Chamber pott ^5 0- 8-0 

one lamp a pr of tobacco tongs ^3-6 one table ^12 0-15-6 

2 knives and forks ^4 Table lining si Tramils and hooks 1- 3-0 

one hand saw s4 boxiron and heater ^10 a small ould auger ^2 0-16-0 

one payr of shears ^1-6 one hammer ^1-6 a Gallon Rundlit ^3 0- 6-0 

one more flanil shart **15 one small ould iron pott s3 0-18-0 

one stone jugg ^3-6 one Earthen pott ^1-6 0- 5-0 

Joshua Ripley junr ^ 
Josiah Ripley jprisors under oath 

Extracted out of ye original and Recorded march ye 17th 173f 
pr me John Crary Clerk of Probat. 

SamueF Abbe married March 15, 1710, HANNAH SILSBY, born October 3, 
1687; died March 22, 1748. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Bethiah 
(Marsh) Silsby of Lynn, Mass. In her will, probated in Windham, December 
14, 1758, she left property to her Silsby relatives. (Windham Probate Records, 
Vol. 6, page 21.) 

Child, recorded in Windham 
Samuel AUe, b. Oct. 12, 1712 ; d. March 15, 1714. 

15. ELIZABETH^ ABBE, daughter of SamueP and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, 
born in Wenham, Mass., probably about 1681, baptized there before 1682. 
Lived later in Windham, Conn. 

Married in Salem Village, Mass., September 23, 1702, WILLIAM SLATE, 
born about 1675; removed to Windham. 


William Slate, jr., b. Dec. 7, 1703. 

Elizabeth Slate, b. Aug. 29, 1705 ; m. in Mansfield, Conn., Jan. 23, 1727, William 

Smith, "a transient person." 
Daniel Slate, b. March 30, 1708. 

41 Anne Slate, b. April 29, 1710 ; m. Joseph Whittemore. 
Samuel Slate, b. Nov. 8, 1711. 

John Slate, b. June 7, 1715. 

42 Elenezer Slate, b. Jan. 19, 1717-8 ; m. Sarah Manley. 

43 Ezekiel Slate, b. Dec. 26, 1719 ; m. Mehitabel HaU. 

16. EBENEZER3 ABBE, son of Samuel^ and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, bom 
July 31, 1683, in Salem Village, Mass., baptized in Wenham before 1685; died 
in Windham, Conn., December 5, 1758. He removed with his father to the 
locality known as ''Bricktop" in 1698; worked in Norwich for a time, about 
1705; was at Windham in 1706 and later lived at North Windham and Mans- 
field. November, 1705, were recorded two deeds showing an exchange of 
property between Samuel Abbe and Ebenezer of Norwich, a lot lapon Bushnell'a 
Plain. He received a deed from Samuel, July 17, 1707, and sold land to 
Abraham Mitchell and William Slate in 1709 and 1711. October 29, 1713, John 
Abbe, "now resident at Hartford, in Hartford County," sold to his brother 
Ebenezer land he had received from his father, Samuel Abbe of Windham. 
In a deed of November 2, 1713, he alludes to his deceased father, Samuel Abbe, 

32 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

January 11, 1714, land bouglit from his brother, Samuel Abbe, and calls Abraham 
Mitchell "father." He is found frequently in the records of Windham down 
to late in life. September 8, 1742, he sold to his son, Samuel, land on the 
east side of Nauchaug River in Windham. In 1715, Ebenezer Abbe was one 
of the settlers who formed Canada Parish at Hampton Hill in the northeast 
part of Windham, and was one of those who on May 9, 1717, signed a petition 
to the General Assembly asking to be made a separate parish. In October of 
the same year another petition was sent to the Assembly, asking that the taxes 
on property in this parish should be used for the establishing of their church. 
This petition was signed by ''Ebenezer Abbe, for the rest," and William 

His will, dated June 3, 1750, probated December 14, 1758, names these heirs: 
wife Mary; children Ebenezer, Joshua, Nathan, Gideon, Samuel, Elizabeth 
Cross, Zeruiah Marsh, Jerusha Wood, Abigail Cary, Miriam Cross; grandson 
Jonathan Bingham, only surviving son and heir of his daughter Mary, deceased. 
(Windham Probate Records, Vol. 5, page 513.) 

Ebenezer Abbe married at Mansfield, October 28, 1707, MARY ALLEN, who 
died 1766, daughter of Joshua and Mary ( ) Allen, early settlers of Mansfield, 
who lived near what is now North Windham. 

Children, tirths recorded in 'Windham 

44 Ebenezer Ahhe, jr., b. July 27. 1708 ; m. Abigail Cary. 

45 Elizabeth Ahhc, h. Soytt. 11. 1700 ; m. Dauiel Cross. 

46 Joshua Abbe, h. Jan. 20, niO-11; m. Mary Ripley. 

47 Mary Abbe, b. Sept. 21, 1712 ; m. Jouatlian Bingham. 

Nathan Abbe, b. May 6, 1714. Resided in Mansfield, Conn. Married (1) in Mans- 
field, Dec. 4, 1746, Silence Ames, daughter of William Ames of Mansfiekl. She 
d. Feb. 6, 1776. He m. (2) in Mansfield, Oct. 17, 1776, Lucy Hovey, daughter 
of Samuel Hovey of Windham. No cliildren by either marriage are recorded. His 
will, made Nov. 2, 1795, probated May 12, 1807, mentions his wife Lucy ; brothers 
Joshua, Solomon and Samuel ; Leonard Sessions ; Anne, wife of Eleazer Cross ; 
balance of estate to Jonathan Hovey "who dwells with me" (Windham Probate 
Records, Volume 15, pages 298, 310). The 1800 Census records Nathan Abbe 
in Mansfield with seven persons residing in the family. 

48 Gideon Abbe, b. Feb. 1.3, 1715-6; m. (1) Mary Wood'; (2) Keziah Walker; (3) 

Bathsheba Smith. 
Samuel (1) Abbe, b. Oct. 30. 1717; d. March 1, 1718. 

49 Samuel (2) Abbe, b. April 24, 1719; m. Temperance Lincoln. 

50 Zerviah Abbe, b. March 17, 1720-1; m. EUhu Marsh. 

51 Jerusha Abbe, b. Oct. 22, 1722; m. Samuel Wood. 

52 Abigail Abbe, b. Aug. 1. 1724 ; m. Benjamin Cary. 

53 Miriam Abbe, b. Aug. 31, 1726 ; m. William Cross. 

54 Solomon Abbe, b. May 29, 1730; m. (1) Sarah Knight; (2) Mrs. EUzabeth 


17. HEPSIBAH3 ABBE, daughter of Samuel^ and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, 
born in Salcni Village (now Danvers), Mass., February 14, 1688-9; baptism 
recorded in Wenham. 

Married in Windham, Conn., April 8, 1707, SAMUEL PALMER, born January 
4, 1683-4, in Rehoboth, Mass., son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Kingsley) Palmer, 
and a grandson of Walter Palmer of Nottinghamshire, England, who died in 
Stonington, Conn., 1661. 

Children, births recorded in Windham 

Sarah Palmer, b. Feb. 2, 1707-8. 

Martha Palmer, b. April 25, 1710 ; d. April 26, 1710. 

55 Samuel Palmer, b. Sept. 18, 1711; m. (1) Lydia Silsby ; (2) Tabitha . 

Ebenezer Palmer, b. Jan. 25, 1714. Bought land in Kent, 1754. An Ebenezer 
Palmer was witness to will of Hannah (Silsbee) Abbe and was at Litchfield, 

Third Generation 23 

Dec. 5, 1758. Married in Windham, March 11, 1741, Mary Webb. Cliildreu, 
births recorded in Windliam : i. Lucy, b. April 24, 1742 ; ii. Mary, b. and d. 
June 20, 174.'^> ; iii. Mary, b. June 11, 1744 ; iv. Sibcl, b. Jan. 1, 1746-7 ; v. Sarah, 
b. July 24, 1749. 

Ichabod Palmer, b. April 17, 1716. Resided in Kent 1754. Married in Windham, 
Nov. 22, 1738, Phebe Bronghton. Children, births recorded in Windham : 
i. Eunice, b. Aug. 19, 1740 ; ii. Amos, b. Sept. 30, 1742 ; iii. Jeremiah, b. July 19, 
1744 ; iv. Elizabeth, b. June 4, 1747 ; v. Phebe, b. May 23, 1749. 

Zehulon Palmer, b. May 19, 1718 ; m. in Windham, April 25, 1746, Lois Carpenter. 
Children, recorded in Windham : i. Edna, b. April 19, 1747 ; ii. William, b. Sept. 
14, 1749. 
56 John Palmer, b. March 6, 1720-1; m. (1) Esther Cleveland; (2) Lydia Eames. 

Aaron Palmer, b. March 12, 1722-3, 

Moses Palmer, b. Aug. 24, 1726. 

Elizaheth Palmer. 

Ann Palmer, b. July 19, 1730 ; m. Sept, 26, 1751, Joseph Wood of Mansfield, 

18. JOHN'' ABBE, son of Samuel- and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, born in 
Salem Village, Mass,, June 4, 1692; died in East Hartford, Conn,, October 30, 
1790. He was a resident of Hartford as early as 1710 or 1713. John Abbe, 
resident at Hartford, sold to his brother Ebenezer, land formerly belonging to 
their father, Samuel Abbe, of Windham, October 29, 1713. (Windham Deeds, 
Liber D, page 328.) March 12, 1718, he purchased from Benjamin Hills of 
Hartford, 8 acres on the "east side of the Great River," There were several 
John Abbes living at this period so that it is sometimes hard to tell which 
one is meant, but the following records seem to pertain to this one, March 3, 
1731, he joined with several others in giving a deed to the Town of Hartford 
for a highway which was later known as Silver Lane and on which his house 
stood, (Hartford Deeds, Vols, 5, page 307, and 3, page 164,) John Abbe of 
East Hartford was one of the inhabitants of that town to protest against a 
tax in 1769; signed a paper with others regarding their desire to settle in 
what was known as "Western town" in 1733; was a proprietor in the Western 
land and signed a Tolland petition, (Connecticut State Archives, State Library, 
Towns and Lands, IX, 278b, with his autograph, V, 238e, V, 23b, and VII, 13.) 
Deeds made by him were recorded in Hartford, 1736, 1738, 1748, 1754, 1759, 
1765, and 1770. The most important of these is that of January 15, 1759 
(Hartford Deeds, 13, page 37), by which he conveys land to his son Nehemiali 
Abbe of Hartford. The name is spelled in various ways on the early records. 
Abbe, Abby and Abbey, but the latter seems to have been in most frequent use 
among the later descendants of his family. 

Married HANNAH , 


57 John Abie, jr., m. Ruth Goodwin. 

58 Stephen Abbey, b. about 1727; m. Mary (or Marah) . 

59 Eleazer Abbey, m. Mary . 

60 Nehemiah Abbey, m. Mabel Warren. 
Naomi Abbey. 

Sarah Abbey. These last two names are included in this list of children for the 
following reason. In a deed recorded in Hartford, Oct. 26, 1759 (Volume 9, page 
559), John Abbe, junr., Solomon Hills and Sarah, his wife, and Naomi Abbe 
convey land in Hartford to George and John Buck of Wethersfield. 

19. BENJAMIN^ ABBE, son of SamueP and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, born 
in Salem Village, Mass., June 4, 1694; died about 1765. He probably removed 
with his family to Windham, Conn., and from there to Glastonbury, where his 
name appears on lists of freemen, 1718-35. He filled the offices of hayward, 

24 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

grand juryman, collector of rates, fence- viewer and ty thing man. In 1737 
he was admitted to the First Ecclesiastical Society of Chatham or East Middle- 
town, and his wife Mary, in 1741. He was appointed guardian of Daniel 
Andruss of Middletown, 1748. April 24, 1749, he deeded land "on the east 
side of the Great River" to his son Samuel. His will, filed in Middletown, 
was made December 4, 1754 ; probated October 15, 1765. Inventory was recorded 
November 20, 1765. His will names his wife Mary; son Samuel; daughters 
Agnes Bidwell and Lydia Abbey; grandchildren John, Ebenezer, Agnes and Lucy 
Miller; grandchildren Moses, Samuel, John and William Cornwell. 

Married at Glastonbury, January 24, 1716, MARY TRYON, born October 5, 
1695, daughter of Dr. Joseph and Lydia ( ) Tryon. 


61 Samuel Abie, b. 1726; m. (1) Rachel Masson ; (2) Mrs. Sarah Leland. 

62 Agnes Ahbe, m. Daniel Bidwell. 
Lydia Abhe. 

Hannah Abbe. 
Mary Abbe. 

20. JONATHANS ABBE, son of SamueP and Mary (Knowlton) Abbe, born 
in Wenham, Mass., about 1697; settled in Willington, Conn., where he died 
May 3, 1757. The following records from the Ashford land books probably 
refer to this Jonathan Abbe: 1719, 100 acres of land from John Follett; 1721, 
10 acres from Joseph Orcutt, adjacent to land of previous deed; 1761 and 1764, 
references to holdings of land; 1764, land from Azariah Sanger, Elizabeth 
Sanger and Joseph Abbe. (Ashford Deeds, B, 133; E, 119; K, 272, 433.) 
The inventory of his estate was entered in Hartford, June 2, 1757, by William 
Arent, James Comins, and Abner Barker, appraisers, (Hartford Probate Rec- 
ords, 17; 32, 18; 86.) The estate consisted of 106 acres of land, with utensils 
and household goods to the amount of £381-5-4. The Court granted adminis- 
tration upon the estate to Jonathan Abbe of Willington, who was also appointed 
guardian for Mary, aged about 11 years, and Rebekah, aged about 3 years, 
minor children of said Jonathan Abbe. The estate was ordered to be distributed 
March 4, 1760, the widow having quitted her right to any of the estate. "To 
Jonathan Abbe eldest son a Double Shair of s^ Estate and to Samuel, Anna, 
Mary and Rebekah Abbe an equall single Shair." 

Married (1) MARY JOHNSON, probably daughter of Caleb Johnson of Wil- 
lington. She died in Willington, January 19, 1742-3. 

Married (2) in Brooklyn, Conn., September 19, 1745, REBEKAH WEDGE. 
The date of this marriage is recorded in Willington as September 19, 1747. 

Children by first wife 

63 Jonathan Abbe, jr., b. about 1725 ; m. Allice Johnson. 

64 Samuel Abbe, b. March 21, 1727-8 ; recorded iu Ashford ; m. Lucie Persons. 
Isaac Abbe, b. July 2, 1730; d. Sept. 18, 1753, recorded in Willington. 
Thomas Abbe, b. Feb. 17, 1733 ; d. April 13, 1733, recorded in Willington. 
Mary (1) Abbe, b. April 11, 1734; d. Nov. 7, 1740, recorded in WilUngton. 

65 Anne Abbe, b. July 25, 1737; recorded in Willington; m. James Weston. 
Jeduthan Abbe, d. in Willington, Sept. 12, 1743. 

Children by second ivife, recorded in Willington 

Mary (2) Abbe, b. Sept. 1, 1746. 

John Abbe, b. Oct. 16, 1750; d. July 10, 1753. 

Rebekah Abbe, b. about 1754. Jonathan Abbe was appointed her guardian in 1757. 

Third Generation 26 

21. SARAH-* ABBE, daughter of Thomas^ and Sarah (Fairfield) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., March 31, 1684; died February 16, 1731-2. 

With her brothers Thomas and John and sister Tabitha Warner, she signed 
a receipt for legacy from her grandfather, Walter Fairfield, January 6, 1725-6. 

Married in Enfield, January 27, 1702-3, SHUBAEL GEER, born probably 1683, 
son of Thomas and Deborah (Davis) Geer, one of the earliest settlers in Enfield. 
He was a member of Captain Appleton's Company at the Great Swamp Fight. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Shuhael (1) Geer, jr., b. Dec. 1, 1703; d. March 15, 1703-4. 

66 Sarah Geer, b. Jan. 5, 1704-5 ; m. John Simons. 

Deiorah Geei; b. Aug. 17, 1707; d. in Enfield, August 12, 1794. Married there 
Aug. 24, 1732, Ezekiel Prior, her cousin, b. in Enfield, April 24, 1708 ; d. there, 
July 27, 1798; sou of John and Mary (Geer) Prior. He was a soldier in the 
expedition against Ticonderoga and Crown Point, June 6 to August 6, 1758 ; 
also to Fort Edward, Aug., 1757. Children: i. Chloe, b. Feb. 28, 1733-4; 
ii. Zaccheus, b. March 13, 1736-7, d. Jan. 19, 1818, m. Feb. 9, 1759, AbigaU 
Pease, b. in Enfield, Dec. 1, 1739, d. Dec. 18, 1818, daughter of Benjamin and 
Abigail (Rose) Pease, had children, Anna, b. Jan. 28, 1765, and Zaccheus, jr., 
b. Jan. 12, 1768. Zaccheus Prior, jr., m. EUzabeth Parsons of Enfield, May 9, 
1793, who d. June 18, 1842, aged about 77, and had a daughter, Susan, d. in 
Enfield, May 4, 1801, aged 8 months. 

67 Mary Geer, b. March 10, 1709-10 ; m. Roger Griswold. 

68 Tabitha Geer, b. July 21, 1712 ; m. Edward Collins. 

Bathsheha Geer, b. Jan. 16, 1714-15. Married in Enfield, Jan. 7, 1736-7, Charles 
Soxton of Enfield, son of Captain Joseph and Hannah (Wright) Sexton, b. Jan. 7, 
1707-8 ; d. on the way home from the expedition to Havana, Sept. 16, 1762. They 
lived in Somers. Children : i. Bathsheba, b. in Enfield, Sept. 14, 1741 ; ii. 
Charles, jr., b. in Somers, April 28, 1744, d. on the way home from the expedition 
to Havana, Sept. 25, 1762 ; iii. Elenor, b. in Somers, Aug. 17, 1746 ; iv. Hannah, 
b. in Somers, Aug. 15, 1748. 

69 Shuiael (2) Geer, b. May 26, 1717; m. Hannah Pease. 

70 EUzabeth Geer, b. Jan. 15, 1719-20 ; m. Ebenezer Terry. 

Thomas Geer, b. July 1, 1722 ; m. as her first husband, Hannah Abbe, daughter of 
Thomas and Mary (Pease) Abbe. 

71 Annah Geer, b. Dec, 1725 ; m. Aaron Pease. 

22. TH0MAS3 ABBE, JR., son of Thomas^ and Sarah (Fairfield) Abbe, 
born October 30, 1686, in Enfield, Conn.; died there 1759. He was captain 
and then lieutenant (1714) of military companies. He resided in Enfield, Conn. 
With his brother John and sisters Sarah Gears and Tabitha Warner, he signed 
receipt for legacy from his grandfather, Walter Fairfield, January 6, 1725-6. 
He was executor of the will of his uncle, Obadiah Abbe, together with Elizabeth 
Warriner in 1732. His will, made December 30, 1758, probated April 18, 1759, 
mentions wife, Rebecca; children, Mary Bement, Sarah Parsons, Tabitha Pease, 
Hannah Phelps, Thomas; grandchildren, Nathaniel and Eliphalet Chapin, Thomas 
and Elihu Geer. Son Thomas, executor. 

Married (1) in Enfield, March 3 (or 13), 1714-5, MARY PEASE, born in 
Enfield, May 24, 1688; died March 18, 1745 (Enfield record), daughter of 
Captain John, jr., and Margaret (Adams) Pease. She was descended from 
William Vassall, Assistant with Governor Winthrop of the Colony of Massachu- 
setts Bay in 1630, who was son of John Vassall who built and commanded the 
Samuel and the Tobev, jr., in the Spanish Armada. 

Married (2) June 12, 1746, MRS. REBECCA PEIRCE. 

Children, all by first wife, born in Enfield 

72 Mary Abbe, b. Jan. 25, 1715-6; m. Dennis Bement. 

73 Sarah Abbe, b. March 26, 1718; m. (1) Nathaniel Chapin; (2) Hezekiah Parsons. 

74 Tabitha Abbe, b. July 9, 1720; m. Ephraim Pease. 

26 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

75 Hannah Aihe, b. March 27, 1723; m. (1) Thomas Geer ; (2) Noah Phelps. 
Abigail Ahie, h. July 28, 1725; probably d. young as she was not mentioned in her 

father's will, 1758. 
Ohadiah Aibe, b. Feb. 18. 1728 ; d. in Enfield, April 15, 1745. 

76 Thomas Abbe, b. April 11, 1731 ; m. Penclopa Terry. 

23. JOHN^ ABBE, son of Thomas^ and Sarah (Fairfield) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., September 27, 1692; died 1790, in or near Hartford, Conn. He 
was a farmer, known as one of the first settlers of Upper King Street, Enfield; 
received a land grant, February 18, 1716-7. He is mentioned as a lieutenant, 
^ 1786-1791, and held various minor offices in the town. John Abbe is poss"^ of 
A peace of Meadow by Alienation from Richard French lying west of Jobes 
hill so Called Bounded North partly by A swamp and partly by lapland, and 
south East and west by upland being in length East and west 160 rods and 
in breadth North and south 3 rods one peace with an other being by Estimation 
one acre and ^ be it more or less. Feby 18th 1716:17. (Enfield records.) 

With his brother Thomas and sisters Sarah Gears and Tabitha Warriner he 
signed a receipt for a legacy from his grandfather, Walter Fairfield, January 
6,1725-6. (Essex Deeds, 49:190.) 

Married HANNAH BOARDMAN, born in Wethersfield, Conn., December 18, 
1693, daughter of David and Hannah (Wright) Boardman or Boreman, grand- 
daughter of Samuel and Mary (Betts) Boreman and great-granddaughter of 
Christopher Boreman of Clayton, England, and his wife, Julian Carter. 

Children, born in Enfield 

John (1) Abbe, bapt. in Wethersfield, 1715 or 1716; d. young. 
77 John (2) Abbe, b. April 18, 1717; m. Sarah Root. 
Hannah Abbe, b. April 19, 1719. 

Thomas Abbe, b. Dec. 18, 1721; d. in the army at Cape Breton, 1745; not m. 
V^ 78 Sarah Abbe, b. Dec. (or Jan.) 23, 1723-4; m. John Burroughs. 

Daniel Abbe, b. May 8, 1726 ; d. in the army at Cape Breton, 1745 ; not m. 

79 Martha Abbe, b. March (or May) 1, 1728; m. (1) Isaac Gleason, jr.; (2) John 

Mary Abbe, b. May 14, 1730. 
Tabitha Abbe. b. March 9, 1732 ; d. in Enfield, Dec. 11, 1802. Married in Enfield, 

June 25, 1752, Joseph Bement, a soldier in the French and Indian War, probably 

son of William and Hannah ( ) Bement of Enfield. He d. in Enfield, Jan. 12, 

1803 (Enfield records). 

80 Richard Abbe, b. Aug. 1, 1735 ; m. Mary Bement. 


24. JOSEPH^ ABBE, probably son of Joseph^' Abbe. He was a blacksmith 
in Ipswich, Mass. His shop, in which considerable work was done, was known 
as "Abbe the Smith's Shop." Joseph Abbe, perhaps an adult, was baptized in 
Ipswich, November 18, 1722. In 1749, he sold his blacksmith shop and lands 
in Ipswich. His will is found in the Probate Records at the East Cambridge 
Court House, Middlesex County, Mass., Vol. 54, page 113. October 7, 1772, 
Joseph Abbee of Hopkinton, Mass., being advanced in age, dwelling on a farm 
in said town, wife Tamasin Abbe; four grandchildren, children of his son 
John deceased and Jerusha, his wife, to wit, John, Mary, Joseph, Amos (John 
not yet of age) ; his son Aaron, a blacksmith living in Hopkinton. Tlie son 
John had lived in Hopkinton on a farm. The property is to be equally divided 
between the two sons John and Aaron and their heirs. Joseph died before 

Fourth Generation 27 

March 10, 1773, when the inventory of his property, amounting to about £888, 
is filed. 

jMarried, banns publislied November 5, 1721, THOMASIN or TAMAZIN 
BAKER, daughter of William Baker of Ipswich. She was a member of the 
First Church of Ipswich, April 21, 1746. 

Children, recorded in Ipswich 

Sarah (1) AUc, bapt. Nov. 25, 1722; d. Jau. 5 or 6, 1722-3. 
Sarah (2) Ahhe, bapt. Juue 28, 1724; d. Nov. 18, 1726. 
Joseph (1) Abbe, bapt. May 7, 1726; d. Aug. 25, 1726. 
Joseph (2) Abbe, bapt. June 25, 1727; d. July 8, 1727. 
John (1) Abbe, h. July 21, 1728 ; d. July 12, 1736. 
James (1) Abbe, bapt. Aug. 16, 1730; d. June 22, 1731. 
Tamasin (1) Abbe, bapt. March 12, 1731; d. Sept. 7, 1733. 
Williatn (1) Abbe, bapt. Feb. 10, 1733; d. Aug. 14, 1734. 
James (2) Abbe, b. May 25, 1735; d. Aug. 30, 1736. 

81 John (2) Abbe, b. Dec. 27, 17^6; m. Jerusha Burnap. 
Tamasin (2) Abbe, bapt. April 8, 1739; d. April 19, 1742. 
William (2) Abbe, bapt. Jan. 11, 1740. 

Mary Abbe, bapt. Feb. 6, 1741 ; probably d. young or at least without heirs, as she 

is not mentioned in her father's will. 
Martha Abbe, d. Oct. 25, 1745. 

82 Aaron Abbe, bapt. Sept. 20, 1747 ; m. Anna . 

25. JOANNA^ ABBE, daughter of Joseph^' and Abigail (Severance) Abbe, 
born November 15, 1706, probably in Salisbury, Mass.; died September 7, 1757, 
in Kensington, N. H. She was mentioned in the will of her uncle, Richard Abbe 
of Windham, Conn., in 1737. The choice of Joanna Abbey of her stepfather 
as guardian is on file at Essex. "I Joanna Abbee of Salisbury, daughter of 
Joseph Abbee deceased and wife Abigail, born 15 nov., 1706, do desire that my 
father in law Mr. Philip Greele should be my guardian. Dated 5 Oct., 1724." 
Acknowledged before Wm. Bradbury and witnessed by Jarvis Ring, jr. A seal 
attached shows a griffin rampant. 

Man-ied in the 2d Church in Salisbury, February 17, 1726, JONATHAN 
BROWN, born in Hampton, N. H., February 24, 1700 ; died July 10, 1766. He 
was son of Jacob and Sarah (Brookings) Brown and a direct descendant of 
John Brown, an early immigrant to America, of Scottish descent but born in 
London. There has been much confusion among the Browns in tracing ancestry, 
due to the fact that Joshua Brown, a descendant of Richard Brown, married 
Joanna Morrill, on December 8, 1726, in the 2d Church in Salisbury, Mass. 
the same church in which, on February 17, 1726, Jonathan Brown had married 
Joanna Abbe. Then after the death of Joanna Abbe Brown, her husband 
married, on November 30, 1758, Mrs. Joanna (Morrill) Brown, widow of Joshua. 
Joshua and Joanna (Morrill) Brown had at least eight children, and Jonathan 
and Joanna (Abbe) Brown, ten, but there were no children by the second 
marriage of Jonathan Brown to Mrs. Joanna (MoiTill) Brown. Most of the 
records of this family are found in John R. Eastman's History of Andover, 
New Hampshire. 

Children of Jonathan and Joanna (Abbe) Brown 
Abigail Brown. 
Miriam Broun. 
Sarah Brown. 
Joanna Broion. 
Jonathan Brown, jr. 
83 Abbe Brown, b. May 28, 1739 ; ra. EHzabeth Leavitt. 

28 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

84 Joseph Brown, m. Ann Brown. 
Lydia Brown. 
Moses Brown, 
Judith Brown. 

26. OBADIAH-^ ABBE, son of Obadiali^ and Elizabeth (Wilkinson) Abbe, 
born in AVindham, Conn., April 10, 1704. He is doubtless the one called "my 
Cozon Obadiah Abbe of Willington" in the will of Richard^ Abbe of Windham, 
1737. Various land transactions in Ashford, 1725, Obediah of Willington to 
Richard Abbe of Windham, 1731, Obediah to Richard Abbe, may refer to him. 
January 20, 1768, was made a deed from Obadiah of Ashford to his brother 
Richard, of the same town, land in the westerly part of the town of Ashford 
descended by the will of Richard Abbe of Windham ' ' to the heirs of my honored 
Father Obediah Abbe of Willington." January 19, 1768, Ruth Abbe of Wil- 
lington transfers property to Obediah of Ashford, land descended from her 
uncle Richard of Windham. In 1767 Jeremiah Abbe received land from his 
brother Obadiah, both being sons of Obadiah. [Ashford Town Records F, 11, 
12, 26, 74, 75, 76, 78; K, 49; L, 197, 253, 290, 291, 400.] The names of Obadiah 
and Jeremiah Abbe are among the signers of an Ashford petition regarding 
the church, 1765. Connecticut Archives, Ecclesiastical Affairs, XIV, 271 b. 
State Library.) 

Married ELIZABETH . She is probably the Elizabeth Abbe who was 

a member of the church in Willington in 1759. 


85 Joseph AUe{'i). 

Elizabeth Abie, b. Aug. 29, 1734, recorded in Willington. Probably the Elizabeth 
who married there Aug. 22, 1760, Azariah Sanger. Azariah Sanger and wife 
were received from the church in Ellington to the church in WiUington. 

86 Obediah Abbe, b. about 1735 ; m. Zeruiah Balch. 

87 Jeremiah Abbe, b. Feb. 20, 1737-8, recorded in WiUington ; m. Mary Armstrong. 
John Abbe, b. Nov. 12, 1739 ; d. Nov. 14, 1740, recorded in WiUington. 

Ruth Abbe, deeded land to her brother, Jeremiah, March 6, 1770. (Ashford, 
Liber L, page 400.) 

27. JAMES* PEASE, JR., son of James and Mary^ (Abbe) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., May 4, 1713; died 1760. 

Married October 16, 1737, ABIGAIL FORD, born June 12, 1719, daughter of 
John (or Joseph) Ford of Windham, Conn., and Elizabeth Grinslet. The mar- 
riage was recorded in the Somers town records. They resided in Somers, Conn. 

Children, born in Somers 

88 Elizabeth Pease, b. Sept. 17, 1738 ; m. John Tice. 
James Pease, b. Feb. 27, 18.39. 

89 John Pease, h. June 12, 1742 ; m. Zepary Coy. 
Abigail Pease, b. June 10, 1744. 

Margaret Pease, b. Oct. 10, 1749. 
Tilton Pease, b. Sept. 21, 1751 ; d. March 15, 1753. 
Joseph (1) Pease, b. Sept. 26, 1753; d. young. , 

Joseph (2) Pease, b. Aug. 24, 1755. 

90 Keziah Pease, b. Oct. 12, 1757 ; m. John Smith. 

Joel Pease, b. Nov. 2, 1760. He resided in Wilbraham, Mass., then in Marlboro, Vt., 
was a soldier in the Continental Army at the age of sixteen, and was captain of a 
Militia Company in Somers. Married Louisa (or Lovisa) Meacham. Children: 
i. Lucy, b. Jan. 28, 1786, in Somers ; ii. Joel, b. in Somers, Uved in Wilbraham, 
Mass., and later in Vermont ; ii. James, b. in Somers, lived in Vermont ; 
iv. Frederick M. 

Fourth Generation 29 

28. RICHARD' PEASE, son of James and Mary^ (Abbe) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., September 22, 1717; lived in Somers, Conn., and died there. 
Married November 1, 1753, ELIZABETH PARSONS. 

Children, horn in Somers 

Eeturah Pease, b. Sept. 19, 1754. 

91 Samuel Pease, b. Aug. 26, 1756; m. Sarah Root. 

92 Richard Pease, b. Oct. 20, 1758 ; in. Sovicr Parsons. 

29. JOHN^ ABBE, son of John^ and Mary (Bingham) Abbe, born July 
4, 1722; died July 4, 1788. He received land in Windham by his father's will. 

Married (1) LOIS MUNSON. Mentioned in the will of her father-in-law, 
June 6, 1767. Lois Abbe joined the Windham Church by profession September 
22, 1799. 

Married (2) SMITH. No children. 

Child hy first wife 

John Ahic, b. in Windham, Jan. 10, 1755; d. unm. about 1820 in Windham County, 
Conn. Mentioned in his grandfather's will, 1767. 

30. HANNAH^ ABBE, daughter of John^ and Mary (Palmer) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., September 17, 1724; died February 12, 1815. 

Married in Windham, May 28, 1744, JOSHUA WEBB, born February 19, 
1721-2, in Windham, son of Samuel and Hannah (Ripley) Webb; died April 17, 
1808, in Rockingliam, Vt. About 1766 he removed to Rockingham (Bellows 
Falls) where he lived until his death, except for a short time in Westminster. 
He was the first town representative and held that office fifteen successive years. 

Children (first four horn in Windham) , probably all born in Connecticut 

Jehiel Webb, b. Jan. 2.3, 1744-5 ; d. Feb. 16, 1813. He had a grandson, Jehiel Webb, 

who was living in Northfield, Mass., about 1860. 
Joseph Webb, b. May 8, 1746; d. Sept. 2:5, 1825. He m. and had sons who died 

young, leaving no children. 
Azariah Webb, b. Oct. 11, 1748 ; d. April 10, 1846. He m. and had a son Greenleaf 

who was living in Guildhall, Vt., about 1860. 
Charles Webb, b. Aug. 19, 1750 ; d. Sept. 21, 1820. Married and had sons Charles 

and John who lived in West Bloomficld, N. Y. 
Hannah Webb, h. June 20, 1752, recorded in Windham; d. Oct., 1817. 
Eunice Webb, b. Nov. 28 or 20, 1755 ; d. June 26, 1845. 
Calvin Webb, b. July 31, 1757; d. in Rockingham, Vt., Nov. 15, 1853. Went to 

Rockingham with his father and settled on the same farm. Married and had 

children, one of whom was Ethan B., b. 1784 ; d. March 15, 1872 ; lived near 

Bellows Falls, Vt. Ethan B. Webb m. Fanny Burnham, b. about 1797, d. Sept. 24, 

1876, and had children, Sarah, Carleton E., and Emily, who always lived in 

Mary Webb, h. Jan. 28, 1760; d. July 30, 1841. 
Anna Webb, b. Aug. 22, 1761 ; d. Feb. 17, 1842. 
93 I/M^Aer lFe&6, b. Oct. 24, 1763; m. Dorothy Wheelock. 

Joshua Ripley Webb, b. July 7, 1766; d. Feb. 21, 1813. Married and had a son 

Edward, who lived in Northfield, Vt. 

31. MARY* ABBE, daughter of John^ and Mary (Palmer) Abbe, born 
September 10, 1726, at Windliam, Conn. 

Married in Windham, April 23, 1747, ELISHA WALES, born March 10, 1728, 
in Windham; died April 6, 1788, in Union, Conn. He was son of Deacon 
Ebenezer and Esther (Smith) Wales; accompanied his family to Union and 

30 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

remained there till about 1760, when he removed to Ashford. With other 
members of his family he was one of the patentees of the toAvnship of Norwich, 
Vt., which was organized at Mansfield, Conn., August 21, 1761, but it is 
doubtful if any of them became actual settlers. There is a tradition that he 
served in the French and Indian War. In 1763 he was commissioned captain 
of the 12th Company, 5tli Regiment, Connecticut Colonial forces. December 14, 
1769, he was appointed to correspond with other committees in the county and 
elsewhere to encourage and forward manufactures and the spirit of industry 
in this government, also to see that no goods were imported into Ashford. In 
1776 he represented Ashford in tlie General Assembly of Connecticut. 


Ehenezer Wales, m. at Ashford, Dec. 2G, 1773, Anna Babcock. He entered service 
in the army July, 1775, was Lieutenant of the 1st Regiment Connecticut line from 
1778 till the close of the war. Member of the Connecticut Society of the 

94 EUslia Smith 'WaJes,'^. 11^2 \ m. Mary Watkins. 

Nathan Wales, m. Dec. 22, 1771, Sarah Keyes, daughter of Ephraim Keyes of Ash- 
ford. He was a soldier in the Revolution, was made Captain in 1780 in a State 
Regiment. After the war he removed to Norwich, N. Y. 

95 Mary Wales, m. John Keyes. 
Ilannah Wales, bapt. June 19, 1760. 

32. ELIZABETH* ABBE, daughter of John- and Mary (Palmer) Abbe, 
born September 16, 1728. Resided in Union, Conn. 

Married in Union, May 22, 1754, JESSE WARD, born in Union, August 6, 
1729, son of William and Rachel ( ) Ward. 

Children, hirths of four are recorded in Union 

John Ward, b. May 15, 1755 ; m., Oct. 26, 1780, at Belchertown, Judith Ayres. 
AUgail Ward, b. Dec. 11, 1757. 
Lucena Ward, b. May 2, 1766. 
Lois Ward, b. May 8, 1768. 
Rumplircy Ward, b. Nov. 16, 1769. 

33. RICHARD* ABBE, son of John-' and Mary (Palmer) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., July 1, 1730; died February 17, 1794 (?). He seems to have 
lived in Windham, althoiigh the vital records of that town contain the birth 
of only one child, Mcrari (Mexari or Miriam). Family traditions and names 
prove that Hezekiah, Mason, and Richard were also his sons and there were 
doubtless others. In his will he left a farm of 90 acres on Beaver Hill in 
Windham to his son Merari or Mexari. He is said to have been an officer in 
the Revolution. 

Married MARY HUNTINGTON, born in Windham, April 2, 1735, daughter 
of David and Mary (Mason) Huntington. 

Children, some died in infancy 

Mcrari or Mexari Ahlc, b. in Windham, Dec. 44, 1752. Several published records have 
given this name as Mexari, but the recent accurate copy of the Windham records 
has it Merari. The old manuscript of Windham vital records made by Jonathan 
Clark has it Miriam, but this is not likely 'to be as correct as one of the others. 
Received farm at Beaver Hill, Windham, by his father's will. 

96 Hezeldali Al>he, b. Jan. 4, 17.55, in Union, Conn. ; in. Martha Manning. 

97 Mason Abbe, b. April 17, 1759; m. Sarah Frisell. 

98 Richard Abbey, b. at Windham, Aug. 15, 1769; m. Dolly ElUs. 
(daughter), m. Dodge and lived in Vermont. 

Fourth Generation 31 

34. TABITHA* ABBE, daughter of John^ and Mary (Palmer) Abbe, born 
September 16, 1736, in Windham, Conn. 

Married in Windham, November 16, 1758, CHARLES RIPLEY, born February 
25, 1733, son of Jercmiali and Abigail (Carey) Ripley. He held a commission 
in the French and Indian War and fought against the Indians in Canada. He 
■was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War, was taken prisoner by the British 
at Monmouth, N. J., and confined in the Sugar House prison in New York. 
At a time when he Avas reduced to extreme prostration by want of food, some 
refuse bones were offered him. He remonstrated and the keeper of the prison 
dealt him a blow on the head that instantly killed him. 

Children, hirths recorded in Windham 

99 Epaphras Ripley, b. Feb. 13, 1759 ; m. Auu Webb. 
Benjamin Ripley, b. Jan. 28, 1761; no children. 
Charles Ripley, b. Aug. 19, 1762. 

100 John Abie Ripley, b. April .3, 1764 ; m. Margaret Clark. 
Sarah Ripley, b. May 9, 1767. 

101 Vine Ripley, b. Nov. 30, 1769 ; m. Lois Crampton. 
Calvin Ripley, b. Feb. 16, 1772 ; d. in Bennington, Vt. 

35. JEREMIAH* WELCH, son of Thomas and Hannah^ (Abbe) Welch, 
born in Windham, Conn., November 14, 1714; died September 17, 1790. His 
will, probated December 13, 1790, mentions wife Jerusha; sons Elijah, Eleazer 
and Reuben; daughters Hannah, Mary, Jerusha, Chloe, and Anna (single). 

Married (1) December 15, 1736, MARGARET HEBARD, who died September 
9, 1784, aged 71. \^^^i{ 

Married (2) May 25, 1785, MRS. JERUSHA LASELL. v ?, <■.'- 


Hannah Welch, b. March 2, 1737-8 ; m. Buzby. 

Mary Welch, b. Nov. 4, 1739 ; m., as his second wife, John Huntington. 

Jeremiah Welch, b. Dec. 10, 1741 ; d. Dec. 26, 1741. 

Jerusha Welch, b. May 13, 1743; m. March 9, 1769, Nathan (or Jonathan) 
Martin, jr. 

Elijah Welch, b. July 6, 1745. He was a physician; m. and settled in Orange 
County, N. Y. 

Eliphalet Welch, b. May 15, 1747 ; d. Nov. 4, 1772. 

Ann Welch, b. April 4, 1749 ; was unm. in 1790, as stated in her father's will. 
102 Eleazer Welch, b. Dec. 12, 1750; m. (1) Abigail Brown, (2) Alathca Manning. 

Reuben Welch, b. in Windham, Aug. 21, 1752. Married, May 1, 1775, Jerusha 
Carey, who was b. Jan. 15, 1755. Children : i. Fanny, b. Sept. 9, 1776 ; ii. Sarah, 
b. Dec. 16, 1777 ; iii. Lucy, b. Feb. 24. 1779 ; iv. Anna, b. Oct. 7, 1782 ; v. Polly, 
b. Dec. 16, 1784 ; vi. Elisha, b. Jan. 27. 1787 ; vii. Chloe, b. Nov. 5, 1788 ; viii. 
Lydia, b. Aug. 11, 1791 ; ix. Alathea, b. Nov. 27, 1793 ; x. EHphalet, b. Aug. 7 or 
11, 1796 ; xi. Carey, b. Jan. 13, 1799 ; xii. Mira, b. Jan. 17, 1802. 

Abigail Welch, b. June 4, 1754; d. April 7, 1755. 

Chloe Welch, b. in Windham, July 5, 1756. Married Feb. 3, 1781, James Robinson. 
Children : i. James ; ii. Gurdon, resided in Boston. A grandson of Chloe Welch, 
Rev. A. A. Robinson, b. May 14, 1814, was settled over the Baptist Church at 
Pacherville, Conn., 1886, and was preaching there in 1899. He m. a daughter 
of Lyman Lyons of Wales, Mass. 

36. JOHN* WELCH, son of Thomas and Hannah^ (Abbe) Welch, born in 
Windham, Conn., July 8, 1717; died March 4, 1802. Resided in Windham. 

Married October 27, 1745, ABIGAIL MANNING, born November 25, 1722; 
died January (or February) 6, 1794; daughter of Samuel, jr., and Irene (Ripley) 
Manning of Windham. 

32 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children, torn at Windham 

Irenah Welch, b. Sept. 7, 1746 ; d. 1804 ; m., March 31, 17—, William Sabin. 
Jerusha Welch, b. Sept. 4, 1748; m. Jonathau Martin. Children: i. Jonathan; 
ii. Samuel ; iii. Amelia ; iv. Julia ; v. Irene : vi. Ashbel. 

103 John Welch, jr., b. Feb. 3, 1750-1 ; m. Olivia Fitch. 

Asenath Welch, b. April 4, 1753 ; d. Nov. 4, 1813 ; m., as his second wife, July 4, 
1793, Shubael Fitch, who d. March 1, 1834. Children : i. Asenath ; ii. Ashbel. 

104 Ashbel Welch, b. April 21, 1764; m. Margaret Dorrancc. 

37. DANIEL* WELCH, son of Thomas and Hannah^ (Abbe) Welch, born in 
Windham, Conn., March 20, 1726 ; died April 29, 1782. He was graduated from 
Yale in 1749, and preached at North Mansfield and Abington. 

Married February 18, 1752, MARTHA COOK, daughter of Moses and Deborah 
(Cadwell) Cook. She died December 11, 1775. 


Hannah Welch, b. Dec. 10, 1752 ; d. Dec. 26, 1846 ; m. Captain Jesse Waldo. 

105 Moses Cook Welch, b. Feb. 14, 1754 ; m. four times. 
Daniel (1) Welch, jr., b. Feb. 10, 1756; d. March, 1756. 

106 Thomas Welch, b. Feb. 22, 1757 ; m. Lucinda Pierce. 

Daniel (2) Welch, b. May 7, 1759 ; d. Sept. 3, 1785. He was a physician. 

107 Ourdon Welch, b. May 23, 1761 ; m. Mary Manning. 

Caroline Matilda Welch, b. July 7, 1763 ; d. June 11, 1785 ; m. Gurdon Moulton. 

Child : Caroline Matilda, was mentioned in her grandfather's will as her mother's 

only child and heir. 
Martha Welch, b. June 17, 1765 ; m. Arad Evans and moved to New York state. 

Children : i. Thomas ; ii. Chloe ; iii. Phebe ; iv. Arad, was living in 1862. 
Jerusha Welch, b. Dec. 5, 1767; d. Dec. 17, 1815, at Mansfield, Conn. Married 

Roger Waldo, b. Aug. 2, 1766 ; d. June 28, 1813 ; a son of Jesse and Bridget 

(Thompson) Waldo. He was a physician, was born, lived and died at Mansfield. 

No children. He m. (2) Chloe Evans, by whom he had a son, Jesse Harrison, 

b. Dec. 5, 1816. 
Deborah Welch, b. Nov. 15, 1769 ; m. Bicknell and removed to western 


108 Sophia Welch, b. Sept. 27, 1771 ; m. Gurdon Barrows. 
Abigail Welch, b. Dec. 26, 1773 ; d. Dec. 24, 1818 ; not m. 

38. SARAH* BIDLACK, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia^ (Abbe) Bidlack 
born in Windham, Conn., November 24, 1723 ; died there September 5, 1749. 

Married in Windham, June 16, 1742, NATHANIEL FLINT, JR., born in 
Windham, September 5, 1720, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Martin) Flint. He 
married (2) Mary Hovey by whom he had ten children: Luke, Jonathan (1), 
Jonathan (2), Phineas, Abigail, Zaccheus, Daniel, Elisha, Mary and William. His 
will, made August 3, 1792, was probated April 1, 1795. (Windham Probate 
Records, Vol. 13, page 426.) 

Children of Sarah Bidlack, recorded in Windham 

Benjamin Flint, b. Sept. 27, 1743 ; resided in Hampton ; m., April 12, 1770, 
Bethiah Cheney of Pomfret. Children, born in Hampton : i. Hannah, b. Aug. 16, 
1770; ii. Chloe. b. May 10, 1772; iii, Charlotte, b. April 19, 1774; iv. Sarah (1), 
b. April 14, 1776, d. April 28, 1776; v. Sarah (2), b. June 2, 1777; vi. Asa, 
b. March 29, 1779 ; vii. Elisha, b. Aug. 30, 1781 ; viii. Polly, b. Nov. 5, 1783 ; 
ix. Amelia, b. Feb. 13, 1787 ; x. Benjamin, jr., b. Jan. 4, 1791 ; xi. Cheney, 
b. June 6, 1793. 
109 Nathatiiel Flint, 3d, b. July 15, 1745 ; m. Lucy Martin. 

Sarah Flint, b. April 28, 1747 ; d. before 1792 ; m. Elias (or Josiah) Chapman of 

Fourth Generation 33 

39. BENJAMIN* BIDLACK, JR., son of Benjamin and Lydia^ (Abbe) 
Bidlack, born July 4, 1725. Resided in Windliam, Conn. 

Married in Wiiidham, November 11, 1742, EDITH SPAULDING. She mar- 
ried (2) April 7, 1756, Joshua Read. 

Children, recorded in Windham 

Jonathan Bidlacl; h. Nov. 19, 1744; m., April 22, 1767, Hannah Cutler. Children, 
recorded in Windham, Conn. : 1. Eunice, b. Feb. 9, 1768 ; ii. Olive, b. Dec. 1, 
1769 ; iii. Asa, b. Oct. 9, 1771 ; iv. Mary, b. April 27, 1773 ; v. Ralph, b. Oct. 2, 
1774 ; vi. Jonathan, b. Sept. 19, 1776 ; vii. OUver, b. April 29, 1778 ; viii. Edith, 
b. Jan. 22, 1780. 

Ruth Bidlack, b. Feb. 14, 1746-7; d. Jan., 1751. 

Sarah Bidlack, b. Nov. 29, 1748 ; d. Jan. 15, 1751. 

40. BETHIA* BIDLACK, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia^ (Abbe) Bid- 
lack, born May 22, 1738. 

Married, as his second wife, June 24, 1756, CHRISTOPHER DAVISON, born 
April 15, 1732, son of Thomas, jr., and Lydia (Merrick) Davison, of Preston, 
Conn. He married (1) June 5, 1755, Lydia Hovey, daughter of Nathaniel Hovey, 
by whom he had a son, Asa. He resided in Windham, Conn. 

Child, recorded in Windham 
Daniel Davison, b. Nov. 9, 1757 ; d. Dec, 1757. 

41. ANNE* SLATE, daughter of William and Elizabeth^ (Abbe) Slate, born 
in Windham, Conn., April 29, 1710; died in Mansfield, Conn., March 28, 1772. 

Man-ied in Mansfield, October 9, 1734, JOSEPH WHITTEMORE, born March 
13, 1694; died in Mansfield, May 15, 1742. 

Children, born in Mansfield 

Joseph Whittemorc, jr., b. July 4, 1736 ; m. in Mansfield, Nov., 1763, Sarah Howe, 
b. about 17.38; d. July 17, 1802. Children: Joseph, b. April 11, 1764; 
Samuel, b. Jan. 12, 1769, d. at Bolton (?), before 1802; Shubael, b. Feb. 28, 
1771 ; Sarah, b. Dec. 24, 1779. Samuel Whittemore, above, m. at Mansfield, 
Jan. 1, 1794, Sarah Wales, b. in Hebron, May 11, 1773, d. about 1802, and had 
a son Williams Howe Whittemore, b. in Bolton, Feb. 2, 1800, d. in Rve. N. Y., 
July 25, 1885, m. in Rye, Dec. 22, 1831, Maria Clark, b. Jan. 16, 1803, d. in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1886. Their daughter married William P. Bacon, a 
graduate of Yale, 1858, and a resident of New Britain, Conn., about 1899. 

Ann Whittemore, b. Feb. 6, 1738-9. 

Elizaheih Whittemore, b. June 9, 1741. 

42. EBENEZER* SLATE, son of William and Elizabeth^ (Abbe) Slate, born 
probably in Windham, Conn., Jamiary 19, 1717-8. Lived later in Mansfield, 
but doubtless removed soon after his marriage. 

Married in Mansfield, March 6, 1740, SARAH MANLEY, daughter of Eleazer 

Sarah Slate, b. May 5, 1741, in Mansfield ; bapt. there May 10. 

43. EZEKIEL* SLATE, son of William and Elizabeth^ (Abbe) Slate, bom 
probably in Windham, Conn., December 26, 1719; died in Mansfield, January 
9, 1792. 

34 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married in Mansfield, January 30, 1746, MEHITABEL HALL, daughter of 
James and Mehitabel ( ) Hall, born February 18, 1722; died December 
7, 1803. 

Children, recorded in Mansfield 

Ezehiel Slate, jr., b. Oct. 30, 1746 ; m. Mary Russ, daughter of Jolin Russ of Mans- 
field. Children: i. Eleazer, b. July 15, 1768; ii. Annis, b. Aug. 9, 1769; iii. 
Nathan, b. Aug. 22, 1770 ; iv. Ezekiel, b. May 26, 1772 ; v. Mary, b. Feb. 14, 1774. 

Mehitabel Slate, b. Feb. 19, 1749. 

James Slate (Lieutenant), b. Dec, 1751; m. Feb. 1, 1781, Mary Needham of 
Brimfield. Children: i. Clarissa, b. Nov. 16, 1782; ii. Mary, b. Oct. 2, 1784, 
m. Oct. 6, 1808, Alvin Bennett ; iii. Sally, b. March 5, 1787 ; iv. Mehitabel, b. Jan, 
10, 1790; V. Lora, b. May 10, 1792; vi. James, b. April 10, 1794, d. Dec. 4, 
1797 ; vii. Nancy, b. May 11, 1796, m. Oct. 11, 1818, Thomas Place ; viii. Need- 
ham, b. Aug. 6, 1798 ; m. Fanny , and had six children : Fanny Marilla, 

b. Feb. 20, 1826, m. May 27, 1847, William B. Crane; Mary Jane, b. June 3, 
1827, m. Jan. 20, 1848, Albert Barrows ; James Jackson, b. Feb. 3, 1829 ; Ange- 
line Martha, b. Oct. 10, 1830, m. March 24, 1850, Albert Barrows; Daniel 
Needham, b. Nov. 14, 1834, and Marcia Clarissa, b. Sept. 8, 1839; ix. Phila, 
b. Jan. 7, 1801 ; x. Armina, b. Aug. 29, 1803 ; xi. Sabrina, b. Dec. 30, 1805. 

Elizabeth Slate, b. July 22, 1754. 

Atme Slate, b. July 8, 1756. 

Mary Slate, b. Aug. 15, 1758. 

Zerviah Slate, b. June 7, 1761; m. Oct. 23, 1783, Aaron Hall of Mansfield. 
Children : i. Zerviah, b. June 5, 1784 ; ii. Aaron, b. Dec. 2, 1785 ; iii. Zeria, b. 
Aug. 7, 1787 ; iv. Zadock, b. Feb. 23, 1789. 

Sarah Slate, b. Jan. 14, 1766; m., April 2, 1789, Samuel Barrows. Children: 
i. Nathan, b. Oct. 26, 1790; ii. John, b. Dec. 5, 1792; iii. Samuel, b. Oct. 17, 
1795 ; iv. Sally, b. Aug. 27, 1797 ; v. Mary, b. Jan. 21, 1803 ; vi. James Madison, 
b. Oct. 19, 1809. 

44. EBENEZER* ABBE, JR., son of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, 
born July 27, 1708; resided in Windham or North Windham, Conn. 

Married February 22, 1729-30, ABIGAIL CARY, probably daughter of Joseph 
Gary, jr. 

One account gives her name Abigail Soale and still another says she was 
Abigail Goodale, daughter of Isaac Goodale of Salem. 

Children, baptized at Windham 

Mary Abbe, b. March 26, 1731. 

110 Isaac Ab&e, b. July 25, 1733; m. Eunice Church. 

Ezekiel Abbe, bapt. at Windham, July 27, 1735. Perhaps he was the Ezekiel Abbe 
who served during the Fi-ench and Indian War : April 21-Dec. 2, 1755, in 3d 
Company, 2d Regiment, Major Isaac Foote ; June 8-Oct. 3, 1756, in 3d Company, 
2d Regiment, Major Jehosaphat Starr; 16 days in militia company under 
Captain John Carpenter, Aug., 1757. 

Abner Abbe, b. Aug. 26, 1737. This is probably the Abner Abbe who enlisted 
June 8, 1756, in 2d Regiment, 3d Company, Major Jehosaphat Starr ; d. or was 
captured Sept. 19, 1756. 

Ebenezer Abbe, 3d, b. June 10, 1739. Perhaps the Ebenezer Abbe in Captain 
Benjamin Whitney's Company at Guilford and other parts of Windham County, 

111 Jacob Abbe, b. Aug. 23, 1741 ; m. Sarah Richardson. 

112 John Abbe, b. Aug. 22, 1743 ; probably m. Abial Averill. 
Samuel Abbe, b. June 21, 1747. 

45. ELIZABETH^ ABBE, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, 
born September 11, 1709. 

Married in Mansfield, November 13, 1735, DANIEL CROSS, born July 20, 
1713, in Mansfield, Conn., son of Daniel and Desire ( ) Cross. 

Fourth Generation 35 

Children, horn in Mansfield 

Ichahod Cross, b. Jan. 16, 1736-7. 

Maiy Cross, b. June 4, 1739. 

Daniel Cross, b. May 20, 1741. 

Abigail Cross, b. April 14, 1743; d. Nov. 29, 1749. 

John Cross, b. Oct. 14, 1745. 

Shuhacl Cross, b. Dec. 15, 1747. 

Theophilus Cross, b. April 1, 1750. 

Unah Cross, b. June 9, 1752 ; m. Mary . Children : i. Uriah, b. Aug. 21, 

1778 ; ii. Sarah Abbe, b. April 2, 1781 ; iii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 8, 1782 ; iv. Moses, 
b. Aug. 7, 1784, recorded at Lunenburg, Vt., Jan. 22, 1785 ; v, Hazen, b. Aug. 2, 
1786 ; vi. James, b. April 14, 1789. 

46. JOSHUA^ ABBE, son of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born 
January 20, 1710-1, in Mansfield, Conn.; died January 13, 1807; buried in 
Windham. His homestead was at North Windham, just within the bounds of 
Chaplin. He was a large land-owner and his extensive holdings at North 
Windham were generally called his ''Kingdom," while he was known as 
"King Abbe." He was a man of large heart, generous impulses and liberal 
opinions; of great vigor of both mind and body and a match for anyone 
in shrewdness and wit. His strong religious feelings made him a conspicuous 
leader in a sect which arose from the Bajitist denomination in Windham and 
became known as Abbe-ites. His home was ever ojien for religious meetings 
or for the entertainment of guests. Among celebrated guests is the name 
of "Mother" Ann Lee, founder of the sect of Shakers. His will, made April 
7, 1804, inventory March 18, 1809, mentions bis wife and daughters, Zibeiali 
Wales, Mary Hebard, Zei-viah Webb and Lucretia Badger. (Windham Probate 
Records, Vol. 15, pages 280, 285, 435, 539.) It is said that in 1803-4, he had 
9 children, 88 grandchildren, 120 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-gi-and- 
child. In the Census of 1800 his family numbered eight persons, Mansfield 

Married in Windham, April 14, 1736, MARY RIPLEY, born November 16 (or 
18), 1716, at Windham, Conn.; died October 1, 1769, at Windham. Her tomb- 
stone at Windham says she died October 13, 1770, in her 54th year. She was 
daughter of Joshua Ripley, jr., who at that time resided in Willimantic and was 
connected with the ' ' Iron Works. ' ' Her mother was Mary Backus, a descendant 
of Lieutenant William Backus, Lion Gardiner, Thomas Bingham, Lieutenant 
Jonathan Rudd and other Colonial dignitaries. Her descent from Governor 
Bradford of the Mayflower is as follows : William^ Bradford ; Deputy-Governor 
William^ Bradford, jr.; Hannah^ Bradford, married Joshua Ripley; Joshua* 

Ripley, Jr. 

Children, hirths recorded in Windham 

113 Ziieiah Aihe, b. June 11, 1737 ; m. Jonathan Wales. 

114 Rachel Ahhe, b. Feb. 6, 1738-9 ; m. Samuel McClellan. 

115 Mary Abbe, h. Dec. 21, mo ; m. Nathaniel Hebard. 

116 Zerviah Abbe, b. Jan. 7, 1743 ; m. Nathaniel Webb. 

117 Shubael Abbe, b. Nov. 9, 1744 ; m. Lucy Chester. 

118 PJmieas Abbe, b. Nov. 22, 1746; m. (1) Mary Bingham; (2) Susanna Brown. 

119 Lucretia Abbe, b. March 10 (or 18), 1749; m. Edmund Badger. 

120 Joshua Abbe, jr., b. Jan. 9, 1751; m. (1) Triphena Bass; (2) Mrs. Rogers. 

121 Elisha Abbe, h. May 15, 1753 ; m. Jerusha Webb. 
Elizabeth Abbe, b. Dec. 6, 1758 ; d. Jan. 20, 1759. 

47. MARY* ABBE, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born 
September 21, 1712; died March 4, 1735, in Windham. 

Married in Windham, May 9, 1734, JONATHAN BINGHAM, born August 
17, 1712, at Windham, Conn.; died February 16, 1800. He was son of Deacon 

36 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Abel Bingham and Mary (or Elizabeth) Odell, was early adopted by his nncle, 
Jonathan Bingham, who had no children, and willed him his homestead near 
the Windham Center Biirjdng Ground. He married (2) Mrs. Sarah (Upton) 
Vinton, widow of Malatiah Vinton of Stoneham. By this second marriage he 
had children: Mary, Malatiah, Elisha, Phebe, and Naomi. 

Children of Mary Abbe (probably there were others) 

Jonathan Bingham, jr., b. Feb. 20, 1735; m. Elizabeth Warner, b. April, 1707; 
d. Aug. 21, 1751, ill Mansfield; daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth (Babcock) 
Warner of Mansfield, Conn., and a descendant of Andrew Warner of Cambridge, 
Mass., 1632. They are said to have numerous descendants in Vermont and New 
Hampshire. Children : Elisha Warner, b. in Mansfield, March 23, 1765 ; 
Erastus, b. in Mansfield, April 17, 1767 ; Frederick, b. in Cornish, Cheshire 
County, N. H. ; Amy, b. in Cornish. Jonathan Bingham was one of the 
signers to a petition for the establishment of a Congregational Church at 
Cornish, Nov. 21, 1798. 

Naomi Bingham, b. May 13, 1744. Married, May 22, 1771, Lieutenant Joshua 
Tracy, b. in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 13, 1745 ; d. in Norwich, March 20, 1777, of 
smallpox ; was buried "on the hill in Franklin, near Dr. Woodward's." He was 
the son of John and Margaret (Hyde) Tracy. Children: i. Abel, b. April 26, 
1779, at Norwich, probably d. without issue ; ii. Thomas, b. May 23, 1774, at 
Norwich, was educated at Yale, d. in Baltimore, not m. ; iii. Joshua, b. in 
Norwich, Dec. 21, 1776, d. Aug. 11, 1779. 

48. GrIDEON* ABBE, son of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born in 
Mansfield, Conn., February 13, 1715-6; died there in 1784. He settled first in 
Windham, resided later in Union, Mansfield, and Ashford. He purchased of 
Nathaniel Badger, jr., 100 acres on the west side of Union in 1742; was living 
in Union in 1743-4, and sold 100 acres of land there to Jonathan Barber, April 
19, 1744. (Union Records, Book 2, page 17.) In 1769, Gideon Abbe of Hanover, 
N. H., bought a piece of land in Hartford, Conn., including a dwelling house. 
The same year Gideon Abbe of Hartford bought land. In 1770 he was called 
of Coventry on deeds. (Hartford Deeds, 11, p. 70; 13, pp. 40, 224; 15, p. 233.) 
His will was made May, 1779, probated June 25, 1784. (Windham Probate 
Records, Vol. 12, page 43, etc.) 

Married (1) in Mansfield, March 15, 1735, MARY WOOD, who died October, 
1742, daughter of Samuel Wood of Mansfield. 

Married (2) in Mansfield, December 8, 1742, KEZIAH WALKER, who died 
January, 1746-7. 

Married (3) in Mansfield, March, 1747, BATHSHEBA SMITH, daughter of 
William Smith of Ashford, Conn. She survived him and was living in Mans- 
field in 1790, one male over 16, one female in family. 

Children by first wife 

Mary (1) Abbe, b. in Windham, March 24, 1738; d. young. 

Hannah Abbe, b. in Windham, June 28, 1739. Married in Mansfield, March 29, 
1759, Josiah Hall, b. March 27, 1738, son of James' (William^ John') Hall of 
Mansfield. They removed to Rhode Island about 1770. Children : i. Hannah, 
b. Aug. 18, 1760; ii. Phebe, b. July 13, 1765, m. Nov. 24, 1789, Daniel Canada 
of Mansfield ; iii. Josiah, b. June 9, 1767 ; iv. Elisabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1769, m. 
Oct. 26, 1786, William Balch, had children, Stephen, b. Nov. 29, 1787, Betsey, b. 
Oct. 27, 1789, and Origen, b. Jan. 15, 1794 ; v. Shubael, b. Sept. 24, 1771. 

Oideon Abbe, jr., b. Oct. 12, 1741. He is found in no further records and was 
probably the Gideon Abbe who served in 1st Regiment, 3d Company, under 
Major John Slapp, in the French and Indian War and died June 17, 1759. 

Children by second wife 

Mary (2) Abbe, b. in Union, Sept. 4, 1743; recorded there, daughter of Gideon and 
Keziah Abbe. 

Fourth Generation 37 

Mary (3) Ahhc, b. Oct. 10, 1744, in Mansfield. Married there (First Church 
Record), March 24, 1763, John Hunt, jr., of Mansfield. Children, born in 
Mansfield : i. Anne, b. Jan. 27, 1764 ; ii. Joseph, b. April 15, 1766 ; iii. Mary, 
b. April 2, 1769 ; iv. John, b. May 14, 1772. 

Amos Abbe, bapt. at Windham, Oct. 3, 1745, according to manuscript at the Con- 
necticut Historical Society, probably d. young. 

122 Solomon Abbe, b. April 12, 1746; m. Lucy Johnson. 

Children by third wife, born in Mansfield 

123 John Ahbc, b. March 8, 1747-8; (?)m. Dorothy Bugbee. 
Samuel (1) Abbe, b. Oct. 2, 1749; d. young. 
Bathsheba Abbe, b. Feb. 22, 1750-1 ; probably d. young. 

Elijah Abbe, b. in Ashford, July 7, 1753. His name is found in the Mansfield 
census records of 1800 and 1810. Married, Nov. 4, 1772, Ruth Balch, b. in Mans- 
field, daughter of Jonathan and Esther (Hall) Balch, and had a child born in 
Mansfield, Dec. 15, 1773, d. Dec. 16, 1773. He resided in Mansfield and aU his 
property went to Thomas Balch, a relative of his wife. 

124 Samuel (2) Abbe, b. Jan. 7, 1755 ; m. Miriam Hall. 
Nathan Abbe, b. Nov. 21, 1756. 

125 William Abbe, b. April 14, 1758; m. Lydia Hall. 

Jerusha Abbe, b. Jan. 3, 1761. Married in Mansfield, Jan. 14 or 15, 1784, Ephraim 
HaU, jr., son of Ephraim and Miriam (Wolcott) Hall. Children, born in 
Mansfield : i. EUsha, b. Oct. 31, 1784 ; ii. Jehiel, b. April 9, 1786. 

Eunice Abbe, h. May 12, 1765. 

Ezra Abbe, bapt. in Windham, May 10, 1767. Named in his father's wiU as infirm 
and unable to take care of himself. 

49. SAMUEL* ABBE, son of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born April 
24, 1719, in Windham County, Conn. He may be the Samuel who resided in 
Windsor, Conn., in 1790. He is said to have removed to Otsego County, N. Y., 
about 1794, lost his property, and died there. 

It is likely that the earlier published records of this branch of the family 
omitted a generation, and it was a later Samuel Abbe who married, in Mans- 
field, Conn., July 8, 1766, TEMPERANCE LINCOLN, daughter of Thomas 
Lincoln of Windham. 

Children, born in Mansfield 

126 Shadrach Abbe, b. March 6, 1767 ; m. Welthan . 

An7ie Abbe, h. June 13, 1769. 

Liiey Abbe (twin), b. May 22, 1771. 

Lemuel Abbe (twin), b. May 22, 1771. He was recorded in Burlington, N, Y., in 

1800, aged between 26 and 45. 
Mary Abbe, b. Feb. 9, 1774. 
Amelia Abbe, b. July 14, 1776. 
Azubah Abbe, b. Dec. 21, 1778. 

127 Ebenezer Abbe, b. June 9, 1781 ; m. Mary Blanchard. 

50. ZERVIAH* ABBE, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, bom 
March 17, 1720-1. 

Married in Windham, Conn., May 10, 1736, ELIHU MARSH, son of Thomas 
Marsh of Mansfield, Conn. He resided for a time in Mansfield, then removed 
to New Fairfield, and later to New Milford, where he purchased land, 1765, 1769, 
and 1770. His home was in the part now called Jerusalem, and he resided there 
until his death. He was an elder in the Strict Congregational Church of New 
Milford for a number of years. 


Elihu Marsh, jr., b. in Windham, Conn., May 8, 1737. Married Martha Walters 
and removed to Sherman, Conn., where he resided until his death. Children : 
i. Anna, m. Enos Peck ; ii. Rachel, m. Ebenezer Wright. 

Sarariah Marsh, h. May 8, 1740 ; m. Kent B. Wright. 

Mary Marsh, b. June 12, 1742; m. Ebenezer Leach and lived in Sherman, 

38 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

128 Eunice Marsh, b. Dec. 6, 1744 ; m. Joel Northrop. 

Lydia Marsh, b. April 11, 1747. Married Isaac Northrop, son of Thomas and 

(Terrill) Northrop. He died aged 77. Their daughter m. 

Waldo and d. in Chatham, N. Y., 1868, aged 92. 

129 John Marsh, b. Aug. 4, 1749 ; m. Abigail Wanzer. 

130 Samuel Marsh, b. Oct. 8, 1751 ; m. Miriam Leach. 

131 Joseph Marsh, b. April 20, 1754; m. (1) Abigail Waldo; (2) Deborah Waldo. 
Hannah Marsh, b. Feb., 1757. 

Ruth Marsh, b. Aug. 31, 1759 ; m. Ichabod Leach and lived at Sherman. 
Benjamin D. Marsh, b. May 10, 1762 ; m. Anna Jayger and removed to Benning- 
ton, Vt. 

132 Amos Marsh, b. Sept. 8, 1764 ; m. Abigail Sutton. 

51. JERUSHA^ ABBE, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born 
in Mansfield, Conn., October 22, 1722. 

Married in Mansfield, March 31, 1742, SAMUEL WOOD. 

Children, births recorded in Mansfield 

Mary Wood, b. Jan. 29, 1743. 

Eunice Wood, b. Jan., 1745. 

Ann Wood, b. April 1, 1747. 

Hannah Wood, b. Feb. 1, 1748-9. 

John Wood, b. March 1, 1751. Married in Mansfield, Oct. 26, 1780, Abigail 

Church, daughter of Jonathan Church. 
Mary Wood, b. March 30, 1753. 
Cibel Wood, b. April 13, 1755. 

133 Gideon Wood, b. July 10, 1759 ; m. Kezia Owen. 

Nathan Wood, b. April 16, 1761. Married in Mansfield, Jan. 18, 1781, Lucy John- 
son of Windham, Conn. 

Sila Wood, h: June 9, 1764. 

Samuel Dudley Wood, b. July 9, 1767. Children, recorded in Mansfield : i. Sophia, 
b. Sept. 24, 1791 ; ii. Anna, b. Nov. 14, 1800 ; iii. Lois, b. July 11, 1806. 

52. ABIGtAIL* abbe, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born 
August 1, 1724. 

Married in Windham, November iO, 1743, BENJAMIN GARY. Some accounts 
give the name Corey. 

Children, first tioo born in Windham, Conn., others in Mansfield 

Mary Cary, b. Aug. 12, 1744. 
John Cary, b. May 9, 1746. 
David Cary, b. Jan. 29, 1750. 
Benjamin Cary, b. Feb. 19, 1752. 

Eunice Cary, b. 5, 1754. 

Jacob Cary, b. May 14, 1756. 
Jonathan Cary, b. Feb. 28, 1758. 

53. MIRIAM* ABBE, daughter of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born 
August 31, 1726 ; died December 2, 1823. 

Married in Mansfield, Conn., October 5, 1745, WILLIAM CROSS, born May 
25, 1720; died June 1, 1801. He was son of Daniel and Desire ( ) Cross, 
of Mansfield, Conn. After 1756, he removed to Windham. He owned the 
farm at North Windham which was later used as the town farm. His inventory 
was made September 21, 1801. (Windham Probate Records, Vol. 16, pages 502, 
541; and Vol. 15, page 16.) 

Children, first five born in Mansfield, others in Windham 

Eunice Cross, b. July 7, 1747; m. (1) Nathan Lincoln; (2) Butterfield ; 

(3) Perez Trap. 

FouKTH Generation 39 

William Cross, b. June 25, 1748; m., Oct. 24, 1767, Molly Wheeler. Children: 

i. Elathea, b. May 11, 1768; ii. Levi, b. Feb. 8, 1770; iii. Rachel, b. Feb. 8, 1772, 
Miriam Cross, b. Feb. 18, 1750; m. (1) Samuel Stubbs ; (2) Butterfield ; 

(3) Perez Tracy. 
Eleazcr Cross, b. Sept. 28, 1753. Anne, wife of Eleazer Cross, is mentioned in the 

will of his uncle, Nathan Abbe. 
Nathan Cross, b. March 6, 1756. He m. Mary and had son Zebulon, b. 

Sept. 30, 1780. 
Joseph Cross, bapt. May 11, 1760; settled first in Windham, Conn., but removed, 

after 1804, to Barton, Vt. ; m. Pcrsis Baucus, daughter of Nathaniel Baucus. 

Children : 1. WiUiam ; ii. Samuel ; iii. Sophia ; iv. Ephraim, bapt. June 2, 1796 ; 

V. Lucy, bapt. Aug. 16, 1798; vi. George Washington, bapt. May 15, 1800; 

vii. Erastus, bapt. Aug. 2, 1804. 
Mary Cross, bapt. July 5, 1761. 
Elenezer Cross, bapt. May 9, 1762. 
Tryphena Cross, bapt. April 27, 1767 ; m. Elijah Backus. 

134 John Cross, m., (1) Mrs. Sarah (Backus) Gibbs ; (2) Mrs. Amy ( ) Jagger. 

135 Shuhael Cf-oss, b. about 1771 ; m. Rachel Sawyer. 

54. SOLOMON^ ABBE, son of Ebenezer^ and Mary (Allen) Abbe, born May 
29, 1730; died 1799. He was born in North Windham, Conn., lived later in 
Windham and, after 1789, in Mansfield, where he died. His inventory, taken 
June 21, 1799, amounted to $138.00, personal property; and $270.18, real estate. 
At the settlement of the estate, the following heirs are given : widow Elizabeth ; 
only son Abel; daughter Lydia, wife of David Allen; daughters Sarah, Pliebe 
and Esther of Mansfield. (Windham Records, Vol. 14, pages 310, 311, 367.) 

Married (1) in Windham, June 17, 1751, SARAH KNIGHT, died July 25, 
1797, daughter of Joseph Knight of Norwich, Conn. 

Married (2) in Mansfield, May 3, 1798, MRS. ELIZABETH BURNHAM of 
Hampton, Conn., who survived him. 

Children, hy first wife (first six horn in Windham) 

Joseph Alle, b. April 6, 1752 ; d. Sept. 4, 1754. 

Sarah (1) Alle, b. Jan. 26, 1754; d. Sept. 12, 1754. 

Sarah (2) Alle, b. Aug. 9, 1775; m. in Mansfield, April 30, 1777, Andrew Harts- 
horn. Children, b. in Mansfield : i. Luther, b. Feb. 25, 1778 ; ii. Avery, b, 
March 10, 1782, m. at Lynn, Mass., Oct. 14, 1804, Elizabeth Smith of Lynn 
and had Solomon Abbe, b. Nov. 28, 1805, and Sarah Smith, b. Oct, 13, 3807; 
iii. Lucy, b. Oct. 4, 1784. 

Lydia Alle, b. July 6, 1757. Resided in Mansfield, Conn. Married, May 16, 1776, 
David Allen, jr., of Ashford. Children : i, John, b. and d. Nov, 30, 1779 ; ii. 
and iii. twins, Azubah, b. May 2, 1781, d. aged 1 week, and Sarah, d. May 3, 

(Son), b. Aug. 29, 1759; d. Aug. 30, 1759. 

(Son), b. and d, Aug. 12, 1760. 

Phele Alle, b. Oct. 1, 1761, in Mansfield, Conn., and resided there. Married, Sept. 
28, 1780, Uriah Smith of Lebanon, Conn. One account wrongly gives his name 
Micah Smith. There was a Uriah Smith in Mansfield, 1800, with a family 
of four (census records). In his will, March 25, 1814, probated April 11, 1814, 
are mentioned his wife Phebe, nephew Erastus Smith, niece Phebe Nichols and 
her two children and Lucina Webster. He was then of Mansfield. (Windham 
Probate Records, Vol. 16, page 269.) 

Esther Alle, b. June 20, 1764. Married in Mansfield, March 6, 1788, Leonard 
Sessions, b. in Windham, July 26, 1788 ; d. in Arkwright, Chautauqua County, 
N. Y., April 15. 1891, aged 102 yrs., 8 mos. and 19 days. Children : i, Leonard, 
b. July 26, 1788; ii. Lydia, b, Jan. 27, 1790; iii. Marcus, b. Sept. 21, 1792, 
m. Oct. 24, 1838, Clarissa R. Conant of Mansfield, lived in Chaplin ; iv. Cyrus, 
b. March 10, 1797. A grandson, Frank J. Sessions, lives in Fort Wayne, Ind, 

136 Alel Alle, b. Aug. 7, 1766 ; m, Miriam Bingham, 

55. SAMUEL* PALMER, son of Samuel and Hepsibah^ (Abbe) Palmer, 
bom September 18, 1711, in Windham, Conn. He resided in Warren, Conn., 
and, from 1750 to 1761, had property holdings in Kent, 

40 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married (1) in Windham, January 13, 1738-9, LYDIA SILSBY, born in 
Windham, April 11, 1716 ; died in Mansfield, February 3, 1753, aged 37. Daugh- 
ter of Jonathan and Lydia (Allen) Silsby. 

Married (2), probably in Warren, TABITHA . 

Children (hy first wife only), first four recorded in Windham 

Elijah Palmer, h. March 21, 1739-40. 
Nathaniel Palmer, b. May 2, 1742. 
Ezekiel Palmer, b. Dec. 15, 1744. 
Lydia Palmer, b. Jan. 11, 1748-9. 
137 Elnathan Palmer, b. Aug. 30, 1750 ; m. Jemima Strong. 
Stephen Palmer, b. Nov. 29, 1752. 

56. JOHN* PALMER, son of Samuel and Hepsibah^ (Abbe) Palmer, born 
in Windham, Conn., March 6, 1720-1; died August 13, 1807. He was a mem- 
ber of the Church in Scotland, Windham County, Conn., at the time of the 
Separate movement. For too free exercise of his gift of exhortation, he was 
summarily arrested by the ci\dl authority and kept in Hartford jail four 
months, only increasing his zeal, devotion, and opposition to the established 
churches. After further trial, the church united in calling him to its ministry, 
and on May 17, 1749, he was ordained its pastor. "Though deficient in edu- 
cation and somewhat rough in speech and manner, Mr. Palmer was a man of 
estimable character and sound piety, and under his guidance the Brunswick 
church, as it was called, maintained for many years a good standing in the 
community, comparatively free from those excesses and fanaticisms which 
marred so many of its contemporaries. No difficulty was found in supporting 
its worship by voluntary contributions. A church edifice was built a mile 
or so southeast of Scotland Village, long known as the Brunswick meeting- 
house. Mr. Devotion (pastor of the established church) was never reconciled 
to this intrusion within his parochial diocese, but was accustomed every Sunday 
morning to send his negro servant with a rescript to the Brunswick meeting- 
house, forbidding Mr. Palmer or any other unauthorized person to preach 
therein that day — a prohibition which only served to increase the number of 
attendants and fan the spirit of separation and opposition." 

Married (1) May 18, 1749, in Windham, Conn., ESTHER CLEVELAND, who 
died October 28, 1754, aged 27. 

Married (2) October 28, 1755, LYDIA EAMES, who died December 7, 1805. 

Children hy first wife 

138 Levi Palmer, b. Feb. 7, 1749-50 ; m. Elizabeth Cone. 
Esther Palmer, m. Jeremiah Bingham. 

Children by second wife 

John Palmer, b. Sept. 12, 1756. Went to New Durham, N. Y. 

Marshall Palmer, b. Dec. 24, 1758 ; cl. July 7, 1812. Settled in Bozrah. Married, 
Oct. 9, 1783, Eunice Manning, daughter of Hezekiah Manning. She died May 26, 
1848. Children: i. Charles (1), b. March 12, 1784, d. July 14, 1786; ii. Charles 
(2), b. June 2.3, 1787, d. July 7, 1854; iii. Eunice (1), b. Jan. 18, 1789, d, 
Jan. 14, 1794; iv. Zephaniah, b. Oct. 1, 1794; v. Eunice (2), b. March 11, 1800, 
d. Feb. 11, 1804 ; vi. George C, b. April 25, 1805, d. May 8, 1805. 

Samuel Palmer, b. Jan. 6, 1762 ; m. Clark. Lived at Canterbury. 

Lydia Palmer, b. Dec. 16, 1764 ; m. John Walker. 

David Palmer, b. Api-il 20, 1769 ; d. 1849. Congregational minister at Townsend, 
Mass., 1800 to 1831 ; graduate of Dartmouth in 1797. Married Chloe Kingsley, 
daughter of John Kingsley. His sou John K. was a professor in a school for 
women in Cambridge or Charlestown. 

Fourth Generation 41 

57. JOHN* ABBE, JR., son of Jolm^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born 1724 
or earlier, probably in East Hartford, Conn.; died there about 1763. His 
name appears frequently upon the deeds of tliat town, beginning in 1745 when 
his father, John Abbe, transfen-ed some property to him. In 1754 he received 
a grant of 3 acres in the town distribution. In 1759 John Abbe, jr., Solomon 
Hills and Sarah, his wife, and Naomi Abbe, deeded land in Hartford to George 
and John Buck of Wethersfield. (Hartford Deeds, 7, 226; 8, 22; 14, 348; 9, 559; 
10, 247.) He was collector of the town in 1748, and signed petitions in 
1748. He was a private in the 2d Company, 1st Regiment, raised by Lieutenant- 
Colonel John Pitkin for the reduction of Crown Point, April, 1755, serving for 
28 weeks. March 2, 1763, the Court granted administration on his estate to 
Nehemiah Abbe of Hartford, who exhibited the inventory May 3, 1763. (Hart- 
ford Probate Records, 19, pages 55, 67, 111.) 

Married RUTH GOODWIN, who died 1782. She was daughter of John and 
Sarah ( ) Goodwin of Hartford. December 13, 1771, there was a transfer 
of land ' ' set out to tlie said Ruth Abbee as part of the estate of Caleb Goodwin 
deceased. ' ' A deed of September 13, 1782, speaks of her as ' * our honored mother 
Ruth Abbe deceased." Administration upon her estate was granted to her son, 
John Abbe, jr., of Hartford, May 28, 1782, and the inventory of the estate 
was recorded in October of the same year. It is an interesting document, con- 
taining such items as: Great Bible 3/; 3 old books 1/6; silk crape gown 9/6; 
silk hoods and velvet ones; string of gold beads 54/; extensive list of dishes 
of all kinds and glass ware; Dwelling house £.72; Home Lott 5 acres £20; 
4 acres pasture £16; 12^2 acres woodland £62-10; 3 acres meadow land 
£25-10; 71/2 acres of woodland £48-15. (Hartford Probate Records, 23, 
page 80.) 

Children, horn at East Hartford 

John Ahhe, jr., bapt. April 15, 1750. Administration upon the estate of a John 
Abbey of East Hartford was granted to Timothy Williams, Feb. 10, 1816. There 
was a John Abby of East Hartford in the Census of 1800, no others in family. 
139 Buth Ahbe, bapt. April 22, 1753; m. John Risley. 

Damaris Abbe, bapt. Nov. 13, 1757; m. (1) Charles Buckland, Jr.; (2) Joshua 
Risley. Child : Timothy Buckland, b. 1781, d. June 16, 1864, aged 83, buried in 
East Hartford. 

An inventory of the Estate of John Abbe Junr late of Hartford Deceased to 1 bible 
2/6 old bible 1/6 Mr. Pemberton's Book on Divers Subjects of Divinity 1/6 two Psam 
books 1/4 Mr WilUams 2 books lOd spehug book 1/6 psalter 1/4 f-0-9-8 

Mr. Thompsons book 5 Cloak vest 25/10 & breeches 14/6 Camblet coat 9/ Camblet 
vest 5/6 2-15-3 

fustian vest 10/ old coat 3/6 blew vest 1/ great coat 9/ castor hat 10/ firelock 18/ 
broad ax 5/ 2-16-3 

small ax 1/ fine handsaw 3/6 coarse saw 4/ large augur 4/6 small augur 1/6 


chizel 1/ vizes 1/6 1/ pr compasses 8d Turners gouge & chizel 2/ 0-6-2 

Joyners chizel 1/ Joynter 2/ foreplain 8^ smoothing plain 8^ groxdng plain 1/ quarter 
round 1/ 0-6-4 

hamer 6<l one violin 6/6<i harving plain (?) 1/ & black stockins 1/6 p^ worsted Do 1/6 
checkd hnen shirt 3/6 0-14-6 

Do 2/6 2 woolen shirts 12/ handkerchif 4/ neck Ribbon l/2d & neck chiefs 2/6 2 put' 
plates l/8d 1-3-8 

old puf 15s is 15/ one large 4/6 mugg 1/ Tin ladle & Tunel 1/ 6 black chairs 7/6 
4 white Do 2/ 1-11-0 

white handkerchif 3/ pr sheets 10/ to Ditto 5/1 3 old sheets 3/6 4 napkins 3/ 3 towels 
l/4d 1-5-10 

3 pillow coats 2/ table cloth 1/2 curtains & vaUence 9/6 0-12-8 

Trundlebed & blanket sheet & feather Bed and boalster & under bed & bedsted & 
cord 0-13-2 

Best bedsted 5/ feather bed 21/8d under bed 1/ a pillow 3/2<i 3 small do 3/ white blankets 
7/6 bedquilt 3/ bed cord 1/ warming pan 2/ best Table 5/ 1 old table 1/6 small Table 
l/3d 2-7-10 

42 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

1 Chest with draws 14/ 1 Chest l/S-l 2 Tramels 12/6 handirons 11/ pr tongs 3/6 1 

2/6 pair bellows 1/ coper skillet 2/ brass kettle 20/ churn 2/6 Jack knife 1/6 half a 
case of knives and forks 1/2 3-18-4 

1 great wheel 2/6 Dutch wheel 7/6 hand pail l/3d looking glass 2/ 1 box 10^ old real 
8d 1 chest 1/ one knife 9<i pr shears 1/5 Dry Casks 3/4<i 2 Cyder barels 2/6'i one hhd 3/ 
wood-tunel 1/9 half barel 9'^ two shaves & bow 2/4<i pr pinchers 9^ hamer 1/ pan kettle 4/ 
sickel 1/ sithe and tackling 1/2 old hatchet 1/ Iron pot 5/ Cash 9^ & Table frame 2/6 

Thomas Ritter Timothy Williams apprizers under oath 

April 25, 1763. 
(Hartford Probate Records, volume 19, page 11.) 

58. STEPHEN* ABBEY, son of John=' and Hannah ( ) Abbe, bom 
probably at East Hartford, Conn., about 1727; died there March 26, 1798, aged 
71. The first mention of him in the deeds of Hartford is in 1749, then in 
1754, with reference to land on the west side of the "Great River." Later 
transactions were of 1760, 1761, and 1765. (Hartford Deeds, 7, page 541; 8, 
pages 26 and 111; 9, page 388; 10, pages 36, 37, 174; 12, page 436.) His 
home was on the east side of the "Great River." Administration was granted 
upon his estate, July 6, 1798, to Jonathan Stanley of East Hartford. The 
brief inventory, recorded July 9, 1798, gave a total of £204-12-9. The widow, 
Mary, received a share. Among the sales was one to "Theodore Abby 1 acre 
& half Home lot, being the same that was set to wid° Mary Abby as dower in 
s-J estate." (Hartford Probate Records, Vol. 25, 199, 220, 237; Vol. 26, 63.) 
His name appears as signer of petitions regarding East Hartford lands. (Con- 
necticut Archives, State Library, IX, 281d, with autograph.) He was collector 
of the town in 1755. In 1791 there was an epidemic of small-pox and there was 
a fad, which proved to be short-lived, of whole families inoculating themselves 
with the disease and retiring into seclusion. Stephen Abbey with several others 
petitioned the town for permission to do this in April, 1791. The privilege was 
taken away by the authorities in September of the same year, but we have no 
record to show that the petitioners really tried the experiment and with what 

Married MARY (or MARAH) . There was a widow Mary Abbey who 

died in East Hartford, February 1, 1804, and one who died April 10, 1809. 

Children, from Booh of East Hartford Church Records, Baptisms, in Connecticut 

Historical Society 

140 Mary Abbey, bapt. April 8, 1750; m. (1) Nathaniel Burnham, (2) Captain 

Stephen Roberts. 

141 Eunice Abbey, bapt. Aug. 25, 1751 ; m. Roderick Burnham. 

142 Stephen Abbey, jr., bapt. Sept. 30, 1753 ; m. Susannah Olmsted. 

143 Anna Abbey, bapt. Nov. 23, 1755 ; prob. m. David Deming. 
Hannah Abbey, bapt. Nov. 20, 1757. 

Betty (or Betsey) Abbey, bapt. Aug. 19, 1759. She received personal property by 
the will of her brother Stephen, 1823 ; was unm. at that time. Perhaps the 
Betsey Abbey who d. at East Hartford, Jan. 12, 1829. 

144 David Abbey, bapt. May 24, 1761 ; m. Thankful Wadsworth. 
Dolly Abbey, bapt. April 17, 1763. 

Kate Abbey, bapt. March 30, 1765. 

145 Theodore (Theodah) Abbey, bapt. March 22, 1767; m. Abigail Porter. 

146 Russell Abbey, bapt. Feb. 5, 1769 ; m. Martha Olmsted. 

Jett Abbey, bapt. Oct. 30, 1774. One Jet Abba d. in East Hartford, Dec. 18, 1794. 

59. ELEAZER* ABBE, son of John^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born probably 
in East Hartford, Conn. He was a party to land transfers in Hartford in 1752 
and 1754. (Hartford Deeds, 8, pages 26, 303; 12, page 358.) He was on the 
list of an independent company raised in 1755 during the French and Indian 

Fourth Generation 48 

War, and 3 lead pounds and 6 flints were delivered to him. (Connecticut His- 
torical Society Collections, IX, 84.) He is credited with 5 days' service under 
Captain Ebenezer Wallisant, dated April 2, 1778. (Vermont Revolutionary War 
Rolls.) The records of the Pension Office at Washington show that Eleazer 
Abbe entered the service in the 3d Connecticut Regiment, April 16, 1778, and 
was discharged from the 1st Regiment, September 29, 1781 ; he was a resident 
of East Hartford in 1788; bounty land warrant No. 267 for 100 acres was 
allowed on this service and was delivered to Joel Barlow, April 25, 1805. He 
is doubtless the Eleazer Abbe of the 1790 Census in Danby, Rutland County, 
Vt., one male over 16, one under 16, 3 females in family. One of his family 
may have been Benjamin Abbey, recorded in the 1800 Census in Rutland, 1 
male and 1 female between 26 and 45, 5 boys and 1 girl under 10. 

Married MARY . There was a widow Mary Abbe died in East Hartford 

February 1, 1804, and one who died April 10, 1809, possibly this Mary. 

Children, baptised in East Hartford 

EUphalet Abhe, bapt. Sept. 15, 1754. Eliphalet Abbey served 6 days on the Lexing- 
ton alarm list from Hartford ; enlisted May 20, 1775 ; discharged Dec. 20, 1775, 
in 2d Company, under Colonel Hinman, Captain George Pitkin of Hartford, 
served at the siege of Boston ; was private in Colonel Huntington's Regiment ; 
sick in hospital at Stamford ; discharged Nov., 1776 ; enlisted July 8, 1777, for 
the war in 2d Troop, Colonel Sheldon's Light Dragoons, from Hartford ; farmer, 
5 feet 61/^ inches tall, dark complexion, dark eyes and brown hair. 
147 Jeduthan Abbe, bapt. Aug. 14, 1757; m. Lucretia Bement. 

Martha Abbe, bapt. Aug. 19, 1759. 

Sal Abbe, bapt. Nov. 1, 1761. 

Oeorge Abbe, bapt. May 13, 1764. 

Bechy Abbe, bapt. Sept. 7, 1769, 

60. NEHEMIAH* ABBEY, son of John^ and Hannah ( ) Abbe, born 
probably in East Hartford, Conn.; died there, probably November 22, 1813. 
Earliest mention of him is in deed of Januaiy 15, 1759, by which John Abbe 
conveys property to his son Neliemiah Abbe. He figiired in other deeds 
of 1764, 1770 and 1771. (Hartford Deeds, 12, 217, 218; 13, 11, 257; 14, 
349; 15, 117.) His signature is among inhabitants of East Hartford who 
enter a protest against taxes in 1769. (Connecticut State Archives, Towns and 
Lands, IX, 278b.) He served 16 days in Captain William Wadsworth's Com- 
pany in 1757. He was collector in East Hartford in 1768. The 1790 Census 
gives Nehemiah of East Hartford one male over 21, two males under 21, five 
females in family. In 1800 he is recorded with 1 male and 1 female over 45, 
1 male between 26 and 45, 2 females between 16 and 26 and 1 male under 10 
in the family. 

Married MABEL WARREN, born 1745; died September 27, 1793, aged 48. 
She was daughter of Edward and Mabel (Porter) Warren of East Hartford. 

Children, baptized at East Hartford (said to have been seven) 

Nehemiah Abbey, jr. (1), bapt. Oct. 29, 1775; d. young. 

148 Nehemiah Abbey, jr. (2), bapt. Aug. 31, 1777; m. Tryphena Treat. 
Mabel Abbey, bapt. Feb. 6, 1780. 

John Abbey, bapt. Feb. 24, 1782. 

149 Anna Abbey, bapt. Aug. 18, 1784 ; m. Jesse Burnham. 

61. SAMUEL^ ABBE, son of Benjamin^ and Mary (Tryon) Abbe, bom 
1726; died August 10, 1806, buried in Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Conn. He 
received property by deed from his father, April 24, 1749, land on the "east 

44 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

side of the Great River" at Middletown, Conn.; was also party to deeds, 
1758 and 1759. He was a store-keeper and kept the old "Abbey Tavern." In 
the Census of 1790, lie is given in Chatham, Conn., 3 males over 21, 1 male under 
21, 3 females in family. In 1800 he has 2 males and 1 female over 45, 1 male 
and 1 female between 16 and 26. His will, made May 16, 1806, probated 
August 30, 1806, is recorded in Middletown. The inventory amounted to 
$5,292.61. Will of Samuel Abbe of Chatham, Middlesex County, Conn., men- 
tions : wife Sarali ; son Samuel, now residing in Genesee ; son David, now 
residing at New Orleans ; son John, now residing at Middlebury, N. Y. ; daughter 
Jemima, wife of George Cooper; son George; surviving children of daughter 
Damaris Hurlbut, deceased ; daughter Mary Wilcox ; daughter Rachel Treat ; sons 
Thomas, Benjamin, Asaph, Reuben; appraiser, Nathaniel Cornwell. A Samuel 
and Sarah Abbey, with many other parties, all formerly, and some now of 
Connecticut, signed a land transfer in 1789, dividing a lot known as ' ' Lottania. ' ' 
(Albany Deeds.) 

Married (1) RACHEL MASSON. 

Married (2) April 4, 1776, MRS. SARAH WARREN LELAND of Grafton, 
Mass. She had eleven children by her former maiTiage so that her son by 
this marriage had the distinction of having had twenty-two half brothers and 

Children of first wife (order not known) 

150 Benjamin Abbey, b. 1752 ; m. 

Thomas Abbey, was a Revohitionary soldier and pensioner. He is perhaps the 
Thomas Abbey who d. in Portland, March 24, 1824, aged 72. 

151 Samuel Abbey, b. about 1760; m. (1) ; (2) Margaret Lee or Miller. 

David Abbey, resided in New Orleans in 1806. 

152 John Abbey, resided in Middlebury, N.Y., in 1806; probably married Ruth Risley. 
Jemima Abbey, m. before 1806, George Cooper. 

153 George Abbey, h. Jan. 17, 1763; prob. m. Mary Brooks. 

Damaris Abbey, d. before 1806; m. June 27, 1776, in Chatham-Portland, Conn., 

Hurlbut. Children survived in 1806. 

Mary Abbey, m. in Chatham-Portland, Dec. 16, 1772, Darius Wilcox of Middletown. 

154 Rachel Abbey, m. Charles Treat. 

155 Reuben Abbey, b. April 11, 1770; m. (1) Eunice (Goodell) Williams; (2) Mrs. 

Reeves; (3) Mrs. Mary Tryon. 

Child by second wife 

156 Asaph Abbey, h. Aug. 26, 1776; m. Ruth Hollister, 

62. AGNES* ABBE, daughter of Benjamin^ and Mary (Tryon) Abbe, born 
probably in Glastonbury, Conn.; died August 30, 1765. She is mentioned in 
her father's will as "Agnes Bidwell of Glastonbury." 

Married December 25, 1740, DANIEL BIDWELL, born November 18, 1717; 
died December, 1791 (or February 28, 1792). Son of Samuel and Ann (Stan- 
borrow) Bidwell of Middletown, Conn. One descendant says Mary Barnes was 
his mother's name. He was drum major in the French and Indian War, 1756; 
bought and sold land, recorded in Chatham town records, 1768-1791. His will 
was made December 13, 1790, probated April 2, 1792, at Middletown, inventory 
amounting to £213. 4s. 6d. 


Daniel Bidwell, jr., b. Oct. 8, 1741 ; d. before 1790 ; m. Tibatha . 

Benjamin Bidwell, b. May 9, 1744, in Chatham, Conn.; d. Oct. 31, 1831, in 
Durham, N. Y. He was Ensign of the 11th Company, 23d Regiment, established 
by the Connecticut Assembly, May, 1775 ; Captain of the same at Boston in 
1775 ; reinforced Washington on the Hudson, March, 1777 ; was at the Danbury 
Raid and Saratoga. About 1786 he moved from Chatham to Durham. Married 
Eunice , b. 1743 ; d. June 16, 1828. Child : Betsey. 

Fourth Generation 45 

Mary Bidwell, b. April 21, 1746; m. Josiah Griswold. 
Hannah liidwcU, b. Sept. 21, 1748; m. John Smith. 

157 John likhccU, b. Doc. 28, 1750; m. Sarah Ponfield. 

158 Sarah BidircU, b. March 12, 1753 ; m. Abner Pelton. 
Esther Bidivcll b. March 10. 1755 ; m. Abel Strickland. 
Samuel Bidicdl, b. May 26. 1758; d. young. 

Josiah Bidwell, b. Marcli 8, 1760 ; d. Sept. 5, 1790. He was a drum major during 

the Revolution, from Connecticut. Married Lucinda Kneeland who m. (2) 

Pelton, and had sons Joseph and Amasa, and (3) Phineas Norton. She d. in 
New Marlboro, Mass. Children of Josiah Bidwell : i. Demmis, b. 1787, was living 
in 1800 ; ii. Josiah, b. Sept. 4, 1789, d. Aug. 20, 1859. 

63. JONATHAN^ ABBE, JR., son of Jonathan^ and Mary (Johnson) Abbe, 
born in Ashford or Willington, Conn., about 1725. No record of his birth 
has been found but he is designated in his father's will as eldest son. The 
following land transfers in Ashford, Conn., probably refer to him : Jonathan 
of Ashford, 1785 ; same 1793 ; agreement with Job Tyler regarding a mill 
privilege, 1795, David Abbey being a witness. (Ashfoixl Land Records, Liber 
11, page 663; Liber 12, pages 14, 371; Liber 13, pages 15, 16, 17.) In 1768 
a call was extended by the Church in Westford to the Reverend Ebenezer 
Martin, and Jonathan Abbe is one of the names subscribed to the covenant 
of the newly-formed church. He shared pew number 18 with Ephraim Walker 
when the new church was built. He and his father had been members of the 
"Willington Church in 1759. Jonathan, jr., is said to have lived in Tolland, but 
no records of his residence there are found. A Jonathan Abbe married in 
Willington, November 1, 1774, Mary Weston, who died August 11, 1775. This 
is possibly a first marriage of his son, Jonathan. There is also recorded in 
Willington the marriage of Jonatlian Abbe to Abigail Osborn, July 8, 1756, and 
thej^ were members of the church there in 1759. 

Married in Willington, April 10, 1752, ALICE JOHNSON. 

Children, first six horn in Willington, others in Ashford 

159 Jonathan Ahle, b. Feb. 26, 1753; m. Mrs. Lucy (Knox) Robbins. 

Isaac Ahhe, b. June 18, 1754. He was perhaps the Isaac Abbey who m. in Ash- 
ford, Sept. 15, 17 — (perhaps 1776), Jemima Kuowlton, b. April 22, 1759, daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Bridget (Bosworth) Knowltou. There was an Isaac Abbe of 
Ashford, Conn., in 1790 census, 3 males over 21, 1 female in family. In 1800 
he had 1 male and 1 female over 45, 1 male between 16 and 26 and 1 male under 
10. In 1810, 1 male and 1 female over 45 and 1 male between 10 and 16. About 
1793 one Isaac Abbe was among those members of the Baptist Church in Ash- 
ford who were allowed the improvement of their gifts in public prayer and 
exhortation. In the will of Stephen Abbey of Pittsfield, Otsego County, N. Y., 
probated March 1, 1832, provision is made for defraying the expenses of his 
brother Isaac Abbey and his wife. 

Alice Abhe, b. June 20, 1756. 

Anne (1) Ahhe, h. April 26, 1758; d. Aug. 30, 1760. 

Anne (2) Ahhe, b. Sept. 11, 1761. 

Lvdia Ahhe, b. Dec. 17, 1762. 

Phehe Ahhe, b. April 9, 1765. 

Marv Ahhe, b. May 25, 1767. 

Stephen Ahhe, b. Oct. 2, 1771. Deeds were given to Stephen Abbey, conveying land 
in the town of Pittsfield, Otsego County, N. Y., in 1795 and 1803 (Cooperstown 
Deeds). The will of Stephen Abbey was probated March 1, 18.32. The will 
gives to James Eaton during his life 100 acres of land described therein, "to be 
his property through life and then to be the property of his daughter Mary Ann 
Eaton." The remainder of said lot is bequeathed to his wife Betsey A. during 
her lifetime, "and what remains to be tlae estate of Stephen A. Greene after 
defraying the expenses of my brother Isaac Abbey and his wife" by providing for 
them out of the property on said lot. "I bequeath the one half to my beloved 
wife Betsey and the remainder to the said James Eaton and I do hereby appoint 
the said James Eaton and Benjamin Greene Executors." The wife, Betsey Abbey, 
d. Oct. 7, 1848. Her wiU was probated July 1, 1850, and the letters were issued 

46 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

to David Robinson and Benjamin Greene. The estate was divided betvpeen nephew 
and nieces: Thomas, Mary E., Katharine R., and Ursuly M. Greene. (Coopers- 
town Probate Records.) In the 1800 census there was a Stephen Abbe of Pitts- 
field, N. Y., age over 45, 1 female between 16 and 26, 1 female under 10, 1 male 
between 10 and 16. There was in the 1810 census at Burlington, N. Y., B. Abbey, 
whose family was made up of 1 male and 1 female between 26 and 45, 2 males 
and 1 female under 10, 1 male and 1 female between 10 and 16, 1 male and 1 
female between 16 and 26. 

64. SAMUEL* ABBE, son of Jonathan^ and Mary (Johnson) Abbe, born in 
Ashford, Conn., March 21, 1727-8; died in Willington, September 12, 1794. 
He was listed in the 1790 Census from Willington, Tolland County, 2 males 
over 21, 1 female. Member of the church in Willington in 1759. 

Married in Willington, May 8, 1750, LUCIE PERSONS. 

Children, births recorded in Willington church and town records 

Lucie Ahhe, b. Oct. 18, 1751. 

Hannah Ahhe, b. July 3, 1752. 

Daniel (1) Ahhe, b. Sept. 8, 1754; d. Oct. 22, 1754. 

Da7iiel (2) Ahhe, b. July 11, 1756; d. Jan. 27, 1757. 

Sarah Ahhe, b. Oct. 19, 1757. Probably the Sarah Abbe who m. in Willington, 
Jan. 10, 1788, Daniel Bates, who d. there Feb. 21, 1798, leaving two children: 
i. Betsey, b. Nov. 8, 1795 ; ii. Daniel, jr., b. Sept. 15, 1797. 

Oliver Ahhe, bapt. July 29, 1759 ; d. Aug. 11, 1759. 

Dolle (1) Ahhe, d. Sept. 22, 1760. 

Dolle (2) Ahhe, bapt. Dec. 1, 1765. 

Esther Ahhe, bapt. Jan., 1769 ; d. Jan. 17, 1770. 

Ahiel Ahhe, bapt. Aug., 1771. Married in Ashford, March 3, 1793, Mary (Polly) 
Chandler of Ashford. Child : Samuel, b. in Willington, Sept. 14, 1794. 

65. ANNE* ABBE, daughter of Jonathan=' and Mary (Johnson) Abbe, born 
in Willington, Conn., July 25, 1737; died there February 28, 1814. 

Children, horn in Willington 

Suhmit Weston, b. June 7, 1765 ; d. Nov. 2, 1792. 

Marij Weston, b. Jan. 11, 1767 ; d. April 10, 1792. 

John Weston, b. Dec. 3, 1768. 

Timothy Weston, b. May 23, 1771. 

An7ie (1) Westo7i, b. Aug. 17, 1774; d. Sept. 20, 1775. 

Elizaheth Weston, b. April 8, 1779. 

Anne (2) Weston, d. Aug. 11, 1795. 

66. SARAH* GEER, daughter of Shubael and Sarah^ (Abbe) Geer, born 
in Enfield, Conn., January 5, 1704-5; died in Enfield. 

Married in Enfield, December 1, 1723, JOHN SIMONS, son of William and 
Sarah ( ) Simons, born in Enfield, January 24, 1695; died there January 
27, 1781. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

John Simons, jr., b. March 19, 1724 ; m., 1748, Miriam Jones. Children, b. in 
Enfield : i. John, 3d, b. Jan. 22, 1751 ; ii. Miriam, b. May 30, 1753 ; iii. Mary, 
b. Oct. 11, 1755; iv. Ebenezer, b. April 11, 1758; v. Lotan, b. Dec. 8, 1760; 
vi. Dan, b. Jan. 26, 1764 ; vii. Alvin, b. Aug. 21, 1766 ; viii. Tabitha, b. July 26, 
1769; ix. Edward, b. Dec. 29, 1772; x. Sarah, b. June 24, 1775. 

Sarah Simons, b. Aug. 22, 1726. 

Paul Simons, b. Sept. 11, 1729 ; m. Mary . Children, b. in Enfield : i. Zilpah, 

b. Dec. 14, 1752 ; ii. Molle, b. Dec. 22, 1753. 

Ehenezer Simons, b. Feb. 19, 1731-2 ; d. March 11, 1755. 

Asahel Simons, b. April 7, 1734 ; d. June 3, 1811. He was a soldier in the expedi- 
tion to Fort Edward, Oct., 1757. Married, June 19, 1759, Mehitable Isom or 

Fourth Generation 47 

IsLeem of Ellington or Windsor. She d. April 8, 1813, aged 73. Child : Joseph, 

b. in Enfield, Nov. 20, 1772. 
Charity (1) Simons, b. July 27, 1736; d. Feb. 17, 1737-8. 
Charity (2) /Simons, b. Sept. 4, 1738; m. John'* Abbe, son of John* and Sarah 

(Root) Abbe. See number 180. 
Bathshcha (1) Simons, b. Jan. 24, 1740-1; d. Oct. 4, 1742. 
Titus Simons, b. June 7, 1743 ; m. Jan. 20, 1763, Sarah Simons of Windsor. 

Children, b. in Enfield: i. Titus, jr., b. Jan. 30, 1765, d. June 14, 1771; ii. 

Sarah, b. July 31, 1767. 
Bathshcha (2) Simons, b. June 9, 1748; d. April 30, 1754. 
Edward Simons, b. Sept. 3, 1750. 

67. MARY-' GEER, daiiffhtcr of Sluibael and Sarah^ (Abbe) Geer, born in 
Enfield, Conn., March 10, 1709. 

Married in Enfield January 7, 1730-1, ROGER GRISWOLD of Enfield. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Roger G-risicold, jr., b. Feb. 16, 1731. He was a soldier under Major-General 

Phineas Lyman, March 14 to Sept. 5, 1757. Married Naoma . Children, 

b. in Enfield : i. Naoma, b. Nov. 28, 1767 ; ii. Jemima, b. Jan. 25, 1770 ; iii. Lucy, 
b. April 26, 1772 ; iv. Mehitable, b. March 23, 1777. 

Shuhael Ghrisicold, b. March 15, 1734 ; d. Dec. 26, 1812. Soldier in Colonial Wars. 

Married Dorcas , who died May 16, 1798, aged 60. Children, b. in Enfield : 

i. Mary, b. Feb. 9, 1758 ; ii. Lovise, b. March 25, 1760 ; iii. Shubael, jr., b. March 
31, 1763. 

Solomon Griswold, b. Feb. 11, 1737. He was a soldier in the company with his 
brother Roger, March 9, to Nov. 11, 1757, and was under the same commander 
in the expedition for the reduction of Canada, April 6 to Sept. 25, 1760. Married 
Sarah Leason. Children, b. in Enfield: i. Roxalena, b. Feb. 23, 1766; ii. 
Deborah, b. April 24, 1768; iii. Elizabeth, b. July 1, 1770; iv. Pata (daughter), 
b. June 6, 1775; v. Tabitha, b. Oct. 7, 1777; vi. Solomon, jr., b. July 26(?), 

Jehiel Gristrold, h. Feb. 25, 1740; d. May 16, 1827. Married Mary Pease, daughter 
of Hezekiah and Hannah ( ) Pease, who d. May 10, 1833, aged 80. The 

wiU of Jehiel Griswold, made June 20, 1817, probated May 28, 1827, mentions 
wife Mary, children, Lovicc, Jehiel, Simeon, CJeorge, Amariah, Hezekiah, Mary 
(Kent), and Betsey (Goss). Children, i-ecorded in Enfield: i. Mary, b. Sept. 2, 
1773; ii. Jehiel, jr., b. Feb. 17, 1776; iii. Lovice, b. Nov. 5, 1778, d. April 5, 
1842, not m. ; iv. Simeon, b. June 10, 1781 ; v. George, b. Dec. 25, 1783. 

Jonah arisicold, b. Feb. 28, 1743; d. May 10, 1817; m. Mary , who d. 

June 11, 1818. Child : Jonah, jr., called Captain Jonah ; m. in Enfield, Jan. 23, 
1800, Clarissa Chaffee of Somers, who d. March 14, 1832, aged 51. Jonah, jr., 
had children, who d. in Enfield : i. Jonah, 3d, b. Aug. 31, 1800 ; ii. Abigail, 
b. 1803, d. Sept. 18, 1824; iii. Nelson, b. 1808, d. April 10, 1832; iv. Omri, 
b. 1815, d. July 8, 1815, aged 4 months; v. Harriet H., b. 1817, d. April 13, 
1832 ; vi. Sophia, b. 1821, d. April 9, 1832. 

Joseph (1) Griswold, b. Oct. 3, 1745 ; d. Aug. 30, 1746. 

Joseph (2) Grisicold, b. May 30, 1749. 

68. TABITHA* GEER, daughter of Shiibael and Sarah^ (Abbe) Geer, born 
in Enfield, Conn., July 21, 1712; died at childbirth, August 30, 1746. 

Married in Enfield, February 19, 1735-6, EDWARD COLLINS, born in Enfield, 
November 26, 1713; died October 10, 1796, son of Nathaniel Collins and Mrs. 
Alice Adams. His will, made September 3, 1796, was i^robated February 26, 
1798. He married (2) Rebecca Hale, by whom he had several children. He 
was ensign in 1751; deputy to the General Court of Connecticut, 1755 to 1779, 
except 1777; justice, 1772-9. 

Children of Tahitha Geer, horn in Enfield 

Edward Collins, jr., h. Jan. 14, 1736-7 ; d. Oct. 4, 1743. 
Elisha Collins, b. Jan. 17, 1738-9. 

48 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Ehenezcr Collins, b. April 17, 1741 ; m. Hannah . Children, b. in Enfield : 

i. Hannah, b. March 6, 1763 ; ii. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 14, 1764, m. Azubah 

who d. Oct. 1, 1805, in her 39th year; iii. Levi, b. March 1, 1767; iv. Lovice, 
b. March 28, 1770 ; v. EHsha, b. March 19, 1774. 
TaUtha Collins, b. June 23, 1743 ; d. Aug. 7, 1749. 

69. SHUBAEL^ GEER, JR., son of Shubael and Sarah^ (Abbe) Geer, born 
in Enfield, Conn., May 26, 1717. Resided later in Andover, Vt., and Charles- 
town, N. H. 

Married November 20, 1737, HANNAH PEASE, born in Enfield, 1718, daughter 
of Ebenezer and Mindwell (Sexton) Pease. 

Children, iorn in Enfield 

Hannah Oeer, b. Dec. 3, 1738 ; d. young. 

Sarah Geer, b. Nov. 28, 1740. 

Shuhael Geer, 3d, b. May 6, 1743 ; d. before 1825, probably in Charlestown, where 

he was living 1773-1794, at least. Married Feb. 11, 1766, Sarah Babcock 

of Ashford, who was living, a widow, in 1825. Children : i. Anna. b. in 

Enfield, March 19, 1768; ii. William, b. in Andover, Vt., Sept. 25, 1769; iii. 

Cynthia, b. in Andover, March 19, 1771, m. in Claremont, N. H., May 21, 1792, 

Charles J. Kingsley ; iv. Ralph, b. Oct. 24, 1777, in Charlestown ; v. Augusta, 

b. Aug. 18, 1780, in Charlestown. 
Ebenezer (1) Geer, b. July 6, 1745; d. Aug. 30, 1746. 
Ebenezer (2) Geer, b. Oct. 23, 1747 ; d. Aug. 30, 1749. 
Ebenezer (3) Geer, b. Jan. 1, 1750-1. Probably lived in Charlestown. Married 

Sarah who d. Feb. 23, 1777. 

Hannah Geer, b. March 19, 1753; m. Dec. 31, 1772, Joshua Markham of Enfield, 

b. June 18, 1751. 
Mindu-eU Geer, b. Feb. 10, 1756. History of Enfield, Vol. 1, page 28, says Mindwell, 

born 1746, probably not correct. 
160 Walter Geer, b. 1759 (not recorded in Enfield with other children) ; m. Lucy Allen. 
George Geer (twin), b. June 6, 1761. Lived in Keene, N. H., about 1788. Served 

in the Revolution. Married, March 20, 1788, Anna (or Joanna) Nott of Walpole. 

Child: Royal, b. in Charlestown, N. H., March 5, 1789. 
Charles Geer (twin), b. June 6, 1761. 

70. ELIZABETH* GEER, daughter of Shubael and Sarah^ (Abbe) Geer, 
born January 15, 1719-20, in Enfield, Conn. ; died October 20, 1757. 

Married in Enfield, September 10, 1747, EBENEZER TERRY, born October 
29, 1722, in South Kingston, R. I. ; died July 15, 1817, in Enfield. He was son 
of Ebenezer and Mary (Helms) Terry, and married (2) in Enfield, January 17, 
1760, Mindwell Pease, daughter of Israel and Sarah (Booth) Pease, by whom 
he had children: i. Mary (1); ii. Mary (2); iii. Hiram; iv. Mindwell; v. 
Nathan; vi. Boaz; vii. Levi; viii. Sarah; ix. Geer. He was a farmer in Enfield. 
He was Deputy from Enfield to the General Court of Connecticut in 1761. 

The Terry Genealogy gives Mehitable's birth February 28, 1749-50 and Eliza- 
beth's October 6, 1756. 

Children by Elizabeth Geer, born in Enfield 

Mehitable Terry, b. Jan. 4, 1747-8 (according to Enfield records) ; d. May 27, 1829. 
Resided in Hartland, Conn., and Granville, Mass. Married, Dec. 5, 1771, in 
Enfield, Isaac Meacham. Children : i. Isaac, b. perhaps 1772, d. Sept. 9, 1773 ; 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 1774, d. May 20, 1846, m. Asa Strong, b. July 6, 1778, d. 
Aug. 14, 1848, son of Elnathan and Rachel (Warner) Strong, resided in 
Granby, Conn. ; iii. George ; iv. Ira ; v. Dennis ; vi. Mehitable, m. Benjamin 

Andrews; vii. Dorcas, m. Charles Phelps; viii. Ruth, m. Allen. 

161 Elizabeth Terry, b. Feb. 28, 1749-50 (according to Enfield records) ; m. Samuel 

Fourth Generation 49 

Ehenczer Terry, b. Aug. 31, 1753; d. Jan. 6, 1854, in Guilford, N. Y., where he 
settled jibout 18120. Married, June 29, 1786, Susanna Prior, b. about 1764; 
d. March 26, 1847. Children : i. Susan ; ii. Naomi ; iii. Sarah. Ebenezer Terry- 
was a volunteer from Enfield, May, 1775, in Captain Hezekiah Parson's Company, 
Colonel Perkins' Regiment. He went to Roxbury, June 15, and was in the 
battle of Bunker Hill. In August he was ordered to some towns on the coast and 
was at Hingham previous to his discharge, Feb., 1776. In May, 1777, he was 
living in Chnrlestown, N. H., where he enlisted with Captain Asa Walker, Colonel 
Bellows' Regiment, marched to Fort Independence, opposite Ticonderoga, and 
was discharged July, 1777. After the war he lived in Hartland, Conn., Bark- 
hamstcd. Conn., Sangerfield and Guilford, N. Y. 

71. ANNA^ GEER, daughter of Shubael and Saralr' (Abbe) Geer, born in 
Enfield, Conn., December, 1725; died there February 15, 1764. 

Married there October 10, 1751, AARON PEASE, born in Enfield, April 1, 
1726, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Warner) Pease. He was a blacksmith in 
Enfield and died there. Collector of the Colony Tax for several years. He 
married (2) Mary Terry, by whom he had four children, Elam (1), Ann, 
Elam (2), and Martha. 

Children hy Anna Qeen; horn in Enfield 

162 Aaron Pease, jr., b. June 3, 1752 ; m. Huldah Spencer. 

Levi Pease, b. June 22, 1754; resided in Somers, Conn. Married, (1) Jan. 10, 

1775, Abiah Pease, daughter of Robert Pease of Somers; (2) Roxa . 

Children by first wife : i. Abiah, b. in Somers, Oct. 17, 1775 ; ii. Sarah, b. in 
Somers, May 17, 1780. Child by second wife : Roxa, b. in Somers, Aug. 20, 1793. 

Sarah Pease, b. Dec. 2, 1756; d. in Enfield, Nov. 23, 1808. Married in Enfield, 
Nov. 3, 1774, Daniel Abbe, son of John and Hannah (Boardman) Abbe. See 

163 Stone Pease, b. June 11, 1759 ; m. Asenath Pease. 
Ann Pease, b. Nov. 6, 1761 ; d. young. 

164 Ephraim Pease, b. June 5, 1765 ; m. Jennie Phelps. 

72. MARY^ ABBE, daughter of Thomas^ and Mary (Pease) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., January 25, 1715-6; died there August 3, 1788. 

Married in Enfield, January 13, 1736-7, CAPTAIN DENNIS BEMENT, born 
in Enfield, 1711; died November 16, 1789, son of Edmond and Priseilla (Warner) 
Bement. He was 7th Captain of the Enfield militia; kept a public house there 
and held various town offices. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Mary Bement, b. July 19, 1739 ; m.' Richard* Abbe, son of John' and Hannah 

(Boardman) Abbe. See number 80. 
Tryphcna Bement, b. May 21, 1741; m. Jonathan Parsons. Children: i. Sarah, 

b. May 1, 1766 ; ii. Walter, b. Jan. 4, 1771 ; iii. Dennis, b. Nov. 20, 1773, prob- 

ablv the Dennis Parsons who m. in Enfield, April 20, 1796, Dorcas Bush. She 

d. Feb. 12, 1798, and had son, Bush, b. Jan. 25, 1798. 

165 Dennis Bement, jr., b. Feb. 11, 174.3-4 ; m. Lydia . 

Prudence Bement, b. May 11. 1746; d. Aug. 30, 1831. Her will, made July 7, 
1829, probated Sept. 6, 1831, mentions the following : Lydia, wife of EUsha 
Holton ; Elizabeth, wife Dr. Horatio A. Hamilton ; widow Mary Olmstead ; 
Piney, wife of Seth Alden ; Delight, wife of Roderick White ; Charlotte, wife 
of Richard Abbe, jr. ; widow Huldah Lord ; widow Tryphena Parsons. 

Edmond Bement, b. Jan. 16, 1748-9. Settled in Enfield and d. there. His will, made 
July 21, 1798, probated April 19, 1799, left property to the following : to his 
sisters. Prudence Bement ; Mary, wife of Captain Richard Abbe ; Tryphena, 
wife of Jonathan Parsons ; and to his brother, Dennis Bement. He d. March 9, 
1799, at Enfield. 

73. SARAH* ABBE, daughter of Thomas^ and Mary (Pease) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., March 26, 1718; died May 12, 1785. 

50 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married (1) in Enfield, June 15, 1740, NATHANIEL CHAPIN, born in 
Enfield, August 9, 1711; died at Cape Breton, June 16, 1745. He was a son 
of Thomas and Sarah (Wright) Chapin. He was a soldier and went to Cape 
Breton with the expedition against Louisburg. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

166 2Vai/iflHJeZ CTa/wi, i'--, b. Dec. 31, 1738; m. (1) Sybil Terry ; (2) Zerviah Parsons. 

167 Eliphalet Chapin, b. March 2, 1741 ; m. Azuba Pease. 
Jahez Chapin. 

Sarah Abbe married (2), CAPTAIN HEZEKIAH PARSONS of Enfield. 

74. TABITHA* ABBE, daughter of Thomas^ and Mary (Pease) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., July 9, 1720; died there June 12, 1787. 

Married in Enfield, May 29, 1740, EPHRAIM PEASE, born 1719 ; died 1801. 
He was son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Warner) Pease. Merchant and became 
wealthy as a contractor in the time of the French war. He acted as town 
magistrate, and was known as Captain Pease. 

Children, torn in Enfield 

Ephraim Pease, jr., b. Dec. 23, 1741 ; d. March 16, 1764 ; was a merchant in 

Enfield ; not m. 
Peter Pease, b. Feb. 12, 1743 ; d. while a student at Yale, Sept. 17, 1763. 
Obadiah Pease, b. June 16, 1746; d. May 26, 1766; graduate of Yale. 
Tahitha Pease, b. Dec. 18, 1749 ; d. March 11, 1769. 

168 Sihyl Pease, b. May 20, 1754; m. (1) Elam Potter; (2) Rev. Nehemiah Prudden. 
Nancy Pease, b. Sept. 2, 1756; d. April 25, 1782; m., April 29, 1773, Augustus 

Diggins of Windsor. Probably no children by this marriage. He m. (2) Sabra 
Stebbins of Springfield and had children. 
Anna or Abigail Pease, b. Feb. 6, 1760 ; d. May 17, 1764. The Enfield records 
give the name Abigail and the Pease Genealogy, Anna. She must have been 
twin with Agues. 

169 Agnes Pease, b. Feb. 6, 1760; m. Rev. Nehemiah Prudden. 

75. HANNAH^ ABBE, daughter of Thomas'^ and Mary (Pease) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., March 27, 1723; died in East Windsor, Conn., September 
12, 1818. 

Married (1) in Enfield, January 30, 1745-6, THOMAS GEER, son of Shubael 
and Sarah (Abbe) Geer, born July 1, 1722; died 1751. Settled in East Windsor. 
See number 21. 

Married (2), November 15, 1752, SERGEANT NOAH PHELPS, born in 
Enfield, March 16, 1726, son of Israel and Rachel (Jones or Clark) Phelps. He 
was a farmer in Enfield and removed to East Windsor in 1774 or 1775, where 
he died. He served 40 days as a Sergeant in the Lexington Alarm, later enlisted 
in Colonel Wolcott's Regiment, Captain Wells' Comi-)any, and is reported to 
have died in service. 

Children by first husband (mentioned in the will of their grandfather, 1758) 

170 Thomas Oeer, jr., b. Oct. 5, 1746; m. Mary Pease. 

171 Elihu Oeer, b. May 3, 1749 ; m. Eleanor McClester. 

Children by second husband, born in Enfield 

Noah Phelps, jr., b. May 6, 1753, was a lieutenant in the Revolution ; d. at Valley 

Forge ; not m. 
Jlannah Phelps, b. Sept. 9, 1755 ; settled in Westfield, Mass. Married 

Perkins and had a daughter, Hannah, b. about 1780, who m. Colonel Foote of 

Middlefield, Mass.. 

Fourth Generation 51 

Daniel (1) Phelps, b. March 16, 1759; d. June 16, 1759. 

172 Abigail Phelps, b. July 20, 1760 ; m. John Ward. 

173 Daniel (2) Phelps, b. Oct. 19, 1763; m. (1) Elizabeth Pelton ; (2) Ruth Pelton. 

174 Obadiah Phelps, b. Feb. 24, 1767 ; m. Lucy Pelton. 

76. THOMAS* ABBE or ABBEY, son of Tliomas% jr., and Mary (Pease) 
Abbe, born in Enfield, Conn., April 11, 1731; died there June 1, 1811. He is 
unquestionably buried in Enfield although the huge monument of a more recent 
family has probably obscured his grave. He was best known by the title of 
Cajitain Abbe. His fu'st enlistment noted is as Corporal in the 3d Company, 
1st Regiment, May 25 to November 22, 1758; then as Lieutenant in the 7th 
Company, 1st Regiment, under Captain Setli King, April 1 to December 1, 
1761. (Connecticut Historical Society Collections, X, pages 10 and 247.) He 
was commissioned captain, January 1, 1777. 

In his ''Quest of Ancestors," Mr. Alden Freeman says: 

That long line of warlike Abbeys beginning with John, who came in the "Bonaventure" 
and settled in Salem in 1636 ; his son Thomas, who settled in Enfield after King Phillip's 
War; his grandson, Lieutenant Thomas Abbey, and his great-grandson, Thomas Abbey, 
ensign and lieutenant in the French and Indian Wars and afterward captain under 
Washington throughout the Revolutionary War, whose service I was invited to represent 
in the Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati. On the Thursday following the battle of 
Lexington, Thomas Abbey, on learning of the fight, procured a drum and actually 
drummed the people out of the meeting-house at Enfield, where they were gathered at 
their regular weekday lecture. 

This interesting event was beautifully commemorated by a poem written by 
Benjamin F. Taylor, and published in the Atlantic Monthly in May, 1878, and 
the following is a copy of the poem : 


In Pilgrim land, one Sabbath day. 

The winter lay like sheep about 
The ragged pastures mullein gray ; 

The April sun shone in and out. 
The showers swept by in fitful flocks. 
And eaves ticked fast like mantel clocks ; 

And now and then a wealthy cloud 

Would wear a ribbon broad and bright, 
And now and then a winged crowd 

Of shivering azure flash in sight. 
So rainbows bend and bluebirds fly 
And violets show their bits of sky. 

To Enfield church throng all the town, 

In quilted hood and bombazine. 
In beaver hat and flaring crown. 

And quaint Vandyke and victorine ; 
And buttoned boys in roundabout 
From calyx collars blossom out ; 

Bandanas wave their feeble fire. 

And foot-stoves tinkle up the aisle ; 
A gray-haired elder leads the choir. 

And girls in linsey-woolsey smile. 
So back to life the beings glide 
Whose very graves have ebbed and died. 

One hundred years have waned, and yet 

We call the roll, and not in vain. 
For one whose flint-lock musket set 

The echoes wild around Fort Duquesne, 
And smelled the battle's powder smoke 
Ere Revolution's thunders woke. 

52 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Lo, Thomas Abbey answers, "Here !" 
Within the dull long-metre place, 

That day, upon the parson's ear, 

And trampling down his words of grace, 

A horseman's gallop rudely beat 

Along the splashed and empty street. 

• The rider drew his dripping rein, 

And then a letter, wasp-nest gray, 
That ran : "The Concord minute-men 

And red-coats had a fight to-day ! 
To Captain Abbey this with speed." 
Twelve little words to tell the deed. 

The captain read, struck out for home 
The old quickstep of battle born. 

Slung on once more a battered drum 
That bore a painted unicorn 

Then right-about, as whirls a torch, 

He stood before the sacred porch. 

And then a murmuring of bees 

Broke in upon the house of prayer ; 

And then a wind-song swept the trees. 
And then a snarl from wolfish lair ; 

And then a charge of grenadiers, 

And then a flight of drum-beat cheers. 

So drum and doctrine rudely blent, 
The casements rattled strange accord ; 

No mortal knew what either meant ; 
'Twas double-grad and Holy Word, 

Thus saith the drum, and thus the Lord. 

The captain raised so wild a rout 

He drummed the congregation out. 

The people gathered round amazed ; 

The soldier bared his head and spoke. 
And every sentence burned and blazed. 

As trenchant as a sabre stroke : 
" 'Tis time to pick the flint to-day. 
To sling the knapsack, and away ! 

"The green of Lexington is red 

With British red-coats, brothers' blood ! 

In rightful cause the earliest dead 
Are always best beloved of God. 

Mark time ! Now let the march begin ! 

All bound for Boston fall right in!" 

Then rub-a-dub the drum jarred on, 
The throbbing roll of battle beat ; 

"Fall in, my men !" and one by one 

They rhymed the tune with heart and feet. 

And so they made a Sabbath march 

To glory 'neath the elm-tree arch. 

The Continental line unwound 

Along the Church-yard's breathless sod, 

And holier grew the hallowed ground 
Where Virtue slept and Valor trod, 

Two hundred strong that April day 

They rallied out and marched away. 

Brigaded there at Bunker Hill, 

Their names are writ on Glory's page. 

The brave old captain's Sunday drill 
Has drummed its way across the age. 

Benjamin F. Taylor 

The Statue of Captain Thomas* Abbey 

Sherry Edniundson Fry, Sculptor 











h-H I- 

w i 

a « 





Fourth Generation 53 

The church around which Captain Abbey beat the long roll was completed 
in the January preceding, and stood near the present church. It was used as 
a church for the town until 18i9, wlien it was bought by the town and moved 
to the west side of the street, where it now stands and has been used as a 
town liall ever since. A memorial to Captain Abbey and others of the family 
is about to be erected by Mr. Alden Freeman witli his mother and sisters. 

The Abbey Memorial Avill be on the Green in Enfield, on the site of the 
church out of whieli Captain Abbey drummed the congregation at the Lex- 
ington Alarm. The actual site of the old church is just in front of the 
present edifice. The design calls for a marble statue on a pedestal surrounded 
by four marble seats in the Greek style. On the backs of these seats are 
inscriptions commemorating the achievements of some of the best known descend- 
ants of the Abbey family, in the fields of war, literature and science. The 
sculptor, Sherry E. Fry, used as a model for tlie face and figure for the statue 
of Captain Abbey, a daguerreotype of his grandson, Seth Alden Abbey, taken 
at the same age. Daniel C. French, sculptor of the ''Minute Men" unveiled 
at Concord Bridge in 1875, has taken gi-eat interest in the work of Mr. Fry, and 
loaned him tlie simple Colonial suit used for the presentation of Captain Abbey. 

Tlie following is an extract from a letter written by Seth Alden^ Abbey to his 
son, Henry G. Abbey, dated June 15, 1872, telling something of Thomas Abbey : 

When a small boy, I was frequently at his house for a week at a time and have heard 
him tell many a thrilling tale of his hairbreadth escapes, hardships, sufferings, etc. 
During the French War he received a commission as Ensign in the Colonial troops and 
saw considerable service against the French and Indians. At the breaking out of the 
Revolution, a volunteer company was formed in his neighborhood and he was elected 
their captain and they were soon ordered to join Colonel Willett's Regiment in New 
York. I have heard him say, frequently, that he had chances of promotion, often, but 
his men would not consent to his leaving them. When a boy I saw many of his old 
soldiers who had served during the war ; and the neighbors were as particular in address- 
ing any of them, in giving them their title, as Corporal such a one, or Sergeant such a 
one, as they would be in addressing a General. Thomas Abbey died in 1811, and was 
as anxious for a fight with old England, which was then much talked of, just before 
his death, as in his younger days. He died suddenly with apoplexy. 

Captain Thomas* Abbe married in Enfield, June 22, 1749, PENELOPE TERRY, 
born in Enfield, February 5, 1729-30; died there December 2, 1817. She was 
the daughter of Dr. (or Captain) Ebenezer and Mary (Helms) Terry. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Aligail Abbey, b. May 13, 1750; d. June 22, 1844. Resided in the east part of 
Enfield. Married in Enfield, Nov. 1, 1770, Ehphalet ColUns, b. in Enfield, 
July 11, 1744; d. May 22, 1815, son of Nathaniel and Abigail (Pease) Collins. 
Children, order not known : i. Nathaniel, b. in Enfield, April 18, 1771 ; ii. 
Abigail, m. Simeon Olmsted, son of Simeon and Rhoda (Abbe) Olmsted, see 
elsewhere ; iii. Eliphalet ; iv. Mary ; v. Walter ; vi. Jabez ; vii. Elsie ; viii. 
Betsey; ix. (son), b. in Enfield, Nov. 12, 1787. 

175 Obadiah Abbe, b. June 15, 1752 ; m. Jane McClester. 

176 Penelope Abbe (twin), b. March 24, 1755; m. Josiah Bicknell. 
Mary (1) Abbe (twin), b. March 24, 1755; d. May 16, 1759. 

177 Thomas Abbe, b. March 22, 1764 ; m. Ruth Bush. 

Mary (2) Abbe, b. July 7, 1766 ; m. George Prior of East Windsor. 

178 Peter Abbey, b. July 20, 1769 ; m. Hannah Alden. 

179 Simeon Abbey, b. Feb. 3, 1772 ; m. Tabitha Killam. 

77. JOHN* ABBE, JR., son of John^ and Hannah (Boardman) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., April 18, 1717; died there August 1, 1794, in his 78th year. 
He settled near Scantic on the east side of the town of ^nfield. John Abbe, jr., 
served from April 14 to October 5, 1755, in 1st Regiment, 2d Company, under 
Lieutenant-Colonel John Pitkin, a company raised for the reduction of Crown 

54 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Point. John Abbe was also in Captain Slapp's Company, May, 1755. There 
was also a John Abbe in the 1st Regiment, 2d Company, Lieutenant-Colonel 
Israel Putnam, 17G1, and one who served March 20 to August 27, 1762, in same 
company. (Connectici;t Historical Society Collections, IX, pages 240, 299; X, 
pages 9, 69.) He was a Revolutionary soldier, his name is on the list of men 
who marched from Connecticut towns to relief of Boston in the Lexington 
Alarm, 1775. He was a member of the 2d Company, 3d Regiment, Israel Putnam, 
Colonel, and Experience Storrs, Captain, which was recruited in Windham 
County in April and May, 1775. They marched in May to camps formed around 
Boston and were stationed during the siege in Putnam Centre Di\dsion at Cam- 
bridge until the expiration of term of service December 10, 1775. In July the 
Regiment was adopted as ''Continental," and was engaged at the Battle of 
Bunker Hill. (Some of these later records may refer to his son John".) See 
Connecticut in the Revolution, page 53, and Massachusetts Society Sons of 
the American Revolution, 1910 volume. His will, made February 2, 1789, pro- 
bated September 5, 1794, mentions his daughters, Rocelina Olmstead, Hannah 
Terry, Submit Killam, Tabitha Terry and sons John Abbe, 2d, and Daniel Abbe. 
Married in Enfield, February 1 (or 11), 1738-9, SARAH ROOT, daughter of 
Captain Timothy Root of Somers, Conn., and Sarah Pease. She was born in 
Enfield, October 18, 1714; died there November 23, 1771. 

Children, torn in Enfield 

180 John Ahhe, jr., b. Nov. 27, 1739 ; m. Charity Simons. 
Sarah Able, b. Feb. 11, 1741-2 ; d. in Enfield, Feb. 29, 1772. 
Timothy Ahhe, b. Nov. 4, 1743; d. young. 

Ohadiah Ahhe (twin), b. March 28, 1745; d young. 

Richard Ahhe (twin), b. March 28, 1745; probably d. young. 

Hannah (1) Ahhe, b. Aug. 31, 1746; d. the same day. 

Timothy Diah (or Dyer) Ahhe, h. Dec. 6, 1747; d. Nov. 15, 1771. 

181 Daniel Ahhe, b. Nov. 7, 1749; m. Sarah Pease. 

182 Roxalcnah Ahhe, h. July 12, 1751 ; m. Simeon Olmsted. 

183 Hannah (2) Ahhe, b. March 31, 1753 ; m. Isaac Terry, jr. 

Suhmit Ahhe, b. Feb. 12, 1755, in Enfield, Conn.; d. there March 3, 1830. 
Married Eliphalet Killam, b. Feb. 23, 1753, in Enfield ; d. there Oct. 31, 1830. 
Children: i. Lot, b. Dec. 31, 1774, m. Tabitha (or Martha) Potter, daughter 
of Elam and SybiP (Pease) Potter, see elsewhere; ii. Tabitha, b. Nov. 7, 
1776, m. Simeon Abbe, see elsewhere; iii. Eliphalet, jr., b. Nov. 18, 1778, 
d. in Enfield, Oct. 28, 18.30, m. Charlotte Holton ; iv. Submit, b. Feb. 23, 1781, 
d. in Enfield, Aug. 18, 1826, m. John Olmsted; v. Jemima, b. March 1, 1783, 
m. James Ingraham ; \d. George, b. Feb. 23, 1785, d. in Enfield, June 18, 1850, 
m. Lucy Ingraham ; \ii. James, b. Sept. 14, 1787, m. Harriet Watson ; viii. 
Henry, b. Oct. 15, 1789, m. Abigail Pease ; ix. Timothy, b. March 14, 1792, d. at 
Savannah, Aug. 6, 1828; x. Sarah, b. Oct. 3, 1794, m. Roswell Abbe, whose 
ancestry has not been learned, d. and buried at Enfield, no children. 

184 Tahitha Ahhe, b. June 26, 1757 ; m. Zeno Terry. 

78. SARAH* ABBE, dai^ghter of John^ and Hannah (Boardman) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., December 23, 1723-4 (or January). 

Married in Enfield, January 9, 1739-40, JOHN BURROUGHS. He removed 
from Enfield to Tolland, Conn., then up the Connecticut River to Hanover in 
search of land to which he had a claim. Being disappointed and discouraged, 
he determined to return to Tolland. He consulted, however, with friends at 
Walpole, and finally made a purchase near the west line in Alstead, N. H., 
where his wife's sister, Martha, had removed after her mamage. He, with his 
son, John, came on to the land, which was covered with hea^^ timber, and the 
first tree that was felled parted a limb wliieh struck his head and injured him 
severely. He was carried by his son to Walpole, where he in a measure recov- 
ered, though he was never perfectly restored to his former health. 


Fourth Generation 55 


John Burroughs, jr., wont to New Hampshire with his father in 1765 and removed 
his family there in 1767 ; was living in Alstead in 1826. He volunteered under 
Captain Webber of Walpolc in 1777 to go to Bennington, Vt., and was engaged 
in battle there ; from there he proceeded against Burgoyne at Still Water and 
returned safely in the fall. He later held a commission as Captain. Married 
Mchitable Carlton of Tolland. Children (two sons and three daughters) : 
John ; Samuel, lived in Alstead in 1826. 

Joel Burroughs, m. Phebe Messer of Walpole. Had six sons and eight daughters. 

Timothy Burroughs, moved in 1798 to Brookfield, Vt. ; m. Esther Hurlburt of 
Wethersfield, Conn. Had three sous and seven daughters. 

Daniel Burroughs, early moved to Vermont and then to Ohio. Married (1) Mary 
Crane ; (3) Olive Carpenter. 

Elijah Burroughs, moved to Ohio ; m. Eunice Thompson. No children. 

79. MARTHA* ABBE, daughter of John^ and Hannah (Boardman) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., March 1, 1728; died in Alstead, N. H., August 22, 1795. 

Married in Enfield, November 27, 1745, ISAAC GLEASON, JR., bom in 
Enfield, May 10, 1715; died in Windsor, Conn., 1750. He was son of Isaac 
and Mary (Prior) Gleason. 

Martha Abbe married (2) in Windsor, Conn., September 12, 1751, JOHN 
SLADE, died March 17, 1797, in his 72d year. He was at the battles of Bunker 
Hill and Ticonderoga. They removed to Alstead, N. H., in 1773, where a large 
colony of Connecticut families settled, including John Burroughs, who married 
Sarah Abbe, sister of Martha. 

Child hy first husband 
185 Isaac Oillette Gleason, b. Sept. 27, 1747 ; m. Azubah Pease. 

Children hy second husband 

John Slade, jr., b. at Windsor, June 10, 1752 ; m. Mary Mack. 

Martha (1) Slade, b. at Windsor, July 22, 1754; drowned Sept. 14, 1765. 

William Slade, b. at Enfield, Nov. 25, 1756 ; m. Anne Root. 

Samuel (1) Slade, b. at Enfield. Jan. 12, 1760; d. 1761. 

Samuel (2) Slade, b. at Enfield, Feb. 2, 1762; m. Hannah Thompson. 

Thomas Slade (twin), b. at Enfield, Aug. 22, 1764; d. April 12, 1778, at Alstead. 

Daniel Slade (twin), b. at Enfield, Aug. 22, 1764; d. 1765. 

Martha (2) Slade, b. at Enfield, Feb. 6, 1767; m. James AUen. 

80. RICHARD* ABBE, son of John^ and Hannah (Boardman) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., August 1, 1735; died there September 20, 1807. He was a 
farmer and held various minor town offices. He was a Sergeant April 8 to 
December 3, 1761, in Captain Robert Durkee's Company, 1st Regiment; also 
Sergeant March 17 to December 4, 1762, in 10th Company, 1st Regiment, under 
Captain Hugh Ledlie. (Connecticut Historical Society Collections, X, pages 
252, 315.) This Richard Abbe served as Lieutenant of Militia in the Lexington 
Alarm, commissioned as Ensign in the Connecticut Continental line, January 1, 
1777; resigned February 6, 1778. Ricliard Abbe was Ensign in Captain Abner 
Robinson's Company, Colonel McLellan's Regiment, March, 1778, for one year's 
service, which seems to have served in Tyler's brigade under Sullivan in Rhode 
Island, August and September, 1778. Sergeant Richard Abbe joined. May 29, 
1781, Captain James Dana's Company, in service at Horseneek and near by, 
and joined Washington in July when he encamped at Phillipsburg. He was 
appointed by the Assembly in 1779, Captain of the third company of militia. 

Married in Enfield, January 7 or 9, 1755, MARY^ BEMENT, bom July 19, 1739, 
in Enfield; died there August 14, 1821 or 2. She was daughter of Captain 
Dennis and Mary* (Abbe) Bement. See number 72. 

56 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children, born in Enfield 

Mary Ahhe, b. April 21, 1756; d. iu Enfield, Nov. 7, 1812. Married in Enfield, 
March 28, 1778 or 1779, Elisha Holtou, b. 1750, in Sutton, Mass. ; d. Feb. 3, 
1837. He was a Revolutionary soldier and m. (2) Lydia Bement, see number 
165. Children, b. in Enfield : i. Polly, b. July 1, 1779, m. in Enfield, Sept. 4, 
1799, Elijah Parsons of Enfield; ii. Susanna Putnam, b. March 13, 1781, d. 
Dec. 2, 1811, "her death was occasioned from a persuasion that it was a sin 
for her to eat, and therefore starved herself till death closed the scene" (Enfield 
Records) ; iii. Hannah, b. Aug. 15, 1789, m. David Olmstead, had John D., 
who m. Susan H. Smith, and had a daughter Mary P., who m. Frank W. Clarke 
of Washington, D. C. 

186 Thomas Abbe, b. Aug. 21, 1757; m. Lydia Parsons. 

187 Richard Abbe, jr., b. 1760; m. Lydia Steveson. 

188 Trcphosa Abbe, b. Dec. 28, 1762 ; m. Joel Booth. 

Susannah Abbe, b. about 1765; d. June 11, 1825, aged 60 years, not m. 

189 Huldah Abbe, b. May 19, 1771; m. (1) Isaac Allen; (2) George Lord. 


81. JOHN^ ABBE, son of Joseph* and Tamasin (Baker) Abbe, born in 
Ipswich, Mass., December 27 or 28, 1736-; died in Hopkinton, Mass., January 
5, 1771. He was a farmer in Hopkinton. 

Married at Hopkinton, October 1, 1760, JERUSHA BURNAP, born September 
20, 1734, daughter of David and Sarah ( ) Burnap. She married (2) June 
22, 1774, Henry Mellen. 

Children, recorded in HopMnton 

Mary Abbe, b. June 23, 1761, in Hopkinton, Mass, Married, (1) June 21, 1781, 
in Hopkinton, Josiah Bent. b. in Framingham, Oct. 29, 1755, son of John and 
Molly (Stacy) Bent. He was a Revolutionary soldier, served at Concord, 
April 19, 1775, and was a Sergeant in Rhode Island in 1780. He removed to 
Petersham, Mass., and it is likely that he d. early and that it was his widow 
who m. (2) at Petersham, Dec. 18, 1787, Jonas Wheeler. Children of Josiah 
and Mary (Abbe) Bent, b. in Petersham: i. Polly, b. Sept. 20, 1782; ii. Betsey, 
b. March 4, 1786, m. at Petersham, Oct. 29, 1806, Lyman Wilder, b. in Peters- 
ham, April 3, 1780, d. March 16, 1808, son of John, jr., and Sophia (Hapgood) 
Wilder, no children recorded in Petersham. Children of Jonas and Mary 
Wheeler, b. in Petersham : i. Josiah, b. March 2, 1788, m. at Barre, June 1, 
1819, Elizabeth Hastings, and had a child, Andrew Jackson, b. March, 1820, 
d. Jan. 28, 1847; ii. Fanny, b. April 7, 1790, d. April 30, 1861, not m. ; 
iii. Clarissa, b. June 13, 1793 ; iv. Lydia, b. Dec. 22, 1794. 

John Abbe, jr., h. May 4, 1763. The following records probably refer to his 
family. John Abbe m., Nov. 11, 1784, Anna Battle, and had a daughter Mary 
(or Polly), b. in North Purchase, March 22, 1785; d. in Worcester, Mass., Jan. 
9, 1871, m. May 21, 1801, Ebenezer Hunt. Mrs. Anna Battle Abbe is probably 
the Mrs. Anna Abbe who m., April 5, 1787, David Maning (intentions, Feb. 14, 
1787, give the names Anna Abbe, jr., and David Madden), and had children, 
Ithiel, b. Nov. 24, 1787, and Lucretia, b. Oct. 12, 1789. 

Joseph Abbe, b. April 1, 1765. There was a Joseph Abbe in the 1790 Census from 
Daltou, Mass., one male over 16, two under 16 and two females in the family. 
There was also a Joseph Abbe at the same time in Medway, Suffolk County, 
Mass., one male over 16, one under 16, two females in the family. In 1800 there 
was a Joseph Abbe of Wilbraham with 1 male and 1 female over 45, 2 females 
between 16 and 26, 2 males between 10 and 16. He probably m. Hannah Ellis, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Richardson) Ellis of Medway, and had a 
son, John, b. March 15, 1788, in Franklin, Mass. 

Jerusha Abbe, b. May 20. 1767; d. in Hopkinton, May 12, 1770. 
190 Ainos Burnett Abbe, b. June 5, 1769 ; m. Vesta Turner. 

Fifth Generation 57 

82. AARON'' ABBE, sou of Joseph* and Tamazin (Baker) Abbe of Ipswich, 
Mass., baptized in Ipswich, September 20, 1747. He was a blacksmith in Hop- 
kinton in 1772. Accordins:^ to his descendants, he was a Revolntionary soldier, 
resided in Vermont about 1768, and emigrated to Richmond, Ontario County, 
N. Y., about 1800. Aaron Abby of Hopkinton, Mass., appears on the Revolu- 
tionary rolls April 11, 1775, as 2d Lieutenant of Ward's Massachusetts Regi- 
ment May 23 to December, 1775. He enlisted at Hopkinton in that year and 
was noted as Ensign from Worcester County. There is no record of him at the 
pension office. He is perhaps the Aaron Abbe of the 1790 Census in Stephen- 
town, Albany County, N. Y., having in his family one male over 16, three males 
under 16 and four females. In 1800 Census he is recorded as Aaron Abbey of 
Pittstown, Ontario County, N. Y., with a family of seven. 

Married ANNA . 

Children, all hut the last recorded in Hopkinton 

191 James Ahbe, b. July 4, 1765 ; bapt. June 5, 1768 ; m. Mary Head. 
Tamezin Ahhc, b. Jan. 5,. 1767; bapt. June 5, 1768. 

192 William Ahbe, h. 1708; bapt. March 18, 1768 : m. Anna Whitney. 

Joshua Main Ahhc, b. Sept. 13, 1769. Probably the Joshua Abbe of Partridgefield, 

Mass., in 1790 Census, 1 male over 16, 1 under 16, 1 female in family. 
Sarah Ahhe, b. March 16, 1771. 
Jcrusha Ahbe, b. April 26, 1773. 

193 Calvin Ahhc, b. Feb. 19. 177.5; m. Sally . 

Joseph Ahhe, h. July 10, 1777. 

194 John Ahhe, b. Sept. 1, 1781, in Framingham, Mass.; m. Elizabeth Baker. 

195 Aaron Ahbe, perhaps a son of this Aaron and b. after the family left Massa- 

chusetts ; m. Rowe. 

83. ABBE^ BROWN, son of Jonathan and Joanna* (Abbe) Brown, born in 
Kensington, N. H., May 28, 1739; died in Andover, N. H., January 1, 1831. 
He was a Lieutenant and removed to Andover about 1778, settling on Knowles 

Married, November 24, 1768, ELIZABETH LEAVITT, born about 1751 ; died 
September 24, 1803, aged 52. She was the daughter of Amos and Elizabeth 
(Verrell) Leavitt of Hampton Falls. 

Children, first four horn in Kensington, others in Andover 

Elizabeth Brown, b. Nov. 20, 1769 ; d. iu Franklin, Feb. 10, 1861 ; not m. 
Jonathan (1) Broicn, h. March 12, 1772; d. June 7, 1772. 

196 Mercij Broicn, b. March 17, 1774; m. John Sawyer. 

197 Jonathan (2) Broirn, h. Jan. 25, 1777: m. Sarah BlaisdeU. 
Lijdia Broun, b. May, 1779 ; d. June, 1779. 

Joanna Broicn, b. March 12, 1781; d. July 1, 1848; not m. 

198 Moses Broicn, b. Nov. 27, 1783 ; m. Sarah Hilton. 

199 Joscp/i i?roH-?i, b. Sept. 9, 1786; m. (1) Sarah Colby ; (2) Betsey Giles. 
John Broicn, b. Aug. 30, 1794; d. June 2, 1797. 

84. JOSEPH^ BROWN, son of Jonathan and Joanna* (Abbe) Brown. He 
was called Captain Joseph Brown, resided in Kensington, N. H., and had 
thirteen children. 

Married February 18, 1762, or April 12, 1763, ANN BROWN, daughter of 
Nehemiah Brown of Kensington. 

Children (thirteen in all) 

200 Moses Broicn, b. Dec. 9, 1763 ; m. Abigail True. 

201 Jonathan Broicn, b. Feb. 4, 1768; m. EUzabeth Huntoon. 

Joseph Broicn, jr., b. Nov. 21, 1769 ; d. in Wilmot, Oct. 22, 1844 ; m. 
William Broicn, b. March 22, 1782; resided in Andover, N. H., and Stanstead, 
Canada. Married, Dee. 27, 1804, Esther Rolfe Burpee. 

58 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

85. JOSEPH" ABBE, probably son of Obadiali* and Elizabeth ( ) Abbe, 
although his birth is not recorded in Willington, Conn., with other children 
of that Obadiah. He was born about 1733 and died in 1809. The records of 
this family are somewhat confused but it seems likely that all the data here 
given must refer to the family of this Joseph Abbe. Norwich, Connecticut, 
Records, 23, page 436, mention "Joseph Abbe and wife Dele, both of Spring- 
field in the State of Massachusetts Bay .... received property from our 
^^ncle, Captain Jonathan Pitcher, late of Norwich, said Dele Abbe, daughter of 
Samuel Pitcher deceased who was natural brother to said Jonathan," June 13, 
1779. Joseph and Dittie Abbe are also in the records of Springfield, Mass. 

MaiTied in Willington, Conn., June 10, 1765, DELIVERANCE ARMSTRONG. 
This marriage is recorded in Willington, According to a record from the 
descendants she is called Dilla Pitcher. Perhaps she was a widow when married 
to Joseph Abbe, or her mother may have married a second time and the 
daughter used the name of her step-father at the time of her marriage. She 
died November, 1840, aged 102 yrs., 7 mos., 15 days. 

Children, first three recorded in Willington, last five in Springfield, Mass, 

202 Frederick Abbe, b. Oct. 20, 1765. Probably the Frederick Abbey who m. Sally Tiff. 
Mehitable Abbe, b. June 26, 1767. 

203 Amasa Abbe, b. March 9, 1769, according to town record; April 9, 1770, according 

to family record ; m. Hannah Pettingale. 
Daniel Abbe, was last heard from in Upper Canada. There was a Daniel Abbey 
who was one of the early settlers of Eaton, Madison County, N. Y., in 1795. 
He was perhaps the father of Daniel Abbe who m. Esther Nunn, and of Shubael 
who lived in Buffalo at one time. Nathaniel Abbey, who had a brother Orrin, 
may have been of his family also. 

204 Joseph Abbe, jr.; m. 
Renna Abbe, b. July 20, 1773. 
Lois Abbe, b. Sept. 4, 1775. 
Meriam Abbe, b. Nov. 7, 1777. 
Anna Abbe, b. Dec. 9, 1779. 
Phebe Abbe, b. March 26, 1782. 

86. 0BADIAH5 ABBE, son of Obadiah* and Elizabeth ( ) Abbe, born 
1735 ; died April 1, 1810, aged 75. He settled in Ashf ord. Conn. ; died in 
Peru, Mass. In 1765 he was a signer of a petition regarding the Ashford 
church. In 1767 he deeded property to his brother, Jeremiah. (Ashford rec- 
ords.) In 1800 he was recorded in the Census of Partridgefield, Mass., 1 male 
and 1 female over 45, 1 boy and 1 girl between 16 and 26. 

Married April 21, 1757, ZERUIAH BALCH, born April 14, 1739; died March 
23, 1809. 


Richard Abbe, b. in Ashford, April 3, 1758; d. Aug. 1, 1759. 

John Abbe, b. in Ashford, Sept. 14 (or 19), 1759; d. in the Revolutionary Army, 

Hannah Abbe, b. in Ashford, Aug. 28, 1761 ; resided in Fabius, N. Y. Married, 

(1) Jerry Anderson, by whom she had sons: i. Richard, d. in the army, 1812; 

ii. Jeremiah. She m. (2) Philo Stoddard. 
Zibia Abbe, b. June .3, 1763; m. Roswell Green. They lived near Hudson. 

Children : i. Mason, m. — Holmes ; ii. Roswell ; iii. Jabez ; iv. Huldah. 

205 Onorah Abbe, b. Sept. 26. 1766; m. John Geer. 

206 Roger Abbe, b. June 14, 1767 ; m. Hannah Ferguson. 

207 Jemima Abbe, b. March 30, 1769; m. Samuel Ferguson. 
Zeruiah Abbe, b. April 7, 1771 ; d. aged 4 months. 

Ruth Abbe, b. June 7, 1773; m. Sampson Bane. They lived in Tally, N. Y. 

Children : i. Roderick ; ii. Cushman ; iii. Laura. 
Rene Abbe, b. Jan. 30, 1775 ; m. Peter Tower. 

Fifth Generation 59 

208 Ohadiah Ahbe, b. April 14, 1777; m. (1) Polly Ramsdell ; (2) Margaret Marsh. 
Theda Abbe, b. Jan. 2, 1780; m. (1) Hibbard Culver; (2) Calvin Snow; (3) 
Ichabod Ford. She removed to Berkshire, N. Y. Of her first marriage the 
intention was recorded at Pern, Mass., Dec. 1, 1798. By the first marriage she 

had four children : i. Hiram ; ii. ; iii. Hosea ; iv. Theda, m. Ambrose 

Chapman. By the second marriage she had two children, one of whom was 
Julia. By the third marriage there were also two children. 

87. JEREMIAH' ABBE, son of Obadiah* and Elizabeth ( ) Abbe, born 
February 20, 1737-8, recorded in the town records of Willington, Conn. Jere- 
miah Abbe enlisted March 15, 1757, in the 8th Company, under Captain John 
Slapp in the French and Indian War. He also enlisted May 8, 1759, discharged 
December 15, 1759, in the 1st Regiment, 12th Company, iinder Captain John 
Hungerford. He was a signer of a petition regarding the Ashford church in 
1765 and, in 1767, received a deed from his brother, Obadiah, they both "being 
sons of Obadiah." (Ashford records.) There was a Jeremiah Abbe in East 
Windsor, Conn., at the time of the 1790 Census, 3 males over 16, 1 male under 
16, 3 females in the family. 

Married in Ashford, Conn., June 18, 1760, MARY ARMSTRONG, born about 
1735; died in East Windsor, August 21, 1797, in her 63d year. The marriage 
is recorded in Ashford. 

Children, births recorded in Ashford 

209 Benjamin Abbe, b. July 16, 1761 ; probably m. Ehzabeth Knappin. 

A7nos Abbe, b. May 21, 1763 ; probably m. Abigail . Children, born in 

East Windsor, Conn.: 1. Amos, jr., b. Jan. 27, 1792; ii. Lucy, b. June 24, 1795; 
iii. Abigail, b. July 23, 1797. 

Daves Abbe, b. Feb. 13, 1768. 

210 Jeremiah Abbe, jr., b. Dec. 30, 1769 ; m. Lydia Armstrong. 
Mary Abbe, b. Feb. 2, 1772. 

88. ELIZABETH^ PEASE, daughter of James* and Abigail (Ford) Pease, 
born September 17, 1738, in Somers, Conn.; died aged 98 years. Resided in 
Williamstown, N. J. 

Married (1) in New Jersey, April 29, 1756, JOHN TICE, born in Holland. 

Married (2) April 3, 1775, HENRY THORNE. 

Married (3) WILLIAM DRIVER. 

Children by first husband, born in Squankum, now Williamstoicn, N. J. 

211 Martha Tice, b. May 13, 1757 ; m. Isaac Hooper. 
Elizabeth Tice, b. Feb. 11, 1759 ; m. John Kellam. 

John Tice, b. Feb. 5, 1761 ; m. Eleanor Anderson. Children : i. John Ross ; 
ii. James Anderson ; iii. Cornehus Anderson ; iv. Thomas Marshall ; v. Richard 
Howell ; vi. Franklin Davenport ; vii. Joshua Ladd ; viii. Samuel Pease ; ix. 
Isaac K. 

212 Hannah Tice, b. Feb. 25 (or March 24), 1763; m. John Giberson. 
David Tice, h. April 15, 1765. 

Josiah Tice, b. Sept. 10, 1767. 

Cornelius Tice, b. June 24, 1771 ; d. July, 1823. Married, Feb. 16, 1802, ParneU 
Cofiin, b. June 20, 1773; d. Feb. 27, 1848; daughter of Wilham and ParneU 
(Hammond) Coffin. Children: i. Wilham Coffin, b. April 8, 1803, d. 1872, 
m. April 23, 1826, Alydia Ann Sharp; ii. Ziba (or Zilba), b. May 21, 1804, 
d. Jan. (or June) 8, 1841, m. Elizabeth Bodine ; iii. Cornelius, b. Aug. 31, 
1806, d. 1823; iv. Beulah Ann, b. July 26, 1808, d. Nov. 21, 1868. m. (1) 
in 1828, Alexander McChntock, and (2) Nov., 1841, John Boyer Rieff. lia\ing 
by the latter marriage, two sons, William Rieff, b. Nov. 13, 1845, residing in 
Carlsbad, N. Mex., and Cornehus Rieff, who d. in 1894; v. ParneU, b. 1808, 
d. 1823 : vi. Josiah G., b. Sept., 1812, d. April 22, 1847, m. Elizabeth Newcomb. 

60 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Children hij second husband 

Henry Thome, h. June 6, 1776. 
WiUiam Thome, b. Sept 8, 1779. 

89. JOHN^ PEASE, son of James* and Abigail (Ford) Pease, born in 
Somers, Conn., June 12, 1742. He removed from Somers to Stafford, Conn., 
resided among the Shakers, then lived in Stafford again nntil about 1820, when 
he went to Marlboro, Vt., and died there. He was a volunteer in the Colonial 
troops that entered upon an expedition which Great Britain sent to take 
Havana, Cuba, during the war with Spain. Only two of the sixty men who 
went from Somers returned. 

Married in Somers, October 6, 1768, ZEPARY COY. 

Children, first four born in Somers 

Elijah Pease, b. Feb. 12, 1770, in Somers. Lived near Somers and later in Staf- 
ford, Conn., finally removed to New York state wliere he left a family. One 
son was WiUiam. 

Johti Pease, b. in Somers, 1780 ; lived in Marlboro, Vt. ; m. but had no children. 

Aaron Pease, b. March 6, 1786 ; d. Feb. 15, 1855. Settled in Marlboro, Vt., and 
d. there. Married, June, 1812, Tabitha Sargent of Spencer, Mass. Children, 
b. in Marlboro: i. Aaron, jr., b. May 15, 1813, lived in Marlboro, m. Dec. 5, 
1838, Louisa S. May, and had eleven children ; ii. Abraham, b. March 8, 1815, 
was living in Warren County, N. Y., in 1865 ; iii. Edmund N., b. Feb. 15, 1817, 
d. May, 1855, not m. ; iv. Isaac, b. Feb. 25, 1819, d. 1836 ; v. Lois, b. March 21, 
1821; vi. Susan E., b. Feb. 1, 1823, lived in Marlboro, m. Jan. 9, 1815, John 
L. A. Winchester ; vii. Eunice, b. Oct. 10, 1825, d. Feb. 2, 1831 ; viii. Zipporah A., 
b. June 10, 1827, d. Feb. 9, 1831 ; ix. Miriam, b. Jan. 28, 1829, d. Feb., 1857, 
m. Oct., 1849, Horatio T. Bellows ; x. Sarah, b. April 28, 1830, d. Sept., 1857 ; 
xi. Mary A., b. May 17, 1832, d. Aug. 26, 1836. 

Polly Pease, b. in Somers. 

Lois Pease. 

Miriam Pease. 

90. KEZIAH5 PEASE, daughter of James* and Abigail (Ford) Pease, born 
October, 1757. 

Married 1784, JOHN SMITH, son of Thomas Smith, born in Springfield, 
Mass., removed to Granville, Mass. Enlisted May, 1775, was discharged Decem- 
ber 10, 1775. (Connecticut State House Records, also War Department Pay 
Roll.) Their sons were all educated at the famous school taught by the 
Reverend Dr. Timothy M. Cooley. 

Children, born in Chanville, Mass. 

Orsamus Smith, b. July, 1786 ; d. young. 

213 John Ford Smith, b. June 19, 1787 ; m. Erpercia Caroline Seward. 

214 Zebina Smith, h. Aug. 7, 1789; d. Sept. 20, 1826; m., March 26, 1820, Sarah 

Towson of Baltimore. 

215 Henry Smith, h. March 4, 1792; d. 1867 ; m. Docinda Cutler. 
George Smith, b. Feb. 28, 1794. 

216 Thomas J. Smith, b. April 3, 1796; d. July, 1869; m. Jane L. Branson. 
Joseph Pease Smith, b. July, 1798 ; d. 1849 ; m. Maria — . Children : 

i. Thomas, d. July, 1869 ; ii. Philip Edwin ; iii. Maria A. ; iv. Albert Zebina. 

217 Allert Gallatin Smith, b. April 30, 1801; m. Sarah Harger. 
Margaret Maritta Smith, b. March 31, 1803 ; d. 1812. 

91. SAMUELS PEASE, son of Richard* and Elizabeth (Parsons) Pease, 
born in Somers, Conn., Aiigust 26, 1756 ; died there July 20, 1842. 
Married 1786, SARAH ROOT, daughter of Timothy Root of Somers. 

Fifth Generation 61 

Children, horn in Somcrs 

Sarah Pease, b. April 16, 1787. 

Ciinthia Pease, b. Oct. 22, 1788; lived in Rodman, N. Y. ; m. May 3, 1809, 
Charles Cook of Somcrs. 

Doroihji Pease, b. Oct. 31. 1791: settled in Somcrs; m., 1818, Timothy Hurlburt. 

Ruly Pease, b. May 13, 1794 ; m., 1817, Cliaunccy Hurlburt and lived in Somers. 

Seth Pease, b. Aug. 7, 1797 ; d. Sept. 28, 1854. He was a farmer in Somers. 
Married, May 13, 1822, Ann Kibbe, daughter of laike Kibbe. Children, b. in 
Somers ; i. Seth P., b. Jan. 31, 1824, lived in Illinois, m. twice, first to Pamelia 
Pomeroy ; ii. Lidora A., b. June 24, 1825, d. aged 13 ; iii. Luke K., b. Sept. 8, 
1828, lived in Somers, m. May 15, 1851, Louisa Kibbe ; iv. Leverett E., lived 
in Somers, m. Sarah J. Brown ; v. Horatio E., m. Carrie T. Bradley ; vi. 
Joseph A., lived in Somers, m. Lidora Hunn. 

Samuel Pease, jr., b. Jan. 20. 1801. 

Solomon Pease, b. Nov. 3, 1804 ; lived in Somers, Conn., and Northampton, Mass. ; 
m. Esther Shaw. No children. 

92. RICHARD^ PEASE, JR., son of Richard^ and Elizabeth (Parsons) 
Pease, born in Somers, Conn., October 28, 1758; died in Somers. He was one 
of the seventy men who marched from Somers to Boston under Captain Emery 
Pease at the first alarm. He continued in service all through the war and 
received the office of Captain. 


Children, horn in Somers 

Richard Pease, b. Sept. 30, 1789; resided in Somers. Married, May 14, 1816, 

Philena Jones, daughter of Benjamin Jones of Somers. Child : Philena, b. and 

lived in Somers ; m. John Russell. 
Luke Pease, b. April 9, 1793 ; d. unm. 
Walter Pease, b. July 4, 1795; d. in Somers, Nov. 8, 1864; m. Jan. 26, 1826, 

Louisa Spencer. Children, b. in Somers : 1. Luke H., b. Nov. 19, 1826, was a 

soap manufacturer in Springfield, Mass., and held the office of City Marshal, 

m. (1) April 28. 1853, Louisa Hall, (2) Dec. 24, 1862, Charlotte Phelps; 

ii. Mary L., b. Feb. 4, 1828, lived in Springfield, m. May 5, 1852, Henry I. 

Fuller ; iii. Newton W., b. Nov. 12, 1830, lived in Springfield, later in Granby, 

Mass., m. (1) Dec. 9, 1855, Augusta M. Lull, (2) Oct. 26, 1863, Harriet E. 

RusseU; iv. Edwin S., b. Nov. 2, 18.32, d. Aug. 5, 1854; v. Luman S., b. 

May 26, 1835, was a banker in San Francisco, Cal., m. May 10, 1866, Agnes 

Gauley ; vi. Sanford C, b. Oct. 5, 1841. 
Orrin Pease, b. June 10, 1797 ; lived in Somers, and d. there June 30, 1852 ; m. 

March 31, 1824, Delina Sexton. Child : Orrin E., b. Sept. 2, 1832, in Somers ; 

lived in Springfield, Mass. ; m., May 11, 1861, Josephine Owen, w-ho d. Aug. 11, 

Alpheus Pease, b. July 18, 1799; lived in Somers, and d. there Oct. 16, 1849. 

Married, Dec. 7, 1825, Clarissa Jones, daughter of Benjamin Jones of Somers. 

Children, born in Somers: i. Alpheus, jr., b. Sept. 23, 1826; ii. Abiel J., b. 

Aug. 11, 1828, d. March 13, 1829; iii. Richard F., b. Feb. 25, 1830, Uved in 

Hartford, Conn., was a merchant, m. Harriet M. Kenyon ; iv. Benjamin J., 

b. June 2, 1840, d. Jan., 1861. 
Sovier Pease, b. Sept. 18, 1801 ; resided in Granby, Mass. ; m. Joseph Montague. 
Austin Pease, b. March 8, 1804. He was a veterinary surgeon in Somers. Married, 

(1) Aug. 23, 1825, Olive Waters; (2) Mary Russell; (3) Sarah Silcox. 

Children by first wife, b. in Somers : i. Olive M.. b. Jan. 10. 18.31, d. in Enfield, 

Conn., Dec. 30, 1865, m. Samuel Slater: ii. Abigail S. ; iii. Austin C. Child 

by third wife : WilKam C, b. May 3, 1853, in Somers. 
Azariah Pease, b. May 22, 1806; d. July 26, 1844; m. in 1841, Abigail Edson. 

Child : Sarah E., b. Feb. 4, 1843 ; d. in infancy. 
Ahigail Pease, b. Aug. 21, 1808 ; d. June 7, 1810. 

93. LUTHER5 WEBB, son of Joshua and Hannah'' (Abbe) Webb, born 
October 24, 1763; died August 2, 1860. Resided in Rockingham, near Bellows 
Falls, Vt. 

62 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married February 9, 1792, DOROTHY WHEELOCK, born Marcb, 1769 ; died 
December 10, 1856. 

Luciiida Webh, b. May 2, 1793. 
Elmira Webh, b. Jan. 15, 1795. 
Candace Webb, b. Oct. 25, 1796 ; d. Oct. 1, 1829. 
Luther Hiram Webb, b. Nov. 12, 1799, in Rockingham, Vt. ; d. Oct. 21, 1847; 

resided in Rockingham. Married, Dec. 15, 1823, Martha B. Bates, b. Aug., 1799. 

Children: i. Martha B., b. Dec. 6, 1824; ii. Harriet J., b. Feb. 26, 1827; 

iii. Jane G., b. Feb. 18, 1829 ; iv. John W., b. Nov. 24, 1830, d. Oct. 22, 1847 ; 

V. James, b. Jan. 12, 1833 ; vi. Joseph L., b. Aug. 1, 1837 ; vii. Hiram P., b. 

March 13, 1842. 
Joseph Mci-ari Webb, b. Sept. 23, 1803, in Rockingham, Vt. ; resided at Bellows 

Falls. Married, Sept. 23, 1839, EUzabeth Foster, b. Aug. 27, 1813. Children: 

i. Charles M., b. Feb. 14, 1841, d. Feb. 20, 1842; ii. WilHam J., b. Aug. 29, 

1843 ; iii. Emma E., b. July 30, 1855. 
Jane Orey Webb, b. Oct. 11, 1807. 
James Warren Webb, b. Oct. 14, 1811, in Rockingham, Vt. Married, Nov. 20, 1834, 

Nancy Farr, b. Oct. 1, 1812. Children: i. Samuel Heber, b. Dec. 10, 1835, 

lives in Rhode Island, m. Dec. 25, 1861, P. Amanda Follet, b. July 17, 1836; 

ii. Joshua H., b. Dec. 9, 1837; iii. Candace E., b. Sept. 14, 1839, d. Nov, 5, 

1857; iv. Mary E., b. Dec. 5, 1841; v. James A., b. July 24, 1843; vi. 

Charles M., b. Oct. 22, 1848. 

94. ELISHA SMITHS WALES, son of Elisha and Mary* (Abbe) Wales, 
born 1752, at Union, Conn. ; died 1805, at Sharon Center, Schoharie County, N. Y. 

Married at Asliford, Conn., March 7, 1775, MARY WATKINS, daughter of 
Edward and Mary (Watkins) Watkins of Ashford. 

Childr e7i 

8arah Wales, b. Jan. 16, 1776; m. Noble Hard of Arlington, Vt. Children: 
i. Martin ; ii. Truman ; iii. Levine ; iv. Hale, physician in Oswego, N. Y. ; 
V. Mary, d. unm. ; vi. Harriet Jane, m. Joseph Howland Coit, and had a son, 
the Reverend Doctor Coit of Concord, N. H. 

Miriam Wales, b. March 28, 1778. Married (1) Patrick Hale, no children; 
(2) Joshua Munroe, of Shaftsbury, Vt. Child : Wales Monroe Munroe. 

Clarissa Wales, m. Simeon Cole of Arlington ; no children. 

Mary Wales, bapt. Sept. 10, 1780. Married (1) Joseph Alexander, by whom she 
had daughters : i. Sarah, who m. Demosthenes Lawyer son of General Lawyer, 
of Lawyersville, Schoharie County, N. Y. ; ii. Eliza, m. Dr. John Lowe of Gilder- 
land, N. Y. Mary Wales m. (2) — Sharp, by whom she had a son Joseph, 

of Sharon, N. Y. Mary Wales m. (3) Hon. Jedediah Miller of Lawyersville, 
as his first wife. 

Ahniron Wales, d. young. 

Elisha Smith Wales, jr., physician, removed to Norwich, N. Y., where he d. aged 29. 
Child : Frances, m. Randall of Norwich. 

Elmira Wales, d. at Lawyersville, N. Y. ; not m. 

Laura Wales, b. June 28, 1787; d. July 22, 1848 (?) in Lawyersville. N. Y. 
Married, (1) Dec. 5, 1811, Captain John Redington ; (2) March 20, 1845, 
Hon. Jedediah Miller of Lawyersville. 

Rowena Wales, m. Dr. Henry Mitchell of Norwich, N. Y., who d. Jan. 12, 1858. 
He was member of Congress during Jackson's Administration. Children : 
i. Maria ; ii. Catharine, d. young ; iii. Harriet ; iv. Mary, m. Samuel Parker 
of Norwich ; v. Jane ; vi. Charles, a physician ; vii. John. 

95. MARY5 WALES, daughter of Elisha and Mary* (Abbe) Wales, died 
September 11, 1806, in Montgomery County, N. Y. 

Married at A.shford, Conn., September 28, 1767, JOHN KEYES, born in 
Ashford, 1744; died April 13, 1824, in Canajoharie, N. Y. He was son of 
Sampson Keyes. He was a commissioned officer in the Connecticut State Army, 
Avas under Colonel Knowlton when he fell at the Battle of Harlem Heights, 
1776, later became General. After the war he emigrated to Vermont but, after 

Fifth Generation 63 

a short time, obtained a grant of land and removed to Canajoharie, N. Y., 
where he resided except for intervals spent with his son, Zachariah, in 

He married (2) at Farmington, Conn., October 18, 1807, MERCY SCOTT, 
who married (2) Captain Palmer of Stillwater, N. Y. 


218 Clarissa Keyes, b. April 30, 1768 ; m. Rev. Winslow Paige. 

Elnaihan Kcyes, b. 1770; was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1790; 
became a lawyer in Burliugton, Vt. ; was in the State Legislature, 1776, 1777, 
1779, 1800 ; removed about 1820 to the vicinity of Rochester, N. Y., where he 
d. in 1853. Married Jane Fellows, daughter of General John Fellows, of 
ShefBeld, Mass. Children : i. John Fellows, m. and had two daughters, Jennie, 

was adopted by an uncle, Judge Edmonds of New York City, m. 

Hamilton, a lawyer of that place, and Mary, who m. Zust of New York 

City ; ii. Stephen, resided in Grand Rapids, Mich. ; iii. Henry, d. in Grand 

Rapids ; iv. Charlotte, m. Wilson, both d. in Auburn, N. Y., she d. in 


Laura Kcycs, d. in Grand Rapids ; m. Thrall. 

219 Zachariah Keyes, b. 1778; m. (1) Lydia Stanton; (2) Nancy Whittaker. 

220 Almira Catherine Keyes, b. 1785 ; m. John Peck. 

96. HEZEKIAH5 (or HEZEKIAH H.) ABBE, son of Richard* and Mary 
(Huntington) Abbe, born in Union, Conn., January 4, 1755; died May 25, 
1841, killed by an accident while stoning up a well at Westminster, Vt. The 
records of the Pension Bureau give this further information about him : enlisted 
from ^Yindham, Conn., April, 1775, 1 montli, private under Captain John 
Kingsley, Colonel Storrs, July 10, 1775; 5 months, private under Captain 
John Ripley, Colonel Jedediah Huntington, February 15, 1776; 2 months, 
corporal under Captain James Dana, Colonel Douglass, September 10, 1776; 
4 months, marine, in Captain Roberts' Company on Ship "Oliver Cromwell," 
William Coit, Commander, August 24, 1778; 1 month, private under Captain 
Chamberlain, all in Connecticut troops; was engaged in tlie battle of Rhode 
Island; applied for a pension, July 25, 1832, then a resident of Westminster 
townsliip, Windham Coiinty, Vt. His eldest child was born in 1778; names of 
wife and children not stated. The schooner ''Oliver Cromwell" mentioned 
above was fitted out in the autumn of 1776 at Norwich for privateer service. 

In the Census of 1790 he is recorded at Pierpont, Grafton County, N. H., 1 
male over 16, 1 male under 16, 3 females in the family. In 1800 the Census 
records him at Rockingham, Vt., 1 male between 26 and 45, 2 females between 
16 and 26, 1 female between 26 and 45, in the family. Some time after this 
he removed to Westminster, Vt. 

Married MARTHA MANNING, born January 15, 1749-50, at Norwich, Conn. ; 
died Ai^ril 17, 1840. She was the daughter of Josiah and Mary (Cook) Manning. 


Eunice Ahhe, h. 1778; d. Aug. 5, 1848, aged 69; not m. 

, d. Aug., 1782, in Windham, Conn. 

Julia Ahhe, b. 1784 ; d. April 18, 1866, aged 82 ; not m. 

221 Hezekiah H. Ahhe, b. Jan. 31, 1785; m. (1) Betsey FuUer ; (2) Anna GoodeU. 

97. MASONS ABBE or ABBEY, son of Richard* and Mary (Huntington) 
Abbe, born April 17, 1759; died in Belchertown, Mass., October 18, 1849. He 
enlisted February, 1777, for three years as a private under Colonel Heman Swift, 
Captains Vine Elderkin and Thomas Converse. In the 1790 Census he appeared 
as of Walpole, Cheshire County, N. H. In 1800 he was recorded in the 

64 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Census at Amherst, Mass., 1 male and 1 female between 26 and 45, 1 male 
between 16 and 26, 1 female between 10 and 16, 2 males and 1 female under 
10. On April 18, 1818, he applied for a pension and was then fifty-nine years 
old, lived at Bclehertown, Mass. In 1820 he had a Avife and seven children 

Married June 20, 1788, SARAH FRISSELL, born July, 1768; died June 12, 
or 18, 1828. She was a sister of Huldah Frissell, v/ho married Charles Barrows 
and had children: Mary, who married Elisha Abbey, and Eli, who married 

Lucretia Abbey, see below. 


James H, Ahiey, b. Nov., 1789 ; no record of death. 

Mat-y Iluntington Abbey, b. March 4, 1791 ; d. April 17, 1864. She joined the 
Bclchertown Church in 1818. Married in Belchertown, Nov. 29, 1831, as his 
second wife, Pliineas Warner of Belchertown. He was b. 1763, son of Ebenezer 
and Diana (Phelps) Warner, and d. in Belchertown, April 9, 1849, aged 86. 
His first wife was Sally Rich by whom he had twelve children ; none by this 

Henry Iluniington Abbey, b. Nov. 11, 1892; d. in Belchertown by drowning, 
July 11, 1813. He joined the Bclchertown Congregational Church in 1812. 

222 Elisha Abbey, b. Jan. 7, 1794; m. (1) Sophronia Tarbell ; (2) Mary Barrows. 
Fannie Abbey, b. May 5, 1797 ; d. Nov. 22, 1885, at DeSmet, S. Dak. She joined 

the Belchertown Church in 1819 and later removed to Amherst. Married (1) 
at Amherst, Thomas Goodale, who had nine children; (2) Feb. 19, 1857, as his 
second wife, Seth M. Warner, b. Dec. 30, 1787; d. Oct. 25, 1862, at Fort 
Atkinson, Wis. He was the son of Eleazer and Elizabeth (Belden) Warner; 
resided for a time in Sunderland, Mass., and m. (1) Marmy Kellogg by whom 
he had ten children, b. in Sunderland 

223 George Abbey, b. Jan. 7, 1801; m. (1) Hannah Gay; (2) Phebe Parsons. 

224 Lucretia Abbey, h. Dec. 13, 1803; m. Eli Barrows. 

Laura Abbey, b. May 7, 1806; d. Dec. 19, 1832. She joined the Bclchertown 
Church in 1819. Married in 1827, Zenas Warner of Dover, Vt., and removed 
to Georgia. They had several children. 

Harriet Abbey, b. March 13, 1809, in Amherst; d. Jan. 15, 1836. Married, as 
his second wife, Feb. 25, 18.35, Daniel Paine of South Hadley, b. July 17, 1797, 
son of Daniel and Mary (Chandler) Paine of South Woodstock, Conn. He was 
a teacher in South Hadley and Amherst and in Rosemond, 111. He m. (1) Irene 
White; (2) Harriet Abbey; (3) Sophronia Warner, by whom he had six 
children; (4) Mrs. Betsey Heywood (Richardson) Smith. Child of Harriet 
Abbey : Harriet Abbey, b. at South Hadley about 1836 ; m. and had one child. 

98. RICHARD^ ABBEY, JR., son of Richard* and Mary (Huntington) Abbey, 
born August 15, 1769, probably in Windham, Conn. ; died in Alexander County, 
111., September 9, 1823. In 1798 a Richard Abbie was one of the residents of 
Whitestown, Oneida County, N. Y., who signed a document. (Oneida County 
Deeds, 5:92.) He is in the 1800 Census of Cazenovia, N. Y., 1 male and 1 female 
between 26 and 45, and a boy and a girl under 10 in the family. In 1805 he 
purchased land in township L of the "Triangle" near Phelps, N. Y. Richard 
and Dolly Abby of Cazenovia made land transfers, recorded in Chenango County, 
N. Y., under dates of April 15, 1799, August 12, 1799 and November 11, 1800. 
He also resided in Canandaigua and Rochester, N. Y., in Norwich, Conn., and 
near Meadville, Pa., about 1812. He is said to have been a commissioned officer 
in the War of 1812, and was wounded at the Battle of Lundy 's Lane. He settled 
in Alexander County, 111., in 1816. 

Married at Cazenovia or Canandaigua, about 1798, DOLLY ELLIS, born in 
Keene, N. H., 1775; baptized bj^ the Reverend John M. Peck about 1824, and 
died on the Gulf of Mexico, August, 1850, aged 75. 


225 Charles Huntington Abbey, b. Jan. 1, 1800; m. (1) St. Clair; (2) Maria 


Fifth Generation 65 

Lorena Abbey, b. iu Rochester, N. Y., about ISOl ; d. in Tallahassee, Fla., about 

Lucinda Abbey, b. in Rochester, about 1802; d. in Tallahassee about 1854. 

226 Richard Abbey, b. Nov. IG, 1805; m. Julia Bates. 
Roswell Abbey, d. in Illinois, aged about five years. 
Elisha Abbey, d. in Illinois, aged about seven years. 

227 Mason Ellis Abbey, b. July 4, 1812 ; m. Harriet Rebecca Newland. 

99. EPAPHRAS'^ RIPLEY, sou of Charles and Tabitha'' (Abbe) Ripley, born 
February 13, 1759; resided iu Rockiugham, Vt. 

Married ANN WEBB. 

Children, order of births not knoicn 

Tabitha Ripley, b. about 1782; d. Oct., 1861, aged 79; resided iu Waddiugton, 

N. Y. 
Shubacl Ripley, b. April 13, 1786; resided in CornwaU, Vt. ; m. 1811, Eunice Hall. 
Charles Ripley, resided at Alstead Centre, N. H. 
Randolph Ripley, resided in Middlebury, Vt. 
Nancy Ripley, m. Jonas Stickney of Goshen, Vt. 
Clarissa Ripley, d. in 1863 ; resided in Goshen, Vt. 
Rhodentia Ripley, m. Joseph Ingalls of Surry, N. H. 

Azuba Ripley, b. Oct. 10, 1793 ; m. Robert Hatch of Waddington, N. Y. 
RandiUa Ripley, resided at Claremont, N. H. 
Octavia Ripley, m. John W. Shipman of Perkinsv'iUe, Vt. 

100. JOHN ABBE5 RIPLEY, son of Charles and Tabitha* (Abbe) Ripley, 
born April 3, 1764, in "Windham, Conn.; died in Canada, 1848 or 9. Revolu- 
tionary soldier. 



Joshua West Ripley, b. Nov. 3, 1794, in Rockingham, Vt. ; d. March 20, 1871. 
Married, Feb. 18, 1824, Rhoda Johnson; d. Nov. 2, 1865, iu Randolph, Vt. 
Children: i. Paschal Paola, b. in Highgate, Vt., 1825, d. 1893, m. B. Scully 
of Burlington, Vt., served in Civil Wai", Company K, 3d Vermont Volunteers, 
musician of Highgate ; ii. Margaret Clark, b. 1832, resided at Randolph, Vt., 
not m. 

101. VINES RIPLEY, sou of Charles and Tabitha* (Abbe) Ripley, born 
November 30, 1769; resided at Tinmouth, Vt. 
Married August 31, 1794, LOIS CRAMPTON. 

Dexter Ripley, b. June 5, 1795. 

Abbie Ripley, b. May 25. 1797 ; m. Henry Woodhouse. 
Calvin Ripley, b. Aug. 28, 1799. 
Mary Ripley, b. April 25, 1801 ; d. Aug. 27, 1862. 
Sally Ripley, b. Feb. 18, 1803 ; m. Boomer Mason. 
Charles Ripley, b. Nov. 10, 1804; resided in East Poultney, Vt. ; m. Jan. 21, 

1830, Sally Gates. Children: i. Almeron B., b. July 30, 1832, m. Ellen M. 

Ames, lived in East Poultney; ii. Charles, jr., b. April 10, 1838. m. Nov. 28, 

1860, Esther C. Morse, had four children, Eddie C. and Emma F. (twins), b. 

Oct. 14, 1861, George H., b. Aug. 12, 1863, and Mary E., b. Feb. 19, 1867; 

iii. James, b. May 13, 1843, m. Anna Ward ; iv. George L., b. June 5, 1845, 

d. Dec. 4, 1846. 
Linns Ripley, b. April 4, 1806; resided in Wells. Vt. ; m. May 5, 1829, Mahala 

Mosher. Children : 1. Jared Francis, b. Aug., 1830 ; fell in the Battle of Shiloh, 

March 7, 1862 ; ii. Nicy, m. Douglas Sykes of Whitewater, Wis. ; iii. Lois, 

resided in Wilmington, 111. ; iv. Edson, b. March 16, 1843 ; d. in the army 

hospital in Washington, D. C. 
Louisa C. Ripley, b. Dec. 22, 1810; m. Leland Houghton; resided in Wilmington, 


66 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Eerriclc Ripley, b. Sept. 14, 1812 ; resided at West Fort Ann, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 22, 
1843, Rebecca Irish. Children: i. Neri F., b. Sept. 7, 1845: ii. Aaron S., 
b. Mav 22, 1846, d. Jan. 28. 1847; iii. Abzina, b. Jan. 16, 1848; iv. Cyrus, 
b. June 18, 1851 ; v. Louisa, b. June 18, 1853 ; vi. Leland H., b. April 22, 1856 ; 
vii. Linus, b. May 4, 1861. 

IVeri Field Ripley, h. July 8, 1815 ; d. Jan. 16, 1863, from a disease contracted in 
the army hospital at Newbern, N. C. Married, 1849, Nancy Gilbert of Wincheu- 
don, Mass. Children : i. Emeline, d. 1864 ; ii. Abbie. 

102. ELEAZER5 WELCH, son of Jeremiali* and Margaret (Hebard) Welch, 
born in Windham, Conn., December 12, 1750; died January 30, 1827. He lived 
in Windham on land inherited from his father. 

Married (1) May 20, 1784, ABIGAIL BROWN, born 1754; died November 
29, 1788. 

Married (2) January 20, 1790, ALATHEA MANNING, born January 25, 1760; 
died December 15, 1837. 

Children hy first wife 

Thomas Welch, b. March 8, 1785 ; lived at Albany, N. Y. 

Betsey Welch, m. (1) Carter; (2) after 1823, Babcock. 

Children hy second unfe 

228 Savmel Mantling Welch, b. Sept. 17, 1791 ; m. Lucia Carey. 
George G. Manning Welch. 
Ganiiel Manning Welch, m. March 4, 1831, Sally Willoby. 

103. JOKN^ WELCH, JR., son of John"' and Abigail (Manning) Welch, born 
in Windham, Conn., February 3, 1750-1; died 1826.^ 

Married September 19, 1782, OLIVIA FITCH, who died November 21, 1813. 


Aligail Welch, b. Nov. 18, 1783 ; m. May 5, 1830, James Trowbridge of Ashford, 

Thomas Welch, b. in Windham, April 4 or 14, 1785; d. in Ypsilanti, Mich., Sept. 4, 
1869. He went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to reside with his son. Married Laura 
Lathrop, daughter of John Lathrop, b. in Windham, Feb. 8, 1795 ; d. at the 
residence of her daughter in Stamford, Conn., July 16, 1857. Children : i. Julia 
Maria, b. in Pomfret, Conn., May 25, 1817, m. in Windham. March 6, 1843, 
Rev. E. B. Huntington of Norwich, Conn., lived in Stamford, and had two 
children, Julia Swift, b. Sept. 1, 1846, and Clara Louise, b. July 27, 1848; 
ii. Thomas Henry, b. in Windham, Sept. 5, 1822, removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, 
m. Jan. 7, 1849, Clara Kent, had four children, Charles Irving, b. at Willi- 
mantic. Conn., Sept. 16, 1849, Eliza Lane, b. Aug. 6, 1851, d. Feb. 23, 1853, 
Clara Ellen, b. Jan. 23, 1853, d. in Cincinnati, Aug. 4, 1855, and Nettie Louise, 
b. in Cincinnati, Aug. 1, 1857. 

Jerusha Welch,, b. Feb. 24, 1787; m. Elisha Payne. 

Maria Welch, b. May 28, 1789; m. Stowell Lincoln, b. about 1778. Children: 
i. George; ii. Dwight. 

John Welch, 3d, b. Oct. 6, 1791 ; not m. 

Olive Welch, b. June 14, 1795 ; m. Augustus Burnham. 

104. ASHBEL-' WELCH, son of John* and Abigail (Manning) Welch, born 
April 21, 1764, in Windham, Conn. ; died in New Hartford, N. Y., July 20, 1826. 
He removed to New York State after 1802; resided in Nelson, Madison County, 
in 1809, in Deerfield in 1816, later in Utica. 

Married in Windham, October 15, 1795, MARGARET DORRANCE, born 
about 1776 at Voluntown, Conn.; died in Albany, N. Y., June 4, 1830. Daughter 
of George and Alice (Trumbull) Dorrance. 

Fifth Generation 67 

Children, horn in Windlnnn, except last 

229 ISylrcstcr Welch, b. Jan. 11, 1798; m. (1) Sarah G. Stannaril ; (2) Mrs. Arabella 

(Scott) Davis. 

William Welch, b. Dec. 11, 1800; d. uear Jolinstown, Pa., Doc. 29, 1830; m.. 
June 22, 1S2G, Rachel Maria Harris. Child (others d. in infancy) : i. Edwin 
Harris, b. at Johnstown, Pa., March 23, 1828 ; lived at Lockhaven, Pa. ; m., 
May 15, 18G0. Elizabeth H. Fidlor, who d. Sept. 8, 1893; had children: 
(1) William Harris, lives in Canandaigua, N. Y. ; m. Graces Raines, daughter 
of Senator Raines of New York and has had five children: Catharine, b. 1890; 
Edith, b. 1891 ; Paulino, b. 1892, and d. aged 7 months ; Alice Irene, b. July 20, 
1897, and WiUiam Harris, jr., b. about 1900; (2) Lizzie Helena, not m. ; 
(3) Carrie, d. young; (4) Paul, b. July 17, 1869; m. and had a daughter b. 
May, 1912, and d. young. 

Ashhcl (1) Welch, b. 1803; d. young. 

230 Ashbel (2) Welch, jr., b. Dec. 4, 1809; m. Mary Hammond Seabrook. 

105. MOSES COOKS WELCH, son of Daniel* and Martha (Cook) Welch, 
born in North Mansfield, Conn., February 14, 1754; died April 21, 1824. He 
was graduated from Yale in 1772 and taught the Proprietor's School — a grammar 
school — in "Windham for some time. He then studied law for a year in the 
office of Honorable Eliphalet Dyer, one of the judges of the Superior Court. 
For a time he was with Samuel Nott engaged in the manufacture of saltpetre, 
and served a jteriod in the army. He then studied theology with Dr. Salter of 
Mansfield and Reverend Stephen White of Windham, and was ordained in 1782. 
He was a preacher of more than ordinary ability, esteemed not only at home 
but in adjoining localities. He succeeded his father as pastor of the North 
Mansfield Church in 1782. In 1822 he was a member of the Corporation of 
Yale College and received the honorary degree of D.D. from Dartmouth College 
in 1824. 

The Phenix or Windham Herald for May 21, 1796, contains the following 
announcement : — 

Just published at Norwich, and to be sold at this office, 

price 9^1, 

The Addressor Addressed ; 

Or a Letter to the Correspondent ; 

Containing some free remarks on his "Address to the Rev. Moses C. Welch." 

Humbly dedicated to the Honorable Zephaniah Swift, Esq. 

By Moses C. Welch, A.M. 

Married (1) November 10, 1784, CHLOE EVANS, daughter of Randall Evans 
of Phanouth, Conn. She died September 11, 1789. 

Married (2) February 8, 1791, CHARISSA ASHLEY, daughter of Reverend 
Jonathan Ashley, Yale 1730, of Deerfield, Mass, and Dorothy Williams, daugh- 
ter of Reverend William Williams, Harvard 1683, of Hatfield. She died June 
2, 1806. 

Married (3) December 23, 1807, SALLY DAGGETT RUSSELL, daughter of 
Reverend Noahdiah Russell of Thompson, Conn. Slie died March 6, 1815. No 

Married (4) December 26, 1815, MRS. MARY LEECH, widow of Amos Leech 
of Lebanon, Conn. She died at North Mansfield, August 28, 1830. No children 
by this marriage. 

Children hy first icife 

Daniel Welch, b. Aug. 11, 1785 ; d. at Conway, Mass., Aug. 29, 1803. 

Bela Welch, b. Feb. 6, 1787; d. at Woodville, Miss., Dec. 4, 1826; m. Jan. 20, 
1812, Emily Trask. Child : Augustus, d. in Woodville about 1847. 

Chloe Welch, b. Oct. 13, 1788; d. March 14, 1867; m. Oct. 10, 1810, Levi Turner. 
Children : i. Chauncey Welch, b. Aug. 30, 1811 ; ii. Jonathan Ashley, b. Sept. 6, 
1814, d. March 5, 1849; iii. William, b. Aug. 12, 1817, d. June 16, 1861; 

68 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

iv. Moses Cook. b. Aug. 6, 1819, d. iMay 15, 1873; v. Levi Melancthon, b. 

May 30, 1823, lived in Willimantic, Conn., m. , who d. in 1900, had a 

son, Archibald Welch, m. and lived in "Willimantic in 1900. 

Children hy second wife 

Jonathan Ashley Welch, b. Feb. 4, 1792 ; d. Sept. 9, 1859. Graduate of Yale, 1813 ; 
lawyer in Brooklyn, Conn. Married, (1) July 14, 1818, Mary Devotion Baker, 
who d. Nov. 3, 1845. Married (2) Harriet Viol, b. 1792; widow of Judge Fitch 
of Mansfield. Children by first wife only : i. Ebenezer Baker, b. Feb. 20, 1821, 
lived in Boston in 1901 ; ii. Mary Charissa, b. May 21, 1823, lived in Brooklyn, 
Conn., in 1899, m. Henry M. Cleveland; iii. Louis, b. Oct. 22, 1825, graduate 
of West Point in 1845, lost his health in the Mexican War, and d. March 24, 
1848; iv. Charles, b. June 9, 1828, d. March 10, 1867, not m. ; v. Joseph A., 
b. Aug. 13, 1830, d. April 11, 1901, lawyer in New York City, his wife, Mary, 
d. June, 1900 ; vi. James Edward, b. July 28, 1833, d. April 28, 1892, merchant 
in New York City ; vii. Elizabeth Jane, b. May 21, 1837, lived in Brooklyn, 
Conn., 1899. 
231 Archiiald Welch, b. March 13, 1794 ; m. Cynthia Hyde. 

106. THOMAS^ WELCH, son of DanieP and Martha (Cook) Welch, born in 
North Mansfield, Conn., Tebruary 22, 1757; died in Enfield, Conn., March 22, 
1832, to which place he had removed in 1806. 

Married November 27, 1788, LUCINDA PIERCE, born September 14, 1769; 
died in the town of Somers, Conn., January 25, 1854. 


Martha Welch, h. Feb. 24, 1790 ; d. Feb. 2, 1854. 

Harriet (1) Welch, b. Feb. 20. 1792; d. June 15, 1811. 

Jerusha Welch, b. Nov. 14, 1794 ; d. Nov. 11, 1873 ; lived at Enfield ; m. Jesse 

Cady of Somers. No children. 
Marcus Welch, b. Nov. 27, 1795; d. April 7, 1872; lived at Homer, N. Y. ; m. 

Lucy . Their first four children died. Others were : William, proprietor 

of a paper at Syracuse, N. Y. ; Albert, a tailor in Syracuse. 
Lucas Welch, b. Dec. 19, 1797; d. March 10, 1879; lived at Homer; m. Almira 

Pierce. Children : i. Martha Jane, m. Walter Jones, Kved at Homer ; ii. 

Maria Slocum, m. Dr. Samuel Harris of Syracuse, who d. two years after 

marriage, and she taught in the public schools of that city for twelve years ; 

iii. Adeline, m. Harry Corvin and had a daughter who m. Greenwood, 

pastor of the First Baptist Church of Meriden, Conn. ; iv. . 

Charissa Ashley (1) Welch, b. March 21, 1800; d. at Mansfield, Oct. 4, 1802. 
Daniel Welch, b. July 19, 1802 ; d. Jan. 28, 1878, in Enfield ; m. Dolly R. Ohnsted 

of Enfield. Child : L. Augusta, resided in Springfield, Mass., in 1900 ; furnished 

the data about her grandfather's family. 
Charissa Ashley (2) TFe/c7i, b. May 19, 1804; d. at Chicopee, Mass., July 28, 

1879 ; m. Lewis Chapin. Children : i. Theodore L., of Chicopee ; ii. Thomas W., 

of Chelsea, Mass. ; iii. Lucas E., of Fort Dodge, Iowa ; iv. C. Amelia, d. . 

Caroline Matilda Welch, b. April 8, 1807; d. Feb. 9, 1890; lived at Enfield; m. 

Calvin King. Children : i. Calvin Oscar, d. ; ii. Caroline Lucinda, m. 

Samuel Booth, lives at Enfield ; iii. Thomas Erskine, lives at New Britain, 

Conn., m. Louise Abbe, daughter of Simeon Abbe ; iv. Harriet, d. . 

Beniiet Spafford Welch, b. July 9, 1809; d. Dec. 4, 1877; lived at Enfield; m. 

Elizabeth Killam. Children : i. Henry B., lives at Coventry ; ii. Mary Elizabeth, 

m. Guy C. Allen, lives at Belchertown, Mass. ; iii. . 

Harriet (2) Welch, b. Sept. 18, 1811; d. April 8, 1846; lives at Mouson, Mass.; 

m. George Wilson. Their first three children d. young ; a daughter m. Thomas 

H. Stiles and lives in Monson. 

107. GURD0N5 WELCH, son of Daniel* and Martha (Cook) Welch, born 
May 31, 1761. Lived in Windham, Conn. 

Married December 9, 1789, MARY MANNING, daughter of Hezekiah and 
Mary (Webb) Manning. 

Fifth Generation 69 


Henry Welch, b. Sept. 2G, 1790; lived aiul d. at Norwich; m. three times. ChiUl 
by first wife : George, m. and lives in New Haven. Child by second wife : 
Sarah. Children by third wife: i. Hannah; ii. and iii. Emma and Emily 
( twins ) . 

Lucius Welch (twin), b. June 14, 1794, at Windham; m. Sophia Backus, daughter 
of Luther Backus. Children: i. Martha; ii. Merritt Manning, b. in Windham, 
lives in Williniantic, m. Ellen Bennet and has four children, Edith, Martha, 
Bert, who was a student at Yale Law School, went to the Cuban War and later 
to Wyoming, and Merritt, who went to Wyoming with his brother. 

Lewis Welch (twin), b. June 14, 1794, at Windham; d. 1869; m. Mrs. Betsey 
(Gilmore) Welch, widow of his brother Gurdon. Children: i. George, b. Feb. 1, 
1838 ; ii. Fannie Sophia, b. June 19, 1841. 

Gurdon Welch, b. Sept. 1, 1797, at AVindham ; lived there and d. before 1838; m. 
Betsey Gilmore. Children: i. William Gilmore, b. Jan. 10, 1823, d. Dec. 10, 
1823; ii. Lewis Cook, b. Feb. 28, 1825, in Windham, carpenter, lecturer and 

author, m. Barnes, sold the homestead of his great-great-grandfather 

in 1869; iii. Mary Ann, b. Aug. 18, 1828, m. Feb. 19, 1849, John Rouse, b. 
1822, had two children, Adelaide and DeForest ; iv. Jane Cornelia, b. March 
23, 1S30. m. March 14, 1840, Albert Backus, and had nine children, Ellen, 
Edgar, Irwin, Sarah, Fred, Charles, Eva. Frank, and Walter ; v. Adaline, b. in 
Windham, April 23, 1832, m. Dec. 19, 1852, Silas L. Rouse, b. Sept. 16, 1828, 
d. in Mansfield, Aug. 27, 1908, had four children, Arthur, b. March 30, 1859, 
Agnes, b. Feb. 24, 1862, m. Henry W. Hyde of Williniantic and had a sou 
Rulof, Ernest, b. Sept. 29, 1865, and Catharine, b. Nov. 4, 1871, m. Dr. Fred- 
erick Ernest Wilcox, lives at Willimantic, has no children. 

108. SOPHIA^ WELCH, daughter of Daniel* and Martha (Cook) Welch, 
born September 27, 1771 ; died November 25 or December 2, 1837. 

Married November 29, 1798, GURDON BARROWS, born in Mansfield, July 
1, 1775; died February 14, 1823; son of Thomas and Eleanor (Cross) Barrows. 
Lived in North Parish, Mansfield. 

Children, born in Mansfield 

Martha Barrotcs, b. Nov. 8. 1799 ; d. Sept. 8, 1802. 

Sophia Barrows, b. April 27, 1801; d. Sept. 25, 1801. 

Thomas Barroics, h. Sept. 4, 1802 ; d. May 11, 1843 ; m. Dec, 1830, Almira Royce, 
daughter of James Royce. Children : i. George F., b. Nov., 1831, studied 
medicine at New Haven and New York University, graduating in March, 1855, 
d. April 5, 1855 ; ii. Francis C, served in the Civil War in the 10th Connecticut 
Volunteers and received a severe wound in one of the battles ; iii. Delia A., 
m. (1) Albert Snow, (2) Charles D. Rider of Wilhngton ; iv. Ashley W\, 
served in the Ci\il War in the 27th Massachusetts Volunteers ; three other 
children d. in infancy. 

Martha Cook Barroics, h. Aug. 31. 1804; m. Harry Crane of Mansfield and had 
nine children, six of whom were living in 1864. 

Cook Welch Barroics, h. Jan. 23, 1807 ; d. Jan. 18, 1824. 

Sophronia Barrows, h. Feb. 9, 1811 ; d. April 3, 1818. 

Charles Barroics, b. Dec. 19. 1813; teacher in Springfield many years; d. March 
9, 1903; m., Sept. 5, 1838, Lydia Smith, daughter of Seth Smith of West 
Springfield. Children: i. Mary Sophia, b. Sept. 5, 1840, d. Feb. 20, 1852; 
ii. Jane Elizabeth, b. Aug. 10. 1843, d. April 5, 1849; iii. Charles Henrv (1), 
b. March 7, 1850, d. Sept. 14, 1850; iv. Charles Henry (2), b. Aug. 4, 1853. 

109. NATHANIEL^ FLINT, 3D, son of Nathaniel, jr., and Sarah* (Bidlack) 
Flint, bom in Windham, Conn., July 15, 1745. Resided in Hampton. 

Married in Windham, May 23, 176- LUCY MARTIN, born May 3, 1747, 
daughter of Ebenezer and Jerusha ( ) Martin; died in Braintree, Vt., 
September, 1813. 

70 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children, first tico iorti in Windham, others in Hampton 

Lucy Flint, b. July, 176-. 

Sarah Flint, b. Sept. 2, 1769; m. Charles Preston. 

JSlathaniel Flint, 4th, b. Jan. 2, 1772; killed by the limb of a tree, July », 1841. 
Married, June 20, 1793, Eunice Moulton, daughter of Samuel Moulton of 
Hampton ; d. in Mansfield about 1850. Children, b. in Hampton : i. Eunice, 

b. Nov. 28, 1794 ; ii. Sally, b. July 8, 1797, m. Northrop ; iii. Nathaniel, 

b. April 19, 1800, m. Sophronia Sessions (?) ; iv. Lucy, b. July 27, 1802, m. 

Baucus(?) ; v. Betsey, b. July 1.3, 1804, m. EUsha Martin; vi. Anna 

Waldo, b. Sept. 1, 1806, m. Abbe; vii. Lydia, b. Aug. 28, 1808; viii. 

Sophia, b. July 4, 1810, d. April 6, 1842; ix. Ebenezer, b. July 8, 1812; x. 
Esther, b. Oct. 29, 1814, d. May 4, 1846, m. Chapin. 

Amasa Flint, b. Aug. 25, 1774 ; m., Sept. 10, 1795, Hannah Martin, daughter of 
Benjamin and Lucy ( ) Martin of Hampton. Children, b. in Hampton: 

i. Lucy, b. Sept. 21, 1796 ; ii. Amasa, b. Aug. 9, 1798. 

Eunice Flint, b. April 19. 1777; m. William Moulton. 

Eienezer Flint, b. April 20. 1779. 

Betsey Flint, b. Feb. 18, 1780 ; d. unm. in Vermont, aged about 25 years. 

110. ISAAC'^ ABBE, son of Ebenezer*, jr., and Abigail (Gary) Abbe, bom 
in Windham, Conn., July 25, 1733; died April, 1788. He resided in North 
"Windham. His will, made September 3, 1785, probated April 30, 1788, mentions 
his wife Eunice, and sons Isaac, jr., and Abner. (Windham Probate Records, 
Vol. 12, pages 262, 348.) 

Married, as recorded at Ashford, Conn., by Ebenezer Wales, Justice of the 
Peace, April 5, 1753, EUNICE CHURCH, who died after 1788. In the marriage 
record both are described as of Ashford. 

Children, hirths recorded in Windham 

Isaac AUe, b. Oct. 31, 1753. 

232 Eunice Ahhe, b. April 12, 1755 ; m. Jonah Lincoln. 

233 Anna Ahhe, b. March 14, 1757 ; m. Jeremiah Lincoln. 

234 Alner Alhc, b. Nov. 5, 1758 ; m. Sarah Swetland. 
Susannah Ahhe, b. Nov. 15, 1760. 

Zerviah Ahhe, b. April 10, 1762. 
Joseph Ahhe, b. June 5, 1763 ; went west. 
2.35 Nathaniel Ahhe, b. July 13, 1765; m. Tabitha Hazen. 
Lucy Ahhe, b. Feb. 4, 1769. 
Sarah Ahhe, b. March 4, 1771 ; m. John Stimpson of Chaplin. 

111. JACOBS ABBE, son of Ebenezer*, jr., and Abigail (Gary) Abbe, born 
August 23, 1741; baptized at Windham, Conn. Tlie following records probably 
all refer to this man. Served in Elkanah Day's Company, August 21, 1776, and 
in Hatch's Company of Minute Men in Cumberland County Militia. (Vermont 
Revolutionary Rolls.) Jacob Abbe and Sarah liis wife "of Westminster in the 
County of Chester in the Province of New York" deeded to Daniel Kimball of 
Pomfret, land in Windham, Conn., part of the land set off to Sarah by the 
estate of her father, John Richardson, late of W^indham, Conn., November 23, 
1767. (W^indham Land Records, Liber M, page 446.) Jacob Abbey, an inhabitant 
of Westminster and others, many of them soldiers in the late war and now 
living on the land annexed to New York, petition to be re-annexed to New 
Hampshire, January 27, 1771. Jacob Abbee of W^estminster, Windham County, 
Vt., in the 1790 Census had 3 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 6 females in his 
family. In the 1800 Census he is recorded, 1 male and 1 female over 45, 2 
males and 2 females between 26 and 45, 2 males and 1 female between 16 and 
26, 1 female between 10 and 16, 1 female under 10. 

Married at Windham, Conn., July 7, 1765, SARAH RICHARDSON, daughter 
of John Richardson of Windham, 

Fifth Generation 71 


Sarah Ahhc, b. 1767. 

Daniel Ahhe, b. 1709. He is probably the Daniel Abbey who m. Eliza and 

had a son Ix-a, who m. Sarah and had an only son Daniel N., b. in North 

Hudson. Essex County, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1840, lives in Gloversville. 

Xathaii Abie, b. 1771. 

Zarriah Ahhe, b. 177o. 

Jaeoh Ahhe, jr., b. 1778. 

EUpha Ahbe, b. 1780. 

Anna Ahbe, b. 1784. 

112. JOHN"' ABBE, son of Ebcnezer^ jr., and Abigail (Gary) Abbe, bom 
August 22, 1743, at "Windliam, Conn. Some of the following records doubtless 
refer to John, the son of Ebenezer. John Abbe with others, inhabitants of 
Cumberland and Gloucester in New Hampshire, were in the ''grants con- 
troversy," and petitioned the king for relief, November 1, 1770. (Documentary 
History of New York, Vol. 4, page G66.) He qualified at a freeman's meeting 
in AVestminster, Vt., March 27, 1781, among 70 others. John Abbe deeded 
property to Captain David Pleaton of Westminster, March 8, 1784. The 1800 
Census records one John Abbe, probably not this one, at Rockingham, Vt., 1 
male and 1 female between 26 and 45, 1 male between 10 and 16, 3 males and 
1 female under 10, in the familj^ In 1790 John Abbee was living in West- 
minster, Windham Count}^, Vt., 3 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 5 females 
in the family. 

MaiTied, probably 1764, ABIAL (ABIEL) AVERILL, daughter of John and 
Mary (Phippen) Averill; baptized in Topsfield, Mass., November 26, 1738. She 
was living February 13, 1797, at Westminster, Vt. Mentioned in her father's 
will, 1797, "Abiel the wife of" John Abby." 

Children (from Westminster Town Records) 

Ebenezer Abbe, b. xVpril 22, 1765; d. May 18, 1791. 
Abigail Abbe, b. July 3, 1767. 

, d. at birth, April 26, 1769. 

John (1) Ahbe, jr., b. March 26. 1770; d. Oct. 26, 1775. 

Olive (1) Abbe, b. April 26, 1772; d. Nov. 2, 1774. 

Amos Ahbe, h. April 9, 1774. 

Olive (2) Ahhe, h. Sept. 26, 1776; d. Jan. 2, 1778. 

Mary Abbe, b. Nov. 7, 1778. 

Ahial Abbe, b. April 8, 1781. 

John (2) Ahhe, jr., b. Sept. 22, 1783. 

Phehc Abhe, b. Nov. 2, 1785. 

David Ahbe, b. Oct. 28, 1788. 

113. ZIBEAH ABBE, daughter of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., June 11, 1737. 

^Married in Windham, May 19, 1757, JONATHAN WALES, born April 11, 
1738, son of Nathaniel and Prudence (Denison) Wales. He was a farmer in 

Children, horn in Windhayn 

Roger Wales, b. Feb. 7, 1759. 

WiUinm Wales, b. March 1, 1764; m. April 24, 1779. Sarah Tinker. Children: 
1. Sally, b. Jan. 24, 1782 ; ii. Lydia, b. April 28, 1784 ; iii. George, b. May 12, 
1787 ; iv. Polly, b. July 5, 1789 ; v. Laura, b. April 13, 1792 ; vi. Lucy, b. Jan. 
9, 1795. 

Shuhael Wales, b. March 7, 1766. 

72 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

114. RACHEL'^^ ABBE, daughter of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born 
February 6, 1738-9, in North Windham, Conn.; died June 22, 1795, buried in 
Woodstock, Conn. A lasting memorial of her patriotism aroused by the neAvs 
of Lexington in April, 1775, is found in Woodstock. 

Rachel Abbe of Windham, now Mrs. Samuel McClellan, shared in the patriotic fervor 
which so characterized the women of her native town, and after fitting out her husband 
and his horsemen, she set out memorial trees in honor of the joyful occasion. Four 
sapling elms brought up on horseback from the old Windham homestead, were carefully 
transplated into the soil of Woodstock — two in front of her dwelling and two on the 
slope of the adjoining common. Nurtured with care and pains they soon took root and 
flourished and for more than an hundred years have told the story of Lexington. True 
trees of Liberty, they have grown up with the Nation, and still stand in majestic beauty, 
living witnesses to the patriotism and devotion of the women of Windham County. 

Married in Windham, as his second wife, March 5, 1766, SAMUEL MC CLEL- 
LAN, born January 4, 1730, in Worcester, Mass.; died September 17, 1807, in 
Woodstock, Conn. ; buried there. His parents emigrated from Kircudbright, on 
the Firth of Solway in Scotland. He married (1) November 16, 1757, Jemima 
Chandler, by whom he had children: Samuel, William, Lemuel and Polly. He 
married (3) July 3, 1798, Mrs. Eunice Folunsbee of Worcester. 

Samuel MeClellan served as Ensign and Lieutenant of a company in the 
French war and was wounded in battle. Upon his return from the provincial 
campaign he purchased a farm in Woodstock, married and settled there. He 
later engaged in mercantile business and established an extensive trade, import- 
ing his own goods and supplying neighboring merchants. When the Revolution 
put a stop to his trade he trained and equipped the countj^ militia. A fine troop 
of horse was raised in Woodstock, Pomfret and Killingly, of which he became 
commander. He rose by promotions until 1784 when he was Brigadier-General 
of the 5th Brigade, Connecticut militia. In 1776 his regiment was ordered into 
service and stationed in and about New Jersey. He was solicited by General 
Washington to join the Continental Army and was offered an important com- 
mission biit his domestic and business affairs compelled him to refuse. After 
the invasion and burning of New London and the massacre at Fort Groton, he 
was appointed over the troops stationed at those points and continued the com- 
mand until the close of the war, acting as commissary in the purchase and for- 
warding of provisions for the army when not otherwise in active service. He 
returned to mercantile business after the war bitt soon gave it up to manage 
his extensive estates. He was highly esteemed as a Christian gentleman and 
was honored by his townsmen by many important offices. 

Children hy Rachel Ahbe, lorn in Woodstock 

2.36 John McClellan, b. Jan. 4, 1767 ; m. Faith Williams. 
237 Atma (Nancy) McClellan, b. May 7, 1768 ; m. John Lovett. 

2.38 James McClellan, b. Sept. 20, 1769; m. (1) Eunice Eldridge; (2) Nancy 
Eld ridge. 
Nathaniel (1) McClellan, b. Dec. 4, 1770; d. aged 4 years; buried in Woodstock. 

239 Mary Lucretia (or Lucrctia Mary) McClellan, b. May 15, 1773; m. Ebenezer 

Elizabeth McClellan, b. Nov. 20, 1775 ; d. aged three weeks ; buried in Woodstock. 

240 Nathaniel (2) McClellan, b. Jan. 16, 1777 (?) ; m. (1) Grace Malbone ; (2) Olive 


241 Judah Alden McClellan, b. May 25, 1780 ; m. Elizabeth White. 

115. MARY= ABBE, daughter of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., December 21, 1740; died 1804. 

Married in Windham, March, 1770, NATHANIEL HIBBARD, son of Paul 
and Deborah (Lawrence) Hibbard, born in Windham, January 18, 1741; died 
in Windham, May 30, 1803. 

Fifth Generation 73 

Children, horn in Windham 

242 Ourdon Ilihhard, b. Oct. 29, 1770 : m. Irene Frink. 

243 Augustus Jlihhard, b. Feb. 1, 1772 ; m. Bathsheba Lcarued. 
Oliver Jlihhard, h. 1773 ; d. unm. 

Shuhacl Hihhnrd, h. June <). 177."): d. Nov. 8, 18.'12 ; m. Lucy Hovey who d. July 
16, 1849. Children : i. Frederick H.. b. in Windham, Nov. 29, 1799, d. in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1850, in. Margaret Flora Emanuel, was Master of 
packet ships between London and New York, at that time the highest position 
in the merchant navy, was in the employ of Grinnell, Minturn & Company for 
thirty-five years, rose to a position of influence and ownership, left large 
bequests to the Brooklyn Hospital at his death ; ii. Emily, b. Sept. 16, 1803, 
m. Elisha H. Mansfield ; iii. Lucy, b. Sept. 20, 1807, d. July 10, 1852. 

244 :S^athanicl Uilhard, jr., b. July 15, 1781; m. Susan P. Congdon. 

116. ZERVIAH^ ABBE, danglitcr of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born 
January 7, 1743, in North Windham, Conn.; died May 17, 1825; buried in 
Windham. Lived in Windham. 

Married in Windham, May 15, 1767, NATHANIEL WEBB, born in Windham, 
August 5, 1737; died in Windham, January 25, 1814; buried there. He was 
son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Fitch) Webb, and uncle to Jerusha Webb, who 
married Elisha^ Abbe, his brother-in-law; was gi-aduated from Yale, 1757; 
merchant and county surveyor in 1765; Revolutionary soldier in 1776, Adjutant 
and Lieutenant, with Colonel Jolm Durkee's Company, 4th Connecticut Regiment, 
at the battles of Trenton and Princeton, Captain in the same Regiment. Ho 
was with Washington at Valley Forge. 

Nathaniel Webb 's ancestry is as follows : Christopher Webb came from 
Barking, Essex, England, in 1620; Christopher" Webb married Hannah Scott, 
settled in Braintree, Mass.; SamueP Webb married Mary Adams, aunt of Presi- 
dent John Adams; Nathaniel* Webb married Elizabeth Fitch, descendant of 
Rev. James Fitch, minister at Saybrook and Norwich. 

Children, births recorded in Windham 

245 Henry Well), b. Sept. 2, 1768 ; m. Hannah Clift. 

Mary Welh, b. Sept. 23, 1770 ; m. as his second wife Lebbeus Larrabee of Wind- 
ham. She had one son, Timothy, who was graduated at West Point and d. in 

Ann Weih, b. Nov. 5, 1772 ; m. Andrew Edgerton and settled in Michigan. 

Lucretia Wehh, b. May 8, 1775; d. Jan. 16, 1843, in Akron, Ohio, at the home 
of her daughter. Married, as his second wife, March 14, 1795, Zephaniah Swift, 
b. Feb. 27, 17!59, in Wareham, Mass.; d. Sept. 27, 1823, while on a visit to 
Warren, Ohio, where his children lived. He was the son of Roland Swift ; was 
graduated from Yale, 1757; m. (1) Jerusha Watrous ; was a lawyer in Wind- 
ham, Conn. He represented his county in the Legislature in 1787 and later; 
was clerk for four sessions and speaker in Oct., 1792 ; representative in Congress, 
1793 and later ; was in the Upper House of State Legislature, 1799 ; Judge of 
Superior Court and Chief Justice. He published, among other works, a "Digest 
of the Laws of Connecticut," and assisted in revising the laws of the state in 
1818. The degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him by Yale in 1815, 
and by Middlcbury College in 1821. He had, by Lucretia Webb, a son and a 

George Washington Wcbh, b. Aug. 9, 1779, in Windham, Conn. Resided at Wind- 
ham Centre. Married in Windham, March, 1806, Mary (Polly) Lee, daughter 
of Dr. Samuel Lee of Windham. Children, born in Windham : i. Lucy, b. Nov. 
24, 1806, m. Reuben Fairbanks, resided in Brooklyn, Conn., had five children; 
ii. Julia, b. Feb. 17, 1809, m. Evans, resided in Victoria, Mo. 

Charles Lee Wehh, b. Oct. 8, 1781 ; merchant in Litchfield, Conn. ; m. 

Cheney of Pomfret, Conn. 

117. SHUBAEL' ABBE, son of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born in 
North Windham, Conn., November 9, 1744; died April 16, 1804. The following 

74 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

epitaph, from the okl Windham burying-ground, gives a clear account of this 
worthy citizen: 

In memory of SHUBAEL ABBE, Esq., who died suddenly April 16, 1804, aged 59. 
He graduated at Yale College in 1764. He was several years in the business of 
merchandise, and by his own exertion became largely engaged in husbandry. In 1783 
he was appointed Sheriff of the County of Windham and continued in the most 
unexceptionable manner to discharge the duties of that office till his death. He was 
often chosen a Representative of the town, in 1798, he was appointed by the Presi- 
dent one of the Commissioners of the land tax. And by the Assembly one of the 
Committee to manage the school funds. In domestic life he was indulgent and decisive. 
In public business, active, punctual, and correct. In his attachment to civil and 
religious institutions he was exemplary, and to the poor and afflicted humane and 
generous. His abilities and integrity secured to him the esteem and confidence of his 
feUow Citizens, and his death was extensively and deeply regretted. 

He left a widow, three sons and five daughters to mourn an irreparable loss. 

Tears flow nor cease where Abbe's ashes sleep, 
For him a wife and tenderest children weep, 
And Justly — for few shall ever him transcend, 
A husband, parent, and a faithful friend. 

He received the degree A.B. from Yale College in 1764 and A.M. in 1767. 

His inventory, taken May 8, 1804, denotes an estate of $29,412.85; papers 
mentioning the widow and children. (Windham Probate Records, Vol. 15, pages 
111, 176, 362, 468.) 

The following letter, found among some old papers by Dr. J. H. Weeks of 
Stonington, Conn., was given by him to Professor Cleveland Abbe : 


Windham August 4th 1803 — 

Your's, inclosing a Writ of Attachment vs. Stephen Congdon have received, & noted 
the contints, said Congdon lives on my fai-m, have taken his body and Bonds for his 
appearance to Court, he expects in the Course of next week to see Mr. Potter, to 
wliom the note was given and endeavor to settle the same. Let that be as it may 
I shall return the Writ in Season unless you send me word to the contrary 

I am Sir with esteem 

Y''our Hum'b Servt 
Addressed : Shubael Abbe 

Windham 4 August 10 

Coddington Billings Esq^' 
The postmaster is requested to forward this immediately 

Shubael Abbe's 
Letter Augt 4tii 1803. 

Shubael Abbe married in Windham, January 26, 1774, LUCY CHESTER, who 
died in Windham, June 21, 1818, aged 66 years. 

Children, born in Windham 

246 Lucy Ahhe. b. May 21, 1778; m. Elijah Waterman. 

247 Nancy Ahhe, b. Feb. 24, 1780; m. Samuel Uarhng. 

Lucretia Ahhe (twin), b. Jan. 12, 1782; d. in New York State; m. in Windham, 
April 12, 1804, Zephaniah Ripley of Scotland, Conn. Children, b. in Windham : 
i. Abbey Lucretia, b. Jan. 1.5, 1805; ii. Harriet Elizabeth, b. March 30, 1810; 
iii. Mary Leonard, b. Sept. 5, 1814. 

Chester Ahhe (twin), b. Jan. 12, 1782; d. in Windham, about 1832. aged 50; not 
m. As administrator of his father's estate he was discharged Jan. 21. 1807. in 
an instrument signed by the heirs. (Windham Records, Vol. 15, page 362.) 
The Windham Herald of June 26, 1806, contained an advertisement of a farm 
for sale by Chester Abbe. "A valuable Farm, lying in Windham, first society, 
about two miles west of the court-house, and about half a mile west of Shetucket 
River; containing about one hundred acres of excellent land. ..." 

Fifth Generation 75 

2-18 Freelove Ahhe, h. Oct. 21, nS-i : m. David F. Young. 

Lucius (1) Ahbc. b. Ort. 6. 17S5 ; d. Nov. 6. 1785. (Windham Knoll.) 
Beiscy Ahhc, b. Jan. 2."). 1787: d. S^'pt. 22. 1809. at Bridgeport, Conn.; not m. 
Her wiU was probated in Windham, Oct. 12, 1809. (Windham Wills, Vol. 15, 
page 525.) 
Christophet- Ahhc, b. Oct., 1789; d. in Coventry, Conn., before 1862; was at times 
249 Lucius (2) Ahhe, b. April 3, 1792; m. Mrs. Mary B. (Viol) Young. 
Shuhael Ahhe, jr., b. Feb. 26, 1794; d. April 4, 1794. 

118. PHINEAS^ ABBE, son of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born 
November 22, 1746, in Nortli Windham, Conn. ; died June 19, 1800. Mr. Phineas 
Abbe Departed this Life 17*^^ day of June on Tuesday in the afternoon at four 
o'clock in the 54 j'ear of his age 1800. (Bible Record.) He was a respected 
and prosperous farmer of Windham, took an active part in all matters of public 
welfare, held various civil offices, including that of jailer. During the Revolu- 
tion he had at one time some English prisoners who ornamented tlie wall of 
their room or cell with a fine large picture of their ship. It was later revealed 
that this was only to conceal efforts they were making to remove a portion 
of the wall and make their escape. When they finally succeeded in getting 
away, tliey left word to their jailer that they were about to sail soon. 

At his death his property was inventoried at $9,919.40, with 325 acres of 
land. The inventory, taken October 12, 1801, is a most interesting document 
with its long enumeration of articles of furniture and Avearing apparel, among 
which were chairs and tables of several kinds, six fiddle-back chairs, silver 
knee-buckles and plated shoe-buckles. The property was distributed to the 
widow, Susannah, and children: Mary Taintor, Joshua, Lucy, Thomas, George, 
Charles, Moses, Lucius, Henry and Samuel. (Windham Probate Records, Vol. 
14, pages 435, 480, 519.) His homestead was south of Windham Centre, owned 
later by his son George. 

Married (1) in Windham, December 7, 1767, MARY BINQHAM, born Sep- 
tember 24, 1746, at Canterbury, Conn.; died in Windham, July 29, 1777. She 
was the sixth child of Gideon and Mary (Gary) Bingham, granddaughter of 
Joseph Bingham, who was born in Norw-ich in 1688, and his w^ife, Abigail Scott, 
and great-granddaughter of Deacon Thomas Bingham, who was born about 1642, 
settled in Saybrook and married Mary Rudd. Deacon Thomas was the son of 
Thomas and Mary ( ) Bingham of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. 

Married (2) in Windham, December 2, 1778, SUSANNA BROWN, born 
October 18 (or 15), 1750; died April 26, 1804. '^Wid"^ Susannah Abbe Consort 
of Phinelias Abbe wiio departed this life In the year 1804 In the 52 year of her 
age April 25." (Bible Record.) She was the daughter of Gen. Thomas Brown, 
a Revolutionary officer, and his wife, Sarah Bishop of Lisbon, Conn. Her will 
Avas made April 5, 1804, and the property distributed to her sons, George, Charles, 
Moses, Lucius, Henry and Samuel, on September 23, 1808. (Windham Probate 
Records, 15:104, 114," 442.) 

Children hy first icife, recorded in Windham 

Lucy (1) Ahhe, b. Oct. 16. 1768; d. Dec. 1.3, 1774. 
Betsey Ahhe, b. Nov. 2, 1771 ; d. Dec. 21, 1774. 

250 Mary Ahhe, b. March 29, 1773 ; m. Charles Taintor. 

251 Joshua Ahhe, b. Feb. 15, 1775; m. Marcia Grosvenor. 

Lucy (2) Ahhe, b. Dec. 30, 1776; d. Jan. 14, 1856; buried in Windham. In 1850 
she was li\dng in Windham with her sister, Mrs. Charles Taintor. Married in 
Windham. .July 31, 1811, General Jedediah Johnson of Canterbury, Conn., who 
d. before his wife. He was made General of the 5th Brigade in 1809. 

76 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children by second wife, recorded in Windham 

Thomas Abie, b. Oct. 22, 1779. He was first mate of a vessel sailing from Nor- 
folk, went to St. Kitts, West Indies. In tlie old Moses Cleveland Abbe Bible is 
this entry, "Thomas Abbe of Windham Departed this life Demouronra in the 
year 1805 in the 24 year of his age." This doubtless refers to Demerara, British 

252 George Ahbc, b. May 17. 1781 ; m. Charlotte Hackstaff. 

253 Charles Abbe, h. Jan. 17, 1783; m. Mary Welch. 

Phineas Abbe (twin), b. Dec. 0, 1784; d. Jan. 15, 1785. (Windham Knell.) 
ISusanna Abbe (twin), b. Dec. 6, 1784; d. aged 9 weeks. 

254 Moses Cleveland Abbe (twin), b. Nov. 16, 1785; m. Tabitha Waldo. 

255 Lucius Abbe (twin), b. Nov. IB, 1785; m. Martha .John.son. 

Ilenry Abbe, b. Sept. 6, 1787; was said to have been killed in battle in South 

America in 181.3. 
Samuel Abbe, b. June 7, 1789. He was a physician, served as a surgeon in the 

War of 1812 ; shot himself ; m. • . 

119. LUCRETIA^ ABBE, daughter of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, 
born March 10 (or 18), 1749, at Windham, Conn.; died January 2, 1826, in 
Bristol, Pa. 

Married in Windham, December 15, 1765, EDMUND BADGER, born February 
25, 1737-8, at Norwich, Conn.; died September 6 or 8, 1825, in Bristol, Pa., to 
which place they had moved from Windham a few years before his death. He 
was son of Samuel and Abigail (Bingham) Badger and was descended from Giles 
and Elizabeth (Greenleaf) Badger of Newbury. He was a shoemaker in 
Windham, and was recorded in the Census of 1800. 

The Phenix or Windham Herald of November 10, 1796, contained this 
advertisement : 

Edmund Badger, & Co. 

Would inform their customers that they have received a pleasing assortment of winter 
Goods, which they will sell on the most reasonable terms. — Also a general assortment of 
groceries ; among which are, Rum, Brandy, Gin, Wines, loaf and brown Sugar, Rosin, 
Alspice, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Logwood, Gunpowder, Shot, Bar Iron, German 
Crawley and blistered Steel, &c. &c. 

Windham, Nov. 10, 1796. 

Children, births recorded in Windhain 

256 Thomas Badger, b. June 27, 1766; an. Lydia Cogdell. 

Bela Badger, h. Feb. 6, 1768; d. Sept., 1835 (?), probably at Bristol, Pa. He was 
a famous sportsman of his day, settled in Philadelphia, and acquired much 
wealth. Married in Newbern, N. C, Susanna Cogdell Stanley of that place. No 

George Badger, b. March 24, 1770 ; d. in North Carolina ; m. but left no children. 

Lucretia (1) Badger, b. May 5, 1772; d. voung. 

Elizabeth Badger, b. Feb. 14, 1774; d. April 24, 1789 or 1781. 

Amta Badger, b. Oct. 27, 1776; d. Aug. 26, 1864 (?). Married in Windham, 
Conn., July, 1797, Samuel Merriman. Child : Mary Ann, b. July 11, 1798. One 

account says Anna Badger m. (2) Parke or Parks and had a daughter 

who m. Dorrance of Philadelphia, formerly of Sterling, Conn. 

257 Edmund Badger, jr., b. Feb. 14, 1779 ; m. Amelia Dyer. 

Lucretia (2) Badger, b. March 17, 1784 or 1781; d. in the summer of 1845; m. in 
Fredericksburg, Va., Sept., 1806, William Allen of that place. Child : William 
Edmund, m. and had a daughter who m. Senor. Romero, for some time Mexican 
Minister to the United States. 

258 Frances Badger, b. Feb. 12, 1785 ; m. Thomas Hieskell. 

259 Samuel Badger, b. Dec. 6, 1786; m. (1) Olivia Ann Root; (2) Lucretia Hoyt ; 

(3) Rosina Bradley. 

120. JOSHUA^ ABBE, JR., son of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born 
in Windham, Conn., January 9, 1751. He was a man of strong religious impulses, 
opposed to orthodox preaching, and became a preacher of the Christian denomi- 

Fifth Generation 77 

nation, or, as it was at times called, the Congregational Baptist. In 1826 he was 
on the register of preachers. Larncd's History of Windham County, page 221, 
"Vol. 2, says this : 

In the north part of Winilhani, whioh was now becoming a populous neighborhood, a 
remarkable worship was conducted by Joshua Abbe. Rev. Moses Cook Welch of Mansfield 
represented '-these Abbe-itcs as a sect of Baptists, differing from any and all of that 
denomination that had ever risen in any age, having no communication even with other 
Baptist churches. Their meetings were characterized by jargon, disorder and great 
confusion ; all were allowed to speak at pleasure, women as well as men, three, four, or 
six sometimes speaking at once, while groans, sobs, and sighs were reiterated by others." 

As the Rev. Moses Cook Welch Avas an orthodox preacher of the same 
neighborhood and entered into violent controversy over these unorthodox 
preachers, we may believe that this account may have been somewhat colored 
by his personal feelings. 

In the Census of 1800, he is doubtless the Joshua Abbe of Windham, with a 
family of 15. 

Joshua Abbe resided in North Windham on his father's home farm and later 
emigrated to Leroy, N. Y., where he died. A settlement was made between his 
widow and George W. Abbe, administrator, October 15, 1836. (Windham 
Probate Records, Vol. 21, page 38.) 

Married (1) in Windham, November 19, 1771, TRIPHENA BASS, born 
March 6, 1753, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Church) Bass of Windham. 
She died in Chaplin, July 29, 1815, and is buried there. 

Married (2) MRS. ROGERS. No children. 

Children hy first wife, recorded in Windham 

Sarah Ahle, b. Feb. 13, 1772; d. Sept. 27, 1826; m. in Windham, Feb. 23, 1800, 
EUsha Whipple. Child : Henry, b. in Windham about 1800 ; hved in Chaphn ; 
went to Ohio with his uncle and d. soon. 

Alice AUe, b. Nov. 21, 1773 ; d. Dec. 31, 1774. 

Elizaieth Abhe, b. Dec. 26, 1775; m. Nov. 22, 1801, Judah Buck. (Windham 
Church Records.) They had three children hving about 1860. 

Henry Ahbe, b. Dec. 18, 1777, was a seafaring man; d. unm. 

260 Lydia Ahie, b. Oct. 21, 1779 ; m. John Clark. 
Ahie, d. in infancy, Sept., 1781. 

261 Jesse Aiie, b. Feb. 14, 1783 ; m. Lorinda Dorman. 

Sybil Abhe, b. March 15, 1785 ; m. in Windham, 1805, Lucius Fitch, son of John 
"and Clarissa (Wales) Fitch. Settled in Ohio. Children, b. in Windham: i. 
John, b. May 5, 1808 ; ii. Lucius, jr., b. Sept. 30, 1808 ; iii. Lucy, b. March 14, 

262 George Wyllys Abbe, b. Feb. 10, 1787; m. (1) Freelove PhiUips ; (2) Eunice 

Huntington; (3) Louisa L. Woodworth. 
Eunice Abbe, b. April 10, 1789 ; m., Sept. 28, 1809, Charles ChampUn of Windham. 

Removed to Ohio. Children : i. John, hves in Ohio ; ii. Charles, d. . 

Sophia Abbe, b. Sept. 6, 1791 ; m. Moore. Lived in Ohio. No children. 

EUsha Abbe, h. June 25, 1794. He went with his brother Jesse to Ohio and d. 

there about 1815. 
Lucy Ahbe, b. July 3, 1797 ; ni. Moore and was living in Springfield, Mass., 

about 1860. Had a son living at that time. 

121. ELISHA5 ABBE, son of Joshua* and Mary (Ripley) Abbe, born in 
North Windham, Conn., May 15, 1753; died August 15, 1829; buried in 
Windham. He enlisted January 16, 1776, as a Revolutionary solider; Avas said 
to have been a commissary. He OAvned a farm in the suburbs of Windliam and 
was one of those who claimed the privilege of shipping his own products 
without the intervention of middlemen. He built for his own accommodation 
the "Windham," a brisk little craft, with a huge frog cut in its bow for a 

78 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

figure-head, in memory of the famous Windham frog scare of 1754. Like 
many others, his commercial ventures had been destroj'ed by British invaders 
and he was energetic among those who were upholding the government in 1812, 
With a family of nine he was recorded in the 1800 Censiis; in 1810 with four. 
He served as constable and collector of state taxes. About 1818 he was one 
of the selectmen of his town. His estate was distributed to his four married 
daughters, January 11, 1833. (Windham Probate Records, Vol. 20, page 206.) 

Married in AVindham, October 27, 1774, JERUSHA WEBB, born May 19, 
1747; died December 28, 1828; buried in Windham. She was daugliter of 
Samuel and Deborah (Davidson) Webb of Windham, and was mentioned in her 
father's Avill, October 13, 1801. She was the niece of Nathaniel Webb, who 
married her sister-in-law, Zerviah^ Abbe. 

Children, births recorded in Windham 

263 Betsey Ahhe, b. Dec. 13, 1775 ; m. Abuer Latlirop. 

Bela Ahhe, b. Dec. 18, 1777; d. iu Windham, June, 1800; not m. 

Alfred Ahhe (twin), b. Aug. 19, 1779; d. April 13, 1781. 

(Son), twin with Alfred, b. Aug. 19, 1779; d. in Windham, Sept., 1779. 

Jeruslia Ahhe, b. Nov. 14, 1781, iu Windham, Conn. She was living in Windham 
in 1850, with an unm. daughter and her two grandsons. Married in Windham, 
Aug. 30, 1801, John McGouty, a sea-captain of Scotch descent. He d. in North 
Carolina, July, 1842. Children, b. in Windham: i. Betsey, b. March 15, 1804; 
ii. and iii. (twins), d. Feb. 14, 1806; iv. Elisha. b. June 18, 1807; v. John, b. Oct. 
25, 1809 ; vi. Jerusha Abby, b. Jan. 28, 1812, was living with her mother in 
Windham, 1850, not m. ; vii. Emma, b. June 16, 1816, m. in Windham, April 5, 
1835, Edwin G. Balcom of Windham. Had children : Henry, b. about 1836, and 
Horace, b. about 1841, who were living with their grandmother in Windham in 

ISIathaniel Ahhe, b. Oct. 21, 1783; d. in Windham, Nov. 24, 1798, aged 15. 

Emma Ahhe, b. April 18, 1785 ; d. Jan. 9, 1864. She resided in Windham. 
Married (1) Elisha Kinne ; (2) Matthew Smith of Chaplin, Conn., who d. before 

Mary Ahhe, b. Oct. 9, 1787 ; resided in China, Mich., in 1862. Married Hunting- 
ton Fitch, who d. in Buffalo, N. Y., before 1862. 

122. SOLOMON^ ABBE, son of Gideon* and Keziah (Walker) Abbe, born 
April 12, 1746, in Mansfield, Conn., where he lived and died July 29, 1840. 

The 1800 Census of Mansfield gives him with 2 females and 3 males in his 

Married in Mansfield, March 10, 1768, LUCY JOHNSON, born in Lebanon, 
Conn., daughter of John Johnson. 

Children, horn in Mansfield 

264 Gideon Ahhe, b. April 6, 1769 ; m. Sybil Campbell. 

265 ISarah Ahhe, b. Feb. 18, 1771; m. (1) Leonard; (2) Isaac Crane. 

266 Solomon Ahhe, b. Feb. 9, 1774 ; m. Susan Gile. 
Olive Ahhe, b. May 10, 1776. 

267 Eleazcr Ahhe, b. Dec. 16, 1778 ; m. Lydia Agard. 

268 Rhoda Ahhe, b. March 2, 1781 ; m. Jesse Crane. 
IIuldaTi Ahhe, b. May 16, 1783. 

269 iSimeon Ahhe, b. July 17, 1785. 

123. JOHN= ABBE, son of Gideon* and Bathsheba (Smith) Abbe, born in 
Mansfield, Conn., March 8, 1747-8. The following records doubtless refer to this 
John Abbe: 

Married April 27, 1768, DOROTHY BUGBEE. 

Fifth Generation '?9 


270 John Ahle, b. in Mansfield, April 4, 17G9 ; m. Lydia Wolcut. 
Timothy Ahhe, b. 1771. 

271 David Ahhc, b. 1789 ; m. Hannah Woods. 

124. SAMUEL'' ABBEY, son of Gideon* and Bathsheba (Smith) Abbe, born 
January 18, 1755, in Mansfield, Conn.; lived later in Schenectady or Schoharie 
County, N. Y. ; after 1782 in Duanesburg, N. Y., as recorded in the 1790 Census. 

In isOO he is recorded in the Census of Duanesburg, 1 male and 2 females 
over 45, 1 male and 2 females between 10 and 16, 4 females under 10. In 1810 
he is recorded at Duanesburg also. Died there March 29, 1824. 

Married in Mansfield, April 11, 1775, MIRIAM HALL, daughter of Ephraini 
and Miriam (Wolcott) Hall, born March 15, 1757; died in Duanesburg, N. Y., 
June 10, 1823. She was a woman famous for her helpfulness in times of sickness 
and was one of the earliest to cultivate silk worms. 


Rachel Alley, b. in Mansfield, Feb. 10, 1776; d. March 29, 1846; m. Nov. 29, 
1791, Clayton (?). 

272 Shttlael Alley, b. Feb. 20, 1778: m. Polly Hartshorn (?). 

Uannah Alley, b. Feb. 22, 1780; d. Nov., 1857; m., Feb. 19, 1796, Rufus 
Rockwell. A grandson, Peter Rockwell, lives in Berkshire, N. Y. 

Mary {Polly) Allcu, b. Jan. 3. 1782; d. Ang. 3, 1804; m. March 17, 1798. 

Jerusha Alley, b. Jan. 16, 1784; d. March, 1787. 

Miriam Alley, b. Jan. 27, 1786; d. Oct., 18.38; m. Oct., 1801, Rev. Mr. Streeter. 

Jesse Alley, b. July 1, 1788; d. Jan., 1867. Recorded in the 1810 Census at 
Duanesburg, N. Y., with wife and son under ten. He is probably the Jesse 
Abbey who was Ensign in 1820 of the 188th Regiment of infantry, Schenectady ; 
and Lieutenant, 1821. (Minutes Council of Appointment, pages 2128, 2257.) 
Married three times ; first Nov. 15, 1807. Son Jay lives in Duanesburg. 

Anna Alley, b. May 2, 1790; d. in Candor, N. Y., April 10, 1846; m., Oct., 1805, 
Joseph Tubbs. 

Olive Alley, b. Sept. 25. 1792; d. Dec, 1857; m. Oct., 1808, Simeon Tubbs. 

Ruth Alley, b. Jan. 27, 1794 ; d. Oct., 1805. 

Phele Alley, b. Jan. 13, 1796; d. Oct. 26, 1846; m. Oct. 20, 1816. 

Lydia Alley, b. March 11, 1798 ; d. Jan. 3. 1808. 

273 Reulen Alley, b. July 1.3, 1801 ; m. Marian Hoag. 

Jemima Alley, b. April 3, 1803; d. near Mexico, N. Y., June 2, 1876; m., Jan. 16, 
1823, Ebenezer Slawson. 

125. WILLIAM' ABBEY, son of Gideon* and Bathsheba (Smith) Abbey, born 
April 14, 1758, in Mansfield, Conn.; died at Hall's Corners, N. Y., August 6, 
1833. He enlisted from Mansfield, April, 1775, for one month; June, 1775, for 
six months, under Lieutenant Dana, Colonel Storrs; December 1, 1775, to 
January 1, 1777, under Captain John Keyes, Colonel John Durkee; was at the 
capture of the Hessians at Trenton. One of his descendants, Mr. Gehial Hall 
Abbey, has the chest which he carried during his service in the Revolution. On 
April 19, 1818, William Abbey applied for a pension, at that time being a resident 
of Onondaga County, N. Y. In pension papers of 1820, mention was made of 
his children: Nathan, aged 33: Isabel, aged 22; Lydia, aged 20; and a gTand- 
child, Eunice Abbe, "all of which I provide for and support besides myself, 
who have not done a day 's work this twelve years past on account of infirmity. ' ' 
In sjiite of this infirmity, he seems to have been well-to-do, as he owned property 
worth $68.75 and owed but $12.00. His name is on the tablet in memory of the 
Revolutionary soldiers of Onondaga County, in the Post Office at Syracuse. 
The Census of 1790 records him at Duanesburg, Albany County, N. Y., 1 male 
over 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females in the family. In 1810 he was of the town 

80 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

of Onondaga, N. Y., 1 male and 1 female over 45, 2 males between 16 and 24, 
3 females between 10 and 16 in the family. His name is found in the land 
records of Onondaga County from 1804 to 1820. 

Married in Mansfield, June 5, 1777, LYDIA HALL, born September 9, 1757; 
died after 1844. She was the daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Hall) Smith. 
Her name is given as Abigail in "Early Connecticut MaiTiages, " but tliis is 
undoubtedly an error. 


274 Elijah Alley, b. Feb. 20, 1779 ; m. Betsey Masters. 

275 William Alley, b. 1786; m. Abigail Yaruum. 
(Jharluiie Alley, m. Davis. 

{Daughter), m. Carlisle. 

Nathan Alley, b. about 1787 ; aged 33, in 1820, was possibly disabled iu some 
way, as be was mentioned as dependent upon his father for support. 

276 David Alley, b. April 1, 1792 ; m. Phoebe Travis. 

Isalel Alley, h. about 1798; m., probably after 1820, North. Children: 

i. Mary ; ii. (son). 
Lydia Alley, b. about 1800; m., probably after 1820, Curtis. Children: 

i. Andrew ; ii. Lydia ; iii. Amanda ; iv. Chandler ; v. Sally. 

126. SHADRACH3 ABBE, son of Samuel* and Temperance (Lincoln) Abbe, 
born March 6, 1767, in Mansfield, Conn. Letters of administration were given 
February 2, 1819, upon the estate of Shadrach Abbey in Otsego County, N. Y. 

In 1800 he was living in Burlington, N. Y., 1 male and 1 female between 26 
and 45, 2 males and 1 female under 10. 

Probably this Shadrach married WELTHAN . 


277 Daniel Alle, b. in Otsego County, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1801 ; m. Susan Hotchkiss. 
Jonathan Alle, went to Canada about 1850, and d. there. 

Shadrach Alle, jr., went to Canada about 1850, and d. there ; lived "back of 
Toronto" ; m. Lina Anna Salsbery. They had several children who moved to 
the Canadian Northwest, one of whom was Cornelius. 

278 Samuel Alley, b. about 1807; m. (1) Betsey Thompson; (2) Mrs. Clarissa 

Asenath Alle, m. Thomas Washburn. She is said to have Uved in Otsego County, 
N. Y., and at Babcock Hill, Oneida County, N. Y. ; d. in Otsego County about 

127. EBENEZER5 ABBEY, son of Samuel* and Temperance (Lincoln) Abbe, 
born June 9, 1781, in Tolland County, Conn.; died March 19, 1862. In 1794 
he accompanied his parents to Otsego County, N. Y., where they became respected 
and influential citizens. In 1800 he was recorded as a resident of Burlington, 
aged between 16 and 26. He resided in the town of Burlington, Otsego County, 
N. Y., and purchased property; named in a deed of 1807. In the winter of 1830 
he removed to Ohio and January 15, 1831, found him on Butternut Ridge, North 
Eaton, Ohio, with his large family and worldly effects on two wagons, drawn by 
one span of horses and one of oxen, with but seventy-five cents in his pocket, 
which he paid out for a bushel of wheat. He purchased land in Carlisle Town- 
ship and Eaton and is said to have hauled the first load of wheat from Wayne 
County, Ohio, which he distributed among the settlers. While in New York he 
had been engaged in the manufacture of potash and pearlash and had learned 
the cooper's trade, both of which he carried on in Ohio. In 1840 he built a 
saw-mill on Black Creek. Six of his sons became teachers in common schools, 
two were physicians, one was a lawyer and four were farmers. 

Fifth Generation 81 

Married April 6, 1805, MARY BLANCHARD, born December 19, 1787, in 
Rutland, Vt. ; died March 9, 1862. She was descended from the same family 
as Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes. 

Children, jyossibhj the first tico tcere horn in Vermont, others in Otsego County, N. Y. 

Polly A. Alley, b. March 10, 1806. 

Elenezcr Alley, jr., b. July 17, 1807. 

Hmyth Alley, b. July 12, 1808. 

Orsemus Abbey, b. Feb. 21, 1810. 

Lucy M. Alley, b. April 22, 1812. 

Alonzo Alley, b. Aug. 29, 1813. 

Lyman Alley, b. June 19, 1815. 

Xelson Alley, b. Oct. 18, 1816. He was a physician in Laporte, Ohio, in 1863; 

a graduate of Michigan University. 
Volton Alley, b. March 30, 1818. 
Marinda Alley, h. Sept. 8, 1819. 
Lemuel Alley, h. Jan. 23, 1821, in Otsego County, N. Y. ; resided on his father's 

homestead in Eaton, Lorain County, Ohio. Married, March 25, 1859, Sarah 

Lawsou, b. Aug. 29, 1826, daughter of Wilham Lawson of Eaton, Ohio, formerly 

of Yorkshire, England. No children. 
Almina Alley, b. May 26, 1822. 
Emma A. Alley, b. Aug. 20, 1824; m. Brush and Uved in Elyria, Ohio. 

Her son. Perry, hves at Amherst, Ohio. 
William Abbey, b. Feb. 15, 1827. 

128. EUNICE^ MARSH, daughter of Elihu and Zerviah"' (Abbe) Marsh, 
born December 6, 1744, probably in New Milford, Conn. ; died there May 1, 
1811. "She was a noted housekeeper; and had at her marriage, when 28 years 
of age, £100 of money of her own earnings." 

Married JOEL NORTHROP, born March 16, 1742, in Newtown, Conn.; died 

in New Milford, March 10, 1824. He was the son of Thomas and • 

(TeiTill) Northrop, and brother of Isaac Northrop, who married Lj^dia Marsh, 
sister of Eunice. He learned the cooper's trade, then the tailor's; was a member 
of the First Church in New Milford, later of the Sej^arates; was very religious, 
a great reader, and prosperous in business. He resided in New Milford until 
about 1784, then in Brookfield for a few years, retm-ning to New Milford before 
his death. 


279 Cyrus Northrop, b. Dec. 8, 1773 ; m. Betsey Wells. 

Anne Northrop, b. May 20, 1775; m. Elijah Stone of Kent. 

Ally Northrop, b. Dec. 1, 1776; d. Dee. 10, 1776. 

Clara Northrop, b. May 28, 1778 ; m. Calvin Harmon of Burhngton, Vt. Children : 
1. Lucretia, m. Oct. 10, 1822, Royal I. Canfield of New Milford, son of Ithamar 
and Betsey (Starr) Canfield, b. April 3, 1794; ii. Jane, m., as his second wife. 
Royal I. Canfield. 

Electa Northrop, b. Oct. 20, 1780; d. Dec. 25, 1858; not m. 

129. JOHNS MARSH, son of Elihu and Zerviali* (Abbe) Marsh, born August 
4, 1749. Resided in New Milford, Conn., until about 1779, when he removed to 
Vergennes, Vt., where he died. 



Mary Marsh, b. Jan. 10, 1773 ; m. Thomas Bradley ; resided in Vermont. 
Elihu Marsh, b. July 18, 1774. 

John Read Marsh, b. Feb. 11, 1776; resided in Vermont. 
Anthony Marsh, b. Aug. 12, 1778, in New Milford. 
280 Wanzer Marsh; m. Sally Buckley. 

Daniel Marsh, was a Congregational minister in Vermont. 
Vina Marsh, Uved and d. in New Milford ; m. Gershom Buckley. 

82 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

130. SAMUEL^ MARSH, son of Elihu and Zerviah* (Abbe) Marsh, born, 
probably in New Milford, Conn., October 8, 1751; died May 14, 1822. 

Married November 15, 1771, MIRIAM LEACH, who died before 1822. 

Ch ildren 

Elihu (1) Marsh, b. July 7, 1773; d. young. 

Luchida Marsh, b. Aug. 15, 1774. 

Elihti (2) Marsh, b. June 9, 1776. 

Joseph Marsh, b. March 16, 1778. 

Bradley Marsh, b. April 23, 1780. Married, Jan. 10, 1805, Sally Welles, daughter 
of Philip and Elizabeth (Tomlinson) Welles of New Milford, b. Jan. 16, 1784; 
d. Dec. 8, 1827. Children: i. Elizabeth L., b. Feb. 8, 1806, m. Sept. 5, 
1824, Judson Curtis of New Haven, and had four children, George B., Elizabeth 
W., Cornelia and Fannie ; ii. Orrin Bradley, b. Jan. 9, 1808 ; iii. Betsey Ann, 
b. Sept. 11, 1813; iv. Philip Welles, b. Dec. 22, 1815 (?) ; v. Sophia Abbey, 
b. Jan. 18, 1820. 

Eunice Marsh, b. July 1, 1782. 

Amos Horace Marsh, b. March 23, 1783. Married, Feb. 15, 1819, Ann Sherwood, 
b, Jan. 22, 1787, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Hill) Sherwood. Children: 
i. Samuel Marcus, b. Nov. 26, 1819, m. Nov. 2.3, 1846, Anna Graham; ii. 
Waller, b. June 27, 1821, m. Sept. 15, 1852, Arabella Ferriss. 

Lucy Marsh, b. March 17, 1785; d. young. 

I^usannah Marsh, b. Nov. 17, 1786. 

281 George Martin Marsh, b. May 12, 1789 ; m. Betsey Sherwood. 

Samuel Davis Marsh, b. Oct. 22, 1792 ; m. Polly Marsh, b. Oct. 13, 1788 ; d. May 
24, 1863; daughter of Daniel and Polly (Hill) Sherwood. 

John Marsh, b. July 19, 1795; m. July 28, 1816, Teresa Bradley. Children: 
i. Susan Maria, b. March 11, 1817; ii. Henry Leach, b. Sept. 6, 1818; iii. Susan 
Emily, b. Jan. 30, 1820; iv. Philo Judson, b. Oct. 27, 1821; v. Ann Jennet, 
b. Oct. 31, 1823; vi. Villeroy, b. July 26, 1825; vii. Royal, b. July 11, 1827; 
viii. Caroline Elizabeth, b. March 31, 1829. 

131. JOSEPH^ MARSH, son of Elihu and Zerviah* (Abbe) Marsh, born April 
20, 1754, probably at New Fairfield, Conn.; died about 1830, at New Milford, 
Conn. He was a farmer and resided on his father's homestead. 

Married (1) November 29, 1781, ABIGAIL WALDO, born April 2, 1764, at 
South Dover, N. Y.; died in New Milford, January 28, 1793. Daughter of 
Samuel and Hannah (Waters) Waldo. 

Married (2) November 19, 1793, DEBORAH WALDO, sister of above, born 
at South Dover, May 2, 1761; died January 30, 1843. 

Children hy first toife, horn at New Milford 

282 William Marsh, b. Jan. 25 or 15, 1783; m. (1) Rachel Nichols; (2) Sarah or 

Martha Nichols. 

283 Hannah Marsh, b. Sept. 10, 1784 or 5 ; m. Zachariah Ferriss. 

Zerviah Marsh, b. April 3, 1787 ; d. Dec. 5, 1861, at Union Vale, N. Y. Married 
Thomas Cutler, b. in Dover, N. Y., July 29, 1778; d. there May 15, 1836; son 
of Joseph and Hannah (Sheldon) Cutler. He was a farmer in South Dover. 
Children, b. in Clove, N. Y. : i. Albert, b. Feb. 23, 1806, d. Sept. 18, 1877, in 
Union Vale, N. Y. ; ii. Joseph Marsh, b. Dec. 9. 1807, d. July 29, 1876, in 
Union Vale; iii. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 25, 1809, d. Jan. 9, 1866, in Union Vale; 
iv. Waldo, b. Oct. 27, 1812, d. 1814; v. Samuel Waldo, b. Nov. 2, 1814, was 
living in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1900; vi. Buel, b. March 28, 1817, d. Feb. 23, 
1882, at Clove, N. Y. ; vii. Deborah, b. April 19, 1819, d. 1819; viii. Burr, 
b. Nov. 25, 1822, d. May 5, 1850. 

Arabella Marsh, b. Feb. 2 or 20, 1789 ; m. Elihu Hoag of South Dover, N. Y. 

Samuel Waldo Marsh, b. April 18, 1791; went to Philadelphia, or to Illinois. 

Children of Joseph Marsh hy second wife, horn in New Milford 

Allen Marsh, b. June 8, 1797 ; d. 1863 ; resided at Wood Creek, Conn. Married 
at New Fairfield, Conn., March 9, 1820, Abigail Ellen Terrill of that place. 
Children, b. in New Milford : i. Edwin, b. Dec. 18, 1820, went to Washington ; 

Fifth Generation 83 

ii. Cornelia Abigail, b. Aug. 25, 1822, m. Merwin Hill; iii. Joseph Jackson, 

b. Aug. 17, 1.S24, 111. MacMahon, and resides in East Bridgeport; 

iv. nuldah, b. March 15, 1831, m. Edwin Ilawes of Bridgeport; v. Oliver, b. 

Jan. 25, 1839, d. young. 
Ahigail Marsh, b. Aug. 18, 1799; perhaps m. Nov. 21, 1825, at New Milford, 

William II. Fairchild. 
Holman Marsh, b. April 28, 1802 ; was living in New Milford in 1834. 

132. AMOS'' MARSH, son of Elihu and Zerviah* (Abbe) Marsli, born Sep- 
tember 8, 1764 ; died in Vergennes, Vt., January 4, 1811. His descendants have 
his certificate of appointment as attorney for the district of Vermont, 1794, 
signed by G. Wasliington, President of the United States. 

Married December 6, 1789, ABIGAIL SUTTON, born in Canaan, Conn.; died 
in New Milford, October 11, 1814, aged 73. 


Laura, b. Sept. 8, 1792 : m. Daniel Merwin, son of Abel Merwin of New Milford. 
284 Almira, b. Aug. 15, 1794 ; m. Anan Hine. 

133. GIDEON-' WOOD, son of Samuel and Jerusha* (Abbe) Wood, born in 
Mansfield, Conn., July 10, 1759. 

Married in Mansfield, November 23, 1786, KEZIA OWEN. 

Children, recorded in Mansfield 

Elijah Wood, b. Sept. 28, 1787 ; m. in Mansfield, Dec. 24, 1812, Esther Howard of 
Union. Children, b. in Mansfield : i. Eleazer Laurens or Lawrence, b. July 20, 
1814, m. in Mansfield, Dec. 9, 1838, Sophrona Ann Balch, b. there Jan. 25, 
1820, daughter of Thomas and Eunice (Hamilton) Balch, and had a son, Orson 
Sumner, b. Nov. 15, 1839, in Mansfield ; ii. Esther Matilda, b. June 17, 1816. 

Anne Wood, b. Aug. 14, 1789. 

Matilda Wood, b. Aug. 7, 1792. 

John Wood, b. Aug. 15, 1794. 

Dan Wood, b. June 15, 1796. 

lSa7miel Dudley Wood, b. July 14, 1798 ; m. in Mansfield, March 22, 1827, Polly 
Thompson of Willington. She may have been Polly, daughter of Jesse and Polly 
(Parker) Thompson, b. in Mansfield, July 18, 1795. 

Jei-usha Wood, b. March 6, 1801. 

134. JOHN"' CROSS, son of William and Miriam* (Abbe) Cross. He was a 
miller and lived in North Windham Village, Conn. 

Married (1) May 3, 1787, MRS. SARAH (BACKUS) GIBBS, who died 
February 2, 1818, aged 58. She was daughter of Nathaniel Backus. 

Married (2) November 26, 1818, MRS. AMY ( ) JAGGER. She was the 
mother of Silas Jagger of Willimantic, Conn. 

Children ly first wife 

Lucius Cross, bapt. Oct. 15, 1791. 
285 John Cross, jr., bapt. Oct. 15, 1791; m. (1) Faith Paine; (2) Prudence Stedman. 
Betsey Cross, bapt. Oct. 15, 1791 ; m. John Flint. 
Emma Cross, bapt. Sept. 8, 1793 ; d. Jan., 1798. 
Charles Cross, bapt. June 2, 1796 ; d. Feb. 11, 1798. 

Child hy second tcife 
Royal Cross, m. June 17, 1849, Catherine Mahon. 

84: Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

135. SHUBAEL^ CROSS, son of William and Miriam* (Abbe) Cross, born 
about 1771; died January 12, 1851. He lived at North Windham, Conn., in a 
house nearly opposite the town farm. 

Married RACHEL SAWYER, died at Norwich, October 25, 1851, aged 76, 
daughter of Asahel Sawyer. 


Eenry Cross, b. about 1797 ; d. Feb. 9, 1805. 

James Cross, bapt. Jan. 8, 1800. He was a teacher, removed to New York state, 
thence to Michigan, whei-e he was hving in 1864. Married but had no children. 

Harry Cross, bapt. Jan. 8, 1800; probably d. young. 

Asahel Cross, bapt. June 8, 1800 ; d. aged 5. 

Sally Cross, b. about 1802 ; d. Feb. 13, 1805. 

Salome Cross, bapt. May 22, 1803 ; probably d. young. 

William Cross, bapt. July 2, 1805. He was a miller and resided near North Wind- 
ham. Married, Oct. 8, 1826, Mrs. Hannah ( ) Guile. Children: i. Ehza 
Ann, b. March 29, 18.31; ii. Charles, b. Sept. 23, 1832; iii. Andrew Jackson, 
and iv. Martin Van Buren (twins), b. June 14, 1837. 

Elijah Cross, bapt. Nov. 6, 1808 ; m. EHza Harvey ; went west. 

Betsey Cross, bapt. Sept. 24, 1809 ; m. Daniel Lincoln ; lived in Michigan. 

Philena Cross, bapt. Aug. 8, 1813. She m., (1) Nov. 11, 1833, Samuel Shaw. He 
was of Wilhmantic, Conn., but removed to Michigan where he d. and she m. 

Charles Roundy Cross, bapt. Sept., 1815 ; probably d. young. 

Islam Cross, m. Almira Baldwin, daughter of Eleazer Baldwin of Mansfield, Conn. 
They resided in Norwich, Conn. 

136. ABEL^ ABBE, son of Solomon* and Sarah (Knight) Abbe, born August 
7, 1766; died August 11, 1845. In the 1800 Census he was of Mansfield, with 
a family of 6 males and 5 females. In 1820 he was recorded in Madison, 
Geauga County, Ohio, 1 male over 45, 1 female between 20 and 45, 2 males 
between 16 and 26, 1 female between 16 and 26, 3 males under 16, 1 male and 
1 female under 10. He moved in 1802 or 3 from Mansfield, Conn., to Broome 
County, N. Y., and finally to Eljo-ia, Ohio, where he died. It is remembered by 
older members of the family that he lost his property in the east through some 
misdeal and went to live with his son, Eleazer. 

Married in Mansfield, July, 1790, MIRIAM BINGHAM of Mansfield, who 
died June 19, 1854, aged 82 years. After her husband's death she lived in a 
small house near her son's home, where she wove carpets and knit mittens. 
After a little she bought a piece of property in Columbia, Ohio, and took Origin 
to live with her. She died of sunstroke at the home of her daughter, IMatilda, 
from having driven in a lumber wagon the sixteen miles from Columbia to 
Elyria. At the time of her death she had a bushel basket full of mittens and 
stockings of her own knitting. 

Children, -first eight, at least, horn in Mansfield, Conn. 

286 Lura Ahhe, b. Jan. 20, 1791 ; m. John Bomau Hosmer. 

Rena AUe, b. Aug. 31, 1792; d. Aug. 30, 1864; m. Wilham Day. He was a 
farmer and served in the Mexican War ; lived in Kalamazoo, Mich., at one 

time. They had a daughter, Eliza, who m. McManigal and had two 

daughters who gi-ew up and married. 

287 Melinda Ahle, b. July 5, 1794; m. (1) Jeremiah Wilcox; (2) Boyhs. 

Origin Abie, b. April 20 (or 23), 1796; d. Dec. 16, 1863, in Columbia. Ohio; 

buried in Elyria. He was a teamster in Lorain, Ohio, for a time. Married 

Dehght , b. Jan. 9, 1793; d. April 15, 1804; buried in Elyria. No 


288 Charles Ahbe, b. May 3, 1798; m. (1) Lydia Jones; (2) Alta Mira LiUy ; (3) 

Mrs. Henrietta Hitchcock. 

289 William Abbe, b. April 19 (or 6), 1800; m. (1) Ohve Green; (2) Mary Wolcott. 

290 Pheie Abbe, b. Feb. 11, 1802 ; m. W. H. Pond. 

Fifth Generation 86 

Foster Ahhe, b. Jan. 29, 1804; d. May 30, 1882, in Illinois; m. Sophia 

and had a son, Edgar, and a daughter. lie lived in Lorain, Ohio, about 1854. 
He was interested in silver mines. 

291 Eleazer Ahbe, b. Dec. 28, 1805; m. Betsey Wilcox. 
Abel Abhc, b. Feb. 19, 1808 or 9; d. Dec. 25, 1831. 

292 Luther Abbe, b. Aug. 5, 1810 or 11 ; m. Lucy Allen. 

293 Matilda Abbe, h. June 11,1813; m. (1) Arnold Emmons ; (2) George B. Harvey ; 

(3) Christian Shoemaker. 

137. ELNATHAN'" PALMER, son of Samuel and Lydia (Silsby) Palmer, 
born in Mansfield, Conn., August 20, 1750; died August 1, 1823. He resided 
in "Warren, Conn.; Oxford, Grafton County, N. H. ; was one of the iiroprietors 
of Riclunond, N. H. ; is said to liave removed to Ohio. 

Married in New Hampshire, JEMIMA STRONG of Lyme, N. H. She died 
June 28, 1815. 

Jesse Palmer. 
294 /Samud Pfl/mer, b. Feb. 13, 1799; m. Rhoda Chase. 
Madison Palmer, 
Lucy Palmer. 

138. LEVI= PALMER, son of John and Esther (Cleveland) Palmer, born 
Februarj^ 7, 1750. Resided at East Haddam and Bashan, Conn. He was * ' known 
as Captain." 

Married July 21, 1767, ELIZABETH CONE, born July 3, 1751, at East 
Haddam, daughter of Captain Jonah and Elizabeth (Gates) Cone. 


Dorothy Palmer, b. Dec. 21, 1768. 

Levi Palmer, jr., b. Dec. 28, 1770; m. Lydia Emmons. 

Aaron Palmer, h. Feb. 6, 1773; m. May 1, 1796, Azubah Brainard. 

William Palmer, b. Aug. 12, 1775. 

Isaac Palmer, h. Sept. 17, 1777. 

Elizabeth Palmer, b. April 8, 1779. 

George Palmer, b. May 22, 1781 ; m. Roxanna Brainard. 

Esther Palmer, b. Oct. 26, 1783. 
295 Polly Palmer, b. Dec. 3, 1785 (or 6) ; m. Lord Sterling. 

Julia Palmer, b. Feb. 5, 1788. 

Oliver Palmer, b. Feb. 10, 1791. 

Anna Palmer, b. March 22, 1793; d. in Hartford, Conn., 1880. Married Daniel 
Shailor Chapman, a shoe manufacturer, who d. in Hartford, 1877. They had 
several children, one of whom was Anna Eliza, b. March 11, 1822, at East 
Haddam, Conn. She lived at Windsor Locks, Conn., and m. Sept. 14, 1842, 
Alpheus Seymour Hyde, b. Oct. 26, 1819, at New Canaan, Conn. ; d. May 10, 
1895, at Windsor Locks. He was a shoe manufacturer. Mr. and Mrs. Hyde had 
children: i. Adeline C, b. May 16, 1844, d. Nov. 10, 1844; ii. Ella Maria, 
b. Oct. 9, 1845, lived at Windsor Locks, not m. ; iii. Anna Palmer, b. Jan. 21, 
1855, m. Charles H. Coye and lived at Windsor Locks. 

Horace Palmer, b. Feb. 24, 1797. 

139. RUTH5 ABBE, daughter of John* and Ruth (Goodwin) Abbey, born in 
East Hartford, Conn.; baptized there April 22, 1753; died May 8, 1828, aged 
75; buried in Hockanum Cemetery, East Hartford. In Hartford Deeds, 14, 
pages 347, 386, under date of September 13, 1782, are transfers of land between 
John Abbe, jr., John Risley, jr., and Ruth, his wife, and Charles Buckland, jr., 
and Damaris, his wife, land that had come to them from their ''honored 
mother Ruth Abbe." 

Married JOHN RISLEY, JR., son of John and Anna (Burnham) Risley, born 
about 1751 ; died November 21, 1837, aged 86 ; buried in Hockanum Cemetery. 

86 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 


Datnaris Rislcy, b. March 23, 1775; d. March 9, 1861; buried in Hockanum 
Cemetery, from the records of which nearly all our knowledge of this family 
comes. Married Salmon Treat, sou of Stephen aud Jane K. (Lord) Treat, b. 
Oct. 17, 1775; d. Nov. 12, 1806. Children: i. Salmon, jr., b. July 14, 1799, 
d. March 19, 1848, m. Emeline Risley and had a child, Harriet S., b. about 
1836, d. March 6, 1864, aged 28 ; ii. Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1800, d. Jan. 22, 1854, 
m. as second wife, Orrin Forbes (who first m. her aunt, Ruth Risley, see below), 
had children, Jane M., b. about 1825, d. Sept. 9, 1886, aud Edwin Treat, who 
d. April 29, 1831, aged 11 mouths, 6 days; iii. Caroline, b. Nov. 11, 1802, d. 
Sept. 15, 1804 ; iv. Lucinda, b. May 8, 1807, d. Sept. 9, 1866, m. Ralph Judson 
and had a child, Albert Augustus, b. about Sept., 1834, d. June 16, 1838, aged 
3 yrs., 8 mos., buried in East Hartford. 

Caleb Rislcij, b. July 8, 1784 ; d. Nov. 19, 1840 ; m. Abigail , who d. May 11, 

1879, aged 84. Children: i. Reuben S., b. about 1809, d. D(x?. 10, 1839, aged 
30; ii. Horace A., b. about 1813, d. Nov. 13, 1843, aged 29. AU buried in 

Lucinda Risleu, b. Dec. 17, 1787; d. May 25, 1860. Married Ashbel Cowles, b. 
about 1787; d. May 2, 1855, aged 68; son of Ashbel and Content (Bemout) 
Cowles. Children : i. Ashbel Sherman, b. about 1812, d. May 15, 1865, aged 53, 
m. Jane Ives and had a son, William Ives, b. 1830, d. Oct. 5, 1869 ; ii. Horace, 
b. about 1817, d. April 12, 1822, aged 5 ; iii. J. Francis, b. about 1827, d. Aug. 
5, 1804, member of the 21st Regiment. All this family are buried in East 
Hartford Cemeteiy. 

Marilia Risley, b. about 1790; d. June 6, 1864. Married Captain Moses Ensign, 
b. 1791; d. Dec. 8, 1829, aged 38, son of Moses and Jaunet (Forbes) Ensign. 
Buried in Hockanum. 

John Risley, jr., b. 1793. Married, Nov. 25, 1818, Sarah Seymour, daughter of 
Nathan and Anne ( ) Seymour of Hartford. She m. (2) Solomon Williams 

of East Hartford and (3) . 

Ruth Risley, b. about 1795 ; d. Oct. 24, 1819, aged 24. Married Orrin Forbes, son 
of Moses and Elisabeth (Goodwin) Forbes, b. about 1794; d. April 5, 1868, 
aged 74. He m. (2) Mary Treat, daughter of Salmon and Damaris (Risley) 
Treat, see above. Buried in Hockanum Cemetery. 

140. MARY5 ABBE, daughter of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born 
probably at East Hartford, Conn.; baptized there April 8, 1750; died Decem- 
ber 2, 1819 ; buried in East Hartford. 

Married (1) September 13, ITTOC?), NATHANIEL BURNHAM, born Octo- 
ber 20, 1725; died June 7, 1810. He was son of Moses and Naomi (Anderson) 
Burnliam and resided at East Hartford. 

Married (2) CAPTAIN STEPHEN ROBERTS, born about 1739; died Decem- 
ber 29, 1818, aged 79; buried at East Hartford. He was son of Samuel and 

Sarah (Hills) Roberts. 

Children hy first husband 

Natha7iiel Burnham, jr., b. Sept. 17, 1778 ; d. at sea, Aug. 19, 1811 ; lived at East 
Hartford. Married, May 7, 1809, Jemima Cadwell, b. March 9, 1787; d. Aug. 
23, 1886. She m. (2) Daniel Abel, and (3) Timothy Roberts. Child of 
Nathaniel Burnham, jr. : Amanda, b. Aug. 4, 1810, d. Oct. 16, 1879, m. April 
16, 1840, John C. Brewer. 
296 Hezekiah Burnham, b. June 28, 1780 ; m. Sarah B. Miller. 

141. EUNICE^ ABBEY, daughter of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born 
probably in East Hartford, Conn. ; baptized there August 25, 1751. 

Married January 27, 1773, RODERICK BURNHAM, born August 30, 1752, 
son of Moses and Naomi (Anderson) Burnham. They resided at East Hartford. 


Richard Burnham, bapt. March 27. 1774; d. at sea; not m. 
Russell Burnham, bapt. May 2, 1775. 

Fifth Generation 87 

Roderick Burnham, jr., bapt. April 27, 1775 (?) ; d. July 24, 1806; not m. 

Eunice Burnham, bapt. Dec. 26, 178.S. 

Nancy Burnham, bapt. March 20, 1785; m. Ford. 

142. STEPHEN-' ABBEY, JR., son of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born 
probably at East Hartford, Conn.; baptized there September 30, 1753; died 
there May 29, 1823, aged 68 or 09. In his will, dated May 25, 1823, probated 
August 27, 1823, he leaves to his brother, Russell, his clock and wearing apparel, 
and to his sister, Betsey, all other prcsonal property. (Hartford Probate Records, 
34, pages 178 and 271.) His name is found on a petition regarding East Hart- 
ford lands. (State Archives, IX, 281b.) He was recorded in the 1800 Census 
at East Hartford, 1 male and 1 female over 45, 1 male between 16 and 26, 1 
male between 10 and 16, and 1 female under 10. 

Married SUSANNAH OLMSTED, born about 1757; died at East Hartford, 
April 3, 1822, aged 65. She was daughter of Lieutenant Stephen and Margaret 
(Olcott) Olmsted of East Hartford. 


ISusanna Ah'beij, b. May 15. 1701 : probably d. young. 

, d. Nov., 179.3. aged 12 days ; buried in East Hartford. 

Laura, b. Jan. 25, 1795. 

143. ANNA^ ABBEY, daughter of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, baptized 
at East Hartford, Conn., November 23, 1755. She probably married as here 
given, for after Captain Deming's death, his son, David Abbey Deming, a minor, 
chose Russell Abbej- to be his guardian. Russell Abbey was the brother of 
Anna Abbey. 

Probably married CAPTAIN DAVID DEMING, son of Timothy and Thankful 
(Risley) Deming, baptized at East Hartford, October 20, 1751; died at sea, 
October, 1795. He was master of a vessel and was known as Captain Deming. 
He was at the Lexington Alarm and was there called Lieutenant. He died 
on the passage of his vessel from Port au Prince to Hartford. His widow 
married Deacon Stevens of Litchfield and removed there with the younger 
children. An account of this family is found in the Genealogy of tlie Descendants 
of John Deming of Wethersfield by Jiidson Keith Deming, published 1904. 

Children, baptized at East Hartford 

Anne Deming, bapt. Oct. 18. 1778 ; d. April, 1785. 

Mary (Molly) Deming, b. Jan. .30, 1780; d. in Michigan, Nov. 16, 1837. Married, 

Jan. 25, 1805 (or Jan. 21, 1801), James Thompson. 
Elizaheth Deming, bapt. March 25, 1781 ; m. Joel Olmstead. 

297 David Abbey Deming, bapt. Nov. 17, 1782 ; m. Chloe Olmstead. 
Susan Deming, bapt. Nov. 23, 1783; m. 1802, Arnold W. Foster. 
Wait Deming, bapt. May 14, 1786. 

298 Timothy Deming, h. Feb. 13. 1788: m. (1) Olive Treat ; (2) Eliza Wing. 
Anne Deming, bapt. Nov. 1, 1789 ; d. iinm. 

Jude Deming, bapt. Oct. 16, 1791. Settled in Litchfield, Conn. Married, late in 

life, a -uidow, and d. in Herkimer County, N. Y. No children. 
Lydia Deming, bapt. June 9, 1793 ; d. unm. 
Lucy Deming, bapt. Nov. 23. 1794: d. April 19, 1855; not m. 
Sarah Deming, bapt. April 17, 1796 ; d. 1874, in Oswego, N. Y. ; not m. 

144. DAVID5 ABBEY, son of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born prob- 
ably in East Hartford, Conn.; baptized there May 24, 1761. He was perhaps 
the David Abbey who died at East Hartford, Aprif 20, 1818. 

88 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married in Glastonbury, Conn., May 17, 1780, THANKFUL WADSWORTH of 
East Hartford, born about 1765; died in East Hartford, July 30, 1817, aged 53. 

Children, hapiized at East Hartford 

David Abhcy, jr., bapt. Oct. 13, 1793. 

An7ia Alley, bapt. Sept. 14, 1794 ; d. Sept. 9, 1848. Married Edward Oilman, b. 
about 1792; d. at East Hartford, Oct. 26, 1831, aged 39. He was sou of 
Ashbel and Louisa (Burnham) Oilman. Children, buried at East Hartford: 
i. Edward W., b. about 1818, d. July 9, 1855, aged 37 ; ii. Sarah, b. Sept., 1831, 
d. Oct. 6, 1831, aged 5 weeks ; iii. Albert B., b. Oct. 16, 1834, d. Aug. 10, 1883, 

m. (1) Eliza A. Antrim, who d. June 29, 1860, aged 30, (2) Lizzie , 

who d. July 4, 1875, aged 39. Child of Albert and Eliza : George, b. about 1849, 
d. Nov. 8, 1889, aged 40, buried at East Hartford. 

Franh (or Franklin) Alley, bapt. Aug. 7, 1796; d. July 9, 1831; buried at East 

, b. about 1809 ; d. Aug. 7, 1814, aged 5 years. 

Susannah Alley, bapt. Jan. 14, 1810. 

145. THEODORE" ABBEY, son of Stephen* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born 
probably at East Hartford, Conn.; baptized there March 22, 1767; died about 
1812. He went from Connecticut about 1801 to Madison County, N. Y., and 
lived at or near Cazenovia. He is recorded in the 1800 Census of East Hartford, 
1 female over 45, 1 male and 2 females between 26 and 45, 2 females and 1 male 
under 10 in the family. 

Married ABIGAIL PORTER, bom June 4, 1775; died about 1811, daughter 
of David and Margaret (Olmstead) Porter of East Hartford. 

Children, said to have leen three sons and five daughters 

Polly Alley, bapt. at East Hartford, Oct. 12, 1794. 
298a Harriet Alley, b. Sept. 6, 1796 ; ni. Linus Montague. 

Stephen Alley, bapt. at East Hartford, April 7, 1799. He is probably the Stephen 
Abbey who was a grocer in Utica, N. Y., in 1869. Stephen Abbey bought 
property in Utica as early as 1836 (Oneida County Deeds, 74:9) and his wife, 
Sophia, in 1854 (180:88). The will of his wife is recorded in Utica (33:19; 

9:30), Married Sophia , who d. May, 1882, buried at Forest Hill 

Cemetery. Child : William D., m. Mehina , had daughter, Charlotte 

Pauline, not of age in 1882. 

Susannah Alley, \n. John Porshey and lived in Augusta, Mich. 

146. RUSSELL'^ ABBEY, son of Stephen* and Maiy ( ) Abbey, born in 
East Hartford, Conn., January 24, 1767; baptized there February 5, 1769; died 
July 7, 1828; buried at East Hartford. He received a clock and wearing 
apparel by the will of his brother, Stephen, jr., in 1823. His homestead was on 
Burnside Avenue in East Hartford. He is recorded in the 1800 Census at East 
Hartford, 2 children under 10. 

Married November 24, 1793, MARTHA OLMSTED, born October 24, 1764, 
daughter of Samuel and Jerusha (Pitkin) Olmsted of East Hartford; died 
October 11, 1840; buried at East Hartford. 


Charles (1) Alley, b. June 18, 1795; bapt. at East Hartford, Oct. 25, 1795; 
d. July 22, 1796 ; buried at East Hartford. 

Betsey Alley, b. Feb. 14, 1797 ; bapt. at East Hartford, July 2, 1797 ; d. March 
25, 1875, aged 78 ; buried at East Hartford. 
299 Charles (2) Alley, b. March 6, 1798; bapt. at East Hartford, July 7, 1799. 

Jerusha Olmsted Alley, b. Nov. 29, 1802 ; bapt. at East Hartford, Feb. 12, 1804 ; 
d. Aug. 8, 1871, aged 69. Married, as his second wife, William Stoughton, jr., 
bapt. Feb. 15, 1789, son of William and Eleanor (Prior) Stoughton; d. Oct. 22, 
1868. His first wife was Nancy Alexander, by whom he had children : Sanford, 
Emily and Almira. 

Fifth Generation 89 

147. JEDUTHAN5 ABBEY, son of Elcazcr* and Mary ( ) Abbey, born 
in East Hartfoi'd, Conn.; baptized there August 14, 1757; died February 9, 1821. 
His Revolutionary services were as follows: enlisted May 19, 1775, discharged 
December 20, 1775, 2d Conipanj^, Colonel Hinman's 4th Regiment, Captain 
George Pitkin; enlisted February 10, 1777, for the war, residence, Hartford 
Count}'; i^romoted from Corporal to Sergeant, January 1, 1780; Quarter-Master- 
Sergeant, April, 1780; Sergeant in Captain Sanford's Company, January 1, 1781, 
paid to December 31, 1781; Sergeant on size roll of Captain Taylor's light 
infantry, February, 1783. In 1837 his widow, then the widow of George 
Roberts, applied for a pension. Papers pertaining to the settlement of his 
estate are found in Hartford Probate Records, 33, pages 313, 178, 188; and 34, 
page 43. In the 1790 Census he is of East Hai-tford, with 1 male over 16, 1 
male under 16, 4 females in his family. One account gives Christopher as the 
name of the father of Eliphalet, born 1792, doubtless an error. 

Married at Hartford, March 24, 1779, LUCRETIA BEMENT of Hartford, 
born about 1756; died November 26, 1845. She married (2) March 19, 1822, 
George Roberts, who died October 2, 1824. He was born November 14, 1752, 
and his first wife was probably Jerusha Williams, who died November 22, 1812. 

Children of Jeduthan Ahiey, baptized at East Hartford 

Oeorge Abbey, bapt. March 17, 1784. 
Polly Abbey, bapt. March 19, 1785. 

300 Abigail Abbey, bapt. Sept. 28, 1788; m. Harry Eusign. 

Zaida Abbey, bapt. Oct. 24, 1790 ; d. Sept. 17, 1817 ; buried at East Hartford. 

301 Eliphalet Abbey, bapt. Nov. 3, 1793; m. Lydia Brunson. 

302 Edmund Abbey, bapt. May 22, 1796; m. Harriet Gaines. 

148. NEHEMIAH5 ABBEY, JR., son of Nehemiah* and Mabel (Warren) 
Abbey, baptized at East Hartford, Conn., August 31, 1777; died February 25 
(or 23), 1865; buried at East Hartford. He was a soldier of the War of 1812; 
a matross or private soldier on the payroll of Captain Amherst Reynolds' Com- 
pan}', August 3 to September 16, 1813; under Nathan Johnson August 18 to 29, 
1814. In 1850 he was a shoemaker in East Hartford. 

Married TRIPHENA TREAT, born April 11, 1779, in East Hartford, Conn.; 
died April 22, 1859, in East Hartford; buried there. She was daughter of 
Lieutenant Matthias Treat and his wife, Triphena Risley. 


Harriet Abbey, m. June 26, 1837, as his second wife, Russell Hollister, son of 
Salmon and Millicent (Goodrich) HoUister, probably of Glastonbury, Conn. 
He m. (1) Marilla Hart, b. 1799; d. 1823; and had four children probably by 
this first marriage. 

Anne (1) Abbey, d. in infancy. 

Anne (2) Abbey, m. Wilham L. Wright. 

Jane Abbey, m. William W. Roberts. 

Elizabeth Abbey, b. Sept. 15, 1817; d. about 1903, aged 86. Married, May 16, 
1836, William Watson House of East Hartford, b. June 20, 1813; d. Aug. 7, 
1892. Children, five, three of whom d. before 1902 : i. Henry Stuart, b. March 
15, 1851, d. after 1902, m. June 25, 1879, Alice Jennett Whiting, b. Oct. 28, 

1860, m. (2) Banning and lives in Southington, Conn., had one child, 

Henry Clarence, b. July 7, 1885. lives in Hartford ; ii. Sarah Elizabeth, m. 
George A. Sumner, had one son, George H., m. and has a son Charles B. 

Nehemiah Abbey, m. Harriet Reynolds. Both he and his wife d. many years ago; 
probably had no children. 

149, ANNA^ ABBEY, daughter of Nehemiah* and Mabel (Warren) Abbey, 
baptized at East Hartford, Conn., August 18, 1784; died April 2, 1876. 

90 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married November 10, 1810, JESSE BURNHAM, born May 29, 1785; died 
January 18, 1854. He was son of Eleazer and Tryphena (King) Burnhani. They 
resided at East Hartford or Podunk. 


Mabel Ahiey Burnham, b. Sept. 11, 1811 ; d. Oct. 3, or 13, 1825. 

Levi Burnliam, b. July 6, 1813; tl. Jime 24, 1859; m., April 25, 1841, Fanny 

Martin Burnham, b. July 4, 1815 ; d. Aug. 2, 1861 ; resided in South Windsor, 
Conn. Married, Oct. 23, 1836, Fidelia E. Coop of Eastbury, who was b. Jan. 1, 
1816. Children : i. Edwin, b. July 21, 1837 ; ii. Ransom Martin, b. Jan. 11, 
1839, m. March 31, 1880, Lucetta (Stoughton) Blair, b. Feb. 12, 1848, lives 
at South Windsor; iii. Frank, b. Feb. 2, 1841. d. March 9, 1841; iv. Abby 
Fidelia, b. April 23, 1842 ; v. Hiram Brooks, b. March 22, 1845, killed at battle 
of Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, Company I, 20th Connecticut Volunteers ; 
vi. Frederic Jesse, b. Dec. 8, 1847, d. June 6, 1878 ; vii. Nelson Hamilton, 
b. Oct. 5, 1850 ; viii. David Coop, b. April 3, 1852. 

John Ahley Burnham, b. July 20, 1817; lived at East Hartford. Married, Feb. 18, 
1841, Mary Gardner Child, b. Sept. 24, 1822, daughter of Bulkley and Sally 
(Tracy) Child. Children : i. Thomas Warren, b. March 14, 1846, lives at East 
Hartford, m. Dec. 18, 1871, Lizzie Kellogg, b. Aug. 19, 1852 or 1853, daughter 
of Edward and Elizabeth (Skinner) Kellogg, has two children. Lulu Clare, 
b. Oct. 31, 1876, and Edward J., b. March 3. 1878 ; ii. John Henry, b. Feb. 14, 

1851. lives at East Hartford, m. Aug. 23, 1873, Minnie H. Forbes, b. June 18, 

1852, has children, Anne May, b. June 21, 1875, Florence G., b. Jan. 7, 1878, Eva 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 3, 1888, m. Alburtus Eugene Jones ; iii. Anna Sarah, b. Oct. 
11, 1855, d. March 13. 1856. 

Jesse Burnham, jr., b. May 31, 1820; d. Feb. 12, 1876; lived at East Hartford. 
Married, Jan. 1, 1857, Rhoda Jane Signor, b. Feb. 13, 1835; who m. (2) Charles 
P. Fail-banks. Children : i. Jesse Eugene, b. Sept. 14, 1857, lives at East 
Hartford, m. Dec. 24, 1879, Alice S. Wolcott, b. Sept. 26, 1857, has son, Louis, 
b. Oct. 7, 1880; ii. Leander Terry, b. Oct. 24, 1858, m. April 11, 1883, Mary 
B. Bidwell : iii. Estella Jane, b. Aug. 30, 1860 ; iv. William Burdette, b. July 16, 
1862; v. Arthur Jerome, b. Nov. 21, 1864, d. Oct. 29, 1871; vi. Alice C, 
b. April 16, 1867 ; vii. Howard E., b. Sept. 4, 1869, d. Oct. 4, 1871 ; viii. Edith, 
b. Oct. 3, 1871, d. Feb. 6, 1876; ix. Archie, b. Feb. 3, 1874; x. Ida May, b. 
April 6, 1876. 

150. BENJAMIN^ ABBEY, son of Samuel* and Abbey, born about 

1752, probably at Portland, Conn.; died July 31, 1792; buried at Portland 
Cemetery. In 1790 there was a Benjamin Abbey in Chatham, Conn., 1 male 
and 1 female over 16, 6 males lander 16. In 1800 he was recorded in the 
Census at Chatham, 1 male over 45, 1 female between 26 and 45, 3 males between 
16 and 26, 1 male between 10 and 16, and 1 female iinder 10, in the family. 
He is said to have been a Revolutionary pensioner. He was mentioned in his 
father's will in 1806. 

Married in Chatham, April 11, 1776, LOIS STOCKING, born about 1760, 
daughter of Stephen and Mary (Andrews) Stocking of Chatham; died Septem- 
ber 29, 1825, aged 64; buried in Portland. She was a direct descendant of 
Steven Hopkins who came over in the Mayflower. 

Children, only tivo names are known 

303 Elizur Ahhey, b. 1780; m. Betsey Gildersleeve. 

304 Henry Stephen Ahley, b. Nov. 5, 1808; m. Elizabeth Smith. 

151. SAMUELS ABBEY, probably son of Samuel* and Rachel (Masson) 
Abbey, born about 1760, according to his pension papers; died February 28, 
1841, in Milo, Yates County, N. Y. He was a Revolutionary soldier. He 
enlisted first March 1, 1776, for two months, as a private under Captain Amos 

Fifth Generation 91 

Cook, in the Connecticut line, at Wallino:f ord ; mustered out May 1, 1776, and 
re-enlisted June 1, 1776, in Captain Coach's Company under Colonel Burr Brad- 
ley; mustered out January 1, 1777. He again enlisted October, 1777, for 27 
days, and November, 1778, for tAvo months, tlie latter time from Chatliam, Conn. 
He finally enlisted from Wallingford, May, 1779, for six months, under Captain 
Jolm Osborne. He saw service at Bergen Point, Fort Lee, Trenton, New Jersey, 
and Pliiladeli>liia. After the war he returned to Wallingford and resided there 
for some years, removing then to a farm near Amherst, Mass., and in 1790, to 
Canandaigua, N. Y., where he was head of a family in 1803, and from there to 
Milo, Yates County, where he died. His will was probated and recorded in 
Pcnn Yan, Will Book D, page 140. He applied for a pension September 29, 1832, 
from Milo, giving his age as 72 years. 

Married (1) . 

Married (2) May 27, 1827, at Milo, MARGARET LEE (or MILLER, accord- 
ing to the pension papers), born about 1808. She married (2) June 5, 1848, 
Noah (or John) Mitchell, who died August 27, 1862, at Milo, where she was 
living December 9, 1862, aged 54 years, when she applied for a pension on account 
of the services of Samuel Abbey. She had no children. 

Children hy first wife 

Electra Ahhey, m. in Heath, Mass., Oct. 4, 1807, William Maxwell. 

305 RosiccU Ahicij, b. Jan. 20, 1789; m. Ehzabeth Truslow. 

306 Ansel Abbey, m. Bersbeba Morgan. 

Sophronia Abbey, m. Thomas Smith of Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Abbey, d. unm. 

152. JOHN' ABBEY, probably son of Samuel* and Rachel (Masson) Abbey, 
of Portland, Conn. A conveyance of land in the town of Burlington, Otsego 
County, N. Y., was made to him in 1797. His father's will calls him of Middle- 
bury, Vt., but a paper of August 30, 1806, calls him of Middlefield, Otsego 
County, N. Y. (Middletown, Conn., Deeds, IX:58.) John Abbey owned a farm 
at Unadilla about 1800. The Census of 1810 gives a J. Abbey at Pittsfield, 
Otsego County, six in the family. He was later a farmer in the east part of 
the town of Sangerfield, Oneida County, N. Y. His name appears on Oneida 
County deeds as early as 1829, as "of Paris"; in 1833 as "of Marshall, 
Oneida Co." John and Ruth Abbey with other settlers subscribed to a docu- 
ment in 1839. His will, made March 5, 1854, probated December 7, 1854, calls 
him of Madison County, and names wife Ruth, and children: Edwin, George, 
Maria Terry, Henry, Ira, and Mary Loomis. He may be John Abbe}^, the 
Lieutenant for 133d Regiment, April 24, 1818, Chenango and Delaware Counties, 
N. Y., and Captain of 193d Regiment, 1820. 

[Married RUTH RISLEY, daughter of Moses and Ruth ( ) Risley of East 
Hartford, Conn., and Vienna, N. Y. 


307 Mary Abbey, m. David Loomis. 

308 Allen R. Abbey, m. Lovisa Loomis. 

309 Henry Abbey, m. Hubbard. 

Warren Abbey, d. . 

310 Edwin Abbey, m. Susan Cowan. 

311 Ira Abbeii, m. Rhoda Rhodes. 

Maria Abbey, b. in Vienna, N. Y., May 17, 1819 ; d. in Waterville, N. Y., Sept. 29,' 
1891. Married, Aug. 2, 1841, Leander' Terry, son of Horace^ and Elizabeth 
(Chambers) Terry. See number 375. 

312 George Abbey, m. Jane Cowan. 

92 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

153. GEORGES ABBEY, son of Samuel' Abbey, born January 15, 1763, in 
Chatham, Middlesex County, Conn. He enlisted in the Revolution July, 1779, 
and served one month as jH-ivate under Colonel Woodbridge and Captain Ben- 
jamin AVright. He again enlisted Jul,y, 1781, and served five and a half months 
under Colonel Canfield and Captains Cook and Starr. In 1838, MaA^ 21, he 
applied for a pension, a resident of Wethersfield, Conn. He is probably the 
George Abbey of 1790 Census, Wethersfield, 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 
3 females in the family; in 1800 Census, 1 male over 45, 1 male and 1 female 
between 26 and 45, 1 male and 1 female between 10 and 16, and 1 male and 1 
female under 10. 

The following records may refer to this George Abbey: George Abbey of 
Hamilton, Madison County, N. Y., died April 17, 1859, in Hamilton. His will, 
dated April 13, 1858, mentioned son Alonzo and daughter Lucretia. At the 
settlement of the estate the heirs given were: Lucretia Abbey of Hamilton, 
N. Y.j Henry M. Abbey of Paint Creek, Mich.; George B. Alden of Tama, 
Iowa; Cordelia White of Germantown, Iowa; Charles E. Alden and Hettie 
Alden, residence unknown; Nina J. Greenfield of Orwell, N. Y. ; Melvin Hub- 
bard of Waterville, N. Y. The son, Alonzo Abbey, made his will May 7, 1869, 
probated January 19, 1881. He is called of Hamilton, Madison County, and 
his wife, Diana, and sister, Lucretia B. Abbey, are the heirs mentioned in the 
will. Samuel I. Abbey of North Brookfield was a witness, but at the time of 
probation he was a resident of Michigan. Ira Abbey was a witness at the proba- 
tion. The list of heirs given on the court proceedings is the same as that of 
George Abbey's heirs except that the residence of Cordelia White is given as 
Germanville, Iowa. 

Married in Wethersfield, Conn., Rocky Hill, February 5, 1784, MARY BROOKS. 


, b. 1809 ; buried April 28, 1810, aged 11 months ; recorded in Wethersfield. 

Alonzo Abbey, see above. Married Diana Risley, b. April 26, 1815; d. July 13, 

1886, daughter of Jonathan, jr., and Lucy (Benton) Risley of Sauquoit, N. Y. 

No children. 
Lucretia Abbey, see above. 

154. RACHEL^ ABBE, daughter of Samuel and Rachel (Masson) Abbe, 
born May 13, 1768, in Chatham, now Portland, Conn. 

Married June 2, 1788, CHARLES TREAT, son of John and Mary (Smith) 
Treat; baptized in Glastonbury, Conn., August 22, 1762; died 1802, and was one 
of the first buried at Wells' River, Newbury, Vt. He was a lumberman and 
was engaged in river driving at tlie time of his deatli, which resulted from a fever 
following a cold. Letters of administration were granted his widow and Isaac 
Hollister, June 2, 1802. His children were all baptized May 2, 1802. The 
names of Horace, Lathrop, Orrin, and Robert, who died away from home, are 
found on a stone in South Glastonbury Cemetery. 

Children, born and baptized in Glastonbury 

313 Lathrop Treat, b. 1788 ; m. Tallatha Sexton. 

314 Uoraee Treat, b. July 4, 1790 ; m. Polly Brooks. 

Orrin Treat, b. about 1792 ; d. July 3, 1815, aged 23, not m. He served during 
the War of 1812 in Captain Erastus Strong's Company, from Aug. 18, 1814, to 
Oct. 25, 1814. 

315 Sophia Treat, b. Feb. 6, 1795 ; m. Isaac Collins. 

Robert Treat, b. about 1798 ; d. Jan., 1817, aged 19, at Martinique, West Indies. 

316 Charles Treat, jr., b. Oct. 27, 1801; m. Matilda Cooly. 

Fifth Generation 93 

155. REUBEN^ ABBEY, son of Samuel* Abbe, born April 11, 1770. He and 
his wife joined the Church at Eastbury, Conn., November 6, 1762. He was a 
resident of Glastonbury in 1800; 1 male over 45, 1 female between 26 and 45, 
1 male between 10 and 16, 2 females and 1 male under 10, in tlie family. 

Married (1) November 10, 1791, at Glastonbury, Conn., MRS. EUNICE 
(GOOD ALE) WILLIAMS, died about 1808. 

Married (2) MRS. REEVES. 

Married (3) July 9, 1812, at Glastonbury, MRS. MARY TRYON of Chatham, 
recorded by 1st Society of Wethersfield. 

Children, first five baptized at Easthunj 

Lorra Abhey, bapt. Nov. 6, 1792 ; went to western New York in early life. 

Asa Williams Abbey, bapt. Oct. 20, 1794; d. April 8, 1795, aged 1 yr., 6 mos. 

Abigail Abbey, bapt. May 7, 1796; m. Ezekiel Post of Hebron, Conn. 

Horace Abbey, bapt. June 8, 1800. Went to Cooperstown, N. Y., about 1810. 

Was said to have been sheriff of Chautauqua County, N. Y. 
Norman Abbey, bapt. Oct. 8, 1801. 

Loren Abbey, perhaps mistake for Norman. Went to Cooperstown, N. Y. 
317 Julius Abbey, b. about 1805 ; m. Lucy A. Lord. 

Ambrose Abbey. An Ambrose Abbey d. in Portland, Conn., Feb. 14, 1881. 

156. ASAPH5 ABBEY, son of Samuel* and Sarah (Leland) Abbe, born 
August 26, 1776; died December 17, 1831, in Portland, Conn.; buried in Eastern 
Cemetery, Portland. He was a farmer and tavern keeper in the north part of 
Portland, and was captain in one of the old militia companies. 

Married June 1, 1800, RUTH HOLLISTER, born October 25, 1781, in Glaston- 
bury, Conn.; died February 20, 1868, in Cleveland, Ohio, and was buried there. 
She was daughter of David and Prudence (Miller) HoUister. 


318 Anson Abbey, b. March 9, 1801 ; m. Clarissa Taylor. 

319 Pamclia Abbey, h. July 19, 1802; m. Russell Pelton. 

Asaph Abbey, jr., h. Jan. 26, 1804 ; d. in Cleveland, Ohio, April 1, 1859. He was 
a peddler of Yankee notions, traveling over the whole central west. Married in 

Pennsylvania, Anna Mary . Child (perhaps others) : Samuel, lives in 

Pueblo, Colo. ; not m. 

David Abbey, b. Sept. 9, 1805 ; d. in Cleveland, Ohio, June 30, 1856. He was a 
hardware merchant and had also been in business in Akron, Ohio, and in Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Married Sarah , and had six children, of whom one is living, 

Charles, of Isle of Pines. 

Russell Abbey, b. Feb. 3, 1807 ; d. in Chicago, Aug. 28, 1888. He was a peddler, 
later a merchant, lost heavily in the fire in Chicago, where he was in business. 
During the gold excitement he went to California overland and was one of the 
two survivors of the party. Married Emily Bruce. Children : i. Milton, d, 

; ii. Eldorado, d. ; iii. Emily, m. Bruce and lives in 

Chattanooga, Tenn., has a son Russell Abbey. 

Ruth Abbey, b. Oct. 27, 1808; d. in Concord, Minn., Feb. 16. 188.3. Married 
Charles L. Shepard, of Portland, Conn., b. 1799, probably in Chatham, Conn., 
son of Andrew and Deliverance (Leland) Shepard. No children. 

320 Prudence Miller Abbey, b. March 18, 1811 ; m. Edwin Bell. 

321 Sarah Ann Abbey, b. Jan. 29, 1813; m. Charles Bartlett. 

322 William Warren Abbey, b. Oct. 18, 1814; m. (1) Sophronia Tryon ; (2) Emily 

Anderson; (3) Charlotte Taylor. 
Henry Augustus Abbey, b. Nov. 10, 1816; d. in Portland, Nov. 5 (or 25), 1820. 

323 Grove Nelson Abbey, b. Aug. 19, 1818 ; m. Sarah Goodale. 

Samuel Abbey, b. April 13, 1820 ; d. in Sandwich, 111., July 17, 1889. He was a 
peddler, and, later, traveling salesman for his two brothers. He m. twice. He 

is probably the Samuel Abbey who m. Mary E. , b. about 1823 and had 

child: Henry Earl, b. May 16, 1848, in Glastonbury, Conn. Child by second 

marriage: Ruth, m. Lewis; lives at Oak Park, 111., has four children: 

Jean, Frances, Elizabeth, and . 

94 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Lucy EUzaheth Ahbcy, b. Nov. 1, 1825 ; in., Jan., 1848, James Dwight Johnson of 
Portland, Conn., a sea captain, b. Oct. 19, 1832 ; d. April 7, 1892 ; son of 
Seth and Emily (Tracy) Johnson. She is stiU living (1913) in Chicago. 
Children : i. Alice, lives in Chicago, m. George Blair, has a son, Edward 
Johnson, who was graduated from Cornell University in 1905, is connected with 
the engineering department of the Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railway 
Company in Chicago, m. Mary Pardee and has children, Dorothy and Harriet 
Alice ; ii. Ruth Emily. 

157. JOHNS BIDWELL, son of Daniel and Agnes* (Abbe) Bidwell, born 
December 28, 1750, at Chatham, Conn.; died November 8, 1825. Removed to 
near Kinderhook, Columbia County, N. Y., in August, 1799, and was admitted by 
letter to the Kinderhook Church, May 8, 1802. He bouglit and sold land at 
Chatham between 1773 and 1803. He w-as a Captain in the Revolution. Both 
he and his wdfe are buried at Kinderhook. 

Married at Chatham, August 15, 1775, SARAH PENFIELD, born November 
6, 1756, at Chatham; died March 19, 1846. Daughter of Major and Lieutenant- 
Colonel John Penfield. She served as a ntirse in the War of 1812, and received 
a pension for her services. She married (2), when nearly eighty, Colonel William 
Potter, born 1741; died January 20, 1833, whose first wife was Freelove Knight. 


Daniel Bidivell, b. Aug. 2, 1776 ; d. in the South, Oct. 16, 1797 ; not m. 

Sarah Bidivell, b. Sept. 15, 1777. 

Anne Bidivell, h. Dec. 25, 1777 ; d. Nov. 2, 1779. 

John Bidivell, b. Oct. 2, 1780; d. Nov. 6, 1795. 

David Bidwell, b. Sept. 21, 1782; d. Nov. 7, 1839; m. 1812, Amy C. Potter, 

daughter of Colonel AVilliam Potter. 
Alexander Bidivell, b. June 11, 1784; d. Nov. 17, 1858. 
Halseij Bidwell, b. May 10, 1786 ; d. July 12, 1847. 

Anne Bidivell, b. June 7, 1787; m. WiUiam Potter, son of Colonel WiUiam Potter. 
Benjamin Bidivell, b. May 7, 1790 ; d. Dec. 21, 1862. 
Horace Bidivell (twin), b. March 21. 1793; d. June 15, 1849. 
Hod Bidivell (twin), b. March 21, 1793; d. June 2, 1837. 
John Bidivell, b. May 15, 1796; d. Jan. 8, 1823. 

158. SARAH5 BIDWELL, daughter of Daniel and Agnes* (Abbe) Bidwell, 
born March 12, 1753; died December 8, 1795. 

Married in Chatham, Conn., May 18, 1775, ABNER PELTON, born March 
4, 1755, at Chatham; died January 17, 1846. Son of Joseph and Anna (Pen- 
field) Pelton. He lived and died at Portland, Conn. 

Married (2) MRS. DOROTHY EAGLE Y. 

Children, torn at Portland 

Matilda Pelton, b. July 29, 1776; d. Feb. 24, 1851; m. at Portland, Dec. 31, 

1797, Jonathan Bush. 
Ainos Pelton, b. April 21, 1779 ; d. Oct. 10, 1796, killed by falling from a tree. 
324 Ahner Pelton, b. April 15, 1781; m. (1) Esther HamUn ; (2) Mrs. Sophronia 

(Strong) Whitmore. 
Sarah Pelton, b. April 11, 1783; d. Sept. 18, 1867; resided at Middle Haddam, 

Conn. Married at Portland, Oct. 24, 1804 or 5, Jabez C. Norton, son of John 

Norton of Chatham. They had eight children. 
Jeremiah Pelton, b. April 14, 1786; d. July 17, 1822. He was a cripple and 

never m. 
Vienna Pelton, b. July 4, 1788; d. April 21, 1813; lived and d. in Turin, Lewis 

County, N. Y. Married, July 4, 1808, Ducll Goff of East Haddam, Conn. Child : 

PhiUnda, m. Thayer. She d. in Evansvillo. Ind., where her sons pubUshed 

a paper. One son, Duell, lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
PhiUnda Pelton, b. Feb. 28, 1791 ; d. April 8, 1878, in Portland ; not m. 

Fifth Generation 95 

159. JONATHAN' ABBEY, 3D, son of Jonathan*, jr., and Alice (Johnson) 
Abbey, born February 2G, 1853, in AVillington, Conn.; died October 5, 1807, at 
Olive (Shokan), N. Y. He was probably living at Ashford, Conn., at the time 
of the 1790 Census, 2 males over 18, 3 males under 18, 5 females in the family. 
In the 1800 Census he is recorded with 1 male and 1 female over 45, 1 male 
and 2 females between 16 and 26, and 1 male between 10 and 16. He removed 
to Shokan, Ulster County, N. Y., in 1802. 

The story is told in the family that Jonathan Abbey was in the company of 
patriots with General Israel Putnam when, on February' 26, 1779, General Putnam 
escaped from 1500 English and Tories by running his horse doAvn a hundred 
steps in the rock at Horseneek Hill, Greenwich, Conn. Jonathan said that 
Putnam told his men to look out for themselves, to retreat as best they could, 
and that he, being mounted, would take care of himself. The British broke 
in upon the company, who ran into a swamp, and Putnam started off, closely 
pursued by dragoons. Presently pistol shots were heard, Putnam dashed down 
the rocky steps, and the company never expected to behold him alive again, 
but soon they were delighted to see him come cantering back as if nothing 
had hajipened, and with no wound greater than a bullet-hole through his 
three-cornered hat. 

Botli Jonathan Abbey and his wife were buried in a cemetery at the site 
of the Ashokan Dam, and their remains were in 1910 removed to the Montrepose 
Cemeter\' in Kingston, by their descendants, Charles Augustus Abbey and Henry 
Abbey. The inscriptions read as follows: 

In Memory of 

Jonathan Abbey 


Oct. 5th, 1807 

55th year of his age. 

In Memory of 

Lucy Abbey 

wife of 

Jonathan Abbey 


January 21, 1828 

in the 7Gth year of her age. 

Married 1778, MRS. LUCY (KNOX) ROBBINS, born April 19, 1753, in 
Ashford; died January 21, 1828, in Ulster County, N. Y. She was connected 
with the family of the celebrated John Knox and was the widow of Samuel 
Robbins, by whom she had a son, Samuel. 

Childreti of Jonathan Alley, last three recorded in Ashford (at Warrenville) , Conn. 

325 David Alley, h. Feb. 8, 1779 ; m. Nancy Farnham. 

Mary Alley, b. Dee. 19, 1780, in Ashford ; was living in 1863 ; m. Remilton Jones 
and settled near Worcester, Mass. 

326 Sarah Alley, h. Aug. 1, 1784 ; m. John Brown. 

327 John Alley, b. Nov. 18, 1789; m. Catherine North. 

_160. WALTERS GEER, son of ShubaeP and Hannah (Pease) Geer, born 
1759, probably in Enfield, Conn., although his birth is not recorded there with 
other children of Shubael and Hannah; died about 1808. He served in the 
Revolutionary army 1778. Resided in New Hampshire, at Charlestown, Lebanon, 
and Keene, at Windsor, Vt., and at Salem, N. Y., after about 1796. One of 
his daughters died in Keene, January, 1792. 

96 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married LUCY ALLEN, daughter of Benjamin and Peggy (Spafford) Allen, 
born in Charlestown, N. H., March 28, 1758. 


Harmony Gecr, b. in Lebanon, June 27, 1784. 
(JDaughter), b. in Windsor, Nov. 7, 1786; d. before 1790. 
Lucy Oeer, b. in Charlestown, Jan. 29, 1789. 
328 Walter Gecr, jr., b. Jan. 9, 1792 ; m. Henrietta VanBuren. 

161. ELIZABETH^ TERRY, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth-^ (Geer) 
Terry, born in Enfield, Conn., Februaiy 28, 1749-50 (Enfield records), or October 
6, 1756 (Terry Genealogy) ; died December 25, 1830. Resided in Coventry, 

Married SAMUEL LILLIE, died June 10, 1832. 


Ira Lillie, b. in Coventry, July 1, 1781; d. there Nov. 30, 1823. Married (1) 
Nov. 3, 1805, Lois Kingsbury, b. in Coventry, Jan. 14, 1781, daughter of 
Lieutenant Joseph and Lois (Porter) Kingsbury, d. Nov. 20, 1811; no children. 
Married (2) May 2, 1813, Persis Kingsbury, sister of above, b. in Coventry, 
Dec. 10, 1789; d. Oct. 31, 1854. Children: i. Marcus, b. March 3, 1814, d. 
June 3, 1897, served as member of the House of Repi'esentatives and of the 
State Senate, director in the Tolland County Insui-ance Co. for years, deacon 
of the Coventry Congregational Church, m. (1) May 24, 1836, Eunice Porter, 
who d. March 23, 1857, (2) April 8, 1868, Ruth Kingsbury, daughter of Al\in 
and Emeline (Kingsbury) Kingsbury, who is still li\ing at Baltic, Conn. 
Children of Marcus Lillie by first wife (none by second) : (a) George A., b. in 
Coventry, Sept. 19, 1837, d. Nov. 9, 1866, m. Nov. 3, 1858, Julia C. Gleason, 
no children; (b) Frederic Abbe, b. July 15, 1846, or 1847, in Coventry, teacher 
in East Hampton, Rock\ille, Portland, East Hartford and Manchester, Conn., 
m. in East Hampton, Aug. 18, 1870, Laura Louise Kellogg, b. in Hebron, Conn., 
July 26, 1851, daughter of Jared Comstock and Frances Matilda (Day) KeUogg, 
has three children, b. at East Hampton, May Eunice, b. May 20, 1871, George 
Henry, b. April 30, 1875, d. at Portland, May 31, 1885, and Charles Albert, 
b. April 10, 1880. ii. (child of Ira Lillie) EUzabeth T., b. Nov. 26, 1817, d. in 
Chicago, Feb. 3, 1888, m. Sept. 15, 1835, Nathaniel Kingsbury Root, of Chicago, 
son of Nathaniel and Almaria (Page) Root of Coventry, and had son, Williston 
Kingsbury, b. Dec. 8, 1845, d. March 5, 1846; iii. Anna, bapt. Jan. 2, 1820; 
iv. Janet, b. May 31, 1821, or 1822, m. May 4, 1869, A. J. Battin, and d. June 
13, 1875, leaving no children. 

Jeduthan Lillie, b. 1786; d. Sept. 30, 1842; lived in Coventry. Married Sarah 
Hyde, b. in Lebanon, Conn., about 1787 ; d. about 1846 ; daughter of Elijah 
Clark and Sarah (Taylor) Hyde. Child: Nisa, m. as his first wife, Zenas 
Loomis of Coventry, and d. without children. He m. (2) her cousin, Henrietta 
Dunham, daughter of Ralph and Melinda (Hyde) Dunham, b. Nov. 18, 1818, by 
whom he had a daughter, Nisa Lilly, b. March 15, 1845. 

Eunice Lillie, m. Timothy Badger and removed to Bridgewater, N. Y. 

Narcissa Lillie. 

162. AARON'^ PEASE, JR., son of Aaron and Anna* (Geer) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., June 3, 1752; lived and died in that place. 

Married HULDAH SPENCER, daughter of Jonathan Spencer, sr., of Somers, 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Hannah Pease, m. as her second husband, Benjamin, who d. before 1849. 

Huldah Pease, m. Pliny Cadwell of Wilbraham, Mass. 
Tahiiha Pease, m. Dudley Summers of Chatham, Conn. 

Aurelia Pease, m. Gilbert of Tolland, Conn. 

Ruth Pease, d. young ; unm. 

Jerusha Pease, m. Joseph Sheldon of Hartford, Conn. 

Fifth Generation 97 

Aaron Pease, 3d, b. Sept. 9, 1777. Lived in Mitldletown, Conn., and d. there 1848. 
He was engaged in ship-building and in the wholesale grocery business with his 
brother, Randolph. During the War of 1812 he and his cousins fitted out a 
number of vessels at Marblehead for the West Indies trade, some of which were 
lost. Married Feb. 27, 1812, Nancy Griswold of Chicopee, Mass., daughter of 
Joseph Griswold. She d. in Middletown, aged 84. Children, b. in Middletown : 
i. Mary M., b. Feb. 3, 1813, m. (1) Arcl Utley, (2) Homer FrankHn ; ii. 
Nancy A., b. Dec. 2G, 1814, m. Ezra AVhite ; iii. Aaron G., b. Jan. 7, 1817; 
iv. Robert A., b. Aug. 30, 1819, m. (1) Sarah A. Jones, (2) Hannah A. 
Spencer; v. Randolph, b. Sept. 20, 1824; vi. Frances Louise, b. 1826. 
329 William Agift Pease, b. Sept., 1779 ; m. Betsey Ranuey. 

Levi Pease, m., 1811, Almira Banks. Children : i. Catherine ; ii. Charles. 

Spencer Pease, m. and lived in Providence. No children. 

Randolph Pease, b. about 1788 ; d. in Middletown, Conn., May 1, 1860. He was 
connected with a grocery firm with his brothers. Married, 1807, Susan Paddock. 
Children, b. in Middletown: i. and ii. Randolph and Samuel (twins), b. 1807, 
d. in infancv ; iii. Susan (1), b. 1808, d. in infancy; iv. Amelia, b. June, 1811, 
m. Patrick Saygon ; v. Susan (2), b. Sept. 12, 1820, m. 1839, Christopher 
Collins and lived in Middletown ; vi. Lucy A., b. May 26, 1826. 

163. STONE^ PEASE, sou of Aaron and Anna* (Geer) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., June 11, 1759, and resided there. Died August 28, 182.3. 

Married September 15, 1780, ASENATH PEASE, daughter of Israel and Ann 
( ) Pease, born in Enfield, October 19, 1761. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Stone Pease, jr., b. July 2, 1781 ; d. March 9, 182.5 ; m. Oct. 20, 1807, . 

Children, b. in Enfield: i. Horace B., b. April 10, 1810, d. Dec. 7, 18-30; ii. 

Joseph S., b. Jan. 7, 1815, d. Feb. 28, 1847 ; iii. Elizabeth S., b. Sept. 12, 1817. 
330 Horace Pease, b. July 7, 1783; m. Mrs. Rebecca (Parsons) Carrier. 
(Jhauncey (1) Pease, b. May 4, 1786; d. young. 

Asenath Pease, b. Aug. 13, 1787 ; m. John Hawkins and settled in Ohio. 
Mary Pease, b. June 1, 1789 ; m. Henry Barber and settled in East Windsor, Conn. 
Chauncey (2) Pease, b. Aug. 19, 1792. He was a blacksmith in Hartford, Conn. 

Married, Oct. 7, 1821, Elizabeth Holcomb. Child : Milton L., b. in Springfield, 

Feb. 17, 1823 ; resided there and later in Hartford ; m. May, 1845, Dorothy A. 

Nancy Pease, b. Aug., 1796 ; m. Moses Prase. 
Tudor Pease, b. Feb. 3, 1799 ; d. April, 1843 ; not m. 

Agnes Pease, b. Jan. 10, 1801 ; m. William Loomis and settled in East Windsor. 
Oeer C. Pease, b. Dec. 18, 1804 ; d. in Enfield, May 10, 18.37 ; m. xVug. 31, 1831, 

Almira Chapiu. Children, b. in Enfield : i. Henry B., b. June 24, 1832, d. Jan, 

23, 1838; ii. Mary M., b. Oct. 20, 1833, d. May 27, 1836; iii. Agnes A., b. 

Nov. 21, 1834 ; iv. Edwin G., b. Aug. 31, 1836. 

164. EPHRAIM5 PEASE, son of Aaron and Anna* (Geer) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., June 5, 1765. Lived in Enfield, and later, after 1804, in Lee, 
N. T., where he died. 

Married November 24, 1785, JENNIE PHELPS. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Arvin B. Pease, b. July 6, 1787 ; lived in Lee ; m. Nov. 17, 1808, Sedate Yeomans. 
Children, b. in Lee: i. Abby, b. Sept. 22, 1810, m. 1831, Lorenzo Baker; ii. 
Jemima, b. Jan. 7, 1812, m. March 6, 1832, Samuel Underbill ; iii. EUza, b. May 

7, 1815, m. July 6, 1834. Charles C. Hovey ; iv. Henry G., b. Dec. 5, 1818. m. Nov. 

8, 1826, Harriet Twitchell ; v. Morris A., b. June 8, 1821, d. in London, England, 
Nov. 11, 1842 ; vi. Zenana, b. May 5, 1824, m. April 4, 1844, Joseph DcCory. 

Orrin Pease, b. Dec. 19, 1788 ; settled in Watertown, Wis. ; m. and had five 

Willis F. Pease, b. Sept. 4, 1792 ; d. young. 

98 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

165. DENNIS^ BEMENT, JR., son of Dennis and Mary* (Abbe) Bement, 
born in Enfield, Conn., February 11, 1743-4; lived in Enfield and died there, 
March 3 (or 12), 1820. 

Married LYDIA , born 1748; died August 3, 1829, aged 81. 

Children, torn in Enfield 

Lydia Bement, b. Jan. 31, 1771. Married (1) Nov. 27, 1788, in Enfield, Benjamin 
Parsons, son of Thomas Parsons. His will was made June 22, 1812, and 
probated Aug. 10, 1812. She m. (2) before 1829, Elisha Holton, who d. Feb. 3, 
1837, aged 84, and whose first wife was Mary Abbe, daughter of Richard and 
Mary (Bement) Abbe. See number 80. Children of Lydia Bement and Ben- 
jamin Parsons, b. in Enfield : i. Benjamin Bement, m. in Enfield, June 13, 1814, 
Sophie Gleasou of Enfield, and had sons Benjamin, b. Feb. 25, 1816, and Norman, 
b. Aug. 20, 1819; ii. Lydia; iii. Elizabeth; iv. Mary, b. May 1, 1769; v. 
Hannah ; vi. Achsa, b. April 9. 1771 ; vii. Minerva. 

Dennis (1) Bement, b. Jan. 5, 1774; d. Oct. 19, 1775. 

Elizabeth Bement, b. Aug. 18, 1775 ; m. June 7, 1798, in Enfield, Dr. Horatio 
Arnold Hamilton of Sandersfield. Children: i. (daughter), d. May 7, 1806, 
aged 14 hours ; ii. Aupha Charlotte, d. April 9, 1811, aged 1 yr., 10 mos. ; iii. 
(son), d. Nov. 16, 1811, aged 27 hours. 

Mary Bement, m. Obadiah" Olmstead, b. Sept. 30, 1778 ; d. March 4, 1826 ; son of 
Simeon and Roxalenah' (Abbe) Olmsted. 

Pina Bement, b. 1780; d. April 11, 1832, aged 52. Married in Enfield, Jan. 2, 
1804, Seth Alden, son of Amos and Hannah ( ) Alden, b. Sept. 26, 1779; 

d. May 14, 18.32. Both d. from a fever. Children, b. in Enfield: i. Seth, 
b. Aug. 20, 1805, m. and had at least two children, Edmond B., and Roselle, who 
d. in Enfield, Aug. 19, 1840, aged 18 months ; ii. Edmond Bement, b. May 3, 1807, 
a farmer in Enfield, was transferred to the Thompsonville Presbyterian Church 
April 9, 1848, m. (1) Flavia B. Meacham, daughter of Jesse and Naomi ( ) 

Meacham, who d. Aug. 10, 1847, aged 29, m. (2) Feb. 26, 1848, Augustine 
Denison, b. in Palmer, Mass., about 1816 ; iii. Hannah Bush, b. June 26, 1809, 
m. in Enfield. Oct. 16, 1832, Lester H. Grover of Tolland ; iv. Diantha Maria, 
b. July 31, 1811, m. in Enfield, Dec. 24, 1835, Simeon H. Dunham of Vernon, 
Oneida County, N. Y. ; v. Aupha Hamilton, b. June 21, 1813, m. in Enfield, 
Nov. 10, 18.36, Charles Killam, son of George Killam, b. in Enfield, Oct. 17, 1812, 
and had children, Sarah Maria, bapt. in Enfield, July 5, 1840, and Charles 
Armitage, bapt. July 12, 1842 ; vi. Lovisa C, b. June 9, 1816, m. April 27, 1842, 
Sylvester Ellis of New Britain, Conn. 

331 Dennis (2) Bement, b. Aug. 20. 1782; m. Huldah Holkins. 

Delight Bement, m. Oct. 29, 1808, in Enfield, Roderick White, who was transferred 
to the Hartford Church, Dec. 6, 1829. Children, b. in Enfield: i. Roderick 
Adams, b. Oct. 24, 1809 ; ii. Mary, b. Dec. 4, 1812 ; iii. Deha, b. Jan. 11, 1819 ; 
iv. CaroHue Elizabeth, bapt. July 1, 1827. 

Charlotte Bement, b. Nov. 3, 1788; m. Richard Abbe, 3d, son of Richard, jr., and 
Lydia (Steveson) Abbe; see number 395. 

166. NATHANIEL' CHAPIN, JR., son of Nathaniel and Sarah* (Abbe) 
Chapin, born in Enfield, Conn., December 31, 1738; died there February 11, 
1831. He always resided in Enfield. He served in the Revolution and was 
made Ensign of the 2d Company, 3d Battalion, by vote of the Assembly. 

Married (1) in Enfield, December 10, 1761, SYBIL TERRY, born in Enfield, 
August 8, 1740; died there June 26, 1775. She was daughter of Major Ephraim 
and Ann (Collins) Terry. 


Children, prohahly all "by first xcife and horn in Enfield 

Jahez (1) Chapin (twin), b. .June 11, 1762; d. in infancy. 

332 Nathaniel Chapin (twin), b. June 11, 1762; m. (1) Cynthia Perkins; (2) Lovisa 


333 Jahcz (2) Chapin, b. Nov. 24, 1764; m. Lucy Dwight. 
ISimcon Chapin, d. in Enfield. 

Sybil Chapin, m. in Enfield, Nov. 26, 1788, Thomas Metcalf. 

334 Esther Chapin, b. Jan. 20, 1771; m. Moses Allen. 
Elizabeth Chapin, d. unm. 

Fifth Generation 99 

167. ELIPHALET-' CHAPIN, son of Natlianiel and Sarah* (Abbe) Chapin, 
born in Enlicld, Conn., March 2, 1741. 



335 EUphalct Chapin, jr., h. nOo: m. Abigail Pease. 

tSarah Chapin, d. April 23, 1848, aged 84; m. Levi Meacham of Eufield, and bad 
two children. 

Polly Chapin, m. James W. Talcott of Chicopee, Mass., and bad four children. 

Persis Chapin, resided in Chicopee; m. Eli Hays and had seven children. 

Azuha Chapin, resided at Warehouse Point, Conn., later at South Hadley, Mass.; 
m. Ebcnezer Collins, a distiller. They had seven children, of whom were: 
i. Eliza Dixon, bapt. in Enfield, Jan. 27, 1828, d. May 18, 1835 ; ii. John, b. in 
Enfield, March, 1830, d. Oct. 13, 1830 ; iii. Henry E., b. in Enfield, July 7, 1831, 
d. May 7, 1835. 

336 Thomas Chapin (twin), m. xVnna (or Mary) Pease. 

Ohadiah Chapin (twin with Thomas), m. Lois Rose of Granville. Children: 
i. Obadiah, jr., lived in New Hampshire, m. and had children; ii. Laura, unm. ; 
iii. Harriet, m. Dole of Westfield ; iv. Eliza? m. Lee of Northamp- 
ton ; V. Cynthiaett, m. Deacon Alfred Worthington of Agawam. 

Lovica Chapin, m. Abel Terry and lived in Auburn, N. Y. They had five children, 
one of w^hom was Orrin. Orrin Terry, b. June G, 1806, in Auburn, dealer in 
hides and leather in New York City, m. April 23, 1851, Adeline Hall of 
Skaneateles, N. Y. No children. 

337 George Chapin, b. 1771 ; m. Lucy Parsons. 

168. SIBYL5 PEASE, daughter of Ephraim and Tabitha* (Abbe) Pease, 
born in Enfield, Conn., May 20, 1754; died September 12, 1822. Her tombstone 
inscription reads: Mrs. Sibyl, daughter of Captain Ephraim and Mrs. Tabitha 
Pease, 25 years wife of Rev. Elam Potter and 12 years wife of Rev. Nehemiah 
Prudden, born May 20, 1754; died September 12, 1822. 

Married (1) REVEREND ELAM POTTER, a native of Plymouth, Conn., and 
a Yale graduate. He was the third minister settled in Enfield, in 1769, was 
dismissed in 1776 on account of a religious controversy. He died in 1794, aged 
52. His estate was distributed March 8, 1804, to widow, now the wife of 
Nehemiah Prudden, and to the children, Elam 0., Ephraim P., Tabitha Killam, 
Sibvl Bontecou, Nancy, Peter P., and Mary. 

Married (2) REVEREND NEHEMIAH PRUDDEN, born in Milford, Conn.,; 
died September 7, 1815, in his 66th year. He was a Yale graduate and suc- 
ceeded Reverend Elam Potter as minister to the Enfield Church. His first 
wife w^as Agnes Pease, sister of Sibyl. See number 169. No children by this 


Children of Sihyl and Elam Potter, horn in Enfield 

Elam O. Potter, b. July 29, 1775; d. April 16, 1827. He was a merchant in New 
York City but later returned to Enfield. He was town clerk in 1822 and for 
fifteen years thereafter, justice of the peace, selectman, and was sent as 

representative to the General Assembly. Married Sarah but had no 

children. His estate was divided between his widow Sarah and relatives : 
Tabitha Killam ; Nancy In graham ; Mary TuUy ; children of the late Sibyl 
Bontocou ; Ephraim P. Potter ; and heirs of the late Peter P. Potter. 

338 Tabitha Potter, b. Nov. 6, 1776; m. Captain Lot Killam. 

339 Ephraim Pease Potter, b. Oct. 9, 1777; m. (1) ; (2) Abigail Terry. 

Martha Potter, b. Oct. 17, 1779: d. Nov. 20. 1802; not m. 

Sihi/l Potter, b. Nov. 20, 1781; d. before 1827; m. in Enfield, Sept. 16, 1798, 
Daniel Bonticou. Children : i. Catharine R. ; ii. Daniel, jr. ; iii. Martha ; iv. 
Sibyl ; v. Mary. 

Xancy Potter; h. March 26, 1784. Married April 3, 1806, in Eufield, Joseph 
Ingraham. who d. there June 15, 1842, aged 55. Children, born in Enfield : 
i. John, b. June 9, 1807 ; ii. Joseph, b. July 14. 1808 ; iii. EUzabcth, b. Dec. 8, 
ISIO: iv. Obadiah Pease, b. Aug. 6. 1813; v. Sarah Potter, b. Dec. 29, 1816; 
vi. William Tully, bapt. in Enfield, Aug. 17, 1824, m, there May 13, 1845, Eunice 
P. Loomer, both of South Hadley, Mass. 

100 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Peier Pease Potter, b. Aug. 21, 1786; d. June 22, 1827. Married in Enfield, 
Oct. 3, 1814, Hannah Wells Reynolds. Children, b. in Enfield : i. Hannah 
Reynolds, b. March 31, 1816 ; ii. Peter Reynolds, b. Aug. 29, 1819 ; iii. Maria E. ; 
iv. Elani Obadiah, b. July 11, 1827. 

Mary Potter, b. April 21, 1791; transferred to the Middletown Church, 1819. 
Married in Enfield, Jan. 5, 1813, Dr. William TuUy. Child: Eunice, b. in 
Enfield, Nov. 5, 1813. 

169. AGNES^ PEASE, daughter of Epliraim and Tabitha* (Abbe) Pease, 
born in Enfield, Conn., February 6, 1760; died February 13, 1799. 

Married December 10, 1783, REVEREND NEHEMIAH PRUDDEN, born in 
Milford, Conn.; died September 7, 1815, in his 66th year. He Avas gi-aduated 
from Yale before 1782. He married (2) Sibyl Pease, sister of his first wife. 

Children, lorn in Enfield 

Agnes Prudden, b. Oct. 11, 1784 ; d. before 1857. She and her daughter Harriet 
were dismissed from the church at Enfield in 1829, having removed to Michigan 
in 1824 ; and joined the church at Ann Arbor. Married in Enfield, March 23, 
1802, Roswell Parsons, b. Oct. 21, 1783, son of Major Joseph and Anna ( ) 

Parsons. Children, b. in Enfield : i. Harriet Grace, b. Feb. 5, 1803 ; ii. Nehemiah 
Prudden, b. Feb. 5, 1805 ; iii. Philo, b. April 15, 1807 ; iv. Addison, b. July 6, 
1809 ; V. Wealthy Angeline, b. Aug. 14, 1811 ; vi. James Luther, bapt. Jan. 10, 

Epliraim Pease Prudden, b. Feb. 4, 1788 ; d. in Enfield, July 26, 1836. Married 

Laura , who d. March 24, 1840, aged 44. Child, b. in Enfield : Nehemiah 

Henry, b. March 10, 1820, d. Sept. 6, 1839, in Enfield. Record of his death is 
given as Henry N. 

Hannah ISlewton Prudden, b. Sept. 25, 1795 ; was dismissed to the Presbyterian 
Church at Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 16, 1838. 

170. THOMAS^ GEER, son of Thomas and Hannah* (Abbe) Geer, born in 
Enfiekl, Conn., October 5, 1746; died April 10, 1827. Removed from Enfield to 
Charlestown, N. H., 1780, on the memorable dark day of that year. 

Married MARY PEASE, born September 25, 1749 ; died about 1841, aged 92. 

Children, first three horn in Enfield, others in Charlestown 

Horace Geer, b. March 21, 1773; d. Sept. 23, 1844; m. Nancy Owen. 

Mary Geer, b. March 29, 1775 ; d. May 14, 1839. 

William Geer, b. Dec. 3, 1777 ; d. May 10, 1834. Probably the William Geer who 

lived in Shelburae, Vt. 
Philena Geer, b. July 19, 1780; d. Sept. 21, 1840; m. Jan. 18, 1802, Lemuel T. 

Cheney, b. Jan. 18, 1802, in Westmoreland. 

340 Sibyl Geer, b. April 11, 1783 ; m. Robert Bostwick. 

Thomas Geer, jr., b. Aug. 13, 1785 ; d. May 12, 1851. Lived in Vergennes. 
Married Feb. 22, 1810, Nancy Woodbridge, b. Aug. 10, 1789, daughter of Enoch 
and Nancy (Winchell) Woodbridge. 

341 Seth Geer, h. June 30, 1788 ; m. Mary Pier. 

Noah Phelps Geer, b. May 28, 1791; d. in Charlestown, N. H., May 22, 1877. 
Married Feb. 8, 1814, Sally Buchanan, b. July 25, 1791; d. June 10, 1873, 
daughter of Joshua and Anna (Parks) Buchanan. Children; i. Marv, b. 
Jan., 1821, d. Oct. 1, 1892 ; ii. Maria, b. May 5, 1823, m. 1844, A. Kingsbury 
Maynard of Walpole, N. H. ; iii. William, b. 1826, m. Dec. 21, 1871, Amogene A. 
Crosby, daughter of John M. and Amelia ( ) Crosby ; iv. Sibyl, m. 1849, 

Henry Turner. 

Cynthia Geer, b. Sept. 11, 1793; d. Aug. 14, 1838. Married Sept., 1814, Peter 
Joslyn Boynton, who d. Aug. 20, 1867. Resided in Hinesburg. Children : 
i. Noble Lovely, b. Jan. 6, 1820, m. twice ; ii. Fidelia, b. Aug. 20, 1821, m. John 

F. Miles ; iii. Sidney, b. Nov. 3, 1824, m. Weeks ; iv. Edgar, b. April 14, 

1826; V. Cecilia Cynthia, b. Aug. 3, 1828, m. Ebenezer E. Lewis, had children, 
Kate and Frank (twins), Ebenezer S., and William O. ; vi. Jane Letisa, b. 
Jan. 8, 1831, 

Fifth Generation 101 

171. ELIHU^ GEER, son of Thomas and Hannah* (Abbe) Geer, born in 
Enfield, Conn., May 3, 1749; died May 11, 1801. He was one of the first to 
enlist at the Lexington Alarm in Enfield and was later an Orderh^ Sergeant of 
Connecticut troops in the Revolution. The family Bible is in the possession of 
Everett Selden Geer. 

Married in Enfield, December 10, 1774, ELEANOR MC CLESTER, born Sep- 
tember 13, 1757; died April 18, 1843, in Manchester. She was daughter of 

James and McClester of Enfield and sister of Jane who married Obadiah 

Abbe. She is mentioned in the distribution of her father's estate 1778-1786. 
(Enfield records.) 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Nancy (1) Ocer, b. Oct., 1775; d. March, 1776. 

Elihu Geer, b. Jan. 7, 1778 ; drowned at sea, Oct. 19, 1801. 

Nana/ (2) Geer, b. June 15, 1781; d. 18.32. Married Sept., 1802, Benjamin 

Looniis. Ten children. Descendants live in Burnside, Conn., and Galena, 111. 
Hannah Geer, b. Dec. 11, 1783; d. Feb. 18, 1847. Married 1804 Joseph Thompson. 

Descendants live in Manchester. Conn. 
Fanny Geer, b. Jan. 7, 1786. Married Dec. 25, 1808, Chauncey Bryant of East 

Hartford. Child: Perry S. 
Betsey Geer, b. April 29, 1789 ; m. Aug., 1808, Chester Paine. Descendants live in 

Enfield and Boston. 
342 Hou-ard Geer, b. Aug. 9, 1792 : m. Sophia Gaboon. 

Timothy M. Geer, b. Sept., 1795; d. in Enfield, Oct. 9, 1802. 
Miles Morgan Geer, b. 1797 ; d. 1797. 

172. ABIGAIL-^ PHELPS, daughter of Noah and Hannah* (Abbe) Phelps, 
born in Enfield, Conn., July 20, 1760 ; died in Warren, N. Y. 

Mai-ried JOHN WARD, born in Enfield, removed to Middlefield, Mass., and, 
in 1798, to "Warren, Herkimer County, N. Y., where he died. He was a Revo- 
lutionary soldier; carried dispatches from General Washington's headquarters; 
was captured by the British and confined on a prison ship in Boston Harbor, 
escaped, was recaptured and again made his escape. In the records of Connect- 
ici;t soldiers is given: enlisted in 8th Regiment, Captain John Wells' companj^, 
May 8, discharged December 10, 1775; again enlisted April 8, 1777, for three 
years in the 3d Regiment, Connecticut line. Captain Abel's company; taken 
prisoner September 18, 1777; discharged April 10, 1780. 

Children, all hut last two horn in Middlefield 

John Ward, jr., settled in Warren, N. Y. ; m. Sally Dusenberry ; no children. 
Ahigail Ward, d. March 25, 1813, aged 21 ; m. Timothy Loomis, b. June 4, 1789, 

son of Timothy and Mary (Orton) Loomis of Jordanville, N. Y. He was living 

in Syracuse, N. Y.. in 1820, and m. (2) Tabitha Haskins, by whom he had: 

Lucinda, Delos, Abigail, Clarissa Ann, and Andrew Jackson. Child of Abigail 

Ward : Noah, b. 1812. d. aged 22. 
343 Samuel Ward, b. about 1785; m. (1) Salome Loomis; (2) Persis Loomis. 
Noah Ward, removed to Alden, 111., and d. there ; m. Lovina Warren. 
Artemus Ward, m. (1) Diademia Delaney ; (2) Jane Freeman; (3) Almira 

Benjamin Ward, m. Huldah Northrop and had two children. 
Polly Ward, b. in Warren, N. Y., and lived there; m. Joel Northrop (or Lathrop). 

Children, b. in Warren: i. John; ii. Lovisa ; iii. Chester; iv. Juha ; v. Joel; 

\\. Mary. 
George Ward, b. and Uved in Warren ; m. but had no children. 

173. DANIELS PHELPS, son of Noah and Hannah* (Abbe) Phelps, born in 
Enfield, Conn., October 9, 1763; died March 21, 1854, in East Windsor, Conn., 
where he had removed with his father. Farmer. 

102 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married (1) November 17, 1788, ELIZABETH PELTON, bom August 20, 1766, 
in East Windsor; died June 30, 1809. She was daughter of Nathan and Ruth 
(Thompson) Pelton. 

Married (2) December 30, 1812, RUTH PELTON, sister of Elizabeth, born 
in East Windsor, September 18 (or 19), 1769; died April 9, 1850. 

Children iy first icife, horn in East Windsor 

Ruth Phelps, b. Feb. 7 (or 17), 1790; d. in Warren, N. Y., March 16, 1848. 
Married Jan. 20, 1823, John Loomis, born, lived and died in Warren. Children, 
b. in Warren : i. William, settled in Hudson, Mich. ; ii. Charles, settled in 
Oneida, N. Y. ; iii. Charlotte, m. - — — ^ Atherly and lived in Oneida. 

Eanniih Phelps, b. Nov. 14 (or 24), 1791; d. June 5 (or 6), 1866, in East 
Windsor ; not m. 

344 Noah Phelps, b. Oct. 26, 1793 ; m. Lucy Barber. 

Daniel Phelps, jr., b. Dec. 29, 1795 ; d. Aug. 6, 1822 ; not m. 

345 Elizabeth Phelps, b. Dec. 30, 1797 ; m. Ashbel Barber. 

346 Mary Phelps, b. Feb. 20 (or 25), 1800; m. Jason Ellsworth. 

James Phelps, b. Sept. 15, 1802; farmer in East Windsor; d. there March 15, 
1866. Married May 19, 1831, Mary Allen, b. in East Windsor, May 25, 1807; 
d. there 1894, daughter of Joel and Lydia (Butler) Allen. Children, b. in East 

Windsor: i. Charlotte, m. Pease of Springfield (Stiles says she m. 

Ramsdell) ; ii. Mary, m. Ramsdell ; iii. James, jr. 

Charlotte Phelps, b. Sept. (or April) 29, 1804; d. in Warren, N. Y., April 7, 1829. 
Married May 11, 1828, Benjamin Allen and settled in Warren. 

347 Williain Phelps, b. Sept. 19, 1806 ; m. Mary Ann Soule. 

174. 0BADIAH5 PHELPS, son of Noah and Hannah* (Abbe) Phelps, born 
in Enfield, Conn., February 24, 1767; died in Turin, N. Y., September 7, 1860. 
He was a farmer, settled in Becket, Mass., and removed from there to Turin, 
N. Y., where he taught for a time. 

Married in East Windsor, Conn., December 12, 1797, LUCY PELTON, daugh- 
ter of Nathan and Ruth (Thompson) Pelton, born in East Windsor, November 
7, 1775; died in Turin, October 11, 1863. 

Children, first three horn in Beeket, others in Turin 

Lucy Phelps, b. Aug. 21, 1798 ; d. in Turin, Aug. 5, 1888. Married Homer Collins 
of Collinsville, Herkimer County, N. Y. 

Ohadiah Phelps, b. Nov. 26, 1800; d. March 4, 1831. He was a physician in 
Canandaigua, N. Y. Married Eleanor Booth, and had two children, b. in 
Canandaigua, a daughter and a son who has been member of the Legislature 
in a western state. 

Charlotte Phelps, b. Aug. 3, 1803; d. Jan. 1, 1834. Married Kirkland and 

d. in Utica, N. Y. 

Elihu Phelps, b. Dec. 8, 1805. He was a captain of a packet boat on the Erie 
Canal, and lived in Buffalo, N. Y., where he died. Married in Buffalo. April, 
1850, Mary J. Dover, daughter of Joseph and Mary ( ) Dover. Children, 

b. in Buffalo : i. William E., b. Aug. 4, 1852, painter and decorator in Buffalo, 
m. at Tonawanda, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1878, Mary A. Stegnier, b. Feb. 28, 1826, in 
Tonawanda, daughter of Andrew and Sophy ( ) Stegnier. Children, b. in 

Tonawanda : Esther F., b. May 26, 1879, WiUiam J., b. March 23. 1880, Mary, 
b. Feb. 6, 1882, Emma, b. April 4, 1884, and Helena, b. April 24, 1887; ii. 
Ehhu, jr., hved in EUington, N. Y., about 1890. 

ISfoah Phelps, b. May 21, 1808 ; lived in Monroe, Green County, Wis. 

Julia Phelps, b. Aug. 14, 1810; hved in Turin, N. Y. 

Emily Phelps, b. June 2, 1813; d. July, 1819. 

William Phelps, b. Jan. 16, 1816, in Port Leyden, N. Y. ; resided in EUington, N. Y. 
Married Catherine Jacobs, b. in Nassau, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1825, daughter of 
Nicholas and Lydia (Slater) Jacobs. Children: i. Darwin W., b. in Turin, 
N. Y., April 18, 1848; ii. Nelhe C, b. in Turin, May 15, 1855; iii. AHda C, 
b. May 19, 1857, in Turin ; iv, Wilhe, b. in EUington, July 15, 1869, d. there 
Jan. 31, 1881. 

Fifth Generation 103 

175. OBADIAH'' ABBE, son of Thomas* and Penelope (Terry) Abbe, born 
June 15, 1752, in Enfield, Conn. Lived at Warehouse Point. He appears to 
have left Enfield after about 1783 as no further records of his family appear 
there. One account says he moved from the Ferry ' ' out west. " He is probably 
the Obadiah Abbe who was recorded in the 1790 Census in East Windsor, 
Conn., 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 4 females in his family. 

Married JANE MC CLESTER. Stiles' Ancient Windsor wrongly records that 
Charles Abbe married Jane Maclester, only child of an Irish merchant, and had 
daughters, Jane, born January 6, 1780, and Sally, born October 1, 1792. Mr. 
James Allen Kibbe proves this error by an examination of the records in 
Enfield and Hartford. He finds that James McClester left an estate settled 
between October 20, 1778, and June 13, 1786, mentioning a widow, Elizabeth, 
and children, James, John, Jane, wife of Obadiah Abbe, and Eleanor, wife of 
Elihu Geer. (Found in Hartford probate files and partly in Book 23.) 

Children, first four recorded in Enfield 

James Ahte, b. June 1.3, 1775. 

348 Jane Ahle, b. Jan. 6, 1778; m. John Chase. 
Obadiah Abhe, b. April 5, 1780. 
Elizalcih {Betsey) Abhe, b. Aug. 27, 1783. 

349 Salli/ Ahhe, b. Oct. 1, 1792 ; m. John Bates. 
Mary Ahhe(l). 

176. PENELOPES ABBE, daughter of Thomas* and Penelope (Terry) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., March 24, 1755. One account gives the death of 
Penelope Abbe May 17, 1759. If so, there must have been two daughters of 
that name. 

Married March 30, 1786, JOSIAH BICKNELL, born December 4, 1760; died 
May 17, 1824, son of Ebenezer and Mary ( ) Bicknell. He married (2) 

Submit , who died October 1, 1839, aged 69. Resided in Enfield, where 

numerous records of his services are found in the town records. 

Children of Penelope Abhe  

Laura Bieknell, b. July 17, 1787, at Enfiekl. 
350 Ralph Bicknell, b. Nov. 18, 1790; m. Parna Maria Hibbard. 

Uannah Bieknell, m. April 25, 1820(?), Henry Parsons of Enfield, who was 

administrator of the estate of his father-iu4aw, 1824. 
Josiah Bicknell, jr. 

111. THOMAS^ ABBEY, 4TH, son of Thomas*, 3d, and Penelope (Terry) 
Abbe, born in Enfield, Conn., March 22, 1764. He lived in Enfield at the 
Ferry, and is probably the one called Thomas Abbe, 2d, in the 1790 Census, 
at Enfield, 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, and 1 female in the family. In 
1810 he was recorded at Oxford, N. Y., with a family of nine, 1 male over 45, 1 
female between 26 and 45, 2 males and 1 female between 16 and 26, 1 male and 1 
female between 10 and 16, and 2 males under 10. Some of the children, perhaps 
the whole family, removed to Ellington, N. Y. 

Married in Enfield, January 9, 1787, RUTH BUSH, daughter of Jonathan 
and Patience (Killam) Bush of Enfield. Jonathan Bush Avas a Captain either 
in the Revolution or state militia, moved about 1800 to Chenango County, 
K Y., and for many years kept a hotel at Oxford. Later he moved to a farm 
near the present town of Guilford. 

104 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children, first four recorded in Enfield 

351 Harry or Henry Abbey, b. Sept. 2, 1787 ; m. Eve IngersoU. 

Harriet Abbey, b. Jan. 23, 1791; m. (1) Knowltou ; (2) Gibbs. 

She had a son and daughter by the first marriage. One account says she ra. (1) 

KiUam; (2) Wing. 

Horace Abbey, b. Sept. 28, 1793. Resided in Columbus, Pa., removed to Kentucky. 

Married and had a daughter, Sarah, who was never married but settled in 

California and was killed by some unknown person. 
Horatius Abbey, h. June 27, 1795; m. Martha Smith. 
Hadassah or Hadasea Abbey, birth not recorded in Enfield. Married ApoUos" 

Terry, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry of Enfield and later of 

Sangerfield, N. Y. She lived in Kentucky in her later years. 

352 Herman Abbey, m. . 

Harvey Abbey, resided in Batavia, N. Y. This may be the Harvey Abbey who m. 
Mary Dunham, daughter of Gideon Dunham, and resided in Oakfield, N. Y., in 
1836. Child : Sanford C, b. in Oakfield, 1836, d. in Kansas City, Mo., 1886, was 
a stock buyer, m. in Elba, N. Y., 1864, Catherine L. Sleeper, daughter of 
John M. and Catherine ( ) Sleeper. She was living in Kansas City in 1912. 

They had four children, Chauncey, who d. in 1899, John S., a stock dealer in 
Kansas City, Mary E., and Mabel. 

178. PETERS ABBEY, son of Thomas* and Penelope (Terry) Abbe, bom in 
Enfield, Conn., July 20, 1769; died in Cleveland, Ohio, July 13, 1851. He 
removed to Watertown, N. Y,, and, in 1830, accompanied his son, Seth, to 

Married by Rev. Nehemiah Prudden, June 23, 1789, HANNAH ALDEN, bom 

May 29, 1771 ; died at Enfield, April 21, 1821. She was the daughter of Colonel 

Amos and Hannah (Bush) Alden of Enfield and -was sixth in descent from 

John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. She Avas also descended from Miles and 

Prudence (Gilbert) Morgan. A statue of Miles Morgan is in Court Square, 

Springfield, Mass. 


353 Fanny Abbey, b. Sept. 7, 1789 ; m. Orlo Steele. 

354 Dorrephus Abbey, b. July 13, 1792 ; m. Catherine Clark. 

355 Althea Abbey, b. July 5, 1793 ; m. AVilliara A. Langworthy. 

356 Arabella Abbey, b. about 1786 ; m. William Griffin Adkins, M.D. 

357 Seth Alden Abbey, b. Oct. 3, 1798; m. (1) Mercy Hunt; (3) Mary (Lyon) 

Chauncey Abbey, d. 1850. He was a printer, lived in Watertown, N. Y., and was 

at one time printer of the Mercury, Hartford, Conn. Married Cassie Russell, 

who d. 1828. . A daughter, b. in 1828, m. C. M. Shipman and was living in New 

Haven about 1897. 
William Abbey, d. 1862 ; lived near Watertown. Married, no children. William 

W. Abbey established the Oswego Republican in 1825. 

358 Mary Hannah Abbey, b. Jan. 31, 1814 ; m. John C. Huganin. 

179. SIMEONS ABBEY, son of Thomas* and Penelope (Terry) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., February 3, 1772 ; died in Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1823. He 
was a merchant in Enfield for a time, studied law, and practiced in Somers, 
about 1800. From there he removed to Vermont and, later, to New York. He 
is said to have possessed an unusual store of natural wit and a considerable 
faculty for public speaking. 

Married in Enfield, December 24, 1795, TABITHA KILLAM, born in Enfield, 
November 7, 1776; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 15, 1851. She was the 
daughter of Eliphalet and Submit ( ) Killam. 


Tabitha Abbey, b. in Enfield, Sept. 24, 1796; m. Isaac Hoose. Children: i. 
Isaac, jr., ii. Jennie, m. Shipman. 

Peter^ Abbey 

Fifth Generation 105 

Eli;:a (1) Ahhcy, b. iu Eufield, Sept. 23, 1802; d. there Aug. 29, 1804. 

Eliza (2) Ahhcy, h. in Eufiold, Aug. 12, 1804; m. Spellman Gibbs. Children: 
i. Silas ; ii. Sarah. 

EUphalet KiUam Ahheij, b. in Somers, Conn., Nov. 12, 180G ; d. Aug. 7, 1834; 
buried in Second Presbyterian Burial Ground, Albany, N. Y. Married Jano 
Barhitt, who was appointed administratrix for his estate, Sept. 8, 1834. Chil- 
dren : i. Louisa ; ii. Mary. 
359 Westminster Simeon Ahhey, b. in Keene, N. H., Aug. 5, 1810; m. Harriet Couch. 

Sarah Ann Ahhey, b. in Brookline, Vt., Oct. 13, 1814 ; m. James P. Steele. Child : 

180. JOHN'' ABBE, 3D, son of John*, jr., and Sarah (Root) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., November 27, 1739 ; died in 1805. He lived and died in Enfield. 
He and his wife, Charity, are on the list of church communicants in 1782. He 
was a soldier in the Revolution. See data given under his father's name, some 
of which doubtless refers to this John Abbe. His Avill, made October 8, 1804, 
probated November 11, 1805, mentions wife Charity, and children, John, Sarah, 
Asenath and Timothy. 

Married in Enfield, November 19, 1761, CHARITY SIMONS (or SIMONDS), 

born September 4, 1738, daughter of John and Sarah (Geer) Simons. See 

number 66. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

360 Charity Ahhc, h. 'Nov. 20, 1762; m. John McKuight. 
John Ahhe, 4th, b. May 15, 1764 ; d. Dec. 27, 1764. 

361 John Simons Ahhe, b. Sept. 11, 1765 ; m. Hannah Billing. 

Sarah Ahhe, b. July 26, 1767; d. at Warehouse Point, Conn., June 20, 1851. 
Married in Enfield, April 10 (or 16), 1812, William Hyde of Ellington, Conn., 
b. at Lebanon, Conn., Jan. 16, 1756, son of William and Abigail (Langrel) 
Hyde. She was his third wife. By his first marriage to Zerviah F. Hyde, he 
had children, Joseph L., William and Sarah. By his second wife, Sarah Bart- 
lett, he had children, Nathaniel, Asa, Elisha, Horace, John, Otis, Zerviah, Sarah 
and Sophia. 

Asenath Ahhe, b. May 4, 1769 ; d. Feb. 26, 1829 ; not m. In her will, made Feb. 
23, 1829, probated March 29, 1829, she mentions her sister Sarah Hyde ; niece 
Hannah, daughter of John Abbe ; nephew Horace, son of Timothy Abbe ; nephew 
David Loveland, son of Timothy Abbe, and father John Abbe. 

362 Nancy Ahhe, h. July 21, 1771 ; m. Elijah Burt, jr. 
RoxaJcnah Ahhe, b. Sept. 3, 1773; d. young. 
Timothy Diah Ahhe, b. April 6, 1775; d. young. 

363 Timothy Ahhe, b. Jan. 6, 1779 ; m. Rhoda Prudence Clark. 

181. DANIEL-5 ABBE, son of JohnS jr., and Sarah (Root) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., November 7, 1749; died September 26, 1815. Administration 
on his estate was granted November 3, 1815, to his sons, Daniel and Levi. 
The heirs mentioned were : clnldren, Daniel, Levi, Harris, Sally, wife of Luther 
Allen; grandsons, George, son of George, deceased, and Erastus, son of Erastus, 
deceased. He resided in Enfield. 

Married iu Enfield, November 3, 1774, SARAH PEASE, born in Enfield, 
December 2, 1756; died in Enfield, November 23, 1808, buried there. She 
was the daughter of Aaron and Anna (Geer) Pease. See number 71. 

Children horn in Enfield; dates as given in their family Bihle 

364 Daniel Ahhe, jr., h. Aug. 22, 1775; m. Elizabeth Morrison. 
Timothy Ahhe, b. June 21, 1777; d. Oct. 10, 1778. 

365 Levi Pease Ahhe, b. April 14, 1781 ; m. Dorcas Wolcott. 

366 Sally Pease Ahhe, b. March 28, 1783 ; m. Luther Allen. 
George (1) Ahhe, b. Jan. 1, 1786; d. July 27, 1787. 

George (2) Ahhe, b. Aug. 12, 1789; d. April 4, 1811. Married May 30, 1809, 

Mary Clark and had children : i. , d. Aug. 20, 1809 or 1810, aged one day; 

ii. George, mentioned in his grandfather's will, 1815. 

106 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

367 Harris Ahhc, b. Nov. 4, 1790; m. (1) Clarissa Wiggins; (2) Thankful Cole. 

368 Erasius Ahhc, b. Jan. 12, 1793; m. Sally Beebe. 

Stoddard Ahhe, b. May 8, 1795; d. April 17, 1800, aged 5 years. 

182. ROXALENAH'' ABBE, daughter of John*, jr., and Sarah (Root )Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., July 12, 1751; died there February 20, 1847. 

Married in Enfield, February 7, 1771, SIMEON OLMSTED, born September 
21, 1748; died in Enfield, December 22, 1803. He was son of Joseph and Martha 
(White) Olmsted of Enfield, and was descended from James Olmsted, who 
emigrated from England in the ship Lion and settled in Boston in 1632. In 
the administration of his estate, 1804, the following heirs are given: children, 
Ebenezer, Sally, Timoth}^, Roxalenah McCray, Sjdvanus, George, Joseph and 
Simeon. His descendants are said to have a direct Mayflower ancestor. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Roxalena Olmsted, b. Feb. 14. 1772; d. March 20, 1827. Married in Enfield, 
May 28. 1792, Isaac McCray of Ellington. 

369 Simeon Olmsted, jr., b. April 10. 1774; m. Abigail Collins. 

370 Joseph Olmsted, h. May 14, 1776; m. Dorothy Terry. 

Ohadiah Olmsted, b. Sept. 30, 1778; d. in Enfield, March 4, 1826. His will, made 
March 22, 1825, mentions wife Mary and nephew Lathrop Olmsted. Married 
in Enfield, April 14. 1803, Mary" Bement, daughter of Dennis^ and Lydia ( ) 

Bement. See number 165. 

Sarah (1) Olmsted, b. March 1. 1779 ; d. Nov. 10 or 19, 1783. 

Sylramis Olmsted, b. July 16. 1783; lived in Enfield and d. there Feb. 6, 1826. 
Married Dec. 17, 1805, Sabra Allen, b. in Enfield, Jan. 18. 1788; d. there 
June 1, 1865, daughter of Moses and Mary (Adams) Allen. Children: i. Roxa, 
b. Dec, 1806 ; d. June 22. 1809 ; ii. Sabra Allen, b. Jan. 9. 1809 ; iii. Svlvauus, 
b. Feb. 18. 1811 ; iv. William, b. Feb. 28, 1814 ; v. Roxa Abbe, b. Nov. 8, 1816, 
d. Nov. 7, 1863. 

George Olmsted, b. Dec. 27. 1785; d. in Enfield, Aug. 9 or 11. 1824, aged 38. 

Married Sylvia . Children, b. in Enfield: i. Dolly Russell, b. Jan. 23, 

1810, m. in Enfield, April 5, 1832, Daniel Welsh; ii. George, jr., b. Oct. 5, 
1811 ; iii. Albert, b. March 13, 1814. 

Ehenezer Olmsted, b. June 28. 1788; d. Sept. 20. 1807. 

Sarah (2) Olmsted, b. April 5, 1791 ; d. Oct. 21, 1835. 

Timothy Olmsted, b. Feb. or Julv 24, 1793 ; d. Feb. 1, 1838. 

183. HANNAH"^ ABBE, daughter of JohnS jr., and Sarah (Root) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., March 31, 1753; died in Sangerfield, N. Y., June 13, 1822. 

Married in Enfield, August 31, 1775, ISAAC TERRY, JR., born in Enfield, 
August 15, 1748; died in Sangerfield, December 22, 1824. He was son of 
Isaac and Margaret (Downing) Terry. Farmer, and removed to Sangerfield 
about 1792. 


371 Isaac Terry, 3d, b. July 14, 1776; m. Betsey Livermore. 

Hannah Terry, b. in Enfield, Nov. 3, 1777 ; m. Orator Holcomb, a farmer in 

Geneseo, N. Y. Children: i. George, m. twice, d.  — •; ii. Sylvanus resided 

in Sycamore, 111. ; iii. Fleming, m. ; iv. Harriet, m. . 

372 Rosu-cll Terry, b. June 2. 1780; m. (1) Marv Leonard; (2) Polly Howard. 

373 Sarah Terry, b. Dec. 2. 1781 ; m. Adino Winchell. 

374 Willard Terry, b. March 25, 1783 ; m. Anna Leonard. 

375 Horace Terry, b. April 16, 1787; m. (1) Elizabeth Chambers; (2) Fields. 

376 Bilhah Terry, h. Oct. 21, 1188; m. Chester Clark. 

377 George Terry, b. about 1791 ; m. Clarissa Collins. 

378 Linus Terry, b. Sept. 19, 1793 ; m. Patty Waters. 
Soi)hia Terry, b. about 1795 ; d. Sept. 19, 1810, in Enfield. 

ApoUos Terry, removed to Broken Straw, Erie County, Pa. Married Hadassah" 
Abbe, daughter of Thomas\ 4th, and Ruth (Bush) Abbe. Children: i. Mary; 

Fifth Generation 107 

ii. Harriet, m. Gibbs and I'csidod in Aurora, 111. ; iii. Elbert, b. about 

Jan., 1821, d. Sept. 21, 1821 ; iv. ApoUos, jr., b. about Jan. 1, 1827, d. July 26, 


184. TABITHA"' ABBE, daughter of Jolin% jr., and Sarah (Root) Abbe, 
born in Enfickl, Conn., June 26, 1757; died February 20, 1846. 

Married in Enfickl, August 20 (or 13), 1778, ZENO TERRY, bom in Enfiekl, 
August 20, 1755; died in Sangerfield, N. Y., January 7, 1838. He was son of 
Isaac and Margaret (Downing) Teny. He enlisted on a Sunday in April, 1775, 
while at church in Enfield. The minister read a paper calling for volunteers 
to repair to Boston and with forty others lie marched the same day to Roxbury 
under Hezekiali Parsons as leader, remaining there three months. The follow- 
ing December he volunteered for one month and conveyed a load of soldiers 
with his father's team from Enfield to Albany. In the spring of 1776, he 
enlisted for six months under Captain Harmon in Colonel Mott's regiment, 
going to Wliitehall, N. Y., then to Ticonderoga where he joined his regiment, 
Avas taken sick and discharged at the hospital at Fort George. March, 1777, he 
enlisted for a year with Captain David Parsons but after six weeks obtained 
a substitute. In the summer of 1779 he served six months as teamster under 
Captain Jonathan Bush and was at Boston, Springfield, Fishkill and opposite 
West Point. After the war he lived five years in Sufiield, removed in 1805 to 
Sangerfield, where, with the exception of two years at Bj'ron, N. Y., he spent 
the remainder of his life as a farmer. 


379 Zeno Teirij, jr., b. Aug. 19, 1779 ; m. Mary Griswold. 

Tahiihu Tcrnj, b. in Enfield. July 9, 1781; removed to Byron, N. Y. ; m. Paul 
Ballard. Children : i. Tabitha ; ii. Electa, lived in Sangerfield, N. Y., m. 
Minerva (?) Hale; iii. Lucy; iv. Harriet; v. Palace, b. in Sangerfield; vi. 
Mary, b. in Byron, N. Y. ; vii. Elizabeth (or Betsey) ; viii. Norton, m. Margaret 
Kapp ; ix. Jeanette. 

Margaret Terry, b. in Suffield. Conn., Dec. 21, 1783; d. in Waterville, N. Y., 
July 1, 1866 ; m. William Page, a farmer in Waterville. Children : i. Wash- 
ington, a physician, d. aged about thirty ; ii. Lansford, lived in Rochester, N. Y. ; 
iii. Putnam, d. 1881, lived in New York City, m. Henrietta Tower ; iv. Henry, 
lived in Sangerfield, m. Gifford ; v. HuU. d. unm. 

380 Henry Terry (twin), b. Jan. 15, 1786; m. (1) Rebecca JeweU ; (2) Catharine 

Emily Root. 

381 James Terry (twin), b. Jan. 15, 1786; m. (1) Lodema Norton; (2) Elizabeth 

Robinson; (3) Eliza Cronk ; (4) Harriet Monroe. 

382 George Terry (twin), b. Jan. 11, 1789; m. Jemima Gillette. 

383 Wmiam Terry (twin), b. Jan. 11, 1789; m. (1) Phebe Morse; (2) Mary 


384 Horace AUe Terry (twin), b. Dec. 8, 1794; m. (1) Elizabeth Chaiabers ; (2) 


385 Harriet Terry (twin), b. Dec. 8, 1794; m. Aaron Stafford. 

386 Dyer Terry, b. 1798 ; m. Caroline Loomis. 

185. ISAAC GILLETTE" GLEASON, son of Isaac, jr., and Martha* (Abbe) 
Gleason, bom in Enfield, Conn., September 25, 1747. Farmer in Middlefield, 


Children, Tyorn in Middlefield 

Aziihah (1) Gleason, b. Oct. 31, 1775; d. Nov. 2. 1776. 
387 Azuhah (2) Gleason, b. Sept. 1, 1777 ; m. Hezekiah Allen. 

108 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

388 Isaac Gleason, b. Sept. 2, 1779 ; m. Sally Dickson. 

Martha Gleason, b. Aug. 9, 1781; m. John Dickson. They resided in Middlefield, 
Mass., moved to Liverpool, N. Y., in 183-5, and in 1865, to Beloit, Wis., where 
both d. Children : i. Martha ; ii. Charlotte ; iii. John W. 

Arid Gleason, b. Nov. 13, 1783 ; d. July 21, 1785. 

Aurelia Gleason, h. Feb. 26, 1786. 

389 Horace Gleason, b. about 1787 ; m. Huldah Gillette. 

390 Ira Gleason, b. April, 1789 ; m. Mary Flint. 

Parcel) Gleason, b. May 14, 1806 ; removed to Worthington, Mass. ; m. Isaac 
Follette who d. in Worthington. Children : i. Fardis ; ii. Samantha. 

186. THOMAS^ ABBE, son of Richard'' and Mary^ (Bement) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., August 21, 1757; died before 1844. Marriage recorded in Hart- 
ford, Conn. He spent the early part of liis life as a farmer in Enfield; removed 
to Sandisfield,, where he was living in 1800, with 2 boys and 2 girls under 10, 
2 boys and 1 girl between 10 and 16. Died in Sandisfield. 

Married December 6, 1781, LYDIA PARSONS, born 1764. 


Thomas (1) Aihc, jr., b. in Enfield, Feb. 8, 1783; probably d. young; see below. 

391 Li/man Ahhe, b. in Enfield, Aug. 30, 1781. His name has been recorded as Simon 

through confusion in an old spelling of Limon ; m. Hubbard. 

Lydia Ahhe, b. July 21, 1785 or 1786, in Enfield. Married and had a daughter 

who m. Austin Pease of Wisconsin. 
Elislia Ahhe, b. in Enfield, Nov. 16, 1788 ; d. in New York state. 

392 Henry Ahhey, b. April 18, 1791; m. Julia Gibbs. 

Mary Ahhe, m. Luman Wilcox of Sunderland. Children: i. Monroe; ii. Maria, 
m. Morley. 

Tryphosa Ahhe, m. Aruna Price of Danbury, Conn. Child : Elizabeth, b. in Avon, 
Ohio, June 25, 1836 ; d. there Nov. 11, 1883 ; m. in Avon, June 26, 1854, Milo 
Hamlin Williams, b. in Avon, Oct. 15, 1829, sou of Justin and Reneua (Austin) 
AVilliams. He is a farmer in Avon. 

Chester Ahhe, d. num., aged 64. 

Levi Ahhe, d. aged 45; m. Mehitable Herbert of Pike, N. Y., who d. aged 60. 
Children : i. Orlo W., b. in Pike, Sept. 16, 1832, farmer at Rives Junction, Mich., 
m. Jan. 16, 1856, Betsey Ann Wells, b. at Eagle, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1834, daughter 
of Calvin and Betsey E. (Parks) Wells, and has two children, Herbert F., b. 
Aug. 6, 1858, farmer at Eaton Rapids, Mich., m. Minnie Whitney, and Merritt L., 
b. Dec. 30, 1866, farmer at Rives Junction, m. Aug. 29, 1888, Jennie Whitney ; 

ii. Harriet M., b. at Pike, 1834, m. Medcalf ; iii. Mary M., b. 1839, 

d. 1846. 

393 Thomas Ahhey, jr., b. Sept. 28, 1802, probably in Sandisfield, Mass.; m. Phebe 

Goff. He is probably the second son of the name in the family. 

187. RICHARDS ABBE, JR., son of Richard* and Mary^ (Bement) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., March 2, 1760; died there August 9, 1831. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier, enlisted from Enfield for six months, June, 1776, under 
Captain Hezekiah Parsons, Colonel Comfort Sage; again for two months 
guarded General Prescott, who was captured on Rhode Island; July 1, 1780, 
for 414 months under Captain Parsons, Colonel Zebulon Butler. He was 
Captain of the Enfield militia in 1792, as his father before him had been in 
1779. His widow apjilied for a pension October 1, 1838. At the distribution 
of his property the following were mentioned: wife Lydia; sons Joshua, 
Cliarles, Richard, Roswell; daughter Lucinda, deceased, wife of Charles Chace, 
and her children, Charles A. and Lucinda Chace. 

Man-ied in Enfield (or Chatham), Januaiy 16, 1783 (or 1782), LYDIA 
STEVENSON of Sheffield, Mass., bom October 20, 1764; baptized in Wethers- 
field, November 11, 1764; died June 1, or 2, 1844. She was daughter of Thomas 

Fifth Generation 109 

and Hannah (Taylor) Stevenson, who were man-ied in Chatham, Conn. Thomas 
Stevenson went to the Revolution as 1st Lieutenant in Captain Jonathan John- 
son's Company, Colonel Philip Burr Bradley, and never returned. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

394 C7iaWes A&&e, b. Dec. 1, 1785; in. Harriet Stroug. 

395 Ricliard Abhe (twin), b. Dec. 30, 1788; m. Charlotte" Bement, daughter of Dennis' 

and Lydia ( ) Bement ; see also number 105. 

396 Rosu-ell Abhe (twin), b. Dec. 30, 1788; m. Sarah Olmsted. 

Betscij Ahhe, b. Feb. 15, 1790; d. in Enfield ; not m. She was living in Enfield in 

397 Joshua Ahhe, b. Aug. 17, 1792; m. (1) Phila Pease; (2) Rhoda Felt. 

398 George Abhe, b. Dec. 24, 1794 ; m. SaUy Chapman. 
Harriet Ahhe, b. Feb. 10, 1798; d. in Enfield, Aug. 19, 1825. 

Lucinda Ahhe (twin), b. Feb. 2, 1805; d. in Enfield, Sept. 25, 1827. Married in 
Enfield, Sept. 17, 1821, Charles^ Chase, son of John and Jane" (Abbe) Chase; 
see number 348. He d. March 16, 1833. 

Lorinda Abbe (twin), b. Feb. 2, 1805; d. in Enfield, Sept. 24, 1825. 

188. TREPHOSA' ABBE, daugliter of Richard* and Mary= (Bement) Abbe, 
born iu Enfield, Conn., December 28, 1762 ; died November 20, 1820. 

Maii-ied in Enfield, April 27, 1786, JOEL BOOTH, born May 9, 1764; died 
January 8, 1829. He was son of John, jr., and Hannah ( ) Booth. 


399 Tryphosa Booth, b. Dec. 20, 1787; m. Plyn Parsons. 

Joel Booth, jr., m. Nov. 4, 1816, in Enfield, Patience Gleason. In records of the 
births of their children she is called Patience Newton. Children, b. in Enfield : 
i. Luther, b. Aug. 23, 1817, d. unm. ; ii. Harriet Newell, b. July 4, 1819 ; iii. and 
iv. Mary and Martha (twins), b. Nov. 24, 1821; v. John Ruggles, bapt. June 12, 
1825, m. Julia Heath and had children, Alice, who married, has a daughter, lives 
in the West, Frank a physician in New York City, owns the old homestead in 
Enfield and spends the summers there, married, Edward, m. and went West, and 
Gertrude, m. and lives in New York. 

189. HULDAH^ ABBE, daugliter of Richard* and Mary^ (Bement) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., May 19, 1771; resided in Enfield and died there, 
January 21, 1852. 

MaiTied (1) in Enfield, September 15, 1791, ISAAC ALLEN, born in Enfield, 
March 27, 1768; died there April 26, 1797. He was son of John and Mehitable 
(Rumerill) Allen. 

Married (2) April 6, 1803, GEORGE LORD, bom at East Windsor, February 
17, 1764; died September 3, 1808. At the age of sixteen he fought in the war 
of the Revolution. This was his third marriage. 

Children by first husband, horn in Enfield 

John Allen, b. Aug. 15, 1792; d. in Michigan; no children. 

Isaac Allen, b. April 26, 1794 ; farmer, removed to Clarkson, N. Y. Married in 
Enfield, Sept. 18, 1817, Mary Terry, b. in Enfield, April 28, 1798 ; d. there about 
1878. She was daughter of Solomon and Hannah (Pease) Terry. Children: 
i. Chauncey, b. May 26, 1818; ii. Joseph O. (1), b. Sept. 16, 1820, d. Sept. 12, 
1824 ; iii. Isaac, b. Oct. 15, 1822, farmer in Clarkson, N. Y. ; iv. Harriet T., b. 
June 17, 1824; v. Mary, b. Aug. 28, 1826; vi. JuUa, b. June 27, 1828; \di. 
Joseph O. (2). b. Sept. .30, 1830; viii. Emily, b. March 3, 18-34; ix. Henry P., 
b. April 26, 18.36, farmer in Clarkson; x. Charles L., b. Nov. 15, 1838; xi. 
Arthur, b. Feb. 28, 1842. 
400 Chauncey Allen, b. March 24, 1796; m. (1) Mary Pease; (2) Mrs. Hannah S. 

110 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children hy second Jiusiand 

401 HuJdah Lord, b. July 26, 1804 ; m. Frwlerick Pease. 

Dorothy Lord, b. Dec. 20, 1806; m. Ira Simonds, and moved to Antioch, 111. 
Children: i. Polly; ii. Henry; iii. Ela ; iv. George; v. Levi; li. Lucy, m. and 
d. leaAdng children in Antioch ; vii. Albeit. One son died in the Civil War, 


190. AMOS BURNETT6 ABBE, son of Jolin^ and Jeruslia (Burnap) Abbe, 
born in Hoi^kinton, Mass., June 5, 1769; died Jiily 22, 1826; buried in West 

Married VESTA TURNER, born 1773 ; died April 1, 1834, aged 61. 


Betsey Abhe, b. 1797 ; d. Aug. 14, 1871, aged 74. 

402 Charles Turner Abhe, b. Feb. 12, 1800; m. Mary Ann Partridge. 

403 Nancy Abbe, b. Sept. 15, 1807 ; m. HoUis Rice. 

191. JAMES« ABBEY, son of Aaron^ and Anna ( ) Abbey, born in 
Hopkinton, Mass., July 4, 1765. He may have been the James Abbey of 
Stephentown, Albany County, N. Y., in the 1790 Census, 1 male over 16, 3 females 
in family. Family tradition says he was bom in Wethersfield, Conn., and died 
in 1849, aged 85. He is also said to have been a brickmaker in Cooperstown, 
Otsego County, N. Y. 

Married MARY HEAD of Middlefield, Otsego County, N. Y. 


Lurinda Abbey, m. . 

Ruby Ann Abbey (twin with John), b. March 4, 1815; m. W. Doolittle. 

404 John Abbey (twin), b. March 4, 1815; m. Susan Goho. 
Saimwl Abbey. 

Amanda Abbey, m. Smith. 

405 Alanson Orlando Abbey, b. Aug. 1, 1882; m. Harriet Jane McNamara. 
Alexander Abbey, moved to Wayland, Mich. 

Laurina or Malvina Abbey, m. Josiah Beverly; lived at Howard Flat, Steuben 

County, N. Y. 
Doll Abbey, not m. 

192. WILLIAM^ ABBEY, son of Aaron" and Anna ( ) Abbe, born prob- 
ably in 1768; baptized in Hopkinton, Mass., March 18, 1768, although some of his 
descendants say he was born in Vermont. He appeared at the state election 
in September, 1788, at St. Albans, Vt., and took the freeman's oath. At the 
time of his marriage he is called of Milford. He later resided in Ontario 
County, N. Y. In 1800 the Census records William Abbee of Somerset, Vt., 
1 male and 1 female betwen 26 and 45, 2 boys and 1 girl under 10. 

Married November 27, 1791, ANNA WHITNEY, born July 13, 1770, daughter 
of Lieutenant Jesse and Mary (Cheney) Whitney of Milford, Mass. 

Rhoda Abbey, b. Feb. 8. 179.3. 
Dexter Abbey, b. Oct. 7, 1794. 
Rawson Abbey, b. July 12, 1798. 
Cheney Abbey, b. Feb. 19, 1801. 


Sixth Generation 111 

406 WUliam Ahlcy, jr., b. June 19, 1803; m. Mary Ann Bray. 
Anna Ahbeij, b. Jan. 26, 1806. 
ISaUij Ahhey, b. July 10, 1808. 
Aaron Ahbei/, b. Oct. 20. 1810. 

Of the above children, two daughters were married : one to Cobb and 

has a son William Cobb, living at Honeoye, N. Y. ; the other to William 

193. CALVIN" ABBEY, son of Aaron"' and Anna ( ) Abbe, born in Hop- 
kinton, Mass., Febniary 19, 1775; died in Danby, Tompkins County, N. Y., 
October 8, 1852, aged 77 yrs., 7 mos., 19 days; buried in the Danby Cemetery. 
There was a Calvin Abbey mentioned as an early settler of Charlotte, Chautauqua 
County, N. Y. The name also appears as a witness to a deed made by Andrew 
Abbey of Albany, N. Y., in 1833. On August 30, 1833, Calvin Abbey bought 
property from Sherman and Wealthy Miller in the town of Danby. 

Married SALLY , born June 9, 1775; died Apiil 4, 1857, aged 81 yrs., 

9 mos., 25 days; buried in the Danby Cemetery. 


Isaac Abbey, b. Jan. 12, 1798 ; d. Feb. 1, 1843, aged 45 years, 19 days ; buried in 
Danby. He may have been a son of Calvin although there is nothing on the 
tombstone to show it. 

Harriet Eliza Abbey, b. about 1804; d. May 1, 1840, in her 36th year; buried in 

Lydia Maria Abbey, b. March 30, 1816 ; d. Sept. 1, 1876 ; buried in Danby. 

194. JOHN*^ ABBEY, son of Aaron^ and Anna ( ) Abbey, born September 
1, 1781, birth recorded in Framingham, Mass.; died July 2, 1862. He went 
with his father to Richmond, Ontario County, N. Y., in 1800. William Baker, 
whose daughter he married, had preceded them to that locality. He may be the 
Jno. Abby recorded iu the town of Honeoye, 1810, 3 girls under 10 and 1 boj^ 
under 10. 

Married in 1802, ELIZABETH BAKER, daughter of William Baker, born 
1784; died 1853. 

Children (order uncertain) 

Sinai Abbey, m. 1822, David K. Crooks. Children : i. Dr. John C. K., m. Carrie 

Gray and had John who d. ; ii. Tompkins, m. Helen Bentley. 

Ann Abbey, b. and d. in Richmond. 
John Abbey, b. and d. in Richmond. 
Lara Abbey, b. and d. in Richmond. 

407 Olivia Price Abbey, b. 1805; m. Jesse Lee Stout. 

Alta Abbey, m. Dr. Brown of Canandaigua, N. Y. ; no children. 

408 Sarah Abbey, b. May 2. 1815 ; m. Grin Poppleton. 

409 Isaac J. Abbey, b. July 10. 1819 ; m. Fanny M. Hawes. 

410 Hiram Peter Abbey, b. 1822; m. Betsey A. Gregg. 

195. AARON« ABBEY, perhaps son of Aaron^ and Anna ( ) Abbe. It 
is probable tliat the following records all refer to the same Aaron Abbey, whose 
ancestry is not known. The name is found on the records of Onondaga County, 
N. Y., in 1834, as buying property in Manlius ; 1839, Aaron A. and Mary Abbey ; 
1847 and 1848, Aaron and Elizabeth, land in Elbridge. In Oneida County is 
recorded a deed made by Aaron and Jacob Abbey, 1864, land in Florence. 
Possibly the Susannah Abbey who in 1837 bought land in Florence is of the 
same family. 

Married ROWE. 

112 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Children, as gii^en ty Miss Alice Annette Ahhey 

John (1) Ahbcy, b. about 1800; d. young. 

William Ahhey. 

Conrad Alley. Tbis is probably the Conrad Abbey whose name appears on records 
of Onondaga County, N. Y. : Coorod R., bought hvnd in Maulius, 1834 ; also 
written as Conrad R. ; Conrod R., land in Lysander, 1839 ; Coonrod R., land in 
Cicero, 1842 and 1845 ; Coonrad R. and Jacob Abby sold land in 1835 ; 
Coonrod R. and Lovinia Abby sold land in 1836 and 1844 ; Coonrad R., in 1836. 

Calvin Alley. There was a CaMn Abbey who m. Maria Scranton, daughter of 
Timothy Scranton, and had six children. 

Andrus Alley, or Andrews Alley. He sold land in Westerlo, Albany County, 
N. Y., 1833, and bought property in Cicero, Onondaga County, N. Y., in 1840 
and 1852. Andrews and Prudence Abbey sold land in 1842 and 1846. The will, 
probably of a younger Andrus, made March 27, 1868, probated March 24, 1869, 
calls him of Cincinnatus, N. Y'^., and mentions his wife Harriet, and children, 
Harriet, Judson Adelbert (aged nine years on Oct. 14, 1867), and EUzabeth 
Maria, who became of age April 10, 1884. There was perhaps a child Olive also, 
who m. Edward Gillett. One Andrew Abbey, a blacksmith in Fabius, N. Y., Avas 

recorded in the Census of 1850, aged about 32, m. Mary , b. about 1827, 

had son James, b. about 1844. A Sally Abby, aged 50, resided with them, all 
born in New York State. 

Jacol Alley. Jacob and Coonrad R. Abby sold land in Onondaga County, N. Y., 
1835 ; Hannah M. and Jacob Abbey, 1836 ; Hannah and Jacob, 1839 ; Jacob 
bought land in Maulius, 1835. Jacob and Samuel Abbey sold land in 1811, but 
this is more likely an earlier Jacob. Jacob and Aaron Abbey sold laud in 
Florence, Oneida County, in 1864. 

John Alley, b. Aug. 8, 1814 ; d. Oct. 6, 1858. Went west about 1850. Married 
(1) Mary Cans; (2) . Children by first wife: i. Alonzo, b. in Mar- 
seilles, N. Y., 1836, m. Sarah A. Pringle, b. in Dover, England, 1842, had two 
children, Charles Coy, b. in Clermont, Iowa, July 22, 1864, lives in Thermal, 
Calif., studied pharmacy at the University of Michigan, 1889, m. Emma H. 
Morison, b. April 10. 1869, has no children, and Edith, who m. George \Mlliam- 
son and lives in Redlands, Calif. ; ii. Melissa, b. Dec. 26, 1840, d. Jan. 25, 1885, 
m. Nov. 6, 1865, Lewis L. Neville ; iii. Emily. Children by second wife : i. 
Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1846, m. Dec. 4, 1865, George Bryant, had five children, 
Walter G., b. May 29, 1881, others died in childhood ; ii. Ahce Annette, b. Nov. 
23, 1848, lived at Comanche, Iowa, later in Mt. Vernon, Iowa ; iii. Mary Maria, 
b. April 13, 1851, m. June 16, 1874, Aaron Rissley, had five children, Clarence 
Emery, b. July 21, 1876, Elva Elizabeth, b. June 16, 1888, Clarice, b. Dec. 11, 
1895, two d. in infancy ; iv. John Lester, b. May 26, 1854, lives in Comanche, 
Iowa; V. Ida Augusta, b. Nov. 6, 1857, m. Sept. 4, 1884, Frederic N. Howson, 
has a child, Minna Elizabeth, b. May 1, 1889. 

196. MERCY" BROWN, daughter of Abbe^ and Elizabeth (Leavitt) Brown, 
born in Kensington, N. H., March 17, 1774; died Februaiy 27, 1860. 

Married October (or November) 2, 1797, JOHN SAWYER, born April 30, 
1771; died August 23, 1840. He was the son of Josiah and Miriam (Eastman) 
Sawyer of Deerfield. 

John Sawyer, b. April 29, 1798. 
Betsey Sawyer, b. Jan. 28, 1802. 
Mercy Sawyer, b. Oct. 12, 1805. 

Josiah Sawyer, b. June 6, 1808 ; d. in Andover, N. H., June 10, 1880. Married 
Sept., 18.35, Nancy Kittredge, b. June 14, 1805; d. Jan. 13, 1847, daughter of 
Joshua and Beulah (Baker) Kittredge of Nelson, N. H. Children: i. Nancy 
Maria, b. Dec. 26, 1836, d. Oct. 20, 1852; ii. Juliana, b. March 29, 1838, d. 
Feb. 22, 1841; iii. Joanna, b. Aug. 2, 1840, d. April 15, 1841; iv. Victoria 
Rosilla, b. Jan. 18, 1842. d. Dec. 7, 1895 or 1896. m. Henry H. Lewis and had 
one child; v. George Washington, b. Oct. 20, 1843, m. Aug. 10, 1869, Louise 
Coolcdge Barnes, resides in Franklin Falls and has two children. 
Moses (!) Sawyer, b. March 15, 1811 ; d. Aug. 17. 1813. 
Joanna Saivyer, b. March 5, 1815 ; d. March 22, 1849, in Peoria, 111. ; m. Chandler 

Connor. Three children. 
Moses- (2) Sawyer, b. Jan. 28, 1819; d. April 26, 1846. 

Sixth Generation 113 

197. JONATHAN" BROWN, son of Abbe^ and Elizabeth (Leavitt) Brown, 
born in Kensini;lon, N. 11., January 25, 1777; died at Tamworth Iron Works, 
N. IL, October 5, 1851. They resided in Chelsea, Washington, and Worcester, 
Vt., and at Tamworth Iron Works. 

Married July 10, 1800, SARAH BLAISDELL, born March 7, 1781, at Brent- 
wood, N. H. ; died at Washington, Vt., 1829. She was daughter of Henry and 

Hannah (Ross) Blaisdell. 


John Brown, b. at Chelsea, Vt. ; d. suddenly near Boston, aged about 20. 

Joanna Broun, b. ISOo ; m. Abner Hood and resided in Chelsea. 

Sally Broicn, d. young. 

Hannah Broirn, d. young. 

Amanda K. Broun, b. in Washington, Vt., Nov. 9, 1810; d. at Cambridgeport, 

Mass., 1888 ; m. in 183P., Charles White, 
Mcrcij W. Broun, b. in Chelsea, Vt., Dec. 26, 1812 ; m. Abner Blaisdell. 
Martha Brown, b. in Chelsea; m. Consider Gannett. 
Mark B. Brown, b. in Chelsea; m. and d. in CaUfornia in 1902. 
Mary V. Brown, b. in Chelsea, Dec. 21, 1816; d. in Tamworth, July 26, 1869; 

m. James Emery and had three children. 
Ahhy Brown, m. George Parmenter. 
Henry B. Brown, m. Judith Hubbard. 
Melissa Broicti, d. aged one year. 

198. MOSES" BROWN, son of Abbe^ and Elizabeth (Leavitt) Brown, born 
in Andover, N. H., November 27, 1783; died there July 5, 1852. 

Married December 25, 1805, SARAH HILTON, who died at Clinton, Mass., 
December 17, 1865, daughter of Charles and Mary (Wadleigh) Hilton. 

Children, lorn at Andover 

John Pike Hilton Brown, b. Jan. 17, 1807; d. at East Andover, July 27, 1852. 
He lived at Franklin, N. H., Lowell, Mass., and East Andover. He was an 
overseer in the Hamilton Mills in Lowell. Married Feb. 22, 1828, Hannah 
Sanborn, b. in Sanbornton, N. H., June 7, 1808 ; d. in Corinth, Vt., March 7, 
1890. She was the daughter of Simon and Anna (Chase) Sanborn, and m. 
(2) Aug. 21, 1853, Samuel Merrill of Bradford, Vt. Children, b. at Frankhn : 
i. Mary Jane, b. Feb. 16, 1830, m. (1) Edmund B. Haywood, (2) Albert S. 
McConnell ; ii. Martha Lang, b. June 3, 1836, m. (1) James C. Ewer, (2) John 
Merrill ; iii. Adahne Anne, b. Aug. 5, 1838, d. Nov. 27, 1839. 

^^aiicy Hilton Brown, m. Gilman Moody Palmer ; no children. 

May Hilton Brown, b. Dec. 23, 1823. Married (1) John Warren Ware, (2) Alvah 
W. Lewis. 

199. JOSEPH" BROWN, sou of Abbe^ and Elizabeth (Leavitt) Brown, born 
in Andover, N. H., September 9, 1786; died at Franklin, May 19, 1848. He 
was a soldier in the War of 1812 and resided in Chelsea, Washington, and Barre, 
Vt., and Franklin, N. H. 

Married (1) SARAH COLBY. 

Married (2) BETSEY GILES, born August 2, 1807, in Derry; died in Frank- 
lin, February 15, 1904. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Jane (McCoy) 



Oscar Brown, b. in Chelsea, Vt., May 7, 1827 ; d. in Chelsea. Mass., April 5, 1902. 
Elizaheth Brown, b. in Chelsea, Vt., July 21, 1828. Married J. D. Kimball and 

resided in Fitchburg, Mass. 
Orlando Brown, b. in Washington, Vt., March 11, 18.30; d. in Boston, Mass., 

Sept. 5, 1883. 
Orrin Broun, b. in Washington, Dec. 18, 18.32 ; d. in Danbury, Conn., Oct. 2, 1885. 
Benjamin Brown, b. in Barre, Vt., Sept. 21, 1834. Resided in Calif. 


114 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

VaroVmc Brown, b. in Barrc, June 22, 1836; m. William Rowell and resided in 

Franklin, N. H. 
Martha liroiru, b. in Chelsea, Vt.. Juno 12, 1839; d. at Franklin, Nov. 2, 1857. 
John Brown, b. in Franklin, N. H., July 1, 1842; d. in New York, Aug. 12, 1892. 

200. MOSES" BROWN, son of Captain Joseph^ and Ann (Brown) Brown 
of Kensington, N. H., born December 9, 1763; died in Andover, February 23, 
1831. He settled on Beech Hill in Andover, before 1790, and was known as 
Lieutenant Moses BroAvn. 

Married December 1, 1788, ABIGAIL TRUE, born October 23, 1763; died in 
Andover, October 28, 1842. She was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Clough) 
True of Seabrook. 

Children, horn in Atidover 

Joseph Brown, b. July 16, 1790; d. Feb. 6, 1833. He was a Captain. Married 
Jan. 24, 1819, Mary W. Sweatt of Andover, who d. Feb. 23, 1861. She was the 
daughter of Peter and Mary (Wadleigh) Sweatt. Children: i. Daniel Wadleigh, 
b. June 24. 1820, d. July 16, 1843, at Port Leon, Fla. ; ii. Peter Sweatt, b. 
July 12, 1822 ; iii. Alden Partridge, b. July 19, 1824, d. June 22, 1826. 

Thomas Brown, b. Aug. 1, 1792 ; d. in Manchester, Aug. 15, 1849. He was a 
phvsician and practiced in Deerfield, Concord, and Manchester. Married Nov. 12, 
1823, Mary or Polly Moore, b. April 25, 1799, d. Nov. 8, 1871, daughter of 
Dr. Jacob Bailey and Mary (Eaton) Moore of Andover. Children: i. Lucretia 
Anne, b. in Deerfield, Oct. 9, 1824, d. in Manchester, Feb. 3, 1873; ii. Moses 
True, b. in Deerfield, d. in Sandusky, Ohio, Sept. 19, 1900, m. Cora Barney of 
Sandusky, no children ; iii. Jacob B., b. in Deerfield, Aug. 15. 1829, d. in 
Nevada, Calif., March 25, 1859 ; iv. Thomas Scott, b. in Concord, Oct. 10, 1831, 
d. in Manchester, Aug. 10, 1866; v. Mary A., b. in Concord, July 6, 1834, d. in 
Manchester, Nov. 14, 1871. 

Joanna Broicn, b. Aug. 24. 1794; m. Jesse Graves. 

Sally Brown, b. July 4, 1796; m. (1) Joseph S. Huntoon ; (2) Feb. 12, 1839, 
Noah Rowe. 

Moses Brown, jr., b. Sept. 13, 1798; d. Dec. 14, 1825. 

Daniel Brown, b. Aug. 10, 1800; d. Nov. 4, 1818. 

Stephen Brown, b. April 12, 1803; d. in Deerfield, April 11, 1877. Physician in 
Nottingham. Raymond, and Deerfield. Married (1) April 22, 1830, Mary 
Reynolds of Lee, who d. June 26, 1842, aged 39; (2) Feb. 1. 1843, Miriam F. 
Collins, daughter of Colonel Samuel and Sarah (Haines) Collins of Deerfield, 
b. Feb. 28, 1804 ; d. Aug. 23, 1878. Children : i. Moses, b. May 29, 1831, m. 
Susan R. James; ii. Joseph T., b. June 28, 1833, m. Mary E. Batchelder ; iii. 
Mary Abigail, b. Aug. 3, 1837, d. July 12, 1874; iv. Martha A., b. Jan. 9, 1842, 
d. May 10, 1842 ; v. Sarah Collins, b. July 17, 1848, d. April 4, 1874. 

True Broirn, b. April 4, 1805 ; d. in Elgin, 111., Aug., 1870, to which town he had 
removed in 1854, from Andover. Married June 27. 1830, Lucinda Blake, b. Aug. 
15, 1805; d. in Elgin, April, 1869, daughter of William and Hannah (Purmoit) 
Blake. Children, b. in Andover, N. H. : i. Lucinda Ann, b. March 16, 18.32, 
d. Aug. 5, 1877. m. Sept. 30. 1858. H. F. Plummer of Elgin, had three children ; 
ii. Joseph True, b. Jan. 12, 18.35, d. 1868, was Captain of Company I, 52d 
Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, m. Oct. 19, 1861, Emma Chase ; iii. Charles 
Carroll, b. July 29, 1838, d. at St. Louis, Mo., June 1, 1862, was Sergeant- 
Major in the 52d Regiment, Illinois Volunteers ; iv. Daniel Webster, b. March 
29, 1840, d. Aug. 7, 1890, was private in Company A, 36th Regiment, Illinois 
Volunteers, m. 1876, Maria Deane, had three children ; v. Francis Moses, b. 
Feb. 8, 1845, lives in Iowa, m. Oct. 7, 1865, Nettie Bangs ; vi. Ella Augusta, 
b. Feb. 12, 1848, d. Nov. 10. 1868, m. 1867, Henry Sawyer. 

Ahigail Brown, h. May 3, 1807. Married Oct. 21, 1829, Benjamin Franklin 
Scribner, b. in Andover, 1806 ; d. there Dec. 30, 1890, son of Josiah and 
Mary A. (White) Scribner. Children : i. Abigail B., b. June 7. 1831, m. Gilbert 
T. Kilbum; ii. Frank B., b. May 13, 1834, m. (1) Mrs. Nettie Dudley, (2) 
Helen I. Stanley ; iii. Frances A., b. May 12, 1836, m. Owen B. Stevens ; iv. 
Mary E., b. Feb. 9, 1843, m. Calvin Campbell; v. George Henry, b. Jan. 21, 
1849. in Andover, m. June 5, 1870, Lucia Ella Thompson, b. Dec. 3, 1854, 
daughter of Moses P. and Lucia Ann (Garland) Thompson of Salisbury, and 
had five children, the first four b. in Salisbury : Mary Alice, b. Oct. 11, 1871, 
d. April 4, 1872, Harold Frank, b. Jan. 21, 1875, d. Nov. 12, 1883, Katie May, 

Sixth Generation 115 

b. March 2. 1878. Eth.-l Stanley, b. Aug. 24, 1879, m. July 14, 1901, William 
Cadv, and Ella noronco, b. in Audover, Nov. 13, 1887, m. July 16, 1907, Ernest 
AV. BUss. 

201. JONATHAN" BROWN, son of Captain Joseph^ and Ann (BroAvn) 
Brown, born February 4, 1768; died in Andover, N. H., November 28, 1844:. 
He was i)robably born in Kensington, N. H., and settled on Beech Hill in 
Andover in 1790. 

Married November 22, 1792, ELIZABETH HUNTOON, born May 3, 1771; 
died in Andover, August 9, 1853. 


Mercy Brown, b. April 3, 1793 ; d. March 11, 1871 ; m. June, 1815, Nathaniel 

Mary Broicn, d. young. 

Nancy Broicn, b. March 23, 1795; d. in Wilmot, N. H., July 28, 1853. Married 
July 8, 1828, Josiah Stearns and resided at North Wilmot. Children, b. in 
Wilmot : i. Susan, b. Nov. 1, 1829, m. Seth Goodhue, had three children ; ii. 

Josiah Lane, b. March 19, 1831, m.  — ; iii. Minot, b. Feb. 7, 1833, was a 

soldier in Company C, IGth New Hampshire Regiment, in the Civil War, m. 
Aug. 25, 1861, Sarah J. Hazeltine of Springfield, had six children ; iv. Tiras, 
b. June 9, 1835, soldier in Company D, 112th Illinois Regiment, was killed in 
battle in Tennessee, Oct. 23, 1863 ; v. Pluma, b. Aug. 15, 1836, d. July 24, 1903, 
m. Sept. 7, 1859, Joshua Holland ; two others d. less than a year old. 

EUzaleih Brown, b. Dec. 20, 1796; d. Nov. 20, 1867. Married (1) March, 1827, 
John Bailey ; (2) Newton. 

Hannah Brown, b. Dec. 20, 1796; d. June 14, 1887. Married Dec, 1822, Thomas 
S. French of Hopkinton and had two children. 
411 Jonathan Broicn, jr., b. July 5, 1799; m. Abigail Philbrick. 

iiyrcna Broicn, b. June 17, 1802; d. Jan. 27, 1880. Married April 6, 1856, Robert 
Shields of Illinois. 

John Broicn, b. May 7, 1804; d. March 29, 1874. Married (1) April 28, 1834, 
Eliza Noyes of Springfield ; (2) Dolly Spiller. 

Benjamin Hxintoon Broicn, b. Aug. 23, 1806; d. in Illinois, June 24, 1886. 
Married (1) April 21, 1828, Fannie N. Jewett ; (2) Mary A. Lamb. 

Mary J. Broicn, b. Aug. 23, 1809 ; d. Nov. 15, 1888 ; m. June 27, 1827, Stephen 

Rachel R. Broicn, b. Aug. 17, 1811 ; m. April 13, 1837, Joel Whittemore. 

202. FREDERICK^ ABBEY, probably son of Joseph^ and Deliverance 

(Armstrong) Abbey, born October 20, 1765, in Willington, Conn.; died in 

Randolph, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. He was a Revolutionary soldier from 

Vermont and owned land in Lot 21, Randoli^h, N. Y., as early as 1832, at least. 

Married SALLY TIFF. 

Children, seven sons 
Amos Aibey. 
Joseph Abbey. 
412 Orange J. Abbey, b. 1799, youngest son; m. Polly Stanley. 

203. AMASA« ABBEY, son of Joseph" and Deliverance (Armstrong) Abbey, 
born March 9, 1769, in Willington, Conn. Amasa Abbey, according to records 
from members of his family, was born April 9, 1770, and died October 26, 1842, 
son of Joseph and Dilla (Pitcher) Abbey. It seems likely that the two records 
refer to the same person. 

Married HULDAH PETTINGALE, born in Comington, Mass., September 26, 
1776; died March 19, 1839. She was the daughter of Joseph Pettingale. 

Children . 

Daniel Abbey, b. April 10, 1794 ; d. Feb. 4, 1879. 
Samuel Abbey, b. March 27, 1796. 

116 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Joseph Alley, b. Nov. 3, 1799 ; d. Nov. 15, 1835. 

Clarissa Ahhcy, b. July 19, 1800; d. Nov. 17, 1803. 

Mariam Ahhcy, b. Feb. 15, 1803; d. about 1870. 

Ira Ahhcy, b. Oct. 17, 1805. 

Laura Ahhcy, b. Sept. 9, 1807. 

Amasa Ahhcy, jr., b. June 3, 1809 ; d. March 27, 1812. 

Alphcus Ahho/, b. Juue 2G, 1811; d. Sept. 13, 18GG. Married aud had a daughter 

Laura, who m. A. B. Strattou and resided at Beebe Plains, Vt., iu 1880. 
Sally Ahhcy, b. May 24, 1813; d. June 25, 1814. 
Naomi Ahhcy, b. July 1, 1815 ; d. Oct. 26, 183G. 
Sarah Ahhcy, b. April 15, 1817. 
Hepsihah Ahhcy, b. Jan. 11, 1819. 

204. JOSEPH^ ABBEY, son of Joseph^ and Deliverance (Armstrong) Abbey, 

born about 1770; died in Michigan about 1860. 

Married . 

Children, prohahly the following, and others 

Parker Ahhcy, resided at Eaton Rapids, Eaton County, Mich., 1880. 

Melissa Ahhcy, m. Dixon. 

Alfred Ahhcy, went to California during the gold excitement and d. there about 
Jan., 1908. 

human 0. Ahhey, b. in Carlton, Orleans County, N. Y., April 4, 1831 ; d. Jan. 12, 
1908. He was the youngest of 13 children. His mother died when he was a child, 
his father married again, and, as he disliked his step-mother, he left home at the 
age of 14 aud made his own way in the world. He had a brother Alfred and a 
sister, Mrs. Melissa Dixon. The father was blind in later life and was drowned 
by falling through a bridge. Luman O. Abbey w^as a harness maker at Rolling 
Prairie, LaPorte, Ind., removed to Minneapolis, thence to Kansas in 1878 and 
d. in Ness City, Kans. Married (1) in Manchester, Washtenaw County, Mich., 
May 8, 1856, Julia M. Robinson, b. in Batavia, N. Y., daughter of George (?) 
and Eliza (Thompson) Robinson; d. April 20, 1902. Married (2) in Ness City, 
Dec. 5, 1904, Mrs. H. S. Greenlee. Children, all but first b. in Rolling Prairie : 
i. EstcUa Idelette, b. July 8, 1854, in South Bend, Ind., d. Nov. 10, 1864; ii. 
Dewitt C, d. in infancy ; iii. Inez Rose, b. Fob. 19, 1863, resides in Ness City, 
m. Sept. 8, 1885, W. H. Towner and has a daughter ; iv. Evelyn May, b. Oct, 3, 
1865, m. C. J. Bills ; v. Willard Raymond, b. Dec. 18, 1866, d. in infancy. 

205. ONORAH« ABBE, daughter of Obadiah^ and Zeruiah (Balch) Abbe, 
born in Asliford, Conn., September 26, 1766 ; died November 20, 1845. 

Married in 1780, JOHN GEER, son of Ezra Geer, born April 2 (or 27), 1759, 
in Kent, Conn. ; died December 25, 1840, in Peru, Mass. Lived in the south part 

of Peru. 

Children, recorded in Peru, Mass. (dates as there recorded) 

Calvin Gecr, b. June 8, 1781 ; d. April 1, 1807. Married (intentions published in 
Peru, Mass., Feb. 18, 1804) Unity Anderson, who m. (2) April 1, 1810. in Peru, 
Zachariah Haskell. Child of Calvin Geer, Mary Parker, b. in Peru, March 29, 
1806, d. Sept. 25, 1840, m. Caleb Judson Chaffee, son of Caleb and Martha 
(Fletcher) Chaffee, b. Oct. 22, 1804, d. in Lexington, Mo., 1861. He was twice 
m. after Mary Geer's death. Children of Mary P. Geer : i. Mary M. C, b. Sept. 
10, 1828, d. i829 ; ii. Henry Calvin B., b. Sept. 23, 1831, killed at Petersburgh, 
Va., 1863 ; iii. Calvin Geer, b. March 15, 1834. 

413 Alphcus Geer, b. Sept. 19, 1783 ; m. Kezia Judd. 

414 Luther Geer, b. April 21, 1786; m. (1) Joanne Geer; (2) Lydia Bisbee. 

415 John Geer, jr., b. March 30, 1789; m. (1) Polly Croziers ; (2) Charlotte Wood; 

(3) Lois Woerder. 

416 Susannah Geer, b. Feb. 6, 1792; m. Luther Granger. 

Elizahelh Gecr, b. Dec. 5, 1794 ; d. Feb. 7, 1854. Married in Peru, Nov. 29, 1815, 
John Ferguson, son of Samuel and Jemima (Abbe) Ferguson. See number 423. 

Ohadiah Geer, b. Aug. 14, 1797. Married (intentions, Dec. 24, 1818, at Peru) 

Amelia Wing. Children : i. Fanny, m. Scott ; ii. Mary Ann, m. Aaron 

Matthews and had five children ; iii. George, m. , had five children ; 

iv. Jane, d. aged 16. 

Sixth Generation 117 

417 Peter Geer, b. March 8, 1800; m. (1) Molly Kent; (2) SaUy S. Kent. 

418 Ira Oeer, b. Aug. 21, 1802 ; m. Lucy Raymond. 
Lvniari Gccr, b. June 23, 1805 ; d. March 20, 1818. 
Calvin (2) Oeer, b. May 8, 1808; d. Jan. 25, 1821. 

206. ROGER« ABBE, son of Obadiahs and Zeruiah (Balch) Abbe, born 
June 14, 17G7; died January 24, 1813, in Peru, Mass. He was school collector 
in Peru in 1800. Some of this family lived in Belvidere, 111. Residence of 
Roger in marriage intention given as Partridgefield, May 18, 1789. (Becket, Mass., 
Vital Records.) In 1800 he and his wife were living at Partridgefield, Mass., 
with 3 girls and 2 bovs under 10. 

Married HANNAH FERGUSON, who died 1843. 


419 John Able, m. Thirza Gilbert. 

420 Russell Ahhc, h. March 7, 1794; m. Martha Sprague. 

Hannah Alio, b. July 30. 1796; na. James Ferguson, b. May 8, 1789, son of Samuel 

and Jemima (Abbe) Ferguson; sec number 207. 
Anna Ahbe, h. Aug. 13, 1799: probably d. in Peru, Mass., Nov. 12, 1829. 

421 Sardis Aibe, b. Sept. 4, 1801 ; m. . 

Lcity Abbe, b. June 11, 1804, in Peru, Mass. ; d. there Dec. 8, 1804. 

422 -4w(^i A&6c, b. July 15, 1806; m. (1) Sybil Bates ; (2) Susan Collins. 
Philander Abbe, b. Sept. 27, 1809, in Peru. 

Electa Philena Abbe, b. June 15, 1811, in Peru; m. William^ Ferguson, see 
number 424. 

207. JEMIMA« ABBE, daughter of Obadiah^ and Zeruiah (Balch) Abbe, 
born March 30, 1769. 

Married (intentions published at Becket, Mass., November 3, 1788), SAMUEL 

Orry Ferguson, b. 1787 ; d. 1795. 

423 John Ferguson (twin), b. May 8, 1789; m. Elizabeth Geer. 

Ja7nes Ferguson (twin), b. May 8. 1789; m. Hannah Abbe, b. July 30, 1796, at 

Peru, Mass., daughter of Roger and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe; see number 206. 

They are said to have lived at Hamburg, N. Y., and Spring Lake, Mich. 

Children : i. Clinton ; ii. ; iii. George. 

Susan Ferguson, h. 1793; m. Samuel Reynolds. They moved to Canada. 

Annie Ferguson, b. 1795; m. Nathan Rockwood. They lived in Hamburg, N. Y. 

and had four children, one of whom was William. 
Sally Ferguson, b. 1797; m. Jeremiah Olmstead. Children: i. William; ii. Mary 

Ann ; iii. Hannah. They resided in Granville, N. Y. 
Samuel O. Ferguson, h. 1799 ; d. 1823 ; m. Lovina Graves. No children. 
Joseph 8. Ferguson, b. 1801 ; resided in Lysander, N. Y. ; m. Mary Hopkins. 

Children: i. Samuel, d. (perhaps June 17, 1832); ii. George; iii. Mary; 

iv. Nathan. 
Hannah Ferguson, b. April 17, 1804; resided in Middlefield, Mass. Married in 

Peru, Mass., Feb. 28, 1832, Jairus Ruck, who d. Jan. 29, 1861. Their births 

were recorded in Middlefield, Mass. Children : i. Charles, b. Nov. 24, 1834. d. in 

the army, March 27, 1862 ; ii. Henry B., b. March 14, 18.35, d. Feb. 16, 1842 ; 

iii. Samuel F., b. Jan. 5. 1838. m. Jan. 12. 1858. Fidelia Watson ; iv. George W., 

b. March 24, 1840, d. Feb. 19, 1842 ; v. Andrew J., b. Jan. 4, 1842 ; vi. Lucy 

Ann, b. Oct. 10 (or 19), 1843. 

424 JVilliam Ferguson, h. April 2, 1806. Married (1) Electa Philena Abbe, daughter 

of Roger and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe (see number 206) ; (2) Theda Tower. 

Jemima Ferguson, h. 1808; d. 1813. 

Bafhshcba Ferguson, h. 1810; m. Daniel Goldthwaite. Children: i. Lucy, m. (1) 

Hiram Russell, (2) John Campbell; ii. Squier, m. (1) Susan , (2) 

Harriet McCoy, (3) ; iii. Daniel, settled in Rome, N. Y., m. Emma 

; iv. William, was killed ; v. Mary, m. Goffe ; vi. Clarina, m. 

Cyrus Ayres. 

118 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

208. OBADIAH" ABBE, son of Obadiahs and Zeruiah (Balcli) Abbe, born 
April 14, 1777, in Peru, Mass. ; died there September 26, 1826. 

Married (1) (intentions published at Peru, November 14, 1803), POLLY 

Married (2) (intentions published at Peru, June 4, 1804), MARGARET 

Child hy first wife 

Hiram Ahhe, b. March 22, 1804, at Peru. 

Childreti by second wife, horn in Peru 

Ruhina Ahhe, b. June 17, 1805 ; resided in Pittsfield, Mass. Married Porter 

Strickland, intentions published Dec. 18, 18o0, in Lee, Mass. 
Sophronia Ahhe, b. Nov. 9, 1806. 
Anson Marsh Ahhe, b. Nov. 4, 1808. 
Philander Ahhe, b. Sept. 10, 1810. 

Almon Washington Ahhe, b. Feb. 8, 1814 ; d. Sept. 18, 1827. 
Emeline Ahhe, b. Feb. 12, 1816. 
Marinda Ahhe, b. March 20, 1819 ; m. Thompson. 

209. BENJAMIN'' ABBE, son of Jeremiah'^ and Mary (Armstrong) Abbe, 
born in Ashford, Conn., July 16, 1761. It seems likelj^ that the following records 
refer to this Benjamin, although the date of his birth is given by some descend- 
ants as July 16, 1764. He died April 21, 1837. The Census of 1790 records 
him at Canaan, Columbia County, N. Y., 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 
1 female in the family. He was a Baptist minister. 

Married ELIZABETH KNAPPIN, born December 2, 1771 ; died July 30, 1851. 

Children, numher and order not known 

425 Jeremiah Abhey, h. June 7, 1792; m. (1) Lydia Huntley; (2) Harriet . 

426 Asa Ahhey, m. Phebe Ann Crandall. 

427 Samuel Ahhey, m. . 

Sherhel Ahhey; m. and had children: Adeline; Emeline; Eimice ; Lorenzo D. 
Perhaps this is Lorenzo Dow Abbey, who was one of the charter members of 
the I. O. O. F. in Jefferson, Wis., 1876, and Noble Grand of Hebron Lodge later. 

Harry Ahhey. 

[Statement is made by the family that Samuel liad brothers Sherbel, Harry, 
and Jerry. It is possible that they are descended in this line : John^, SamueP, 
Ebenezer^ Gideon*, John", John", who had sons Timothy^ and Harry'.] 

210. JEREMIAH« ABBE, JR., son of Jeremiah^ and Mary (Armstrong) Abbe, 
born in Ashford, Conn., December 30, 1769. The following records probably 
refer to this Jeremiah. Was living in Soutli Windsor, Conn., in 1850, aged 80, 
with his wife and a Charles Abbe, aged 11, all born in Connecticut. 

Married LYDIA ARMSTRONG, born about 1776. 

Children, order of births not Jcnotcn 

428 Jeremiah Ahhe, jr., b. about 1795 ; m. Althea Payne. 

Charles Ahhe, a brother of the above Jeremiah, was living in Manchester, N. Y., 

about 1838. 
Miles Ahhe, b. about 1798 : d. in East Windsor, Conn., Dec. 21, 18.37, aged 39. 
Harriet Ahhe, b. about 1801 ; d. in East Windsor, July 6, 1807, aged 6. 
Minerva Ahhe, b. about 1805 ; d. in East Windsor, Sept. 20, 1808, aged 3. 

429 Rufus Armstrong, b. about 1807; m. (1) Martha Jane Fowler; (2) Ruth Har- 

monia Amidon. 

430 Henry Ahhe, b. about 1808; m. Lucretia . Probably he was a son of this 


Sixth Generation 119 

8uhnna Ahhc, b. 1795 ; d. 1874 ; m. Zebina Squyrcs, — may ho of this family. She 
had the following children : i. Martha Sabrina, b. Feb. 17, 1819, d. iu Spring- 
field, Mass., Sept. 12, 1912, m. (1) Aug. 19, 1845 (?), Stephen Chase, b. Aug. 18, 

1818, d. March 2, 1855, son of Joseph and Mehitablo (Hall) Chase, (2) 

Clapp, had a daughter by the first husband, Martha Jane, b. April 18, 1849, in 
Wolcottville, Conn.; ii. Jeremiah; iii. Lester; iv. Henry; v. Zebina ; vi. Lydia ; 
vii. Minerva ; viii. Stillman ; ix. Stephen. 

211. MARTHA'* TICE, daughter of John and Elizabeth^ (Pease) Tice, born 
in Williamstown, N. J., May 13, 1757; died 1842. 

Married 1772, ISAAC HOOPER, son of William and Mary (French) Hooper 
of Burlington, N. J. He was descended from Thomas French who was bap- 
tized 1639 in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Nether Heyford, England, 
and after religious persecution, became a Quaker and died at Racacas, N, J. 
Mrs. Hooper often related to her descendants that her husband, Isaac Hooper, 
was a soldier in the Revolution, was engaged in the battle of Long Island, and 
that she watched the battle from afar, out of her attic window, near Flatbush. 
Later he was in the Commissary Department at Valley Forge. No official 
records have been found of his service. 

431 Elizabeth Hooper, b. April 15, 1773 ; m. Stephen S. Rhodes. 

212. HANNAH" TICE, daughter of John and Elizabeth^ (Pease) Tice, born 
February 25 (or March 24), 1763. 

Married April 8, 1782, JOHN GIBERSON. 


Elizabeth Oiberson, b. about 1783; m. Josiah Evan. 

Ilannah Giberson, m. William Curtis. 

Rebecca Oiberson, m. John Prickett. 

Sarah Giberson, m. Jonas Burnett. 

Eeziah Giberson, m. John English. Children : i. Josiah G., of Pleasant Plain, 

Ohio; ii. , father of Frank C, president of William and Vashti College, 

at Aledo, 111., and of William D., a minister of Felicity, Ohio. 

Ann Giberson, m. 1808, George Harley. Children: i. Jacob, b. 1819, m. Mary 
Ford; ii. Priscilla, b. 1822, m. James Copper; iii. Hannah, b. 1824, m. Charles 
Shreve; iv. John, b. 1827, m. Rebecca Shreve ; v. EUzabeth, b. 1831, m. 1853, 
Buren Larson, and had four children, (1) Halvor, b. 1854, d. aged 23, unm., 
(2) Ann Serena, b. 1856, m. 1879, Edward Caum and had Linda, b. 1880, 
Edward, b. 1883, Halvor, b. 1885, Mildred, b. 1889, Harry, b. 1891, and Frank, 
b. 1896, (3) Birtha, b. 1856, m. Daniel W. Horner, and had Brita, b. 1885, 
Frances, b. 1887, and Larson, b. 1889, (4) Ida, b. 1861, m. as his second wife, 
after Birtha's death, 1897, Daniel W. Horner, and had Alice, b. 1898, d. in 
infancy, and Helen, b. 1900 ; vi. George, b. 1833, m. Ellen Mclntire ; vii. Josiah, 
b. 1836, m. Susan Mapes ; viii. Mary Ann, b. 1839, m. Job Pidgeon ; ix. Susanna, 
b. 1841, m. Oliver Larson ; x. Hester Ann, b. 1847, m. William Watson. 

Isabell Giberson, m. John Baker. 

Hester Ann Giberson, b. April 1. 1808; d. July 3, 1890. Married Edmund Burdsall, 
b. Aug. 17, 1806 ; d. Jan. 4, 1866. Children : i. Joseph Liel. b. and d. April 2, 
1828 ; ii. Hannah, b. Sept. 2, 1829. d. Aug. 23, 1841 ; iii. Elizabeth A., b. Jan. 22, 

1833, d. June, 1884, m. Shields ; iv. Sarah, b. Dec. 4, 1834, d. July 10, 

1857, m. Reed ; v. Hester Ann, b. March 23, 1837 ; vi. Rebekah, b. Sept. 

7, 1839 ; vii. John Wesley, b. Nov. 23, 1841, Methodist minister iu WilUamsburg, 

Ohio, m. (2) Louella ; viii. Mary Jane, b. Dec. 4, 1843; ix. Edmund, 

b. June 14, 1845, Methodist minister at Batavia, Ohio; x. Josiah, b. Nov. 18, 
1848, d. July 3, 1900, local preacher in the Methodist Church; xi. William, 
b. Nov. 7, 1851, local preacher ; xii. Lydia, b. March 1, 1854, d. Feb. 10, 1874, 
m. Prall. 

John Giberson, m. Sarah Egbert. 

Josiah Gibei-son, m. Sarah Burnett. 

120 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

213. JOHN FORD« SMITH, son of Jolm and Keziali^ (Pease) Smith, born 
June 19, 1787, in Granville, Mass.; died March 17, 1854, at West Granville. 
He was Captain in Fourth Regiment, First Brigade, Fourth Division Massa- 
chusetts Volunteer Militia, resigned April 22, 1822. He was a member of 
Mount Pleasant Lodge of Free Masons in Granville and was first president of 
the Washingtonian Society in Granville. 

Married ERPERCIA CAROLINE SEWARD, daughter of Amos and Mary 
(Mead) Seward. 


432 Margaret Maritta Smith, b. March 4, 1817 ; m. Joseph Chapin. 

Maria Louisa Smith, b. Dec, 1818; m. Harvey Bancroft of Galesburg, 111. Child: 
Nettie, d. young. 

433 Caroline Keziah Smith, b. Feb., 1820 ; m. Seth B. Hoisington. 

Joseph Napoleon Smith, b. 1822 ; m. Julia Ann Griffin. Children : i. Caleb ; ii. 

Augustus ; iii. Josephine. 
Augustus B. Smith, b. 1823; was a minister; m. . Children: i. James, 

d. ; ii. John Zebina, resides in Owcnsboro, Ky. 

434 Harriet Corintha Smith, b. April, 1824; m. Billings Moulton. 

435 Invin Zebina Smith, h. Nov., 1827; m. (1) Elizabeth Kew ; (2) Isabella Fallen. 
Seward Stnith, b. Aug. 1, 18.30. Judge in Des Moines, Iowa. Married May 4, 

1869, Mary E. Hyde. Child : Mary Hyde, m. Oct. 23, 189.5, Halle Sheffield Ray, 
son of Rev. Charles Walter and Julia Tracy (Sheffield) Ray. He is an official 
of the Rock Island Railway and resides in Des Moines, Iowa. They have one 
child, Margaret Mary, b. Nov. 15, 1911. 

436 Mary Jane Smith, m. Hulbert W. Munson. 

Antoinette Erpercia Smith, resides in Springfield, Mass. ; m. Frederic Pickett. 
Child : Frederic Smith, b. 1865, graduate of Yale and Columbia Medical Depart- 
ment, physician in Philadelphia. 

George Ali^honzo Smith, m. Ellen L. Treat. Children : 1. George Lincoln, b. 1867, 
graduate of New Bedford (Mass.) High School, military captain of his class, 
a lawyer; ii. Charles Treat, graduate of New Bedford High School, in business 
in New York City ; iii. Louisa Erpercia, d. young. 

437 Ford Smith, m. Caroline Dwight Lathrop. 

214. ZEBINA" SMITH, son of John and Keziah^ (Pease) Smith, born in 
Granville, Mass., August 7, 1789; died in Baltimore, Md., September 20, 1826. 
He was a physician and lost his life through his devotion to duty during an 
epidemic in Baltimore. 

Married March 26, 1820, SARAH TOWSON of Baltimore. 


John Iririn Smith, b. .lau. 16, 1821; d. July, 1885; m. Martha Shearer Towson. 
Resided in Baltimore. Children : i. Zebina Clay, d. 1845 ; ii. Irwin Towson, 
d. 18.50 ; iii. Sidney Coakley, d. 1850 ; iv. Sarah Louisa ; v. Mattie Shearer, 
resided in Baltmore, m. 1853, C. W. Mitchell, and had five children, Irwin Chap- 
man, Mildred Cassin, Martha Towson, Jennie, and John Smith ; vi. Oscar Boyd, 
d. 1876 ; vii. Leila Cassin ; viii. Ida May. 

William Sydney Smith, b. June 21, 1823; d. Sept., 1830. 

Jacob Zebina Smith, b. March 18, 1825 ; d. 1828. 

215. HENRY" SMITH, son of John and Keziah^ (Pease) Smith, born in 
Granville, Mass., March 4, 1792; died 1867. The town of Smithville, Ontario, 
was named for him. He was a noted educator, a magistrate, and held several 
ofifiees under the Crowui. 

Married DOCINDA CUTLER, bom August, 1802; died December, 1844. 


437a Margaret Maritta Smith, h. July, 1822 ; m. Russ. 

438 George Augustus Smith, b. 1825 ; m. . 

Sixth Generation 121 

Martha Ann Smith, b. 1827; d. 1902; m. Samuel Wiggins of Wellaiulpoi't, Ontario. 

Children : i. Ida ; ii. Samuel G., of Chicago ; iii. S. Jackson, of Chicago ; 

iv. Emma Estella. 
Ii[ar!/ Louisa Smith, b. 1829; d. 1838. 

439 Henry Franldin Smith, b. 1831; m. Amurtha Avery. 

MeJiss-a Smith, h. 1835; m. Curran. Child: Maud, m. Rev. W. B. Smith 

of Hespeler, Ontario, and has two children. 
Emma Jane Smith, h. 1839; m. George Sutherland of Welland, Ontario. Children: 

three daughters who d. young, and George W., who has been mayor of Welland 

for several terms. He is m. and has three children : Anna Marcia, b. Feb. 1889 ; 

George Franklin, b. 1891 ; Fred Morton, b. 1899. 

440 Caroline M. Stnith, h. 1841 ; m. Henry. 

216. THOMAS J.« SMITH, son of John and Keziah^ (Pease) Smith, born 
April 3, 1796; died Jul}-, 1869. Wont to Virginia to live in 1820. 

Married, 1827, JANE L. BRANSON of Lebanon, Va. Their seven sons were 
all in the Confederate Army. 


Edwin Ruthven Smith, b. in Abington, Va., 1826. Was Colonel in General Pickett's 
Division, served during the battle of Gettysburg and was in the gallant charge 
that Pickett made upon the enemy's entrenchment. He m. and had four children. 

Austin Braniiough Smith, b. 1828; d. in British Honduras in 1869. Was Lieu- 
tenant in the Confederate Army. Married and had one child, Victoria Toledo. 

George Washington Smith, b. 1831 ; was killed at the battle of Port Republic. 

Thomas Jefferson Smith, b. 1836. 

Margaret E. Smith, b. 18.37; d. 1912; m. T. G. Barret. 
441 Joseph Lewis Smith, b. 1839; m. . 

Uenry Alhert Smith, h. 1843; d. Jan., 1865, at Camp Morton, after being in prison 
fifteen months. 

John Ford Smith, b. 1844. 

Sarah J. S7nith, b. 1846. 

Amanda C. Smith, b. 1848; m. Duff.; resides in Lebanon, Va. Children: 

i. Myrta Jane, b. April, 1880, lives in Paris, Ky., ni. 1899, Ross W. Thompson 
and has three children, Lucien, b. about 1900, Burnley Alexander, b. 1902, Gladys 
Catherine, b. 1905 ; ii. Samuel Roy, b. April 24, 1882, m. 1902, Flora Blanker- 
ship, and has three children, Joseph Horner, Frank Cecil and Harry Smith ; 
iii. Bessie Clare, m. Arthur Little, a large stock dealer in Russell Covmty, Va.; 
iv. Mattie Graham, b. Feb. 2, 1888, m. 1911, Harry Bundy of Tazewell, Tazewell 
County, Va. He is a large stock raiser. They have one child, Sam Galsey. 

217. ALBERT GALLATIN« SMITH, son of John and Keziah^ (Pease) Smith, 
born April, 1801. Resided in Granville, Mass., and East Windsor, Conn. 
Married SARAH HARGER, born July 5, 1800. 


Josephine Smith, b. Jan. 2, 1826 ; m. .Tarvis Osborne. 

Benjamin Franklin Smith, b. 1827 ; m. . 

Timothy A. Smith, b. June 29, 1829; m. 

442 Fanny Elizaheth Smith, b. July 1, 1831 ; m. Charles Spellman. 
Sarah J. S7nith, b. Oct. 11, 18.32 ; m. Samuel Flight. 

Samuel H. Smith, b. Sept. 29, 1837 ; m. . 

Jaines A. Smith, b. June 22, 18.39; m. . 

443 Mariita Margaret Smith, b. April 18. 1841; m. Martin Phelps Tinker. 
Joseph K. Smith, b. Jan. 5, 1843 ; m. . 

218. CLARISSA^ KEYES, datighter of John and Mary^ (Wales) Keyes, born 
April 30, 1768, at Ashford, Conn.; died May 14, 1846, in Gilboa, Schoharie 
County, N. Y. 

Married REV. WINSLOW PAIGE, who died March, 1838. 

122 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 


John Keyes Paige, b. Aug. 2, 1788, iu Hardwick, Mass.; d. Dec. 10, 1857, in 
Schenectady, N. Y., was clerk in the Supreme Court at Albany for many years. 
Married and had children : i. J. C. T., graduate of Williams College, m. and had 
a son Leonard who was graduated from Union College in 1878 ; ii. John 
Keyes, jr., b. in Albany, Dec. 14, 1843, was graduated from Union College, 
resides in Schenectady, N. Y., m. Nov. 20, 1873, Janet McClellan Franchot, 
daughter of Hon. Richard Franchot, have two sons, John Keyes, 3d, b. Feb. 11, 
1876, and Richard Franchot, b. Jan. 22, 1878 ; iii. Aldigo C, a graduate of 
Union College. 

Hannah Winsloiv Paige, b. Aug. 13, 1791, in Stephentown, N. Y. ; d. April 3, 1852, 
in Gilboa, N. Y". ; m. Archibald Croswell. 

Maria C. Paige, b. March 24, 1794, in Schaghticoke, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 11, 1873 (or 4), 
in Schenectady, N. Y. Married in 1805, David Cady, son of David and Ann 
(Shuler) Cady, b. May 26, 1794; d. in the winter of 1839 or 40; b. and lived in 
Florida, N. Y. Children : i. Winslow, b. Aug. 5, 1824, was killed by the 
explosion of a steam boiler in San Francisco Bay, April 3, 1859 ; ii. Sarah 
Smith, b. Sept. 25, 1825. d. March 13, 1891. 

Aldigo C. Paige, b. July 31, 1798, at Schaghticoke, N. Y. ; d. March 31, 1868, in 
Schenectady where his family resides. He was Judge of the New York State 
Court of Appeals, and was a graduate of Williams College. Married and has a 
son Edward Winslow, a graduate of Union College and Cambridge Law School, 
lives in Schenectady. 

Diana C. Paige, b. Feb. 25, 1800; d. May 19, 1863, in Schenectady, N. Y. 
Married Allen H. Jackson and had three sons who were graduated from Union 

Antoinette Paige, b. Aug. 11, 1805, in Schaghticoke, N. Y. ; lived in Schenectady, 
Married (1) 1825, George Smith, who d. at Fort Johnson, N. Y., Aug., 1828. 
Child : Mary, b. 1827 ; m. in Schenectady, 1847, B. T. Potter, a lawyer, who 
d. March 18, 1870. Antoinette Paige m. (2) 1836, Judge Piatt Potter. 

219. ZACHARIAH" KEYES, son of John and Mary^ (Wales) Keyes, born 
1778; died November 4, 1834, at Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

Married (1) at Burlington, Vt., October 5, 1800, LYDIA STANTON, daughter 
of Judge Stanton. She died December 18, 1822, in Sharon, N. Y. 

Married (2) at Sharon, September 4, 1823, NANCY WHITTAKER, died July 
4, 1837, at Cherry Valley. 

Children hy first wife 

Stephen Pearl Keyes, b. Nov. 2, 1801 ; drowned June 22, 1827, at Lake St. Peter's, 

below Montreal ; not m. 
Norman Landon Keyes, b. July 4, 1804 ; d. July 26, 1848, at Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

Married May 15, 1830, at Sharon, Sarah E. Whittaker, who d. April 28, 1861, 

at Sharon. No childi'en. 
Mary Wales Keyes, b. Oct. 6, 1806; d. Sept. 6, 1852, in Binghamton, N. Y. 

Married at Sharon, Dec. 17, 1823, John N. A. Waldron. Children : i. Cornelius ; 

ii. Stephen ; iii. Charles, lives in Binghamton ; iv. Henry, lives in Dallas, Ore. ; 

v. George, lives in Dallas; vi. Zachariah, lives in Chicago; vii. (son), lives in 

444 Eliza C. Keyes, b. Feb. 22. 1810 ; m. George Warnick. 

Henry Stanton Keyes, b. Jan. 22, 1812 ; d. Aug. 25, 1850, in Amsterdam, N. Y. ; 

not m. 

Child hy second wife 

John W. Keyes, b. Aug. 26, 1825, in Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; resides at Amsterdam, 
N. Y. Married at Amsterdam, Sept. 16, 1847, AM B. Wager, who d. Oct. 12, 

1859. Children: i. Edward S., b. June 15, 1848, d. ; ii. Sarah E. Young, 

b. Sept. 29, 185- ; iii. Charlotte E., b. Sept. 11, 1856. 

220. ALMIRA CATHERINE« KEYES, daughter of John and Mary^ (Wales) 
Keyes, born 1785; died October 16, 1842. With her family slie removed from 
Connecticut to Canajoharie, N. Y. She attended the first fashionable boarding 

Sixth Generation 123 

school establislicd west of Albany. The sessions were held in a log house at 
Cooi)erstown. James Fenimore Cooper, then a boy of four, was also a student. 
Married 1808, JOHN PECK, born IMay 1, 1785, son of Joseph and Hannah 
(Lambert) Peck of Woodbury. He was a physician in Burlington, Vt., Avhere 
he died July 24, 1862. 

Children, horn in Btirlington 

Francis C. reel; b. Nov. 29, 1809 ; d. March 20. 1813. 

John Henry Peek, b. Dec. 24, 1810. For some time he was a member of the firm 
J. and J. H. Peck, and took a prominent part in railroad enterprises in Vermont ; 
removed to New York 1855 : returned to Burhngton 1874. and d. there Aug. 18, 
1877. Married (1) 183.3, Mary Loomis, daughter of Luther Loorais. She d. in 
1834, leaving a son, Charles Loomis, b. 1834, who d. and was buried in Lone 
Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco. John Henry Peck m. (2) 1837, Lucia 
Bradley, daughter of Harry Bradley. 

Julian Cassius Pomeroi/ Peck, b. Dec. 17, 1812 ; studied at Castletou and University 
of Vermont ; merchant at Ausable Forks, Burlington and New York City. 
General of Vermont militia. Died suddenly in Jersey City, N. J., Aug. 5, 1872. 
Married 1833, Lucia Wait, daughter of Colonel Marmaduke Wait. She d. June 
19, 1878. 

Francis C. Peck, b. Nov. 28, 1814 ; d. Aug. 19, 1817. 

ISamucl C. Peck, b. May 29, 1816; d. Nov. 3, 1816. 

Theodore Ausiuslus Peck. b. Aug. 8, 1817; d. May 18, 1872. Druggist in Burhng- 
ton, 1840-62, then in Watertown, N. Y. Married 1842, DeUa SafCord, daughter 
of Rev. Hiram Safford, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Burlington. 
Children, b. in Burlington : i. Theodore Safford, b. March 22, 1843, resided in 
Burlington, was Colonel on the Governor's staff, and Colonel of the 1st Regiment 
Infantry, Vermont National Guard. Colonel commanding 1st Regiment Vermont 
Volunteers and State Guard ; ii. Edward Sprague, b. Oct. 24, 1844, was gradu- 
ated from University of Vermont, assistant professor of surgery in its medical 
department, later practiced medicine in New York City ; iii. Charlotte Almira, 
b. Nov. 25, 1846, resides in Plattsburg, N. Y., m. Sept. 11, 1873, WiUiam 
Van Schoonoven Woodward, son of Hon. J. Douglass Woodward, lawyer and 
Assistant U. S. District Attorney. 

George Huntington Peck, b. Nov. (or March) 4, 1819; was graduated from Uni- 
versity of Vermont. On account of poor health he went on a cod-fishing voyage 
to Labrador in 1838, and spent the winter of 1839-40 in the West Indies ; was 
admitted to the bar in 1841 but, as his health failed, went to sea until 1849, 
when he lauded in San Francisco ; opened a law office at Dutch Flat in Placer 
County ; taught in Sacramento and San Francisco ; principal and superintendent 
of schools in Spring Valley and El Monte, Los Angeles County. Married (1) 
1851, Mrs. Sarah Thornton from whom he was divorced in 1862. Children : 
i. John Henry Fenton, b. Jan. 25, 1853, in Yolo County, Calif. ; ii. George 
Huntington, jr., b. Oct. 15, 1856. George H. Peck m. (2) April 30, 1864, Mary 
Wanostracht, daughter of Nathaniel Chater of London, England. Children : 
i. Kate W., b. Jan. 28, 1866 ; ii. Mary Chater, b. Nov. 1, 1867. 

WiUiam Ware Peek, b. Jan. 21, 1821 ; graduate of University of Vermont and 
Harvard Law School ; practiced law in Burlington and New York City ; in 1878 
was appointed U. S. District Judge and Assistant Supreme Judge of Wyoming 
Territory. Married 1846, Hannah Mumford, daughter of Benjamin Mumford of 
Schenectady. Children : i. John, b. 1847 ; ii. Catherine ; iii. Benjamin Mumfoi-d, 
a ci\'il engineer ; iv. Clara ; v. Joseph ; vi. Harriet. 

Edu-ard William Peek, b. Jan. 20, 1823; merchant in Burlington till 1878. 
Married about 1845, Harriet Clark, daughter of Hon. Joseph Clark, of Milton, 
Vt. No children. 

Helen M. Y. Peck, b. Aug. 19, 1825 ; d. Feb. 23, 1827. 

221. HEZEKIAH H.« ABBEY, son of Hezekiah^ and Martha (Manning) 
Abbe, born January 31, 1785, at Windham, Conn. ; died March 5, 1858, at Greig, 
Lewis County, N. Y. He removed with his father's family to Vermont at the 
age of seven years and resided in Westminster for a time. In October, 1826, 
he removed to Greig. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and was 
in 1854 a trustee at the incorporation of the "Forest Church in connection 
with the Presbytery of Watertown." This church was situated in the town of 
Greig near the junction of the Black and Moose Rivers. 

124 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Man-ied (1) at Westminster, January, 1810, BETSEY FULLER, who died 
February 13, 1820. 

Married (2) November, 1820, ANNA GOODELL, born July 21, 1788, at West- 
minster; died April 24, 1862, at Lowville, N. Y. She was the daughter of 
Deacon Abiel and Mrs, Margaret ( ) Goodell of Westminster. 

Children hy first icifc 

Alanj IT. Abbey, b. Aug. 28, 1811; d. June 19, 1881. Married Parker. 

Resided iu 1858 at Moiuit Clemens, Macomb County, Mich. 
Laura M. Abbey, b. Jan. 26, 1813; d. June 19, 1859. Resided in Buffalo, N. Y., 

in 1858. Married Hoskins. 

445 Rockwell Manning Abbey, b. Sept. 26, 1815; m. Elmira Smith. 

Betsey M. Abbey, b. Nov. 26, 1819; d. May 29, 1895; m. Hutchins. 

Resided in Michigan in 1858. 

Children by second wife 

446 Mason EezeUah Abbey, b. Aug. 9, 1821; m. (1) Maryetta C. Scovel ; (2) Jennie 


Simon G. Abbey, b. Aug. 25, 182.3; d. March 12, 1842. 

William Abbey, b. Feb. 21, 1826; d. Feb. 20, 1882. Resided in Greig in 1858. 

Martha Abbey, b. June 23, 1828 ; d. Oct., 1828. 

David D. Abbey, b. July 16, 1830; d. Aug. 17, 1905, at YiUisca, Iowa. Married 
at Boonville, Oneida County, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1866, Sarah L. Wardwell, b. May 
30, 1840, at Turin, Lewis County, N. Y. Children : i. David Purdy, b. Sept. 18, 
1867 ; ii. Leon Talcott, b. Sept. 3, 1877 ; iii. Ralph, b. Aug. 11, 1881, d. Aug. 23, 

222. ELISHA° ABBEY, son of Mason^ and Sarali (Frissell) Abbey, born in 
Amherst, Mass., January 7, 1794; was a wheelwright in Belehertown, Mass., 
where he died October 25, 1863. He was a deacon in the Braincrd Congrega- 
tional Church wliicli united in 1841 with the Belehertown Church. In 1850 the 
deacons all resigned and a new election was held at which he was one of the 
four chosen. 

Married (1) December 29, 1828, SOPHRONIA TARBELL of Brimfield, born 
September 3, 1803; died November 12, 1833. She was daughter of Elijah, jr., 
and Submit (Richardson) Tarbell. No children. She joined the church in 
Brimfield in 1829. 

Married (2) December 9, 1834, MARY BARROWS, born September 19, 1805, 
in Monson, daughter of Charles and Huldah (Frisell) Barrows. Huldah Frissell 
was a sister of Sarah Frissell who married Mason Abbey. Mary Barrows lived in 
Brimfield and joined the Congregational Church in Belehertown, 1835. She 
removed to Sunderland, Mass., in 1866 and died there April 15, 1882. 


Charles Mason Abbeij, b. in Belehertown, Nov. 12, 18.35 ; lived in Ashficld and 
Greenfield, Mass. Married Sept. 10, 1873 or 4, Ellen M. Miles, b. Aug. 31, 1845, 
in Ashficld, Mass., daughter of Philander and Viletta A. (Hall) Miles. Child: 
Fanny Letta, b. Nov. 8, 1875, lives in Greenfield. She is a milliner, with shops 
in Greenfield and Northampton. 

Ue7iry EUsha Abbey, b. Aug. 12, 1837; d. at Springfield, Mass., Jan. 8. 1893. 
Married Dec. 4, 1863, Adelaide Victoria Pierce, b. in Palmer, Mass., Feb. 6, 1841 ; 
d. in Holyoke, April 18, 1904. She was daughter of Emery and Sophronia 
(Barnes) Pierce. Child: Ira D., b. in Thomaston, Conn., about 1874. ra. in 
Springfield, March 31. 1898, Edgar N. Whitaker, b. in Chicopee about 1875, son 
of George A. and Adeline M. (Clark) Whitaker. 
447 George Francis Abbey, b. Dec. 12, 18.39; m. Eliza Ann Pomeroy. 

Edv:ard Payson Abbey, d. in infancy. 

Sophronia Tarbell Abbey, b. Nov. 27, 1844; d. in Sunderland, Oct. 21, 1873. 
Married Aug. 31, 186.3, JuUus Manning Marshall, b. at Shelburne Falls, Mass., 
Nov. 3, 1840 ; d. at Worcester, May 9, 1912. He was son of Thomas Marshall ; 

Sixth Generation 125 

served iu the Civil War in Company I, 46th Massachusetts Infantry, also in 
Company L, 2d Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. Child: May Blanche, b. in 
Sunderland, Oct. 7, 1873, lives in Worcester, ui. Oct. 7, 1897, Luther Calvin 
ManniuK, b. ISIarch 7, 1865, in Magog, Quebec, son of Calvin Charles Manning, 
has children, Roy Marshall, b. and d. Feb. 24, 1905, Arthur Calvin, b. in Wor- 
cester, June 7, 1906, and Ruth EUza, b. in Worcester, May 22, 1911. 

223. GEORGE" ABBEY, son of Masoii= and Sarah (Frissell) Abbey, born 
January 7, 1801 ; died in Sunderland, Mass., April 13, 1864. He lived for a time 
iu Belchertown and joined the Congregational Chureli there in 1819. Wliecl- 

Married (1) in Dedhani, April 10, 1831, HANNAH GAY, daughter of Abner 
and Anne ( ) Gay of Dedham. She died in 1847. 

Married (2) January 30, 1850, PHEBE PARSONS of Northampton, Mass., 

born FebriTary 18, 1805, daughter of Elisha and Phebe (Hulbert) Parsons. She 

died March 21, 1894. 


448 George Mason Alheij, b. April 2, 1833 ; m. Sarah Aureha Ramsdell. 

Harriet Ann Alley, b. at Belchertown, June 20, 1834 ; d. in Sunderland, Nov. 8, 
1896. She joined the Congregational Church in Belchertown, 1850. Married in 
Sunderland, June 3, 1862, Horace Graves Sanderson, b. Dec. 16, 1836, son of 
Apollos and Roxana (Bartlett) Sanderson of Sunderland. He m. (2) Eunice 
Lyman Strong. Children of Harriet Abbey : i. George Dwight, b. March 30, 
1863, d. Nov. 1, 1868; ii. Emma Dora, b. in Sunderland, Jan. 1, 1867, lives in 
Honolulu, m. in Sunderland, Jan. 29, 1892. Perley Leonard Home, who was 
b. in Topeka, Kans., Dec. 30, 1866. Has children, Mildred Amy, b. in Cambridge, 
May 7, 1894, and Robert Sanderson, b. April 26, 1897. in Sunderland. Perley L. 
Home was graduated from Harvard in 1892, A.M. 1894, assistant instructor in 
history at Harvard 1893-1896, principal of Dummer Academy, 1896-1904, presi- 
dent of the Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu, 1904-1914, industrial schools for 
Hawaiian children. 
Laura Thompson Alley, b. Nov. 14, 1837; d. June 14, 1898. Lived in Northamp- 
ton, Hadley, and Sunderland. Married Sept. 4, 1860, Jesse Lemuel Delano, b. 
Aug. 31, 1835. He served in the Civil War in the 52d Massachusetts Volunteers. 
Children: i. Fanny Jane, b. Nov. 13, 1861, d. Feb. 25, 1896; ii. Cora Belle, 
b. Dec. 5, 1862, d. April 11, 1892, m. April 10, 1889, George Edward Shipman 
of Hadley, sou of George and Harriet N. (Bartlett) Shipman, and had child, 
Raymond Delano, b. Feb. 12. 1892 ; iii. William Ansel, b. June 20, 1869, Uves in 
Amherst, m. Oct. 13, 1891, Etta L. Waite, daughter of Wright Noble and Mary 
(McGuire) Waite of Amherst, has child, Louis Fhihp, b. Oct. 28, 1892. 

224. LUCRETIA« ABBEY, daughter of Mason^ and Sarah (Frissell) Abbey, 
born December 13, 1803; died at Sunderland, Mass., May 14, 1893. She joined 
the Church at Belchertown in 1826 and removed to Brimfield after her marriage. 

Married September 5, 1833, ELI BARROWS, born at Monson, Mass., August 
22, 1808; died at Sunderland, December 28, 1881. He was the son of Charles 
and Huldah (Frissell) Barrows and a brother of Mary Barrows who married 
his wife's brother Elisha. Huldah Frissell was a sister of Sarah who married 
Mason Abbey. Charles Barrows was descended from John Barrows, who settled 
in Salem in 1637. 


Allert Huntington Barrows, b. Jan. 11, 1837 ; d. July 28. 1843. 

Charles Mason Barrotvs, b. March 11, 18.38. Married Sept., 1864, Adelaide V. 
Marden who d. Dec. 15. 1864. 

George Boven Ban-ows, h. May 11. 1840. He served in the 42d Regiment, Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers in the Civil War. 

Sarah Lucretia Barroivs, b. Jan. 29, 1843. 

126 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

225. CHARLES HUNTINGTON" ABBEY, son of Richard^ and Dolly (Ellis) 
Abbey, born in New York State, January 1, 1800; died in Yazoo City, Miss., 
about 1815. He was a Drum-Major in the War of 1812 and his wife was a 
pensioner of that war. His first maiTiage was in New Orleans, but when his 
son by that marriage was nine months old, he removed to Cleveland, Ohio, where 
his wife died two years later. After his second marriage he went to Texas, 
where he remained until his son Charles was about fourteen. He then started 
back to Ohio, but died at the home of his brother, Richard. He resided for a 
time in Rochester, N. Y. 

Married (1) in New Orleans, La., ST. CLAIR of Vicksbm-g, Miss. 


449 Charles Ellis Abbey, b. April 25, 1829 ; m. Mahala Jane Vanfleet. 

Married (2) in Hillsboro, Oliio, MARIA SHORTS, born in Pennsylvania, June 
24, 1807; died in Water Valley, Miss., about 1898, aged 90. 


Sarah Abbey, m. John VanVlect of Newport, Ky. Son : Charles, lives at Newport. 

450 Thomas Benton Abbey, b. Aug., 1833; m. (1) Ellen Virginia Broomall ; (2) Mrs. 

Kittle Tabor. 
Mary C. Abbey, b. about 1842; resides in Cincinnati, Ohio; not m. 

451 Richard John Abbey (twin), b. July 19, 1843; m. Margaret M. Jennings. 
John Riehard Abbey (twin), b. July 19, 1843; d. in infancy. 

226. RICHARD" ABBEY, 3D, son of Richard^ jr., and Dolly (Ellis) Abbey, 
born November 16, 1805, in Genesee County, N. Y., 16 miles west of the present 
site of the city of Rochester; died 1891 in Yazoo City, Miss. His early life 
was spent in Ncav York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Missouri. At the age of 
15 he w^as mail carrier from Jackson, Mo., to Golconda, 111., working half the 
year to defray the expenses of his schooling the other half. At 19 he went 
to Natchez, Miss., and became a clerk in a dry-goods store, of wliich he soon 
became partner and sole manager. In 1833 the partner died and after a few 
years Mr. Abbey closed out the business and went to Natchez, where he pur- 
chased a cotton plantation. Since early life he had been a Methodist and 
about tliis time he felt impressed with a call to preach. He was for some years 
a local preacher in tlie Methodist Episcopal Church South and in 1856 joined 
the Mississii^pi Conference and was appointed agent of the book and tract 
establishment of that Church in Vicksburg. From 1858 to 1862 he was financial 
secretary of tlie Soutliern M. E. Publishing House at Nashville and sole agent 
of that house until after the war. In 1867 he was appointed Presiding Elder 
of the Jackson District, Mississippi Conference. The last four years of his 
stay at Nashville, by his courage and vigilance he prevented the confiscation or 
destniction by the government or the army of the property of the Church in 
that city. From 1872 to 1878 he spent much of his time in Washington, D. C, 
prosecuting a claim against the United States in favor of tlie M. E. Cliurch 
South. In 1876 failing health compelled him to retire from active service and 
to be put tipon the supernumerary list. He made his home thereafter in Yazoo 
City, Miss. He was always a hard and industrious student and is the author 
of many books and articles, chiefly of a doctrinal or scientific nature. Among 
his best-known works are the following: End of the apostolic succession; Creed 
of all men; Diuturnity; Ecce ecclesia, a reply to Ecce homo; City of God; 
The Church makers. 

Married 1831, JULIA BATES of Natchez, who died in 1882. 

Mason Ellis'' Auhey 

Mrs. Harriet K. (Newland) Abbey 

Rev. Richard'^ Abbey, D.D. 

Mrs. Emma V." (Abbey) Davis 

Richard Newland^ Abbey 











Sixth Generation 127 


452 Julia Ahhey, b. July, IS.'^O : m. Dr. Augustin Freeland Magruder. 
Charles Ahhcy, d. in childhood. 

227. MASON ELLIS" ABBEY, son of Richard^ and Dolly (Ellis) Abbey, 
born in Franklin, Pa., July 4, 1812; died in Atlanta, Ga., February 20, 1892. 
He was baptized June 19, 1846, by the Reverend W. Carey Crane. 

Married (1) . 

Married (2) at VanBuren, Ark., April 1, 1850, HARRIET REBECCA 
NEWLAND, born in Knoxville, Tenn., November 18, 1824; died in Atlanta, Ga., 
April 23, 1899. Slie was baptized in the summer of 1850 at VanBuren by the 
Reverend Mr. Westbrook. 

Children iy first wife 

Florence Ahhey. 
Agries Ahhey. 

Children hy second wife 

453 Richard Keicland Ahhey, b. Sept. 20, 1852; m. (1) Fannie Dora Snowden ; (2) 
Myrtle Beers. 

Kaie Ahhcy, b. in Louisville. Ky., Jan. 8, 1855 : d. Aug. 4, 1855. 

Julia Angusta Ahhcy, b. in Burlington, Iowa, March 26, 1857. Resides in Atlanta, 
Ga. Married in Atlanta, Sept. 23, 1890, Samuel H. Trainham, b. in Virginia, 
Dec. 3, 1854. Children, b. in Atlanta : i. Ruby, b. Dec. 13, 1891, m. in Atlanta, 
July 10, 1915, W, F. Winn, jr. ; ii Ethel, b. July 21, 1893 ; iii. Floyd, b. March 
16, 1896, m. in Athens, Ga., April 9, 1916, Marie Patricia Reviere. 

Emma Verona Ahhcy, b. in Burlington. Iowa, Dec. 4, 1858; resides in Atlanta. 
Married there March 22, 1888, Dr. Morgan Asberry Davis, b. in Orangeburg, 
S. C. Children, b. in Atlanta : i. Homer Abbey, b. May 4, 1889, m. at Fairburn, 
Ga., Oct. 3, 1912, Mary Irene McCurry, b. in Fairburn, March 31, 1891, has 
children, Helen McCui-ry, b. April 3, 1915, and Pearl Virginia, b. July 6, 1916 ; 
ii. Pearl Verona, b. Aug. 3, 1892, m. in Atlanta, Oct. 2.3, 1912, Ernest Blair 
Durham, b. near Adairsville, Ga., Dec. 13, 1882. Mrs. Durham d. in Atlanta, 
May 8, 1916, after a long illness. 

Ella Cassandra Ahhey, b. in Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 29, 1861 ; resides in Atlanta. 
Married there Nov. 18, 1885, John Daniel McMillan, b. in Scotland, Ga., Aug. 3, 
. 1860. Children, b. in Atlanta : i. Roy Neal, b. Dec. 9, 1888, law student and in 
real estate business, m. in Atlanta, Oct. 21. 1914, Elizabeth Bayly, daughter of 
P. J. and Emma ( ) Bayly ; ii. May Elizabeth, b. Jan. 12, 1890 ; iii. Ruth 

Miriam, b. Feb. 25. 1895 ; iv. John Daniel, jr., b. June 24, 1898. 

Tirginia Mendora Ahhey, b. in Choctaw County, Miss., June 19, 1863. Resides in 
Atlanta; m. there Feb. 22, 1893, Dr. Basil Monroe Wooley, b. in Marion, 
Ala., Sept. 28. 1834. Children, b. in Atlanta: i. Basil Monroe, jr., b. Dec. 30, 
1893 ; ii. Marion Nina, b. Feb. 17, 1897. 

William Augustus Ahhey, b. in Choctaw County, March 5, 1865 ; d. at Sardis, 
Miss., Aug. 9, 1872. 

Theodore Howell Ahhcy, b. at Water Valley, Miss., Aug. 1, 1867. Married in 
Atlanta, Feb. 26, 1889, Jessie May Harris, b. in Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 12, 1867, 
daughter of Asa L. and Julia E. ( ) Harris. She resides in Atlanta with her 

children. Children, all but third b. in Atlanta : i. Lucile Harris, b. Jan. 29, 
1891 ; ii. Theodore Harris, b. Feb. 3, 1897 ; iii. Guy Harris, b. at Barnes\alle, 
Ga., July 10. 1900, d. at Gainesville, Ga., June 9, 1901 ; Leonard Broughton, 
b. Nov. 29, 1902. 

228. SAMUEL MANNING" WELCH, son of Eleazer^ and Alathea (Manning) 
Welch, born September 17, 1791; died March 3, 1823. Lived at Windham, 

Married February 11, 1817, LUCIA CAREY, born June 16, 1795 ; died August 
5, 1877. She man-ied (2) William Russell of Albany. Her sous removed to 
Albany with her but went to Buffalo after a short time. 

128 " Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Children, horn in Windham 

Thomas Gary Welch, b. Oct. 11, 1819; d. in Liverpool, England, June 13, 1864. 
He removed to Buffalo, N. Y., before 1840. Married July 10, 1850, Maria Allen 
Mead, b. in Gorbam, Maine, June 23, 1828. Children: i. Samuel Manning, 
b May 1 1852, lives in Buffalo ; ii. Jane Mead, b. March 11, 1854, lives in New 
York City ; iii. Walter, b. 1858, d. 1861 ; iv. Wilfred, b. Oct. 19, 1861, d. 1870 ; 
V. Thomas Gary, b. Oct. 16, 1864, lawyer in Buffalo, m. Dec. 26, 1892, Jane 
Augusta Baker, has children, Jane Mackay, b. Oct. 8, 1893, d. Nov. 7, 1896, 
Stuart Cary, b. Aug. 8, 1895, and Elizabeth Alden, b. July 6, 1899. 

William Wallace Welch, b. Sept. 21, 1821; physician; was Uving in Galesburg, 
111., in 1900. 

Samuel Manning Welch, b. Oct. 12, 1823 ; d. in Buffalo, Nov. 12, 1902 ; m. 1853, 
Elizabeth Deschler of Columbus, Ohio. Children : i. Deschler, of Buffalo ; ii. 

(daughter), m. Lucien Wild of Baltimore; iii. Elizabeth D., m. Whiting 

of Buffalo ; iv. Emily E., m. Copeland of Switzerland. 

229. SYLVESTER*' WELCH, sou of AshbeP and Margaret (Dorrance) 
Welch, born in Windham, Conn., January 11, 1798; died near Frankfort, Ky., 
December 6, 1852. 

Married (1) at Indiana, Pa., November 23, 1831, SARAH G. STANNARD, 
died February 21, 1838. 

Married (2) MRS. ARABELLA (SCOTT) DAVIS of Kentucky. 

Children by first wife 

Ashhel Welch, m. Nov. 1, 1855, Priscilla Adams. Children : i. Mary, m. William 

Handy about 1880 ; ii. Daniel ; iii. William ; iv. , d. in infancy. 

Sarah Welch, d. in infancy. 

Children iy second wife 
Mary Dudley Welch, b. July, 1839 ; m. 1859, Edward Hensley. Children : i 

d. in infancy ; ii. Alexander Crittenden, an Episcopal clergyman, not m. ; in. 

Arabella Welch, b. 1864, m. Oct., 1886, Lieutenant Charles Elwood Colohan of 

the U. S. Navy, who d. March 12, 1904, was buried at Annapolis, had one son, 

Charles Elwood, jr. ; iv. Edward Alfred, physician, not m. 
Louisa Welch, lived at Frankfort, Ky. ; m. Leopold Lebrot, who d. Feb. 2, 1911. 

Children : i. Sylvester, m. and lives in New Orleans ; ii. Irma, m. in Frankfort, 

Ky., in 1911. 
Elizabeth Sharp Welch, b. Dec. 14, 1843; m. Torbert Coryell of Lambertville, 

N. J. No children. 
Sylvester Welch, jr., m. Nellie Smith. No children. 
Arabella Welch, m. Edward Bryan of Frankfort, Ky., Louisville, St. Louis, and 

Yonkers, N. Y. He d. at San Juan, Porto Rico, Jan. 23, 1910, aged 64 years. 

Children : i. John, not m. ; ii. Scott, b. 1877, lives in New Orleans, m. June 15, 

1904, Susan Camp Nickerson of St. Louis, has two daughters ; iii. Edward, lives 

near Bound Brook, N. J., m. in 1901, Eliza ; iv. Ashbel Welch; v. 

Sylvester, b. 1887, m. June 16, 1907, Alice Beatrice O'Brien, daughter of John T. 

O'Brien of New York, b. 1889, has two children. 

230. ASHBEL" WELCH, son of AshbeP and Margaret (Dorrance) Welch, 
born December 4, 1809, in Nelson, Madison County, N. Y.; died September 25, 
1882, at Lambertville, N. J. He was a civil engineer, and, at one time, presi- 
dent of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He was chief engineer of 
the Delaware and Raritan Canal for nearly forty years. In 1865 he devised 
for the New York and Philadelphia Railroad a syste/u of safety signaling that 
developed into the present block system. He became president of the United 
Railroads and Canals of New Jersey in 1867 and, after the system was acquired 
by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1871, he Avas consulting engineer for various 

Sixth Generation 129 

Married October 25, 1834, MARY HANNAH SEABROOK, born December 17, 
1813, in Amwell ToAvnship, Hunterdon County, N. J.; died April 1, 1874. 
She was the daughter of James and Merriam (Lambert) Seabrook. 

Children, born at Lambertville, N. J. 

(Son), b. and d. Oct. 28, 1835. 

Margaret (1) Welch, b. March 8, 1837; d. May 1, 1838. 
454 Caroline Corson Welch, b. Nov. 23, 1840 ; m. William Corwin. 

Mary Merriam Welch, b. Dec. 3, 1843 ; is not m. 

Elizaleih Seabrook Welch, b. May 23, 1846; d. April 8, 1879; m. May 12, 1875, 
Rev. RosweU Randall Hoes, now of the U. S. Navy. Children: i. Isabel Dor- 
rance, b. June 3, 1876 ; ii. Jobn Paul, b. March 7, 1879. 

Margaret (2) Welch, b. Sept. 21, 1851 ; d. Dec. 30, 1853. 

Ashicl Welch, b. Feb. 5, 1854. General manager of the Philadelphia Belt Line 
Railroad, Uves in Germantown, Pa. Married Jan. 1, 1878, Emma Deha Finney, 
b. May 27, 1855, at Middlebush, Somerset County, N. J., daughter of John and 
Ebza Boice (Coriell) Finney. Mrs. Welch collected all the records of this 
branch of the family. Child : Ashbel Russell, b. July 17, 1879, in Lambertville, 
was graduated from Yale, 1901 ; is in insurance business in New York City 
and resides in Westfield, N. J. ; m. in Brooklyn, April 7, 1906, Hedebnd Elsa 
Beck, daughter of Captain Louis Constantine and Caroline Storrs (Hopkins) 
Beck, b. in Stuttgart, Germany, Jan. 22, 1882 ; has a child, Hedebnd EUzabeth, 
b. in Howarth, N. J., Dec. 21, 1909. 

William Welch, b. Nov. 20, 1860. Married Marie Lair, b. Aug. 6, 1869 ; d. Feb. 12, 
1897. Child ; Victoria Oh\da, b. Dec. 29, 1888, m. at Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 16, 
1913, Charles Adelbert Gibhn. 

231. ARCHIBALD'' WELCH, son of Moses Cook^ and Charissa (Ashley) 
Welch, born in Mansfield, Conn., March 13, 1794; was killed in a railway 
disaster at Norwalk, May, 1853. Physician at Mansfield for twenty years, 
later in Wethersfield and Hartford. He was a Yale graduate. 

Married March 16, 1818, CYNTHIA HYDE, daughter of Daniel Hyde of 
Lebanon, Conn. She died March 6, 1853. 


Mary Throop Welch, b. April, 1819 ; d. 1852. 

Henry Kirk White Welch, b. in Hartford, Jan. 1, 1821 ; d. there Nov. or Dec. 25, 
1870. He was a graduate of Yale in 1842 and practiced law in Hartford. 
Married (1) 1852, Fanny Goodrich, daughter of Professor Chauncey A. Goodrich 
of Yale and widow of Bernard Williams of Hartford. She d. in 1855. He m. (2) 
Susan Goodwin of Hartford, by whom he had four sons. Children : i. Archi- 
bald A., hfe insurance actuary in Hartford ; ii. Lewis S., b. July 9, 1867, editor 
and publisher of the Yale Alumni Weekly in New Haven, in 1901. 

Charissa Ashley Welch, b. June, 1825. Married Rev. Ebsha W. Cook. 

Moses Cook Welch, b. Sept., 1827, d. Sept. 6, 1899. He was a minister and a 
graduate of Yale. 

Archibald Welch, jr., b. Sept., 1829; d. in Morristown, N. J., April 7, 1898. 
Merchant in New York City. Married about 1870, Sarah D. Coit (widow of 
Borrows) who d. 1893. 

232. EUNICE" ABBE, daughter of Isaac^ and Eunice (Church) Abbe, born 
April 12, 1755, probably in North Windham, Conn. 

Married in Windham, November 21, 1775 (as his second wife), JONAH 
LINCOLN, a doctor, of Windham, Conn. He is found in the 1800 Census of 
Windham, with 11 persons in his family. 

Children, recorded in Windham 

Asena Lincoln, b. March 23, 1778. 
Pamela Lincoln, b. Sept. 4, 1782. 
455 Hannah Lincoln, b. June 17. 1786; m. Israel Gates. 
Phele Lincoln, b. Sept. 20, 1793. 


130 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

233. ANNAo ABBE, daughter of Isaac^ and Eunice (Church) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., March 14, 1757. 

Married (1) in Windham, September 20, 1775, JEREMIAH LINCOLN, born 
in Windham, November 14, 1751, son of Tliomas and Prudence (Lamphear) 
Lincoln; died Ajjril 30, 1794, in Windham. 

Anna Abbe married (2) in Windham, March, 1796, MITCHELL RICHARDS. 

Children hy first husband, born in Wifidham 

Stephen Lincoln, b. March 4, 1777 ; m. in Windham, March 3, 1804, Polly Abbee 

. Children, b. in Windham : i. Prudence, b. Oct. 13, 1805 ; ii. Isaac, b. 

June 19, 1807 ; iii. SaUy ; iv. Samuel, b. April 26, 1812. 

Irena Lincoln, b. April 5, 1779. 

Isaac Lincoln, b. Dec. 13, 1781. 

Nancy Lincoln, b. March 18, 1785. 

Jeremiah Lincoln, b. March 18, 1789. 

, infant of Jeremiah Linkon, d. July, 1792 (Windham Knell). 

Child by second husband 
Lucy Richards, b. in Windham, Aug. 21, 1796. 

234. ABNER6 ABBE, son of Isaac^ and Eunice (Church) Abbe, born Novem- 
ber 5, 1758, in North Windham, Conn.; died December 13, 1803, in Granby, 
Mass. He served during the Revolution in Captain Nathaniel Wales' Company 
from Windham, Conn., August 22 to October 22, 1777, a militia regiment. He 
resided in Stafford, Conn., 1785-6; bought land in Wilbraham, Mass., 1786; 
in Longmeadow, 1790; in Granby, November 28, 1796. In 1800 he was recorded 
in the Census of Granby, 1 male and 1 female over 45, 1 female between 26 
and 45, 1 male between 16 and 26, 2 males and 1 female between 10 and 16, 2 
males and 2 females under 10, comprising his family. His will made November 
7, 1803, was probated December 27, 1803, in Northampton, Mass. 

Married at Springfield, Mass. (intention), November 9, 1782, SARAH SWET- 
LAND of Springfield, born August 22, 1762, daughter of John, jr., and Abi 
(Deming) Swetland of Hartford, Conn. She moved to Conneant, Ohio, after 
her husband's death and probably took the last five children with her. She 
married (2) before May 12, 1815, Solomon Wright of New Salem, Ashtabula 
County, Ohio, as proved by a deed by which she sold her share of the property 
to Amos Abbe. 

Children (first five born in Longmeadow, last four in Granby, Mass.) 

456 Amos Abbe, b. Nov. 2, 1783; m. Patty Abbe. 

457 Abner Abbe, jr., h. Aug. 31, 1785 ; m. (1) Sibyl Brown ; (2) Lucy Robbing. 

458 John Sivetland Abbe, b. Sept. 2, 1787; m. Mrs. Electa (Chapin) Warner. 

459 Sarah Abbe, h. April 14, 1790; m. Horace Hendrick. 

460 Shubael Abbe, b. June 17, 1793 ; m. Sarah Sanford. 
Adolphus Abbe, mentioned in his father's wiU, next to Shubael. 
Polly Abbe, b. March 10, 1797. 

Betsey Abbe, b. Dec. 18, 1799. Either Betsey or Polly went west with her mother 

and m. Thayer but had no children. 

Da7iiel Abbe, b. Nov. 8, 1801. 

461 Perley Abbe, b. Sept. 8, 1803 ; m. Thankful Clark. 

235. NATHANIEL" ABBE, son of Isaac^ and Eunice (Church) Abbe, born 
in Windham, Conn., July 13, 1765. He was perliaps living in Windham in 
1790, when, by the Census, he had 1 male over 21 and 6 females in the family. 

Probably this Nathaniel Abbe married TABITHA HAZEN, eighth child of 
John Hazen, who was born in Hamburg, Conn., 1737-8, and his wife, Annie 
Landon. Jolm Hazen settled later in Orange County, N. Y., near Westtown. 

Sixth Generation 131 


Polly Ahhe, was last heard from about 1859 ; m. Mathis Moss. Had a son John, 

who was living in 1864, and other children. 
Ainer Ahhc, m. and had children: Orin ; Amanda; Lucinda. 
Airaham Ahhe. 

Amasa Ahhe (or Amzi), m. and had children: Benjamin, and two daughters. 
462 Joseph Ahhc, h. May 7, n9Q; m. Knight; (2) Sarah Mulford. 

236. JOHN" MCCLELLAN, son of General Samuel and Rachel^ (Abbe) 
MeClellan, born in Woodstock, Conn., January 4, 1767; died in Woodstock, 
August 1, 1858. He was prepared for college under Reverend Eliplialet Lyman, 
entered Yale in 1781 and received his first degree in 1785; studied law in 
Norwich, was admitted to the bar of Windham County, August, 1787, and took 
up his practice in Woodstock. During a period of some twenty years he was, 
with some intervals of retirement, a member of the Connecticut legislature, 
and wielded a commanding influence in debate by his animation, perfect good 
temper and brief speeches, often seasoned by a vein of humor and anecdote. 
He was influential in the town and county in both secular and religious affairs; 
was, with liis father, brother James and others, instrumental in the establish- 
ment of Woodstock Academy in 1802; acted as selectman, director in Windham 
County Fire Insurance Company; was Brigade-Major in the militia. He was 
once Presidential elector and a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1818. 
Mr. McClellan was a most perfect example of the Christian gentleman of the 
old school, with whom politeness was both a sentiment and a habit. His 
family of 10 persons with 1 slave is recorded in the 1800 Census at Woodstock. 
In 1850 he was on the Census lists, wife probably dead and sons John and 
Joseph living at home. He was disabled by a paralytic stroke in 1849, and 
spent his last years in helplessness. He was the last survivor of his class at 
Yale and had outlived all graduates of earlier classes. 

Married in Lebanon, November 22, 1796, FAITH WILLIAMS, born in Lebanon, 
Conn., daughter of William and Mary (Trumbull) Williams. William Williams 
was a Harvard gi-aduate. Commander of a Revolutionary regiment, member of 
the Continental Congress and Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Faith 
Williams was gi-anddaughter of the first Governor Trumbull and through his 
wife was descended from John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. 

Children, lorn wi Woodstock 

463 Many Trwnhiill McClellan, b. Jan. 31, 1800 ; m. Isaac Webb. 

464 Faith WiUia?ns McClellan, b. April 27, 1804 ; m. Rufus Smith Mathewson. 
Sarah Isabella McClellan, b. April 8. 1807; d. in New Haven, April 23, 1875. 

Married (1) in Woodstock, May 19, 1842, Isaac Webb of Middletown ; (2) in 
Woodstock, Sept. 17, 18.51, as his second wife, Benjamin Silliman, youngest child 
of General Gold Sclleck Silliman, Yale 1752, and Mary (Fish) Noyes, was b. in 
North Stratford, Conn, (now Trumbull), Aug. 8, 1779; d. in New Haven, 
Nov. 24, 1864. He was b. while his father was a prisoner with the British 
forces and his mother had left the family home in Fairfield for a temporary 
place of safety. He was graduated from Yale in 1796 and studied law. He 
became a tutor in Yale and in 1802 was appointed Professor of Chemistry and 
Natural History. He m. (1) in Lebanon, Sept. 17, 1809, Harriet Trumbull, 
daughter of Governor Jonathan and Eunice (Backus) Trumbull, who d. Jan. 18, 
1850. By this first marriage he had five daughters and four sons. One of the 
sons was graduated at Yale and succeeded his father in the instruction in 
Chemistry in the Academic Department and in his professorship in the Medical 
School. Professor Silliman wielded a wide influence as an instructor in natural 
science, both in the college and by means of popular lectures outside of New 
Haven. His many published works include scientific treatises and text books, 
books of travel and biographies. 
Jane Calhoun McClellan, b. Sept. 16, 1809. Married in Woodstock, Dec. 2, 1849, 
Jonathan Weaver of the Island of Cuba. Resided in Danielson. 

132 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

465 John McClellan, jr., b. Aug. 31, 1812 ; m. Olive Anna Child. 

Joseph McClellan, b. July 8, 1814 ; d. April 7, 1904 ; not m. He was a farmer and 
lived with his father in Woodstock in 1850. 

237. ANNA (NANCY) ^ MCCLELLAN, daughter of Samuel and RacheP 
(Abbe) McClellan, bom May 7, 1768. They settled in Albany, N. Y. 
Married JOHN LOVETT, who died in 1808. He was on General 's 


Nancy Lovett, d. in Albany. 
Lucretia Lovett, d. in Albany. 
John Erskine Lovett. 
John Jay Lovett. 
Caroline Lovett. 
Mary Lovett (twin). 
Angelica Lovett (twin). 
Alexander Hamilton Lovett. 

238. JAMES« MC CLELLAN, son of Samuel and Rachel^ (Abbe) McClellan, 
born in Woodstock, Conn., September 20, 1769; died at Woodstock, 1837. He 
was a farmer in Woodstock, and was identified with many of the town's inter- 
ests. In 1821 he was secretary of the Windham County Agricultural Society. 
In 1802 he was with his father, brother John, and others, one of those who 
were instrumental in establishing the Woodstock Academy. His family of ten 
persons, with one slave, is recorded in the 1810 Census of Woodstock. 

Married (1) in Brooklyn, Conn., February 25, 1796, EUNICE ELDREDGIE 
of Brooklyn, who died November 22, 1804. She was the daugliter of Captain 
James and Lucy (Gallup) Eldredge of Brooklyn, Conn. 

Married (2) December 8, 1805, NANCY ELDREDGE, sister of Eunice. 

Children hy first wife, horn in Woodstock 

466 George McClellan, b. Dec. 22, 1796 ; m. Elizabeth Brinton. 

Lucy McClellan, b. May 14, 1798 ; d. at East Greenwich, Conn. ; not m. 

467 Samuel McClellan, b. Sept. 21, 1800 ; m. Margaret Carswell Ely. 

Nancy McClellan, b. Dec. 26, 1803; d. about 1900. Married in Brooklyn, Conn., 
Oct. 27, 1831, John Grigg of Philadelphia, a publisher. Children : i. John, unm. ; 

ii. Nancy ; iii. Fanny, m. Lent of the United States Army ; iv. Emily, 

m. Fry and had a daughter who m. an Italian marquis. 

Children hy second wife, recorded in Woodstock 

James Eldridge McClellan, b. Aug. 14, 1806. 
Mary Lucretia McClellan, b. probably about 1809. 
Marion Louisa McClellan, b. Aug. 23, 1819. 

of Samuel and RacheP (Abbe) McClellan, born in Woodstock, Conn., May 15, 
1773; died in Norwich, November 5, 1819. 

Married in Woodstock, October 7, 1795, EBENEZER HUNTINGTON, born 
December 26, 1754, in Norwich, Conn.; died June 17, 1834. He was son of 
Jabez and Hannah (Williams) Huntington. He was graduated from Yale in 
1775; joined the army as a volunteer the same year, was rapidly promoted 
through various offices rintil 1799, when he was, at the recommendation of 
Washington, appointed a Brigadier-General in the army raised by Congress in 
expectation of a war with France. He was present at the surrender of Corn- 

Sixth Generation 133 

wallis, and was one of the most efficient officers in the army. He was twice 
elected to Congress from Connecticut, 1810-11 and 1817-19. His home was in 
Norwich, Conn., where he was engaged in mercantile business. He married (1) 
December 10, 1791, Sarah Isham of Colchester, by whom he had a son, Alfred 


Children, recorded in Norwich 

Wolcott Euntingion, b. Aug. 20, 1796; d. in Norwich, March 2G, 1861. Married 
May, 1837, June E. Watkins of Middletown, Conn., who resided in Middletown 
after his death. No children. He was engaged in mercantile and later, insurance 

Louisa Mary Huntington, b. Feb. 20, 1798 ; d. 1877 ; not m. 

George Washington Huntington, b. Nov. 22, 1799 ; d. 1870. He was a merchant in 
New Orleans ; probably never m. 

Emily Huntington, b. Aug. 6, 1801 ; d. Dec. 26, 1871 ; not m. 

Nancy L. Huntington, b. April 6, 1803 ; d. 1878. 

Walter B. Huntington, b. Nov. 11, 1804 ; merchant in New Orleans ; d. unm. 

Sarah Isham Huntington, b. May 1, 1806 ; d. 1885 ; not m. 

Elisabeth Mary Huntington, b. Aug. 24, 1808; d. July 17, 1845, in New Orleans. 
Married in Norwich, Nov. 19, 1839, Gabriel W. Denton of New Orleans. 

Maria H. Hutitington, b. Dec. 13, 1810. Married in Norwich, Oct. 5, 1837, George 
Perkins, a lawyer of Norwich, Conn. Children : i. Sarah Huntington, b. in 
Norwich, Feb. 11, 1839, d. unm.; ii. EUzabeth Denton, b. in Norwich, May 7, 

240. NATHANIELS MC CLELLAN, son of Samuel and RacheP (Abbe) 
McClellau, born in Woodstock, Conn., Januaiy 16, 1777(?); died in Norwich, 
Conn., September 15, 1863, aged 87, buried in Woodstock. 

Married (1) in Woodstock, March 22, 1808, GRACE MALBONE of Pomfret, 
who died May 23, 1813, in Woodstock. 

Married (2) September 15, 1815, OLIVE M. PERKINS, born March 13, 1786, 
in Plainfield, Conn., daiighter of Elisha and Sarah (Douglass) Perkins. She 
died August 1, 1870, buried in Woodstock. 

Children by first icife 

Edward Ingersoll McClellan, b. in Woodstock, Feb. 12, 1809 (?) 
Rachel Abbe McClellan, b. in Woodstock, Dec. 30, 1810. 

Child by second wife 

Grace Malbone McClellan, b. Sept. 20, 1820 ; d. unm. in 1899, buried in Woodstock. 
She resided in Norwich. 

241. JUDAH ALDEN6 MC CLELLAN, son of Samuel and RacheP (Abbe) 
McClellan, born May 25, 1780. Graduate of Brown University; settled in 
Canaan, now Bloomfield, Maine, 1803. He was County Attorney 1824-1834; 
representative to Massachusetts Legislature 1815, county treasiirer for six years. 
A granddaughter, Caroline, was living in Darien, Conn., in 1907. 

Helen McClellan, d. young. 
Samuel McClellan, lawyer in Dexter, Maine. He was graduated at WaterviUe in 

E7nily McClellan, b. 1813 ; d. 1837. 

William McClellan, b. 1816 ; m. and had a son in Colorado. 
Edicard McClellan, b. 1818. 
Henry McClellan, b. 1820. He was graduated at Water\ille, 1842, and became a 

merchant in New York City. 
John McClellan, b. 1822. 
Abby McClellan, b. 1824. 

134 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

242. GURDON« HEBARD (or HIBBARD), son of Nathaniel and Mary^ 
(Abbe) Hibbard, bom in Windham, Conn., October 29, 1770; died at Bozrah- 
ville, Conn. Resided in Norwich after about 1800. In the Norwich Vital Records 
the name is first spelled Hibard, later Hibbard, and finally Hebard and Hebbard. 

Married in Windham, November 27, 1796, IRENE FRINK, who died December 
11, 1856. 

Children, first born in Windham, others in Norwich, Conn. 

Andretv Hehard, b. Dec. 30, 1797. He was engineer of the steamboat Fulton, 
between Norwich and New York, and is said to have run the first steamboat up 
the Connecticut River. Died in Buffalo, N. Y. Married (1) Eliza Hodge; (2) 

Sarah Hodge. Children by first wife : i. Andrew F., d. ; ii. George 

Frederick, b. 1826, resided in Buffalo, m. 1857, Susan M. Gillespie and had a 
son Robert H., b. 1847; iii. John H., b. 1828, resided in Buffalo, m. Maria J. 
Crego and had a son Andrew E., b. 1854. Children by second wife : i. Ebza A., 
d. young ; ii. Andrew G., d. young. 

John Hebard, b. Feb. 6, 1801. Resided in Norwich and Buffalo, N. Y. He was a 
carriage maker and engineer. Married in Norwich, June 17, 1834, Mrs. Jane 
Hopkins of Norwich, "Captain John Hebard of Buffalo." Child : George L., 
b. 1841, d. Sept. 1859. 

Mary Abbe Hebard, b. June 2, 1803 ; d. unm. 

Oliver Edwin Hebard, b. April 14, 1805. He was a carriage maker and engineer 
and was supposed to have been lost at sea, as, in 1859, no news of him had been 
heard for nine years. Married in Norwich, Nov. 14, 1826, Abby Smith of 
Norwich. Lived in Norwich. Children, Mary Lucretia, b. 1829, and two 
daughters who d. young. 

Lydia Hebard, b. May 19, 1808. Married in Norwich, April 24, 1833, Leander Gris- 
wold. Lived in Norwich. 

George Hebard, b. March 2, 1810 ; m. and lived in Norwich. Child : Mary 

Fanny Irena Hebard, b. April 21, 1812 ; m. D. B. Miner ; resided in Norwich. 

Harriet Lee Hebard, b. May 20, 1815; m. in Norwich, April 14, 1842, Edward 
Breed of Norwich. 

243. AUGUSTUS^ HEBARD (or HIBBARD), son of Nathaniel and Mary^ 
(Abbe) Hibbard, born in Windham, Conn., February 1, 1772; died September, 
1841. Resided in Lebanon, Conn. 

Married March 19, 1796, BATHSHEBA LEARNED, who died January 18, 1855. 


Charles Hebard, b. in Windham, Dec. 18, 1796. He removed to Owensborough, Ky., 
where he m. twice. Children by first wife : i. Harriet ; ii. BushneU ; iii. 
Learned ; iv. Charles. 
468 Learned Hebard, b. April 24, 1799 ; m. Persis Elizabeth Strong. 

Eliza Hebard, b. March 31, 1801. 

George Hebard, b. in Windham, July 28, 1803 ; m. Jan. 2, 1831, Hannah or 
Harriet Young. Children, b. in Norwich: i. Alfred Y., b. Dec. 15, 18.32, m. 
Feb., 1856, Jane Young, had a daughter, Harriet, b. March 29, 1857 ; ii. George 

S., b. Oct. 25, 1834, m. Congdon of Norwich and had a son, Prank H., 

b. Feb. 18, 1857 ; iii. Henry, b. Sept. 24, 1836 ; iv. Ann Eliza, b. Oct. 25, 1837 ; 
V. Horace S., b. Dec. 31, 1839 ; vi. Harriet, b. Nov. 28, 1841. 

Abby Hebard, b. Feb. 15, 1807. 

Alfred Hebard, b. in Windham, May 10, 1810 ; lived in Kansas in 1848 ; m. May, 
1841, Anna Huntington. Children : i. Augustus H., b. Jan. 23, 1842 ; ii. Ade- 
laide L., b. May 21, 1844; iii. Mary S., b. June 3, 1847 ; iv. Anna M., b. Jan. 9, 

Shubael Hebard, b. in Windham, Aug. 2, 1812 ; resided in Iowa in 1856 ; m. 
May 12, 1840, Martha L. Pettis. Cliildren, younger ones b. in Iowa : i. Edward 
A., b. July 9, 1841 ; ii. Frederick, b. Nov. 8, 1842, d. Aug. 15, 1843 ; iii. James, 
b. Feb. 17, 1845 ; iv. Mary, b. May 14, 1848 ; v. EUzabeth L., b. Nov. 2, 1850 ; 
vi. Sarah M. ; vii. Charles, b. Jan. 4, 18.58. 

Mary Hebard, b. July 25, 1818 ; m. William Gaside of Iowa. 

Sixth Generation 135 

244. NATHANIEL^ HEBARD (or HIBBARD), JR., son of Nathaniel and 
Mary^ (Abbe) Hibbard, born in Windham, Conn., July 15, 1781. Resided in 

Married SUSAN P. CONGDON of Nan-agansett, R. I. 

Children, horn in Windham 

Elizabeth Hehard, b. Jan. 4, 1806 ; d. May, 1806. 

ISiisan P. Ilebard, b. Jan. 12, 1807 ; d. 1834. 

Oliver Hehard, b. Oct. 8, 1808 ; d. Jan. 16, 1817. 

Nathaniel Hehard, 3d, b. Dec. 13, 1809 ; resided in Dorchester, Mass. ; m. Nov. 7, 
18.30, Carohne M. Jones. Children : i. Amon H., b. April 13, 1832, d. Oct. 2, 
1834 ; ii. Leander, b. Nov. 1, 1834, d. March 2, 1835 ; iii. Ezra B., b. Aug. 22, 
1836, m. Nov. 16, 1857, Emma J. Rundlett of Glastonbury, Conn. ; iv. Susan M., 
b. Feb. 26, 1838, d. Sept. 19, 1841. 

Samuel G. Hehard, b. April 29, 1811 ; resided in Dorchester ; m. April 1, 1832, 
Mary P. Maples of Montville, Conn. Children : i. Susan A., b. Sept. 29, 1839 ; 
ii. Henry J. A., b. Feb. 23, 1843 ; iii. Samuel C, b. Dec. 27, 1847. 

Timothy Hehard, b. Jan. 25, 1813 ; d. Nov. 1, 1822. 

Ezra S. Hehard, b. Aug. 29, 1814; d. June 14, 1852; resided iu Dorchester. 
Married May 2, 1842, Achsah W. Pratt of Chnton, Maine. Children : i. Samuel 
O., b. Dec. 28, 1843 ; ii. Ezra S., b. Jan. 24, 1849. 

Benjamin F. Hehard, b. May 29, 1817. He was a broker in Dorchester. Married 
July 3, 1838, Bathsheba S. Howes of Chatham, Mass. Children, three youngest 
b. in Dorchester : i. Emehne F., b. in Milbury, Mass., April 13, 1839 ; ii. 
Amelia C, b. at Newton Lower Falls, Mass., June 25, 1841 ; iii. Charles W., 
b. June 7, 1844 ; iv. Benjamin F., b. Feb. 28, 1848, d. April 15, 1848 ; v. Lucy 
E. H., b. June 6, 1856. 

Sylvester H. Hehard, b. Oct. 16, 1819 ; resided in Dorchester ; m. April 1, 1841, 
Tryphosa Pratt of Clinton, Maine. Children : i. Mary E., b. Aug. 22, 1842 ; 
ii. Sylvester H., b. Feb. 19, 1845 ; iii. Susan P., b. Sept. 23, 1846 ; iv. Nathaniel 
E., b. Feb. 24, 1849. 

George Alexander Hehard, b. July 7, 1823; resided in South Boston, Mass.; m. 
Dec. 18, 1842, Elizabeth L. Brown of Gardiner, Maine. Children : i. George A., 
b. in Newton, Mass., Oct. 7, 1843, d. Sept. 7, 1844; ii. George P., b. in Boston, 
July 24, 1845 ; iii. Caroline M., b. March 1, 1847 ; iv. Elizabeth L., b. in Dor- 
chester, Nov. 17, 1851 ; v. Frederick C, b. in Boston, July 8, 1856. 

245. HENRY« WEBB, son of Nathaniel and Zerviah^ (Abbe) Webb, born 
September 2, 1768; died February 10, 1840. Lived in Windham, Conn., and 
was sheriff for some years. 

Married June 1, 1794, HANNAH CLIFT, daughter of Major Waterman Clift, 
born about 1770; died February 10, 18.33, aged 60 years. 


Williain Wehh, b. May 19, 1797 ; committed suicide while temporarily deranged ; 
physician. Married Jan. 6, 1824, Amanda Wolcott, daughter of Jonathan Wol- 
cott. Children : i. Wilham H., d. unm. ; ii. Charles, b. March 11, 1833, Uves 
at Norwich, m. Backus, and had children, Mabel and Arthur. 

Mary Clift Wehh, b. Jan., 1800 ; m. Thomas Gray of Windham. No children. 
469 Lucretia Wehh, b. Oct., 1802 ; m. as his second wife, Thomas Gray. 

Harriet Wehh, d. May 20, 1807. 

L^lcia Wehh, b. March 23, 1809; m. Chester Woodworth. Children: i. Harriet, 

d. — ; ii. Benjamin, d. , was a successful banker in Westport, Conn.; 

iii. Caroline, and iv. William Chester (twins), resided, unmarried, in the old 
Webb house at Windham. 

246. LUCY6 ABBE, daugliter of SliubaeP and Lucy (Chester) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., May 21, 1778; died in Bridgeport, Conn., March 17, 1822. 

Married in Windham, November 18, 1795, ELIJAH WATERMAN, born in 
Bozrah, Conn., November 28, 1769; died October 11, 1825, while on a visit to 
Springfield. He w-as son of Captain Nehemiah, jr., and Susanna (Isham) 

136 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Waterman, grandson of Nehemiah and Sarali (Gifford) Waterman, great-grand- 
son of Ensign Thomas and Elizabeth (Allyii) Waterman, great-great-grandson 
of Lieutenant Thomas and Miriam (Tracey) Waterman, and great-great-great- 
grandson of Robert and Martha (Bourne) Waterman, Robert Waterman came 
from Norwich, England, in 1636 and settled in Marshfield, Mass. Martha Bourne 
was a sister of the wife of Governor Bradford's son, John Bradford. Lieutenant 
Thomas Waterman was one of the original proprietors of Norwich, Conn. Elijah 
Watemian was graduated from Yale College in 1791, and taught in Hartford for 
a year. He had intended to study law but decided to take up theology instead. 
He was licensed to preach in Preston, Conn., May, 1793, and continued his 
studies, preaching as supply, until 1794, when he took charge of the church 
at Windham. He continued its pastor for ten years, and, after a short period 
of supply at New Milford, he was called to the church at Bridgeport, where he 
remained until the close of his life. He was known as an earnest, independent, 
public-spirited man, highly esteemed as a preacher. Several of his sermons 
and orations were published. He collected materials for a history of Windham 
which unfortunately became scattered and were never used. While he was 
pastor at Windham he made a trip to the western part of New York State in 
order to secure copies of early Windham Church records and he made a copy 
of those records as far as he could obtain them at the time. 

He married (2) MRS. LUCY (WOLCOTT) TALCOTT of Springfield, widow 
of Captain Henry Talcott of Windsor, by whom he had one daughter, Lucy, 
who married Henry Thomas. 

Children of Lucy Aihe 

Mary Watertnati, b. in Wiudham, April 5, 1797 ; m. Euos Bussey, Children : 
i. Elijah ; ii. George ; iii. Mary. 

Julia Water7nan, b. in Windham, Jan. 12, 1799 ; d. Aug. 17, 1884 ; m. Alanson 
Freeman Lewis. Children : i. Frederick Alanson, d. Nov. 15, 1845, aged 20 ; ii. 
Julia Abbe, b. Oct. 19, 1828, lives in Bridgeport, m. Nathan B. McEwen, no 
children ; iii. Thomas Edwin, b. July 5, 1831, d. July 2, 1907, unm. ; iv. Mar- 
garet Isham, b. Sept. 24, 1835, unm., lives in Bridgeport; v. Elizabeth Water- 
man, b. Aug. 4, 1837, Uves in Bridgeport, m. James H. Moore, no children ; 
vi. Mary Isabel!, b. Aug. 1, 1842, d. Jan. 19, 1862. 

470 Thomas Tileston Waterman, b. Sept. 24, 1801 ; m. Delia Storrs. 

Susanna Isham Waterman, b. Sept. 10, 1804 ; d. Dec. 5, 1888 ; m. Alfred Chi- 
chester. Children : i. Thomas, m. Annie ; ii. Alfred, m. Ophelia Seymour ; 

iii. Edwin, m. Mary Phillips Stuart, had a daughter, Mary P., who m. 

Chichester and lives in Norwalk, Conn. ; iv. Helen, m. Lemon. 

Lucij Able Waterman, b. May 13, 1806 ; m. Edwin Van Antwerp. Child : Isabel, 
m. William P. Smalley, no children. 

George Waterman, b. June 24, 1808 ; d. Nov. 19, 1809. 

Betsey Johanna Waterman, b. April 16, 1809. Married (1) Henry Day of Provi- 
dence, R. I. Child : Susan P., m. Edward Burnet of Newark, N. J., and d. at 
birth of child. Married (2) Edwin Van Antwerp, who m. her sister Lucy. 

247. NANCY" ABBE, daughter of ShubaeP and Lucy (Chester) Abbe, born 
February 24, 1780, in Windham, Conn.; died July 15, 1846, in New York; 
buried in Greenwood Cemetery. 

Married 1806, SAMUEL DARLING, born 1782 (or 3); died 1874. Son of 
Samuel and Clarinda (Ely) Darling of New Haven. 


Shubael Abbe Darling, b. June 4, 1807; d. March 28, 1878. 

471 Samuel Darling, jr., b. April 3, 1809 ; m. Margaret G. Brown. 
Edwin Augustus Darling, b. Jan. 6, 1811 ; d. Feb. 10, 1851. 

Thomas William Darling, b. Sept. 19, 1813 ; d. Nov. 28, 1858 ; m. Dec. 14, 1856, 

Sophia A. Garlick. 
Charles Henry Darling, b. Aug. 4, 1816 ; d. Feb. 10, 1855. 

Sixth Generation 137 

Frances Eliza Darling, b. Oct. 11, 1818 ; d. Dec. 18, 1835. 

Amelia Eliza Darling, b. April 1, 1822 ; resided in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1897. 

Clarinda Lucy Darling, b. Aug. 2, 1824; m. Dec. 17, 1846, George W. Palmer; 

resided in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1897. They had two children who d. in infancy, 

and a son, Charles Henry, b. 1860. 

248. FREELOVE« ABBE, daughter of Shubael^ and Lucy (Chester) Abbe, 
born October 21, 1784, in Windham, Conn.; died March 12, 1824; buried in 

Married in Windliam, April 12, 1801, DAVID F. YOUNG, born in Windham, 
1774; died July 28, 1828, in Windham; buried there. He was probably son 
of David Young of Windham and Lebanon, Conn. ; was graduated from Yale 
in 1798, and remained at college for a year as College Butler; was a lawyer 
in Windham and member of the Legislature in 1815. 

Children, births recorded in Windham 

Guilford Dudley Young, b. Feb. 23, 1802; d. in MeadviUe, Pa., 1825. He was 

graduated from Yale in 1822 and became a lawyer. 
Lucy Young, b. Nov. 4, 1803 ; d. Feb. 5, 1809, buried in Windham. 
Nancy Young, b. April 9, 1806. 

Henrietta Young, b. April 13, 1808 ; d. May 30, 1809, buried in Windham. 
Lucy W. Young, b. March 23, 1810. Married Samuel Bishop Huntington, b. in 

Windham, Nov. 20, 1805 ; d. in Huron, Ohio, June 5, 1840, son of Gurdon and 

Mary (Brown) Huntington. No children. 

Mary Young, b. July 23, 1812 ; m. BHss. 

Caroline (1) Youtig, b. Oct. 26, 1814. 

Caroline (2) Mumford Young, b. Nov. 16, 1816; m. Aug. 1, , Ebenezer Dale 

of Boston. Children: i. Mary BUss, b. May 20, 1840, m. Sept. 10, 1862, 

Charles N. Trumbull; ii. Ebenezer, jr., b. Jan. 3, 1843, d. Sept. 9, 1889, m. 

Nov. 3, 1880, Lily J. Storrow ; iii. George Wilder, d. . 

472 David Young, b. Jan. 10, 1819; m. (1) Mary Esther Harris; (2) Annie Frances 

Edward Young, b. Feb. 20, 1822. 
, b. Jan. 20, ; d. next day. 

249. LUCIUS« ABBE, son of ShubaeP and Lucy (Chester) Abbe, born in 
Windham, Conn., April 3, 1702; died November 6, 1841; buried in Windham. 
He was called "uptown Lucius." 

Married in Mansfield, Conn., April 18, 1813, MRS. MARY B. (VIOL) YOUNG, 
widow of Edward Young of Philadelphia, born in Newport, December 11, 1782; 
died in Mansfield, August 11, 1866. 


Antoinette Charotte Ahhe, b. in Windham, Nov. 11, 1814. Married in Mansfield, 
Sept. 1 or"ll, 1839, Augustus Storrs, b. June 4, 1817, son of Royal, jr., and 
Eunice (Freeman) Storrs. He was in business at Mansfield and Willimantic 
and, after 1851, in Brooklyn. With his brother Charles he founded the Storrs 
Agricultural School at Mansfield. Children: i. Harriet Fitch, b. Oct. 10, 1844, 
in Gurleyville, Conn., d. July 31, 1867, while on a visit to Mechanicsville, N. Y., 
buried in Mansfield; ii. Marie Antoinette, b. Oct. 3, 1848, m. Nov. 6, 1872, 
Benjamin Eyre, b. in Philadelphia, March 5, 1847. 

A7in W. Ahie, b. in Windham, Sept. 15, 1817; d. March 16, 1819. 

Harriet Fitch Able, b. July 17 or 27, 1822; m. Samuel S. Hovey of Mansfield, 
Child : Kate L. 

Katie L. AbbeCi). 

Mary B. Abbe, b. April 17, 1826; m. Jan. 2, 1853, FrankUn Dunham of Mansfield, 
b. July 24, 1826. 

250. MARY8 ABBE, daughter of Phineas^ and Mary (Bingham) Abbe, born 
March 29, 1773; died in Windham, August 27, 1860; buried there. 

138 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married CHARLES TAINTOR, born December 17, 1762, son of John and 
Sarah (Bulkley) Taintor of Colchester, Conn. He died November 23, 1854; 
buried in Windham. He was a prominent and prosperous farmer of Windham. 


473 Eliza Taintor, b. Nov., 1794 ; m. Colonel Rufus Lathrop Baker. 

474 aHes Taintor, b. July 17, 1802; m. Mary (Nowell Williams) West. 

Advertisement from the Phenix or Windham Herald, May 21, 1796. 

Bulkley & Taintor 
Have just received a large supply of Goods from New York, viz. Broadcloths, Kersimeres, 
Velvets, Tliicksetts, Fustians, Clouded, striped and plain Nankeens, a large assortment of 
Shawls, Dimities, sprig'd and plain Jackonett and Book Muslins, Muslin Handkerchiefs, 
Chintzes and Calhcoes, Furniture, do. India Satins and Lutestrings, black and white 
Laces and Edgings, Merseilles and Mushnet Waistcoating, Humhums, Linens, Oil-Cloth, 
Silk Stockings, plated do. Men's and Women's Cotton, do. an assortment of Looking 
Glasses, Patent Lamps, Violins, Brass Kettles from 2 to 14 gallons ; a general assortment 
of Hard Ware, Pewter, Crockery, and Glass Ware, Powder and Shot, Junk Tobacco, first 
quality Russia Iron, Rum, Brandy, Sherry, Lisbon and Malaga Wines, Hyson, Souchong 
and Bohea Teas, Rice, Pepper, Alspice, Flotong and French Indigo &c. &c. All which 
will be sold very cheap for cash. 

Windham, 20th May, 1796. 

Peter Webb advertised in the same issue a similar assortment of goods but 
"wanted in pay, Butter, Cheese, Check Flannel in September next, Tow and 
checked Linen Cloth, Feathers, Pork and Beef, in the fall, all kinds of grain 
and Cash." 

In the fall, November 19, 1796, Bulkley and Taintor advertised their winter 

— consisting of Broadcloths, Kersemeres, striped and spotted elastic cloths. Coatings, 
Baizes, and Flannels. A great variety of fashionable waistcoating, India Taffaties and 
Sattins, black and white Laces and Edgings, Linens, Humhums, Silk Stockings ribb'd 
worsted do. Silk and Cotton do. Jaekonet and Book Muslins, very cheap. A great variety 
of striped and plain Sattin, Sash Ribbons, white and black Feathers, a large assortment 
of Necklaces, Beads and Pendants, &c. &c. 

Also, a general assortment of Hardware, Russia Iron, suitable for Cart-tire, German 
Crawley, Hopel and English Steel, 8d and lOd Nails, Powder and Shot, Flotong and 
French Indigo, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Sherry and Malaga Wines, Hyson, Souchong and 
Bohea Teas, Coffee, Pepper, Cinnamon, Allspice, Ginger, Loaf and Brown Sugar and 
Molasses. A gootl assortment of Crockery ware, China cups and saucers — pint and half- 
pint glasses as low by the dozen as can be bought in New York. 

Windham, Nov. 10, 1796 

251. JOSHUA« ABBE, son of Phineas^ and Mary (Bingham) Abbe, born 
February 15, 1775, on tlie farm south of Windham Center, Conn., later bought 
by his brother George; died at East Thomaston (Rockland), Maine, January 20, 
1849. At 14 he was a clerk with a Mr. Woodbridge in Norwich, where he 
probably remained until he was 21. He then went to New London, and about 
1802 to New Gloucester, Maine, with Godfrey Grosvenor. In 1832 he moved to 
Bangor and after eight years, having retired from business, he broke up house- 
keeping and went to live with his daughter at Rockland, then East Thomaston. 
He was a successful merchant, though not well known outside of his immediate 
circle of friends, owing to his retiring disposition which led him to refuse offers 
of public office. 

Married in Hudson, N. Y., August 15, 1815, MARCIA GROSVENOR, born 
October 23, 1770; died December 20, 1857. She was the daughter of Seth 
and Abigail (Keyes) Grosvenor of Potnfret, Conn. 

Sixth Generation 139 

475 Mary Abigail Orosvenor Ahhe, b. Aug. 17, 1816; m. Samuel Clement Fessenden. 

252. GEORGE'' ABBE, son of PliineasS and Susanna (Brown) Abbe, born 
in Windham, Conn., May 17, 1781; died in Windham, September, 1851. He 
resided for many years in New York City, where he was a member of tlie firm 
of Hill, Fish and Abbe, a transportation company between New York and Phila- 
delphia. Mr. Hill of the firm attended to its interests in Philadelphia, Mr. Fish 
at Trenton, and Mr. Abbe at New York. Boats were used between New York 
and Perth Amboy and these were in charge of Captain Jacob Vanderbilt and 
his brother Cornelius, afterwards known as Commodore. From Amboy pas- 
sengers were taken to Philadelphia in coaches. The transportation company was 
merged into the Camden and Amboy Railroad when that was built. It was the 
first passenger railroad in the United States. Mr. Samuel Badger Abbe, then 
a mere child, was taken on the excursion train that he might ride on the 
first passenger car in America. Mr. Abbe moved to Windham in 1835. He 
had a large fortune, as fortunes went in those days, when he left New York, 
but much of it disappeared before his death in various enterprises with which 
he was connected. 

Married CHARLOTTE HACKSTAFF, born November 19, 1798, at Sing Sing, 
N. Y., daughter of Lodowick and Anne (Halleck) Hackstaff; died January, 1865. 


Samuel Badger- Alhe, b. in New York City, Nov. 25, 1829 ; d. at Fort Snelling, 
Minn., Oct. 4, 1864. Married at Scotland, Conn., Aug. 25, 1858, Abby Fuller, 
b. at Scotland, March 15, 1833. She resides in St. Paul, Minn. The following 
account of Mr. Abbe's life is taken from a letter of Mrs. Abbe : 

"Of the early life of my husband I know little, only he was placed at school 
when be was six years of age, somewhere up the Hudson, and later attended 
school at Pomfret, Conn., perhaps elsewhere. From a few old letters to his 
brother, I find that he sailed from New York to California, Nov. 17, 1849, in 
company with a young man of his own age, barely twenty. The boat had been 
fitted for them with the intention of its being placed on the Sacramento River 
when they arrived. Evidently it was unfit for ocean travel as it was so small it 
could only carry fuel from port to port. After going through the Straits of 
Magellan with great difficulty and danger, they landed at Panama, July 7, 1850, 
eight months from New York, and one month later reached San Francisco. The 
boat fulfilled its intention and was placed on the Sacramento River and was a 
financial success. 

"Mr. Abbe remained in California until early in 1852. His father's death had 
occurred a short time before, and, urged by his mother, he went home to look 
after his father's estate. He crossed the Isthmus on his return, a rough trip at 
that time. He remained in Windham until the spring of 1853 when he went to 
St. Paul, met with a severe accident that detained him there some mouths, 
abandoned the idea of returning to California, decided to remain in the then 
young territory of Minnesota, and, like all the young men there, lent himself 
to the work of building up a new state. He was a member of the Legislature, 
a delegate to Railroad and State Conventions, laid out town sites and many other 
matters pertaining to the youth of a new country. A year or two later, a sale 
was made of the large military reservation at Fort Ripley on the upper Missis- 
sippi, in which he became interested, and, in 1860, built a house there, pre- 
paratory to starting a ranch, but before his plans were completed, the Civil War 
broke out. The regular troops were ordered away, in consequence came the 
Indian outbreak which swept the entire state. They burned the Missions, drove 
off the settlers and moved down to the Agency. The Government Agent, crazed 
with fright, committed suicide and the country was left to frontiersmen. We 
went into the Post, Fort Ripley, which was garrisoned with only a few raw 
recruits. After days and weeks of suspense, the Commissioner of Indian affairs, 
with Mr. Nicolay, Private Secretary to President Lincoln, and a few troops, 
came to our relief. Even then, after long delay, the Chiefs met them in council, 
they were all surrounded, and barely escaped with their lives, as Mr. Nicolay 
wrote afterwards in an article in Harper's Monthly. 

140 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

"Mr. Abbe never recovered from the labor and suspense involved. We never 
returned to our home but went to St. Paul. Mr. Abbe went to Washington, 
made a hasty visit to AVindham and went with the Commissioner of Indian 
Affairs and other officials to the Red River, where the Indians were turbulent, 
to make a treaty. He took a sevei'e cold from which he never recovered. He was 
given officer's quarters at Fort SneUing where he lived for some months, and in 
that gray old fort, that had seen so many tragedies, his adventurous and promis- 
ing life ended." 

Charlotte llackstaff Aibe, b. about 1832; d. young, was buried in Trinity Church- 
yard, New York City. 

Oeoi-ge Ahhe, jr., b. in New York City about 1834; m. about 1860, Martha Ann 
Youle of New York. No children. He went to California, where his wife died, 
returned to Windham at the time of his mother's death, but went back to 
California in 1866. 

Josephine Abhe, b. in New York, May, 1836; d. at Green Cove Springs, Fla., 
July 10, 1870. Married at Windham, April 4, 1860, George Fuller, b. at Scot- 
land, May 18, 1826 ; d. . They left one child, Abby Abbe, b. in St. Paul, 

April 23, 1864, now living at St. Paul with her aunt, Mrs. Samuel Abbe. 

An7ie Halleck Able, b. in AVindham, about 1838 ; d. about 1894 ; m. about 1859, 
James Johnson of Windham. No children. 

Mary Taintor Abbe, b. at Windham, April 4, 1840; d. May, 1913, buried at 
Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Married Oct. 18, 1865, Jacob Kennedy Lock- 
man, b. in New York City, 1829 ; d. in New York City, March 22, 1904, buried 
in Greenwood Cemetery. He was a lawyer of prominence, of the firm of DeWitt, 
Lockman & DeWitt. They resided in New York and at Windham. One child : 
DeWitt McClellan, an artist of note in New York City. 

William Hackstaff Abbe, b. in Windham, about 1842 ; d. on a trip to the far west 
and was buried in Windham. Married 1863, Marian Shegogue, daughter of Mrs. 
Shegogue, an artist in Paris. No children. 

253. CHARLESo ABBE, son of Phineas^ and Susanna (Brown) Abbe, born 
January 17, 1783, in Windham, Conn. He was deputy-sheriff in Windham about 
1805. He removed to Solon, Cortland County, N. Y., about 1814 and died in 
New York State. He was by trade a stone cutter and, according to one account, 
died in Canada about 1827. 

Married MARY (or NANCY) WELCH, who died about 1819, aged 36. 


476 Phineas Abbe, h. March 3, 1811 ; m. Mary Stillman. 

Henry Clinton Abbe, b. Aug. 13, 1813; d. Dec. 17, 1889, at Scriba, Oswego County, 
N. Y. Married in Oswego, May 25, 1877, Mary Dixon, b. in Onondaga County, 
N. Y., March 5, 1833, daughter of Samuel and Laura (Littlefield) Dixon. 

Miranda Abhe, b. in Solon, Feb. 3, 1815 ; d. in Onondaga County, N. Y., Feb. 15, 
1905; m. in Cortland, March 12, 1836, John L. Wilcox, b. Aug. 11, 1811. 
Children: i. Edgar C, b. March 12, 1837 (?) ; ii. Charles A., b. June 12, 1838; 
iii. Nancy E., b. Aug. 20, 1844. 

477 Hart Abbe, b. Feb. 20, 1817 ; m. Katherine Fisher. 

254. MOSES CLEVELAND" ABBE, son of Phineas^ and Susanna (Brown) 
Abbe, born in "Windham, Conn., November 16, 1785 ; died there January 26, 1871. 
He was a farmer and settled early in life in Ashford. He later sold that farm 
and bought at ''Dog Hill," near Windham. About 1818 he moved into the 
present homestead at Dog Hill. From 1830 to 1835 he resided at New Boston. 
The homestead is now owned by his grandson, Walter Abbe. His will, made 
May 9, 1870, probated March 10, 1871, names his wife, Talitha, as sole heiress 
and executrix. 

Married by Rev. William Andrews, pastor of the Congregational Church at 
Windham Center, February 1, 1809, TALITHA WALDO, born March 10, 1789, 
at Waldo Place, Windham, Conn., daughter of Zaccheus and Esther (Stevens) 

/* *^ k. 

Moses Cleveland" Abbe 

Mrs. Talitha (Waldo) Abbe 

John Randolph" Abbe 

Charles Smith'' Abbk 

Sixth Generation 141 

"Waldo and a descendant of Cornelius Waldo, Thomas Dimock, Major-General 
Daniel and Rev. John Denisou, Henry Kingsbury, and Nathaniel Saltonstall of 

Colonial fame. 


478 Susan Broicn Able, b. April 15, 1810; m. Andrew Frink. 

479 George Waldo Albe, b. Oct. 26, 1811 ; m. Charlotte Colgate. 

480 Elka Tainior Abie, b. Sept. 23, 1814 ; m. Henry S. Walcott. 

481 Mariette (or Mary) Abbe, b. Aug. 24, 1816; m. Charles Smith. 

482 Joshua Orosvenor Abbe, b. June 26, 1827 ; m. Sarah E. Fuller. 

483 John Randolph Abbe, b. July 12, 1833; m. (1) Lucy EUen Avery; (2) Josephine 

Louise Robbins. 

255. LUCIUS'' ABBE, son of Phineas^ and Susanna (Brown) Abbe, born 
November 16, 1785; died about 1856. Famier, on his father's farm, two miles 
south of Windham Centre, Conn., and, after 1846, at Lake Mills, Wis., where 
he died. He and his family were recorded in the 1850 Census at Lake Mills. 

Married 1811, MARTHA JOHNSON, born in Franklin, Conn., August 16, 

1790, daughter of Oliver and Martha (Perkins) Johnson. She was living at 

Lake Mills in 1860. 

Children, born in Windham 

Edward Abbe, b. about 1812 ; m. Annette M. Boture who was b. in New York 
about 1816 ; resided at Lake Mills ; d. there in 1872. No children. 

Frances Abbe, b. about 1815 ; d. in Lake Mills about 1845 ; m. in Windham, May 
25, 1835, James Payne of Pomfret, Conn. They removed to Wisconsin where 
she died. Three children. Caroline Payne, aged 10, b. in Wisconsin, was living 
in the family of Lucius and Martha Abbe at Lake Mills in 1850. She was 
probably one of Frances' children. 

Caroline Abbe, b. April 1, 1819; d. in Windham, March, 1840 (?) ; m. in Windham, 
Jan. 6, 1839, Marvin SpafPord of Windham, b. April 1, 1819. She was of 
Staffordville. No children. He m. (2) about 1845, her first cousin, Jane Burgess, 
daughter of Dr. Chauncey and Ehzabeth (Johnson) Burgess of Norwich. 

Henrxj Abbe, b. about 1822 or 3. He was a bridge builder and served during the 
Civil War. In 1850 he was a farmer li\ing with his father at Lake Mills. 

Married about 1873 . Children : Pearle H., who d. before 1914, and two 

other daughters. 

256. THOMAS" BADGER, son of Edmund and Lucretia^ (Abbe) Badger, 
born June 27, 1766, in Windham, Conn.; died of yellow fever, October 11, 1799, 
in Washington, D. C. He studied at Yale and is said to have been one of the 
most talented men Windham produced, a poet, artist, and lawyer. About 
1790 he moved to Newbern, N. C, and in a few years was considered the head 
of the bar. 

Married in Newbern, June 6, 1793, LYDIA COGDELL, bom January 16, 1765; 
died April 11, 1834, in Newbern. Daughter of Richard Cogdell, member of the 
Provincial Council of Safety for Newbern in 1775. 


484 George Edmund Badger, b. April 17, 1795; m. (1) Rebecca Turner; (2) Mary 

Polk; (3) Mrs. Delia (Haywood) Williams. 

485 Elizabeth Ann Badger, b. Feb. 22, 1797 ; m. Ichabod Wetmore, jr. 

Frances Lucreiia Badger, b. May 4, 1799; d. Oct. 6, 1822, in Oakville, near 
Warrentown, N. C. ; not m. 

257. EDMUND" BADGER, JR., son of Edmund and Lueretia^ (Abbe) Badger, 
bom February 14, 1779, in Windham, Conn.; died about 1860, in Bristol, Pa. 
He resided for a time in North Windham, then went to Philadelphia and to 
Bristol, Pa. 

142 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married in Windham, August 19, 1798, AMELIA DYER, born July 4 (or 5), 
1779; died August 20, 1823, in Windham. Daugliter of Colonel Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Ripley) Dyer of Windham. 

Children, hirths recorded in Windham 

Thomas Dyer Badger, b. Oct. 14, 1799; d. Oct. 8, 1818. 

486 Albert Oallatin Badger, b. Jan. 16, 1801 ; m. Asenath Crosby. 

William Edmund Badger, b. Sept. 10, 1802; d. about 1877, in Bristol, Pa. He 
was a lawyer in Philadelphia. Married Hannah Wager of Philadelphia. Chil- 
dren : i. Louisa ; ii. Fannie ; iii. WiUiam. 

Frances Amelia Badger, b. Aug. 7, 1804 ; m. and lived in Minnesota. 

Edmund (1) Badger, h. July 20, 1806; d. Aug. 3, 1806. 

George Dyer Badger, b. Nov. 23, 1807; d. before 1860; m. . Child: 

Emma L., m. March 20, 1847, John J. Lemon of Boston, resides in Philadelphia. 

Henry Dyer Badger, b. March 18, 1810 ; d. 1827. 

Wallace Badger, b. March 18, 1812. He was a soldier in the United States Army 
and settled in Louisiana. 

Elizabeth Mary Badger, b. Nov. 10, 1815 ; resided in Bristol, Pa. ; not m. 

Edmund (2) Badger,. h. Aug. 16, 1816 or 1817; d. about 1864. He was a soldier 
in the United States Army and settled in Louisiana. 

Charles Taintor Badger, b. Sept. 14, 1819. He was a soldier in the United States 
Army, settled in Louisiana, later about 1880, went to California. 

Lucretia Ann Badger, b. Oct. 11 or 14, 1821; d. . Married (1) 

Bluker of New York ; (2) Wheatley. 

258. rRANCES" BADGER, daughter of Edmund and Lucretia^ (Abbe) 
Badger, born February 12, 1785; died August 31, 1863, at Newport, R. I. 

Married in Windham, Conn., June 24, 1804, COLONEL THOMAS HIESKELL, 
bom about 1783, in Staunton, Va. ; died June 6, 1855, at Philadelphia. He 
was son of Godlove and Margaret (Hampton) Hieskell. 


Edgar Horace Hieskell, b. April 13, 1805 ; d. Oct. 16, 1805. 

487 Frances Elizabeth Hieskell, b. Dec. 2, 1806 ; m. Colonel Timothy M. Bryan. 

488 William Badger Hieskell, b. Dec. 11, 1808 ; m. Eliza Jane Wilson, 
Caroline Amelia Hieskell, b. July 14, 1812 ; d. Aug. 15, 1812. 

Horace Marshall Hieskell, b. Sept. 24, 1815. He was pay director in the United 
States Navy. Married at Fredericksburg, Va., June 26, 1851, Emily D. Badger, 
b. June 1, 1830, daughter of Samuel and Olivia Ann (Root) Badger; see 
number 259. Children : i. Frances Lucretia, b. April 11, 1852, d. July 2, 1855 ; 
ii. Ann Madison, d. Sept. 2, 1862, at Newport, R. I. 

Ellen Mary Hieskell, b. May 11, 1818; d. Jan. 10, 1858; m. April' 18, 18.57, in 
New York City, Thomas Holyoake. 

Caroline Haseltine Hieskell, b. March 3, 18 — ; m. Marion T. W. Chandler. Child : 
Frances Mary, b. Oct. 14, 1842, d. July 23, 1846, at Bristol, Pa. 

Thomas Hieskell, b. March 9, 1825 ; d. March 16, 1827. 

259. SAMUEL« BADGER, son of Edmund and Lucretias (Abbe) Badger, 
born December 6, 1786, in Windham, Conn.; died March 14, 1866, in Phila- 
delphia. He was graduated from Yale in 1805, settled in Philadelphia, where he 
was a prominent citizen and lawyer. 

Married (1) in New Haven, Conn., September, 1805, OLIVIA ANN ROOT, 
born October 20 (or 10), 1788, in New Haven; died January 22, 1827, in Phila- 
delphia. Daughter of Joel and Eleanor (Strong) Root. 

Married (2) LUCRETIA HOYT of Bridgeport, Conn. 

Married (3) ROSINA BRADLEY of Providence, R. I. 

Children, by first wife 

Elizabeth Ann Badger, b. June 5, 1806 ; resided in Philadelphia. Married April 16, 
1827, Emile B. Gardctte of Philadelphia, son of James and Julia (Desmarais) 

Sixth Generation 143 

Gardette. He was a dentist. Children : i. Emile B., jr., b. 1828, d. young ; 
ii. Cliarles D., b. 1830, m. Eulalie Johnston, daughter of Captain Z. F. Johnston 
of the United States Army. 

Oeorgc Augustus Badgei; b. Aug. 8, 1808. 

iSarah Gilmour Badger, b. Oct. 18, 1810; resided in New Haven, Conn. Married 
Dr. Nathan B. Ives, b. June 26, 1806 ; d. June 19, 1869, son of Dr. Eh Ives of 
New Haven. He was graduated from Yale, 1828. Child : Charles B., b. 1831, 
a physician. 

Edmund Root Badger, b. March 7, 1812; m. Nov. 20, 1849, Mary A. Davia. 
Children : i. Emile B. G., b. 1850 ; ii. John D. S., b. 1861. 

Eleanor Root Badger, h. June 12 (or 1), 1816; m. John Roberts of Fredericks- 
burg, Va., and had six children. One of the daughters, Isabella, m. 

Bernard of Fredericksburg. 

Samuel Badger, jr., b. Aug. 16, 1824, in Philadelphia; d. May 21, 1863, at 
Superior City, Wis., buried in Bristol, Pa. Lawyer. Married in Philadelphia, 
Dec. 19, 1843, Cornelia Eliza Holmes, b. April 20, 1829, in Philadelphia. They 
had two daughters, one of whom, Mary Livia, m. Rev. Dr. Wilbur F. Paddock 
and had a son, Ernest Moorhead Paddock, Episcopal rector at Allegheny, Pa., 
who m. in Washington, D. C, Margaret Bateman, daughter of Arthur Edgerton 

Child by second marriage 

Emily D. Badger, b. June 1, 1830 ; m. her cousin, Horace Marshall HieskeU ; see 
number 258. 

Child by third marriage 
Henry Badger. He was a minister. 

260. LYDIA« ABBE, daughter of Joshua^ and Tripliena (Bass) Abbe, born 
in Windham, October 21, 1779 ; died July 25, 1854, in Willimantic, Conn., buried 
in Windham. 

Married April 18, 1802, in Windham, as his second wife, JOHN CLARK, JR., 
born March 28, 1768; died July 9, 1832. He Avas son of Captain Caleb and 
Esther (Sabine) Clark; was born in Pomfret, Conn.; settled in Windham, 
Conn., where he was a merchant and carried on a butchering business. He 
married (1) Mary Clift, who died February 15, 1797, aged 23, by whom he had 
one child. Waterman Clift. 

Children of Lydia Abbe 

Chester Clark, h. July 31, 1803 ; resided at Greenville, in Norwich, Conn. ; m. 
Julia Curtiss, daughter of Bildad Curtiss of Windham. She d. Oct. 24, 1831. 

John Clark, b. July 2, 1805 ; d. Sept. 15, 1821. 

Lydia A. Clark, b. May 26, 1810 ; resided in Circleville, Ohio, in 1860 ; not m. 

Lucian H. Clark, b. April 12, 1812. Was in the dry goods trade in Willimantic, 
Conn. Married Nov. 17, 1836, Hannah S. Babcock, daughter of Hezekiah Bab- 
cock of Willimantic. Children : i. Eugene, lived in New York City, m. Nov. 16, 
1859, Julia G. Lyon, daughter of Charles Lyon of Willimantic, had two children ; 
ii. Edward Lucian Clark was United States Deputy Collector in the district in 

Mary E. Clark, b. May 8, 1815 ; resided in Waterloo, Iowa ; m. Samuel E. 

Edward C. Clark, b. Aug. 26, 1819 ; resided in Circleville, Ohio ; m. and had six 

261. JESSE" ABBEY, son of Joshua^, jr., and Tryphena (Bass) Abbe, born 
in Windliam, Conn., February 14, 1783; died about 1859, in Van Buren County, 
Mich. He removed to Ohio and later to Michigan, where he kept a hotel and 
was a well-known character for many years. He was one of the pioneers in 
Antwerp and his log hostelry was well known throughout the country. The 
frugal fare of the day and a bottle of whiskey were the chief elements in the 
entertainment of the stage-coach passengers or the foot-travelers who stopped 
at these wayside inns. One day a traveler put up with the hospitable old land- 

144 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

lord, and, as he went in, told him he had no money, but would pay him some 
day. The old gentleman replied: "Stay? Of course you can stay, and pay me 
when you can. I've had lots of customers, but never turned one away." Some 
time later, the traveler called, and, as he offered the money due Mr. Abbey on 
the old score, said, * ' Do you remember me ? I stopped here and could not pay. ' ' 
''I don't remember," said Mr. Abbey, "but lots of folks have done that thing 
here. Maybe you did. You can pay what you please." On receiving the 
money, the old innkeeper exclaimed: "Hurrah for an honest man. Such a 
thing has never happened to me since I've kept tavern. I've trusted hundreds 
of people for their fare, and that has been the end of the matter. If there 
was a newspaper published anywhere in these parts, I'd put this in sure." 

There was a settlement of "Buckeyes" or Wesleyan Methodists in Antwerp 
district. Jesse Abbey had joined this sect, and was considered a kind of 
patriarchal chief among them. His hair was gray, long, and thin. He wore 
a straw hat winter and summer, and usually, in meeting, seated himself by 
the side of the minister, his straw hat on his head; and if anything in the 
sermon pleased him, he would exclaim: "Good, that's right; ha, ha," clapping 
his hands in exultant emotion. Other leaders in the church were Father Libby 
and Johnny Johnson. There was a strife between them and Father Abbey as 
to who could talk or exhort the best in meeting. 

Johnny Johnson could not write, and used to get his friends to write letters 
for him. On one occasion, after the letter was written, directed, and sealed, 
Johnson started home but returned in a short time, sajdng there was something 
he forgot to put in the letter. The writer protested against opening it as it 
was folded into envelope shape and sealed, but Johnson said it was very 
important and must be added to the letter. So the seal was broken and this 
sentence added: "Tell them that it is nick-el-ty tuckey with Father Abbey 
and me as to who can talk the best in meetin'." This important message was 
added to the letter, it was refolded, and sent to the friends in Ohio. 

The 1850 Census records him as a farmer of Antwerp. In 1845 he sent to 
school an "adopted son," Ben Wait. 

Jesse Abbey married LORINDA DORMAN of New Haven, Conn. She was 
born about 1789 and was living in 1850. 


Lucien Ahiey, b. iu Connecticut about 1813. He was a farmer in Antwerp, Mich., 

in 1845 and 1850. Married Cynthia A. , who was b. iu Ohio about 1813. 

Children : i. Lurinda, a pupil in the Antwerp school in 1845, probably a daughter 
of Lucien, but was not recorded with the family at home in 1850 ; ii. Rebecca 
Ann, b. in Michigan about 1837, living at home in 1850, probably the Anna who 
attended school in 1845 ; iii. Emily, b. in Michigan about 1839, attended school 
in 1845, lived at home in 1850 ; iv. Euphemia, b. about 1843 ; v. Ada, b. about 

Harriet Ahhey, probably m. before 1850. 

Alfred Ahicy, may have been a son of Jesse. He was b. in Ohio about 1830 and 
was in 1850 a laborer in the family of James and Barbara ( ) Ford of 

Almena township. Van Burcn County, Mich. 

Elisha Ahhey, b. about 1831 ; farmer residing with Jesse in 1850. 

262. GEORGE WYLLYS" ABBE, son of Joshua^ jr., and Triphena (Bass) 
Abbe, born in Windham, Conn., February 10, 1787; died there April 22, 1877. 
By his will of June 22, 1871, part of his property was to go to the church in 
Windham at his wife's death. 

Married (1) 1818, FREELOVE PHILLIPS of Mansfield. She died in Mans- 
field and was buried there. 

Sixth Generation 145 

Married (2) 1823, EUNICE HUNTINGTON, born November 8, 1784, in Wind- 
ham; died April 5, 1830. Slic was daugliter of Roger and Susanna (Elderkin) 

MaiTicd (3) August 23, 1835(?), LOUISA L. WOODWORTH of Mansfield. 
She died in Windham, September 7, 1888, aged 88. In her will she left a house 
in Windham to "the First Ecclesiastical Society in Windham" as a parsonage. 
It was first occupied as such in 1893. 

Children, hy first wife only 

, b. 1818 ; d. in infancy. 

John Taintor Abhc, b. in Wintlhani, Aug. 8, 1819. He served in the Regular Army 
in the Florida War, was discharged Dec. 22, 1843, last heard from in Alexandria, 
La., in 1844. Probably d. unm. 

Freclove Abbe, b. Feb., 1820; d. about 1841. Married 1839, Lucius Carpenter, 
b. Nov. 23, 1814, in Ashford, Conn. He was a cordwainer and lived in Ashford. 
He m. (2) Caroline S. Day, daughter of Uriah Briggs and Mercy (Scarborough) 
Day. Children of Freelove Abbe : i. George Briggs, b. in Ashford, lived in Wells, 
Maine ; ii. Martha Jane ; iii. EUsha A., lived in Marshall, Mo. 

263. BETSEY'' ABBE, daughter of Elisha^ and Jerusha (Webb) Abbe, born 
December 13, 1775, in AVindham, Conn. ; died July 7, 1849. 

Married in Windham, October 1, 1796, ABNER LATHROP, born February 
18, 1758; died August 25, 1798, son of Reverend Benjamin and Sybil (Backus) 
Lathrop of Windham. He was a sea captain and made several voyages to the 
East, the last one to China. 


William Abner Lathrop, b. in Windham, Oct. 28, 1797. Went from Windham, 
Conn., to Oswego, N. Y. Married March 28, 1824, Jerusha Bibbins, b. April 1, 
1797, daughter of Deacon Sanford and Anne (Welch) Bibbins of Windham. 
Children : Abuer who w^as b. at Windham, Oct. 6, 1826, and two daughters. 

264. GIDEON^ ABBE, son of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbe, born 
April 6, 1769, in Mansfield, Conn.; died in Middlebury, Vt., October 6, 1840; 
removed from Mansfield to Middlebury about 1797, purchased land and settled 
on Lot 9 in Addison County, Vt. 

Married December 10, 1789, SYBIL CAMPBELL, bom March 17, 1769; died 
February 7, 1846; buried in Middlebury, Vt. She was daughter of Zuriel and 
Lydia (Barrows) Campbell of Mansfield. 

Children (perhaps others) 

Lorey Abbey, b. May 12, 1791, in Mansfield. 

Abel Abbey, b. Aug., 1792, in Mansfield ; removed to Vermont where he d. April 

(or Sept.) 11, 1867; was a farmer in Middlebury; m. Lydia Abbey, daughter 

of Solomon and Susan (Gile) Abbey (see number 266), b. March 25, 1801; d. 

Feb. 1, 1867. Both are buried in the Abbey District Cemetery in Middlebury. 

Child : Myron, resided in OrweU, Vt., m, . 

489 Harry Abbey, b. 1803; m. Laui-a Sawyer. 
Clarissa Abbey, d. unm. 

Charles Abbey, d. while stiU a young man; m. Anna Sawyer; no children. 

490 Meaner A6&ei/, b. April 27, 1800; m. Betsey North. 

Lewis Abbey. According to Middlebury Town Records, Vol. 12, page 183, Lewis, 
Harry, and Abel were brothers. The following records of Lewis Abbey, grandson 
of Solomon, doubtless refer to this one. He resided on the lake shore, near 
Willoughby, Ohio ; m. his own cousin and had children : Mary ; Martha ; 
Orpha ; Jane ; Flavius ; George ; Sarah. 

The following records from the town of Middlebury, Vt., are doubtless refer- 
ences to descendants of this branch of the Abbey familj^: Gideon Abbey, bom 


146 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

in Middlebury, September 14, 1860. The estate of a Gideon Abbey of Orwell, 
Vt., was probated May 27, 1909. John A. Abbey died in Middlebury, February 
26, 1882. Jolm J. Abbey married in Middlebury, August 20, 1892, Alice Clark. 
Julia Abbey was born in Middlebury, June 28, 1865. Loretta Abbey married 
in Middlebury, July 4, 1857, Charles G. Damon. Louis Abbey married Philinda 

and had a son, Benjamin, born 1825; died January 28, 1826, aged 11 

months; buried in the Abbey District Cemetery, Middlebury. Lydia Abbey died 
March 31, 1867 (perhaps Mrs. Abel Abbey). Mary L. (Reed) Abbey died 
March 9, 1896, in Middlebury. Melissa (Lawrence) Abbey died December 5, 
1895, in Middlebury. 

265. SARAH" ABBE, daughter of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbe, born 
February 18, 1771 ; died after 1840. 

Married (1) LEONARD. 

Married (2) January 19, 1795, ISAAC CRANE, born February 20, 1775; died 
about 1840. He was son of Hezekiah and Rachel (Hall) Crane of Mansfield, 
Conn.; lived in Mansfield, in what is now called Atwoodsville; was a weaver 
and had a carding factory. 

Children ty second husiand 

Hezekiah Crane, b. Dec. 25, 1795 ; m. Elizabeth Fenton, daughter of Asahel Fenton 
of Mansfield. He was a weaver and removed to Killewaug, Broome County, N. Y. 

Jesse Crane, b. June 7, 1797 ; d. in Illinois ; m. Nov. 25, 1818, Joanna P. Hall, 
who m. (2) Horace Lee. Children of Jesse Crane, recorded in Mansfield, Conn.: 
i. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 18, 1819 ; ii. Lester, b. March 20, 1822. 

Harry Crane, b. May 10, 1799 ; resided on the homestead at Mansfield, Conn., in 

Sophia Crane, b. June 1, 1802 ; m. Winthrop Geer and lived in Illinois. 

A7ina Crane, b. March 3, 1806 ; m. E. C. Moulton. 

Caroline Crane, b. Jan. 14, 1808 ; m. Alvin Moulton of Chaplin, Conn. 

Amanda Crane, b. April 6, 1809 ; m. Azariah Freeman and lived in Valparaiso, Ind. 

Sarah Ahhe Crane, b. March 24, 1811; m. Aaron Geer and had children; resided 
in Willimantic, Conn. 

Martha Crane, b. June 21, 1815 ; m. Manning F. Hunt of Chaplin, Conn. 

266. SOLOMONS ABBEY, JR., son of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbey, 
born February 9, 1774, in Mansfield, Conn.; was later a farmer in Addison and 
Chittenden Counties, Vt. ; died April 24, 1859, in Hinesburg, Vt. He was 
probably the Solomon Abbe of Mansfield in 1810 with a family of 5 males and 
6 females (Census records). 

Married September 5, 1800, SUSAN GILE, bom June 18, 1780, in Bradford, 
N. H.; died May 14, 1864, in Monkton, Vt. She was daughter of Noah and 
Elisabeth (Howe) Gile of Hampstead, N. H. 


Lydia Alley, b. March 25, 1801, at Bradford, N. H. ; d. Feb. 1, 1867, at Middle- 
bury, Vt. ; m. Abel Abbey, b. Aug., 1792; d. April (or Sept.) 11, 1867, son 
of Gideon and Sybil (Campbell) Abbey; see number 264. 

Olive Alley, b. Feb. 24 (or 25), 1805 ; d. Nov. 7 (or 9), 1868, at La Crosse, Wis. ; 
m. Edwards, and bad children. 

491 Orin R. Alley, b. Oct. 4, 1806; m. (1) Dimmis Crane Tucker; (2) MeHssa 

Eliza Alley, b. Aug. 7, 1808, at Middlebury, Vt. ; d. June 1, 1886, at La Crosse, 

John Alley, b. April 13, 1810 ; d. unm. 

492 Lora Alley, b. Dec. 22, 1813 ; m. Jacob von Steinburg. 

493 7ra Abbejy, b. April 28, 1816; m. Emily Cilley. 

494 Carlton Clark Alley, b. May 16, 1820; m. (1) Nancy Jane Gile; (2) Fatima 

Hutchings Hastings. 

Sixth Generation 147 

Ethan Allen Abbey, b. May 28, 1828, at Middlebury, Vt. ; d. Nov. 17, 1852, at 
Hinesburg, Vt. Probably he was the Ethan A. Abbey who m. N. Lorctta Matti- 
son, b. July 16, 1827, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Mead) Mattison. She 
m. (2) Charles G. Damon. No children. 

267. ELEAZER" ABBE, son of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbe, born 
December 16, 1778 (or 9), in Mansfield, Conn.; died January 1, 1845 (or 6), 
in Middlebury, Vt. Both he and his* wife are buried in the Abbey District 
Cemetery in Middlebury. He settled in Venuont at an early date and removed 
to Middiebuiy in 1808. 

MaiTied in Mansfield, Conn., February 16, 1802, LYDIA AGARD, born Sep- 
tember 10, 1780, in Stafford, Conn.; died March 29 (or 27), 1828. 

Children (probably not entirely correct) 

495 Lucius Abbe, b. Dee. 19, 1802; moved to Ohio; m. Mary (Polly) Wilson. 
Philomela Abbe, b. Dec. 19, 1804; moved to Ohio. 

George Abbe, b. Dec. 12, 1806; moved to Ohio. 
Leonard Abbe, b. Jan. 9, 1813 (?) ; moved to Ohio. 

496 Lemira (or Elmira) Abbe, b. Oct. 25, 1818; m. William W. Forbes. 

497 Warren Abbe, h.lS22; m. (1) Melvina Dolber ; (2) Eunice Allen. 
Lewis Abbe, may be same as Lucius. 

Lucy Abbe, moved to Ohio; m. Lucius Farris. 

268. RHODA" ABBE, daughter of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbe, bom 
March 2, 1781; born and lived in Mansfield, Conn. 

Married September 16, 1798, JESSE CRANE, born May 9, 1779; died April 
7, 1862. He was son of Hezekiah and Rachel (Hall) Crane; w^as a farmer 
in Mansfield, Conn., and (about 1830) in the butchering business in Willimantic. 


Charles Crane, b. Feb. 5, 1799. Farmer in Eagleville, Tolland County, Conn.; m. 
1821, Theoda Bennett of Mansfield. Children : i. William B., lived in Mansfield, 
m. and had children ; ii. Albert J. ; iii. Austin ; iv. Amelia ; v. Harriet ; 
vi. Anna. 

Millen Crane, b. Dec. 19, 1801 or 2 ; d. Oct. 20, 1863; farmer in Mansfield; 
member of State Legislature in 1843. Married March 3, 1824, Sarah Bennett, 
only child of Eleazer and Deborah (Hall) Bennett, b. in Mansfield, July 13, 
1807 ; d. after 1864. Children : i. Sarah Cordelia, b. in Mansfield, Jan. 6, 1825, 
m. Don F. Johnson, lived in Willimantic about 1864 ; ii. Deborah Bennett, m. 

Orrin Shumway of Mansfield, d. ; iii. Abby Ann, d. aged two years ; 

iv. Eleazer Bennett, b. in Mansfield, Sept. 10, 1834, farmer in Mansfield, m. 
Oct. 5, 1859, Clarissa F. Barrows, daughter of Robert Austin and Eliza P. 
(Ward) Barrows, b. July 30. 1840. had three children, Winfield S., b. June 13, 
1862, Alice M., b. Sept. 9, 1867, and Gertrude B., b. Oct. 12, 1873 ; v. Alfred B., 
d. aged seven years ; vi. Alvin M., b. Aug. 3, 1829, graduate of Brown University, 
1869, Newton Theological Seminary, 1872, served in Civil War in Company D, 
21st Regiment, promoted to Captain, member of Connecticut Legislature in 1866, 
minister at West Boylston and Shelburne Falls, Mass., m. in Mansfield, July 13, 
1869, Sarah G. Adams, b. in Gosnold, July 15, 1844, child, Judson Adams. 

Origen Crane, b. July 25, 1804; d. April 20, 1860. Educated at Newton Theo- 
logical Seminary. Baptist minister in Weston and Grafton, Mass. Married 
Bridget T. Greene, b. in Richmond, R. I., July 29, 1804. Children, births 
recorded in Mansfield : i. Origen Clark, b. Oct. 21, 1830, machinist at New Eng- 
land Village, Grafton, removed to New York City in 1859, m. at New England 
Village, Oct. 31, 1853, Caroline M. Gove, b. in Amesbury, Mass., Sept. 27, 1830, 
d. Oct. 10, 1876, had four children, Helen A., b. March 16, 1855, d. Dec. 8. 1872, 
Thomas E., b. Oct. 14, 1856, Anna G., b. Aug. 11, 1859, and Harry L., b. Feb. 27, 
1862 ; ii. Emma ; iii. Frank. 

Abigail J/. Crane, b. Feb. 19, 1810; m. Eleazer Freeman. 

Mary Ann Crane, b. May 30, 1813; m. (1) Enoch Freeman; (2) Thomas 

148 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Marilla Crane. Her name does not appear in the Mansfield Recoi-ds among Rhoda's 
children. Married Dec. 6, 1840, Albert Storrs, b. Jan. 26, 1820, son of Irad and 
Lovina (Gurlcy) Storrs, farmer in Mansfield Centre, Conn. Children: i. Lovina 
Evelin, b. March 7, 1847, d. Aug. 31, 1847 ; ii. Everett Melvin, b. Nov. 22, 1850, 
m. Nov. 22, 1880, Frances E. Salisbury ; iii. Edgar Francisco, b. May 31, 1857. 

269. SIMEON'' ABBE, son of Solomon^ and Lucy (Johnson) Abbe, born in 
Mansfield, Conn., July 16 or 17, 1785; was living in Mansfield about 1865. 

Man-ied (1) in Mansfield, March 15, 1810, ANNA CRANE, born August 21, 
1792, probably in Mansfield, daughter of Hezekiah and Rachel (Hall) Crane; 
died October 5, 1822. 

Married (2) in Mansfield, November 28, 1822, LYDIA NICHOLS, died July 

17, 1851. 

Children hy first wife 

Lucy Aihc, b. June 25, 1810; resided with her father in Mansfield. 

Fearing Abbe, b. Nov. 18, 1811 ; lived in Hartford ; m. Julia A. Thompson. No 

Austin Abbe, b. May 5, 1813; m. in Mansfield, Oct. 11, 1835, Clarissa Gordon of 
Ashford, who d. 1859. Children : i. Luther A. ; ii. Fearing WiUiam, lived in 
Hartford about 1898 ; iii. Adeline C. ; iv. Amanda J. 

Lucy Ann (or Laura or Lura), b. July 26, 1820; m. Joseph Woodward of Mans- 
field Hollow, resided in Mansfield about 1865 ; had three children. 

Children by second wife, recorded in Mansfield 

Isabel Lovisa Abbe, b. Oct. 26, 1823; m. in Mansfield, May 19, 1850, Samuel D. 

Thompson ; had children ; lived in Illinois. 
Elisha Abbe, b. Nov. 17, 1825; d. Nov. 18, 1825. 
Clark Crain Abbe, b. Oct. 12, 1826. Married (1) March 1, 1852, Mrs. Sarah 

Young, who d. in Kenosha, Wis., March 5, 1859; no children; (2) Dec. 16. 1860, 

AdaUne A. Hughes of Ashford. They were living in Massachusetts about 1865. 
Albert Abbe, b. May 23, 1829 ; lived in Illinois. Married in Mansfield, Nov. 28, 

1849, Ameha Medulla PhilHps, b. May 13, 1833, son of Abel W. and Anna 

(Wood) Phillips. They had three children, one of whom was Viannen Janette, 

b. in Mansfield, Aug. 26, 1850. 
Anna Maria Abbe, b. Sept. 4, 1831 ; m. in Mansfield, Sept. 23, 1850, Lester White ; 

had three children, and lived in Ashford. 
Lydia Sophia Abbe, b. June 1, 1833; m. Samuel Bailey; had three children; lived 

in Illinois. 
Marietta Abbe, b. Oct. 15, 1834; d. April 4, 1856; m. Henry White. No children. 
Martha Lucena Abbe, b. Aug. 29, 1837; lived in Leeds, Mass.; m. May 1, 1856, 

Henry C. Thompson. Child : Ella L., b. March 9, 1862 ; d. Sept. 30, 1863. 

270. JOHN« ABBEY, probably son of John^ and Dorothy (Bugbee) Abbe, 
born April 4, 1769, probably in Mansfield, Conn.; died June, 1857. These 
records probably refer to this John Abbe. The birth of their son, Timothy, is 
recorded in Mansfield. Family records show that Timothy and Harry were 
brothers. Possibly Samuel, who is said to have had brothers Harry, Shubel 
and Jerry, should belong to this family instead of as recorded from John^, 
John^, Obadiah^, Obadiah*, Jeremiah^, Benjamin.^ 

Married February 3, 1791, LYDIA WOLCUT of Windham, Conn., born 1771 ; 
died February, 1837. 


498 Timothy Abbey, b. Oct. 14, 1791, in Mansfield, Conn. ; m. Betsey Jacox. 

499 Uarry Abbey, b. Dec. 4, 1795 ; m. Sally Jacox. 

271. DAVIDS ABBEY, son of John^ and Dorothy (Bugbee) Abbe, born in 
Bellows Falls, Vt., 1789 ; died Januaiy 14, 1875, in Arkwriglit, Chautauqua County, 
N. Y., in his 87th year. 'He resided for a time in Cortland County, N. Y., later 

Sixth Generation 149 

went to Arkwright. He was survived by his widow, Hannah, and sons, Chauncey, 
James P., and David J., and daughter, Hannah Smith. 

Married in 1821, HANNAH WOODS or WOOD, daughter of Nathan and 
Mary ( ) Woods or Wood, of Bennington, Vt. 

Children, order not known 

500 James Parker Abbey, b. in Cortland County, N. Y. ; m. Olive L, Ruttenbur. 

501 Chauncey Abbey, b. April 1, 1815, in Virgil, Cortland County, N. Y. ; ni. (1) 

Elizabeth Chase; (2) Mrs. Esther A. Allen. 
Abbial Abbey. 
Hannah Abbey, m. Smith. 

502 John Abbey, m. Amanda Ingham. 

David J. Abbey, d. April 30, 1903 ; was a resident of Arkwright, N. Y. His only 
descendant is a son, W. Chauncey Abbey of Arkwright. He was an administrator 
on the estate of his brother, John. 

, d. young. 

Tliere was another line of Abbej's in Chautaiiqua County who were closely 
connected with this line, cousins, but we have not been able to locate them 

exactly. Joel Abbey, married Tracy, had a son, Amos, who married 

Hannah Avery and had the following children. (It will be noticed that the 
names in this family were duplicated in each generation.) 

Calvin Abbey, m. Abigail Patten, who was b. in Virgil, N. Y. ; both d. in Charlotte, 
Chautauqua Couuty, N. Y. Children : i. Obadiah ; ii. John A., b. 1829, in the 

town of Cherry Creek, m. in Fredonia, N. Y., 1862, Sarah M. , who was b. 

in Charlotte, N. Y., 1840, hves in North East, Pa., has no children ; iii. Mary ; 
iv. Hannah ; v. Elvira ; vi. David. David was a minister, d. in 1907, lived in 

Cherry Creek, m. Anna , and had a son Chauncey J., who hves at Cherry 

Creek, and a daughter Minnie J., m. Penner. 

Elvira Abbey. 

Joel Abbey. 

Ebenezer Abbey. 

Amos Abbey, was a soldier in the War of 1812; d. in Villenova, N. Y., 1845; m. 
Nancy Chaffee. Children : i. Atlanta ; ii. Joel, enlisted in the War of 1812 and 
never came back; iii. Ebenezer; iv. Calvin; v. Amos; vi. Ohve ; vii. .John; 
A-iii. Ehara, b. Aug. 4, 1812, in Virgil, Cortland County, N. Y., d. in Arkwright, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., m. Casper Harvey, b. in Solon, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1810, 
son of Bethuel and Clarissa (Gardner) Harvey, had children, b. in Villenova, 
Ohve L.. b. Sept. 6, 1836, Fannie O., b. May 22, 1838, Marion F.. b. May 11, 
1840, Ohver B., b. May 4, 1846, and Mary R., b. June 1, 1848, at Cherry Creek, 
m. Chase and hves at Gerry, N. Y. 

Johti A. Abbey. 

272. SHUBAEL" ABBE, son of Samuel^ and Miriam (Hall) Abbey, born 
February 20, 1778, in Mansfield, Conn. A Shubael Abbe and Rachel Taylor, 
his wife, made deeds in Middlebury, Vt., in 1811. 

Married in Mansfield, September 17, 1797, POLLY HARTSHORN. 

Children, born in Mansfield 

Daniel Abbe, b. July 14, 1798. 

Charles Abbe, b. June 16, 1800 ; m. and lived in Mansfield. Henry D. Abbe, son 
of Charles and Ann, b. in Mansfield, Jan., 1859, is pi'obably of this family. 

Emily Abbe, b. Nov. 5, 1806; d. in Mansfield Center, 1881. Married, as his second 
wife, in Mansfield, March 19, 1844, Ira Edwin Trowbridge, son of Ira and 
Cynthia (Crossman) Trowbridge, b. in Coventry, Conn., May 18, 1809. He was 
a farmer in Mansfield Center. No children by this marriage. He m. (1) in 
Mansfield, Sept 13, 1840, Almira Clark. 

273. REUBEN« ABBEY, son of Samuel-^ and Miriam (Hall) Abbey, born 
near Albany, N. Y., July 13, 1801; died in Speedsville, N. Y., December 25, 
1883. He was once Captain in the state militia. He removed in 1831 from 

150 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Schoharie County, N. Y., to Tioga County, and resided at Candor and later 
Speedsville. His will, made March 2, 1874, probated February 11, 1884, mentions 
his wife, Marion; sons, Russell, Winslow, Reuben and Edward, and daughters, 
Sabrina Bond, Elizabeth Hall, Marion Williams, and Abigail Abbey. 

Married near Albany, November 2, 1823, MARIAM (or MARION) HO AG, 
born near Albany, June, 1805; died in Speedsville, June 17, 1883. 


Tliurza Alley, b. and d. near Albany. 

503 Salrina Alley, b. 1826; m. John Baird (or Bond). 

Mary EHzaleth Alley, b. 1828, near Albany; d. Nov. 8, 1904. Married (1) in 
Speedsville, Orrin Jenks, and had two children, b. in Speedsville, Orrin, jr., and 

Emma, who died. She m. (2) in Michigan, Hall, and had three children, 

one of whom is dead. 

Mariam Alley, b. near Albany, 1830 ; was living near Greenville, Mich., in 1904. 
Married in Speedsville, 1856, John O. Williams, who d. a few years before 1904. 

Children, b. in Hubbardston, Mich. : i. Charles, b. 1857, d. ; ii. Frank, 

b. 1862 ; iii. Bert, b. 1866. 

William Alley, b. at Candor, N. Y. ; d. young. 

504 Winsloiv Alley, b. 1835; m. Gertrude Ann Robbins. 

Aligail Alley, h. at Candor, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1837; m. Oct. 30, 1873, Lorenzo 

Kenyon. Daughter, Tryphena Hall, lives in Newark Valley, N. Y. 
Harriet Alley, b. at Candor; d. aged 22. 

505 Reulen Alley, jr., b. July, 1842 ; m. Sarah Strong. 

506 Rnssel Ford Alley, b. Aug. 18, 1845 ; m. Mary Lovina Merrick. 

Edward Hungerford Alley, b. in Speedsville, Oct., 1848 ; lives near that place ; 
m. 1809, Margaret Robinson. 

274. ELIJAHS ABBEY, son of William^ and Lydia (Hall) Abbey, born 
February 20, 1779, in Mansfield, Conn.; died about 1851. He was a farmer 
ai^d lived in the town of Onondaga, Onondaga County, N. Y. He bought and 
sold land in Onondaga County, 1804-26. He is recorded in Onondaga by the 
Census of 1810, 1 male between 26 and 45, 1 female between 16 and 26, 3 
females under 10. His will, August 18, 1847, probated March 10, 1851, mentions 

Married BETSEY MASTERS, born in New York State about 1790 ; died after 
1851. She was half-sister to Phoebe Travis, who married Elijah's brother, David. 

Roena Alley. 
Sally Alley. 
Lydia Alley. 
Hannah Alley. 
Betsey Ann Alley. 
Mille Alley. 
Anson Alley, b. about 1822, in New York State. He was a farmer in Onondaga, 

N. Y., in 1850 ; m. before 1850, Mary A. , b. 1831. 

David Alley. 

Charles Alley, b. about 1825, in New York State. He was the only one of the 

children living at home in 1850. 

275. WILLIAM" ABBEY, JR., son of William^ and Lydia (Hall) Abbey, 
born 1786 in Connecticut; died 1856 in Onondaga County, N. Y. Will made 
April 13, 3856, probated July 28, 1856. Lived in the town of Onondaga, Onon- 
daga County, N. Y. He was recorded in the Census of 1810, Onondaga County, 
1 male and 1 female between 16 and 26, 1 male uiider 10. In 1850 he was also 
in the Census from that county. 

Married ABIGAIL VARNUM, who was born in Connecticut about 1793 and 
died about 1864. 

SiXTPi Generation 151 


WiUiam 8. Abhcij, b. in New York State about 1810. In the Census of 1850 he 
was recorded as a laborer in Onondaga, living adjacent to William and Abigail 

Abbey ; m. Margaret , who was b. in Ohio about 1821. Children, order 

not known : i. Aaron, b. in Ohio, about 1842 ; ii. William, b. in Pennsylvania, 
about 1843; iii. Henry, b. in Pennsylvania, about 1847; iv. Semantha ; v. 
Electa, m. and went to Missouri. 

Electa Ahheij, d. before 1856; m. E. Pinckney. Children, living in 1856; i. Wil- 
liam ; ii. Ann Eliza ; iii. Helen ; iv. Elijah. 

Joseph F. Ahhcij, b. in Onondaga County, 1813; m. and went to Mattawas, Mich. 
He had daughters, one of whom m. James Hardis of Niles, Mich., and a son, 
William, b. in Onondaga County, March 26, 1843, resides near Syracuse, who 
has a son J. H. Abbey, manager of the Ridgeview Farm, Conneaut, Ohio. 

276. DAVID« ABBEY, son of William^ and Lydia (Hall) Abbey, born April 
1, 1792; died April 14, 1878, in Birdsall, N. Y., on the old farm seven miles 
from Angelica, where his son, Gehial, now lives. One authority gives his birth- 
place as near Syracuse, Onondaga County, N. Y., while another says he went 
from Vermont to Onondaga County about 1837. He was a soldier in the War 
of 1812. His father deeded property in Onondaga Cotinty to him in 1820, and in 
1842, David and his wife executed a deed in that county. 

Married by Esquire Hall, June 28, 1821, PHOEBE TRAVIS, born June 17, 
1802, near Sjrracuse, N. Y. ; died December 18, 1874, in Birdsall. She was half- 
sister to Betsey Masters, who married David's brother, Elijah. 


507 John Jefferson Aihey, b. Mav 11, 1822 ; m. Jane Dempsey. 

508 Gideon Abbey, b. Nov. 30, 1824 ; m. Marietta Dodd. 

509 Elijah J. Abbey, b. Aug. 9, 1826; m. Samantha Abbey. 
Warren Abbey, b. June 12, 1828 ; d. May 14, 1830. 

510 Thomas H. Abbey, b. July 12, 1831 ; m. Elmira Glazier. 

Charlotte Abbey, b. May 5, 1834 ; m. Walker Davis. Children : i. Adelia ; ii. 
Bertha ; iii. Charles. 

511 George W. Abbey, b. Aug. 14, 18.35 ; m. Mary Lyon. 

Gehial Hall Abbey, b. Jan. 5, 1837, in Onondaga, N. Y. ; went to BirdsaU, 
Allegany County, N. Y., in 1855, and resides on his father's old farm 
there, seven miles from Angelica. He is the owner of the chest carried by 
his grandfather in the Revolutionary War. He served three years in the 
Civil War in Company G, 1st New York Dragoons, was woimded at Cedar 
Creek and in the hospital for ten months. Married May 5, 1875, Elizabeth L. 
Willis, b. at Allen, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1848, daughter of Arunah and Abigail (New- 
ville) Willis. Child: Letitia Eudora, b. Nov. 26, 1876. She is a teacher and is 
conducting a Teacher's Training Class in Clyde, N. Y. This family has been 
most helpful in securing records for this Genealogy. 

512 David Beebe Abbey, b. March 25, 1839; m. (1) Amanda Melvina Bacon; (2) 

Mary J. Tucker; (3) Vienna Fuller. 
William Henry Abbey, b. Oct. 12, 1840 ; d. in Andersonville Prison, Georgia, 1864. 
Lydia Sophronia Abbey, b. March 3, 1842; m. Frank Davis. Children: i. John; 

ii. William ; iii. Jane ; iv. Etta ; v. George ; vi. Annie. 

513 Charles Alfred Abbey, b. July 25. 1844; m. Mary Ehsabeth Smith. 

Myron Oscar Abbey, b. Nov. 14, 1846; d. at Falls Church, Va., May 24, 1886. 

277. DANIEL'5 ABBEY, son of Shadraeh^ and Welthan ( ) Abbe, born 
September 23, 1801, in Otsego County, N. Y. Resided in Clayton, N. Y. Records 
of himself and familv of seven cliildrcn are found in the 1850 Census of Clavton. 

Married SUSAN or SUSANNA HOTCHKISS, born March 22, 1804, in Lewis 
County, N. Y., daugliter of Joseph and Sally ( ) Hotchkiss. 

Children, born in Clayton 

Alsam Abbe, b. April 25, 1830; d. about 1896 in the town of Cape Vincent, 
Jefferson County, N. Y. Served in the Civil War, 1864. Married Maria Derby, 

152 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

daughter of Lewis R. and Alzina (Farr?) Derby. She resides in Applegate, 
Mich. They had no children but in 1863 or 4 adopted a baby girl, who died. 

514 ShadracTi Abbey, b. Aug. 23, 1832 ; m. Louisa C. Morrison. 

515 Philena Abbey, b. June 17, 1838; m. Sylvester Chapin. 

Lydia Elizabeth Abbey, b. Aug. 19, 1840; resides in Watertown, N. Y. Married 
Nov. 27, 1890, Philander B. Grant, b. in Denmark, N. Y., son of Henry and 
Sarah ( ) Grant. No children. 

Wealtha A. Abbey, b. March 25, 1843; d. Jan. 9, 1882, in Cape Vincent, N. Y. 
Married in Brownville, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1867, Alfred D. Percy, b. Feb. 14, 1842, 
son of David and Abigail ( ) Percy of the town of Cape Vincent, N. Y. 

Jairus W. Abbey, b. June 18, 1844. He served in the army, 1862-5 ; went to 
Fenton, Mich., 1868 ; Flint, Mich., 1873 ; Benton Harbor, Mich., 1906 ; Detroit, 
1910. Machine wood-worker. Married Oct. 9, 1867, at Three Mile Bay, N. Y., 
Phebe A. Hall, b. Oct. 9, 1843, in the town of EUisburgh, Jefferson County, 
N. Y. ; d. Jan. 6, 1910. She was the daughter of Albert and Susan Maria 
(Bishop) Hall. They had no children but adopted a daughter who is now 
Mrs. E. E. Hartley of Detroit, Mich. 

Charles D. Abbey, b. Sept. 3, 1847 ; d. about 1909. Married in Chaumont, N. Y., 

about 1868, Rettie , who d. in the summer of 1911. He was a teacher in 

Chaumont, Clayton, N. Y. ; Neva, Manash, and Stephens' Point, Wis. ; Bis- 
marck, N. Dak. After traveling a year for D. Appleton & Co. of New York, he 
wrote up the geography of Dakota and Minnesota. He then went to Chicagft 
and after completing a course at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, practiced 
medicine. Children : i. Susie E., resides in Chicago ; ii. Roy, resides in Idaho ; 
iii. Will, resides in Morgan Park, 111. 

278. SAMUEL" ABBEY, son of Shadrach^ and Welthan ( ) Abbe, born 
in Otsego County, N. Y., about 1807. Resided for a time, at least, in Jefferson 
County, N. Y. Died at Clayton, N. Y., October, 1867. 

Married (1) about 1834, ELIZABETH (BETSEY) THOMPSON, born near 
Concord, N. H., about 1811; died in Clayton, 1850. She was daughter of 
and Olive (Kendrick) Thompson. 

Married (2) MRS. CLARISSA (GRAVES) DAVIS, born in Brownville, N. Y., 
about 1815; died in Clayton about 1884. 

Children by first wife 

William Abbey, b. Jan. 3, 1835, in Orleans township, Jefferson County, N. Y. 
Resides in St. Lawrence, Jefferson County. Married (1) Helen Hentze, b. in 
town of Clayton, N. Y., daughter of Levi and Irene ( ) Hentze. No children. 

Married (2) 1885, Helen Carnal, b. in St. Lawrence County, N. Y. ; d. about 

Mary Abbey, b. in Orleans township, Feb. 7, 18.37 ; resides in Kennedy, Chau- 
tauqua County, N. Y. Married at Three Mile Bay, Jefferson County, N. Y., 
Jan. 5, 1859, Edward Kenney of Clayton, N. Y. He was b. in Lewis County, 
N. Y., 18.31, son of Thomas and Aphena ( ) Kenney ; d. in Berlin, Minn., 

May 16, 1904. No children. 

516 Salina Abbey, b. April 21, 1843 ; m. Ira Nichols. 

Children by second wife 

Bessie Abbey, b. Dec. 15, 1854, in Clayton ; resides near Clayton. Married in 
Rosiere, N. Y., July 3, 1881, George Tiernan, b. March 18, 1833, in Canada, 
son of Thomas and Mary ( ) Tiernan. Children : i. Frank, b. Jan. 3, 1883, 

in Clayton ; ii. Florence Ida, b. Aug. 10, 1886 ; iii. George D., b. June 20, 1891. 

Dewitt C. Abbey, b. in Clayton, April 2, 1856. and resides there. He is in the 
employ of the New York Central Railroad. Married in Watertown, N. Y., .Tan. 
1, 1890, Bertha C. Cornwell, b. May 13, 1S70, daughter of John and Mary 
( ) Cornwell. Children: i. Gladys Ray (twin), b. Jan. 12, 1897, d. May 8, 

1897; ii. Glennie May (twin), b. .Tan. 12, 1897, d. April 30, 1897; iii. Clarissa, 
b. May 31, 1898, d. June 1, 1898 ; iv. Freda Bell, b. Oct. 4, 1901. 

Walter II. Abbey, b. Nov. 24, 1865, in Clayton ; resides in Waseo, Kern County, 
Calif. Married July 10, 1895, Florence H. Shottenkirk, b. in Iroquois County, 
111., Sept. 12, 1868, daughter of Daniel and Miriam (Irbister) Shottenkirk. 
Children, b. in Kern County : i. Laurence Everett, b. May 1, 1896 ; ii. Richard 
L., b. April 11, 1900, d. Aug. 16, 1900 ; iii. Bessie Ruth, b. May 24, 1901 ; iv. 
Dorothy Miriam, b. Aug. 14, 1903, d. April 24, 1904 ; v. WiUiam Bruce, b. May 8, 

Sixth Generation 153 

279. CYRUS" NORTHROP, son of Joel and Eunice^ (Marsh) Nortlirop, born 
December 8, 1773, in New Milford, Conn.; died April 25, 1869. He was a 
farmer in New Milford. 

Married July 27, 1796, BETSEY WELLS, daughter of Philip Wells. She 

died May 19, 1833, aged 56. 


Caroline Northrop, b. July 27, 1797; m. Jan., 1817, William Mygatt, b. Oct. 25, 
1785, son of Noahdiab and Clarissa (Lines) Mygatt. They removed to Oxford, 
Chenango County, N. Y. Children : i. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 7, 1817 ; ii. Fred- 
erick N., b. 1819, d. young ; iii. Sarah Abby, b. 1821 ; iv. Emily Northrop, 
b. 1823 ; V. Susan Minerva, b. 1825, d. young ; vi. Caroline Louisa, b. 1827 ; 
\ii. Jane Ann, b. 1829 ; \-iii. Julia McMahon, b. 1832. 

Abhy Sariah Northrop, b. Oct. 15, 1799; d. July 2, 1818. 

Joel Wells Northrop, h. Sept. 3, 1801; m. Aug. 28, 18-31, Catherine Canfield, 
daughter of Colonel Samuel and Rebecca M. (Taylor) Canfield. Children : 
i. Samuel Canfield, b. May 16, 1833, m. June 29, 1869, Carrie Bassett and had a 
daughter Catherine Canfield ; ii. Lawrence, b. Jan. 29, 18.35, m. Sept. 24, 1870, 
Mary Drake, and had two children, Caroline Canfield and James Lawrence ; 
iii. Cyrus, b. May 26, 1838, m. Sept. 24 (or April 8), 1860, Ruth Peabody of 
Columbus, Ga., and had three children, John Mygatt, Katie Low and William 

Emily Eunice Northrop, b. Oct. 7, 1803 ; m. Sept. 12, 1831, Benjamin E. Bostvrick, 
son of Solomon and Anne (Wells) Bostwick. They resided in New Milford. 
Children : i. Cyrus Benjamin, b. May 31, 1836 ; ii. Edwin Northrop, b. May 3, 

Clara Northrop, b. Nov. 12, 1805; d. Sept. 6, 1808. 

Sarah Northrop, b. Nov. 9. 1807 ; m. April 15, 18.30, Colonel William J. Starr, son 
of Eli and Susannah (Higgins) Starr. Children: i. Eliza Jane. b. Jan. 16, 18.31, 
d. Oct. 3, 1832 ; ii. Frederick Eli ; iii. William Edward, who d. June 17, 1852 ; 
iv. Catherine Sophia, m. Joseph Bostwick, resides at Mishawaka, Ind., has six 
children, Sarah Stan*, Robert, Joseph, Carrie Elizabeth, Katie Starr, and 
William Starr. 

Clara Elizabeth Northrop, b. Feb. 21, 1810; d. Feb. 15, 1815. 

Jane Ann Northrop, b. Nov. 26, 1811 ; d. Jan. 15, 1829. 

Sophia Northrop, b. April 29, 1814 ; m. Eli Mygatt, jr. 

Catherine Northrop, b. Jan. 13, 1819; m. Oct. 9, 1849, James Hine, M.D., b. in 
New Milford, July 21, 1822, son of Lyman and Hannah (Roberts) Hine. He was 
graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1847 and practiced 
medicine in New Milford. Children : i. Francis Lyman, b. Dec. 6, 1850, resided 
in New York ; ii. Sophia Mygatt, b. April 15, 1855 ; iii. Caroline Louisa, b. Dec. 
1, 1857, m. Dec. 19, 1878, George B. Noble, and had a son, Frank Belden, b. 
Jan. 20, 1880. 

280. WANZER'' MARSH, son of John^ and Abigail (Wanzer) Marsh, born 
probably in New Milford, Conn.; died in Merryall, February 24, 1845. 

Married (1) SALLY BUCKLEY, daughter of Rev. Nathan Buckley of Dan- 
burs*, a Baptist minister. She died December 3, 1841, aged 42. 
Married (2) November 11, , URANIA FERRISS. 

Children by first tcife 

517 John Buckley Marsh, b. Aug. 6, 1801. 

Daniel Marsh, m. June 16, 1833, Charlotte Williams, who d. 1855, daughter of 

Dr. Jehiel Williams. Children : i. Edward William, was a Captain in the Civil 

War, m. Amanda Bladen ; ii. Thompson T., m. Florence Henderson of Lee, 

Esther Marsh, m. Clark Wells. 
Lavinia Marsh, m. Daniel T. Giddings. 
Anan Marsh, m. Nov. 25, 1839, Lucy A. Peet. Child: Alice G., m. Sept. 9, 1868, 

Walter B. Bostwick, son of Solomon E. and Adaline (Booth) Bostwick, b. Aug. 

26, 1840, had children, Lizzie Marsh and AVinfred Walter, b. April 9, 1876. 

Child by second wife 

James Marsh, d. Oct. 24, 1860 ; m. Urania Buck. Children : i. David, d. young ; 
ii. Seth ; iii. James. 

154 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

281. GEORGE MARTIN" MARSH, son of SamueP and Miriam (Leach) 
Marsh, born May 12, 1789, probably in New Milford, Conn.; died April 25, 
1858. He resided on the plains below Lanesville. 

Married March 14, 1811, BETSEY SHERWOOD, born September 7, 1790, 

daughter of Daniel and Polly (Hill) Sherwood. Two of her sisters married 

brothers of her husband. 


Oliver Marsh, b. Feb. 3, 1812 ; m. Caroline Davis. Children : 1. Philip G., was a 
soldier in the Civil War, m. July 4, 1865, Bessie A. Loveland and had a son 
Milton Loveland ; ii. Charles H., was a soldier in the Civil War and d. Jan. 25, 
1867, aged 27, of disease contracted in the war, m. March 23, 1863, Sarah E. 
Kramer of Baltimore, Md., who resided after his death at Lanesville, with two 
children, Olive Chnton and Carrie Virginia. 

Mira Ann Marsh, b. Oct. 15, 1815 ; d. Nov. 29, 1880. Married Thomas A. Welton, 
son of Andrew Welton who came to New Milford in 1836 and established a store 
at Lanesville on the Danbury Road. Children : i. Thomas M., resides in Dan- 
bury ; ii. George A., resides in New Milford. 

WiUiam Elliot Marsh, b. June 14, 1820; m. . 

RoUa Sherwood Marsh, b. Nov. 8, 1821 ; m. . 

Homer L. Marsh, b. Oct. 20, 1824 ; d. Aug. 23, 1826. 

Emma Eliza Marsh, b. April 25, 1825; m. Lorenzo C. Dunning, who d. Jan. 9, 
1871. Child: Lilhau S. 

Polly Caroline Marsh, b. Feb. 14, 1827 ; resides in Newtown ; m. April 4, 1854, 
Andrew B. Judd of Bethel, Conn. Children : i. George ; ii. Estella. 

Harriet M. Marsh, b. Jan. 12, 1835; resides in Lanesville; m. 1876, Liverius 

282. WILLIAM" MARSH, son of John^ and Abigail (Waldo) Marsh, born 
January 25, 1783, in New Milford, Conn.; died in Pike, Bradford County, Pa. 
He purchased a large tract of land in Pike before 1822, and was a farmer in 
that township. 

Man-ied (1) in New Milford, February 18, 1802, RACHEL NICHOLS, born 
in New Milford, April 3, 1780; died there January 28, 1810. She was the 
daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Stevens) Nichols. 

Married (2) in New Milford, SARAH or MARTHA NICHOLS, sister of his 
first wife, born in New Milford, March 8, 1785 ; died in the winter of 1856. 

Children hy first wife 

Elliot Marsh, b. Nov. 14, 1802 ; d. 1853. He was a manufacturer of safes. 
Wealthy Marsh, b. Oct. 18, 1804; d. 1864; m. as his second wife, E. B. Mints, a 

farmer of Herrick. 
Cordelia Marsh, h. Jan. 12, 1806 ; d. 1826 ; m. as his first wife, E. B. Mints. 
Amy Lorain Marsh, h. Jan. 26, 1808; d. 1870; m. M. D. F. Hines, a farmer of 


Children hy second wife 

Rachel Marsh, b. March 2, 1811 ; d. 1876 ; m. John Bowles, a farmer and carpenter 
of Pike. 

Lois Marsh, b. Jan. 2, 1813; m. Davis D. Black, a farmer of Tuscarora. 

Aden Marsh, h. March 19, 1814 ; d. 1846 ; resided in Pike township all his Hfe. 

Lucy Ann Marsh, b. April 19, 1816 ; d. 1882 ; m. Daniel C. Miller, a farmer in 
Wilmot, where they resided until her death. 

Joseph II. Marsh, b. in Pike, May 7, 1822. He worked at the trade of carpenter 
and joiner until 1843, when he purchased a farm at Herrick. After a few years 
he went to New Haven, Conn., and practiced his trade. He returned to purchase 
the old homestead at Pike and lived on this farm for nineteen years. He then 
purchased a farm at LeRaysville and combined tanning and harness-making 
with farming. In 1873 he moved to Wyalusing and started a furniture factory 
which was entirely destroyed by fire after a few years and he returned to the farm. 
In 1886 he opened a real estate oflice in Wyalusing. He was known as an 
energetic business man, a careful manager, and most trustworthy. He was a 
member of the State Legislature in 1864-5 and 1882-3. He was a member of the 

Sixth Generation 155 

Masonic Lodge. Marriod (1) May 28. 1842, Eliza A. Stevens, who d. Jan. 15, 
1846, leaving no children. Married (2) Jan. 17, 1848, Harriet Lines of New 
Haven, who d. Nov. 20, 1848, leaving one child : W. D., b. Nov. 20, 1848, m. 
Flora Wells of Pike. Married (3) July 3, 1851, Sarah M. Carry. Children: 
i. Hattie L., b. Dec. 2, 1856 ; ii. Langdou H., b. Jan. 7, 1860, m. Ella McCauley 
and resides on his father's farm in Pike. 

Isaac Marsh, b. Dec. 21, 1825 ; resided in Rome borough. 

Hannah Marsh, b. April 24, 1832 ; d. 1856 ; m. Gould Stevens and removed to 
Carroll County, 111., where she died. 

283. HANNAH'"' MARSH, daughter of Joseph'^ and Abigail (Waldo) INIarsh, 
born in New Milford, Conn., September 10, 1784 or 5; died there August 1, 1867. 

Married in New Milford, September 15, 1802, ZACHARIAH FERRISS, born 
July 11, 1778, in New Milford; died there August 30, 1860. He was the son 
of Zachariah and Phebe (Gaylord) Ferriss, and was a farmer on his father's 
homestead in Jerusalem on Rocky River. 

Children, horn in New Alilford 

Edith Ferriss, b. Dec. 14, 1803 ; m. March 9, 1826, Levi Leach of Sheriman. 

Laura Ferriss, b. Aug. 25, 1806 ; m. Levi Leach of Sherman. 

Mary Ann Ferriss, b. Oct. 21, 1808; m. Aug. 29, 1831, John Havilaud. Child: 

Jane Ann, m. May 16, 1855, Gershom B. Giddings, a farmer at Lanesville, son 

of James A., jr., and Susan H. (Barlow) Giddings, and has a child Martha who 

m. Merwin Hine of Sherman. They have a daughter Eleanor Francis Hine. 
Phehe Joan Ferriss, b. Nov. 5, 1811 ; m. May 8, 1831, Abraham Hoag and removed 

to Dover, N. Y. 
518 Hannah Ferriss, b. Dec. 21, 1814; m. William Wanzer. 

Charles Marsh Fei-riss, b. July 6, 1816 ; resided some years in Jerusalem, removed 

to Minnesota, Oct. 15, 1865. Married June 12, 18.39, Mary A. Marsh, who d. 

Nov. 7, 1877. Children : 1. Zachariah, d. Oct. 16, 1871 ; ii. Samuel D., d. Nov. 

14, 1850 ; iii. Charlotte, m. Charles Sherwood and lives in Tennessee ; iv. 

Ohve H., m. George A. Ferriss ; v. Charles H., lives in Tennessee. 
Abhy Jane Ferriss, b. May 13, 1819 ; resided in Sherman ; m. (1) Israel Haviland ; 

(2) Richard P. Brady. 
Henry Ferriss, b. Jan. 8, 1822. 
Arabella Ferriss, b. Sept. 13, 1824 ; m. Sept. 15, 1852, Walter Marsh. Children : 

i. William H. ; ii. Amos H. ; iii. Phebe M. 
Eunice Cordelia Ferriss, b. Jan. 21, 1827 ; d. Oct. 10, 1829. 

284. ALMIRA" MARSH, daughter of Anios^ and Abigail (Sutton) Marsh, 
born August 15, 1794 ; died September 10, 1832. 

Married May 5, 1814, ANAN HINE, born February 4, 1789; died April 6, 
1860. He was the son of Stephen and Naomi (Peek) Hine of New Milford, 
Conn. He was engaged in mercantile business with his brothers and later in 
the manufacture of stove-linings and fire-bricks. He was interested in the 
building of the Housatonic Railroad and was one of its first directors. 


Julia Laura Hine, h. March 4, 1815 ; d. March 30, 1845 ; m. Harry Walter. 
Child : Anan Hine, b. Jan. 18, 1845. 

Hcfiry Marsh Hine, b. July 18, 1816; resided in New York City; m. (1) 1848, 
Martha Alvord of Southport, Conn., who d. 1849; (2) in 1850, Phebe Stanley 
of Bridgeport. Had children. 

Charles Sutton Hine, h. March 22, 1818 ; resided in Stamford, Conn. ; ra. Jan. 1, 
1845, Jane Van Nordan, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Children: i. Sarah Ann, 
b. Nov. 26, 1846, d. July 30, 1847; ii. Charles Frederick, b. Dec. 27, 1848, 
m. Sept. 6, 1870, Jane Ryer, resided in New York City and had a daughter, 
Dora; iii. Magdalen, b. Sept. 22, 1850, resides in New York City, m. Oct. 21, 
1875, Henry W. Plant of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, had daughters Sarah, b. Sept. 
30, 1876, and Magdalen, b. May 18, 1878; iv. Almira Marsh, b. Aug. 29, 
1852 (?) ; V. Robert Clark, b. June 6, 1860. 

156 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Clark Hine, b. June 5, 1821; resided in New Milford. Married (1) Jan. 1, 1846, 
Mary Elizabeth Wells who d. July 3, 1854; (2) May 17, 1857, Cynthia Hinman, 
who d. May 3, 1876. She was the daughter of Isaac Hinman of Hamden. 
Children by first wife : i. Julia Laura, b. Jan. 21, 1850 ; ii. Henry Clark, b. Nov. 
7, 1852, m. June 6, 1877, Flora Imogene Case of Salisbury, Conn., had a son, 
Albert Case, b. May 13, 1881. Children by second wife : 1. Charles Walter, 
b. March 24, 1858 ; ii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Nov. 10, 1859, d. Oct. 21, 1861 ; iii. 
William Edward, b. April 25, 1863. 

Charlotic Iline, b. Feb. 1, 1823; resided in New Britain, Conn.; m. Oct. 13, 1847, 
OUver Cromwell Stanley. Children : i. Jesse, b. Aug. 1, 1848, m. Oct. 10, 1878, 
Hannah E. Murry, and had a son, Irwin S., b. Oct. 12, 1880 ; ii. Kate, b. Oct. 
12, 1852, d. Oct. 10, 1856; iii. Merwin C, b. May 6, 1857; iv. OUver C, b. 
July 16, 1871. 

Stephen Hine, b. April 18, 1825 ; m. Nov. 28, 1854, Harriet Frances Woolsey, 
who d. March 1, 1867. Children : i. Merwin, b. Sept. 10, 1855, m. Oct. 8, 1878, 
Martha Giddings, had a daughter Emma Frances ; ii. Emma Seymour, b. Aug. 5, 
1857, m. Feb. 19, 1879, DeWitt Pepper of Sherman, and had a son DeWitt ; 
iii. Hattie Noble, b. Dec. 28, 1860 ; iv. Carrie, b. Dec. 29, 1862, d. Aug. 20, 1863 ; 
V. Anan Walter, b. Dec. 26, 1864, d. Aug. 7, 1865. 

Almira Hine, b. March 28, 1827 ; d. May 6, 1857. 

Anan Hine, b. June 17, 1829 ; d. May 6, 1857. 

Edivard Hine, b. June 10, 1832. Resided in New York City; m. Jan. 18, 1872, 
Lavinia J. Stratton. Child : Edward S., b. Sept. 18, 1875. 

285. JOHN" CROSS, JR., son of John^ Cross and Mrs. Sarah (Backus) 
Gibbs, baptized October 15, 1791; resided in North Windham, Conn. 
Married (1) FAITH PAINE, died March 21, 1844, aged 51. 
Married (2) October 7, 1844, PRUDENCE STEDMAN. 

Children hy first wife 

Mary Able Cross, m. June 26, 1840, Fitch PoUy. 

Eliza Cross, m. Martin C. Chapin. 

Lucius H. Cross, resided in 1864 in Bloomer Center, Montcalm County, Mich. ; 

m. Nov. 19, 1849, Eliza Ann Cole. No children. 
Louisa Cross, d. aged 4. 
Betsey M. Cross, d. Dec. 16, 1858, aged 36 ; m. Sept. 9, 1844, Thomas S. Beckwith 

of North Windham. Three children. 
Emma Cross, d. aged 3 months. 

Charles H. Cross, d. March 3, 1856, aged 26 ; m. Harriet Davis of Jewett City. 
Lucy Ann Cross, d. May 25, 1860, aged 25 ; m. July 31, 1859, Calvin Lincoln. 

286. LURA''' ABBE, daughter of AbcP and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, born 
January 20, 1791, in Mansfield, Conn., died May 17, 1888, in Racine, Wis. In 
1855 she moved to Mount Pleasant, Wis., and made her home with her daughter, 

Married in Lisle, N. Y., June 8, 1808, JOHN BOM AN HOSMER, born Novem- 
ber 10, 1787, in Mansfield, Conn. ; died July 2, 1854, in Sardinia, N. Y. In 1813 
he went to Sardinia, locating at first near the village where the Cherry Tavern 
was kept and later moving into the village. He was a farmer and served in the 
War of 1812. 

Children, horn in. Sardinia, N. Y. 

519 Auriella Hosmer, b. Oct. 5, 1810 ; m. Alson Felch. 
Alonzo Hosmer, b. March 8, 1812 ; d. in Sardinia. 
Ezra Hosmer, b. Oct. 31, 1814 ; d. Dec. 28, 1819. 
, b. Jan. 15, 1817 ; d. Jan. 30, 1817. 

520 Mariam Rinsiham Hosmer, b. Jan. 25, 1819; m. Orson S. Phelps. 

Netoell S. Hosmer, b. Nov. 26, 1820 ; lived all his life in Sardinia, N. Y., and d. 
there, Feb. 18, 1895. He was a farmer ; owned the old homestead ; built a 
cheese factory in 1869 in which he made about six hundred tons of cheese during 

Sixth Generation 157 

the next four years ; later lie sold this factory and started others. Married iu 
Sardinia, June 25, 1855, Clarissa Rider, b. in Sardinia, March 22, 182G ; d. there 
Oct., 1890. Child : Lucien, b. March 25, 185G, in Sardinia, d. Oct. 11, 1858. 

521 Uarry Walhridgc Uosmer, b. Feb. 26, 1823; m. (1) Jeanette Wright; (2) Mrs. 

Helen Fowler. 

522 Ann Alinda Uosmer, b. April 14, 1826; m. Nicholas Do Mouilpied. 

523 John F. Hosmer, b. May 20, 1828 ; m. Harriet Maria Goodrich. 
, b. Dec. 14, 1830 ; d. Dec. 17, 1830. 

287. MELINDA" ABBE, daugliter of Albert'^' and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, 
born July 5, 1794, in Mansfield, Conn. She moved with her family to Lisle, 
Broome County, N. Y., then to Sardinia, N. Y., in 1814. She was the first 
teacher in Sardinia. 

Married (1) November 25, 1815, JEREMIAH WILCOX, born 1790; died 
March 24, 1843, in Ashford, N. Y. 

Married (2) BOYLIS, who died November, 1877. 

Children hy first marriage 

524 John Ahbe Wilcox, h. Dec. 8, 181Q; m. (1) Fanny Manter; (2) Hannah T, Turn. 

525 Sardus Denslow Wilcox, b. Nov. 21, 1818 ; m. Sarah G. Bond. 

Lura Oranda Wilcox, b. May 4, 1821 ; d. March 26, 1839 ; b. and d. in Springville, 
N. Y. 

526 Alel Morton Wilcox, b. July 23, 1823 ; m. Betsey Saunders. 

527 Sally Maria Wilcox, b. Oct. 7, 1825 ; m. James Goodemote. 

Alfred Peiry Wilcox (twin), b. March 23, 1828, in SpringviUe, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 23, 

1870, iu Tulare County, CaUf. 
Albert Tracy Wilcox (twin), b. March 23, 1828, in Springville, N. Y. ; d. June 10, 

1852, in Kansas. 
Carlos Emmons Wilcox, b. Jan. 18, 18.31 ; d. Oct. 6, 1847, in Pueblo, Mexico. 

528 Lucy Matilda Wilcox, b. March 6, 1834; m. (1) Alden Kellogg; (2) Erastus 

Wright; (3) Luman Roup. 
Origen Eleazer Wilcox, b. Nov. 13, 1836, in Springville, N. Y. ; d. there April 5, 

288. CHARLES" ABBE, son of Abel^ and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, born 
May 3, 1798, in Mansfield, Conn. He removed to Elja-ia, Ohio, where he lived 
until about 1865, then went to Jackson, Mich. He was engaged in the lumber 
business and built the first tower in which a bell was rung in Elyria. He died 
December 15, 1893, in Jackson, Mich. 

Married (1) LYDIA JONES, died in Elyria, November 11, 1846, aged 48 years, 
5 months; buried in Elyi-ia. 

Man-ied (2) ALT A MIR A LILLY, died in Elyi-ia, June 26, 1860, aged 47 years; 
buried in Elyria. 

Married (3) MRS. HENRIETTA HITCHCOCK, died in Michigan. 

Children hy first wife 

529 Lucius Ahbe, b. March 31, 1822; m. Lydia Blain. 
Luther Abbe, went to Texas ; d. during the war. 

Clarissa Abbe, d. in Elyria, Aug. 12, 1849, aged 9 yrs., 5 mos., 22 days, buried in 

289. WILLIAM" ABBE, son of AbeP and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, born in 
Mansfield, Conn., April 19, 1800; died in California, February 15, 1854 (or 
February 10, 1855). One account says he was born in Orange County, N. Y., 
and went, when a young man, to Orleans County, N. Y., where he married and 
later removed to Ohio. He lived near EljTia, Ohio, until about 1836 when the 
territory of Iowa was opened for settlers and he removed thither by wagon 

158 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

with his family, crossing the Mississippi on the ice in February. He finally 
settled upon land in Mount Vernon, Linn County, Iowa, then a wild prairie 
with no white inhabitants. There were several hundred Winnebago Indians 
living in that vicinity. Mr. Abbe was always friendly with them. In the season 
of maple sugar making there would often be as many as five hundred Indians 
camped around his door-yard. Mr. Abbe had a fine lot of maples and allowed 
the Indians to tap the trees, reserving what he needed for his own use. This 
reservation was never encroached upon. 

Mr. Abbe was elected Justice of the Peace in the new settlement; acted as 
sheriff and his house was used to hold criminals until the first county jail was 
built. He was elected to the Legislature and served two terras. In 1849 he 
went with a party to the California gold fields. He returned in 1851, by way 
of Cape Horn; was shipwrecked and lost nearly all he had; but the following 
year found him again on his way to the gold fields, going by way of Panama 
and taking his oldest son, Andrew. They went to San Benito, Calif., and engaged 
in ranching and cattle-raising. He died while on a business trip to Sacramento. 
He was a member of the Masonic order and had much to do with the early 
history of Linn County. 

Married (1) in Orleans County, N. Y., November 18, 1824, OLIVE GREEN, 
born April 20, 1808, eldest child of Philip and Lucy ( ) Green; died in Linn 
County, Iowa, June 2, 1840. 

Married (2) September 13, 1840, MARY WOLCOTT, born in Ohio, April 12, 
1809, daughter of Dr. Augustus Wolcott of Elyria, Ohio. She died in Iowa, 
Ausrust 27, 1861. She was a member of the Lutheran Church. 

Children ty first wife 

Lucy Able, b. in Orleans County, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1825; d. in Iowa, April 24, 

1840 ; m. May 8, 1839, Allison WiUetts. No cliildren. 
Lois Alhe, b. in Orleans County, Jan. 21, 1827 ; d. April 17, 1827, probably. 

530 Andrew Alhe, b. March 6, 1828 ; m. Mary Jane Berry. 

531 Susan Alle, b. Nov. 30, 1830; m. (1) John Harmon; (2) John Shields. 

Children ly second wife 

532 Augustus Wolcott Alle, b. Sept. 22, 1841 ; m. Cynthia Walker. 

William Alden Alle, b. July 18, 1843; d. July 1, 1888; served in the Civil War. 
Married July 15, 1869, Estella Clendenning of Ohio. She was living in Mil- 
waukee a few years ago. Children : i. Edith Myrtle, b. May 29, 1870, resides in 
Wauwatosa, Wis., m. 1892, Willard A. Gray and has five children, Dorothy 
Wolcott, James William, Marian, Willard A., jr., and Edith ; ii. Mary, b. June 
5, 1872, d. 1895 or 1898; iii. Margaret Pearle, d. in Clinton, Iowa, Feb. 14, 
, aged 4 yrs., 3 mos. 

Mary Alle, b. Feb. 28, 1846 ; d. April 18, 1846, in Iowa. 

290. PHEBE" ABBE, daughter of AbeP and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, born 
in Mansfield, Conn., February 11, 1802; died in Fairmount, 111., November 
27, 1869. 

Married in Madison, N. Y., October 18, 1822, W. H. POND, died in Fairmount, 

September 25, 1859. 


Harvey Pond, b. 1823 ; d. March 28, 1831. 

Matilda Pond, b. in Sardinia, N. Y., April 29, 1825 ; d. in St. Louis. Mo., March 
29, 1901 ; m. April 16, 1844, Joseph Crosset. Children : i. Leland H., b. April 6, 
1845, m. Aug. 27, 1866, Margaret Berryman, b. Jan. 24, 1847, d. Aug. 4, 1872, 
had two children, Charles Henry, b. Oct. 11, 1868, d. July 7, 1882, and Ellen F., 
b. June 19, 1867, m. and had a child ; ii. Legrand S., b. Oct. 7, 1849, m. Jan. 6, 
1871, Alice Evans, had four children, Etta May, b. Jan. 11, 1872, a son who d. 
in infancy, Daisy, b. July 21, 1878, and Clara, b. Nov. 17, 1879 ; iii. Freeland M., 
b. Sept. 6, 1850, d. Sept. 11, 1870 ; iv. Roland J., b. March 21, 1852 ; v. Harriet 

Sixth Generation 159 

Saliua, b. July 17, 1853, m. Feb. 17, 1881, Harvey McClelland, bad tbree 
cbildreu, one d. in infancy, Sarah Phebe, b. May 8, 1887, Flora May, b. Feb. 14, 
1896 ; vi. Salome Alzina. b. April 19, 1855, m. Stanley Remus ; vii. Mary Myrtle, 
b. July 28, 1857, m. William Burwell ; viii. James Boyd, b. Dec. 13, 1859, lives 
in Marion County, 111. ; ix. Edward, b. Feb. 27, 1862, m. July 3, 1902. 

Luther Pond, h. May 30, 1828, in Concord, N. Y. 

Mehitahlc Pond, b. Aug. 10, 1833, in Boswick, Ohio. 

Lois Ann Pond, b. July 20, 1835, in Milan, Ohio. Married (1) June 20, 1854, 
Luther Norton, d. Oct. 5, 1866. Children ; i. Frederick Henry, b. in Coldwater, 
Mich., Oct. 17, 1855, d. in Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 25, 1859 ; ii. Franklin 
Eugene, b. in Vermillion, 111., Jan. 7, 1857, m. Nov. 15, 1889, Clara Arrowsmith 
and had five children, all b. in Odin, 111., Grace Ann, b. Sept. 12, 1890, Phebe 
Catherine, b. Oct. 10, 1891, Daisy Dean, b. Dec. 1, 1893, Laura Hazel, b. May 25, 
1895, and Blanche, b. Nov. 13, 1896; iii. Willis Zelotes, b. in Minneapolis, 
Feb. 13, 1859, d. Oct. 7, 1859; iv, Alfred Abbey, b. in Minneapolis, Feb. 11, 
1863, m. in Carlyle, lU., Feb. 14, 1893, Agnes Jane Strivenson and had two 
children, b. in Odin, Cecil Abbey, b. Aug. 20, 1895, and Knight Freely, b. Oct. 3, 
1898, d. Jan. 12, 1899 ; v. Adelbert Freely, b. in Beatrice, Minn., March 5, 1866, 
m. in Shelby, Ohio, March 29, 1893, Daisy Strum and has a child, Mildred Strum, 
b. Aug. 24, 1895. Lois Ann Pond m. (2) W. E. Smith of Odin, 111. Child: 
Claude Eleazer, b. Jan. 11. 1877, d. Nov. 8, 1878. 

Edward Pond, b. in Berlin, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1837 ; d. in Denver, Colo., Feb. 22, 1877. 

Aniaretta Pond, b. in Richmond, Ohio, April 7, 1840 ; d. in St. Louis, Mo., May 12, 

291. ELEAZER8 ABBE, son of AbeP and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, born 
December 28, 1805, in Lisle, Broome County, N. Y. ; died August 19, 1896, in 
Eljria, Ohio. In 1817 he went to Lorain County and purchased a tract of 
land in Elyria township. In addition to his farming interests he did teaming to 
Pittsburg. He carried produce, the trip usually consuming some nine or ten 

In 1849 he embarked at Cleveland on the sailing vessel "Eureka" for a 
voyage to California, through the canals and down the St. Lawrence River to 
Quebec, then down the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean. When they 
arrived at Cape Horn they were obliged to ''double" it, owing to the dense 
fog prevailing, instead of the shorter route through the Straits of Magellan. 
After a voyage of nine months, they reached San Francisco. In 1851 he started 
home on tlie "Republic" bound for Panama. In mid-ocean she sprang a leak, 
was kept afloat by hard pumping and ran ashore at Acapulco Bay, where she 
sank soon after the passengers had been removed. Crossing the Isthmus the 
party sailed for New York and thence home by rail after an absence of about 
three j^ears. 

Married in Elyria, Ohio, October 31, 1835, BETSEY WILCOX, born March 
21, 1807, in Cornwall, Conn.; died December 16, 1891. 


533 Mary Delia Ahhe, b. April 3, 1837 ; m. John Taylor. 

534 Horace Ahle, b. Nov. 24, 1840; m. Mary Ann Elizabeth Aston. 

Norman Ahhe, b. March 19, 1842, b. and resided in Elyria, Ohio ; d. there Feb. 28, 
1907. He was a farmer and was associated with his brother Horace in managing 
a large farm for the breeding of imported Hereford cattle and Cotswold sheep. 
Married Mabel Taylor. No children. 

535 George Ahhe, b. Sept. 30, 1843; m. (1) Mary Gay; (2) Mrs. Lila L. (Brown) 

Abbe; (3) Charity Mendenhall. 
John Ahhe, b. Dec. 30, 1845, in Elyria, Ohio; d. Nov. 11, 1876, at Bazine, Kans. 
Resided in Elyria and worked his father's farm until 1870, then went to SaUna, 

Kans., later to Bazine, Kans. Married at Salina, Sept. 20, , Lila L. Brown, 

b. 1855. She later m. his brother George, as second wife. Children of John 
Abbe. b. in Bazine, Kans : i. Eleazer, b. Sept. 4, 1875, lives in Salem, Ore. ; 
ii. John Edward, b. March 10, 1876, lives in Salem. 

160 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

292. LUTHERo ABBE, son of AbeP and Minerva (Bingham) Abbe, born 
August 5, 1810 (or 11), in New York State; died June 5, 1850 (or 51), in 
Amherst, Oliio. He was a mason by trade and lived on a farm in Amherst. 

Married at Amlierst, December 31," 1834, LUCY ALLEN, born July 18, 1814, 
in Orleans County, Vt. ; died August 31, 1890, at New Erie, or Elyria, Ohio. 
She was the daughter of Reuben Allen, a pioneer of Loraine County, Ohio, and 
went with her parents to Loraine County about 1820. She married (2) William 
Burrows and lived in Geneva, Ohio, for many years. 

Children, torn at Amherst 

Rosaline Alley, b. Oct. 9, 1835 ; d. Dec. 9, 1876, in Nashville, Tenn. She attended 
school in Oberlin, Ohio, and taught in Elyria before her marriage. Married Oct. 
31, 1861, George E. Taylor, who d. in Texas. He taught school and had a 
grocery in Cleveland, studied medicine and went to Texas. Children, b. in the 
later sixties : i. Luna Belle, d. Nov. 9, 1874 ; ii. Lutie Percy, d. April 22, 1881. 

536 Roland Q. Alley, b. Nov. 22, 1839 ; m. Angehne Rice. 

537 Arthur Alel Alley, b. Nov. 3, 1842; m. Emma Gilmer. 

Andrew M. Alley, b. April 15, 1846; d. March 15, 1882; not m. He went to 
California in 1868 and resided in Stockton until his death. 

293. MATILDA" ABBE, daughter of AbeP and Miriam (Bingham) Abbe, 
born June 11, 1813, in Broome County, N. Y. She lived in Cleveland, Ohio, about 
1844, later in Dover and Elyria, Ohio. Died in Elyria, August 11, 1891. 

Married (1) January 1, 1835, ARNOLD EMMONS, born 1811; died January 
2, 1842. 

Married (2) GEORGE B. HARVEY, born 1818; died October 21, 1850, in 
California. He was living in Cleveland about 1844, went with Eleazer Abbe 
to California. He was a machinist by trade. 

Married (3) September 24, 1859, CHRISTIAN SHOEMAKER, born 1801; 
died December 27, 1873, in Elyria, Ohio. His first wife was Harriet Barnum. 

Children ly first husland 

Angeline M. Emmons, b. 1836 ; d. Jan. 18, 1875, in Elyria, Ohio ; m. J. B. Faith. 

Child : Louisa, b. May 26, 1870 ; d. Dec. 14, 1876, in Columbus, Ohio. 
Thaddeus Emmons. Went to North Dakota ; m. Belle , Son, Oliver K., 

now in U. S. Navy. 
Caroline A. Emmons, b. May 23, 1839 ; d. Feb. 25, 1840. 
Philo Emmons, h. June 16, 1841 ; d. April 5, 1842. 

Child hy second marriage 
Orlando F. Harvey, b. Nov. 11, 1846 ; d. Aug. 21, 1847. 

294. SAMUEL« PALMER, son of Elnathan^ and Jemima (Strong) Palmer, 
born in Deering, N. H., February 13, 1799; died in Grafton, Mass., whither he 
had removed from Deering a few years before his death. Farmer. 

Married in Deering, RHODA CHASE, born in London, April 13, 1805; died 
in Worcester, Mass., March, 1900. 

Isaac D. Palmer. 
Alfred Palmer. 
Alvida Palmer. 
538 Le_mPa?mcr, b. March 5, 1830 ; m. (1) Frances Hildreth ; (2) Mary Hoyt. 
William Palmer. 
EUzaleth Palmer. 
Calista Palmer. 
Louisa M. Palmer. 
Amentha C. Palmer. 
Minerva C. Palmer. 

Sixth Generation 161 

295. POLLY« PALMER, daughter of Levi^ and Elizabeth (Cone) Palmer, 
born December 3, 178G; died Marcli 7, 1859, in Lima, N. Y. 

Married March 29, 1807, LORD STERLING, born April 3, 1780, in Sterling 
City, Conn.; died Februaiy 11, 1866. He was son of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Perkins) Sterling of Lyme, Conn. He removed from Lyme to Pitcher, Chenango 
County, N. Y., in 1811, and about 1835, went to Lima, Livingston County, N. Y. 
He was a farmer. At the first town-meeting held in Pitcher, he was elected 
pound-master and one of the three fence-viewers. 

Children, first three horn in Lyine, Conn., othcis in Chenango County, N. Y. 

539 Mary Ann Stei-Ung, b. Nov. 23, 1807 ; m. Austin Peirce. 

540 Samuel Levi Sterling, b. May 12, 1809 ; m. Lucinda Chester Forsyth. 

541 Ellen Elizabeth Sterling, b. Nov. 2, 1810 ; m. Lord Sterling. 

542 Oliver Lord Sterling, b. Sept. 29, 1812 ; m. Jane Louisa MacWhorter. 

543 George Stow Sterling, b. April 15, 1815; m. (1) Martha Ann Backus; (2) Emily 

Asenath Carter. 

544 Hannah Sterling, b. Feb. 3, 1817 ; m. Adoniram Sterling. 

545 Sarah Wakeley Sterling, b. Dec. 9, 1819 ; m. Worthy Stevens Streator. 

Harriet Ann Sterling, b. Nov. 9, 1821 ; d. March, 1905, in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Married Sept. 3, 1857, Ely Phelps, b. Feb. 28, 1809, son of Aaron and EKzabeth 
(Bassett) Phelps of East Granby, Conn. Farmer in Lima, N. Y., and d. there, 
Nov. 19, 1873. Child : Flora, b. Sept. 9, 1860 ; resides in Chicago. 

546 James Monroe Sterling, b. April 3, 1824 ; m. Helen M. Eldridge. 

547 Esther Maria Sterling, b. Feb. 5, 1826 ; m. Henry C. Phelps. 

548 Theressa Caroline Sterling, b. June 25, 1828 ; m. Francis Henry Barnard. 

296. HEZEKIAH« BURNHAM, son of Nathaniel and Mary^ (Abbey) Burn- 
ham, born June 28, 1780; died October 17, 1828. Resided at East Hartford, 

Married December 10, 1809, SARAH B. MILLER, daughter of Amariah Miller, 
born November 15, 1784; died November 19, 1863. 


Sarah H. Burnham, b. Sept. 28, 1810 ; d. Oct. 1, 1872 ; m. June 25, 1849, Ralph H. 

Emeline R. Burnham, b. May or March 12, 1813 ; d. Sept. 7, 1864 ; m. Sept. 30, 
1841, as his second wife, Andrew Huntington Wing, b. Dec. 21, 1813 ; d. near 
Helena, Mont., Dec. 15, 1873. He was son of Silvanus and Anna (Smith) Wing 
and m. (1) Elizabeth Dunham, He went to St. Louis and resided there from 
1842 to 1868, acting as mail agent at St. Louis under Pierce and Buchanan. 
He removed to Montana in 1868 and owned a ranch at a crossing of the Ten Mile 
near Helena. Children, b. at St. Louis : i. Sarah L., b. Aug. 10, 1843, d. at East 
Hartford, Dec. 21, 1846 ; ii. George F., b. Oct. 27. 1844, d. at St. Louis, March 
29, 1845 ; iii. Harriet E., b. March 26, 1846, d. Sept. 10, 1862 ; iv. NelUe L., 
b. April 19, 1848 ; v. Kate F., b. Dec. 28, 1849, d. at St. Louis, Sept. 25, 1862 ; 
vi. Charles H., b. Sept. 6, 1851. 

Hezekiah M. Burnham, b. Nov. 19, 1815; m. Sept. 22, 1845, Eleanor R. Upson, 

Harriette R. Burnham, b. March 16, 1818. Married as his second wife, July 1, 
1847, George Smith Phelps, b. at East Hartford, Jan. 22, 1821, son of Henry and 
Sarah (Whiting) Phelps; Uved later in St. Paul. He m. (1) Abigail Stevens 
by whom he had one child, Abbie. Children of Harriette Burnham : i. George 
Henry, b. Feb. 3, 1849, d. March 16, 1849 ; ii. Henry HoweU, b. April 8, 1850, 
d. April 5, 1880, m. Feb. 12, 1879, Jennie Bacon. 

Elvira M. Burnham, b. July 1, 1820 ; d. Dec. 4, 1875 ; m. Feb. 22, 1865, Captain 
Francis Risley. 

Julia S. Burnham, b. Feb. 6, 1823; d. Sept. 22, 1860; m. Oct. 12, 1842, Nathan C. 

Edwin F. Burnham, b. May 17, 1825 ; lived at Burnside, Conn. Married Dec. 10, 
1865, Jane Fowler, b. March 30, 18.34. Children: 1. (son), b. and d. Sept, 1, 
1868 ; ii. Frank E., b. Aug. 9, 1870, 


162 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

297. DAVID ABBEY" DEMING, son of David and Anna^ (Abbey) Deming, 
born in East Hartford, Conn.; baptized November 17, 1782; died there April 
23, 1857. He was a wheelwright and carriage maker. 

Married September 14, 1808, CHLOE OLMSTEAD, baptized April 20, 1788; 
died in East Hartford, February 16, 1867. She was daughter of Asahel and 
Naomi (Loomis) Olmstead. 

** Children, torn at East Hartford 

Henry Olmstead Deming, b. July 11, 1809 ; d. in East Hartford, Nov. 11, 1874. 
He was a butcher in East Hartford. Married May, 1841, Abby Francis Daggett, 
b. March, 1821, daughter of Robert and Mary (Bolton) Daggett; d. May 21, 
1887. Child : Richard Henry, b. Aug. 24, 1842, in Providence, R. I., where he 
is a cotton buyer ; served in the Ci\al War as Sergeant of the 1st Regiment 
Rhode Island Volunteers under Colonel Burnside, later as 1st Sergeant of 
Battery D, 1st Rhode Island Artillery and became Major on the staff of 
General W. R. Walker ; was four years a member of the City Council of Provi- 
dence, has served as Chairman of the Park Commission for ten years and on the 
Pohce Commission ; m. May 7, 1868, Sarah Potter Sweet, daughter of Matthew 
and Sarah S. (Potter) Sweet, b. Oct. 7, 1842, d. Dec. 7, 1891; had three 
children, born in Providence: (a) Henry Bolton, b. May 26, 1869, a cotton 
broker in Memphis, Tenn., who m. (1) June 15, 1892, Antoinette Brayton, 
daughter of Charles B. and Antoinette (Belden) Brayton, b. June 28, 1869, 
d. April 13, 1893, by whom he had one son, Percival Brayton, b. April 6, 1893, 
m. (2) Nov. 14, 1894, Elizabeth Saunders, daughter of Dudley D. and Mary 
Ehzabeth (Wheatley) Saunders, b. Nov. 14, 1872, and has one child, Richard 
Henry, b. June 4, 1900; (b) Maude Sweet, b. Nov. 4, 1870, m. Oct. 7, 1896, 
Joseph A. Fowler; (c) Grace Margarite, b. Aug. 16, 1872, m. Dec. 18, 1895, 
Howard Greene. 

Junius F. Denning, b. July 11, 1812 ; d. in Portland, Maine. He was engaged in 
the pottery business in Hartford and in Portland. Married in New Haven, 

Conn., Jan. 20, 1835, Ceciha Watrous. Children: i. Eleanora, m. (1) 

Williams, from whom she was divorced, m. (2) , resides in San Francisco; 

ii. Charles. 

Horace Pitkin Deming, b. Jan. 1, 1815 ; d. in Winsted, Conn., March 2, 1903. He 
learned the trade of plane-making and resided in Pine Meadow, Lime Rock, and 
Winsted, Conn., and in 1849-50, in Manchester, 111. Married in Hartford, Nov. 
26, 1837, Clarissa Mygatt, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Chapman) Mygatt, 
b. March 28, 1815 ; d. Nov. 1, 1902. Children : i. Emma Loomis, b. in Sandis- 
field, Mass., Sept. 2, 1838, d. March 18, 1875, m. Sept. 30, 1856, Joseph Sharpe 
Vibbert ; ii. Horace, b. May 10, 1840, d. June 28, 1840 ; iii. Sarah Louise, b. in 
Pine Meadow, Aug. 19, 1841, resides in Norfolk, Conn., m. June 15, 1870, Edmund 
Clark Stevens ; iv. Martha Olmstead, b. Feb. 25, 1850, in Manchester, lU., 
resides in Winsted, Conn., m. Dec. 25, 1876, George William Utton ; v. Roland 
Clarence, b. in Winsted, June 8, 1852, d. in Torrington, Conn., Oct. 1, 1890, 
where he was a druggist, m. June 24, 1872, Phebe Ann Utton, daughter of 
Joseph H. and Althina (Baker) Utton, b. March 18, 1855, had three children, 
Grace, b. Sept. 7, 1873, d. Sept. 11, 1874, Bessie, b. May 18, 1875, d. Aug. 26, 
1875, and Harry Roland, b. July 8, 1876, resides in Boston. 

298. TIM0THY6 DEMING, son of David and Anna^ (Abbey) Deming, born 
February 13, 1788, at East Hartford, Conn.; died there, August 14, 1879. 
He was a manufacturer of knife-straps. He served in the War of 1812 as a fifer 
in Captain Amherst Reynolds' Company. 

Married (1) November 19, 1808 (or 9), OLIVE TREAT, daughter of Matthias 
and Trypbena (Risley) Treat, born October 29, 1786; died April 19, 1818, in 
East Hartford. 

Married (2) November 22, 1825, ELIZA WING, daughter of Sylvanus and 
Anna (Smith) Wing, born September 12, 1802; died in East Hartford, July 
15, 1886. 

Children "by first wife 

Edwin Deming, b. June 12, 1810 ; d. in East Hartford, June 19, 1877 ; m. Oct. 15, 
1838, Ann Sage, daughter of Elisha and Harriet ( ) Sage, b. Sept. 15, 1813 ; 

d. July 6, 1873. No children. 

Sixth Generation 163 

Eliza Deming, b. Jan. 15, 1813; d. May 3, 1876; m. Oct. 23, 1833, Eloazar P, 

Sarah Beming, b. July 25, 1815; resided at Elizabeth, N. Y.(?) ; m. Sept. 8, 1834, 

Griswold Wright. 
Olive Deming, b. March 23, 1818; d. Feb. 16, 1898; m. Sept. 7, 1841, EUsha 

Eggleston Sage. 

Children by second wife 

Charles Deming, b. Oct. 29, 1826; m. Harriet Baker. 

Lucius Deming, b. March 31, 1829, in East Hartford; d. in St. Louis, Mo., March 
25, 1880. He was a manufacturer of horse collars. Married Oct. 28, 1850, Mary 
Elizabeth Arnold, daughter of John and Mary (Burnham) Arnold, b. June 20, 
1828 ; d. Nov. 23, 1891, in East Hartford. Children, b. in St. Louis : i. Mary 
Eliza, b. Jan. 25, 1856, resides in Hartford, Conn., m. Sept. 5, 1875, Oliver 
Robison ; ii. Nellie Laurine, b. July 8, 1863, resides in Newington, Conn., not m. ; 
iii. Lucius Timothy, b. July 10, 1870, d. Dec. 14, 1898, not m. ; iv. Henry Arnold, 
b. July 13, 1859, d. aged ten years ; v. George Lucius, d. young ; vi. Annie, 
d. young. 

Hai-riet Deming, h. April 24, 1831 ; resided in St. Louis, Mo. ; m. WiUiam Lows. 

Mary Deming, b. Oct. 24, 1834 ; d. June 14, 1885 ; m. Dec. 29, 1862, Oliver Hurd. 

Antoinette Deming, b. Feb. 9, 1837 ; d. June 12, 1883 ; m. May 20, 1862, Franklin 
Green Comstock. 

Sylvanus Wing Deming, b. March 18, 1840; d. Sept. 2, 1843. 

John Wing Deming, b. May 2, 1845, in East Hartford; d. Feb. 22, 1896. Married 
March 12, 1875, Nina Weathers, daughter of William and Louisa J. ( ) 

Weathers, b. Sept. 21, 1849; d. in Roby, Texas. Children: i. Walter W., b. 
Dec. 17, 1875, d. March 8, 1881; ii. Clara L., b. June 30, 1877, d. July 22, 
1877 ; iii. Frederick C, b. November 18, 1879, d. March 1, 1881 ; iv. Mabel W,, 
b. June 14, 1882, d. June 16, 1884 ; v. J. Lawrence, b. May 20, 1885 ; vi. May, 
b. May 20, 1887. 

298a. HARRIET^ ABBEY, daughter of Theodore^ and Abigail (Porter) 
Abbey, boru in East Hartford, Conn., September 6, 1796; died in Cazenovia, 
August 19, 1885. She went with her parents to Cazenovia, N. Y., where she was 
adopted or brought up by Silas and Susan ( ) Weed, and is described as 
' ' a poor girl, brilliant and highly esteemed. ' ' 

Married September 15, 1824, LINUS MONTAGUE, born in Cazenovia, July 
22, 1799, son of Oreb and Lydia (Annis) Montague. He died February 15, 
1879., He was a farmer and was also engaged in the marble business and was an 
elder in the Presbyterian Church for many years. 


Richard Porter Montague, b. June 4, 1825 ; was living in Cazenovia in 1884 ; 
not m. 

Wilfred Weed Montague, b. Oct. 5, 1827, in Cazenovia. He left that place in 1840 
and was later in Penn Yan and Syracuse. About 1852 he went to California 
and was engaged in the hardware business with offices in San Francisco and 
New York. Married Aug. 14, 1862, Elizabeth Mary Southworth, a native of 
New York City. No children. 

Harriet Louise Montague, b. Nov. 24, 1832, in Cazeno\ia, N. Y. Joined the 
Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia 1852, dismissed in 1864. Married Sept. 11, 
1862, R. R. Robertson of Syracuse. Children : i. Lizzie Maud, b. June 22, 1863 ; 
ii. Wilfred Montague, b. March 31, 1865, lives in San Francisco ; iii. Hattie 
Louise, b. March 18, 1874, d. Aug., 1874. 

299. CHARLES" ABBEY, son of RusselP and Martha (Olmsted) Abbey, 
bom in East Hartford, Conn., March 6, 1798; baptized there July 7, 1799; 
died in Philadelphia, Pa., December 28, 1881. By an indenture of October 29, 
1816, his father bound him to learn a trade. In 1817 he settled in Philadelphia, 
Pa., where he engaged in business and founded the famous house of C. Abbey 
and Sons, manufacturers of gold foil and dental supplies. 

164 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married in Philadelphia, April 8, 1823, CATHERINE GARTLEY, born in 
Philadelphia, December 3, 1799; died there Jan. 1, 1873. 

Children, torn in Philadelphia 

William Russell Ahhey, b. June 14, 1825. He was in business in Philadelphia with 
his father and brothers. Married (1) in Philadelphia, April 23, 1850, Anna 
Marie Tittermay, who d. Sept. 23, 1870; (2) in Philadelphia, Jan. 15, 1873, 
Eleanor Donaldson Snyder. 

Matilda Ahhctj, d. May 4, 1853; m. April 23, 1850, Robert Watt Beatty of 

Catherine Gartleij Alley, d. May 7, 1883; m. April 26, 1883, William Ivins. 

Charles Olmsted Alley, b. Oct. 5, 1830; d. before 1896. He was in business with 
his father and brothers. Married in Philadelphia, Margaret Dale Lelar, who is 
living in Philadelphia. Children : i. Margaret Dale, b. April 22, 1860, m. April 
30, 1884, Kenneth M. Blackiston of Philadelphia; ii. Frank Benson, b. Nov. 26, 
1863, the present head of the firm. 

Oeorge Phelps Alley, b. Nov. 18, 1832. He was a dealer in hardware in 

Martha Olmsted Alley, b. Feb. 2, 1835 ; d. Dec. 26, 1893. 

Elizabeth Woodward Alley, b. Aug., 1838 ; d. Aug. 11, 1843. 

Harriett Alley, was living in Philadelphia in 1897 ; not m. 

300. ABIGAIL MAKERS« ABBEY, daughter of Jeduthan^ and Lucretia 
(Bement) Abbey, baptized at East Hartford, Conn., September 28, 1788; died 
at East Hartford, September 2, 1861, aged 73; buried there. 

Married HARRY ENSIGN, born about 1799; died April 21, 1869, or 1861. 
He was son of Moses and Jannet (Forbes) Ensign. 


Henry Ensign, b. at East Hartford, Nov. 5, 1825 ; d. at the Masonic Home in 
Wallingford, Conn., 1905, buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford. Married 
in Andover, Conn., Oct. 20, 1847, Lucy Harriet Arnold Daggett, b. in Coventry, 
Dec. 15, 1826, daughter of Isaiah and Harriet (Graves) Daggett. She d. at the 
Masonic Home in 1910, buried in Spring Grove Cemetery. Children, b. in 
Hartford: i. Frank Henry, b. April 7, 1852, d. in Hartford, March 17, 1887, 
m. in Kingston, N. Y., March 15, 1883, Catherine M. Smith, b. March 15, 1857, 
d. Jan. 31, 1912, had one son, Harry Smith, b. June 19, 1884, m. Fanny Charles, 
b. Sept. 25, 1884, and resides in Kingston ; ii. Rosa Lucy, b. Nov. 11, 1853, d. in 
Hartford, June 4, 1860; iii. Earl EngUsh, b. Sept. 5, 1857, d. in Hartford, 
Dec. 12, 1859. 

Eliza Ann Ensign (twin), b. Nov. 8, 1832; d. July 24, 1859, aged 27, buried in 

(twin), b. Nov. 8, 1832. 

301. ELIPHALET« ABBEY, son of Jeduthan^ and Lucretia (Bement) Abbey, 
born at East Hartford, Conn., 1792; baptized there November 3, 1793. Went 
to Andover, Tolland Coiinty, about 1818. 

Married at Andover, May 10, 1815, LYDIA BRUNSON, born in Vernon, Conn., 
October 28, 1797. 


Amanda Alley, b. in East Hartford, March 11, 1816 ; m. Stephen West. 

Zada Alley, b. March 29, 1817 ; m. Watson Rider of Coventry. 

Aligail Alley, h. in Andover, Feb. 22, 1819 ; d. March 11, 1819. 

Ed7mmd Alley, b. Feb. 24, 1820; d. March 1, 1820. 

Lueretia Alley, b. March 31, 1821 ; d. unm. 

Walter H. Alley, b. May 16, 1823, in Andover where he always lived. He was 
a carpenter and carriage-maker. He was m. three times, the last wife being 
Hattie Starkweather, daughter of Richard Starkweather. No children survived. 
In the Census of 1850 he is recorded with his wife Mary H., aged 22, b. in 
Connecticut, and son George W., aged 2, b. in Connecticut, residing in the town 
of Ellington. Walter Abbey of Andover m. in Bolton, June 26, 1853, Sarah M. 
Dorrance of Andover. 

Sixth Generation 165 

549 Eliphalet B. Alley, b. June 21, 1825; m. Emilv Jane Sanford. 
Oeoi-ge W. Alley, b. Sept. 24, 1827 ; d. April 20, 1832. 
Alhert Alley, b. Feb. 27, 1830; d. June 9, 1830. 

, b. Oct. 25, 1831 ; d. same day. 

, b. Jan. 15, 1833. 

, b. Oct. 24, 1835; d. Oct. 28, 1835. 

Lydia Maria Alley, b. June 17, 1837. 

302. EDMUND« ABBEY, son of Jeduthan^ and Lucretia (Bement) Abbey, 
baptized at East Hartford, Conn., May 22, 1796; died June 26, 1855; buried 
at East Hartford. In some of the papers pertaining to the settlement of his 
estate, he is called Edmund E. Abbey. Administration was granted August 
16, 1855, to his son, Edmund G. Abbey, who was also appointed guardian to 
George Francis Abbey, a minor. (Hartford Probate Records, 1854, page 420; 
1855, pages 74, 75; 63, pages 94, 95.) He was a shoemaker. 

Married HARRIET GAINES, born about 1799 ; died September 24, 1850, aged 
51; buried at East Hartford. She was the daughter of John and Mary 
(Bidwell) Gaines. 

Children, laptized at East Hartford 

Edmund Gaines Alley, b. June 2, 1822 ; d. Jan. 10, 1888, buried at East Hartford. 
Married Almira G. Risley, b. Jan. 25, 1834; d. Jan. 28, 1892, buried at East 
Hartford. She was the daughter of Eri and Chloe ( ) Risley. Children, 

buried at East Hartford : i. Rossiter Earl, b. Oct. 23, 1857, d. May 19, 1863 ; 
ii. Frederic E., b. Sept. 1, 1868, d. Jan. 5, 1869. 

Simon Bemont Alley, bapt. Sept. 3, 1824; d. Sept. 6, 1843, aged 19, buried at 
East Hartford. 

Harriet Alley, bapt. May 5, 1826. 

Allert (1) Alley, bapt. Aug. 30, 1827; d. Nov. 13, 1829, aged 2 yrs., 4 mos., 
buried at East Hartford. 

George Austin Alley, bapt. July 5, 1829; d. Dec. 30, 1835, aged 7 years, buried 
at East Hartford. 

Allert (2) Alley, bapt. Nov. 5, 1830; was li\-ing with his parents in East Hart- 
ford in 1850. 

Mary Ann Alley, bapt. Nov. 16, 1832 ; was living with her parents in 1850. 

Charles Alley, bapt. Oct. 11, 1835 ; d. Nov. 18, 1843, aged 8 years, buried at East 

George Fra)wis Alley, b. May 9, 1839 ; d. May 19, 1890, buried at East Hartford. 

Married Isabella . Child: Golden Pearl, b. 1876; d. Dec. 8, 1876, 

buried at East Hartford. 

303. ELIZUR'' ABBEY, son of Benjamins and Lois (Stocking) Abbey, born 
1780, probably at Chatham, Conn. ; died June 29, 1856. He was a farmer and 
ship-builder, with a shipyard on the Connecticut River between Siam Dock 
and the Gildersleeve shipj^ard. There he built thirty-five vessels, ranging from 
75 to 300 tons, the last being the Charles H. Northam in 1853. He also built 
ships in Middle Haddam, Conn., with his son for a time, and for a time in 
Georgia. In the War of 1812 he saw active sei-vice as Sergeant, August 18 
to 29, 1814, under Nathaniel Johnson, Commander; also Private at Saybrook, 
August 30 to October 25, 1814, Isaac Webber, Commander. He was commissioned 
by John Cotton Smith, Captain General and Commander-in-chief of Connecticut, 
as Captain on September 20, 1816, of the 1st Light Infantry, 20th Regiment, 
Connecticut Militia. This commission is now preserved by his grandson, Charles 
Pelton Abbey, who was a member of the same Regiment in the Civil War. 

Married December 12, 1807, BETSEY GILDERSLEEVE, born in Gildersleeve, 
Conn., April 23, 1783; died October 17, 1863; buried by her husband in the 
cemetery at Portland, Conn. She was the daughter of Philip and Temperance 
(Gibbs) Gildersleeve. 

166 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

550 Benjamin Alley, b. Sept. 27, 1809 ; m. Vienna Matilda Peltou. 

304. HENRY STEPHEN^ ABBEY, son of Benjamin^ and Lois (Stocking) 
Abbey, born in Portland, Conn., November 5, 1808; died in Akron, Ohio, 
October 25, 1873. At an early age he removed to Glastonbury, and in 1828 to 
Bristol, where he learned the clock-making business. After his marriage he 
removed to Buffalo, N. Y., two years later to Niagara Falls, finally settling 
in Akron, Ohio, in 1835. For two years he was employed in cabinet making 
in South Akron, then he started in the jewelry business. Mr. Abbey was a 
fine musician, organized and for many years conducted the Akron band; was 
an intelligent florist and established the pioneer greenhouse of the village; 
was a liberal promoter of all public improvements. He was a member and presi- 
dent of the Akron Gas Company, organized about 1855, and served on the 
village Council in 1856 and 1857. 

Married October 30, 1831, ELIZABETH SMITH of Torrington, Conn., who 
died July 1, 1874, aged 66 years, 9 months, and 25 days. 

Children (several died young) 

Henry Eugene Alley, b. in Akron, June 27, 1846; d. in New York City, Oct. 17, 
1896. He was a dramatic manager in Akron, New York and Boston, at one time 
manager of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. He m. (1) Kate 
Kingsley of Northampton, Mass., who d. in 1883, leaving two children, a son and 
a daughter; m. (2) in Boston, Sept., 1892, Florence Gerard, an actress. 

Ellen a. Alley (adopted), m. Oct. 30, 1868, S. E. Phinney, b. 1838, a shoe-dealer 
of Akron, and has two children. 

305. R0SWELL6 ABBEY, son of SamueP and ( ) Abbey, born 

on a farm near Amherst, Mass., January 20, 1789; died in Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 5, 1858. He left his father's home in Canandaigua, N. Y., about 1812; 
studied law in Albany and afterwards settled in New York City, where he was 
married. He was a merchant and later a type-founder in Pliiladelphia about 
1831. From 1844 to 1846 he resided in Baltimore but returned to Philadelphia, 
where he remained until his death. He was a man of artistic feeling and 
spent many a day at his easel. His talent was inherited by his son and from 
him it descended to his illustrious grandson, Edwin Austin Abbey. 

Married in New York City, July 8, 1817, ELIZABETH TRUSLOW, born in 
Durham, Conn., April 20, 1790; died in EUicott City, Md., July 27, 1863. She 
was the daughter of John and Patty (Wood) Truslow. John Truslow was 
born in Wales, September 15, 1751, and died in New York City, July 22, 1802; 
buried in Trinity Churchyard. 


Margaret Oillert (1) Alley, b. April 15, 1818; d. in New York City, Jan. 22, 

Julia Howell Alley, b. Jan. 4, 1820 ; d. in EUicott City, Md., Jan. 15, 1890 ; m. 

Oct. 15, 1839, Dr. Isaac J. Martin. 
Elizaleth (1) Alley, b. Jan. 12, 1822; d. in New York City, 1824. 
Elizabeth (2) Alley, b. April 6, 1824; d. Aug., 1870, in Ilchester, Md. ; not m. 
551 William Maxwell Alley, b. March 8, 1826; m. Margery Ann Kiple. 

Margaret Oillert (2) Alley, b. April 5, 1829; d. in Philadelphia, April, 1896; 

m. March 9, 1854, Louis Brown. 
Amanda Buckley Alley, b. March 17, 1831 ; d. in Philadelphia, 1832. 
Mary Jane Alley, b. Feb. 18, 1835; d. in Philadelphia, Feb. 24, 1896; not m. 

306. ANSEL^ ABBEY, son of Samuel^ and ( ) Abbey, born in 

New Hami:»shire; died in New Albany, Ind., April 28, 1831. He was a soldier 

Sixth Generation 167 

in the "War of 1812 and tlie following records of his service are found in the 
Minutes of the Council of Appointment, pages 1505, 1608, and 1811: Ansel 
Abbey, cornet, 1814, 12th regiment cavalry, composed of men from Ontario, 
Genesee, Niagara and Chautauqua Counties, N. Y. ; 2d lieutenant, 1815, Chau- 
tauqua County; captain, 1817, Ontario County. He had much artistic talent 
and was a painter by trade. In 1810 he was recorded as living in Genesee, N. Y. 
Married BERSHEBA MORGAN, seventh daughter of Colonel David and 
Tabitha (Collins) Morgan of Lima, N. Y., born in Brimfield or Springfield, Mass., 
August 22, 1790, or August 2, 1787; died January, 1870, in New Albany, Ind., 
where they lived after about 1816 or 1820. 

Children, eight, four of whom died young 

Thirza Ahhey, m. John Ealy of New Albany. One daughter who d. in infancy. 

WiUiam Hotve Cmjler Abhetj, b. March 17, 1813; d. in New Albany, Feb. 28, 1836. 
He was a painter by trade. Married Jan. 20, 1835, Mary Eliza Tucker of New 
Albany, who remarried. One daughter, Harriett Maria, b. Nov. 16, 1835, is still 
living in Belle\'ille, 111. She has lived in St. Clair County for the past seventy 

James C. Alley, b. April 16, 1817, or Oct. 2, 1823 ; d. at New Albany, May 16, 
1864 ; not m. He was a reporter during the Civil War. 

Mary Louise Alley, b. May 17, 1825 ; resides in Ventura, Calif., with her daughter. 
Married Simon Reilly. Children : i. Mary Lily, b. Sept. 13, 1849, lives in 
Ventura, m. Julius P. Bissell of Litchfield, Conn., and Fond du Lac, Wis., had 
seven children, all of whom d. young in Great Bend, Kans., except Minnie 
Herman, who m. Edward Carter, jr., and resides in Towanda, Pa. ; ii. Franklin D., 
b. Oct. 1, 1851, d. at San Antonio, Texas, Sept., 1873; iii. William Abbey, 
b. Oct., 1855, d. at LouisviUe, Ky., Oct., 1868. 

307. MARY« ABBE, daughter of John^ and Ruth (Risley) Abbey, buried in 
Cole Hill Cemetery in the north-west comer of the town of Brookfield, N. Y. 
Mentioned in her father's will, 1854. 

Married February 4, 1826, DAVID LOOMIS, born July 12, 1802, son of Israel 
and Eleanor (Cowles) Loomis. They were living in North Brookfield, N. Y., 
about 1871. He is buried in the Cole Cemetery, Brookfield. 


Lucy Ann Loomis, b. July 7, 1823 ; d. Dec. 27, 1839. 

Russell Loomis, b. Nov. 26, 1826; lived in North Brookfield; m. Nov. 2, 1848, 
Loverna Lawson. Children: i. Adnah, b. Nov. 2, 1849, d. Oct. 19, 1862; ii. 
Imogen, b. June 2, 1853, d. Aug. 28, 1862 ; iii. Alvin, b. Nov. 9, 1856 ; iv. Clara, 
b. Oct. 20, 1858, d. Sept. 2, 1862 ; v. Carrie, b. Feb. 22, 1862, lives in Penn Yan, 
N. Y., m. George Kelterer and has two daughters ; vi. Eugenie, b. Jan. 19, 
1864, lives in Waterville, N. Y., m. John Roshford and has two daughters ; 
vii. Minnie, b. Sept. 8, 1868 ; viii. Eunice, b. April 20, 1871, m. George Isaacs. 

David C. Loomis, b. Oct. 7, 1829; d. in North Brookfield, N. Y., April 6, 1869. 
He was a wagon maker in North Brookfield. Served in the Civil War for three 
years in the 114th Regiment. Married Martha M. Cheesboro. Children : i. 
EUa G., b. April, 1853, m. Adelbert Rice of Hamilton, N. Y. ; ii. Emma E., 
b. June, 1855, m. Fay Sawdy of Earhille, N. Y. ; iii. Meta E., b. 1858, d. aged 4 
years ; iv. Celia A., b. 1861 ; v. Calista. 

Warren C. Loomis, b. in North Brookfield, Oct. 27, 1834, and lives there; m. 
Mandane Dix. Children : i. Emerson, b. Aug. 12, 1859, m. May MiUer, and has 

children; ii. Elmer, b. Feb. 15, 1861, d. ; iii. Mary, b. Nov. 15, 1862, 

m. Gaylord Butler and has a son and daughter ; iv. Lena, b. Dec. 8, 1864, m. and 
has a daughter. 

Phila M. Loomis, b. in North Brookfield, Jan. 5, 1836. Married Nov. 9, 1870, 
Chester C. Risley, b. Feb. 1, 1834, son of Sylvester and Thankful (Smith) 
Risley ; d. Dec. 20, 1882. Children : i. Mary Louise ; ii. Norva Chester ; 
iii. John Milton. 

Orange E. Loomis, b. in North Brookfield, Nov. 14, 1840; d. in Hubbardsville, 
N. Y., June 10, 1907. He was a farmer and served in the Civil War for three 

168 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

years in the 114th Regiment, Company G. Married Nov. 17, 1868, Jennie Law- 
son of Smyrna, N. Y., who d. Oct. 22, 1907. Children, Uve in HubbardsviUe : 
i. Walter O., b. Oct. 21, 1870; ii. Fred H., b. April 8, 1873; iii. David S., 
b. Dec. 16, 1875, d. March 2, 1891 ; iv. Edwin L., b. July 2, 1882 ; v. Jennie A., 
b. Dec. 28, 1885, teacher. 
Eiram Looniis, b. in North Brookfield, Jan. 14, 1842. Farmer and hotel-keeper at 
the North Brookfield railroad station. Married (1) Amelia Ferris; (2) Lydia 
A. Ferris Knowles of Waterville, N. Y., b. July 7, 1850, d. May 12, 1902. 
Children, b. in North Brookfield : i. Jesse M., b. Nov. 2, 1874, d. May 27, 1905, 
m. July 4, 1895, Alma M. Austin ; ii. Frank H., b. July 15, 1876, d. Jan. 10, 
1889 ; iii. L. May, b. May 7, 1878, m. Oct. 25, 1894, Albert Ogden of Hubbards- 
viUe ; iv. Adna R., b. July 28. 1880; v. Hattie A., b. Feb. 5, 1882, m. Feb. 27, 
1903, Walter Bush; vi. Willie F., b. May 7, 1883, m. July 21, 1903, Elsa 
Van De Boe ; vii. Carrie, b. May 5, 1885, m. May 9, 1903, D. J. Ross; viii. 
Fannie, b. Oct. 22, 1886. 

308. ALLEN R." ABBEY, son of John^ and Ruth (Risley) Abbey, lived in 
Brookfield, N. Y. 

Married LOVISA LOOMIS, born November 2, 1800; died 1865, daughter of 
Israel and Eleanor (Cowles) Loomis of North Brookfield. 


Moses Alley, b. in Brookfield; m. (1) Charlotte Denison ; (2) Amelia Barber. 
No children. When a young man he went to Preston, Canada, where he was 
town magistrate for several years. He was drowned at the Pan-American 
Exhibition at BufPalo in 1902 by falling into a lagoon in the evening. 

Israel Alley, lived in Eaton, Madison County, N. Y. ; not m. 

309. HENRY" ABBEY, son of John^ and Ruth (Risley) Abbey, born and 
died at Sangerfield, N. Y. Died April 9, 1869 (?). He was mentioned in his 
father's will, 1854. 

Married ELECTA(?) HUBBARD, who died April 4, 1872. 


Hullard Alley, m. and had three children. 

Martin Alley (twin). 

Martha Alley (twin). 

Lucy Alley, m. Eastman and lived in Rochester, N. Y. 

MaryCi) Alley. 

Henry Alley, jr., d. Aug. 12, 1889. Married, as her second husband, March 19, 
1871, Phebe Ann Locke, b. in Sangerfield, N. Y., June 30, 1839, daughter of 
Rufus and Persis (Jewett) Locke. She m. (1) John O. Livermore, by whom 
she had two children, and (3) Charles A. Eastman, and resided at Oriskany 
Falls, N. Y. Child of Henry Abbey: Mattie E., b. Feb. 25, 1874, resides at 
Bouckville, N. Y., m. Jan. 23, 1892, Charles Henderson of Madison, N, Y., 
b. May 7, 1874, and has children, Emory, b. Aug. 22, 1893, Ernest, b. Dec. 10, 
1894, and Eari, b. Nov. 9, 1896. 

310. EDWIN« ABBEY, son of John^ and Ruth (Risley) Abbey. Farmer and 
hop-grower and dealer in hops in Sangerfield, N. Y. Died at Waterville, October, 
1885, and buried there. His will is recorded in Utica. He made deeds in Sanger- 
field as early as 1836. 



Mary Alley, d. before 1884 ; m. and had one son who is m. and has two children. 

Maria Alley, d. before 1884. 

Caroline Alley, m. Charles Goff, lived in Marshall, Oneida County, in 1884, and 

has five sons. 
Edwin Alley, jr., m. and had two daughters, both of whom are dead. He inherited 

his father's homestead in the town of Sangerfield, N. Y. 

Sixth Generation 169 

311. IRA« ABBEY, son of John^ and Ruth (Rislcy) Abbey, born in Sanger- 
field, N. Y. He lived for many years in North Brookfield, N. Y., removed late 
in life to Battle Creek, Mich., where he died. He was mentioned in his father's 
will, 1854. 

Married RHODA RHODES of North Brookfield. 

Lucinda Ahhey, m. William Hall. 
Amelia Abbey, lived in North Brookfield; m. Nathan Wheeler, Children: i. Ira, 

m. Emma Bond and had a son and a daughter ; ii. Willie ; iii. Lillie. 
Eleanor Abbey, m. Manthus Sattcrlee. Children: i. Marie, m. Herbert Babeock ; 

ii. Nelson ; iii. Willie ; iv. Berta ; v. Walter ; vi. Edith. 
Samuel Abbey, m. Mary Smith. Two adopted children: i. Mabel; ii. Lynn. 
Rosetta Abbey, m. J. Arthur Perry. Children: i. Lulu Enoch; ii. and iii. (twins) 

LiUa May and Rosa Maud. 
Lillie Abbey, m. C. Walter Carruth. Children: i. Irma ; ii. WiUiam ; iii. Ethel 


312. GEORGE" ABBEY, son of John^ and Ruth (Risley) Abbey, born in 
Sangerfield, N. Y. He was a farmer in Waterville, about 1869. 
Married JANE COWAN of Sangerfield. 

Isabella Abbey, m. Otis McCartney. 
Hattie Abbey, m. and has a daughter. 

George Abbey, jr., m. Cory and has two children. 

Allen Abbey, m. Wheat. Children: i. Edith; ii. Ada; iii. and iv. daughters. 

313. LATHROPs TREAT, son of Charles and Rachel^ (Abbe) Treat, born 
1788, in Glastonburjr, Conn.; died July 28, 1819, aged 31, at Savannah, Ga., 
of yellow fever. He was a sea-faring man. 

Married 1814, TALLATHA SEXTON, born April, 1776; died April 17, 1857. 
She was the daughter of George Sexton of Colchester, Conn. 

552 Harriet Elisabeth Treat, b. Jan. 21, 1815 ; m. Nelson Brigham PeUett. 

314. HORACE" TREAT, son of Charles and Rachel^ (Abbe) Treat, born 
July 4, 1790, in Glastonbury, Conn.; died December 3, 1821, of yellow fever, 
at Matanzas, Cuba. He was a sea-captain. 

Married POLLY BROOKS, who died April 7, 1870, aged 77; buried in the 
Central burying-ground, Glastonbuiy. 

Children, born in Glastonbury 

553 Horace Brools Treat, b. Oct. 15, 1816 ; m. Sarah Aurelia Glazier. 

Mary E. Treat, b. May 14, 1818; resided in Hartford; m. Noyes D. Brewster, 
b. Oct. 27, 1816, in Franklin, Conn. ; d. Jan. 11, 1873, in Hartford. Children, 
b. in Hartford : i. Martha D., b. May 2, 1841, d. Aug. 17, 1842 ; ii. FrankUn D., 
b. May 2, 1843; iii. James H., b. April 10, 1845, d. April 13, 1845; iv. 
Charies W., b. Sept. 12, 1846, d. Sept. 25, 1876, in Wallace, Kans. ; v. Lorena, 
b. Feb. 11, 1849, d. June 24, 1850 ; vi. Marcus, b. April 26, 1851 ; vii. Ferdinand, 
b. Feb. 2, 1855 ; viii. Alfred L., b. May 24, 1857 ; ix. Edwin C, b. Feb. 26, 1862, 
d. Nov. 30, 1886. 

Adeline Treat, b. May 1, 1820 ; d. Aug. 25, 1860, buried in Central burying-ground, 

Hosea Treat, b. March 3, 1822 ; d. Dec. 11, 1822. 

170 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

315. SOPHIA'^ TREAT, daughter of Charles and RaeheP (Abbe) Treat, 
born February 6, 1795, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died November 18, 1850, in South 

Married September 15, 1818, ISAAC COLLINS, who died December 20, 1838, 
in South Glastonbury. 

Children, horn in South Glastonbury 

Sophia Collins, b. June 11, 1820 ; d. March 15, 1860. 

Orrin T. Collins, b. Jan. 3, 1823. Removed in 1841 to East Hartford, and in 1855 
to Westfield, Bureau County, 111., later going to Peru, LaSalle County, 111. He 
was president of the Peru Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company for a number 
of years. Married Nov. 24, 1846, Charlotte O. Pitkin, b. Aug. 4, 1821, d. May 7, 
1878, daughter of George and Parmela ( ) Pitkin of East Hartford. 

Children, first three bom at East Hartford, others in lUinois : i. George Pitkin, 
b. July 2, 1851, is a farmer in Holstein, Ida County, Iowa, m. Dec. 31, 1874, 
Emma HoUer, daughter of Philip Holler of Dimmock, LaSalle County, lU., 
has two sons and two daughters ; ii. Lottie Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1853, m. 
Nov. 18, 1873, Amasa Rose, a farmer, who went to Kansas in 1871 and resides 
at Yates Centre, Woodson County, has three children, Mabel Bray, Orrin Collins, 
and Ethel ; iii. Sophia Treat, b. July 30, 1855, resides in Peru ; iv. Charles 
Pitkin, b. Dec. 16, 1856, resides in Peru, m. July 5, 1882, Emma Birchenough, 
daughter of George Birchenough of Peru, had three children, b. in Westfield, 111., 
Frances, b. July 3, 1883, Walter George, b. June 17, 1886, and Emma, b. Nov. 
16, 1888 ; V. Laura Cowles, b. Sept. 20, 1858, resided in Chicago. 

Emily Mariah Collins, b. Oct. 20, 1824 ; d. Aug. 3, 1848. 

Lavinia Collins, b. Aug. 8, 1826 ; d. Feb. 22, 1832. 

Lwdia Ann, b. Jan. 23, 1829 ; d. Oct. 12, 1873. 

316. CHARLES" TREAT, JR., son of Charles and Rachel^ (Abbe) Treat, 
born October 27, 1801, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died January 17, 1867, in Hart- 
ford, Conn. He was a sea-faring man. 

Married April 20, 1828, MATILDA COOLY, born August 2, 1800, in Middle- 
town ; died July, 1890, in Hartford. 

Children, horn in Hartford 

Jane Rachel Treat, b. Dec. 19, 1828; d. Oct., 1887; resided in Hartford; m. 

Larkum and had a son Albert, b. Oct. 23, 1845. 

Julia Matilda Treat, h. Oct. 11, 1830 ; d. April 12, 1837. 

Lavina Treat, b. Sept. 12, 1832 ; d. Feb. 16, 1862. 

Ellen Elizabeth Treat, b. Nov. 23, 1834 ; d. Feb. 16, 1862. 

Nor^nan C. Treat, b. July 6, 1837. He was connected with the Pacific Railway 

Company and resided in Quincy, 111. Married 1863, in St. Joseph, Mo., Rose S. 

Trevor. Children : i. Albert Trevor, d. March 9, 1870, in Omaha, Neb. ; ii. 

Charles Norman, b. 1866 ; iii. Edward Ely, d. March 14, 1870, in Omaha ; iv. 

Rose Trevor, b. 1874. 

317. JULIUS« ABBEY, son of Reuben^ and Eunice (Goodale) Abbey, born 
about 1805; died about 1855. 

Married May 14, 1834, in Chester, Conn., LUCY A. LORD. She was living 
in Chester in 1860 with her two daughters and son James L. 


554 Oeorge Marshall Abbey, b. March 18, 1835 ; m. Lois Abigail Brooks. 
Ezra Fargo Abbey, b. Aug. 13, 1837 ; d. March 8, 1842. 

555 James Lord Abbey, b. Nov. 25, 1839; m. Jane Elizabeth (Watrous) Stark. 

556 Julia Emeline Abbey, b. Aug. 8, 1841 ; m. Charles Leonard Wight. 
Loren Edson (1) Abbey, b. Dec. 12, 1842; d. Jan. 19, 1844. 
Loren Edson (2) Abbey, b. May 12, 1845 ; d. June 17, 1854. 

557 Teresa Emogene Abbey, b. July 2, 1848; m. (1) Ferdinand Rockwell; (2) Julius 

Benjamin Spencer. 

Sixth Generation 171 

318. ANSON« ABBEY, son of Asaph^ and Ruth (Hollister) Abbey, born 
March 9, 1801, in Portland, Coun. ; died December 25, 1865. Removed to 
Wajaie County, Pa. 

Married CLARISSA TAYLOR of South Glastonbury, Conn., born May 16, 


558 Henry Augustus Ahhey, b. Oct. 12, 1823 ; m. Sarah Ann Morgan. 

559 Harriet Amelia Abbey, b. Oct. 1, 1825 ; m. Edwin Boll. 

Hancy Sophia Abbey, b. Nov. 1, 1827 ; d. July 20, 1871 ; m. Jan. 29, 1852, James 
R. Dayton of Portland, Conn. Children : i. James Mortimer, m. and lives in 
Detroit, Mich. ; ii. Harry Anson, lived in Chicago, d. . 

560 Julia Ann Abbey, b. Nov. 16, 1829 ; m. Andrew Spangenburg. 

561 David Taylor Abbey, b. May 28, 1832 ; m. Lucina Andrews. 

562 Russell Pelton Abbey, b. Sept. 23, 1834; m. (1) Mary J. Shepard ; (2) Harriet 

Victoria Violetta Abbey, b. Sept. 20, 1840; d. Jan. 5, 1845. 

563 Ralph Goodrieh Abbey, b. Feb. 7, 1842 ; m. Ruby Ann Wilcox. 

564 Anna Mary Abbey, b. Jan. 13, 1844; m. (1) William James; (2) Albert Allen. 

565 Lucy Elizabeth Abbey, b. Aug. 11, 1846; m. (1) George W. Walker; (2) Jerome 

T. Stocker. 

319. PAMELIA'5 ABBEY, daughter of Asaph^ and Ruth (Hollister) Abbey, 
born July 19, 1802; lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and died there, June 27, 1879. 

Married at Portland, Conn., August 21, 1821, RUSSELL PELTON, born July 
20, 1803, at Chatham, Conn.; died in Brooklyn, Ohio, April 19, 1888. Son of 
Marshall and Betsey (Sage) Pelton of Portland. He was a farmer, lived in 
Chatham and Chester, Conn., where he worked a granite quarry; removed, in 
1835, to Brooklyn, Ohio. 

Children, born in Connecticut 

Emily Frances Pelton, b. Nov. 20, 1822 ; resided in Cleveland, Ohio, and d. there 
March 4, 1861; m. in Brooklyn, Ohio, July 3, 1848 (or 1838), Philo Chamber- 
lain of Cleveland. He was proprietor of the Northern Transportation Company, 
with twenty-one propellers, between Chicago and Ogdensburg, N. Y. They had 

eleven children, of whom were : Helen J. C, m. Butler and Uved in North 

Adams, Mass., in 1891 ; Lucy, m. Edward Childs, lived in Cleveland ; Fannie, 

m. Diefendorf, lived in Chicago ; Flora, m. Conover, lived in 

New York City. 

William Henry Pelton, b. Sept. 24, 1823; d. Oct. 23, 1823. 

Elizabeth A. Pelton, b. Dec. 17, 1824; resided in Brooklyn, Ohio, in 1888; m. in 
Brooklyn, Ohio, Dec. 3, 1840, Ozias Fish. They had four children of whom only 
one, Dwight, was Mving in 1878. He m. and had four children. 

Frederick William Pelton, b. March 24, 1827, in Chester, Conn. He served as 
Captain in the Civil War, was mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, and later county 
treasurer. Married, in Brooklyn, Ohio, Aug. 25, 1848, Susan Anna Denison, 
b. Aug. 8, 1829, in Richfield, Ohio, daughter of John B. Denison. Children : 
i. Elizabeth PameUa, b. June 13, 1849; ii. Lulu Ellen (or Lucy J.) b. Feb. 5, 
1852, m. Oct. 4, 1874, Arthur A. Wenham and lived in Cleveland ; iii. Clarence 
Frederick (twin), b. May 20, 1857, d. Dec. 3, 1857; iv. Clara Susan (twin), b. 
May 20, 1857, d. Dec. 25, 1857 ; v. Jennie Louise, b. June 28, 1860, d. June 10, 
1864; \i_ Emily Frances, b. Nov. 10, 1862, d. June 30, 1864; vii. Susie May, 
b. Sept. 19, 1866. m. Young. 

Ella J. Pelton, b. March 13, 1832 ; m. Dec. 18, 1855, Samuel Sears of Brooklyn, 

Ohio, where she resided in 1879. Children: i. Milly, m. Kitzhimer; ii. 

Rossie ; iii. Frederick S. 

Francis Sage Pelton, b. June 8, 1833, in Chester, Conn.; d. Nov. 2, 1876, in 
Cleveland, Ohio. He was owner of vessels. Married in Brooklyn, Ohio, Jan. 8, 
1854, Mary Knight, daughter of Moses N. Knight of Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Children : i. Cora B., b. Oct. 27, 18.54, m. Jewitt ; ii. RusseU K., b. 

Nov. 8, 1856, in or near Cleveland, Ohio, residetl later in Buffalo, N. Y., where 
he was engaged in the transportation business. He m. at Hudson, Ohio, Aug. 15, 
1877, LiUie B. Bouton, daughter of Charles Bouton of Hudson, and had three 
children: Helen Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1878; Charles Frederick, b. May 16, 1881, 
d. July 11, 1881, Roy Noyes, b. Feb. 25, 1890; iii. EUeu May, b. Oct. 13, 

172 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

1858, m. and lives in Cleveland ; iv. Mary F., b. May 21, 1862, m. Cogswell ; 

V. Noyes F., b. Aug. 27, 1865, d. Feb. 15, 1866 ; vi. Esther L., b. Nov. 1, 1867, m. 
and lives in Seattle; vii. Glenn W., b. Jan. 20, 1869, d. May 6, 1875; \dii, 
Clarence B., b. Aug. 19, 1870, d. May 9, 1875 ; ix. Emily G., b. Nov. 21, 1872, 

m. ; X. Francis Sage, jr., b. July 16, 1875, lives in Cleveland, Ohio, m. 

Arabella White, daughter of Charles and Ella Mary (Abbey) White (see number 
323) and has a son Charles Pelton ; xi. Lura A., b. May 27, 1877, d. Aug. 28, 

320. PRUDENCE MILLERS ABBEY, daughter of Asapli^ and Ruth (Hol- 
lister) Abbey, born March 18, 1811; died in Portland, Conn., February 19, 1851. 

Married December 18, 1833, EDWIN BELL, born at Gildersleeve, Conn., 
December 26, 1811, son of George and Anna (Crosby) Bell. He was a blacksmith 
at Portland and was also connected with quarrying. He married (2) Harriett 
A. Abbey, niece of Prudence M., by whom he liad children also (see number 559) 
and (3) in 1865, Delia M. White. 

Children of Prudence M. Abbey 

Isadore C. Bell, b. Oct. 17, 1835 ; resided in Akron, Ohio ; m. Henry Howe. Chil- 
dren, living in Ira, Ohio : i. Edwin Bell ; ii. Frank R. ; iii. Abbey. 

Abbeij A. Bell, b. Nov. 9, 1838, in Connecticut; d. Feb., 1866 or 7. Married in 
Akron, Ohio, April 15, 1865, Reuben (or Lyman) Payne, b. Aug. 29, 1820, in 
Portland, Conn.; d. there Feb. 27, 1897; farmer and fruit grower. He m. (1) 
Mary Norton Clark, by whom he had three children. Child of Abbey A. Bell: 
Dwight J., b. Aug. 21, 1866, in Portland, Conn. ; educated at high schools in 
Penfield HiU and Portland and business college ; lives in Kalamazoo, Mich. ; 
manufacturer of hammock chairs and folding furniture. Dwight J. Payne, m. 
June 12, 1889, Ella L. Parmalee, b. May 20, 1868, daughter of Wilbur Fiske 
and Lodisca Clarinda (Blatchley) Parmalee. Wilbur Fiske Parmalee is inventor 
of reclining and folding chairs and many other specialties. Children of Dwight J. 
Payne : i. Reuben B., b. April 10, 1890, d. Aug., 1892 ; ii. Wilbur B., b. Nov. 24, 
1891 ; iii. Kenneth M., b. Sept. 12, 1893 : iv. Gabriella, b. Sept. 8, 1897. 

Sarah Jane Bell, b. May 9, 1841 ; d. Nov. 13, 1854. 

Anna Mary Bell, b. March 20, 1843 ; d. Dec. 9, 1843. 

Ch-ove L. Bell, b. Oct. 11, 1844 ; d. Dec. 3, 1863, at Stephenson, Ala., a soldier in 
Company D, 20th Connecticut Volunteers. 

Rosalie Bell, b. Feb. 8, 1847 ; d. March 13, 1847. 
566 Edicin Irving Bell, b. Sept. 17, 1848; m. (1) Hettie M. Cooper; (2) EUzabeth 

321. SARAH ANN« ABBEY, daughter of Asaph^ and Ruth (Hollister) 
Abbey, born January 29, 1813; died October 5, 1907. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio. 


Julia Bartlett, d. ; m. Botsford of St. Louis. 

Mary Bartlett, d. 

Sarah Bartlett, m. George Baker of Cleveland. Children : i. Lettie, m. 

Villas, lives in Cleveland ; ii. George ; iii. Charles, lives in New York City, 
m. and has three children ; iv. Mae, lives in Cleveland. 

322. WILLIAM WARREN« ABBEY, son of Asaph^ and Ruth (Hollister) 
Abbey, born October 18, 1814. As early as 1840 he was Captain of a Rifle 
Company and he was instrumental in raising Company H of the 25th Connecticut 
Volunteers, serving a year at the front as Captain. He was living at South 
Glastonbury, in 1899; died November 9, 1902. 

Married (1) SOPHRONIA TRYON, born about 1816; died July 10, 1837, 
aged 21; buried in Portland, Conn. 

Sixth Generation 173 

Married (2) December 25, 1838, EMILY ANDREWS, born May 26, 1817; 
died October 13, 1848j daughter of Daniel and Laura (Stevens) Andrews of 
South Glastonbury. She is buried in Portland. 

Married (3) August 7, 1849, CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, born May 8, 1822. 

Child by first voife 

Sophronia Ahhcy, b. Feb. 4, 1837; m. March 27, 1855, William Wilfred West, 
b. Aug. 7, 1834, son of Brackett Mortimer and Mary Ann (Stocking) West of 
East Hampton, Conn. Children : i. Sylvester, m. and has two sons in Seattle ; 
ii. Lily. 

Children by second wife 

567 William Henry Abbey, b. Oct. 27, 1840 ; m. Josephine A. E. Smith. 

George Clark Abbey, b. Oct. 14, 1843; Hves in Brooklyn, Ohio; m. Mary Bartlett. 

Child : Bessie, m. . 

Julia Frances Abbey, b. Aug. 29, 1847 ; lives in Wells\iUe, Ohio ; m. John Catlett. 

Children, bving in Wells%'iUe : i. Albert, m. and has a child ; ii. Fred, m. , 

graduate of Harvard, lives in Seattle. 

Children by third wife 

Emily A. Abbey, b. Aug. 18, 1851 ; d. Nov. 17, 1851, buried in Portland. 
Frank R. Abbey, b. Sept. 20, 1852; d. Sept. 2, 1854, buried in Portland. 
Cora E. Abbey, b. July 18, 1854; m. Rowland HoUister, had one child, who died. 

Francis Ii". A66e!/, b. Sept. 20, 1856; d. ; m. Alice . Child: Fred, m. 

and has one child. 

323. GROVE NELSON^ ABBEY, son of Asaph" and Ruth (Hollister) Abbey, 
born August 19, 1818, in Glastonbury, Conn. ; died June 24, 1882, in Chicago. 
Aboi;t 1870 lie went to Chicago and made investments which were destroyed 
by the Chicago fire. 

Married November 4, 1844, SARAH GOODALE, born November 6, 1821, in 

Northampton, Mass., daughter of Eli and Lovina (Welch) Goodale. She lived 

in Chicago after his death. 

Ch ildren 

Ella Mary Abbey, b. June 5, 1846; lives in Portland, Conn.; m. Charles White. 

Children : i. Mabel, m. Ensinuiger, resides in Oak Park, 111., has children ; 

ii. Maud, m. Bruce, has children ; iii. Arabella, m. Frank Sage Pelton, 

jr., resides in Cleveland, Ohio, has a son, Charles (see number 319) ; iv. Bertha, 

m. and Hves in Chicago ; v. Ida, hves in Portland. 
Lucy Emily Abbey, b. Aug. 18, 1853 ; d. Aug. 7, 1854. 
Jane Bell Abbey, b. Oct. 1, 1855 ; resides in Chicago ; not m. 
Grove William Abbey, b. Sept. 15, 1860 ; resides in Omaha ; not m. 

324. ABNER" PELTON, son of Abner and Sarah^ (Bidwell) Pelton, born 
April 15, 1781, at Portland, Conn.; died there December 20, 1841. He was a 
farmer and shoemaker in Portland. 

Married (1) in Portland, May 24, 1801, ESTHER HAMLIN, died July 13, 
1833, daughter of Charles Hamlin of Middletown, Conn. 

Married (2) November 28, 1833, MRS. SOPHRONIA (STRONG) WHIT- 
MORE, daughter of Demas Strong of Middleto'wn. 

Children by first wife, born in Portland 

568 Ebenezer Brown Pelton, b. April 22, 1802; m. (1) Prudence Gertrude Penfield ; 

(2) Sophia Northam. 

569 Charles Hamlin Pelton, b. June 13, 1805; m. (1) Frances Matilda Graves; (2) 

Emily HaU. 

570 Hezekiah Goodrich Pelton, b. May 8. 1806 ; m. EHzabeth Ann Penfield. 

Sarah Bidwell Pelton, b. Oct. 1, 1809 ; hved in Portland and d. there Dec. 11, 1871. 
Married Jan. 1, 1828, Henry ConkUn, son of Isaac and Harriet C. ( ) Conldin 

174 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

of Portland. Children : i. Alfred H., d. Feb. 9, 1853 ; ii. Sarah Malvina Parker, 
resided in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Vienna Matilda Pelion, b. Feb. 13, 1813; lived in Portland; m. Dec. 26, 1833, 

Benjamin'7 Abbey, see number 550. 
Amos Pelton, b. May 13, 1815 ; farmer ; resided in Effingham, 111. Married 1859, in 
Summit County, Ohio, Mary Hopkins, daughter of John Hopkins of Rhode Island. 
No children. 
571 William Clark Pelton, b. Aug. 13, 1817 ; m. Hannah E. Hopkins, 

325. DAVID« ABBEY, son of Jonathan^ Abbey and Mrs. Lucy (Knox) 
Robbins), born in Ashford, Conn., February 8, 1779; died in Watkins, N. Y., 
October 7, 1863. He lived for a time in Ulster County, N. Y. ; was one of 
the school commissioners appointed at the first town meeting in Olive, 1824; 
inspector of schools; Lieutenant, 1811, and Captain, 1812, in Ulster County 
militia; Major in 1819 and resigned in 1820. 

Married April, 1803, NANCY FARNHAM, born October 22, 1784; died 
March 23, 1855. 


572 "Newman Ahhcy, b. Sept. 3, 1804; m. Harriet Van Wagoner. 

573 Jonathan Edwards Aibey, b. April 17, 1806; m. (1) Rebecca Hinman ; (2) Mrs. 

Indiana Day. 

574 Lucinda Ahhey, b. Aug. 1, 1808; m. Dr. Hervey Smith. 

Sarah Abbey, b. in Ulster County, Feb. 28, 1811; d. Nov. 19, 1865, at Rondout, 
N. Y. Married Feb. 14, 1832, George North, b. July 4, 1809 ; d. May 28, 1879. 
No children. 

David Avery Abbey, b. in Ulster County, April 6, 1813 ; d. Dec. 6, 1865. He was 
graduated from Yale, A.B. 1838 ; was a Presbyterian minister, held pastorates in 
Ulster County, Appalachin, Tioga County, and Dresden, N. Y. Married Oct. 24, 
1844, Blandina Magdalen Brodhead, b. 1817 ; d. July 9, 1891. Child : EUzabeth, 
b. Sept. 26, 1846, d. Aug. 2, 1879, unm. 

575 Tyler Hovey Abbey, b. May 8, 1815 ; m. Julia Ann Whitney. 

576 Horatio Gates Abbey, h. AY)nll2, 1818; m. (1) Nancy Maria Young ; (2) Cordelia 


577 Alonzo Judson Abbey, b. March 1, 1825; m. (1) Margaret Rutledge; (2) Mary 

Elizabeth Topping. 

326. SARAH« (or SALLY) ABBEY, daughter of Jonathan^ Abbey, 3d, and 
Mrs. Lucy (Knox) Robbins, born August 1, 1784, in Ashford, Conn.; recorded 
there; died in Mason ville, N. Y., 1829. Most of her married life was spent 
in or near Guilford, N. Y., but in her last years she removed to Masonville. 
There are extant several of her letters to her children, now in the possession 
of Mrs. Dora Walker, Mrs. Josiah Still and Mr. Edwin W. Burch. They are 
wonderful letters in point of the extreme poverty that seems to have been her 
lot, and 5^et the fortitude and Christian hope in which she lived are no less 
wonderful. Some of her older children had gone out to Chautauqua County, 
a son had established himself there and some of his sisters had gone out there 
to work in the families of former neighbors who had moved to near Westfield. 

Married JOHN BROWN. He died in 1827 or 1828. A family tradition says 
he was lost at sea. 

Children, believed to be a complete list, although dates of birth are not known, and order 

is uncertain 

Lucy Brown, b. early in 1804 ; d. 1822 ; not m. 

Hannah Maria Brown, d. in 1839; m. (1) Piatt Elliott, who d. two weeks after 
the birth of their daughter, Lucy, who m. B. J. Johnson, the famous soap manu- 
facturer of Milwaukee, Wis. Married (2) William F. Elliott, not related to her 
first husband. They had two children, the first d. in infancy but the second, Frank, 
m. twice and some of the family are said to live at Otto, N. Y. 


Sixth Generation 175 

578 Jonathan Brown, b. Feb. 8, 1805 ; m. Mary Burrows. 

David Broun, m. Sarah Bi-own, who, although of the same name, was of no relation 
to him. Children : i. Margaret ; ii. Robert. 

579 Catharine Brown, b. Aug. 1, 1809; m. Caleb A, Hulbert. 

Polly Ann Brown, m. Ora Windsor. Children: i. Lucy, lived at Manston, Wis.; 
ii. Jirah (a sou) ; iii. Jason; iv. Chauncey, soldier in the Civil War, at first in 
the 6th Wisconsin Regiment, later transferred to the artillery service in a Rhode 
Island Battery, was severely wounded in battle. Married and had two children, 
both of whom are now dead. 

Belinda Brown, d. in 1841 ; m. Constant B. Allen. Children : i. Dan Brown, resides 
in 1915 at Otto, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. ; ii. Esther Maria, m. Dr. Pool, and 
perhaps lives in Buffalo. 

580 Miriam A. Brown, b. Feb. 11, 1858 ; m. Hall Chase Chandler. 

581 Nancy L. Brown, b. Aug. 25, 1822 ; m. Ezra Westcott. 

Newman Alheij Brown, b. 1824; d. in California about 1900; m. Eliza A. Whitman. 
Children : Three who d. young and a fourth, b. and d. on the voyage from New 
York to California, around Cape Horn. 

He possessed unusual ability as a salesman and was the owner of two very 
successful stores, one in Madison and one in Boscobel, Wis. Trips to buy goods 
in these early days required a long time, and once when in New York City, where 
he had gone to purchase goods, he chanced to consult a fortune teller, who used 
cards. After shuffling the cards she told him there had been or was to be a death 
in his family. Shuffling them a second time she told him the same thing. After 
shuffling the third time, she said nothing but the expression on her face frightened 
him, and he entered upon the journey back to Wisconsin as soon as possible. 
Upon his arrival he learned that one of his children had died on a certain Wednes- 
day and was buried the following Friday ; a second child had died on the following 
Wednesday and had been buried the Friday following ; the third child had died 
shortly before his arrival and was ready for burial. 

This experience shortly thereafter affected his mind so that his business could not 
be properly carried on and he lost both stores. After a time, with the approval of 
his faithful wife, he decided to go to California and take up life anew. They 
sailed from New York Harbor around Cape Horn. There was born to them on 
the journey another child, but it died almost at birth and was buried at sea. 
Arriving in California, the change, for a time, seemed to be beneficial to him. 
With his limited capital he would buy the entire outfit of city trucksters, and, with 
his native ability to sell things, would retail it always at a profit. But as time 
went on, he consulted mediums and various kinds of fortune tellers who relieved 
him of much of his scanty means. After quite a long time he became unable to 
provide for his vsafe and she was obliged to return to her own family in the east. 
His latest years were passed with his mind entirely unbalanced. 

327. JOHN" ABBEY, son of Jonathan^ Abbey and Mrs. Lucy (Knox) Rob- 
bins, born November IS, 1789, in Ashford, Conn.; died October 5, 1841, at 
the home of his son, Stephen, in Rondout, N. Y. He was living near Rockdale 
on the Unadilla River about 1822. He had a first-rate team that was admired 
by everyone who saw it. Knowing about this team, the two Assemblymen of 
the vicinity engaged Mr. Abbey to take them from Unadilla to Albany, a 
distance of a hundred miles. On the day appointed Mr. Abbey met them at 
the village inn. When the hostler brought the team around to the door, and 
the party came out to start on their journey, the Assemblymen complained to 
Mr. Abbey about the general appearance of the turn-out. They said that the 
horses were fine, but the sleigh was a miserable, old-fashioned affair, and the 
harness was worse. "Well, gentlemen," said Mr. Abbey, "I am much mistaken 
if you are more ashamed of me along the road than I shall be of you when 
you get to Albany." 

Dominie Mason of Rondout liked a fine horse, and, knowing that John Abbey 
did too, drove up where he was standing one day, and said, ''There, Mr. Abbey, 
what do you think of my horse?" "I think," said Mr. Abbey, "that he is 
in strong contrast with the one your Master rode into Jerusalem on." 

Married CATHERINE NORTH, born 1789; died May 19, 1866. 

176 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 


582 David Ahley, b. Oct. 25, 1809; m. (1) Margaret Mary Adams; (2) Elizabeth 

Cornelia Adams. 

583 Lucy Alley, b. Dec. 3, 1811; m. (1) Zachariah Mosher North; (2) D. C. Crawford. 

584 /S7ep/ie/i A66e!/, b. March 13, 1814; m. Caroline Vail. 

585 Gordon Craig A66e2/, b. Dec. 14, 1816; m. Angeline Lynch. 

328. WALTER" GEER, JR., son of Walter^ and Lucy (Allen) Geer, born in 
Charlestown, N. H., January 9, 1792; died July 16, 1855. Resided in Glens 
Falls, N. Y., after 1828. He served in the War of 1812; was a prominent 
contractor and lumberman; member of the Assembly in 1837. 

Married in Northumberland, November 2, 1815, HENRIETTA VAN BUREN, 
born in Easton, N. Y., September 20, 1792, daughter of Martin VanBuren, a 
cousin of President VanBuren, and his wife Elizabeth Newell. 


Elizabeth VanBuren Geer, b. Jan. 29, 1817; d. 1886; m. Feb. 5, 1847, John 
Younglove. Child : Henrietta Marie, b. May 3, 1852, in Greenwich, N. Y., m, 
June 28, 1876, Charles Beebe, and has a son, Charles WiUiam, b. July 29, 1877, 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Susan Cornell Geer, b. Jan. 16, 1819 ; d. April 4, 1889 ; m. Sept. 12, 1850, James 
Rogers. Children : i. James, b. June 20, 1853, resides at Ausable Forks, N. Y., 
m. May 27, 1874, Katherine Moore Beers, and has three children, (a) Henry, 
b. Feb. 11, 1876, m. April 9, 1901, Ada Hoffman Spaulding and has five children, 
James, b. May 1, 1902, Frances Albertina, b. July 28, 1903, John Roderick, b. 
Sept. 17, 1905, Katherine Southworth, b. May 30, 1907, and Adrian Spaulding, 
b. Aug. 20, 1912, (b) Florence Moore, b. Dec. 10, 1878, d. July 28, 1900, and (c) 
Jeannette, b. Aug. 22, 1884 ; ii. Abby, b. Oct. 20, 1855, m. Edward M. Clark, who 
d. leaving two children, Elizabeth, wife of H. Bennett of Brooklyn, and Rogers, 
who hves in New York City ; iii. Walter Geer, b. Aug. 21, 1858, m. Oct. 6, 1909, 
Mrs. Chastine Hartwell Schuyler, lives in Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Henrietta VanBuren Geer, b. Jan. 21, 1821 ; d. Aug. 31, 1898 ; not m. 
586 Asahel Clarke Geer, b. Jan. 6, 1823 ; m. Helen Augusta Danforth. 

Walter Geer, 3d, b. in Glens Falls, N. Y., March 15, 1825 ; d. there Oct. 28, 1848. 

Abigail Geer, b. April 14, 1827 ; d. 1894 ; not m. 

Arabelle Geer, b. April 14, 1829 ; d. May 15, 1853 ; m. Nov. 13, 1849, L. H. Baldwin. 
Child : Walter Geer, b. Dec. 24, 1850, d. Nov. 6, 1872, m. July 19, 1872, Louise 
Hicks, no children. 

329. WILLIAM AGIFT« PEASE, son of Aaron^ jr., and Huldah (Spencer) 
Pease, born in Enfield, Conn., September, 1779 ; died in Newfield, Conn., October 
19, 1859. He was a ship carpenter in Middletown, Conn. 

Married BETSEY RANNEY, daughter of a Revolutionary soldier who spent 
the winter at Valley Forge. 


Franklin Pease, m. (1) Deborah Kelsey ; (2) . 

Spencer Pease. 

Aaron Pease, m. twice, went to Cahfornia in 1849, returned and was a farmer in 

Cromwell, Conn., where he died. One wife was Lovinia Johnson. 
587 William Agift Pease, jr., b. Jan. 1, 1819 ; m. Betsey Stowe Smith. 
Ruth Pease, m. Philip Smith. 
Cynthia Pease, m. Enos Bell. 
Susan Pease, m. Griswold Beebe ; d. in Middletown, Conn., 1901 ; she had seventeen 

children who lived to adult age, all but one of whom married. 
Eliza Pease, d. young. 
Edward Pease, m. Lovinia Chapman. 

Sixth Generation 177 

330. HORACE'' PEASE, sou of Stone^' and Ascnath (Pease) Pease, born in 
Enfield, Conn., July 7, 1783; died there December 3, 1828. Plow manufacturer. 
Married November 2, 1815, MRS. REBECCA (PARSONS) CARRIER. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Sophronia R. Pease, b. Sept. 14, 1816; d. Oct. 31, 1896; livod iu Enfield; m. 
Oct. 13, 1835, Roderick Allen. 

Amelia P. Pease, b. June 12, 1822 ; lived in Saybrook ; m. Jan. 15, 1844, Edward 
lugraham, b. in Saybrook, Oct. 4, 1815 ; d. May 8, 1881. He was a merchant at 
Saybrook Point and interested in shipping. He lived in Brooklyn for some years 
and was Major in the state militia. Children : i. Allan, b. Jan. 21, 1845, d. in 
Standish, Mich., March 23, 1876; ii. Gertrude, b. Oct. 22. 1846, m. James G. 

Duncan who d. ; iii. George Edward, b. Sept. 1, 1848, lives in Enfield, 

m. there Caroline Elizabeth Potter and has five children. Amy, b. Dec. 25, 1873, 
George xVUan, b. Aug. 24, 1874, Lillian, b. Aug. 25, 1875, Edward, b. Dec. 18, 1879, 
and Mary Potter, b. Oct. 1, 1884; iv. Isabel, b. Oct. 4, 1850, lives in Bay City, 
Mich., m. Thomas E. Webster, a lawyer, and has a daughter, Amelia Ingraham, 
b. July 13, 1885 ; v. xVrthur Hancock, b. Aug. 11, 1857, lives in Bay City, m. 
Mary Ann Mercer of Westville, Conn., and has a daughter Irene, b. Jan. 1, 1883 ; 
vi. Charles Goodwin, b. April 27, 1859, d. in Saybrook, June 6, 1900 ; vii. Amy, 
b. May 29, 1862, d. June, 1865. 

Harriet P. Pease, b. Sept. 26, 1826. 

331. DENNIS" BEMENT, son of Dennis^ jr., and Lydia ( ) Bement, born 
in Enfield, Conn., August 20, 1782; died there September 23, 1828. His ^vilI, 
made September 29, 1827, was probated October 25, 1828. 

Married in Enfield, November 19, 1807, HANNAH HOLKINS, born January 
6, 1789; died in Springfield, Mass., October 20, 1866. She was daughter of 
Joel and Huldah (Allen) Holkins, and married (2) at Hartford, Conn., November 
15, 1837, Alfred Bliss of Windsor. 

Children of Dennis Bement, horn in Enfield 

Huldah Saloina Bement, b. Oct. 14, 1808 ; d. Feb. 17, 1810. 

Joel Holkins Bement, b. Jau. 1, 1811 ; d. in Chicago, Dec. 27, 1834 ; m. in Enfield, 

Sept. 15, 1831, Elizabeth Potter of Enfield. Child : Adrian Holkins, b. iu Enfield, 

July 20, 1832 ; m. in Springfield, Sept. 26, 1860, Mary EUzabeth Dodd, and had 

daughter Helen, b. in Springfield, April 23, 1863. 
Dennis (1) Bement, b. April 2, 1813; d. Sept. 12, 1813. 
Saloma Bement, b. Aug. 18, 1814 ; d. July 2, 1849, in South Hadley, Mass. ; m. in 

Windsor, Conn., Sept. 3, 1839, Levi Wright Allen of South Hadley. Children, b. 

in South Hadley: i. Mira Lathrop, b. Feb. 8, 1841, d. ; ii. Clara, b. 

March 10, 1842, d. May 16, 1848; iii. Edward Goodrich, b. Aug. 22, 1844, d. 

Feb. 7, 1846 ; iv. Levi Bement, b. June 22, 1849, m. in South Hadley, Jan. 8, 1873, 

Eliza A. Moody, and had three children, b. in South Hadley, Charles Levi, b. 

Oct. 1, 1874, Clara Asenath, b. Nov. 21, 1876, and Chester Moody, b. Dec. 21, 1878. 
Clarissa Bement, b. May 9, 1817 ; d. in Springfield, Mass., May 6, 1888 ; m. in South 

Hadley, Sept. 7, 1842, EUhu Dwight of South Hadley. Children: i. George 

Bement, b. Nov. 5, 1849 ; ii. Alice Holkins, b. in South Hadley, Nov. 22, 1854 ; 

iii. Lydia Huldah, b. Feb. 13, 18-59, m. Dec. 19, 1888, Frank P. Davis of 

Dennis (2) Bement, b. Oct. 6, 1823 ; d. Oct. 9, 1823. 

332. NATHANIEL" CHAPIN, 3D, son of Nathaniel% jr., and Sybil (TeiTv) 
Chapin, born in Enfield, Conn., June 11, 1762. He was a Methodist clergyman. 


Harry Chapin, d. aged two years. 
Lovisa Chapin, d. unm. 
588 Henry Chapin, m. Elizabeth Wilson. 


178 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Charlotte Chupiii, m. Samuel Corbin of Union, Coun. 
Sihyl Chapin, m. Le\-i Moody and lived in Windsor, Conn. 
Charles (1) Chapin, d. aged three years. 
Miranda Chapin. 

Charles (2) Chapin, m. but bad no children. 
589 Eliza Chapin, b. Oct. 6, 1803 ; m. Harvey Holkins. 

ISlathaniel Chapin, Jith, lived in Jencksville, later in Springfield, Mass.; m. Olive 

VanHorn, daughter of Gad VanHoru of Chicopee, Mass. Children : i. Charles L. ; 

ii. Maria ; iii. Charlotte ; iv. Mary ; v. Henry ; vi. Fanny. 

333. JABEZ" CHAPIN, son of Nathaniel^ jr., and Sybil (Terry) Chapin, 
born in Enfield, Conn., November 24, 1764; died September 24, 1858. Farmer 
in Enfield, until 1804; at South Brimfield, Mass., 1804-1819; in Concord, Erie 
County, N. Y., 1819-1835 ; after 1835, in Allegany County, N. Y. 

Married July 1, 1785, LUCY D WIGHT of Longmeadow, Mass., daughter of 

Elihu and Eunice (Horton) Dwight. She was born September 24, 1765; died 

March 30, 1856. 

Children, all hut last three, horn in Enfield 

Fearitte (1) Chajnn, b. April 30, 1786; d. 1798. 

Jalez (1) Chapin, jr., b. Oct., 1788; d. Oct., 1794. 

Roswell Chapin, b. March 7, 1791; graduated from Union College, 1816; was a 
lawyer and surveyor in Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. 1836, Hannah Peterson of Canada. 

William Chapin, b. July 4, 1793; farmer in Allegany County, N. Y. ; m. (1) 
Oct. 26, 1823, Thirza Taylor of China, Genesee County, N. Y., b. Feb. 7, 1804; 
d. Dec. 22, 1840, daughter of Grandison and Nancy (Houston) Taylor; m. (2) 
April 8, 1841, Bodeca Taylor, b. 1809; d. Oct. 24, 1849, sister of above; m. (3) 
Oct. 4, 1850, Clarissa Hopping, b. Oct. 24, 1808, daughter of Major Jehiel 
and Hannah (Talmadge) Hopping of Syracuse, N. Y. Children, by second wife: 
i. William Anson, b. Feb. 17. 1842; ii. Harriet Maria, b. Aug. 6, 1844; iii, 
Sidney Cable, b. Feb. 27, 1847, d. April 6, 1849 ; iv. Albert Clinton, b. Sept. 3, 
1848, d. April 6, 1849. Children by third wife : i. and ii. twins, a son and 
daughter, b. and d. June 29, 1851 ; iii. Beecher, b. Aug. 25, 1852 ; iv. Curtis, 
b. Sept. 30, 1854; v. Almy, b. June 10, 1856; vl. Dwight, b. Nov. 29, 1857; 
vii. Emory, b. Jan. 11, 1861. 

Luey Chapin, b. Aug. 4, 1795; d. Jan. 14, 1865; not m. ; was in her early life a 
teacher in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mary Chapin, b. Nov. 27, 1797. 

Jahez (2) Chapin, jr., b. May 10, 1802; farmer; m. July 2, 1845, Laura Wright, 
b. July 10, 1822, daughter of Zalmou and Mary (Carter) Wright. Children: 
i. Cynthia, b. April 22, 1847 ; ii. Lucinda, b. April 15, 1848 ; iii. Levi, b. Oct. 29, 

Horatio Chapin, b. March 11, 1805, in South Brimfield, Mass. 

Fearitte (2) Chapin, b. May 10, 1807; resided in AUegauy County, N. Y. ; was 
not m. 

Anson Dwight Chapin, b. Oct. 27, 1809 ; d. Dec. 13, 1819. 

334. ESTHERS CHAPIN, daughter of Nathaniel^, jr., and Sybil (Terry) 
Chapin, born in Enfield, Conn., January 20, 1771 ; died there October 28, 1857. 

Married November 1, 1789, MOSES ALLEN, born in Enfield, February 10, 
1769; died there February 8, 1834. He was son of Moses Allen, a post-rider 
and Major of militia, and his wife, Mary Adams. 


590 Moses Alleti, jr., b. Sept. 24, 1790; m. Nancy Kingsbury. 

Esther Allen, b. in Enfield, Nov. 6, 1792; m. Sept. 18, 1814, Jabez Terry Taylor, 
b. in Deerfield, Mass., Sept. 21, 1790; d. in Enfield, July 26, 1872, son of 
Rev. .lolin and Elizabeth ( ) Taylor. He was a member of the Legislature 

from Enfield 1836-1841, and 1844, and was town clerk, 1839 to 1849. Children : 
i. Amelia, b. June 22, 1815; ii. Gilbert Allen, b. June 18, 1817; iii. Henry 
Wyllvs, b. in Mendon, N. Y.. May 29, 1822; iv. Olcott Allen, b. in Mendon, 
July 17, 1826. 

Sixth Generation 179 

Eermome Allen, b. in Enfiold, Au?:. 10. 1796: d. July 10, 1859; m. Oct. 9, 1814, 
Harris Mcacham. Childrou, b. in Enfield : i. Hermonio, b. April 30, 1815, m. 
Juno 18, 1839, Henry Sizer of Johnstown, N. Y. ; ii. Lucinda Allen, b. May 30, 
1812, m. June 4, 1839, Hezekiah Woodward of East Haven, Conn.; iii. (child), 
d. Mav 26, 1821, aged six weeks ; iv. Ehza Maria, bapt. Sept. 5, 1830 ; v. Harris 
Harvey, bapt. June 8, 1834 ; vi. Henry, bapt. May 1, 1836, d. March 18, 1839, 
aged three and a half years. 

Lucinda Allen, b. in Enfield. July 30, 1798; d. July 11, 1853. Married Dec. 17, 

1823. Dr. Homer Holland of Westfield, Mass.. b. in Blanford, Mass., April 25, 
1789, d. Jan. 18. 1865. Children, b. in Westfield : i. Eugene Francis, b. Oct. 12, 

1824, was graduated from Harvard with medical degree, 1852 ; ii. Henry, b. 
Nov. 12. 1826, w^as a druggist in Westfield; iii. Virgil Stowe, b. June 13, 1834, 
d. Oct. 22. 1836 ; iv. William, b. Nov. 27, 1836, d. May 28, 1861 ; v. John Milton, 
b. Jan. 7, 1840, d. July 26, 1840. 

591 Gilbert Allen, b. Nov. 29, 1800 ; m. Caroline Owen. 
Clarendon Allen, h. Feb. 6, 1804; d. April 9, 18-37; not m. 

592 Olcoit Allen, b. Oct. 13, 1806; m. (1) Mary Spaulding ; (2) Lucy Ann Parsons. 

593 Roderick Allen, b. June 17, 1810 ; m. Soi)hroniA. Rebecca Pease. 

335. ELIPHALET' CHAPIN, JR., son of Eliphalet^ and Azuba (Pease) 
Chapin, born about 1765 ; died February 26, 1818, aged 82 years, 7 months. 
Married ABIGAIL PEASE, daughter of Sharon Pease. She died May 11, 1830. 


Pamclia Chapin, d. 1816. 

Eliphalct Chapin, 3d, m. Nov. 14, 1815, Asenath Phelps who d. Jan. 6, 18-32, aged 
41. Children: i. Floyd P.; ii. Francis, d. Feb. 28, 1862, aged 42, m. Lucinda 
Brown and had one child ; iii. Rodney ; iv. Edwin P., m. Oct. 29, 1850, Martha 
J. Coolev and had one child ; v. Milo, m. Thirzah Ufford and had two children, 
Lucy M., b. Nov. 7, 1846, and Abba RoUa, b. Sept. 21, 1850; vi. William W., 
d. aged one year ; vii. Mary A., m. Orrin Parker and had one child ; viii. 
Julia A., m. March 27, 1854, Frederick S. .Jewell and had children ; ix. William, 
was killed on the railroad near New Haven, Conn., in 1860. 

Abigail Chapin, m. Aug. 7, 1811, Jacob Felt. 

Betsey Chapin, m. Feb. 6, 1816, Marvin Foster. Children: i. Lyna P., d. 1845; 
ii. Caroline E., m. Noah B. Clark and had one child. 

Lucy Chapin, resided in Thompsonville, Conn.; not m. 

Horace Chapin, went west. 

Mary Chapin, d. 1827. 

Clarinda Chapin, resided at Sixteen Acre Village, Conn.; not m. 

Charles Chapin, m. Cassandra Bennett. 

Sharon Pease Chapin, lived in Springfield, Mass.; m. April 7, 1831, Huldah 
Loomis, b. June 22, 1813 ; d. Jan. 8, 1895, daughter of Justus and Sarah 
(Dewey) Loomis of Westfield, Mass. Children: i. Sharon W., d. April 17, 1861, 
aged 26 ; ii. Charles ; iii. Leila ; three others d. young. 

George Washington Chapin, m. Mary J. Jones. 

336. THOMAS^ CHAPIN, son of Eliphalet^ and Azuba (Pease) Chapin, twin 
with Obadiali, lived in Chicopec Centre, Mass., and later in Hartland, Vt. 
Married ANNA (or MARY) PEASE of Enfield, Conn. 

Anna Chapin, d. aged 50 ; unm. 
Thomas Chapin (1), jr., d. aged about 11. 
Harvey Chapin, b. in Enfield, Conn., moved with his father to Chicopee at the age 

of four. Children : i. Lorenzo B. ; ii. Alonzo B. ; iii. Sarah, m. Daniel M. 

Leonard ; iv. Emeline, m. Tinkham ; v. Amanda, unm. ; vi. Jenette, 

m. Russell ; vii. Eleanor D., m. William P. Elliott and lived in Chicopee ; 

viii. Harriet, unm. ; ix. Albert Thomas. 
Eunice Chapin, m. Harvey Langdon. 
Dennis Chapin, lived in Illinois ; in. Diana Bent, daughter of Samuel Bent of 

Chicopee, Mass. Children : i. George, lived in Chicopee ; ii. Charles, m. Lois 

180 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Gridley, lived in Illinois ; iii. Lois Ann, m. Rice of Vermont and lived in 

Missouri ; v. Rosaline, Uved in Holyoke, Mass. ; v. Josephine, lived in Illinois, 
594 Sophronia Cliapin, b. July 12, 1796; m. Horace Allen. 

Thomas Cliapin, (2) jr., d. aged about 13. 

Eveline Cliapin, m. William Ratbbun. 

Edgar Cliapin, lived in Nevi^ York State ; m. but had no children. 

Lovica Cliapin, drowned. 

337. GEORGE" CHAPIN, son of Eliplialet^ and Azuba (Pease) Chapin, born 
1771; died in Ogden, Monroe County, N. Y., June 6, 1856, aged 85. He lived 
for a time in Enfield, Conn. 

Married LUCY PARSONS, daughter of Shubael Parsons. She died in Enfield, 

August 27, 1829. 


Philena Chapin, b. July 27, 1794 ; m. Samuel E. Stearns. They lived in Buffalo, 
N. Y., and had three children. 

Clarissa Chapin, b. Dec. 21, 1797. They lived for two years in Rochester, N. Y., 
then in Ogden, N. Y. Married Nov. 24, 1831, Alpha Chapin, b. Oct. 2, 1796, 
son of Moses A., and Lucina (Graves) Chapin of West Springfield, Mass. 
Children: i. Dwight Stearns, b. Nov. 4, 1833, d. Dec. 25, 1834; ii. Catherine 
Lovisa, b. Jan. 12, 1836 ; iii. Seth Dwight, b. Jan. 21, 1838, d. April 29, 1838. 

George Chapin, b. March 7, 1800 ; d. Sept. 11, 1802. 

Lucy Chapin, b. Dec. 6, 1802 ; d. unm. 

Azula Chapin, b. Feb. 24, 1808; d. in Enfield, March 1, 1832; m. Ebenezer 
Metcalf, and had two children. 

Mary Ann Chapin, b. Nov. 13, 1810; lived in Chicago; m. Bush and had 

three children. 

Lovica Chapin, b. May 24, 1814 ; lived in Ohio ; m. as his second wife, Aug. 16, 
1835, Ebenezer Metcalf, and had eight children. She received a letter from the 
Enfield church to the Presbyterian Church at Waterloo, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1835. 

Catherine Chapin, b. March 21, 1817 ; lived for a time in Thompsonville, Conn. 
Married Theodore W. Pease, b. in Wilbraham, Mass., Oct. 15, 1816, son of 
Wilder C. and Ruth (Cady) Pease. They Uved about 1868 in Cohoes, N. Y., 
and he was connected with a stockinet factory. Children, b. in Enfield, Conn. : 
i. Norman T., b. Aug. 14, 1850 ; ii. Mary H., b. Jan. 19, 1853 ; iii. Charles S., 
b. Dec. 14, 1865. 

338. TABITHA« POTTER, daughter of Elam and SibyP (Pease) Potter, 
born in Enfield, Conn., November 6, 1776; died April 26, 1828. One account 
saj's Martha Potter married Lot Killam. 

Married in Enfield, November 18, 1799, CAPTAIN LOT KILLAM, son of 
Eliphalet and Submit (Abbe) Killam. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

Elam Potter Killam, b. Jan. 17, 1801. 

Edward Killam., b. July 31, 1804 ; d. June 1, 1826. 

Martha Potter Killavi, b. Feb. 23, 1806 ; m. Morrow. She removed to the 

Presbyterian Church at Tuscumbia, Ala., about 1840. 
Mary Killam. 

Tahitha Maria (1) Killam,, h. 1809; d. Aug. 29, 1810, aged 1 yr. and 8 mos. 
Tahitha Maria (2) Killam, b. Sept. 26, 1811; d. May 13, 1850. 
Emily Killam, b. May 9, 1813. . 
Frances Amelia Killam, bapt. Sept. 3, 1820. 

339. EPHRAIM PEASE'^ POTTER, son of Elam and SibyP (Pease) Potter, 
born in Enfield, Conn., October 9, 1777. Administration was granted on his 
estate October 27, 1846. His widow, Abigail, survived, and children, Ephraim, 
Martha Parsons, Harriet Currier, Elizabeth Dwight, Simeon T., Henry, Eliphalet 
Terry, and Mary Potter. 

Sixth Generation 181 

Married (1) 

Married (2) in Enfield, May 10, 1812, ABIGAIL TERRY. At the baptism 
of the first three children she is called their step-mother. 

Children of first wife, liorn in Enfield 

595 Epliraim Potter, b. about 1809; m. Caroline Abbe. 

Martha Potter, bapt. with a brother and sister July 4, 1813 ; m. Parsons. 

Harriet A. Potter, bapt. with a brother and sister July 4, 1813 ; m. in Enfield, 

Sept. 10, 1832, Omri Gates Carrier, son of Omi-i and Rebecca (Parsons) Carrier, 

both of Enfield. 

Children of second irifc, born in Enfield 

Elizabeth Potter, bapt. July 4, 1813 ; m. Dwight. 

Simeon T. Potter. 

Henry Potter, bapt. May 21, 1817. 

Eliphalet Terry Potter. 

Theodore Potter, bapt. Sept. 2, 1821 ; probably d. young. 

Mary Potter. 

Lucy Terry Potter, bapt. Aug. 17, 1824 ; probably d. young. 

340. SIBYL« GEER, danghter of Thomas^ and Mary (Pease) Geer, born in 
Charlestown, N. H., April 11, 1783; died in Glens Falls, N. Y., December 18, 

Married in Vergennes, Vt., March 30, 1803, ROBERT BOSTWICK, born in 
New Milford, Conn., March 15, 1774; died in Vergennes. He was son of 
Edmund and Mercy (Rnggles) Bostwick. 


Julia Bostwick, b. Jan. 9, 1804 ; d. Nov. 11, 1880 ; m. Albert Blakesly. 

Mary Philena Bostwick, b. Feb. 28, 1806; d. Aug. 15, 1806. 

Thomas Geer Bostwick, b. Nov. 13, 1807 ; d. Jan. 5, 1808. 

Edmund Bostwick, d. young. 

Ellen Bostwick, m. Carpentei*. 

596 Henry Pease Bostwick, b. Feb. 14, 1817 ; m. Eliza Bi-ockway. 

341. SETH6 GEER, son of Thomas^ and Mary (Pease) Geer, born in Charles- 
town, N. H., June 30, 1788; died February 24, 1854. Lived in Vergennes, Vt. 

Married April 4, 1820, MARY PIER, born July 17, 1795; died 1880. 


Charles Pease Geer, b. March 22, 1821 ; d. July 11, 1882 ; m. Dec. 12, 1865, Lucy 
Ann Guernsey, b. March 12, 1834. Children : i. Herbert Guernsey, b. March 13, 
1869, d. March 7, 1900, m. Sara M. MacNeal, no children; ii. Seth Hoyt, b. 
Jan. 30, 1871 ; iii. Lucy Abigail, b. Nov. 21, 1872, d. Dec. 8, 1895 ; iv. William 
Chauncey, b. June 17, 1876, in Ogdensburg, N. Y., lives in Akron, Ohio, was grad- 
uated from Cornell University in 1902 (Ph.D. 1905), is a chemist and an expert 
on wood distiUation, m. Dec. 29, 1908, Effie A. Work. 

John Benjamin Geer, b. Feb. 3, 1824. 

Mary Ally Geer, b. Sept. 27, 1826. 

Sarah Ellen Geer, b. April 15, 1829. 

George Field Geer, b. Dec. 9, 1832. 

342. HOWARD" GEER, son of Elihu^ and Eleanor (McClester) Geer, born 
August 9, 1792; died in Hartford, Conn., November 24, 1831. Resided at Lyme 
for a time. 

Married November 28, 1816, SOPHIA COHOON of East Windsor, daughter 
of Captain Nathan and Abigail (Osborne) Cohoon. She died at Rockville, 
Conn., December 10, 1864. 

182 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 


597 JElihti Geo; b. Dec. 1. 1817; m. (1) Abigail Stanley Roberts; (2) Eliza Prentice 
Selden; (3) Eliza Jane Ellsworth. 
Nathan Cohoon Geer, b. in Hartford, May 12, 1820; d. in Peoria, 111., Sept. 4, 1860. 
He was a printer and published newspapers in several western towns. Married 
Oct. 12, 1842, Julia S. Burnham of East Hartford, b. Feb. 6, 1823 ; d. Sept. 22, 
1860, at Peoria. Children: i. Julia Sophia (1), b. in Hartford, April 29, 1844, 
d. there May 3, 1844 ; ii. Nathan Hezekiah, b. in Chicago, Jan. 2, 1846, d. in 
Hartford, Aug. 8, 1866; iii. William Erastus, b. in Chicago, Oct. 4, 1848, d. in 
Waukegan, 111., Aug. 10, 185.5; iv. Julia Sophia (2), b. in Waukegan, July 18, 
1851, d. in Bristol, Conn., Oct. 6, 1866; v. Emma Elvira (twin), b. in Wau- 
kegan, Nov. 17, 185.3, d. March 11. 1854; vi. Ella Maria (twin), b. Nov. 17, 
1853, d. July 3, 1854; vii. Abigail Eldora, b. in Waukegan, Feb. 7, 1856, m. 
June 27, 1878, Arthur C. Leibert of Dresden, Germany, resides in East Hartford ; 
viii. Howard Washburne, b. in Waukegan, April 13, 1857, lives in St. Louis, 
m. Jan. 1, 1880, Silena Stevens Manning, daughter of Charles F. Manning of 
East Hartford and has two children, Hattie E., b. Sept. 10, 1881, and Ethel L., 
b. May 28, 1884, and d. April 23, 1885; ix. Hattie E., b. Aug. 26, 1860, in 
Peoria, lives in Southington, Conn., m. Jan. 9, 1889, Harry B. Toothe. 

343. SAMUEL" WARD, son of John and Abigail-^ (Phelps) Ward, born in 
Middlefield, Mass., about 1785. 

Married (1) SALOME LOOMIS, born December 17, 1785; died 1857, daughter 
of Timothy and Mary (Orton) Loomis of Jordanville, N. Y. 

Married (2) PERSIS LOOMIS, born May 25, 1784, widow of Ira Detrick. She 
resided in Alden, Erie County, N. Y. 

Children ty first wife 

John Ward, resided in Madison, Wis. ; d. in 1872 ; m. Betsey Carter and had 

three children : i. Eveline ; ii. Charles ; iii. Clara. 
Orilla Ward, lived in Alden, N. Y. ; m. Alonzo Farnsworth (or Framsworth). 

Children : i. Eliza ; ii Mary ; iii. Lee ; iv. Lorenzo. 
Lorine Ward, d. aged 26 years. 
Orton (1) Ward, d. aged 6 years. 
Jane E. Ward, m. Oct. 3, 1853, George E. Watson; resided in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Child : Carrie, b. Sept. 7, 1854. 
Mary Ward, m. and lived in Rochester, N. Y. 
Orton (2) Ward. 
Loomis Ward, b. about 1830. 
Betsey Ward, d. aged 16 years. 

344. NOAH" PHELPS, son of DanieP and Elizabeth (Pelton) Phelps, born 
in East Windsor, Conn., October 26, 1793; died there November 4, 1880. Farmer 
in East Windsor. 

Married December 5, 1820, LUCY BARBER, born April 20 (or 28), 1798, in 
East Windsor; died there March 24, 1880. Daughter of Oliver and Sally 
(Chapin) Barber. 

Children, horn in East Windsor (three others died in infancy) 

Daniel Phelps, b. Oct. 6 (or 26), 1822; lived at Warehouse Point, Conn., and d. 
there Sept. 15, 1892. Married March 6, 1851, Nancy Ruggles Wells, b. Oct. 8, 
1828, daughter of Deacon Isaac and Pasco (Pease) Wells. No children. 

Lucy Elizabeth Phelps, b. Nov. 18, 1824; d. in East Windsor, April 7, 1860. 
Married (1) Feb. 25, 1847, George Watson, b. in East Windsor, 1813, son of 
Luke and Elizabeth (Coombs) Watson; d. in Benicia, Calif., Dec. 15, 1849. 
She m. (2) Samuel Watson, brother of first husband, b. in East Windsor, 1810; 
d. there Sept. 21, 1867. He m. (2) Mary E. Barber, daughter of Ashbel 
and Elizabeth (Phelps) Barber, by whom he had children. See number 
345. Child of Lucy Phelps by first husband : George Watson, b. in Enfield, 
Conn., Jan. 21, 1848, farmer in East Windsor, m. June 4, 1872, Catharine 

Sixth Generation 183 

Stiles, b. July 20, 1848, daughter of Israel and Eunice M. (Avery) Stiles. 
Thev had children : i. George Israel, b. May 4, 1873 ; ii. Arthur, b. Aug. 27, 
1875, d. Aug. 28. 1875; iii. Miriam, b. Oct. 23, 1880; iv. Eva Catharine, b. 
Feb. 14, 1888. Child of Lucy Phelps by second husband : Lucy Elizabeth, b. in 
Enfield, July 3, 1851 or 1852. 

345. ELIZABETH" PHELPS, daughter of DanieP and Elizabeth (Pelton) 
Phelps, born in East Windsor, Conn., December 30, 1797; died in Farniington, 
Conn., October 29, 1840. 

Married September 4, 1823, ASHBEL BARBER, born about 1798, son of 
Grove and Mary (Allen) Barber; died May 28, 1843, aged 45 years. He was a 
farmer in Farmington. 

Children, iorn in Farmington 

, d. May 22 (or 29), 1824, aged 4 hours. 

, d. Feb. 27, 1825, aged 12 hours. 

, d. May 25, 1826. 

Mary Elizabeth Barber, b. April 30, 1828; lived in Farmington; m. Jan. 12, 1862, 

Samuel Watson, b. 1810, son of Luke and Elizabeth (Coombs) Watson; d. Sept. 

2, 1867. His first wife was Lucy Elizabeth Phelps. See number .344. Children 

of Mary Elizabeth Barber : i. Mary Celestia, b. Dec. 9, 1862, d. Feb. 17, 1879 ; 

ii. Samuel J., b. July 31, 1864 ; iii. Walter Starr, b. May 18, 1867. 
Joseph Ashbel Barber, b. Feb. 13, 1830; lived in Windsor, Conn.; m. and had 

children, b. in Windsor : i. Carrie Josephine, b. Aug. 9, 1853, m. Oct. 24, 1883, 

Francis W. Heath ; ii. NelUe Cecelia, b. Nov. 11, 1861. 

, b. 1832 ; d. April 13, 1835. 

-, b. April 12, 1835 ; d. aged 19 months. 

Hannah Celestia Barber, b. Jan. 17, 1836 ; d. April 5, 1858 ; not m. 

, d. Oct. 11, 1840, aged 22 months. 

Rachel Ann (or Rhoda) Barber, b. Oct. 12, 1840; lived in Farmington. Married 
April 14, 1862, Thomas Smart. Children, b. in Farmington : i. Carrie Elizabeth, 
b. May (or March) 31, 1870, d. Dec. 19, 1882; ii. Leila May, b. Dec. 25, 1871; 
iii. AUce Louisa, b. Jan. 19. 1873, d. Dec. 17, 1882 ; iv. Frank Clayton, b. May 
(or March) 10, 1875; v. Florence Isabel, b. July 1, 1877, d. Dec. 19, 1882; vi. 
Charles Thomas, b. March 20, 1880. 

346. MARY« PHELPS, daughter of Daniel^ and Elizabeth (Pelton) Phelps, 
born in East Windsor, Conn., Februaiy 20 (or 25), 1800; died there June 
22, 1843. 

Married May, 1823, JASON ELLSWORTH, born August 13, 1799, in East 
Windsor, son of Captain Job and Elizabeth (Potwine) Ellsworth. He was a 
farmer and married (2) Sarah Morton, by whom he had no children, and (3) 
Mary Terry, who had two children. 

Children of Mary Phelps, iorn in East Windsor 

Charlotte Phelps, b. Jan. 12, 1824; d. April 4, 1881, at Watsontown, Pa.; m. 

Jan. 31, 1865, Alexander Ellsworth. 
Jason Ellsworth, jr., b. Nov. 8, 1825 ; d. March 18, 1826. 
Mary Ann EUsicorth, b. March 8. 1827 ; d. Dec. 9, 1835. 
William Jason Ellsworth, b. April 17, 1829; resided in Madison, Wis.; m. Eliza 

Theodore Erastus Ellsworth, b. March 21, 18.31; resided in East Windsor; m. 

Oct. 31, 1866, Imogene Phelps, b. in East Windsor, July 1, 1843, daughter of 

Captain William and Mary Ann (Soule) Phelps. See number 347. Children: 

i. Albert Downing, b. June 8. 1872; ii. Janet Scott, b. Jan. 23, 1875; iii. 

Josephine, d. in infancy ; iv. Theodore, b. July 3, 1884. 
Emily Frances Ellsworth, b. March 1, 18.33; d. Dec. 16, 1835. 
Lydia Sophia Ellsworth, b. March 12, 1835 ; d. Dec. 9, 1835. 
Francis EUsicorth, b. Nov. 19, 1836; resided in Madison, Wis.; m. Josephine 

Mary Ann Ellsworth, b. July 12, 1840 ; d. March 11, 1844. 

184 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

347. WILLIAM" PHELPS, son of DanieP and Elizabeth (Pelton) Phelps, 
bom in East Windsor, Conn., September 19, 1806; died there, March 15, 1889. 
He was known as Captain Phelps; was in the Legislature in 1852, and select- 
man for seven years. 

Married March 19, 1835, MARY ANN SOULE, born June 15, 1815, daughter 
of Howland and Sally (Downing) Soule of Hillsdale, N. Y. 

Children, horn in East Windsor 
(son), b. Nov. 19, 1835; d. Nov. 2.3, 1835. 

Melinda Pheliis, b. Aug. 28, 1838; m. Nov. 21, , Albert Adolphus Sperry, 

b. June 16, 1845, son of Alfred and Amanda (Thomas) Sperry. He was b. in 
Westville, Conn., and was for some time superintendent in the silver shops of 
Rogers Brothers in Meriden, later going to the Pairpoint Manufacturing Com- 
pany of New Bedford, Mass. He is an inventor and has introduced many im- 
provements into the art of silver plating and the manufacture of solid silver ware. 
Child : George Thomas, b. in Wallingford, Conn., Feb. 18, 1874. 

William (1) Phelps, b. Aug. 14, 1841; d. Sept. 23, 1841. 

Imogene Phelps, b. July 1, 1843 ; m. Theodore Ellsworth, son of Jason and Mary 
(Phelps) Ellsworth. See number 346. 

William (2) Phelps, b. June 27, 1845; d. April 5, 1849. 

Mary Ann Phelps, b. Dec. 12, 1848; m. (1) Lucius Bissell ; (2) Hunter. 

Oeorge Soule Phelps, b. Oct. 22, 1852 ; educated at Sheffield Scientific School. 
Married Sept. 25, 1878, Fannie Elizabeth Bissell, b. in East Windsor, Nov. 18, 
1852, daughter of Samuel Thompson and Elizabeth Mary Ann (Phelps) Bissell. 
See number 6.30. She was educated at Holly Seminary in Ohio. Children, b. in 
East Windsor : i. Albert BisseU, b. Aug. 10, 1879 ; ii. Charles Samuel, b. April 
(or July) 3, 1881; iii. Alice Elizabeth, b. Jan. (or June) 23, 1884; iv. 
Margaret, b. 1894. 

William (3) Phelps, b. July 6, 1855, lives in East Windsor. 

348. JANE« ABBE, daughter of Obadiah^ and Jane (McClester) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., January 6, 1778. Through an error in Stiles' Windsor she 
is called the daughter of Charles Abbe. 

Married JOHN CHASE, born in Vermont in 1775. When four years of age, 
he was brought from Vermont on horseback to Warehouse Point, Conn., where 
he resided vmtil his death, December 23, 1852. 


Betsey Chase, b. 1800; d. at Warehouse Point, Aug. 20, 1867. Married June 25, 
1820, Elisha Kingsbury, son of Jabez and Freelove (Utley) Kingsbury, b. in 
Coventry, Conn., Oct. 12, 1793 ; d. in Somers, Conn., March 26, 1844. Children : 
i. Elizabeth (perhaps same as Jane E., b. 1821), m. Albert Kibbe of Somers and 
had Ellen who d. 1865 ; and Elisha who m. Sarah Gates, no children. 

Charles Chase, d, March 16, 1833; m. Sept. 17, 1821, Lucindas Abbe, b. Feb. 2, 
1805; d. Sept. 25, 1827, daughter of Captain Richards and Lydia (Steveson) 
Abbe of Enfield ; see number 187. Children, b. at Warehouse Point : i. Charles 
Abbe, m. (1) Nancy Hull Pomeroy of Warehouse Point and had Sarah, Rosella, 
and Ida L., m. (2) Catherine Estella Versey or Visar and had one child, Betsey 
Abbe, who m. George H. Page and has a child Charles Chase ; ii. Lucinda, m. 
April 2, 1843, Andrew Riggs of Wilmington, Del., no children. 

John Chase, jr., b. Dec. 15, 1809 ; d. at Warehouse Point, April 18, 1845 ; m. 
April, 1834, Elizabeth C. Bates, b. May 13, 1813; d. Sept. 27, 1879, at Wor- 
cester, Mass., daughter of John and Sally (Abbe) Bates; see number 349. 
Children: i. Sarah Jane, b. Jan. 4, 1836, m. Nov. 29, 1854, Rufus Reynolds of 
East Windsor, resided in 1891 in Jacksonville, Fla., had two children, (1) George 
Rufus, b. Nov. 15, 1855, m. June 16, 1880, Florence N. Rodgers of New York 
and had four children, Bessie M., b. April 1, 1881, d. April 26, 1883, George 
Lawrence, b. March 22, 1884, Arthur Richard, b. July 20, 1886, and Herbert 
Rufus, b. Aug. 6, 1889, and (2) Clayton Abbe, b. March 10, 1861, d. Oct. 26, 
1861 ; ii. EUeu Elizabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1837, d. at Warehouse Point, Nov. 10, 1844 ; 
iii. Daniel John, b. June 30, 1839, d. in Oakland, Calif., Sept., 1869 ; iv. Charles 
Abbe, b. Dec. 24, 1844, lives in Brookfield, Mass., not m. 

Sixth Generation 185 

349. SALLY" ABBE, daughter of Obadiah^ and Jane (McClester) Abbe, born 
October 1, 1792; died May 22, 1813. 

Married October 3 (or 23), 1808, JOHN BATES, born October 18, 1784, at 
Middle Haddam, Conn.; died July 30, 1840. He resided at Warehouse Point 
and "was buried there. He married (2) March 10, 1814, Sally Pease, born June 
13, 1795. By her he had five children: Sabra A., Daniel C, John S., Clarissa, 
and Emil}'. 

Children of Sally Ahhe, born at Warehouse Point 

Mary Bates, b. Sept. 4, 1809 ; d. April 27, 1882 ; m. Charles S. Ellis of Boston, 

Mass., who d. Aug. 27, 1883. Children, b. in Boston, and all now dead : i. 

Mary Jane ; ii. Charles B. ; iii. John ; iv. Henry N. ; v. Frank A. ; vi. Ellen ; 

vii. George. 
Sally Bates, b. Dec. 21, 1810 ; resided in Boston in 1890 ; m. Oct. 13, 1836, Leb- 

beus Stetson of Boston. Children ; i. Edward L., dead ; ii. Sarah Louise, dead ; 

iii. Mary Elizabeth, dead ; iv. Susan S. ; v. Caroline Taylor. 
Elizabeth C. Bates, b. May 13, 1813; d. Sept. 27, 1879. Married (1) John Chase, 

jr., of Worcester, Mass., her cousin, son of John and Jane (Abbe) Chase, b. Dec. 

15, 1809 ; d. at Warehouse Point, Conn., April 18, 1845 ; see number 348. She 

m. (2) Clark Johnson of Worcester. 

350. RALPHS BICKNELL, son of Josiah and Penelope^ (Abbe) Bicknell, 
born in Enfield, Conn., November 18, 1790; died at Parishville, N. Y., July 
28, 1868. He removed to Norwich, Vt., and from there to Parishville, N. Y., 
in 1828, to the farm owned in 1912 by his granddaughter, Adah B. Bicknell. 

Married at Canaan, N. H., December 25, 1813, PARNA MARIA HIBBARD, 
born at Norwich, Vt., February 8, 1790; died January 12, 1865. 

Children, first three horn at Canaan, N. If., last two at Parishville, N. Y., others at 

Norwich, Vt. 

598 Maria Penelope Bicknell, b. Aug. 14, 1814 ; m. George Crandall. 

599 Ralph Alhe Bicknell, b. Oct. 14, 1815; m. (1) Barbara Ann Taylor; (2) Emily 


600 Hibbard Abijah Bicknell, b. April 24, 1818, at Canaan. 

Parna Malvina Bicknell, b. Aug. 1, 1819, at Norwich, Vt. ; d. March 28, 1911. 

Married William Hudson Irish, b. in Milton, Vt., Nov. 3, 1810; d. Feb. 15, 1887. 

Children: i. WaUace, b. Sept. 4, 1849, d. Dec. 11, 1900, m. Melinda Wright; 

ii. EUsha, b. April 22, 1851, m. Clarinda Preston, fives in Colton, N. Y. ; iii. 

Reddington, b. Nov. 4, 1853, d. July 9, 1878, m. Sarah Martin; iv. Rosetta, 

b. April 3, 1856, m. Walter Perkins, fives in Boston ; v. Rosafie, b. Feb. 2, 1859, 

m. Hosea Perkins, fives in Colton ; vi. WiUiam, b. Jan. 5, 1862, m. Augusta 

Wright, lives in Colton ; A-ii. Oscar, b. March 30, 1864, m. Clara Loucks, fives in 

Josiah Orville Bicknell, b. at Norwich, Vt., Aug. 1, 1819; m. (1) Lucia Woodward, 

who d. childless. He married again and had two sons. Lived near Lyons, Iowa. 
Thomas Miner Bicknell, b. Dec. 20, 1822, at Norwich, Vt. ; d. April 10, 1905, at 

West Parishville, N. Y. Married Sept. 23, 1868, Mary Spear, b. Oct. 21, 1842 ; 

d. Feb. 14, 1911. They lived at West Parish\'ille. Children: i. Rosa Maria, 

b. July 7, 1869, d. Sept. 26, 1902 ; ii. Adah BeUe, b. Nov. 6, 1876, fives on the 

BickneU homestead in Parishville. 

601 Carlos Benjamin Bicknell, b. Aug. .30, 1825 ; m. Louisa A. Carpenter. 

602 Laura Isabelle Bicknell, b. April 20, 1826 ; m. Morris MacDonald. 

Adaline Harriet Bicknell, b. Aug. 2, 1828 ; d. Feb. 17, 1911 ; m. March 14, 1854, 
Moses Olmstead, b. Sept. 7, 1831, d. Feb. 27, 1907. They fived in Parishvifie, 

N. Y. Children : i. Alfred, d. ; ii. Harry, lives in Potsdam, N. Y. ; 

iu. Charles, b. June 29, 1862, d. ; iv. Ada Befi, m. ScheUinger, 

fives in Potsdam ; v. George Asa, b. April 7, 1872, fives in Potsdam, m. Oct. 22, 
1893, Etta Louise and has a son, Bernard Butler, b. Dec. 1, 1896; vi. Frank, 
d. . 

603 Marshaline Caroline Bicknell, b. Dec. 15, 1829 ; m. John Call Smith. 

Eliza Arvilla Bicknell, b. in Parishvifie, N. Y. ; d. at Hannawa Fafis, N. Y., Feb. 2, 
1903, where she had kept a store for some years and had been postmistress. 

186 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Married Sept. 18, 1850, Henry T. Carpenter, b. April 24, 1827 ; d. July 4, 1887. 
He served through the Civil War aud was Corporal in Company D, Scott's 900, 
U. S. V. Cavalry. They resided in Potsdam for a few years. 

351. HENRY" (or HARRY) ABBE, son of Thomas^ and Ruth (Bush) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., September 2, 1787; died in Ellington, N. Y., August 26, 
1875. He removed to Guilford, Chenango County, N. Y., a neighborhood to 
which others of the Enfield Bush family liad gone, and later to Ellington, 
Chautauqua Count}^ 

Married May 1 (or 8), 1814, EVA INGERSOLL, born August 8, 1789; died 
January 23, 1857. 


604 Louhamah Abbey, b. April 18, 1815; m. Thomas Hart. 

605 Uarriet Lucretia Abbey, b. Sept. 3, 1816; m. Ephraim Mosher. 

Barah (Sally) E. Abbey, b. Aug. 3, 1818 ; m. Henry M. Day, b. Nov. 4, 1814, son 
of Frederic and Anna (Wood) Day of Toronto, Canada. Children: i. Frederic, 
d. young ; ii. Lucretia Anna, b. March, 1842 ; iii. Laura Ann ; iv. Martha 
Aurelia; v. Albert Evington, b. March, 1848, Fred S. Day of Ellington, N. Y., 
is a descendant. 

606 Oliver U. Abbey, b. Aug. 17, 1820; m. (1) Lydia Ann Phillips; (2) Lana Eliza- 

beth Van Deusen. 
Ruth Ann Abbey, b. June 28, 1823 ; m. Lewis James. Mrs. Martha Bailiff, 

formerly of Los Angeles, is one of her descendants. 
Thomas Elbert Abbey, b. May 5, 1825 ; d. in California ; not m. 

352. HERMAN" ABBEY, son of Thomas^ and Ruth (Bush) Abbe, born 
about 1800; resided in Wayne County, Pa. 

Married JANE SMITH. 


Alexander Abbey. 

Jane A. Abbey, m. Dr. Jonas Humphrey, b. March 25, 1820, son of Deacon Jonas 
and Mehi table (Rodgers) Humphrey of Underbill, Vt. He was graduated from 
the Castleton Medical College of Vermont in 1845, practiced medicine in Union 
Mills, Pa., after 1848, and d. there, July 20, 1869. Children: i. Alma J., b. 
March 12, 1857 ; ii. Mable C, b. March 4, 1859 ; iii. William J., b. Dec. 31, 1860 ; 
iv. Herman A., b. April 18, 1863, d. Jan. 12, 1866 ; v. Glennis E., b. April 15, 

Amanda Abbey, m. Carr. 

Orlando Abbey, was a physician. 

Josephine Abbey, m. Spencer. 

Robert Abbey. 

Helen Abbey. 

353. FANNY" ABBEY, daughter of Peter^ and Hannah (Alden) Abbey, born 
in Enfield, Conn., September 7, 1789 ; died in Utica, N. Y., about 1850. Resided 
for a time in Oswego, N. Y. 

Married ORLO STEELE, died in Oswego. 


William Steele, was a graduate from West Point and an officer in the United States 
Army. He m. Anne Duval, daughter of General Duval of Florida. He served 
through the Mexican War and held the rank of General at the time of his death. 

Aldeti Hatch Steele, was a physician and went to Oregon or California. 

Elijah Steele was a lawyer and went to Oregon. He m. Lucia Hart. Children : 
i. Edwin ; ii. William. 

354. DORREPHUS" ABBEY, son of Peter-^ and Hannah (Alden) Abbey, 
born July 13, 1792, in Suffield, Conn. ; was hanged at Prescott, Canada, Decern- 

Sixth Generation 187 

ber 10, 1838, for his activities iia the Patriots' War. He was a printer by trade, 
lived in Albany, N. Y., and later in Watertown and Oswego, at the time of his 
death was a resident of Panielia, Jefferson County. In 1815 a monthly news- 
paper called "The Friend" was i)ublished by Dorrephus Abbey and his brother, 
Seth Alden Abbey, in Albany. Dorrephus Abbey was an early publisher of the 
Binghamton Republican Herald before 1822. In 1817 he was one of the 
founders of the Jefferson and Lewis Gazette at Watertown and in 1819 was 
instrumental in founding the Oswego Palladium at Oswego. He took an active 
part in the scheme in 1837 for freeing Canada from the English Government, 
known as the Patriots' War. Jefferson County was the scene of intense 
excitement at the time and "Hunter Lodges" were formed in every village 
to promote the Patriot cause. The real promotors of the scheme were too 
cowardly to take an active part in the expeditions and the punishment fell 
upon those who were conscientious in assisting what they believed to be a 
worthj^ cause. 

There were some serious engagements between the troops or militia and the 
insurgents, and of these the most severe took place at Prescott, where the rebels 
had taken refuge in a stone wind-mill, from which they were ultimately driven 
by fire being set to the combustible matter in the lower part of the building. 
Many Americans who sympathized with the insurgents took part in the battle. 
An ej'e-witness stated that he counted 110 dead bodies on the snow, on the 
morning after the battle. Four of the officers of the expedition were captured, 
court-martialed and sentenced to be hung. Colonel Abbey is said to have met 
his death with great fortitude and the papers of the day reveal nothing but 
respect for his character and regret that his life should have been a sacrifice 
to an unfortunate cause. 

The following letters written to his son and daughters on the eve of his 

execution have fortunately been preserved: 

Fort Henry November 28, 1838. 
My dear son : 

I this moment received your letter by the hands of the sheriff. I am in want of nothing 
but what my friends at Watertown have already provided. Tell your dear sisters that 
one or both of them had better go to Oswego. As for yourself, take good counsel 

Whatever may be my fate, yon must exercise firmness and resignation commensurate 
to the trial ; we must sooner or later part ; it is of no great moment when and in what 
manner I take my exit. If my life is sacrificed, I have the approbation of an approving 
conscience, having been governed by integrity of purpose. Great delusion has, however, 
been entertained in relation to public opinion in Canada. They are not prepared for 
republican institutions. All governments should conform to the genius of the people. 

Your affectionate father, 

Dorrephus Abbey. 

Mr. Abbey to his son : 

Fort Henry, Tuesday night, Dec. 11, 1838. 

Arm yourself my dear boy with fortitude, to hear the sad intelligence, that ere these 
lines meet your eye, I am numbered with the dead. My zeal in the cause of universal 
freedom has eventually cost me my life. But let it be remembered, that the unfortunate 
expedition I was engaged in, took a direction contrary to my views ; but in this affair 
you can take no interest at present, or at any other time further than my reputation is 
concerned ; time will develope facts, when my conduct and intentions will be known and 

When our condition became hopeless, I could then have taken opportunity to have made 
my escape across the line, but I could not bear the thoughts of deserting those brave, 
and many of them, worthy and amiable young men to destruction ; life, thus preserved, 
would not be worth possessing. 

In relation to my pecuniary affairs, you must be frequently with and advise with my 
friends' counsel, and also with Mr. Wiley, and if it should be necessary to sell any of 
my real estate, let the village property be sold if possible. 

As regards yourself, cultivate your mind, associate with honorable men, aim high and 
let all your motives be of an exalted character ; and now, my beloved son, I bid you 
adieu for ever. 

Dorrephus Abbey. 

188 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

To his daughters: 

December 11, 1838. 

My dear Daughters : 

Many severe trials have awaited you from your earhest chihlhood, but that which you 
have now to endure, will require all your firmness ; you are now left without a parent. 
Tomorrow morning closes my earthly seenes. You have to bear up under the most 
tremendous ordeal that the mind of female sensibihty ever endured. But I have the 
consolation to beheve, that your fortitude is equal to every contingency and event of 
human Ufe ; without the exercise of such sentiments, existence would scarcely be a 
blessing. I leave you now orphans under the protection, I trust, of my relations and 
personal friends. I particularly commend you to a great friend of your mother, Mrs. 
Woodruff. Mr. Wiley wiU no doubt take much interest in your welfare. I write from 
a gloomy cell, lying upon a bed of straw; the guard will soon call for the light, and 
I must close. Since my sentence, I could not procure materials for writing, till this late 
hour of my existence, which have just been furnished me by an officer of the garrison, 
by direction of the sheriff. Present me kindly to kindred and friends. I cannot dis- 
criminate ; so farewell, my dear children. 

Your affectionate father, 

Dorrephus Abbey. 
To AmeUa Augusta and Arabella Abbey. 

I slept soundly and quietly last night; I now feel as though I could meet the event 
with composure. The guard has not yet called. 

D. A. 

Dorrephus Abbey married CATHERINE CLARK, who died 1837. Daughter 
of Sanford Clark of Herkimer, N. Y. 


D. Clark Abbey. Went to Milwaukee and resided there about 1870. He was a 
Colonel. Married, as her second husband, Matilda Ormond Taylor, b. in Phila- 
delphia, daughter of Tracy Taylor. She m. (1) in Philadelphia, Harvey Birchard 
of Milwaukee. 

Amelia Augusta Abbey. 

Arabella Abbey. 

355. ALTHEA« ABBEY, daughter of Peter^ and Hannah (Alden) Abbey, 
born at Suffield, Conn., July 5, 1793; lived and died in Rochester, N. Y. 

Married at Ballston Spa, N. Y., March 30, 1813, WILLIAM ANDREWS 
LANGWORTHY, born at New Lebanon, N. Y., September 14, 1790; died 

about 1869. 


607 Caroline Althea Langworthy, b. May 22, 1814; m. James Carra WiUiamson 

William Langworthy, b. at Ballston Spa, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1816; m. Sarah Wood. 

Child : Fanny, m. Atwater, had a son Edward A., who hves in Batavia, 

N. Y. ; a second son ; and a daughter Fanny, who is married. 

Frances Arabella Langworthy, b. at Ballston Spa, Feb. 0, 1819; m. George W. 
Ensworth. Children : i. Louise E., now dead ; m. and had a daughter, Florence, 
who is living in New York, m. a Russian who was a well-known illustrator and 

d. in London, has one son; ii. Fanny E., d. ; (daughter), not m. ; (son), 

m. and has one daughter, lives in New York City. 

Chaj-les Barker Langworthy, b. at Ballston Spa, March 2, 1821; d. in Rochester, 
N. Y. ; m. Mary Hill. Children : i. Mary L., m. Charles Huysner and has 
children, Rufus D., Charles W., Neily, and two other daughters ; ii. Charles W., 
hves in Niagara Falls, proprietor of the Oak Hotel, m. and has one daughter. 

John Stillman Langworthy, b. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1823; d. in 

Chicago ; m. Emma Fordham. Children : i. John Fordham, d. • , m. and 

had a son Arthur W. who hves in New York City ; ii. Harry ; iii. Ransom W., 
d. . 

Mary Louise Langworthy, b. at Saratoga Springs, July 9, 1826; d. in Rochester; 
m. Robert Allen. Children : i. Mary L., d. in Rochester ; ii. John, d. in 
Brooklyn, no children. 

^ \ 


Old Wixdmill near Prescott converted into a Lighthouse 
BY THE Canadian Government 

-'K L:-^--' 

Seth Alden" Abbey 

Sixth Generation 189 

Emma Ahhcy Langivorihy, b. at Saratoga Springs, Nov. 27, 1829; d. iu New York 
City ; m. Hiram Ratcliff Romcyn. Child : Charles William, resides iu New York 
City, m. and has three children. 

Elizabeth Ann Langworthy, b. at Saratoga Springs, May 24, 1831; d. in Rochester; 
not m. 

608 Harvey Peter Langicorthy, b. in Rochester, Nov. 1, 1835 ; m. Sarah S. Enos. 

356. AEABELLA« ABBEY, daughter of Peter^ and Hannah (Alden) Abbey, 
born about 1786; died at Oswego, N. Y., about 1864 or 1865, aged about 78, 
buried in Watertown. 

Married WILLIAM GRIFFIN ADKINS, M.D., born 1795 ; died November 28, 
1835. He was tlie son of John and Marcia (Griffing) Adkins of Guilford, Conn. 
After his marriage he resided in Oswego, and is buried, with his wife, in 


609 WiUiam Griffin Adldns, jr., b. March, 1828 ; m. Sarah Mathewson. 

Burton Adkins. He was a Corporal in the 38th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and was 
killed April 9, 1865, at Fort Blakesley, near Mobile, Ala., buried in National 
Cemetery at Mobile ; not m. 

Arabella Adkins, d. about 1864 or 1865, buried at Oswego or at Watertown ; m. at 
Oswego about 1860, Phillip Van Vechten ; no children. 

357. SETH ALDEN« ABBEY, son of Peter^ and Hannah (Alden) Abbey, 
born in Franklin, N. Y., October 3, 1798; died in Cleveland, Ohio, March 15, 
1880. With his brother, Dorrephus, he began the publication of a montlily 
newspaper in Albany in 1815, called ' ' The Friend. ' ' He was editor of the Inde- 
pendent Republican in Watertown, N. Y., 1819-25. In 1821 he w^as Lieutenant 
in the 16th Regiment Infantry of Jefferson County. In 1830 he removed to 
Cleveland, Ohio, and became proprietor of a tavern known there as "Farmers' 
and Mechanics' Hotel." In 1836 he assisted in the incorporation of the city 
by serving as one of the first judges of elections. He was city marshal for 
a time, and was Judge of the Police Coiu't in Cleveland from 1870 until his 
death. At the age of 63 he enlisted in the Civil War as 1st Lieutenant in the 
2d Ohio Cavalry, served through the war, part of the time as Brigade Quarter- 

Man-ied (1) at Watertown, February 8, 1821, MERCY HUNT, born in Western, 
Oneida County, N. Y., December 22, 1799; died in Cleveland, August 14, 1854. 
She was adopted by Marinus W. Gilbert of Watertown. She was an invalid in 
the latter part of her life. 

Married (2) in Cleveland, MARY (LYON) GOODWIN, widow of William 
T. Goodwin. 

Children by first wife, first four born in Watei'toivn, others in Cleveland 

610 Henry Cfilbert Abbey, b. Nov. 20, 1821 ; m. Amelia Margaret Johnstone. 

611 Edtcin Alden Abbey, b. Dec. 9, 1823 ; m. Maranda Penland. 
Charles Henry Abbey, b. July 9, 1826; d. Aug. 19, 1826. 

612 Hannah Ward Abbey, b. Dec. 9, 1827; m. John lugersoU. 
Harriet Ann Abbey, b. Dec. 3, 18.30; d. in Cleveland, June 11, 18.54. 

Charles Hunt Abbey, b. Oct. 22, 1833; d. 1901; m. Jennie Burt Budge, b. in 
Callington, Cornwall, England, daughter of James Mason and Mary Ann (Burt) 
Budge. Child: Dudley Alden, b. in Detroit, Mich., Feb. 27, 1863, lives in 

Peter Morton Abbey, b. Aug. 19, 18.37 ; m. . Lives in Newport, Ore. Has 

two sons who own the Abbey Hotel there. 

613 Frances Maria Abbey, b. Jan. 26, 1840 ; m. Joel Francis Freeman. 

Child by second wife 
Mi7inie Lyon Abbey, b. June 24, 1859 ; m. Charles A. Prentice and has one son. 

190 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

358. MARY HANNAH" ABBEY, daughter of Peter^ and Hannah (Alden) 
Abbey, born January 31, 1814; died in Waukegan, 111., February 17, 1874. 

Married in Oswego, N. ¥., November 18, 1834, JOHN C. HUGUENIN, born 
in Oswego, January 27, 1811; died July 4, 1865. He was the son of Daniel 
Huguenin, who was one of the first settlers in Oswego and built the first 
frame house there. 

Reed Huguenin, d. in infancy. 
Atina Huguenin, d. in infancy. 

Minnie Amelia Huguenin, b. July 30, 1841. Has resided in Geneva, 111., for thirty 

years. Married May 14, 1863, George W. Skinner. Mrs. Skinner is a member 

of the Daughters of the American Revolution and of the Alden Kindred of 

America. Child : Edwin Fisher, m. and has a son, George Archibakl. 

William Peter Huguenin, b. Dee. 29, 1843 ; d. in Geneva, 111., Oct. 31, 1901 ; m. Oct. 

21, 1868, Emma Bramly. Children: i. Mary B., m. Oliver; ii. Ethel, 

m. Ollivit, resides at Lynbrook, N. Y. 

Kate D. Huguenin, b. June 1, 1849; d. in Racine, Wis., July 4, 1900; not m. 
Roho-t Ahhcy Huguenin, b. May 12, 18-53; resides in Burbngton, Wis.; m. 
. Children : i. John C, m. ; ii. Anna. 

359. WESTMINSTER SIMEON" ABBEY, son of Simeon^ and Tabitha (Kil- 
1am) Abbey, born in Keene, N. H., August 5, 1810; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
March, 1886. He was a grocer in New York City and resided in Brooklyn. 

Fanny Abbey. 
Bertha Abbey. 

Adella Work Abbey, b. in Brooklyn, Sept. 9, 1850 ; d. in Seneca Falls, N. Y., 1904. 
Married Oct. 31, 1872, David Sanford, son of George and Louisa Cornelia 
(Gibbs) Sanford, b. in Glens Falls, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1845; d. in Syracuse, Dec. 3, 
189.3, buried in Albany Rural Cemetery. No children. 
West77iinstcr Simeon Abbey, jr., resides in Brooklyn, conducts an extensive business 
in New Y'ork as dealer in military supplies, second-hand fire-arms, and various 
Jonathan C. Abbey, was a grocer in New York City. 
Emily Abbey. 

Westminster^ Abbey and his father before him have kept shop on Front Street since 
the oldest mariner who guides his ship into New York harbor can remember. 

For over eighty years, says the New York Mail, the "Westminster Abbey" sign has 
blistered in sunshine and flapped in storm. On all sides of the shop sit, lean and tumble, 
the most remarkable assortment of wares ever assembled on laud or sea. 

There is everything from a paper of needles to a sheet anchor. Overalls, bisque orna- 
ments, andirons, neckties, silver pitchers, writing paper, army blankets, Roman swords, 
pearl brooches, paintings, camping outfits, opera glasses, bottles with ships in them, 
teething rings, prayer books, oilskins, jewelry, cannon balls, muskets and cold cream. 

"I'm looking for Mr. Abbey." 

"I'm Westminstei'," said a man with a grizzled gray mustache, merry brown eyes and 
a crippled foot, looking up from a cluttered desk. "Come right in and look around." 

"But I came to ask about that offer of Coney Island for $500." 

Westminster chuckled. "Ho, ho ! WeU, it was a fact all right. Fifty-nine years ago," 
he went on, making some subtractions on the back of an envelope, "my dad was asked 
to buy the whole of Coney for $500. The very spot where the frankfurtei's are sizzling 
and the whirligigs are spinning and the bathhouse sharks are holding folks up and the 
sandgrabbers are charging real money for a look at the ocean ! 

"Father couldn't see any use buying a wind-swept, snipe-breeding sandy waste like 
that ! Nobody went down there except to shoot birds once in a while. New York had 
less than 500,000 people in it. 

"There wasn't any immigration to speak of. Nobody dreamed the town would grow 
to millions of population. And nobody wanted Coney THEN!" 

The purchase of Coney was not the only wealth-weighted suggestion that was given 
gratis to the Westminster Abbey family. 

Sixth Generation 191 

The grandfather of the present Westminster lived with his good wife up in Putnam 
County. Wife was an excellent woman, but fussy about her housekeeping. When a 
certain poor fur trader used to drop into the Abbey farmhouse, Gran'ma would call out: 
"Is that that man Astor again? If he stays here, he'll have to take his meals in the 
outhouse and sleep in the barn." And John Jacob Astor, trapper and trader, had to 
abide by Ma Abbey's decision. 

He took it in good part, however, quite understandingly, and often told Grandfather 
Abbey that if he'd sell out his holdings in upstate land and buy lots in the little growing 
town of New York, he'd be glad of it some day. 

360. CHARITY'' ABBE, daughter of John^, 3d, and Charity (Simons) Abbe, 
born in East Enfield, Conn., November 20, 1762 ; died 1798. 

Married in Enfield, September 6, 1787, JOHN MCKNIGHT, born June 18, 
1759; died November 12, 1837, son of Jolm and Jerusha (Crane) McKnight 
of Ellington, Conn. He married (2) Jerusha Kent, by whom he had children: 
Charity, Jerusha, Miranda, John, Sarah, and Gilbert. 

Children of Chanty Ahbe, first four baptized in Enfield, others probably born in 

Windsor, Conn. 

Roxa McKnight (twin), b. Sept. 8, 1788; m. Chapman. 

Timothy McKnight (twin), b. Sept. 8, 1788; d. Oct. 30, 1788. 
614 Horace McKnight (twin), b. Oct. 23, 1790; m. Asenath Kimball. 
Harvey McKnight (twin), b. Oct. 23, 1790; d. March 10, 1806. 

Polly McKnight, b. May 23, 1792; d. June 30, 1860; m. Whiton. 

Chauncey McKnight, b. and d. Jan. 21, 1796. 
Betsey McKnight, b. and d. Sept. 12, 1798. 

361. JOHN SIM0NS6 ABBE, son of John^, 3d, and Charity (Simons) Abbe, 
born in East Enfield, Conn., September 11, 1765; died July 19, 1847. He sold 
his lands in Enfield and removed to East Windsor in 1805 and opened a hotel 
called Abbe's Tavern on the banks of the Connecticut River near the ferry 
at Warehouse Point. Several of the family had earlier kept taverns in Enfield. 
He was the first man at Warehouse Point to tolerate Methodist preachers. 
He could never accept Calvinism and opened his house for the meetings of the 
Methodists and became a member of their organization. He was a prominent 
Jeffersonian Democrat and a member of the Masonic lodge. 

Married in Somers, Conn., November 25, 1789, HANNAH BILLING (Billings 
in Family Bible), born April 10, 1775; died November 6, 1839. She Avas daughter 
of Samuel and Hannah (Bradley) Billing of Somers. She was for forty years 
a member of the Congregational Church at Scantic Parish, East Windsor. 

Children, births and children's deaths recorded in Enfield, dates given as in the 

Family Bible 

Hannah Abbe, b. July 22, 1791 ; d. Oct. 4, 1855. She did not marry and was a 
member of the Immersion Baptist Church. 

Harriet Abbe, b. Aug. 19, 1793; d. Aug. 30. 1865; unm. She was a teacher in 
Richmond, Va., and removed to Lebanon, Wilson County, Tenn., where she with 
her sisters Sophronia and Asenath Ann, established a noted ladies' seminary 
which was chartered as the "Abbe Institute." After her sisters' death, she 
removed to Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa, and made a home for her 
adopted son, Andrew Abbe Rutland, son of her sister Asenath Ann. 
615 Alanson Abbe, b. Jan. 17, 1795; m. (1) Ehza Woodruff Barnes; (2) Hepsah 
Burgess; (3) Margaret Livingston Douw. 

Lorinda Abbe, b. March 22. 1797; d. Feb. 1.5, 1804. 

Charity Abbe, b. March 28, 1799; d. Feb. 26. 1805. 

Hezekiah Abbe, b. Feb. 14, 1801 ; d. Feb. 12, 1804. 

Rensalaer (or V anRensselaer) Billings Abbe, b. March 9, 1803 ; d. Feb. 16, 1804. 

192 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

616 Joh7i Billings Ahhc, b. June 4, 1805; m. (1) Abigail Harriet Kingsbury; (2) 

Maria Halin ; (3) Mrs. Nancy Miller. 
Loretta (Loriiy) Able, b. March 11, 1809 ; d. Aug. 27, 1818. 

617 Sophroiiia Ahbe, b. Jan. 20, 1811 ; m. Myron Kilbourn. 

James Madison Alhe, b. Nov. 11, 1812; d. Feb. 1, 1841. After a business failure 
he was traveling in the South and was murdered in Georgia or Louisiana. 
Married Adeline Westfall of Albany, N. Y. No children. 

Ann Asenath Ahhe, b. Aug. 1, 1815; d. April 21, 1847 (or May 6, 1849, Family 
Bible). Married in Tennessee about 1840, James B. Rutland who was for 
several years clerk of the court at Lebanon, Wilson County, Tenn. Children : 
i. Lelia, d. before 1847 ; ii. Fella, d. before 1847 ; iii. Andrew Abbe, b. April, 
1847 (?), m. and lived in California. He was adopted by his aunt, Harriet Abbe. 

362. NANCY" ABBE, daughter of John^ and Charity (Simons) Abbe, born 
in Enfiekl, Conn., 1771; died in Longmeadow, Mass., March 24, 1804. 

Married June 13, 1801, ELIJAH BURT, born November 10, 1771; died in 
Longmeadow, January 28, 1841, son of Elijah and Deborah (Colton) Burt. He 
married (2) January 6, 1805, Polly McKinny, daughter of William and Mehitable 
( ) McKinny of Ellington, Conn., by whom he had three children: William, 
born January 4, 1806; Anson, born July 22, 1808, and Nancy Abbe, born 
December 21, 1810. 

Child of ISlancy Abhe 

618 Lorin Burt, b. May 22, 1802 ; m. PoUy Porter. 

363. TIM0THY<5 ABBE, son of John^, 3d, and Charity (Simons) Abbe, born 
in East Enfield, Conn., January 6, 1779; died there July 2, 1871. He served 
in the War of 1812, was a Captain of the militia in 1821, and spent his long 
and active life on the farm which he inherited, in the section of the town known 
as Wollop. 

Captain Timothy Abbe of Enfield, Conn., celebrated his ninetieth birthday on Wednes- 
day. He was born within one hundred rods of the house where he now lives, three years 
after the Declaration of Independence. He has been married sixty-three years ; his wife 
still lives, and they have had ten children, seven living ; thirty-four grandchildren, twenty- 
seven living ; nineteen great-grandchildren, fifteen living. Captain Abbe is the oldest 
man in town. His mental faculties are better preserved than the average of men at 
seventy-five yeai-s. His first presidential vote was cast when Thomas Jefferson was the 
successful candidate, and he has voted at every election since. 

Married December 11, 1805, RHODA PRUDENCE CLARK, daughter of 
Stephen Clark, a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner of East Hampton, Conn., 
and his wife. Prudence Hall. Slie was born March 10, 1785, and died in 
Enfield, April 15, 1872. 

Children, horn in Enfield 

619 Harvey Clark Ahhc, b. Oct. .30, 1806; m. Mary Ann Gowdy. 

620 Charity Clark Ahhe, b. May 6, 1808 ; m. Wyllys Allen. 

621 David Loreland Ahhe, b. June 9, 1810; m. Sophronia M. Davis. 

622 Horace Ahhe, b. July 28, 1812 ; m. Caroline H. Sparks. 

623 Timothy Harlow Ahhe, b. Oct. 12, 1815; m. (1) Ehzabeth Ensign; (2) Clarissa 

(Culver) Gowdy. 
William Ahhe, b. July 5. 1817 ; d. June 8, 1895. Farmer in Enfield, 1850. Married 
Dec. 2?>, 1849, Caroline Markham, b. about 1826. daughter of Nathaniel, jr., 
and Abigail J. (Smith) Markham, d. before 190.3. Children: i. Katherine 
Cornelia, b. March 23. 1851, d. March 29, 1912 ; ii. William Arthur, b. May 27, 
1858, m. Jan. 28, 1886. Alice Phelps of Enfield, b. Oct. 28, 1860, has children, 
Louise Caroline, b. May 4, 1887, and Marion Elizabeth, b. Nov. 14, 1895. 
William Arthur Abbe is proprietor of the Abbe House in Enfield. 

624 Rhoda Prudence Ahhe, b. Dec. 17, 1819 ; m. Arnold Hamilton, 
Francis LeBaron Ahhe, b. Feb. 7, 1821 ; d. Oct. 31, 1844. 

Sixth Generation 193 

625 John AUe, b. July 14, 1824 ; m. Eunice Eliza FuUer. 

Horatio IJamiUon Ahhc, b. Sept. 11, 1828; d. Aug. 29, 1902. Married Jan. 26, 
1853, Laura Ann Hayes, b. in Windsorville, daughter of Levi and Abigail 
(Hamilton) Hayes. Machinist, inventor and manufacturer, connected with the 
Gong Bell Manufacturing Company of East Hampton for some years. Among 
his productions was the Abbe Gong Door-bell. No children. 

364. DANIEL« ABBE, JR., son of DanieP and Sarah (Pease) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., August 22, 1775; died there August 25, 1833. He was a 
farmer and inn-keeper of Enfield. His will, made July 15, 1833, was probated 
September 6, 1833. 

Married March 9 (or 19), 1795, ELIZABETH MORRISON, born in Enfield, 
June 10, 1772; died there April (or May) 25, 1842. She was the daughter of 
John and Elizabeth (Gififin) Morrison of Enfield. 

Cliihlren, hont in Enfield 

Rohert Morrison AUe (1), b. Nov. 30, 1795; d. Jan. 3, 1797. 

626 Rohert Morrison AUe (2), b. July 15, 1797; m. (1) Maria Norcott ; (2) Mary 

M. S. Moade. 

627 Henrij Augtistus Ahhe, b. March 24, 1799 ; m. Elizabeth Allen, 
Stoddard Nelson Ahbe, b. Feb. 12, 1801; d. May 14, 1869; not m. 

Betsey Allen AUe, b. Jan. 17, 1804; d. April 25, 1828; m. in Enfield, Oct. 2, 1824, 
Hiram S. Belcher, son of Benjamin Belcher. No children. 

628 Sarah Ann Ahie, b. April or Nov. 12, 1806; m. Joseph Pride Converse. 

629 Daniel Pease Abbe, b. Aug. 22, 1809 ; m. Elizabeth Morrison, 

365. LEVI PEASE« ABBE, son of Daniel^ and Sarah (Pease) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., April 14, 1781; died there August 16, 1848, aged 67. He was 
a farmer in Enfield. Administration was granted upon his estate August 16, 
1847. Heirs mentioned at the settlement in 1849 were : widow, Dorcas ; chil- 
dren, Maronette Phelps, Dorcas Parsons, Sally King, Wolcott, Levi P., Daniel H., 
Harriet, Gilbert, Maria, Norton ; grandchild, Sarah Ann Barber. 

Married at East Windsor, Conn., November 12, 1801, DORCAS WOLCOTT, 
born at East Windsor, December 9, 1784; died in Enfield, March 5, 1855. She 
was daughter of Henry and Dorcas (Allen) Wolcott, 

Children, born in Enfield 

630 Maronette Abbe, b. Aug. 25, 1802 ; m, Seth Phelps, 

Dorcas Allen Abbe, b. June 15, 1805; d. 1859. Married in Enfield, Feb, 11, 1830, 
Rufus Parsons, jr., of New Haven, Conn, They had two sons. 

Mary Ann Abbe, b. Oct. 14, 1807. She m. in Enfield, Oct. 31, 1836, Wolcott 
Barber of Genesee County, N. Y., and was dismissed to the First Presbyterian 
Church in Perry Centre, Feb. 4, 1838. Child : Sarah Ann, m, Edward Olmsted 
and died leaving children. 

631 Sarah Pease Abbe, b. Jan. 13, 1809 ; m. George King. 

Wolcott Abbe, b. April 14, 1811 ; d. April 3, 1891. He was dismissed to the Pres- 
byterian Church in Salem, N. J., Feb. 26, 1843, from the Enfield Church. He 
was a farmer in Enfield in 1850, residing with his mother, brother Morton, and 
sister Harriet. Married April 15, 1875, as her second husband, Emily Miranda 
Allen, b. Feb. 4, 1832, daughter of Elam, jr., and Miranda (Olmsted) AUen, 
See number 832. 

632 Levi Pease Abbe, jr., b. Jan. 9, 1814; m. (1) Mary Sexton; (2) Lucinda Abbe; 

(3) EmeUne Amanda Wood. 

633 Daniel Henry Abbe, b. Aug. 12, 1816; m. (1) Lucinda Phelps; (2) Mrs. Julia 

Harriet Abbe, b. Sept. 30, 1818 or 1819 ; d. April 14, 1869 ; not m. Resided in 

634 Gilbert Abbe, b. March 11, 1821 ; m. Catherine Messenger. 

Maria Abbe, b. April 18, 1823 ; d. Sept. 5 or 6, 1892 ; m. April 9, 1846, Alberts 
Abbe, son of Henry Augustus' and Elizabeth (Allen) Abbe, 

635 Norton Abbe, b, Nov, 2, 1825 ; m, EUza Turvey. 


194 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

366. SALLY PEASE« ABBE, daughter of DanieP and Sarah (Pease) Abbe, 
bom in Enfield, Conn., Marcli 28, 1783; died in Ithaca, N. Y., October 27, 1820. 

Married in Enfield, November 17, 1803, LUTHER ALLEN, born in Enfield, 
June 11, 1780; died in Ithaca. He was son of Moses and Mary (Adams) Allen. 
He was a portrait painter, engraver, and musician, and was known as Captain 

Children, first four born in Enfield 

Sarah Abbe Allen, b. Aug. 24 (or 31), 1804; m. in Canandaigua, N. Y., 1827, 
Walter H. Mead, b. iu Dutchess County, N. Y., son of Truman Mead. He was 
a harness maker and removed to Rochelle, 111. Eight children. 

Luther Adams Allen, b. Sept. 10, 1806 ; watch repairer ; resided in Springfield, 
111. Married in Rochester, N. Y., April 2, 1866, Mrs. Margaret Drake Chapin, 
b. in West Rush, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1827 ; d. in Springfield, 111., April 22, 1867. 
She was the daughter of John and Margaret (Di-ake) Stringham. No children. 

Eliza Matilda Allen, b. Nov. 19, 1808; d. Dec. 1.5, 1870, in Cortland, N. Y. ; not m. 

Caroline An7i Allen, b. Jan. 16, 1811 ; was living in Groton, N. Y., about 1876. 
Married at Blodgett's Mills, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1842, William Tanner, b. in Cin- 
cinnatus, N. Y., son of James Tanner. Two children. 

Moses David Allen, b. in Ithaca, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1812 (?) ; d. in Albion, Mich., Oct. 
4, 1350; not m. 

367. HARRIS^ ABBE, son of Daniel^ and Sarah (Pease) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., 1790; died 1830, killed bv being thrown from a Avagon. 

Married (1) in Enfield, August 5, 1812, CLARISSA WIGGINS, born May 
23, 1785; died 1826. She was admitted to the Enfield Church by letter from 
the First Presbyterian Church in Hartford, signed by Nathan Strong, pastor, 
January 3, 1813. 

Harris Abbe married (2) THANKFUL COLE, born March 6, 1799; died 
January 6, 1882. 

Children of first wife, born and baptized at Enfield 

636 Harris Abbe, jr., b. May 13, 1813 ; m. Louisa Matilda King. 

637 Henry Abbe, b. Dec. 22, 1815 ; m. Martha Wade. 

Albert Abbe, b. June 27, 1817 ; d. in Enfield, Feb. 9, 1818. 

638 Clarissa Abbe, b. Feb. 2, 1819 ; m. John Cornell. 

Lueretia Abbe, b. June 19, 1820; d. June 6, 1901; m. June 7, 1838, Jesse Bovier, 
b. June 19, 1821; d. June 6, 1881. Children: i. Hannah Maria, b. Feb. 25, 

1839, d. June 3, 1889, m. Austin, and had a daughter Delia who m. 

William Clark and has a son Norman ; ii. Rachel Vina, b. Sept. 11, 1842 ; iii. 
Pamelia, b. May 1844, d. Dec. 1844; iv. Lydia Jane, b. April 19, 1855, m. (1) 
Nov. 7, 1872, Charles Campbell, b. April 19, 1853, d. Dec. 1, 1879, m. (2) Martin 
Brown, b. Jan. 2, 1846; v. Mary, b. Sept. 11, 18.57, d. July 22, 1890, m. March 
26, 1874, Lute T. Howard, and had two daughters, Mabelle, b. Aug. 25, 1877, 
graduate of the Geneseo (New York) Normal School and a teacher in Bloomfield, 
N. J., and Beulah May, b. Jan. 28, 1886, graduate of the Buffalo (New York) 
Normal School and a teacher in Cuba, N. Y. ; vi. Sarah Adelaide, b. June 25, 
1862, d. March 15, 1895. 

639 Hannah Abbe, b. Sept. 30, 1824 ; m. Joshua 0. Stephens. 

Children by second wife, born in Enfield 

Sophrona Abbe, b. Aug. 27, 1828 ; m. Daniel Totton. Children : i. Daniel, jr. ; 
ii. Phebe ; iii. James. 

640 Lydia M. Abbe, b. Oct. 15, 1830 ; m. William Barlow Stephens. 

368. ERASTUS8 ABBE, son of DanieP and Sarah (Pease) Abbe, born in 
Enfield, Conn., January 12, 1793; died in Enfield, September 21, 1816; buried 
there. Administration upon his estate was granted to his widow, Sally, and 
Caleb Jones, 1816. 

Mrs. Clarissa (Wiggins) Abbe 

Harris" Abbe 

Sixth Generation 195 

Married at West Springfield, Mass., December 6 (or 15), 1814, SALLY BEEBE. 
She was the daughter of Artemas and Bethiah (Pliclon) Beebe and married (2) 

Gleason. She was born in West Springfield, November 8, 1791; died 

September, 1880. 


Erastus Beeie Alhe, b. in Enfield, Conn., Oct. 15, 1815; d. in Westfield, Mass., 
Aug. 27, 1879. He was a tobacco dealer. Married at West Springfield, Sept. 23, 
1841, Anne Burbank, b. in West Springfield, Dec. 13, 1821; d. Feb. 17, 1911, 
in Westfield, Mass., daughter of Roland Burbank and Henrietta Palmer, his 
second wife. Children : i. Frances lone, b. in Enfield, July 2, 1842, m. Sept. 23, 
1878, Major William Addison AVallace, resides in Albany, N. Y. Mrs. Wallace 
is a genealogist and has contributed largely to the records published in this book. 
She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and other patriotic 
societies. Mr. Wallace was b. in New York City, Jan. 17, 1837, d. Aug. 15, 1913, 
son of Dr. James Jefferson and Eliza Thompson (Bond) Wallace. He was 
registration clerk in the State Health Department ; ii. and iii. Mary Pomeroy 
and Martha Burbank (twins), b. in Agawam, Mass., Dec. 31, 1851. Martha d. 
in Springfield, Mass., May 12, 1905. Mary m. March 2, 1881, Dr. Walter Anson 
Smith, b. June 25, 1856, in Ashfield, Mass., son of Arnold S. and Melinda 
(Bronson) Smith. He was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1882, 
practiced in Cummington, Mass., for six years, then studied a year in England. 
After his return he practiced in Hinsdale, Mass., for three years, then studied in 
Berlin and Paris and returned to Springfield as a specialist in surgery. He has 
been connected with the Massachusetts State Mihtia with the rank of Major since 
1907. They have one son, Walter Abbe Smith, b. March 3, 1882, in Westfield, 
Mass., who was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is 
now with the Stevens Duryea Company. Walter Abbe Smith m. Aug. 17, 1907, 
Clara Grovcr, b. Dec. 24, 1884, daughter of Z. T. and Hattie (Pierce) Grover, 
and has a daughter, Maud Louise, b. Jan. 15, 1909. 

369. SIMEONG OLMSTED, JR., son of Simeon and Roxelenah' (Abbe) 
Olmsted, born in Enfield, Conn., April 10, 1774; died there November 11, 1831. 

Married in Enfield, August 4, 1795, ABIGAIL^ COLLINS, born in Enfield, 
February 1, 1774; died there October 11, 1858. Daughter of Eliphalet and 
Abigaip"(Abbc) Collins. 

Children, born in E7i field 

Mary Ohnsfed, b. June 21, 1796;" m. Kellogg. 

Abigail Olmsted, b. Oct. 11, 1798 ; m. in Enfield, March 31, 1824, Aaron Wood of 
Ludlow, Mass. 

Lafhrop Olmsied, h. Aug. 29, 1800. On May 1, 1836, the church in Enfield granted 
to him and his wife Mary a letter "to any church in the western part of the 

country to which they are expecting to remove." Married Mary W. , who 

came from the church in Longmeadow, Mass., to Enfield, Sept. 2, 1827. Children : 
i. Timothy Lathrop, bapt. in Enfield, Jan. 27, 1828 ; ii. Mary, bapt. in Enfield, 
Dec. 25, 1831. 

641 Erastus Olmsted, b. Feb. 2, 1803 ; m. three times. 
, d. March 18, 1805. 

Simeon Olmsted, 3d, b. April 4, 1806 ; d. Jan. 2, 1892. He and his wife received 
letters from the Enfield church to the Congregational Church in Cabotville, Mass., 
June 27, 1841. Married Sept. 28, 1831 or 1832, Miranda AUen, daughter of 
Elam and Martha (AUen) Allen, b. Oct. 20, 1809; d. in Springfield, Mass., Feb. 
25, 1852. Children : i. Hudson ; ii. Leverett ; iii. Merrick, bapt. in Enfield, 
June 7, 1840 ; iv. Rosette ; v. Charles. 

642 Ar7iold Olmsted, b. Feb. 22, 1808 ; m. Lorinda Pease. 

643 Miranda Olmsted, b. April 21, 1811 ; m. Elam Allen. 

644 Oladiah Olmsted, b. July 13, 1816 ; m. Hannah Bartlett. 

370. JOSEPH^ OLMSTED, son of Simeon and Roxalenah^ (Abbe) Olmsted, 
born in Enfield, Conn., May 14, 1776; resided in Enfield; died May 10, 1861. 

196 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married in Enfield, September 11, 1800, DOROTHY TERRY, born in Enfield, 

September 27, 1777; died May 22, 1849, daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah 

(Hurlburt) Teriy. 


Dorothy (1) Olmsted, b. June 23, 1801; d. Aug. 21, 1803. 

Joseph (1) Olmsted, b. Sept. 1, 1803; tl. Sept. 2, 1803. 

Daniel Terry Olmsted, b. May 8, 1805; d. Feb. 20, 1875. Hatter and farmer, 
resided in Enfield. Married May 11, 1834, Susan Pinney, b. about 1814. Child : 
Sidney P., b. in Enfield, Oct. 9, 1848. 
645 Norton Olmsted (twin), b. Sept. 18, 1809; m. Clarissa Maria Allen. 

Dorothy (2) Olmsted (twin), b. Sept. 18, 1809. 

Joseph (2) Olmsted, b. Dec. 31, 1820, in Enfield; d. at Warehouse Point, Conn., 
Aug. 9, 1864. He was graduated from the University of New York in 1843 with 
highest honors, began practice in Nyack, removing in 1844 to Warehouse Point 
where he remained until his death. Married June 2, 1852, Sarah Maria Barnes, 
b. at Warehouse Point, Feb. 28, 1831 ; d. there Sept. 25, 1868, daughter of William 
and Maria (Holkins) Barnes. Children: i. William Barnes, b. April 25, 1853, 
d. Aug. 18, 1854 ; ii. Fannie Maria, b. July 2, 1855, lives in Hartford ; iii. 
Edward Barnes, b. Sept. 25, 1858, d. July 12, 1859 ; iv. Clara Jencks, b. April 7, 

871. ISAAC« TERRY, 3D, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., July 14, 1776. Farmer in Sangerfield, N. Y. 

Married BETSEY LIVERMORE, born about 1781; died about 1861; daughter 
of Daniel and Elizabeth (Hitchcock) Livermore. 


Orrin (1) Terry, b. 1801; d. 1813. 

Betsey Terry, b. Sept., 1802 ; d. Jan., 1882 ; m. James Gore and lived in Eaton, 
N. Y. 

Edmund Terry, b. March 21, 1806 ; d. Jan. 9, 1885. Farmer in Waterville, N. Y. 
Married (1) at Hamilton, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1833, Polly Dunbar, b. about 1804; 
d. in Marshall, N. Y., May, 1853, daughter of David and Polly (Doane) Dunbar. 
Married (2) in Hamilton, Aug. 31, 1855, Martha Richards, b. May 27, 1817, 
daughter of Ezra and Martha (Nash) Richards. Children, by first wife: i. Free- 
man Dunbar, b. Aug. 16, 1834, in Sangerfield, farmer in Waterville ; ii. Irving 
Augustus, b. in Sangerfield, Nov. 21, 1836, farmer in Waterville ; iii. Caroline 
Polly, b. in Marshall, June 21, 1840, d. May 31, 1844 ; iv. Eveline Betsey, b. in 
Marshall, June 21, 1840, m. in Waterville, Oct. 11, 1867, Dan A. Colhns, who is 
in the insurance business in Toledo, Ohio ; v. Emma Jane, b. in Marshall, Nov. 3, 
1842, d. Sept. 7, 1843. Child by second wife: Edmund Burke, b. in Marshall, 
Feb. 29, 1856, graduated from Cornell University in 1880, lawyer in Waterville. 

Jeanette Terry, b. 1809; d. in Toledo, Ohio, Oct., 1884; m. Norval C. Bacon, a 
farmer of Eaton, N. Y. 

Orrin (2) Terry, b. Nov. 18, 1813. Farmer and hop dealer in Marshall, N. Y. 
Married in Marshall, Oct. 18, 1838, Adeline Dunbar, b. in Hamilton, N. Y., 
Dec. 10, 1810, daughter of John and Eunice (Fitts) Dunbar. Adopted son: 
Marinus, m. Nettie Phillips of Providence, R. I., who d. 1885. 

Sherman Bartholomew Terry, b. Sept. 29, 1815 ; lived in Tecumseh, Mich. ; m. 
Melissa Hoag. Children : i. Norval Bacon, said to have gone to Texas ; ii. 
Jeanette, m. Peter Willing of Tecumseh and has children ; iii. James Gove, m. 
and d. aged about 35. 

Horace Terry, b. 1817; hved in Watertown, N. Y. ; m. (1) Adehne Bowker ; (2) 
Delina Marsh. Child : Elizabeth, m. Horace Rice of Brownville, N. Y. 

John Freeman Terry, b. 1822; d. about 1880. OcuUst in Detroit, Mich. Married 
Melissa . 

372. ROSWELL« TERRY, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, born 
in Enfield, Conn., June 2, 1780. Farmer in Sangerfield, N. Y. 

Married (1) December 24, 1801, MARY LEONARD, born June 6, 1783. 
Married (2) POLLY HOWARD, widow of James Gove. 

Sixth Generation 197 

Children hy first wife 

Polly Terry, b. Oct. 18, 1802 ; m. Daniel Wells, a farmer in Sangerfield. 

Leonard Terry, b. July 20. 1804; farmer; d. in Wayland, Mich. Married (1) 

Aurelia Prior, by whom lie had a child, Charles, d. young; m. (2) Mrs. Phebe 

Jennings, by whom he had Roswell, d. in infancy. 
Eri Terry, b. April 21, 1808 ; d. about 1833 ; unm. Farmer in Sangerfield. 

Children hy second wife 

Sophia Teny, b. July 3, 1811 ; d. about 1846 ; m. Edwin Nott, a merchant of 
Macedon, N. Y. Children : James and Edwin, jr., both dead. 

Harriet Terry, b. Jan. 31, 1813 ; m. Alanson Benson Cady, b. Nov. 15, 1810, son 
of Darius and Eunice (Rugg) Cady. Farmer and builder at Waterville, N. Y. 
Children : i. Alanson Benson, jr., b. Jan. 13, 1835, carpenter and builder in 
Waterville ; ii. Harriet Sophia, b. July 19, 1837, lived in Waterville ; iii. Medina 
Preston, b. Feb. 9, 1839, d. 1884, carpenter in Waterville, m. in Detroit, Mich., 
Feb. 4, 1863, Victoria Marshall Goodsell. b. in Vermilion, Ohio, March 14, 1840; 
iv. James Edward, b. Feb. 26, 1841, d. July 19, 1844. 

Edu-ard Burr Terry, b. in Sangerfield, Oct. 12, 1817 ; d. May 24, 1852. Farmer in 
Madison, N. Y., removed to Hamilton, about 1850. Married in New Berlin, N. Y., 
Feb. 23, 1839, Jerusha Hall Carpenter, daughter of Russell and Olive (Hall) 
Carpenter; d. Jan. 16, 1853. Child: Clara Jane, b. in Madison, N. Y., May 9, 
1842, d. April 20, 1903, buried in West Winfield, N. Y., m. in Waterville, Dec. 14, 
1864, Menzo Joslyn, formerly a merchant in West Winfield, now a gardener in 
South Norwalk, Conn. They had a daughter, Grace Terry Joslyn, b. in South 
Edmeston, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1867, m. in West Winfield, Cass Leonard, lives in 
Stamford, Conn., and has a daughter. 

Clarissa J. Terry, b. Jan. 14, 1820 ; m. Erastus Pearl, a merchant of Hamilton, 
N. Y. 

373. SARAH" TERRY, daughter of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 2, 1781 ; died August, 1825. 

Married in Sangerfield, N. Y., December 14, 1801, ADINO WINCHELL, born 
in Goshen, Conn., 1778; died in Riga, N. Y., August, 1825. Carpenter in 

Children, first four iorn in Sangei-field 

Laura Nwton Winchell, b. July 4, 1802; li%'ed in Detroit, Mich., and after 1881 in 

Chicago. Married Dec. 17, 1823, Nathaniel Terry Taylor, b. March 16, 1800; 

d. in San Francisco, Sept. 3, 1852, son of John and EUzabeth (Terry) Taylor of 

Mendon, N. Y. Merchant. 
Mark Winchell, b. Feb. 11, 1804. 
Isaac Winchell, b. 1806; d. 1824. 
Alexis Winchell, d. in Michigan. 
Maria Winchell, b. Dec, 1809 ; m. Chauncey Buell, a manufacturer of shoes. He 

d. in Waterville, N. Y., 1835. 
Backus Terry Winchell, b. 1819 ; d. in Monroe, Mich., 1847. 
Piatt Winchell, d. in the South. 
Adeline Winchell, b. Oct. 19, 1823 ; d. about 1841. 
Rush Winchell, d. in the Mexican War. 
Jane Winchell, b. in Lima, N. Y. ; m. Sept. 17, 1845, Eleazer Newell, who d. Jime 

20, 1875. He was a hop dealer in Waterville. 

374. WILLARD6 TERRY, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, born 
in Enfield, Conn. He was a farmer in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., and died 

Married ANNA LEONARD, bora May 19, 1787; died August 21, 1832. 


William Terry, b. Nov. 7, 1806 ; d. April 10, 1826. 
John Terry, b. Jan. 30, 1808 ; lived in Chicago. 

Huldah Terry, b. Dec. 24, 1809 ; lived in Buffalo, N. Y. ; m. Elijah Boardman, and 
had a son who m. Susan Terry, daughter of Norman, see below. 

198 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Sherman Terry, b. May 2, 1813 ; lived at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 

Leivis ToTy, b. June 23, 1815; was living in Darieu Center, N. Y., about 1870; 

m. April 14, 1840, Mariette Clapp. Child : Jane, b. Feb. 28, 1845, m. Feb. 28, 

1861, Rollin Boughton. 
Norman Terry, b. March 2, 1818; d. March 19, 1869. Farmer in Talboton, Ga., 

and lost his property as a result of the war. Married and had a daughter Susan, 

who m. her cousin. Boardman, son of Huldah Terry, see above. 

Truman Terry, b. June 2, 1820; d. June 2, 1825. 

Hanford Terry, b. Oct. 4, 1821 ; lived in Fair Haven, Minn. 

Mary Ann Terry, b. Aug. 9, 1824 ; m. Franklin Stearns, and lived in Owosso, Mich. 

Sophia Terry, b. March 6, 1827 ; m. Boyd and lived in Toledo, Ohio. 

375. HORACE« TERRY, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, born 
in Enfield, Conn., April 16, 1787; died in Waterville, N. Y., February li, 1871. 
He was a farmer and cattle dealer in Sangerfield. 

Married (1) in Sangerfield, October 17, 1806, ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, born 
in Schaghticoke, N. Y., April 17, 1789; died in Sangerfield, May 27, 1853. 

Married (2) FIELDS, daughter of Joseph Fields of Dutchess County, 

N. Y. 

Children iy first icife only, horn in Sangerrfield 

EamiUon Terry, b. April 5, 1810 ; d. in Sangerfield, April 25, 1834. Married Dec, 
1828, Lucy Ann Butler, b. in New Hartford, N. Y., about 1810; d. in Mason, 
Mich., July 2, 1874. Children : i. Henry, d. aged 9 ; ii. Edwin, d. aged 3 ; 
iii. George Nelson, b. in Sangerfield, Sept. 27, 1832, lived in Imlay City, Mich., 

Marietta Terry, b. Nov. 5, 1813 ; d. in Sangerfield, Nov. 2, 1843 ; m. Feb., 1834, 
Hiram G. Hart, farmer in Kirkland, N. Y. Children : i. Marietta, b. in Clinton, 
N. Y., March 7, 1835, d. there, March 13, 1865 ; ii. Maria Elizabeth, b. in Clin- 
ton, April 24, 1837; m. in South Edmeston, N. Y., 1872, Albert Talcott, a 
cooper of Columbus, N. Y. ; iii. Adeline, d. aged 6 months ; iv. Francis, d. aged 
16 months. 

Horace Terry, jr., b. Dec. 24, 1815 ; d. in South Edmeston, July 9, 1872. Hotel 
keeper in South Edmeston. Married (1) in Sangerfield, March 24, 1836, Clarinda 
Leach, d. 1836. Married (2) in Sherburne, N. Y., April, 18-38, Roxa Rogers, 
b. about 1814; d. in North Brookfield, N. Y., April 22, 1859. ' Married (3) 1862, 
Angelina Moore. Children by second wife : i. Clara, m. Charles Holmes and lived 
in Morrisville, N. Y. ; ii. Jane, m. Duane Livermore and lived in Hubbardsville, 
N. Y. ; iii. Edwin, b. about 1849, d. in North Brookfield. March, 1863 ; iv. Scott, 
b. about 1854, d. 1873. Child by third wife : Seth. b. March 19, 1865. 

Leande)- Terry, b. March 25, 1818. Farmer in Madison, N. Y., d. there June 6, 
1862. Married Aug. 2, 1841, Maria Abbe, b. May 17, 1819, d. Sept. 29, 1891, 
daughter of John and Ruth (Risley) Abbe. See number 152. Children, b. in 
Madison : i. John Gilbert, b. June 10, 1843, farmer in Kirkville, m. in Sanger- 
field, June 8, 1868, Anna Mason, one son ; ii. Everett Lee, b. Feb. 25, 1846, 
farmer in Kirkville,. m. Feb. 13, 1868, E. Knapp of Manlius, N. Y. ; iii. Alice 
Maria, b. Jan. 21, 1854, lived in WaterviUe. 

Francis Huhhard Terry, b. Jan. 1, 1820 ; merchant in Brooklyn, N. Y., and hop 
dealer in WaterviUe. Married in La Grange, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1849, Mary Tidd 
Brown, daughter of Samuel and Francina West (Richards) Brown. Children: 
i. Mary Frances, b. in East Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1850 ; ii. Florence Brown, 
b. in Saline, Mich., July 2, 1856. 

Elisaleth Jane Terry, b. Jan. 2, 1822 ; d. in New Berlin, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1852 ; m. 
William H. Brownell, a merchant in New Berlin. Child : Mary Elizabeth, d. 
aged 10 months. 

Alfred Oove Terry, b. April 15, 1824 ; farmer in Seattle, Wash., and d. there, 
March 24, 1864. 

Alonzo Bacon Terry, b. Nov. 1, 1826; d. Sept. 21, 1854; unm.; farmer in 

Charles Carroll Terry, b. Sept. 20, 1828. Merchant speculator in Seattle, Wash., 
and d. there Feb. 17, 1867. Married in Seattle, Mary Russell, d. 1875. Children : 
i. Nellie ; ii. Bessie ; iii. Edward Landor ; iv. Charles Tilton ; v. Mary. 

John Chamhers Terry, b. Aug. 6, 1832 ; farmer in Sangerfield, where he d. Jan. 25, 
1856 ; not m. 

Sixth Generation 199 

376. BILHAH'- TERRY, daughter of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., October 21, 1788; died in Sangerfield, N. Y., January 
29 1853. 

Married in Sangerfield, March 26, 1807, CHESTER CLARK, born in Windsor, 
Berkshire County, Mass., December 9, 1788; died in Sangerfield, March 26, 1829. 
Son of Joshua and Eunice (Morris) Clark. Carpenter and builder in Sangerfield. 


George Morris ClarJc, b. Feb. 9, 1808 ; d. Sept., 1812. 

Mary Ann Clark, b. April 9, 1810 ; lived in Sangerfield ; m. Feb. 11, 1835, Otis 

Webster, b. in Burlington Flats, N. Y., March 4, 1801. 
Morris Clark, b. April 24, 1812 ; carpenter in Whitewater, Wis., M'here he d. April 

30, 1875 ; m. in Hamilton, N. Y., Charlotte Dewey, b. in Hamilton. 
Henry Rogei-s Clark, b. Sept. 14, 1814 ; Uved in New York City ; m. in Waterville, 

June, 1849, Carohne Birdsall, b. in Waterloo, N. Y. 
George Harlow Clark, b. June 20, 1818 ; d. in Richmond, Va., 1855. 
Eliza Jane Clark, b. Sept. 1, 1820 ; d. Sept. 3, 1848 ; not m. 

377. GEORGES TERRY, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, born 
about 1791. Farmer in Madison, Oneida County, N. Y. 
Married CLARISSA COLLINS of Enfield, Conn. 


Abigail C. Terry, b. April, 1815 ; d. in Hubbardsville, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1843 ; not m. 

Jerome Terry, b. April, 1817 ; d. Dec. 17, 1845. He was a harness-maker in Hub- 

bardsviUe. Married Lucy Brownell, daughter of Nathan and (Brown) 

BrowneU. Child : George, d. in the army at Georgetown, D. C, Feb., 1862. 

Amelia Terry, h. June, 1819 ; d. in Hubbardsville, April 11, 1843 ; not m. 

Eliza Terry, b. Aug. 9, 1821 ; d. in Hubbardsville, Jan. 9, 1844 ; not m. 

James Terry, b. June, 1823; d. Oct. 21, 1846. He was a harness-maker in Hub- 
bardsville. Married in Hamilton, N. Y., Charlotte Hale. Child, d. in infancy. 

Clarissa Terry, b. Sept., 1826 ; d. in Marshall, N. Y., May 6,- 1845 ; not m. 

Catherine Terry, b. Jan., 1830 ; d. in Hamilton, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1849 ; not m. 

378. LINUS^ TERRY, son of Isaac, jr., and Hannah^ (Abbe) Terry, born 
in Enfield, Conn., September 19, 1793; died in Brookfield, N. Y., April 8, 1838. 

Married in Sangerfield, 1815, PATTY WATERS, born in Hamilton, N. Y., 
1799; died 1853, daughter of Hial and Martha (Wheeler) Waters. 

Children, horn in Sangerfield 

Morris Terry, h. May 9, 1817 ; resided in Waterville, N. Y ; m. Harriet Banton 
of Madison, N. Y. Children : i. Frank M., farmer in Liverpool, N. Y ; ii. 
Irving C, bves in Syracuse, N. Y. ; iii. Courtland, lives in WaterviUe, farmer, 
m. Church ; iv. Anna, m. Charles H. Bennett, a dentist of WaterviUe. 

Charles Henry Terry, b. Sept. 27, 1819 ; d. Aug., 1820. 

Charles Terry, b. May 31, 1821; farmer in Waterville; m. in Brookfield, Polly 
Welch. Children : i. Charles BarziUai, b. about 1844, hop dealer in Water\dUe ; 

ii. Nettie, d. , bved in Waterville, m. Smith Bennett ; iii. Porter, removed 

to Kansas; iv. Lillie Alice, m. 1867, Henry J. Coggeshall, b. in WaterviUe, 
April 28, 1845, son of Dr. James S. Coggeshall, lawyer, member of Assembly, 
and later state senator, five children, the oldest son m. and living in CaUfornia ; 

v. Emmert, m. Easton ; vi. Mary, m. Rockwell and fives in 

Florida ; vii. Charles, fives in Marshall, N. Y. ; viii. Edith, b. about 1860, d. 
about 1877 ; ix. Frederick, m. a daughter of John J. Bennett of WaterviUe, and 
lives there ; x. Rena : xi. Grace ; xii. Maud. 

Gilbert Terry, b. Aug. 31, 1823 ; d. 1830. 

Isaac Terry, b. May 23, 1826 ; farmer in Hamilton, N. Y. ; m. Nancy Welch of 
Brookfield. Children: i. Isaac Devillo ; ii. (daughter). 

200 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Prudence Terry, b. April 15, 1828 ; m. 1848, Clark Robinson Nash, merchant and 
postmaster in Hubbardsville, N. Y. Children, b. at Hubbardsville : i. Clark 
DeAlton, b. Sept. 25, 1848, farmer near Oneida, N. Y. ; ii. Frank DeElwin, b, 
Jan. 5, 1853 ; iii. Charles DeForrest, b. May 22, 1855, in business with his father 
in Hubbardsville ; iv, Eva Terry, b. Oct. 14, 1865 ; v. Clara Prudence, b. Aug. 
17, 1871. 

379. ZENO« TERRY, JR., son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, born in 
Enfield, Conn., August 19, 1779; farmer; settled in Byron, N. Y., where he 
died. May 3, 1864. 

Married in Sangerfield, N. Y., February, 1802, MARY (POLLY) GRISWOLD, 
born in Enfield, November 1, 1783; died in Batavia, N. Y., June 16, 1851, 
daughter of Benajah and Hannah (Kilham) Griswold. 


Nancy Ualley Terry, b. Jan. 14, 1803 ; m. Sept. 15, 1822, Wheeler Miller, b. about 
1800 ; d. Dec. 23, 1877. He was a farmer at Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

Maria II. Terry, b. July 31, 1805; m. Dec. 5, 1825, in Byron, N. Y., Hollis 
Crocker, b. in Clarendon, Vt., June 25, 1798, son of Andrew and Anna (Leland) 
Crocker. He was a farmer in Byron. 

Zeno Stafford Terry, b. April 13, 1809 ; farmer in Byron Centre, N. Y. ; m. Louisa 
Pendell. Children: i. James (1), d. in infancy; ii. Mary, b. June, 1832, m. in 
Byron Centre, John Steele, removed to Wisconsin; iii. James (2), m. Carrie 
Dewey; iv. (son), d. in infancy; v. Ellen, m. in Byron Centre, James Goodwin, 
and lived in Bergen, N. Y. ; vi. Francis, b. Dec. 8, 1838, m. in Brockport, N. Y., 
Alice Root ; vii. Jane Elizabeth, b. April 28, 1845, in Byron Centre, m. Albert 
Cleveland Terry, son of Lyman and Harriet Williams (Bennett) Terry, see 
number 648 ; viii. Charles, m. and lived in Bergen, N. Y. 

380. HENRY6 TERRY (twin with James), son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) 
Terry, born in Suffield, Conn., January 15, 1786; died in Sangerfield, N. Y., 
February 15, 1849. Farmer. 

Married (1) November 5, 1806, REBECCA JEWELL, born February 27, 1790; 
died January 10, 1827, daughter of Seeley Jewell. 

Married (2) September 9, 1829, CATHARINE EMILY ROOT, born in Berk- 
shire County, Mass., September 10, 1803, daughter of William Root. She married 
again and was living in 1881. 

Children hy first wife 

646 Henry Rollin Terry, b. April 26, 1811 ; m. three times. 

Juliet Lucretia Terry, b. May 23, 1814, in Sangerfield ; removed to Illinois ; m. 
Oct., 1837, Washington Hill. He was a carpenter. Children : i. Mary, b. May 
19, 1840 ; ii. Alice, b. Feb. 1, 1842 ; iii. Norman, b. March 28, 1846. 

Children hy second wife 

Addison Rouhigne Terry, h. in Sangerfield, June 19, 1830. He was a farmer, went 
to Fort Scott, Kans., enlisted at the outbreak of the Civil War and was lost, 
fate unknown. His wife lived in New Berlin, N. Y., with their daughter, Nora. 

Catharine Jeanette Terry, h. in Byron, N. Y., June 23, 1832 ; lived in Edinboro, 
Pa. ; m. May 2, 1853, Orange Beam. 

Mary Electa Terry, h. in Allegany County, N. Y., July 19, 1835 ; m. Sept. 20, 1859, 
Orlando Walker. He was a cattle broker in Garrison, Kans. 

George WasJmigton Terry, b. in Edinboro, Pa., Aug. 6, 18.38 ; farmer in Leslie, 
Mich. ; m. Oct. 10, 1859, Clarissa Leach and had four sous. 

Charles Bacon Terry, b. in Sangerfield, Sept. 11, 1844 ; he went to Kansas with his 
brother and enlisted in the cavalry service. At the close of the Civil War, he 
joined the regular army and in 1881 was Sergeant of Company D, 12th Artillery, 
stationed at Fort Apache, Ariz. 

Sixth Generation 301 

381. JAMES" TERRY (twin with Henry), son of Zeno and Tabitha« (Abbe) 
Terry, born in Suffield, Conn., January 15, 1786; died in Pulaski, Mich., July 
4, 1863. 

Married (1) April 21, 1808, LODEMA NORTON, born 1789; died July 11, 1812. 

Married (2) in Caledonia, N. Y., March 15, 1815, ELIZABETH ROBINSON, 
born 1799; died in Newstead, Erie County, N. Y., February 38, 1824. 

Married (3) in Newstead, August 10, 1825, ELIZA CRONK, born 1807; died 
January 27, 1827. 

Married (4) in Batavia, N. Y., August 8, 1827, HARRIET MONROE, born in 
Betliany, N. Y., September 1, 1807, daughter of Uriah P. B. and Mehitable (Page) 

Children by second wife, horn in Caledonia 

Lodema Norton Terry, b. March 18, 1816. 

James Andreic Terry (twin), b. Aug. 15, 1820; d. in New Orleans, La., Aug. 15, 

1847 ; not m. 
Harriet Eliza (1) Terry (twin), b. Aug. 15, 1820; d. Aug. 27, 1820. 

Child by third wife 
Harriet Eliza (2) Terry, b. in Newstead, May 14, 1826. 

Children by fourth wife 

Puella Lupercis Teiry, b. in Batavia, N. Y., July 5, 1828 ; lived in Byron, N. Y. ; 
m. April 2, 1854, David L. Barker. Children : i. Lucia, b. in Byron, June 11, 
1855 ; ii. Vernon, b. in Concord, Mich., Feb. 11, 1859 ; iii. Harriet Louise, b. in 
Clarendon, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1863 ; iv. Dewey Eugene, b. in Clarendon, Aug. 17, 
1864 ; v. and vi. (twins), Terry and Perry, b. in Sweden, N. Y., June 24, 1868. 

Norton Monroe Terry, b. in Monroe, Mich., Dec. 26, 1835 ; lives in Jackson, Mich. ; 
m. in Parma, Mich., about 1857, Grace Ferguson. 

382. GEORGE^ TERRY (twin), son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., January 11, 1789; died in Batavia, N. Y., June 28, 1840. 
He was a farmer and settled in Batavia in 1818. 

Married April 24, 1813, JEMIMA GILLETTE, born in Navesink, Pa., Sep- 
tember 22, 1795, daughter of Moses and Anna (Story) Gillette. 


647 George Washington Terry, b. Feb. 6, 1814; m. (1) Lovina Maranda Graham; (2) 

Emily White. 

Lodema Terry, b. in StafPord, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1815; d. in Batavia, Jan. 13, 18.55. 
Married in Batavia, June 26, 1837, WilUam Harrison Rice, b. April 6, 1812 ; 
d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., Dec. 3, 1880. Children, b. in Batavia : i. Henry Cleve- 
land, b. April 26, 18.39, d. in Armory Square Hospital, Washington, D. C., 1864, 
m. Sept. 26, 1859, Eliza Gibson ; ii. Parley Hewett, b. March 26, 1845, m, March 
5, 1866, Leora Azubah Smith. 

Cleveland Terry, b. in Byron, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1818 ; d. Oct. 28, 1835 ; unm. 

648 Lyman Terry, b. Feb. 8, 1823 ; m. Harriet Wilhams Bennett. 

Amanda Terry, b. in Batavia; m. in Batavia, Feb. 15, 1844, Benjamin F. Graham, 
son of Roswell and Nancy ( ) Graham. He is a farmer in Bata^aa. Chil- 

dren, b. in Batavia : i. Lovina, b. Feb. 15, 1845, m. Jan. 10, 1867, Addison Terry 
Holdridge, b. Jan. 11, 1841, son of Billings Thomas and Alzina (Terry) Hold- 
ridge (see number 383) of Batavia, farmer in Nebraska; ii. Juliet, b. Oct. 31, 
1849, Uves in Batavia, m. Sept. 9, 1874, Dr. Seymour Putnam ; iii. Delos L., 
b. Oct. 14, 18.54. 

VanRensselaer Terry, b. in Batavia, April 4, 1824 ; farmer in Batavia ; m. there 
June 28, 1845, Julia Amanda Miner, b. June 1, 1827, daughter of Lemau and 
Joanna (Tower) Miner. Child: Grace Ehzabeth, m. Sept. 27, 1876, Christopher 
Joel Miner. 

202 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

383. WILLIAM" TERRY (twin), son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., January 11, 1789; died in Bethany, Genesee County, 
N. Y., November 28, 1857. He was a farmer in Monroe County, N. Y. 

Married (1) 1808, PHEBE MORSE, born about 1788; died in Riga, N. Y., 
March 10, 1816, daughter of Enos and Eliza (Baldwin) Morse. 

Married (2) 1816, MRS. MARY FIRMAN, daughter of Reverend William 
and Mary (Wellah) Firman, and widow of Josiah Fierce. 

Children ly first tcife 

649 Earloic Terry, b. Dec. 18, 1808 ; m. Harriet Maria Holdridge. 

Alzina Terry, b. in Riga, N. Y., April 4, 1810; lived in Batavia, N. Y. ; m. June 7, 
1836, Billings Thomas Holdridge. Children : i. James Billings, b. April 3, 1837, 
d. Sept. 29, 1864; ii. Mary Phebe, b. March 17, 18.39; iii. Addison Terry, b. 
Jan. 11, 1841, m. Lovina Graham, daughter of Benjamin F. and Amanda (Terry) 
Graham (see number 382) ; iv. George William, b. May 6, 1843; v. Charles 
EUsha, b. April 7, 1846, d. Sept. 3, 1847 ; vi. Andrew Cash, b. Jan. 24, 1851. 

Ad(liso7i Terry, b. in Byron, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1812 ; was a farmer and drover in 
South Byron. Married (1) in Clarkson, N. Y., 18.34, Lucetta Herd, b. in HamUn, 
N. Y., June 28, 1814 ; d. March 4, 1855, in Byron, daughter of Asehel and Milly 
(Thompson) Herd. Married (2) in Sweden, N. Y., March 26, 1860, Mrs. Ann 

Ebza (Carr) , daughter of and Eunice (Hill) Carr. Children 

by first wife : i. Henry Franklin, b. in Clarkson, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1835, served in 
the 105th Regiment in the Civil War; ii. Helen Gray (twin), b. in Byron, July 
5, 1843. m. Oct. 8, 1857, James F. Todd, a farmer, and has two children, Addison 
Terry, b. Oct. 24, 1862, and Fannie Lucetta, b. Oct. 25, 1867 ; iii. AUce Marie 
(twin), b. July 5, 1843; iv. Lawton Addison, b. in Byron, Aug. 2, 1847, farmer, 
m. Nov. 16, 1870, Esther T. Cumming, has child, Jennie Lucetta ; v. Roderick T., 
b. in Byron, Aug. 10, 1850, d. Oct. 6, 1851. 

Jonas Terry, b. in Riga, Feb. 23, 1814 ; farmer in Batavia ; m. Mary Ann Merrill. 

650 William Monroe Terry, b. Jan. 23, 1816 ; m. Orinda Aames. 

Children by second wife 

Mary Wellah Terry, b. in Sweden, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1817 ; d. in Byron, Jan. 6, 1847 ; 
not. m. 

Solenna F. Tei-ry, b. Feb. 17, 1819, in Sweden ; m. in Byron, Jan. 1, 1839, Winfield 
WiUiston Woodruff, b. in Livonia, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1817, son of Landon Jesse and 
Rachel (Gould) Woodruff. He was a farmer in Kearney, Neb. Children: 
i. Orr F., b. in Clarendon, N. Y., June 30, 1840, lawyer in Morrison, lib, m. there 
(1) Nov. 11, 1862, Victoria C. O'Harra who d. Nov., 1867, m. (2) Feb. 22, 1869, 
Mary Lathrop ; ii. Will Maitland, b. in Clarendon, July 28, 1843, attended Com- 
mercial College at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., farmer in Kearney, Neb., m. in Morrison, 
111., May 12, 1862, Frances Liveria Alexander ; iii. John Jay, b. in Byron, 
N. Y., Oct. 5, 1850, was admitted to the bar and practiced for a time in Morrison, 
111., later removed to Kearney, Neb., and engaged in wool-growing, m. in Cbnton, 
Iowa, Sept. 18, 1874, Irene Harris. 

384. HORACE ABBE''' TERRY, son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 8, 1794; died January, 1871. Farmer in 
Sangerfield, N. Y. 



Horatio Nelson Terry, d. June 2, 1852 ; farmer in Sangerfield ; m. Oct. 3, 1843, 
Cornelia H. Day, b. May 23, 1822. daughter of Lyman and Maria (Preston) 
Day. Children: i. Anna M., b. Sept. 22, 1844, m. Dec. 27, 1864, China Smith, 
had child, Elbert C, b. Mav 1, 1866 ; ii. Ella C, b. April 6, 1846, m. Dec. 20, 
1871, Olo K. Conger; iii. Emma K., b. July 16, 1848, m. Nov. 5, 1868, Charles 
P. WiUiams, had child. Flora A., b. Aug. 19, 1869; iv. Ada L., b. Nov. 18, 

Delos Carter Terry, b. in Sangerfield, Oct. 18, 1821 ; farmer in Waterville, N. Y. ; 
m. July 31, 1844, Harriet J. Baldwin. Children : i. Abce H., b. June 29, 1845, 
m. Dec. 19, 1866, Oscar Winchell, had child, Delos Terry, b. Nov. 3, 1867; 
ii. James Delos, b. July 14, 1847, m. Nov. 18, 1868, AmeUa S. Williams, who d. 

Sixth Generation 203 

Nov. 5, 1869, leaving a son, James Albert, b. Sept. 12, 1869 ; iii. Milton Parks, 

b. April 16, 1850, d. March 23, 1852 ; iv. Nelson Chauncey, b. March 9, 1853 ; 

V. Frederick, b. Sept. 10, 1855 ; vi. Sarah Baldwin, b. June 26, 1858. 
Harriet Carter Terry, b. June 11, 1823 ; lived in Sangerfield ; m. Sept. 22, 1845, 

Porter S. Squier. Child : Charles Porter, b. in Sangerfield, Jan. 2, 1847, d. in 

St. Paul, Minn.,. Aug. 8, 1867. 
Elias II. Terry, farmer in Sangoi-field ; m. Smith. Children : i. Parks, lived 

in Waterville ; ii. Sarah, m. Kenedy, and lived in Waterville. 

Aaron Parks Terry, farmer in Sangerfield ; m. Ann White. 

Antoinette Terry, m. Melanothon Bigelow, a farmer in Sangerfield. 

Walter Scott Terry, farmer in Sangerfield. He was married twice. His second wife 

was Georgia Gridley. 

385. HARRIET" TERRY, daughter of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 8, 1794; died in Waterville, N. Y., April 5, 

Married in Sangerfield, N. Y., June 26, 1814, AARON STAFFORD, born in 
Lanesboro, Mass., March 18, 1787, son of Ichabod and Humility (Green) Staf- 
ford. Farmer in Sangerfield. 

Children, horn in Waterville 

Lothrop Parmlee Stafford, b. Sept. 27, 1815 ; d. in Forksville, CaUf., May 30, 1849. 

He was a merchant in New York City. Married (1) 1837. Eliza Lawson of New 

York City, who d. Jan. 28, 1839 ; (2) July, 1840. Elisette Cole of New York City. 
Mary Stafford, b. June 7, 1817 ; m. June 21, 1854, Henry Talmadge Utley, b. in 

Western, N. Y., March 3, 1821, son of Squire and Clarissa (Talmadge) Utley. 

He was a lawyer in Rome, N. Y. They resided about 1880 in Waterville. 
Ean-iet Stafford, b. Sept. 19, 1819; Uved in New York City. Married Aug. 29, 

1842, William B. Stafford, who was president of the North River SaAdngs Bank. 
Marshall Bellinger Stafford, b. June 29. 1821. Patent broker in New York City, 

lived in Orange, N. J. Married July 19, 1854, Charlotte Elliott of Goshen, N. Y. 
Aaron Jackson Stafford, b. March 20, 1825 ; d. Sept. 21, 1851, in Chagres, Isthmus 

of Panama ; not m. 

386. DYER6 TERRY, son of Zeno and Tabitha^ (Abbe) Terry, born in 
Sangerfield, N. Y., 1798; died 1842. Farmer in Sangerfield. 

Married in Sangerfield, 1822, CAROLINE LOOMIS, born 1805, daughter of 
Harvey Loomis; died in Cherry Valley, 111., 1876. 

Children, horn in Sangerfield 

Horatio Lafayette Terry, b. 1824 ; farmer in Bridgewater, N. Y ; m. 1845, Mary 
Ann Morgan. Children : i. Dyer Dewitt, b. in Sangerfield, 1846, farmer in 
Rockford, 111., m. in Illinois, 1880, Mary Bush ; ii. Emma Jane, b. in Sanger- 
field, 1847, lived in West Winfield, N, Y., m. in Bridgewater, 1868, William 
Stewart Brockway of Bridgewater, a machine agent, and had two children, 
Lebbeus S., who lives in Syracuse, N. Y., and Lena ; iii. Charles DeLancy, b. in 
Bridgewater, 1848, farmer at Schuyler's Lake, N. Y., m. 1873, Harriet Gilmore ; 
iv. Clara Morgan, b. 1851, m. in Bridgewater, 1877, Arthur Loomis, a farmer in 
Richfield, N. Y. ; v. Caroline Ella, b. in Bridgewater, 1853, m. Reuben H. Hinds, a 
carpenter of Exeter, N. Y". ; \i. Frederick Egbert, b. in Bridgewater, 1855, 
dairyman in San Francisco, Calif. ; vii. Wilson Howe, b. in Bridgewater, 1857, 
farmer in Winfield, N. Y. ; \\\\. Harriet Dorland, b. in Bridgewater, 1859, m. in 
1878, Maurice Hinds of Exeter, N. Y., farmer, later salesman for whips, and had 
a son. 

George Egbert Terry, b. 1830 ; merchant in Cherry "Valley, 111 ; m. Martha Brown, 
daughter of Ezra Brown. 

387. AZUBAH« GLEASON, daughter of Isaac Gillette^ and Azubah (Pease) 
Gleason, born in Middlefield, Mass., September 1, 1777; died May 6, 1808. 

201 Abbe- Abbey GenExYlogy 

Married HEZEKIAH ALLEN, JR., born in East Windsor, Conn., September 
7, 1777; died March 11, 1816, son of Hezekiah and Abigail (Bartlett) Allen. 
He married (2) in Vernon, Conn., Mrs. Nancy (Paine) Russell, by whom he had 


Cliildren of Azuhah Oleason 

HezeMah Allen, 3d, b. in East Windsor, Feb. 27, 1804; d. in Cranston, R. I., 
Feb. 2, 1871. Hotel keeper. Married in Providence, Oct. 9, 1834, Elvira Chase. 
(Stiles says iu "Ancient Windsor" that his wife was Emeline Abbe.) Children, 
b. in Providence : i. Elvira E., b. Jan. 31, 1837, not m. ; ii. Hezekiah, 4th, b. 
Sept. 1, 1838, d. April 1.5, 1902, not m. ; iii. Emily, b. Jan. 4, 1841, m. July 24, 
1883, Dexter B. Potter, b. in Scitnate, R. I., Aug. 23, 1840, hves in Pro^'idence, 
no children. 

Henry Allen, h. Sept. 4, 1805; d. Sept. 28 (or Oct. 7), 1805. 

Isaac Glcason Allen, b. Jan. 6, 1807, in East Windsor; lived in Hartford, Conn., 
where he died, Aug. 23, 1886. Merchant. Married Oct. 20, 1831, Sabra 
McKnight Thompson, b. in East Windsor, March 2, 1807; d. Sept. 11, 1888, 
daughter of John McKnight and Sabra (Allen) Thompson. Children: i. Emily 
Gleason, b. in East Wiudsor, June 12, 1833, d. Oct. 12, 18-34 ; ii. Emma Gleason, 
b. in Hartford, July 24, 1842, resides there, unm. 

Azuhah Oleason Allen, b. in East Wiudsor, April 24, 1808 ; d. Jan. 10, 1884. 
Married (1) at East Windsor, April 28, 1840, Nathaniel Perkins Heath, b. in 
Canada, about 1810; d. in Mineral Point, Wis., Aug. 7, 1846, aged 36, son of 
Jonas and Deborah (Garlin) Heath. Married (2) at Vernon, Conn., May 8, 
1856, Thomas Leudrum. She had two children by her first marriage. 

388. ISAAC' GLEASON, son of Isaac Gillette^ and Azubah (Pease) Gleason, 
born in Middlefield, Mass., September 2, 1779. He was a musician, lived in 
Worthington, Mass., until about 1850, moved to Liverpool, N. Y., then to 
Hinsdale, Mass., where he died. 

Man-ied in Middlefield, November 21, 1805, SALLY DICKSON, born October 
30, 1780, daughter of James and Margaret ( ) Dickson. 


Harry Dickson Gleason, b. June 17, 1807. 

Isaac Gillette Gleason, b. Oct. 15, 1810 ; m. Dec. 17, 1835, Amanda Church. 

Children, probably all d. unm.: i. Ara ; ii. Isaac; iii. Horace; iv. Parcey; 

V. Azubah ; vi. Martha. 

Independence Gleason, b. Aug. 17, 1812 ; m. Bartlett. No children. 

Monroe Gleason, b. Aug. 16, 1814 ; d. in the summer of 1850. Lived in Liverpool, 

N. Y., Worthington, Hinsdale, and Pittsfield, Mass. Died in Pittsfield. Married 

twice. Had a son James, who lived in Pittsfield, and four other children. 
Daricin Gleason, b. May 23, 1816; m. three times. Had a son Wallace, who lived 

in Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Harmony Gleason, h. March 29, 1819 ; d. Sept. 5, 1821. 
Alotizo Gleason, h. Dec. 2, 1820 ; d. Sept. 18, 1821. 

389. HORACE" GLEASON, son of Isaac Gillette^ and Azubah (Pease) 
Gleason, born in Middlefield, Mass., about 1787; died in Chester, Mass. Boot 
and shoe maker. 

Married September 11, 1814, HULDAH GILLETT. 

Children, torn in Worthington, Mass. (order not Icnown) 

Amanda Gleason, b. Sept. 10, 1815; d. in Worthington. 
Solomon Gleason, d. young. 

651 Henry Horace Gleason, b. April 25, 1819; ra. (1) Mary Anice Spring; (2) 

Martha R. Warner. 
Emily Gleason, lived in Springfield, Mass. 
Nancy Gleason, lived in Chester, Mass. 

652 Isaac Gleason, b. Jan. 11, 1824; m. EUzabeth Olmstead. 
Julia Gleason, m. and had two daughters. 

Sixth Generation 205 

390. IRA" GLEASON, son of Isaac Gillette^ and Azubali (Pease) Gleason, 
born in jMiddlefield, Mass., April, 1789; resided in Enfield, Conn., for a short 
time, then went to Liverpool, N. Y., about 1812 and died there. Farmer, boat- 
man and salt manufacturer. In 1850 he was recorded with his family in the 
town of Salina, Onondaga County. 

Married MARY FLINT, born in New York State. 

Children, horn in 'New York State 

Lucius Oleason, b. Dec. 8, 1819 ; d. Jan. 3, 189.3 ; not m. He was a merchant in 
Liverpool, N. Y., and one of the board of directors of the Third National Bank of 
Sj'racuse, N. Y. 

A::iibah Gleason, b. March 27, 1822 ; lived in Liverpool; m. Anson S. Lacy. Child : 

Willard Gleason, h. July 16, 1823; d. July 21, 1883; Uved in Liverpool. Merchant. 
Married Ellen Sherman. Children : i. Frank, b. Nov. 9, 1857, m. Carrie Hunt- 
ington and has three children ; ii. Fred, b. Dec. .31, 1858, m. Mary Murgatroid, 
no children ; iii. Emma, b. July 23, 1863 ; iv. WiUis, b. May 8, 1869, m. Lula 
Clement and has three children. 

Caroline Gleason, b. Sept. 27, 1825; lived in Liverpool; m. Frank Alvord, b. in 
South Hadley, Mass., April 3, 1818, son of Cyrus and Asenath (Smith) Alvord. 
Children : i. Frank, jr. ; ii. Charles G., b. Nov. 21, 1852 ; iii. Brand. 

William Gleason, b. July 16, 1827. He was a merchant in the town of Salina, 1850. 
Has lived near Watkins, N. Y., in Elmira, and Liverpool. Served in the Civil 
War. Married Cornelia Jackson. Children : i. Mamie C, m. I. F. Baxter and 
lives in Omaha, Neb. ; ii. William A., b. May 10, 1870, m. Maud Brown and has 
a daughter, Ruth. 

Orson Gleason, b. Dec. 17, 1828; not m. Was a merchant in the town of Salina in 

Sarah Gleason, b. May 4, 1831 ; d. July, 1858 ; lived in Baldwinsville, N. Y. ; m. 
L. Smith. Children : i. Frank ; ii. James ; iii. MolMe. 

Mary Gleason, b. Sept. 1, 1834 ; lived in Grand Haven, and d. there April, 1857 ; 
m. Myron Harris. Children : i. Libbie ; ii. Martha ; iii. Charles ; iv. Myron, jr. 

Martha Gleason, b. Sept. 27, 1836. 

Edivard Gleason (twin), b. Aug. 21, 18.38; d. Dec. 22, 1871. 

Edwin Gleason (twin), b. Aug. 21, 1838; d. 1886. 

391. LYMAN" ABBEY, son of Thomas^ and Lydia (Parsons) Abbey, born 
in Enfield, Conn., Au^st 30, 1784; died in South Avon, N. Y., February 20, 
1862; buried in Littleville Cemetery. His name was recorded on some of the 
old records as Simon, through a confusion arising from the early spelling of 
the name Limon. He was a cooper by trade and later followed farming in Avon. 

Married HANNAH HUBBARD, buried in Littleville Cemetery. 


Hannah Emeline Alhey, d. July 3, 1841. She resided in Mount Morris, N. Y., for 
a time, and removed to Tuscola, Mich., in 1837. Married June 12, 1834, Lovira 
Hart of Avon, b. in Durham, Greene County, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1808 ; d. in Tuscola, 
Mich., March 5, 1892, son of Lemuel and Anna (Hotchkiss) Hart. He was a 
farmer. Children : i. Ann Jennett, b. Oct. 8, 1835, in Mount Morris, resides in 
Avon, attended the Lima Seminary in the early 50"s. is a member of the Methodist 
Church, m. Dec. 11, 1861, Leicester Johnson, jr., son of Leicester and Julia Ann 
(BickneU) Johnson, b. June 10, 1834, d. Feb. 1, 1915, buried at Pole Ridge 
Cemetery, was educated at Lima Seminary and a member of the Amphyction 
Club ; ii. Emergene, b. May 10, 1837, d. May 3, 1851 ; iii. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 9, 
1839, in Tuscola, Mich., resides in Michigan ; iv. Hannah Emeline, b. July 3, 
1841, in Tuscola, resides near Vassar, Mich. 

Mary Ann Ahbcij, d. unm. ; buried in Littleville Cemetery. 

Clarissa Hubbard Abbey, d. in Avon ; not m. ; buried in Littleville Cemetery. 

John Lyman Abbey, d. young. The casket was taken to Avon Cemetery on horse- 
back as there was no road through the woods from South Avon to Avon Cemetery. 

John Abbey, d. unm. ; buried in Littleville Cemetery. 

206 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

653 Lyman Abbey, jr., m. Elvira or Emeline Peck. 

Lydia Abbey, b. 1821 ; d. March 23, 1872, buried in Littleville Cemetery. Ske was 
a member of the Presbyterian Church. Married Daniel McKercher. Children : 
i. Lillie J., b. Dec. 12, 1853, d. Nov. 4, 1893 ; ii. M. Louise, b. in Avon, Aug. 7, 
1855, m. Nov. 25, 1886, John Garvey, son of Edward and Mary ( ) Garvey, 

b. in Lima, N. Y., July 18, 1865. They reside in Avon and are members of the 
Methodist Church. Mr. Garvey is a farmer and dealer in real estate and 

Louisa Abbey, m. George VanNcss of Livonia. Children: i. Cornelia, b. in Livonia, 
d. young ; ii. Henry ; iii. John ; iv. Mina ; v. Sarah ; and one or two more. 

Fidelia Abbey, d. when a young girl. 

392, HENRY" ABBEY, son of Thomas^ and Lydia (Parsons) Abbey, born 
in Enfield, Conn., April 18, 1791; died in Sandisfield, Mass., June 20, 1867. 
He spent the greater part of his life in Sandisfield and succeeded to the owner- 
ship of the homestead. He held various public offices, ineh^ding that of 
Selectman, and was Representative to the State Legislature for two terms. 

Married JULIA GIBBS, born in Tolland, Hampden County, Mass., May 4, 
1797, daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte (Mather) Gibbs; died April 20, 1873. 


654 Milton Abbey, h. Aug. 11, 1819 ; m. Maria Clayton ( ?). 

655 Frederick Abbey, h. Oct. 5, 1821; m. Lucy Jane Fai'go. 

Franklin Abbey, b. June 13, 1824; m. Fanny Gibbs and had a son Chester. Both 
Franklin and his wife are dead. 

393. THOMAS" ABBEY, son of Thomas^ and Lydia (Parsons) Abbe, born 
September 28, 1802, probably in Massachusetts; died in Avon, Livingston 
County, N. Y. His father was a resident of Sandisfield, Mass., in 1800. 

Married April 15, 1845, PHEBE GOFF, born May 20, 1810, probably in Massa- 
chusetts. She was the daughter of Alvin and Phebe (Mead) Goff, and died July 
7, 1880, in Avon, N. Y. 


Italia Emily Abbey, b. April 10, 1847. Married in South Avon, Livingston County, 
N. Y., Nov. 17, 1881, Louis Tripp, b. in South Dansville, Steuben County, N. Y., 
Dec. 13, 1846, son of Simeon and Mary (Beutley) Tripp. They reside in Avon, 
N. Y. Children : i. Walter Lewis, b. March 16. 1883, m. Oct. 21, 1914, Rebecca 
M. Watters ; ii. Belle Abbey, b. Nov. 10, 1884, m. Nov. 18, 1908, and d. June 27, 
1912, had one daughter, Esther Belle, b. April 20, 1911 ; iii. Lois Louise, b. Feb. 
23, 1887. 

Frank Elizur Abbey, b. June 19, 1850; d. Sept. 22, 1851. 
656 Frances Isabelle Abbey, b. Nov. 15, 1852, at South Lima, N. Y. ; m. James M. 

Alvin Thomas Abbey, b. March 4, 1855, in Avon, N. Y. Resides in Adrian, Mich. 

Farmer. Married Mrs. Mary A. , who had two sons by a former marriage. 

The oldest one took the name of his step-father and is known as Marion L. Abbey. 
He is engaged in the music business in Adrian. 

394. CHARLES" ABBE, son of Richards, jr., and Lydia (Steveson) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 1, 1785 ; died June 26, 1878 ; buried in Enfield. 
Farmer in Enfield. 

Married in Enfield, March 2, 1809, HARRIET STRONG, daughter of 

and Lydia (Hall) Strong, born February 21, 1787; died June 22, 1855; buried 
in Enfield. 

Children, born in Enfield 

657 Charles Alonzo Abbe, b. Nov. 17, 1809 ; m. Eliza Pasco. 

Harriet Ann Abbe, h. Nov. 5, 1811 ; m. in Enfield, May 3, 1842, Edward Hoskins, 
b. June 11, 1809; d. in Enfield, Sept. 4, 1882, son of Eli and Harriet (Richard- 

Sixth Generation 207 

son) Hoskins. Childron, b. in Enfield: i. Ann Augusta, b. Oct. 8, 1844, not m. ; 
ii. Charles Edward, b. Oct. 26, 1850, not m. 

658 Almira Abbe, b. April 16, 1816; m. Norton Gowdy. 

659 Alanj Abbe, b. July 16, 1822; m. Joseph Hooker Russell. 

liichard Thomas Abbe. h. Dec. 14, 1825; d. probably March 11, 1888. Removed to 
East Windsor in 1879. He was agent for Fairbanks Scales Company, later 
became a tobacco raiser. Married at St. Johnsbury, Vt., March 11, 1858, Helen 
G. Woods, b. in Bath, N. H., Oct. 22, 1829, daughter of Isaac and Lucy (Moul- 
ton) Woods. Children: i. Olive, b. at St. Johnsbury, April 4, 1859, m. Jan. 11, 
1888, Oliver Smith Jones, b. in Hartford, Sept. 3, 1837, son of John Pantrey and 
Lucy (Pratt) Jones, had a son, Richard Pratt, b. at South Windsor, Nov. 21, 
1888; ii. Isaac Thomas, b. at South Windsor, Jan. 20, 1861, d. Feb. 6, 1887, at 
Thompsonville, not m. 

660 Lorinda Abbe, b. July 26, 1828; m. Calvin Oscar King. 

395. RICHARD" ABBE, 3D, son of Richard^ jr., and Lydia (Steveson) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 30, 1788, twin with Roswell. He was a farmer 
and, with his wife, was living in Enfield in 1850. 

Married in Enfield, November 29, 1810, CHARLOTTE BEMENT, born Novem- 
ber 3, 1788, daughter of Dennis, jr., and Lydia ( ) Bement. See number 165. 

Children, born in Enfield 

Caroline Abbe, b. Dec. 11, 1811 ; m. May 1, 1834, Ephraim Potter, son of Ephraim 

Pease and Abigail (Terry) Potter. See number 595. 
661 Charlotte Abbe, bapt. in Enfield, Nov. 4, 1821; m. John Sheldon. 
Elizabeth Abbe, bapt. Nov. 4, 1821 ; d. 1821. 
Harriet Abbe, b. July 24, 1823; m. April 30, 1843, Henry Augustus* Abbe, jr. 

See number 819. 
(Son), d. July 14, 1832, aged 3 days. 

396. ROSWELL" ABBE, son of Richard^ jr., and Lydia (Steveson) Abbe, 
twin with Richard, born in Enfield, Conn., December 30, 1788; died December 
17, 1850. He was a farmer in Enfield. 

Married in Enfield, November 30, 1809, SARAH OLMSTED, born in Enfield, 
April 5, 1791 ; died October 21, 1835. 

Children, born in Enfield 

Sally Olmsted Abbe, b. Jan. 20, 1811 ; d. Dec. 25, 1891. Married in Enfield, April 
12, 1838, Albert King, b. Jan. 23, 1811, son of Colonel Jabez and Rebecca 
(Terry) King; d. Dec. 28, 1891; b. and d. in Enfield. He was associated with 
his father in manufacturing wagons. He represented the town in the state 
legislature at one time and was a deacon in the Congregational Church. 
Children, b. in Thompsonville : i. Frederick Albert, b. Nov. 5, 1839, has been a 
teacher, United States Internal Revenue Inspector and in other kinds of business, 
m. Oct. 17, 1872, Amanda Thompson Clark, b. in Washington, Mass., Aug. 9, 
1847, daughter of Silas W. and Louisa (Thompson) Clark, no children; 11. 
James, b. Aug. 18, 1843, d. Sept. 2, 1844; iii. Robert Francis, b. Nov. 2, 1849, 
is a retired jeweler in Thompsonville, m. (1) June 10, 1875, Bessie Marian' 
Abbe, b. Jan. 3, 1850, d. June 19, 1907, daughter of Albert' and Maria^ (Abbe) 
Abbe, no children, m. (2) June 25, 1908, Edith Sellew, b. Aug. 27, 1871, 
daughter of Albertus Huston and Ellen Maria (Humphrey) Sellew, of Huguenot 
ancestry, has one child, Sarah Alberta, b. Feb. 23, 1912. 

Julia Abbe, b. in Ellington. Conn., Nov. 15, 1815; d. Aug. 18, 1900; not m. 

Rosicell Abbe, jr., b. Feb. 11, 1818 ; d. Feb. 27, 1822. 

Roxalenah Abbe, b. Oct. 7, 1822; d. April 18, 1889. Married (1) in Enfield, Sept. 
28, 1845, Wilham Smith Allen of Boston, b. in Enfield, Feb. 16, 1822 ; d. Oct. 10, 
1891, son of George and Fanny (Smith) Allen. She divorced him before 1850, 
when she was residing with her parents under her maiden name, and m. (2) Dec. 
30, 1858, William Barnes of Warehouse Point, b. in Tolland, Conn., Feb. 8, 1802 ; 
d. Dec. 23, 1872, at Warehouse Point, son of Jonathan and Rachel (Steele) 
Barnes. He was a lawyer, judge of probate and a member of the legislature. 

208 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

He had children by a previous marriage to Maria Holkins, none by this. One of 
his children was Sarah Maria, who m. Joseph Olmsted, jr., see elsewhere. 
Child of Roxalenah Abbe and William Smith Allen : Sarah Abbe, b. Jan. 28, 
1849, in Enfield, d. in Plantsville, Conn., June 16, 1882, m. May 9, 1878, Dr. 
Samuel J. Allen of White River Junction, Vt., and had a daughter, Roxalina, 
b. at White River Junction, Jan. 18, 1881, who lives in Bangor, Maine, m. Robert 
W. Selkirk and has a daughter, Roberta. 

662 Simeon Olmsted Abbe, b. Nov. 18, 1829; m. Louise Williams. 
, b. and d. Oct. 21, 1835. 

397. JOSHUA^ ABBE, son of Richard^ jr., and Lydia (Steveson) Abbe, 
born in Enfield, Conn., August 17, 1792; died January 29, 1874. He was 
admitted to the Enfield Church, July 2, 1826; testified regarding his mother's 
pension, 1858. In the Enfield town records is this entry, ^'1811, Nov. 23 were 
joined together in marriage Mr. Joshua Abbe and Miss Phila Pease. Fee two 
hard dollars." He was recorded as a farmer in Enfield in 1850. 

Married (1) in Enfield, November 23, 1811 (or 1812), PHILA PEASE, born 
about 1793; died June 20, 1826, aged 33 years. She was daughter of Lemuel 

Married (2) May 3, 1827, EHODA FELT, born October 19, 1791, in West 
Springfield, Mass.; died in Enfield, January 9, 1874. She was tlie daughter 
of Joseph and Sarah (Hills) Felt, and the widow of Alfred Griswold of Poquo- 
nock, Conn., to whom she was married April 6, 1825. 

Children by first wife, recorded in Enfield 

663 Joshua Abbe, b. June 28, 1814 ; m. Martha Louise Hayden. 

664 Lemuel Abbe, h. 1817 ; m. Sarah WardwcU. 
Phila Abbe, d. Jan. 20, 1819, aged 11 months. 

, b. Jan. 21, 1819: d. Jan. 31. 1819. 

, b. and d. June 18, 1826. 

Child by second wife 

Henry Abbe, b. in Enfield, Sept. 17, 1831; committed suicide in Enfield, Sept. 22, 
1893. He had resided in Hartford, and was never married. 

398. GEORGE" ABBE, son of Richard^ jr., and Lydia (Steveson) Abbe, born 
in Enfield, Conn., December 24, 1794; died in Springfield, Mass., May 22, 1858. 
For many years he resided in Enfield and was a Avell-known river-boatman in 
the days before the railroad. When the New York, New Haven and Hartford 
Railroad was put througli, he became the agent at Thompsonville, the village 
that is a part of Enfield. In the Enfield records are these entries that may 
refer to his family: a daughter of George Abbe, died June 10, 1834; a child 
of George Abbe died March 14, 1840, aged a few days. Known as Captain 
George Abbe. 

Married (1) September 30, 1819, SALLY CHAPMAN of Tolland, born May 
20, 1795, in Ellington, Conn., daughter of James Chapman and Sally Squire 
(or Agnes Damon). She died in Enfield, at childbirth, April 26, 1838. 

Married (2) ANNA HARPER, of Scitico, born in Connectictit, about 1803. 

Children by first wife only 

665 George Chapman Abbe, b. Oct. 22, 1820 ; m. Jane M. Warner. 

666 James Abbe, b. June 1, 1822 ; m. Caroline E. Terry. 
j\Iaria S. (probably Sally) Abbe, d. before 1879. 

Warner Clifford Abbe, b. Feb. 19, 1835; resides at Toms River, N. J. He was 
justice of the peace and under-sheriff of Ocean County in 1879. Married Mary 
Wilson of Thompsonville, Conn. Child : Ida, lives in Mount Holly, N. J., m. 
Dr. VanDervere, has two children, Warren, a physician practicing with his father, 
and Gladys. 

Sixth Generation 209 

399. TRYPHOSA" BOOTH, (laughter of Joel and Trepliosa^ (Abbe) Booth, 
born in Enfield, Conn., December 20, 1787. 

Married in Enfield, December 19, 1804, PLYN PARSONS. 


Charles Booth Parsons, b. July 2, 1805; (I. in Louisville, Ky. ; m. and had at least 
seven children. 

Tryphosa Maria Parsons, b. Oct. 20, 1808 ; d. in Enfield, Dec. 26, 1810. 

Benjamin Booth Paraoiis, b. in Enfield. Aug. 19, 1810; d. in Philadelphia, Feb. 
25, 1887. Graduate of Amherst College and Windsor Theological Seminary ; 
received degrees D.D. and LL.D. Held pastorates of Presbyterian churches at 
New Preston, Conn. ; Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; Madrid, Henvclton, and Ripon, Wis. ; 
Lacon, 111. ; St. Joseph, Mo. ; Philadelphia. Married Aug. 9, 1838, Arabella 
Buckingham, b. 1809, d. March 7, 1893, daughter of Hosmer and Lily (Snow) 
Buckingham of Essex, Conn. Children : i. Maria Sophronia, b. in New Preston, 
lives in Philadelphia, m. Charles F. Wheeler, no children, member of the Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution ; ii. Arabella Tryphosa, lives in Philadelphia, 
m. (1) Henry Wilcox Crane, (2) William Ingram, has daughter Arabella Bertha 
Crane, who was b. in Lacon, 111., lives in Philadelphia, and is a member of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution ; iii. Charles Benjamin, d. unm. ; iv. Mary 
Jane Meeker, b. in Ogdensburg, N. Y., bves in Philadelphia, member of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution, m. Abner Greer Murphey, no children ; 
V. Hosmer Buckingham, m. Cletis Howson, d. leaving one daughter, Emma Lily 
Arabella, who lives in Brooklyn, N. Y., m. Charles Seidler Adams and has two 
children, Franklin and Ceha ; vi. Emma Augusta, Kves in Baldwin, Long Island, 
m. Robert W. Robins, no children. 

Maria So2)hronia Parsons, b. in Enfield, Nov. 5, 1815; d. Jan. 10, 1892; bved at 
Warehouse Point ; m. Elihu Cook, sou of OHver Cook. He d. June, 1908, aged 
94. Children : i. Charles B., d. 1902, m. Nellie Chapman, who d. in 1906, had a 
child, Florence; ii. NeUie A., m. Jan. 28, 1892, Charles L. Heath, b. at Ware- 
bouse Point, June 20, 1844, son of William H. and Ehzabeth (Bartlett) Heath, 
no children. Mr. Heath has been deputy sheriff in Warehouse Point for twenty 

400. CHAUNCEY^ ALLEN, son of Isaac and Huldali^ (Abbe) Allen, born 
in Enfield, Conn., March 24, 1796; lived in Enfield, and died June 22, 1885. 

Married (1) in Enfield, December 18, 1822, MARY PEASE, born in Enfield, 
Febiniary, 1804; died August 20, 1850, daughter of Peter and Huldah (Stebbins) 

Married (2) in Enfield, April 2, 1857, MRS. HANNAH S. HARRIS, of 
Plympton, Mass. 

Children hy first tcije only 

John Lavine Allen, b. June 4, 1823; d. Jan. 7, 1826. 

Mary J. Allen, h. Oct., 1825 ; d. Jan. 8, 1831. 

Isaac Almarin Allen, b. in Enfield, July 22, 1827 ; lives in Enfield. Married April 

10, 1851, Harriet J. Carrier, b. 1833, daughter of Omri Gates and Harriet 

(Potter) Carrier. Children, b. in Enfield: i. Mary, b. 1852, d. Jan. 6, 1855; ii. 

Leha Jane, b. Nov. 20, 1854 ; iii. Ehzabeth, b. Sept. 18, 1857, m. Lewis Burns, 

no children ; iv. Isaac A., jr., b. May 22, 1859, lives in Hartford, m. and had 

three children, one of whom has died ; v. Mary G., b. June 12, 1802, d. young. 
Huldah Allen, b. July, 1829 ; d. Jan. 19, 1831. 

Chauncey L. Allen, b. in Enfield, Aug. 1, 1831 ; d. in California, Dec. 25, 1857. 
Juliaette Allen, b. in Enfield, June 14, 1833 ; m. April 20. 18.54, John S. Parsons, 

b. in Enfield, May 23, 1833, son of Simeon Parsons. Children, not married : i. 

Juhaette AUen, b. May 6, 1855 ; ii. Mary Ehzabeth, b. May 8, 1860 ; iii. Martha 

Adeha, b. Dec. 6, 1869. Residence, Enfield. 
Maryette Allen, b. April 9, 1835 ; d. March 13, 1887 ; m. June, 1856, Edwin Terry. 

Children : i. Edward Lavine ; ii. Chauncey Allen ; iii. Emma Louise ; iv. Charles 

Ernest. Residence, Broad Brook. 
Peter Horatius Allen, b. June 10, 1837 ; d. . Served in the Civil War and 

seven years in the regular army. Lived at the Soldiers' Home, Noroton, Conn. 

Not m. 


210 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Margaret Pease Allen, b. in Enfield, June 4, 1839 ; d. Sept. 14, 1899. Married in 
Enfield, July 7, 1858, Ralph Belknap, son of Charles Kellogg and Elvira 
(Stoughton) Belknap. Children: i. Ralsman ; ii. Mary ; iii. Jennie ; iv. Abbie ; 
V. Lucius ; vi. Or\-ille. 

Maria Louise Allen, b. in Enfield, March 13, 1844; d. April 12, 1866; m. Henry 
Waymouth. Children : i. Mary Allen ; ii. William. 

Otis Eugene Allen, b. in Enfield, May 1, 1848; d. in Westfield, Mass., Nov. 23, 
1905. Married in Enfield, Dec. 29, 1870, Ida Eliza Allen, b. Jan., 1852, in East 
Windsor, Conn., daughter of Horace Barber and Eliza (Eastman) Allen. No 

401. HULDAH'' LORD, daughter of George and Huldah^ * (Abbe) Lord, 
born in Enfield, Conn., July 26, 1804 ; died June 30, 1860. 

Married September 27, 1824, FREDERICK PEASE, born at East Windsor, 
October 2, 1801; died March 5, 1852. He was son of Moses, jr., and Lovisa 
(Markham) Pease, Mechanic. 


Harris Pease, b. Jan 26, 1825 ; d. April 3, 1872. No children. 

667 Almira Pease, h. Jan. 18, 1827 ; m. Josiah Sanford Potter. 

Frederick Noiris Pease, b. Dec. 2, 1828 ; d. Aug. 18, 1897 ; m. Maria Shultus, 

Children : i. Dexter ; ii. Eva M. These are living in CaUforuia, not m. 
Huldah Amanda Pease, b. Aug. 24, 1830 ; d. Dec. 25, 1832. 

668 John Milan Pease, b. Nov. 20, 1832 ; m. Laura Lucinda Phelps. 
Edgar Pease, b. Oct. 28, 1834 ; d. Oct. 4, 1856 ; not m. 

Ephraim Pease, b. Feb. 2, 1837 ; d. March 1, 1888 ; not m. Soldier in the Civil 

669 Huldah Belinda Pease, b. Oct. 16, 1841 ; m. Ogden Troup Cone. 


402. CHARLES TURNER" ABBE, son of Amos Burnett" and Vesta (Turner) 
Abbe, born Februaiy 12, 1800; died July 7, 1877; buried in West Medway, 
Mass. He resided in Franklin, Mass. 

Mai-ried April 8, 1827, MARY ANN PARTRIDGE, born March 26, 1808, 
daughter of Edward and Hannah (Legg) Partridge of Oakham; died December 
27, 1878. 

Children, huried in West Medway 

Charles Ahhe, b. about 1830 ; d. Jan. 26, 1897, aged 67 ; m. Alice Lawrence. 
Lewis A. Ahbe, b. Sept., 1832 ; d. July 1, 1833. 

Miriam Abbe, b. about 1834; d. Nov. 19, 1876, aged 42. Married Hill and 

had a son Charles F., who lives at Greenfield, Mass. 
Vestia Abbe, b. about 1837 ; d. Nov. 19, 1850, aged 13 years. 

403. NANCY^ ABBE, daughter of Amos Burnett" and Vesta (Turner) Abbe, 
born September 15, 1807; died December 1, 1871. Resided in Medway, Mass. 

Married November 1, 1825, HOLLIS RICE, born June 26, 1803, in Marlboro, 
Mass.; died November 26, 1868. He was the son of Seth and Lydia (Stevens) 


Urania B. Rice, b. Oct. 5, 1826 ; d. Aug. 7, 1850. 

Albert Rice, b. Oct. 24, 1828; m. Dec. 11, 1864, Lizzie A. Lombard. Lived in 

Oilbert Rice, b. Jan. 2, 18.31 ; m. Dec. 31, 1857, Mary M. Clark ; lived in Holliston. 
Louisa Rice, h. May 24, 1834 ; d. Jan. 22, 1896 ; lived in West Medway. Married 

April 30, 1856, Sewall J. Clark, b. in West Medway, Sept. 27, 1827, son of Amos 

and Luthera (Johnson) Clark. Children: i. Edmund Sewall, b. June 21, 1857; 

ii. Carrie Louise, b. Jan. 7, 1862, m. Dec, 21, 1881, Charles M. Smith and has a 

Seventh Generation 211 

daughter, Marion Louise, b. Sept. 6, 1882 ; iii. Freddie, b. Sept. 5, 1868, d. 

May 15, 1872. Mrs. Carrie Clark Smitli was most helpful in collecting records 

of this branch of the family and copying cemetery inscriptions. 
Edmund HolHs Rice, b. Jan. 6, 1837; d. Oct. 15, 1843. 
George Sehcijn Rice, b. April 24, 1840; m. (1) Sept. 23, 1862, Mary E. Adams; 

(2) Nov, 25, 1874, Lizzie Dunn. 

404. JOHN' ABBEY, sou of James'^ and Mary (Head) Abbey, born March 
4, 1815, in Cooperstown, Otsego, N. Y. ; died April 17, 1885, at West Sparta, 
N. Y. He was a farmer in Cooperstown for a time. 

Married (1) . 

Married (2) SUSAN GOHO, born in Pennsylvania, October 20, 1821 j died 
May 12, 1899. 

Child by first wife 

670 John Washington Abbey; m . 

Childreti by second wife 

Orlando Abbey, b. June 26, 1845 ; d. June 21, 1864. He was a soldier in the Civil 
War and killed in battle. 

671 Henry Abbey (Charles Henry), b. Aug. 20, 1847; m. Clarissa Kemp. 

405. ALANSON ORLANDO^ ABBEY, son of James" and Mary (Head) 
Abbey, born Avigust 1, 1822, in Otsego County, N. Y. ; died December 27, 1895, 
in Battle Creek, Mich. 

Married in Rush Township, Monroe County, N. Y., December 2, 1852, 
HARRIET JANE MC NAMARA, born in Whitfield, N. Y., 1835, daughter of 
Thomas and Phebe J. (Flynn) McNamara. Resides in Battle Creek. 

Children, first two born in New York State, others in Michigan 

Alice Elizabeth Abbey, b. 1854; m. 1870, William H. Perry, b. 18-39; d. 1913. 

Children: i. Nellie Roat, b. 1873; ii. Frank, b. 1875, m. ; iii. Lettie, b. 

1880, d. 1904 ; iv. Harry, b. 1888, m. . This family lives in Battle Creek. 

Emma Abbey, b. 1859 ; m. in Battle Creek, 1878, Marion Baxter, b. in New York 

State, 1857 ; d. 1905. She resides in Battle Creek. Child : Lola, b. 1880 ; Uves 

in Battle Creek, m. Rowle. 

Mary Abbey, b. 1862; lives in Battle Creek; m. there 1884, Charles Scott, b. 1860. 

Children : i. Janette, b. 1886, Uves in Battle Creek, m. 1910, Earl VanHuyson ; 

ii. Louise, b. 1889, m. 1913, Leo Sterling. 
Albert Abbey, b. 1865; lives in Chicago; m. 1887, Carrie Simpson. Children: 

i. C. Earl, b. 1886, m. and lives in Battle Creek ; ii. Albert, jr., b. 1888, m. and 

lived in Battle Creek, d. 1910 ; iii. Samuel, b. 1890, m. and lives in Battle 

Frank S. Abbey, b. 1868; lives in Battle Creek; grocer; m. 1899, Lillian A. Smith. 

Children : i. Katherine, b. 1901 ; ii. Josephine, b. 1907. 
Martin C. Abbey, b. 1870, in Calhoun County, Mich. ; lives in Battle Creek. He is 

an inventor and has patented several articles and machines that are now being 

manufactured. Married in Battle Creek, May 1, 1891, Margaret HofEman, b. in 

Michigan, May 8, 1870, daughter of Conrad and Elizabeth (Steer) Hoffman, 

natives of Germany. Children: 1. and ii. Beatrice L. and Berenice A. (twins), 

b. 1892 ; iii. Marguerite, b. 1894. 
Hattie Abbey, b. 1882; Uves in Battle Creek; m. 1903, Herald Warrick, b. 1882. 

Children : i. CaroUne, b. 1909 ; ii. Winifred, b. 1912. 

406. WILLIAM' ABBEY, JR., son of William" and Anna (Whitney) Abbey, 
born June 19, 1803; died January 27, 1868, at Hemlock Lake, N. Y. He 
resided for many years in Michigan but moved back to New York State during 
the Civil War. 

Married February 9, 1827, MARY ANN BRAY. 

212 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 


Lucy Ahhey, b. Nov. 9, 1827 ; d. unm. 

Tompkins Abley, b. March 16, 1829 ; m. and d. leaving no children. 

Cordelia Ahhey, b. Aug. 26, 1830 ; d. unm. 

Mary Ahhey (twin), b. Feb. 27, 1832; d. unm. 

WiUiam Ahhey, 3d (twin), b. Feb. 27, 1832; d. unm. 

Andrew Jackson Ahhey, b. Jan. 17, 1836; d. before 1913. He was a graduate of 
the law department. University of Michigan, 1861 ; enlisted and was Captain of 
the 8th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry in 1862. Married and had four children, two 
of whom were living in 1913 : i. William M., of Houston, Texas ; ii. Elmer, of 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Olive Ahhey, b. Jan. 22, 1838 ; d. before 1913 ; m. and had five children, three of 
whom were living in 1913. 

Aaron LeOrand Ahhey, b. Dec. 22, 1840, in Armada, Mich. Resides in Decorah, 
Iowa. Married Sarah M. Randall, b. Oct. 23, 1841 ; d. Feb. 28, 1891. Children : 
i. William Felix, lives in Decorah; ii. Edward R., b. in Decorah, Dec. 15, 1873, 

has patented car-loading apparatus ; iii. Etta M., m. Kennedy, who is now 

dead, lives in Decorah, has a son b. about 1912; iv. Nellia B., b. Dec. 9, 1884 (?). 

James Henry, b. May 23, 1846 ; d. unm. 

407. OLIVIA PRICE' ABBEY, daughter of John" and Elizabeth (Baker) 
Abbey, born in Ontario County, N. Y., probably in Richmond, 1805; died in 
Pontiac, Oakland County, Mich., February 10, 1899. She was the last of the 
pioneers of Troy Township, her former home, to -which she came as early as 1831. 

Married in Ontario County, N. Y., 1828, JESSE LEE STOUT, born in New 
Jersey, 1805; died in Troy, Oakland County, Mich., April, 1874. He removed 
with his family in 1831 to Troy, and settled on the farm that was still in the 
family in 1896. 

Children (four) 

Byron O. Fitotit, eldest son, b. in Richmond, N. Y., -1829 ; d. June 19, 1896, in 
Pontiac, Mich. He came to Michigan with his parents in 1831, attended Albion 
Seminary and was graduated at the University of Michigan in 1851. He was 
principal of the Pontiac Union School from 1852 to 1854, and was elected to the 
legislature in 1854. In 1859 he engaged in the banking business in Pontiac and 
the following year was elected to the state senate. He was later Democratic 
candidate for governor and also for the United States Senate. He was elected 
to the 52d Congress as a member from the 6th district of Michigan in 1890. 
By his will he provided for the erection of a building for the Ladies' Library 
Association of Pontiac. His family all passed away before him. 

'William Stout. 

Wilbur F. Stout, resides in Pontiac, Mich. 

408. SARAH^ ABBEY, daughter of John« and Elizabeth (Baker) Abbey, born 
in Richmond, Ontario County, N. Y., May 2, 1815; died in Birmingham, Mich., 
June 3, 1907. She was educated at Lima Seminary and other schools of her 
home town. Her first visit to Michigan was in June, 1840. After spending 
some time in Birmingham and with her sister, Mrs. Stout, in Troy, she returned 
to New York State the next fall, and was married at her father's home. They 
started at once for their new home in Binningham, where Mr. Poppleton had 
just engaged in merchandise. They traveled by steamer on Lake Erie to Detroit, 
and thence by horse to Birmingham, arriving November 6, 1840. Mrs. Poppleton 
was a w^oman of miich ability and contribiited no small amount of labor, counsel, 
and advice, to her husband's successful business career. 

Married in Richmond, N. Y., November 2, 1841, ORRIN POPPLETON, born 
in Richmond, April 22, 1817; died in Birmingham, March 18, 1892. He was 
the son of William Poppleton, who was born in 1795 in Poultney, Vt., and Zada 
Crooks, who was born in 1796 in Blandford, Mass. The Poppletons have an 
illustrious English ancestry going back to a General in the time of Queen 

Seventh Generation ' 213 

Mary and including, on this side, Revolutionary ancestors. Zada Crooks' ances- 
try goes back to the famous Knox family that produced John Knox, the reformer, 
and General Henry Knox of Revolutionary fame. 

Orrin Poppleton removed with his family to Michigan aboiit 1825, settling 
in Troy. He spent a year at the Granville, Ohio, Seminary, then engaged as 
clerk in Pontiac for two years, teaching a district school in Troy for some 
winters. In August, 1840, he began his mercantile business in Birmingham, 
whieli he conducted for over 50 years. For many years he was active in politics, 
serving as Representative to the state Legislature in 1853. He was solicited 
to stand as candidate for Congress and as Governor, both of which he declined. 
For eight years he was postmaster at Birmingham, 1853-61, and for sixteen 
years a member of tlie Congressional Committee for his district, its chairman 
for twelve years. He was president of the Oakland County Pioneer and His- 
torical Society for eleven years, vice-president of the State Society seven years, 
and its president one year, also a member of the American Historical Association. 

(Son), d. in infancy. 
(Son), d. in infancy. 

Edgar C. Poppleton, was connected with his father's mercantile and farming busi- 
ness in Birmingham. 
Uerhert A. Poppleton, connected in business with his father. 
Ella Poppleton, m. Hatch ; resides in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

409. ISAAC J.'^ ABBEY, son of John« and Elizabeth (Baker) Abbey, born 
in tlie town of Richmond, Ontario County, N. Y., July 10, 1819; died January 
2, 1895. 

Married FANNY M. HAWES, born November 10, 1816, in Brookfield, Mass., 
daughter of Preston Hawes; died September 9, 1869. 


John P. Ahhey, b. March 6, 1844 ; resided in Honeoye, N. Y. Married May 5, 
1870, Julia Martha PUmpton, b. Nov. 3, 1843; d. Feb. 22, 1909, daughter of 
James and Julia (Hawes) Plimpton. Child: Nellie Harding, b. in Honeoye, 
June 26, 1877, attended OberUu Conservatory of Music, m. at Honeoye, Oct. 25, 
1905, PhiUp H. Sisson, b. at Bristol, May 12, 1879, resides in Canandaigua, 
N. T., has a daughter, Elizabeth Julia, b. Oct. 4, 1906. 

Mary E. Alhey, m. Richard Leech and has a daughter, Fannie. 

Sanford Winsloxc Ahhey, b. in the town of Richmond, Jan. 11, 1857. He was 
educated at Canandaigua Academy and taught school for a few years, afterward 
becoming a farmer and sheep-raiser. For a few years, 1904-7, he was engaged in 
the granite business at Ortonville, Minn., then retired and lives in Canandaigua. 
He was Democratic assemblyman from Ontario County in 1890 and 1910. 
Married at Sahne, Washtenaw County, Mich., Feb. 24, 1876, Adelaide M. Culver, 
b. July 25, 1855, daughter of Sylvanus and Susannah ( ) Culver. Children : 

i. Byron S., b. Feb. 9, 1877 ; ii. Kenneth C, b. Feb. 15, 1891. 

410. HIRAM PETERS ABBEY, son of John" and Elizabeth (Baker) Abbey, 
born in Richmond, Ontario County, N. Y., 1822; died in Richmond, 1896. 

Married in Bristol, N. Y., 1851, BETSEY A. GREGG, born in Bristol, 1828; 
died in Richmond, 1888, 

Children, horn in Iliclimond 

Benton Gregg Ahhey, b. Feb. 19, 1854. Tile manufacturer in Honeoye, N. Y. 
Married in East Bloomfield, 1885, Jennie Cora Garton, who was b. Aug. 7, 1864. 
Children, b. in Richmond : i. Caroline Pansie, b. Aug. 1, 1886, m. in Richmond, 
March 8, 1911, Frank Lee Green, has a son, Myron Abbey, b. March 2, 1912; 
ii. Bessie Gregg, b. Jan. 23, 1888, m. in Richmond, Sept. 2, 1911, Howard W. 
Tellier, resides in Naples, N. Y. ; iii. Benton Gregg, jr., b. Oct. 13, 1898. 

214 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Sarah Elizaheth Alley, b. 1860 ; d. in Buffalo, N. Y., 1897. 

Rolert Benjamin Alley, b. 1866; m. in Canantlaigua, N. Y., 1886, Minnie Hilliard. 

Children : i. George G., b. Dec. 21, 1886, m. Jan. 12, 1913, Kate O'ConneU, and 

has a son Frank, b. Nov. 20, 1913; ii. Fannie Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1887, m. 

Sept. 20, 1911, Isaac M. Green, and has a son, Robert Abbey, b. Feb. 15, 1913; 

iii. Robert B., jr., b. Oct. 27, 1888 ; iv. Charles, b. May 15, 1890, d. Nov., 1890 ; 

V. and vi. Clara and Clarence (twins), b. July 15, 1893; vii. Mary, b. Sept. 17, 


411. JONATHAN^ BROWN, JR., son of Jonathan^ and Elizabeth (Huntoon) 
Brown, born in Andover, N. H., July 5, 1799; died there September 11, 1873. 

Married December 16, 1824, ABIGAIL PHILBRICK, daughter of Samuel and 
Mary Page (Gove) Philbriek. She died in Concord, N. H., January 22, 1872. 

Children, prolally all lorn in Andover 

James Harvey Brown, b. Sept. 4, 1825; m. (1) Oct. 28, 1847, Cynthia Lane 
Fifield; (2) Nov. 30, 1869, Mrs. Martha Tiger Petty. Child by first wife: 
Sarah Abbie. 

Joseph Emery Brown, b. July 8, 1828 ; d. in Concord, June 17, 1886. Resided in 
Andover until 1856, later at Sanbornton Bridge, Northfield and Concord. 
Married (1) June 22, 1853, Ann H. Ladd of Upper Gilmanton, who d. Nov. 7, 
1871; (2) Nov. 24, 1877, Betsey N. Watson of Warner. Children: i. Lizzie 
Ann, b. in Andover, Oct. 25, 18-55, d. Sept. 4, 1872; ii. Ida Ladd, b. at 
Sanbornton Bridge, June 14, 1857, m. Jan. 31, 1888, John Frazier of South 
Danbury ; iii. Elmer Joseph, b. at Northfield, Feb. 1, 1861, m. Sept. 14, 
1886, Nellie M. White of Concord, had two children ; iv. Tryphena Hornbrook, 
b. in Concord, Aug. 6, 1866, m. Sept. 3, 1891, Charles W. Nelson of Concord, 
has four children ; v. Arthur Walter, b. in Concord, July 12, 1869, d. in Danbury, 
Nov. 15, 1891 ; vi. WiUis Emery, b. in Concord, Jan. 8, 1879. 

Mary Elizalcth Brown, b. Feb. 10, 1830 ; d. Oct. 9, 1861 ; m. June 29, 1859, Ira 
Harris Couch. One child, d. young. 

, b. Aug. 10, 1832 ; d. young. 

Samuel Phillrick Brown, b. July 29, 1836 ; d. in San Jose, Calif., April 4, 1908. 
Married April 22, 1857, Phebe Call of Boscawen, who was b. Jan. 28, 1836. 
Children : i. Wilbur, b. April 7, 1860, d. in Andover, Dec. 16, 1861 ; ii. Mary 
EUzabeth, b. July 28, 1861, m. Nov. 29, 1883, George A. Simonds of Dunbarton, 
who d. June 2, 1893, had three children ; iii. Sarah Maud, b. Sept. 22, 1863 ; 
iv. Abbie Philbriek, b. July 1, 1865, m. June 2, 1893, Jacob Chadwick ; v. Charles 
Samuel, b. Dec. 16, 1868, m. Oct. 4, 1898, Flora E. Buck of Worcester, Mass.; 
vi. Edwin Call, b. Sept. 14, 1870, m. Feb. 1, 1893, Florence G. Knight of Boston, 
Mass.; vii. Annie Blanche, b. Sept. 20, 1872; viii. Fred William, b. Jan. 13, 
1875, m. May 7, 1900, Grace Emma Drake of Rye, N. H. ; ix. Frank Guy, b. 
April 1, 1877. 

Jonatlian Horace Brown, b. July 19, 1843 ; d. in Somerville, Mass., Feb. 23, 1905. 
Married Aug. 17, 1862, Emma A. Weare, daughter of Alfred Weare of East 
Andover. Children : i. Myra Jane, b. Feb. 17, 1867, in Concord, m. June 3, 1886, 
Edwin A. Page of Wentworth, has one child ; ii. Ola Abby, b. Nov. 9, 1869, at 
East Andover, m. July 24, 1889, Fred W. Higgins of Somerville, has one child ; 
iii. Harry Weare, b. in Andover, June 9, 1876, d. Feb. 22, 1896, in Asheville, 
N. C. 

412. ORANGE J.'^ ABBEY, son of Frederick^ and Sally (Tiff) Abbey, born 
1799; died 1878. In 1832 he owned land on Lot 21, Randolph, Cattaraugus 
County, N. Y. He was a farmer in Randolph. 

Married in Randolph, 1829, POLLY STANLEY, daughter of Joseph Stanley. 
She died in 1893. 

Children, lorn in Randolph 

Joseph Stanley Alley, b. April 28, 1835, at Cherry Creek, N. Y. Married at Cherry 
Creek, March 12, 1857, Sophia Celestia MiUs, b. at Cherry Creek, Nov. 26, 1833. 
Children: i. Norman MiUs, b. May 11, 1858, m. at Randolph, Dec. 13, 1882, 
Ellen Stanley Mighells, has one child, Bernice E., b. at Randolph, April 1, 1887; 
ii. Lena V., b. Sept. 20, 1859, resides in Columbus, Kans., m. Jan. 11, 1882, 

Seventh Generation 215 

George F. Fox, b. at Brockport, Canada, Aug. 23, 1855, d. at Columbus, Kans., 
Nov. 22, 1910, son of Charles B. Fox, had three sons living, two of whom are 
George and Elton, and grandchildren. 

672 John F. Abbey, b. Jan 1, 1836 ; m. Betsey C. Gage. 

M. Jane Abbci/, b. Jan. 2, 1839; d. Dec, 1909; m. March 29, 1865, Edward 
CasweU. Children : i. Mary Vilottie, b. Oct. 28, 1868, d. April 14, 1902, not m. ; 
ii. Lena Estella, b. May 20, 1871, m. Aug. 17, 1912, Ora Gates. 

Orange J. Abbey, b. June 11, 1841 ; d. June 14, 1864, at Andersonville, a prisoner 
of war. He enlisted from Connewango, N. Y. 

673 Warren J. Abbey, b. June 3, 1843; m. Isophine Dexter. 

674 Jefferson M. Abbey, b. Oct. 17, 1845 ; m. Elizabeth Bryant. 

675 David J. Abbey, b. July 9, 1848; m. Delora Reeves. 

676 Jason Abbey, b. Dec. 13, 1850; m. Carlie Bryant. 

413. ALPHEUS^ GEER, son of John and Onorah^ (Abbe) Geer, bom in 
Peru, Mass., September 19, 1783; died April 12, 1846; buried in Peru. 

Married (intentions recorded at Peru, January 1, 1805), KEZIA JUDD, born 
at Lenox, Mass., September 1, 1782; died in Peru, October 3, 1846. 

Children (births recorded in Peru) 

Benjamin Judd Geer, b. March 28, 1806 ; m. in Worthington, Mass., Feb. 23, 1831, 

Amelia C. Abbott ; lived and d. in Peru. No children. 
Onorah Geer, b. May 24, 1808; m. in Peru, March 21, 1826, Joseph William 

Rogers. Children : Payson, d. young, and another who d. young. 
Maria Geer, b. Sept. 15, 1810 ; d. unm. 
Clarissa Geer, b. Dec. 21, 1812 ; m. Warren Wheeler. Children : i. Arthur ; ii. 

Lyman W. 
Polly Judd Geer, h. March 8, 1815 ; m. Sherman Geer. See number 414. 
Lyman Amander Geer, b. June 1, 1818; d. in Peru, March 13, 1846; m. (inten- 
tions published in Peru, Dec. 16, 1843) Cornelia Ann Osborne, b. in Fabius, 

N. Y., Jan. 24, 1816 ; d. Aug. 12, 1844. No children. 
Kezia Lucina Geer, b. Sept. 1, 1821. Had three children. 
Alpheus Addison Geer, b. April 23, 1824 ; m. Rebecca Warren. Children : i. Elsie ; 

ii. Ellen ; iii. Mira. 
Royal Dtcight Geer, b. July 19, 1826; m. Lydia J. (or Jane G.) Stowell. Children: 

i. Emma ; ii. Willis ; iii. Vera Venila. 

414. LUTHER' GEER, son of John and Onorah^ (Abbe) Geer, born April 
21, 1786, in Peini, Mass.; died there. 
Mai-ried (1) JOANNE GEER. 
MaiTied (2) at Worthington, Mass., May 30, 1832, LYDIA BISBEE. 

Children (those whose dates are given are recorded at Worthington, Mass.) 

Sherman Geer, m. at Peru, Mass., Dec. 3, 1835, Polly Geer, daughter of Alpheus 
and Kezia (Judd) Geer. See number 413. Child: Levi Clinton, b. in Peru, 
Nov. 17, 18.36. One account says that Sherman Geer m. Melissa Wing and had 
five children, among whom were Delight, RosiUa, who m. Spencer Stewart, and 
Alpheus. Another list of children gives Clayton, Myron, Clarissa or Cordelia and 

Warren Geer, m. Esther Judd. Children : i. Sarah ; ii. Lyman. 

Rosilla Joanna Geer, or Roxana, resided at time of marriage in Worthington, Mass. 
Married (intentions published at Middlefield, Mass., Nov. 27, 1831) Alvin Holmes, 
b. in Worthington, Sept. 2, 1809, son of Joseph Holmes. Children : i. Mariah 
Dehght, b. in Becket, Mass., Feb. 2, 1832 ; ii. Matilda Joanna, b. July 31, 1835, 
in Worthington ; iii. Julia Roxana, birth recorded Oct. 6, 1840, m. Theodore 

CoUyer ; iv. , d. Jan., 1843, in Worthington, aged two years ; v. Dolly 


Lucy Ann Geer, b. at Worthington, May 19, 1819 ; m. at Worthington, Nov. 13, 
1844, WiUiam Barker, a farmer of Dalton, Mass. Children : i. Martha ; ii. 

Austin Geer, resided at Worthington, Mass. ; m. Lucy Ann Osgood, b. Dec. 27, 
1824, daughter of Stafford and Olive (Abbey) Osgood. See elsewhere. Children : 

216 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

i. Ann Jane, b. Aug. 13, 1850 ; ii. Millard H., b. April 4, 1852, d. March 4, 1854 ; 

iii. Charles P., b. Aug. 3, 1856 ; iv. Alice A., d. . 

Dolly Ann Geer, b. at Worthington, March 5, 1824; m. May 19, 1848, Daniel 

Porter, b. at Worthington, March 28, 1821, son of Jacob and Hannah (Burr) 

Porter. They had two children, one a son, b. April 12, 1849, at Worthington. 
Clarinda Geer, b. Feb. 1, 1826 ; m. Albert N. Godard. Child : EmeUne. 
Maria Delight Geer, m. Theodorus Collyer. Child : Welcome. 
Marietta Geer, d. young. 

415. JOHN' GEER, JR., son of John and Onorali*' (Abbe) Geer, born March 
30, 1789, in Peru, Mass. Lived and died in Washington or Becket, Mass. 
Married (1) POLLY CROZIER. 
Married (2) CHARLOTTE WOOD. 
Married (3) LOIS WOERDER. 

Children (first jour hy first wife) 

William Mathias Geer, b. July 2, 1812, at Chester, Mass. Merchant and farmer. 
Married March 15, 1834, at Peru, Mass., Charlotte Crozier. Children : i. Emer- 
son, m. Mary Cushman ; ii. Sarah Ann, m. Rufus Ames ; iii. Adeline. 

David Howard Geer, b. April 9, 1815, at Peru. Merchant, lived and d. in Boston. 
Married Emily Holbrook. Children : i. Arabella ; ii. Charles ; iii. Grace ; iv. 

. One account gives his children : i. Inez, m. J. A. E. Stewart, East 

Orange, N. J. ; ii. Murray ; iii. Arthur ; iv. William. 

Betsey Samamtha Geer, b. Dec. 20, 1817, at Middlefield, Mass., resided at Wash- 
ington, Mass. Marriage intention recorded at Peru, to Charles Crozier. Chil- 
dren : i. Maria ; ii. Jane ; iii. George, d. young ; iv. Emory ; v. William ; 
vi. Francis ; vii. Ada ; viii. Ala, d. . 

Calvin Geer, b. June 7, 1820, in Middlefield; m. Almira Hamilton (?). Children: 
Ida, and two others. 

Jarvis Geei-, m. Sophia Cross. Children : i. Samuel ; ii. Kate. 

Wesley Geer, m. Eliza Ames. Children: i. John; ii. Peyton (or Fulton) ; iii. 
Florence ; iv. Ellen. 

Willard Geer, m. Mary Morey and had three children. 

Sarah Geer. 

Edwin (or Edward) Geer. 

416. SUSANNAH' QEER, daughter of John and Onorah« (Abbe) Geer, born 
in Peru, Mass., February 6, 1792; died at Worthington, Mass., August 29, 1832. 

Married at Worthington, February 25, 1813, LUTHER GRANGER. He mar- 
ried (2) June 6, 1833, Persis Smith. 

Children, horn in Worthington 

Susannah Granger, b. May 30, 1832 ; m. Otis Jones. Four children. 

Chloe Granger, m. (1) Feb. 17, 1833, at Worthington, Welcome Bates; (2) April 
21, 1842, Gordon Parish of Hinsdale. Children : Susan, Hannah, Venila, Alvira, 
and others, but by which marriage the record does not state. 

Lyman Geer Granger, b. Sept. 19, 1817 ; m. in AVorthington, May 6, 1840, Electa 
Fidelia Pierce, b. in Peru, June 16, 1817, daughter of Ebenezer and Electa 
(Phillips) Pierce. Children: i. Chloe Ann; ii. Helen; iii. Idella. 

Orrin Gi'wnger, b. April 25, 1819; m. (1) June 1, 1843, at Worthington, Mary 
Cottrell; (2) Mira Blackman. Children: i. Marian Ella, b. at Worthington, 
May 12, 1844 ; ii. Isabelle ; iii. Arthur ; iv. William. 


Mary Ann Geo- (twin), b. Aug. 13, 1821; m. at Worthington, May 18, 1843, 
W^illiam Campbell of Norwich. Child : Mary Ann. 

Sarah Atui Granger (twin), b. Aug. 13, 1821. Married at Worthington, April 21, 
1842, Emerson S. Frissell of Peru, b. Nov. 10, 1815, son of Socrates and Mary 
(Scott) Frissell. Children, recorded at Peru: i. Ellen Frances, b. July 5, 1843; 
ii. George Newton, birth recorded June 16, 1847 ; iii. Glonville. 

Almarin Granger, b. Sept. 28, 1823 ; m. at Worthington, Mass., June 4, 1845, Ella 
McCoy Hewitt, b. June 20, 1826, daughter of Daniel Tyler and Matilda (Parish) 
Hewitt. Child : Eleanor Matilda, b. in Worthington, March 18, 1846. 

Seventh Generation 217 

417. PETER" GEER, son of John and Onorahe (Abbe) Geer, born in Peru, 
Mass., March 8, 1800; lived in Peru and died there June 13, 1868. Farmer. 

Married (1) in Peru, May 18 (intentions April 18), 1825, POLLY KENT, died 
May 17, 1834. 

Married (2) June 18, 1835, SALLY S. KENT. 

Children iy first icife 

Milton Oeer, b. Feb. 10, 1827 ; d. Nov. 3, 1856 ; m. Oct., 1851, Almira Richards. 
Polly Maria Geer, b. April 10 (or 19), 18.34; m. Oct. 1, 1853, GranviUe Blackman. 
Child: Milton G., b. (or d.) in Liberty, Iowa, July 25, 1860. 

Children ty second wife 

Almira (or Almena) Geer, b. Sept. 10, 1836; d. Jan. 27, 1842. 

Lucena Verrila Geer, b. July 21, 1839 ; m. Sept. 24, 1863, James Barnes. Child : 
Harriet L., b. May 21, 1866. 

Ira Welcotne Geer, b. July 5, 1843 ; d. Nov. 4, 1857. 

Emily O. Geer, b. Jan. 23, 1845 ; d. June 25, 1853. 

SaUy Lovisa (or Louise) Geer, b. April 18, 1847, in Peru; m. there, July 7, 1867, 
Henry C. Watkins, b. in Bag Rock, Scott County, Iowa, son of Charles and Mary 
( ) Watkins. Children : i. Welcome Henry, b. July 8, 1868, in Middlefield, 

Mass. ; ii. George Edgar, b. July 17, 1870, in Peru, Mass. 

Almarinda Dcets Geer, h. Sept. 18, 1850, in Peru ; m. there Sept. 15, 1868, Charles 
Coan Gloyd, b. in Plainfield, Mass., April 29, 1846, son of Benjamin and Rachel 
( ) Gloyd. Child : Alden W., b. March 28, 1870, in Peru. 

418. IRA" GEER, son of John and Onorah« (Abbe) Geer, born in Peru, 
Mass., August 21, 1802 ; died September 12, 1836. Farmer. 

Married at Peru, May 3, 1826, LUCY PRINCE RAYMOND, born in Montville, 
Conn., October 17, 1803; died May 26, 1854, in Peru. 


Jewett Geer, b. Feb. 14, 1827 ; d. July 16, 1830. 
Horace Geer, b. May 21, 1829 or 30 ; d. July 27, 1830. 
677 Jewett Holland Geer, b. May 13, 1832 ; m. Mary Goldthwait. 

Ira Milo Gea; b. Feb. 6, 1834, in Peru ; d. June 8 or 9, 1858 ; m. EUza Goldthwait. 
Lucy Ann Geer, b. Nov. 5, 1836, in Peru ; d. March 3, 1857 ; not m. 

419. JOHN^ ABBE, son of Roger^ and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe. Lived in 
Peru, Mass. 

Married THIRZA GILBERT, born March 2, 1792; died November 14, 1847. 
She was of Dalton, Mass., daughter of Elijah and Mary (Dunbar) Gilbert, who 
lived later in Peru. 

Children born in Peru 

William Willshire Able, b. July 5, 1812. 
Semantha Abbe, b. Oct. 31, 1813. 
Phebe Abbe, b. Jan. 21, 1815. 

678 Lyman R. Abbe, b. April 1, 1817 ; m, Asenath Swift. 
Polly Gilbert Abbe, b. Dec. 7, 1819. 

679 Louisa Ann Abbe, b. Jan. 9, 1824 ; m. Wilbam Eddy Thurston. 

Cordelia Abbe, b. Jan. 17, 1827. She is perhaps the CordeUa G. Abbey who m. 

March 20, 1845, Anthony Rey (Providence marriages). 
Anna Frances Abbe, b. Oct. 20, 1830. 

420. RUSSELL' ABBE, son of Roger« and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe, born 
in Massachusetts, March 7, 1794; died November 17, 1851. His marriage inten- 
tion was recorded at Peru, Mass., May 7, 1815. He was living in Ellington, 
Conn., in 1850, with his wife and son, William. 

218 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Married May 25, 1815, MARTHA SPRAGUE, born August 29, 1790; died 

September 24, 1851. 


680 Lucinda Ahbe, b. Nov. 9, 1815 ; m. Albert Stiles Ely. 

Delilah Ahbe, b. Dec. 23, 1817. Married May 20, 1840, EUhu S. Hubbard, b. July 
4, 1814, in Sunderland, Mass.; d. Feb., 1899, son of Spencer and Sarah (Gunn) 
Hubbard. He resided in Broad Brook, Conn. They had a child who d. April 30, 
1844, aged three months. 

681 Lucretia Alhe, b. July 21, 1820; m. Henry Stiles Kinsley. 

682 Sarepta Able, b. Sept. 13, 1822 ; m. John Hamilton. 

683 Daniel Josiah Abbe, b. Aug. 5, 1825 ; m. Amelia Vosburgh Osborn. 
Harlow D. Abbe, b. Feb. 14, 1828; m. Marietta Holton. 

Joseph C. Abbe, b. Oct. 7, 1831 ; m. Hannah . Resides in East "Windsor, 

Conn. (1912). 
William 8. (or L.) Abbe, b. April 19, 1835; d. 1879; m. . He was living 

with his father in Ellington, Conn., in 1850. 

421. SARDIS^ ABBE, son of Roger*' and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe, born 
September 4, 1801, in Peru, Mass. He removed from North Adams, Mass., to 
Grand Haven, Mich. ; was justice of the peace ; died at Spring Lake, Mich. 

Married . 


William David Abbe. He may be the William David Abbey who was b. in Lorraine, 
Jefferson County, N. Y., settled in that county and m. Mary Elizabeth Brown. 
They had two children, one d. in infancy, and the other, Seymour S., b. July 31, 
1857, in Lorraine, was a carpenter and lived after 1891 in Syracuse, N. Y., 
m. Ida May Reynolds, who d. 1882, daughter of Cyrus Gregg and Mary 
(Tousley) Reynolds. Children of Seymour S. Abbey: i. Mamie, d. in infancy; 
ii. Eva (adopted), b. May 1, 1877, d. April 2, 1902, m. Arthur W. Farrington 
and had two sons, Seymour and Charles O. ; iii. Charles Gregg, b. in Adams, 
Jefferson County, N. Y., July 3, 1879, resided later in Syracuse, has been in 
newspaper work in San Francisco and Oakland, Cahf., is now advertising man- 
ager of the Jamestown, N. Y., Morning Post, m. at Falconer, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1901, 
Ella Anna LydeU, b. in Poland, Chautauqua County, N. Y., April 19, 1880, 
daughter of Ransom B. and Mina Jane (Covey) LydeU, and has two sons, Frank 
Lydell, b. Nov. 20, 1907, at Berkeley, Calif., and Charles Robert, b. Sept. 6, 1911, 
at Falconer, N. Y. 

Jay Abbe. 

Philander Abbe. 

Eveline Abbe. 

422. AMZI^ ABBE, son of Roger« and Hannah (Ferguson) Abbe, born July 
15, 1806, in Peru, Mass. Resided in Pittsfield and Dalton, Mass. 

Married (1) SYBIL BATES, born September 15, 1806, at Brimfield, Mass.; 
died October 30, 1864, at Belvedere, 111. 

Married (2) SUSAN COLLINS, by whom there were no children. 

Children by first tcife 

George H. Abbe, b. March 6, 1830, at Pittsfield, Mass. ; m. Kate . Children, 

b. in Sierra City, CaUf. : i. Annie S., b. Oct. 1, 1860 ; ii. George A. ; iii. Evah ; 

iv. Kate Irene. 
684. Charles E. Abbe, b. Nov. 27, 1831 ; m. Charlotte R. Scofield. 
(Son), d. in infancy. 
John Dicight Abbe, b. in Dalton, Mass. He was a lawyer in Bolivar, Mo., and d. 

unm. May 22, 1894. 
(Son), d. in infancy. 
Ellen M. Abbe, b. in Dalton, Mass.; resided in Chicago; m. Joel Newton Adams, 

b. Sept. 18, 1838, in Worcester, Vt., son of Daniel and Mary (Crocker) Adams. 
(Twins), d. in infancy. 
Mary J. Abbe, b. March 30, 1842, in Dalton. 

Seventh Generation 219 

423. JOHN' FERGUSON, son of Samuel and Jemima« (Abbe) Ferguson, 
born May 8, 1789 ; died July 4, 1868. 

Married at Peru, Mass., November 29, 1815, ELIZABETH GEER, daughter of 
John and Onorah (Abbe) Geer, born December 5, 1794; died February 7, 1854. 
See number 205. 

Children, iii-ths recorded at Peru, Mass. 

Ahnira Ferguson, b. June 20, 1816; m. Reuben Olds, who was a butcher at 

Dalton, Mass. Children : 1. Louisa, m. Henry Brown ; ii. Madison ; iii. Levi ; 

iv. Granville ; v. Herbert. 
Justin Ferguson, b. April 4, 1818. Settled in Peru; Married (1) Corinthia Cross; 

(2) Melissa Chapell. Children: i. James; ii. (son), b. in Peru, April 27, 1848. 
Susan Ferguson; resided in Peru; m. Sherman Cross. Children: i. William, m. 

Mary Parrish and had a daughter Mary ; ii. Orville ; iii. Mary E. ; iv. Ina Elida. 
Darius Ferguson, b. July 29, 1822; d. June 18, 1830(?). 
Leicis (1) Fergusoti, b. May 8, 1825; d. Sept. 18, 1826. 

Lewis (2) Ferguson, b. Jan. 6, 1828; d. Feb. 21, , 

Sydriey Ferguson, b. Dec. 13, 1829 ; d. April 22, 1830. 

Elizabeth Ferguson, b. May 6, 1831 ; resided in Middlefield, Mass. ; m. John Wesley 

Cross. Children : i. Ellroy ; ii. George. 
George D. Ferguson, resided in Carrington, Mass. ; m. Jane Tilson. Child : 

Perey Atin Ferguson, resided in Springfield, Mass. ; not m. 
Amurance Ferguson, probably d. young. 

424. WILLIAM^ FERGUSON, son of Samuel and Jemima^ (Abbe) Ferguson, 
born April 2, 1806. Resided at Magnolia, Wis. 

Married (1) ELECTA PHILENA" ABBE, born at Peru, Mass., June 15, 1811; 
died February 8, 1840, at Dalton, Mass., daughter of Roger^ and Hannah (Fergu- 
son) Abbe. See number 206. 

Married (2) THEDA TOWER. 


Arvilla Fe^-guson (adopted), b. at Peru, Oct. 14, 1827; m. Carey. 

Anna Matilda, b. at Peru, Oct. 13, 1829; m. Samuel Carpenter. 
Leroy Ferguson. 
Emory Ferguson. 

425. JEREMIAH" ABBEY, son of Benjamin^ and Elizabeth (Knappin) 
Abbey, born June 7, 1792 ; died February 4, 1882. 

Married (1) LYDIA HUNTLEY, bona June 12, 1792; died August 29, 1823. 
Married (2) HARRIET , born March 10, 1801; died December 28, 1880. 

Children, ty first wife 

Mary Alley, b. May 13, 1815. 

Emmons Alley, b. Dec. 18, 1817 ; d. May 11, 1878, at Carver, Mass. 

Truman E. Alley, b. March 3, 1820; d. Nov. 27, 1890, at Perry, N. Y. 

685 Marvin Huntley Alley, b. Oct. 14, 1822, at Auburn, N. Y. ; m. Letty Jane Redner. 
Lydia Alley ( ?). 

426. ASA^ ABBEY, son of Benjamin^ and Elizabetli (Knappin) Abbey, 
resided near Kinderhook, about 1820, and at Chatham, N. Y., in 1829. 



686 Lorenzo Harris Alley, m. Ann B. Loosee. 

687 Timothy Crandall Alley, b. Sept. 28, 1824; m. Louisa Amanda Muchmore. 
Mary Elizaleth Alley, d. ; lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. Married Charles 

Chase, who is also dead. They had several children, two of whom, Charles and 
Mary, reside at Chatham, N. Y. 

688 John Comlly Alley, b. Sept. 28, 1829 ; m. Phebe Ann Muchmore. 

220 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

427. SAMUEL" ABBEY, probably son of Benjamin*' and Elizabeth (Knappin) 
Abbey. It seems likely that the following records refer to him. One Samuel 
Abbey boiTght property in Aurelius, Cajoiga County, N. Y., in 1834. That may 
have been a son of this Samuel. It is said by some of the descendants that he 
had brothers, Sherbel, Harry, and Jerry. 

Married . 

Samuel Aibey, jr. 
George Abiey. 
Eleazer Alley, probably the Eleazer P. Abbey who d. in Auburn, N. Y., Jan. 28, 

1883, aged 68. He was a painter. 
Benjamin Alley, lived at Auburn, N. Y., and d. about 1886. His widow Jane 

was living in Auburn about 1908. 
Alijah Alley. 
Burton Alley. 
Eliza Alley. 
Rena Alley. 
Amanda Alley. 
Fannie Alley. 
Rachel Alley. 
, d. in infancy. 

428. JEREMIAH^ ABBEY, 3D, son of Jeremiah^ jr., and Lydia (Armstrong) 
Abbey, born about 1795; died June, 1862, aged 67. One account said he was 
born in Rodiland, Conn., in 1787, and died in Hiram Rapids, Ohio, in 1861. In 
1819 he removed to Auburn, Geauga County, Ohio. In the Census of 1820 he 
is recorded in Auburn, 1 male 26 to 45, 1 female 16 to 26, 2 males and 1 female 
under 10. He is known to have had a brother, Charles, in Manchester, N. Y., 
about 1838. While it is not proved that these records belong to this Jeremiah, 
the evidence is in favor of that idea. 

Married 1813, ALTHEA PAYNE, born in Farmington, Ontario County, N. Y., 
February 21, 1797; died at Hiram Rapids, Portage County, Ohio, about 1873. 


Jeremiah Alley, Jfth, d. at Hiram Rapids. 

689 Amanda Malvina Alley, b. June 13, 1818; m. Jabez Hendrick. 

690 Dexter Alley, b. July 18, 1820; m. (1) Harriet Rider; (2) ; (3) Mrs. 


Roxana Alley, lived at Colebrook, Ohio; m. Isaac Ward. 

Eliza E. Alley, b. at Auburn Center, Ohio ; d. at Garrettsville, Ohio. Married 
(1) in Ohio, Rev. Richard MulhoUand, who d. in 1863; (2) Rodney Pierce of 
Garrettsville. Child, by first husband : Jennie, b. at Auburn Center, March 15, 
1844, lives at Maquoketa, Iowa, m. March 13, 1864, Andrew Jackson Riggs and 
has two sons, E. Ellsworth, b. Feb. 16, 1865, d. Sept. 7, 1893, m. at Maquoketa, 
Oct. 15, 1890, Alice May Hayes, no children, and Lindus LaRell, b. Aug. 29, 
1868, a physician, m. at Maquoketa, Jan. 1, 1908, Eliza Hurst, and has a son, 
Ralph LeRoy, b. July 10, 1909. 

Allen Alley, lived in Nebraska. 

Elsie Alley, known also as Net, d. ; m. (1) E. Ferris; (2) Parker. 

She left sons who are living in Chicago and a son, Merton Parker, who lives at 
Hiram Rapids. 

Elenora or Laura Alley, d. at Garrettsville ; m. W. Briley. 

Luria Alley, d. ; m. Warner. 

8url7-ina or Salina Alley, lived at Zenia, Ohio; m. Ellsworth Kennedy. 

Steicard M. Alley, b. 1838, in Geauga County, Ohio ; lives in Bellevue, Mich. 
Married at Bellevue, Nov. 21, 1868, Elizabeth Greenough, b. March 15, 1850, in 
Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Children, b. in Bellevue : i. Althea, b. Aug. 15, 
1870, lives at Battle Creek, Mich., m. E. B. Hamlyn ; ii. Ray S., b. Oct. 30, 1875, 
d. Sept. 15, 1879. 

Henry Alley, b. March 13, 1844, in Geauga County, Ohio; lives at Salida, Colo. 
Married in BcUevue, Mich., July 4, 1869, Mary M. Thomas, b. in Pennsylvania, 
Oct. 20, 1846, daughter of John and Elizabeth ( ) Thomas. Children: 1. 

Bertha, b. April 29, 1870, d. Sept. 1, 1872; ii. Minnie, b. April 22, 1873, d. 
Sept. 30, 1873. 

Seventh Generation 221 

429. RUFUS ARMSTRONG" ABBE, son of Jeremiali« and Lydia (Annstrong) 
Abbe; name sometimes appears as Strong. He was born about 1807, in Connect- 
icut; was recorded in the 3850 Census at South Windsor. 

Married (1) MARTHA JANE FOWLER, born at ITyde Park. 

Married (2) July 3, 1842, RUTH HARMONIA AMIDON, born in Connecticut 
about 1825; baptized as an adult in Windsor, January 7, 1841. 

Children hy first wife 

691 Rufus Uolbrook Abie, b. Oct. 19, 1831 ; m. Charlotte B. Yeager. 

692 Martha Jane Ahbe, m. (1) Flavius Josephus Ellsworth ; (2) Dwight Famham. 

693 Uenry James Ahbe,h.T>cc. 18, 1836; m. Flavilla Goodrich. 

694 Charles Washingfon Abbe, b. July 4, 1838 (?) ; m. Malora P. Smith. 

695 Frederick Abbe; perhaps m. Lois Ritzel. 
San ford Abbe. 

Children hy second wife 

Ruth Abbe, h. about 1843 ; m. Edgar Scranton. 

Caroline (or Kate) Abbe, b. about 1844. 

Frank Lewis Abbe, b. March 15, 1857; resides in Fenton, Mich. Married (1) 

; (2) Charlotte Hirst of Rockville, Conn. 

Alvira L. Abbe, b. in Windsor, Dec. 29, 1860 ; d. at Springiield, Mass., Aug. 6, 


430. HENRY' ABBE, probably son of Jeremiah*', jr., and Lydia (Annstrong) 
Abbe, born in Connecticut about 1808. In 1850 he was a shoemaker in South 
Windsor, Conn., and residing near Jeremiah and Rufus Armstrong Abbe. One 
of the daughters married Silas Putman and lives in Rockville, Conn. 

Man-ied LUCRETIA , born about 1810. 


696 Rufus H. Abbe, b. Feb. 21, 1835 ; m. Ada Louise Shears. 

, d. March 18, 1839, aged 2. 

Matilda Abbe, b. about 18.38 ; was living in 1850. 

Selden J. Abbe, b. about 1840. He was hving in New York state at one time and 

was known to his cousin, Dexter Abbey, number 690. 
Diana Abbe, b. about 1842, was living in 1850. 
Miranda Abbe, b. about 1847, was hving in 1850. 

431. ELIZABETH' HOOPER, daughter of Isaac and Martha*' (Tice) Hooper, 
born in New Jersey; died October 20, 1868; buried in Savage Cemetery, near 
Cleveland, Minn. With her eight children and her widowed mother, she removed 
from Williamstown, N. J., in the fall of 1821, to Centreville, Ohio. She later 
made her home with her daughter, Margaret. 

Married in Burlington County, N. J., about 1797, STEPHEN S. RHODES, born 
in New Jersey, son of John and Elizabeth (Stuart) Rhodes; buried in Cincinnati, 


Children, born in Williamstown, N. J. 

Isaac Hooper Rhodes, b. Dec. 2, 1797 ; m. Tamsion Bates Roberts. Children, order 
not known : i. John ; ii. Mary ; iii. Isaac ; iv. William ; v. Charles ; ^n.. Joseph ; 
\ai. Mackenzie ; viii. Hester Ann ; ix. Sarah ; x. Elizabeth ; xi. Rebecca Jane, 
m. John Sides and hves at Waynes\-ille, Ohio; xii. Martha, b. March 3, 1833, 
d. Aug. 2, 1871, m. Feb. 5, 1869, Erastus Harper ; xiii. Christopher, m. Rebecca 

697 Martha Hooper Rhodes, b. Dec. 22, 1798; m. John Somers Roberts. 

Abigail Rhodes, b. Jan., 1801; d. March 17, 1857; m. May, 1828, George Smith. 

They resided in Minnesota. 
Elizabeth Rhodes, b. 1803; d. Aug. 3, 1835; m. in Warren County, Ohio, April 4, 

18.33, Nehemiah Wharton. 
Loviea Markham Rhodes, b. Nov. 3, 1806; d. May 3, 1896; was not m. and resided 

with her sister Margaret at Cleveland, Minn. 

698 Margaret Rhodes, b. Oct. 19, 1808 ; m. Charles Mackane Flowers. 

222 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

699 William Vinicum Rhodes, b. Nov. 10, 1811 ; m. Elizabeth Gowdy. 

Jacob RJwdes, b. March 24, 1815 ; d. Nov. 13, 1898. Married June 24, 1837, Mary 
Kayser, b. Aug. 6, 1814; d. March 6, 1887. Children: i. Joseph, b. 1838, d, 
July 10, 1862 ; ii. Margaret, b. Nov. 5, 1839, m. John Batdorf ; iii. Catherine, 
b. Oct. 2, 1841, m. George Flowers ; iv. Charles, b. March 28, 1846 ; v. George, 
b. May 5, 1851. 

432. MARGARET MARITTA' SMITH, daughter of John Ford« and Erpercia 
Caroline (Seward) Smith, born March 4, 1817. 

Married JOSEPH CHAPIN of Springfield, Mass., son of Jonathan and Mercy 
(Breck) Chapin. 


Mary Maritta Chapin. 

Seward Breck Chapin, graduate of George Washington University ; m. Allie Bur- 
bank of Lynn, Mass. Children : 1. Joseph, m. Ida Mae Greenleaf, daughter of 
Franklin and Susan ( ) Greenleaf, of Lynn ; ii. Ralph, graduate of State 

University of Florida, is a Lieutenant in the U. S. A., stationed in the 

433. CAROLINE KEZIAH' SMITH, daughter of John Ford^ and Erpercia 
Caroline (Seward) Smith, born February, 1820. 
Married 1847, SETH B. HOISINGTON. 


Caroline Eli::ahcth Hoisington, m. William A. Sorelle of Clarendon, Texas, son of 
Thomas B. and Barbara Ann (Gordon) Sorelle. He is a large ranch owner and 
cattle dealer, is also engaged in a packing business. Children : 1. Arthur 
William, b. in Texas, 1888 ; ii. Margaret Caroline, b. in Greenock, 1890 ; iii. 
Meta Alena, b. in AVaco, Dec. 25, 1893 ; iv. Irving F., b. Sept. 6, 1896 ; v. Tina 
Keziah, b. 1899 ; vi. Seth Augustus, b. 1903. 

434. HARRIET CORINTHA^ SMITH, daughter of John Ford^ and Ei-percia 
Caroline (Seward) Smith, born April, 1824. 
Married BILLINGS MOULTON of Galesburg, 111. 


Arthur Billings MouUon, b. in Clucopee, Mass., has homes in Denver, Colo., and 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Frank Irwin Mowlton, b. in Springfield, Mass ; graduate of Knox College ; studied 

law with his uncle. Judge Irwin Z. Smith ; resides in St. Louis, Mo. Married 

Ella Cozzens. 
Eugene Aloulton, ranchman in Nebraska. 
Ernest Smith Moulton, b. Jan., 1859; resides at Riverside, Calif.; president of 

First National Bank. Married Nov., 1883, Julia Caroline Ferris, daughter of 

Sylvanus and Sabra Beth (Clune) Ferris. Both Mr. and Mrs. Moulton were 

educated at Knox College. Children : i. Stella Florence, b. 1884, d. 1887 ; ii. 

Arthur Ferris, b. May, 1887, in Los Angeles ; iii. Robert H., b. Sept., 1888 ; iv. 

Francis Ernest, b. 1892 ; v. Sylvanus Ferris, b. 1895 ; vi. Doris Harriet Sabra, 

b. 1897. 

435. IRWIN ZEBINA^ SMITH, son of John Ford^ and Erpercia Caroline 
(Seward) Smith. Judge. Resided in St. Louis, Mo. 
Married (1) ELIZABETH KEW. 
Married (2) ISABELLA P ALLEN. 


Irwin Zebina Smith, jr., b. in St. Louis, Mo., 1866 ; resided in St. Louis, and d. 
there, Dec. 28, 1912 ; m. Emma Bailey of St. Louis. He was educated at Wash- 

Seventh Generation 233 

ington "University, St. Louis ; Adams Academy, Quincy, Mass., and Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology. ChiUlron : i. EHzabeth, d. young ; ii. Frances, b. 1901 ; 
iii. Marion, b. 1903. 

Dwight Gordon Smith, physician in Washington, D. C. ; m. Emily Reed. 

O-ranviUc SinHh, m. Rebecca Hirst; resides in Baltimore. 

Isabella Smith, m. W. W. Stuart ; resides in Washington, D. C. 

436. MARY JANE" SMITH, daughter of John Ford« and Erpercia Caroline 
(Seward) Smith. 

Married, February, 1857, HULBERT W. MUNSON, born January 18, 1832; 
died December 26, 1885. Son of Osee and Lurilla (Smith) Munson. He was a 
merchant and resided in Springfield and New Bedford, Mass. ; Providence, R. I., 

and Philadelphia. 


Maud Antoinette Munson, b. Oct. 22, 1860. 

Herhcrt W. Munson, b. 18G5 ; m. 1881, H. Jobcs. Resided in Bordentown, N. J. 
Child : F. Granville, graduate of University of Pennsylvania and of Harvard 
Law Department, lawyer in New York City. He married in 1911, Agnes Keenan 
McNamara, who received the degree of LL.B. from Cornell University in 1904, 
and was associated with him in the practice of law. She d. in Binghamton, 
N. Y., June, 1916. 

Grace Erpercia Munson, d. 1891, in Acton, N. C. 

Mervyn Munson, b. March 26, 1873. 

437. FORD" SMITH, son of John Ford^ and Erpercia Caroline (Seward) 
Smith. Resides in St. Louis. 

Married CAROLINE DWIGHT LATHROP, granddaughter of Joseph Lathrop, 
United States Senator, and great-granddaughter of Reverend S. Lathrop, who 
was pastor of the White Church of West Springfield for over sixty years. 


Caroline Pomeroy Smith, b. May, 1875 ; m. Oct., 1897, Frederic George Wooster, 
son of George and Eliza ( ) Wooster. They reside in Chicago. Children : 

i. Irene Lathrop, b. 1899 ; ii. Grace Merrill, b. 1902 ; iii. Caroline Smith, b. 1903. 

Irene Lathrop Smith, graduate of Smith College, 1901; m. Jan. 4, 1905, Paul 
Compton, son of Richard and Ella Louise ( ) Compton. Children : i. Pauline 

and ii. Josephine (twins), b. Dec. 13, 1905; iii. Lathrop, b. Aug. 25, 1911. 

437a. MARGARET MARITTA' SMITH, daughter of Henry" and Docinda 
(Cutler) Smith, born July, 1822. 
Married RUSS. 


James Edgar Russ, a minister; m. Delia Woodbridge. Children: i. Mabel M., b. 

1881, m. June 19, 1908, J. H. Madill ; ii. Edna A. 
Henry E. Russ, b. 1858, in Smith\'ille, Ontario, m. Sept. 26, 1878, Mary Jackson. 

Children : i. Frank Ezekiel ; ii. Charles Edgar ; iii. Clarence Jackson ; iv. 

Jennie Marion ; v. Lloyd Henry ; vi. Heber Smith ; vii. William A., d. young. 
Oscar A. Russ. 

438. GEORGE AUGUSTUS" SMITH, son of Henry" and Docinda (Cutler) 
Smith, born 1825; died Marcli, 1867. 

Married . She married (2) Thaddeus Durgin and had one son, H. Bis- 

mark Durgin of Dresden, Ontario. 


Florence C. Smith, m. June 27, 1877, Christopher Cowherd. Children : i. George 
Reginald, b. in Brantford, Ontario, 1879 ; ii. Percival Leon, b. in Jackson, Mich. ; 
iii. Mary Olive, b. Aug. 3, 1882 ; iv. Florence Hazel, b. in Jackson, Mich. 

224 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Jonas Henry Smith, resides in Cheston, Lincoln County, Ontario; m. Orpba Grobb. 

Children : i. Laura Maud ; ii. Orpha Cecil ; iii. Gi-etta Pearl ; iv. LyUa Estelle. 
Emery Franklin Smith, m. in Botbwell, Ontario, April, 1882, Maggie Scott. Child : 

Emma Emeline. 
George Dudley Smith, m. in Botbwell, Ontario, 1882, Maggie Laugblin. Children : 

i. Leroy; ii. Emery; iii. Margaret; iv. Florence Mary; v. and vi. (twins), 

d. ; vii. Dudley Laugblin. 

Mary E. J. Smith, m. at Banff, Alberta, April 27, 1892, Peter M. Ross. Children : 

i. Magdalen, b. 1893 ; ii. Zora Gordon, b. 1895. 
Edwin Lincoln Smith. 

439. HENRY FRANKLIN' SMITH, son of Henrys and Docinda (Cutler) 
Smith, born 1831; died December, 1891, at Pleasant Hill, Mass. 
Married 1854, AMURTHA AVERY. 


Dell Smith, b. Aug. 29, 1859 ; m. Dec, 1883, Robert J. Fleming, of Sterling, Kans. 

Children : i. Alvin John, b. 1855 ; ii. Amurtha May, b. 1888, m. 1911, Virgil G. 

Wells, of Salina ; iii. Henry James, b. 1889 ; iv. Victor Neil, b. 1892. 
Franklin Alvin Rose Smith, h. 1866; m. Sept., 1890, Louisa E. Tallman. Children: 

i. Henry Wellman ; ii. Emory T. ; iii. Dell, b. 1909. 

440. CAROLINE M.^ SMITH, daughter of Henry^ and Docinda (Cutler) 
Smith, born 1841. 

Married HENRY. 

Charles C. Henry. 
Norman R. Henry, b. 1864 ; m. 1890, Mary Warren. Children : i. Florence Belle, 

b. 1893 ; ii. Norman Charles, b. 1895. 
Mary Maud Henry, b. Jan. 24, 1866 ; m. Nov. 2, 1888, Melvln Lowry Book. Child : 

Olive Lenore. 
Laura Belle Henry. 
James Roland Henry, h. June, 1869 ; m. 1897, Nellie Dorothea Bacon. Children : 

i. James Roland, b. 1898 ; ii. Benjamin, b. 1899. 
Heetor Stanley Henry. 
George Augustus Henry. 
Fred Austin Henry. 
Helena Henry. 

441. JOSEPH LEWIS^ SMITH, son of Thomas J.^ and Jane L. (Branson) 
Smith, born 1839. He served in the Confederate Army as Lieutenant; was 
captured at the Battle of Periysville, Ky., and confined on Johnson's Island, 
Ohio, from 1864 until the close of the war. He was a minister. 

Married . 


Courtland Prentice S7nith, b. March, 1870; is a minister; m. May 9, 1900, Frances 

Griffith. Child : Prentice Lamer, b. 1901, d. 1904 at Fort Smith, Ark. 
Merta Jane Smith, b. March, 1872 ; resides in Summersville, W. Va. ; m. 1896, 

Marmion Hereford Brock. Children : i. Leo Nemo, b. 1897 ; ii. Josephine Lois ; 

iii. Edwin Lowell ; iv. Ida Lee ; v. Geraldine, b. 1911. 
Anna Margaret Smith, h. Dec, 1873; resides in Summersville, W. Va. ; m. 1892, 

Frank Hereford. Children : i. Willa Newman, b. 1893 ; ii. Bertha Bryan ; iii. 

Mary Virginia ; iv. Margaret Angolino ; v. Bonnie Frances, b. 1905. 
Flora May Smith, b. May, 1876 ; d. 1878. 
Charles A. Smith, b. April, 1879 ; d. 1888. 
Josephine Lois Smith, b. Nov. 5, 1880 ; resides in El Paso, Texas ; m. April, 1901, 

Ronald Murph. Children : i. Ronald Brazil, b. 1902 ; ii. Robert Courtland, 

b. 1904 ; iii. Lewis Cliaso, b. 1906 ; iv. Joseph, b. 1908. 
E. Marvin Smith, b. June 30, 1887, is employed in First National Bank, Richwood, 

W. Va. 

Seventh Generation 225 

442. FANNY ELIZABETH' SMITH, daughter of Albert Gallatin« and Sarah 
(Harger) Smith, born at East Windsor, Conn., July 1, 1831; died in West 
Springfield, Mass., March 26, 1907. 

Married in East Granville, Mass., July 1, 1849, CHARLES TIMOTHY SPEL- 
MAN, bora in Granville, Mass., May 11, 1823; died in West Springfield, Mass., 
September 1, 1907. Son of Samuel and Adah (Gibbons) Spelman. In 1860 they 
removed from East^Granville to West Springfield. 


Eudora Josephine Spelman, b. at East Granville, Dec. 21, 1850 ; d. Dec. 17, 1860. 

Charles Franklin Spelman, b. Sept. 3, 1852, in East Granville; d. in Russell, Mass., 
Nov. 10, 1860. 

Addie Marietta Spelman, b. Nov. 6, 1856 ; d. in West Springfield, April 11, 1881 ; 
not m. 

Sainuel Howard Spelman, b. Feb. 20, 1861, in West Springfield ; d. there Jan. 6, 

Rolla Joseph Spelman, b. Oct. 19, 1865, in West Springfield. He is a graduate of 
the West Springfield High School ; learned the trade of sheet metal worker ; has 
lived in St. Joseph, Mo., Denver, Chicago, Washington, New Orleans, Galveston, 
and Beaumont, Texas, and since 190.3 in West Springfiekl, Mass. Married in 
Denver, Colo., Dec. 31, 1885, Louvena Cooke, b. in Cass County, Wis., Feb. 22, 
1869. Children: i. Rolla Bertram, b. in West Springfield, Jan. 26, 1887; ii. 
Edwin Archival, b. Sept. 11, 1888, in Chicago ; iii. AUie May, b. March 16, 1890, 
in Chicago. 

Charles Leon Spelman, b. in West Springfield, Dec. 3, 1874; d. there March 10, 
1900 ; not m. 

443. MARITTA MARGARET' SMITH, daughter of Albert Gallatin« and 
Sarah (Harger) Smith, born April 18, 1841, at East Otis, Mass. 

Married in Russell, Mass., August 25, 1858, MARTIN PHELPS TINKER, born 
July 16, 1832, at Granville, Mass., son of Sylvanus and Charity (Phelps) Tinker, 
and was a descendant of Thomas Tinker, a Mayflower passenger. 


Estelle liaomi Tinker, b. Sept. 11, 1862, at Granville; d. 1865. 

Emma Jennie Tinker, b. Feb. 5, 1865, at Granville; d. Sept., 1865. 

Sarah Charity Tinker, b. May 24, 1867; d. May 31, 1867. 

Martin Buel Tinker, b. March 17, 1869, in Granville; m. Ethel Bates, daughter of 
Rev. Alfred K. and Louisa (Strong) Bates. Children: i. Martin Buel, jr., b. 
March, 1906, at Chfton Springs, N. Y. ; ii. Alfred Bates, b. March 21, 1909, in 
Ithaca, N. Y. ; iii. Charity, b. April 16, 1912, in Ithaca, N. Y. Martin Buel 
Tinker was educated at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia ; Harvard, 
B.S., 1895 ; University of Berlin, M.D., 1899, with honors ; was assistant in 
physiology and hygiene at Harvard, 1893-5 ; demonstrator of surgery at Jefferson 
College and assistant to Dr. W. W. Kun, 1897-1900 ; resident surgeon at Johns 
Hopkins Hospital, 1900-03 ; surgeon at CUfton Springs Sanitarium ; surgeon in. 
Ithaca, N. Y., and lecturer on surgery at Cornell University. 

444. ELIZA C.^ KEYES, daughter of Zachariahs and Lydia (Stanton) Keyes, 
born February 22, 1810, in Sharon, N. Y. ; resided in Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Married in Sharon, May 28, 1829, GEORGE WARNICK, died December 7, 1865. 


George 'Warnick, jr., b. Oct. 25, 1831 ; resided in Burlington, Iowa ; m. at Mohawk, 

N. Y., Aug. 12, 1857, F. Carolyn Prince. Children: i. A. C. Paige, b. 1860; 

ii. Grace, b. 1863. 
Stephen Keyes Warnick, b. March 15, 1834 ; d. Oct. 19, 1839. 
Arthur Warniek, b. Aug. 1, 1836 ; resided at LaGrande, Union County, Ore. ; m. 

Oct. 25, 1870, Harriet McDoweU. Children: i. Mary A., b. 1871; ii. Lee, b. 



226 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

John Keyes Warnicl; h. Fob. 19, 1840; resided in Amsterdam, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 17, 
1872, at Pougbkeepsic, N. Y., Ada B. Tooker. Cbild : Harry Tooker, b. Jan. 5, 

Mary Antoinette Warnick, b. Feb. 24, 1843; resided at Sandy Hill, N. Y. ; m. 
Dec. 12, 1866, in Amsterdam, J. W. Waite. Children : i. Nelson W., b. Nov. 5, 
1867 ; ii. George Warnick, b. Sept. 12, 1869 ; iii. Mary F., b. July 20, 1876. 

Middlcton Warnick, b. Oct. 15, 1845; m. in Amsterdam, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1869, 
Marian Kellogg. Children : i. Lauren K., b. Sept. 19, 1870 ; ii. George, b, 
March 16, 1873, d. 1873 ; iii. Spencer Kellogg, b. Sept. 14, 1874 ; iv. Catherine, 
b. Sept. 23, 1876. 

445. ROCKWELL MANNING' ABBEY, son of Hezekiah H.^ and Betsey 
(Fuller) Abbey, born September 26, 1815, in Westminster, Vt., died September 
10, 1891, in Greig, Lewis County, N. Y. In 1858 he was residing at Worth, 
Jefferson County, N. Y. 

Married at Collinsville, N. Y., May 24, 1845, ELMIRA SMITH, born August 

18, 1825, at Charlotte, N. Y. 


Charles R. Alley, b. June 7, 1846. 

Henry O. Alley, b. Nov. 18, 1847, in Rochester, N. Y. : d. March 30, 1910, in 
Greig. In 1894 he was a dealer in lumber, shingles and lath at Glendale, Lewis 
County. He was at one time proprietor of a hotel in Turin, N. Y. Married (1) 
Oct. 15, 1872, Elenora Johnson; (2) Oct. 31, 1883, Alice Marks. Children: i. 
Charles, m., no children ; ii. Grace, m. Rue Newcomb and had a daughter 
Dorothy ; iii. Florence, m. Channing A. Fanner and lives in Canton, N. Y. ; iv. 
Fred L., b. July 2, 1882, d. Oct. 10, 1891. 

Adelaide Alley, b. Aug. 16, 1850, in Greig ; d. Dec. 30, 1861. 

700 William N. Alley, b. March 27, 1854; m. Ella Barkley. 

701 Rocku-ell E. Alley, b. April 17, 1856; m. Lizzie McMillan. 

Oeorge L. Alley, b. June 12, 1861, at Worth, Jefferson County ; d. in Lowville, 
March 24, 1896. Married Nov. 17, 1886, Inez Perkins who m. (2) Oct. 27, 1897, 
Richard H. Roberts. Child : Roy Cecil, b. Aug. 5, 1887, in Greig. 

Fred E. Alley, b. in Greig, June 30, 1863 ; d. Sept. 16, 1891 ; m. Aug. 16, 1884, 
Cora Olmstead. No children. 

Eettie Lillian, b. May 8, 1865, in Greig, resides there. Married at Boonville, N. Y., 
Dec. 22, 1881, John Galen Lovejoy. Children, b. at Carthage, N. Y : i. Blanche 
Elmira, b. Jan. 20, 1886, d. Feb. 11, 1891 ; ii. Niua Fannie, b. May 19, 1887 ; 
iii. Harry Eugene, b. June 16, 1892. 

446. MASON HEZEKIAH' ABBEY, son o£ Hezekiah H.^ and Anna (Goodell) 
Abbey, born August 9, 1821, in Westminster, Vt. ; died January 8, 1895, at 
Newport, Vt. He was educated at Clinton Seminary and entered the Free 
Baptist ministry, holding pastorates at Harrisburg, Attica, Varysburgh, Warsaw, 
Philadelphia and Lowville, N. Y. In 1864 he served three months as missionary 
among the freedmen around Norfolk, Va. He was for fifteen years in evangelistic 
work. In 1884 he became pastor at Allegheny, Pa., where he remained for ten 
years, going from there to West Charleston, Vt. 

Married (1) October 4, 1843, MARYETTA C. SCOVEL, born in Cazenovia, 
N. Y., December 24, 1824; died in Port Allegany, March 7, 1892. 

Married (2) November 15, 1894, JENNIE MILES of Sutton, Vt., who was 
born at East Charleston, October 3, 1868. She married (2) George W. Rogers 
and resides at Newport Center, Vt. No children. 

Children ly first wife 

702 Aliee Delphine Alley, b. Dec. 17, 1846; m. Nathaniel B. Packard. 
Almond G. Alley, b. Aug. 29, 1848; d. Sept. 16, 1849. 
Flora May Alley, b. May 18. 1859 ; resides in Parsons, Kans. Married at Apa- 

lachin, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1884, D. Ellsworth Sherwood, b. at Apalachin, Jan. 27, 1863. 

Children, first three b. at Apalachin, others at Binghamton : i. Roy William, b. 

Seventh Generation 237 

Doc. 17, 1885, m. at Bingliamton, April 2, 1910, Lena C. Wood ; ii. John Almond, 
b. Oct. 10. 1887 ; iii. OUve Louise, b. July 27, 1889 ; iv. Earle Abbey, b. Sept. 16, 
1891 ; V. Nathaniel Foster, b. Sept. 7, 1893. 

447. GEORGE FRANCIS' ABBEY, son of Elislia« and Mary (Barrows) 
Abbey, born December 12, 1839. Wheelwright at Belchertown, Mass. He 
served in the Civil War in the 46th Massachusetts Volunteers. 

Married October 26, 1870, ELIZA ANN POMEROY, born March 29, 1851, 
daughter of William Delano and Eliza G. (Richards) Pomeroy. 


Emma Elisa Abbey, b. July 29, 1871 ; lives at South Amherst, Mass. Married 
Oct. 20. 1892, William Horace Sanderson, b. at South Hadley Falls, Nov. 18, 
1868, son of Charles Albert and Sarah H. (Church) Sanderson. 

WiUiam Pomeroy Abbey, b. Aug. 1, 1876; d. at Sunderland, Oct. 6, 1912. He was 
educated at Williston Seminary, Easthampton, was extensively engaged in agri- 
culture, and was one of the organizers of the Sunderland Electric Light and Power 
Company of which he was president. He had been assessor for several years. 
Married Feb. 8, 1899, Nellie E. Ingram of Leverett, Mass., b. May 9, 1877, daugh- 
ter of Edward and Mary L. (Adams) Ingram. Child : Margaret, b. March 8, 

448. GEORGE MASON" ABBEY, son of George" and Hannah (Gay) Abbey, 
born Ajiril 2, 1833 ; died November 12, 1889, in Skagit County, Wash. He joined 
the Congregational Church in Belchertown, Mass., in 1850. 

Married in Greenwich, Mass., April 21, 1858, SARAH AURELIA RAMSDELL, 
born November 5, 1838; died Februarj^ 3, 1910, in Anacortes, Wash. She was 
the daughter of Porter and Sally (Kendall) Ramsdell of Belchertown, and 
granddaughter of James and Orela (Pinney) Kendall. 

Children, all but first born in Belchertown 

703 Frederick George Abbey, b. in Pelham, Mass., Oct. 15, 1859 ; m. AM Sarabelle 


704 Loitis Mason Abbey, b. May 28, 1861 ; m. Minnie AUce Hubbard. 

WiUiam Homer Abbey, b. Aug. 1, 1865 ; lives at Beaumont, Calif. Married in 
Sunderland, Mass., Sept. 3, 1889, Myrtie K. Davis, b. in Williamsburg, Mass., 
May 18, 1868, daughter of Hiram A. and Jane E. (Wilder) Da%-is. Children: 
i. Myrtie May, b. Sept. 11, 1899 ; ii. Mabel Alice, b. March 28, 1905. 

Grace Lillian Abbey, b. May 5, 1867 ; lives at Orcas, Wash. Married at Edison, 
Wash., Sept. 3, 1890, Gary E. Lewis, b. at Emerald, Ohio, July 17, 1861, son of 
Dr. James Sinclair and Nancy Emily ( ) Lewis. Children : i. Cordelia Abbey, 

b. Dec. 16, 1891, at Bellingham, d. July 30, 1904, at Orcas, Wash.; ii. Roland 
Lawrence, b. July 16, 1895, at Edison. 

Horace Edson Abbey, b. June 2, 1870; d. Dec. 15, 1879, in Belchertown. 

Alice May Abbey, b. April 2, 1872 ; m. in Seattle, Wash., April 28, 1896, William F. 
Lewis, son of Dr. James Sinclair and Rebecca J. (Rae) Lewis. No children. 

John Gordon Abbey, b. March 18, 1874; d. May 9, 1902, at Phoenix, Ariz. Served 
in Company B, 4th U. S. Infantry in the Spanish War, was promoted to Corporal 
for bravery at San Juan Hill, Cuba, took part in battles in the Philippines, 
notably at Caloocan. 

705 Sarah Frissell Abbey, b. Nov. 29, 1875 ; m. Augustus R. Lewis. 

706 Lottie Gertrude Abbey, b. March 11, 1879 ; m. W. Henry Thompson. 

449. CHARLES ELLIS" ABBEY, son of Charles Huntington^ and 

(St.Clair) Abbey, born April 25, 1829, probably in or near New Orleans; died at 
Coleman, Texas, about 1910. 

Married December 25, 1851, MAHALA JANE VANFLEET. She resided at, 
Coleman, Texas, in 1913. 

228 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 


Adams A. Alley, b. Aug. 9, 1852 ; d. 1852 ; buried in Louisville, Ky. 

Phoebe Ann Alley, b. July 12, 1853; d. May 8, 1856; buried in Louisville. 

Lee Ben Alley, b. Feb. 3, 1856, at Newport, Ky. ; m. in Lamar, Texas, March 3, 
1884, Mollie Bouliu. Children, b. in Cuffman, Texas (three others d. in infancy) : 
i. Clarence ; ii. Minnie ; iii. James ; iv. John, b. about 1900, d. April, 1912 ; 
V. Mary ; vi. Lulu ; vii. Ada ; viii. George. 

Sallie Alley, b. in Kentucky, Aug. 28, 1858; m. in Lamar, Texas, Paschen. 

Children: i. Gertrude, b. July 22, 1877; ii. Charles Huntington, b. in Lamar, 
May 31, 1881 ; iii. Luther John, b. at Orossplains, Texas, July, 1887 ; iv. William 
Ellis, b. Jan. 8, 1896. 

(Ttcin daughters) , b. and d. Jan. 17, 1861. 

W. J. Alley, b. in Salina, Ky., Jan. 19, 1862 ; m. Sept. 12, 1886, Emma J. Price. 
Children : i. Walter, b. about 1888 ; ii. Effie, b. about 1891 ; iii. Clara, b. about 
1893 ; iv. Phoebe, b. about 1895 ; v. Katia, b. about 1896. 

Katia Alley, b. in LouisviUe, Ky., June 25, 1866 ; d. Dec. 2, 1887 ; m. H. D. Davis. 
Children : i. Hallie, b. 1885 ; ii. Sidney Lee, b. May 5, 1887. 

Benton R. Alley, b. Feb. 7, 1869, in Louisville ; d. Sept. 12, 1870. 

Mary Ellen Alley, b. Jan. 21, 1872 ; m. J. W. Lee. Children : i. Ruby J., b. Nov. 
30, 1897 ; ii. Morris, b. 1899 ; iii. Rosella, b. 1901 ; iv. George EUis, b. June 25, 
1904 ; V. Arva, b. Dec. 30, 1906 ; vi. Minnie, b. Dec. 10, 1909. 

Charles Huntington Alley, b. June 19, 1875 ; m. July 1, 1900, Vernon May. Chil- 
dren : i. Garland Ellis, b. July 30, 1902 ; ii. Ada, b. Sept. 8, 1906. 

450. THOMAS BENTON^ ABBEY, son of Charles Huntington^ and Maria 
(Shorts) Abbey, born in Ohio, August, 1833; died at Water Valley, Miss., 
March, 1896. He enlisted for the Civil War at Cincinnati, Ohio, in tlie 111th 
Ohio Regiment. 

Married (1) in Newport, Ky., May(?), 1856, ELLEN VIRGINIA BROOMALL, 
who died in 1877. She was the daughter of Thomas Broomall of Philadelphia, 
a Pennsylvania German, and his wife, Sarah Morris, aunt of Virginia Morris, 
who married Governor Penm^^acker of Pennsylvania. 

Married (2) 1879, MRS. KITTIE TABER, died about 1900. 

Children ly first wife 

Ella V. Alley, b. Sept. 10, 1856 ; m. Tindall. Resides in Webb, Miss. 

Morris Broomall Alley, b. April 28, 1857; traveling salesman; resides at Corinth, 

Miss. Married in Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1888, Rosa Spence. Children : 1. 

WilUe S. (daughter), b. March 19, 1890; ii. Richard H., b. Aug. 18, 1892; iii. 

Nettie May, b. 1893, d. Aug., 1893 ; iv. Mildred, b. March 16, 1895. 
Clara Alley, b. March 1860 ; resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Thomas Benton Alley, jr., b. Jan. 8, 1865 ; banker and planter in Webb, Miss. ; m. 

Julia Cochran who is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Alice Alley, b. about 1869 ; resides at Water Valley ; m. Moore. 

Maggie Alley, b. 1871 ; resides at Corinth, Miss. ; m. Bynum. 

Adah Alley, d. in infancy. 

Charles Alley (twin), d. in infancy. 

Willie Alley (twin), d. in infancy. 

Children ly second wife 

Fanny Alley, b. about 1880 ; m. Sartain ; resides at Water Valley. 

B. Taler Alley, h. about 1882 ; d. in El Paso, Texas, Aug. 1911. He was m. and 

had three children. His widow was living in Green Forest, Ark., in 1912. 
Irene Alley, b. about 1884 ; m. W. E. Lees ; resides in Los Angeles, Cahf. 

451. RICHARD JOHN' ABBEY, son of Charles Huntington" and Maria 
(Shorts) Abbey, born in Galveston, Texas, July 19, 1843. Lives at Corinth, 

Married at Water Valley, Miss., July 3, 1873, MARGARET M. JENNINGS, 
born February 15, 1853. 

Seventh Generation 229 

Children, horn at Water Valley 

Helen Rose Ahhcy, b. Oct. 18, 1874. 
Emery Mason Alhcy, b. July 11, 1876. 
Emma May Ahhcy, b. Sept. 13, 1878. 
Charles Isaac Ahhcy, b. May 24, 1880. 
John Shoffner Ahhcy, b. April 26, 1882. 

452. JULIA" ABBEY, daughter of Rev. Richard^ and Julia (Bates) Abbey, 
born Julv, 1836 ; died 1901. 

Married May 2, 1855, DR. AUGUSTIN FREELAND MAGRUDER, born about 
1831; died December 14, 1884, in Yazoo City, Miss., aged 53. He was the 
son of John H. Magruder, who came from Maiyland to Washington, Miss., later 
removing to IMadison County. Dr. Magruder studied medicine at Louisville, 
Ky., graduating in 1855, and practiced in Louisiana and Madison County, and, 
after 1870, in Yazoo City. He was a fine practitioner and was especially skilled 
in surgery. He was a trustee and member of the M. E. Church South. 

Children (one daughter died in infancy) 

Richard Ahhey Magruder, b. March 3, 1856, in Yazoo County, Miss. ; resides in New 
Orleans ; m. in New Orleans, Dec. 5, 1881, Octavia Brantley, b. Dec. 3, 1856, in 
Mechanicsburg, Miss., daughter of William Marmaduke and Emily ( ) Brantley. 
Children, last five born in Hattiesburg, Miss. : i. Octavia Abbey, b. Feb. 19, 1884, 
in New Orleans, m. H. L. Eckles ; ii. George Marcus, b. March 23, 1886, in New 
Orleans: iii. Lamar Freeland, b. Sept. 20, 1887, in Gulf View, Miss.; iv. 
Heman AV., b. Oct. 23, 1889 ; v. Julia Eliza, b. Oct. 31, 1891, m. S. A. Winborn ; 
vi. Lydia Laura, b. July 11, 1893; \\\. John Hawkins, b. April 27, 1895; viii. 
Eva Augustine, b. Oct. 3, 1897. 

John Haickins Magruder; b. in Yazoo City, Jan., 1858. Studied dentistry and in 
1881 graduated at Vanderbilt University, NashviUe. He practiced at St. Joseph, 
La., Hazelhurst, Miss., and settled at Jackson, in 1889. Married (1) Oct., 1883, 
Emma Wailes, daughter of Col. E. Floyd Wailes, who d. at Yazoo City, Jan. 2, 
1885; (2) 1888, Agnes Harris of Hazelhurst, daughter of Captain L. B. Harris. 
Children by second wife : i. Julia Ella ; ii. Freelaud B. 

Leonard Augustin Magruder, h. Sept. 7, 1860, at Kirk's Ferry, Cattahaula Parish, 
La. ; is a merchant in Yazoo City. Married at Wood\aUe, Miss., May 5, 1886, 
Lydia Bell Cropper, b. at Wood\-ille, Nov. 11, 1866, daughter of Nathaniel Cole 
and Lydia (Wailes) Cropper. Children, aU but two born in Yazoo City: i. Julie 
Eulalie, b. in Euola, Yazoo County, March 26, 1887, m. in Yazoo City, April 25, 
1907, Harris Barksdale ; ii. Leonard Augustin, jr., b. Sept. 13, 1889 ; iii. Natalie 
Bennett, b. in Woodville, Aug. 4, 1892, m. in Yazoo City, June 17, 1913, Milton 
Cannon Mabley ; iv. Abby Wailes, b. Oct. 29, 1894; v. Edwin Howard, b. Dec. 
17, 1897 ; vi. Lydia Elizabeth, b. Aug. 24, 1899 ; ra. Eva Hunnicutt, b. July 5, 
1902 ; viii. Mary Eleanor, b. June 26, 1908. 

Marcus Johns Magruder, is a physician in New Orleans. 

William Wailes Magruder, is a lawyer in Starkville. 

Benjamin Lloyd Magruder, b. in Yazoo City, Aug. 5, 1870, is a dentist in Starkville. 
Married Jan. 5, 1898, Annie Elizabeth Burgin. Children : i. Benjamin Lloyd, 
b. June 16, 1899 ; ii. Levin Freeland, b. Sept. 18, 1902. 

Charles Galloway Magruder, b. in Yazoo City, April 1, 1873; is a pharmacist in 
New Orleans; m. there Jan. 1, 1895, Hattie Anna MiUer, b. in New Orleans, 
Aug. 23, 1872, daughter of Obed Charles and Hattie Anna (Crush) MiUer. 
Children, b. in New Orleans : i. Charles Galloway, b. April 23, 1899 ; ii. Lloyd 
Mark, b. Feb. 9, 1906 ; iii. Hattie Anne, b. Oct. 30, 1908. 

Eoicard Pierce Magruder, is a dentist in New Orleans. 

Levin Freeland Magruder, b. in Yazoo City, Dec. 5, 1879; M.Ph., M.D. ; is a 
physician in Albemarle, N. C. Married in New Orleans, Dec. 27, 1904, Mary 
Agnes King, b. in Madison Parish, La., Jan. 23, 1880, daughter of Williams 
Boardman and Julia (Frazier) King. No children. 

Julia Magruder, b. in Yazoo City, June 1, 1882; resides in Fernwood, Miss. 
Married in New Orleans, Dec. 5, 1906, E. C. Cropper, b. in Woodville, Miss., 
Sept. 28, 1878, son of Nathaniel and Cornelia (Wailes) Cropper. Children: 
i. Nathaniel F., b. at WoodviUe, Oct. 27, 1907; ii. Ernestine Cornelia, b. at 
Yazoo City, May 15, 1913. 

230 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

453. EICHARD NEWLAND' ABBE, son of Mason Ellis« and Harriet Rebecca 
(Newland) Abbe, bom in Van Buren, Ark., September 20, 1852; baptized at 
Sardis, September 29, 1872. Resides in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Abbey has 
taken a great interest in the compilation of records of this branch of the 
family and has been instrumental in making them as accurate as possible. He 
is veiy prominent in Masonic circles; was made a Mason in Bombay, India; 
exalted to Royal Arch Mason and installed into the order of the Temple, all 
the cryiDtic and allied Masonic orders in Edinburgh, Scotland; Knight of Malta 
at Dunedin, New Zealand; consecrated a Knight of Rose Croix in A. and A. 
Scottish Rite Masonry, in Pretoria, South Africa; and received the 33d degree 
at Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Abbey has had conferred upon him practically 
every Masonic order known to the new and old world. He is general representa- 
tive for several western states of the V-L-S-E Motion Picture Combination. 

Married (1) at Sardis, Miss., June 20, 1872, FANNIE DORA SNOWDEN, 
daughter of Robert R. and Dora ( ) Snowden. 

Married (2) in St. Joseph, Mo., December 24, 1915, MYRTLE STONE BEERS, 
daughter of Asa and Nancy E. (Morris) Stone, bom at Beaver City, Neb., May 
16, 1885; baptized March 19, 1916, at 1st Baptist Church, Kansas City. 

Children hy first wife 

Minnie V alette Ahley, b. in Sardis, Miss., June 25, 1875 ; resides in High Point, 
N. C. ; m. in Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 2, 1897, Wilber William Jones, son of O. S. and 
L, P. ( ) Jones. Children : Valette, b. Nov. 28, 1898 ; Wilber William, jr., 

b. Mar. 27, 1901. 

Claud Yarlette Abbey, b. in Sardis, Miss., March 4, 1877 ; d. young in Atlanta, Ga. 

Annie Bogardus Abbey, b. in Oktibeha County, Miss., Feb. 5, 1879 ; resides in 
Phoenix, Ariz. ; m. in Atlanta, Ga., May 23, 1897, William Frank Russell, son 
of WilUam and Sarah (Brockett) Russell, b. in Batavia, lU., Nov. Vo, 1863. 
Child : William Frank, jr., b. July 25, 1904, in Atlanta. 

Bessie Xenora Abbey, b. Dec. 3, 1888, in Atlanta, Ga. ; resides at High Point, 
N. C. ; m. in Atlanta, April 10, 1911, Clarence Cecil Prince, son of Thomas C. 
and Lola M. ( ) Prince. 

454. CAROLINE CORSON^ WELCH, daughter of AshbeP and Mary Hannah 
(Seabrook) Welch, born in Lambertville, N. J., November 23, 1840. 

Married May 3, 1864, WILLIAM CORVIN, born in England, March 19, 1825; 
died in Lambertville, November 10, 1874. 

Children, born in Lambertville 

Lucy Corvin, b. March 6, 1865, lives in Trenton ; m. Sept. 9, 1885, Dr. Nelson 
Bowman Oliphant, b. April 29, 1857. Children : i. Mary Welch, b. June 11, 
1887 ; ii. Guy Campbell, b. July 5, 1889 ; iii. Laurance, b. June 15, 1895. 

Walter Corvin, b. June 14, 1867 ; m, June 18, 1891, Mary Kate Hoff of Trenton, 
b. Sept. 12, 1864. Children : i. Herbert Welch, b. April 15, 1892 ; ii. Trumball 
Stuart, b. May 22, 1894 ; iii. Walter, jr., b. Oct. 7, 1895 ; iv. Marjorie, b. 1905. 

455. HANNAH^ LINCOLN, daughter of Jonah and Eunice^ (Abbe) Lincoln, 
born June 17, 1786, in Mansfield, Conn. ; died August 2, 1868. 

Married May 25, 1809, ISRAEL GATES, born November 17, 1783; died 
September 3, 1866, son of Peter and Experience (Arms) Gates of Cop way, Mass. 


Caroline Gates, b. Feb. 27, 1810 ; d. Jan. 17, 1834. 
Experience Arms Gates, b. June 26, 1812 ; d. April 5, 1849. 
707 Israel Gates, jr., b. Sept. 21, 1814 ; m. Phoebe Ann Bailey. 

Seventh Generation 231 

708 Hcnnj Gates, h. Aug. 5, 1817; m. (1) Abigail Colson ; (2) Almira CaUstia Abbe, 
Uannah Lincoln Gales, b. March 5, 1821; d. May 27, 1888; m. May 12, 1874, 

Robert S. Silcox. No childron. 
Mai/ Billings Gates, b. June 10, 1823; d. March 28, 1845. 

709 Sumner Willard Gates, b. Nov. 23, 1826 ; m. Eliza M. Carrol. 

456. AMOS' ABBEE, sou of Abncr« and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, born 
November 2, 1783, in Longmeadow, Mass.; died June 22, 1835, in Brownville, 
Maine. By his father's will he inherited all of his father's property in Granby 
except the widow's third. When his mother married again, he bought her 
share of the farm. In 1825 he decided to move to Maine and with three horses 
and a large wagon, containing all their belongings and six boys and four girls 
on board, they started March 17, 1825. When they reached Norridgework, 
Maine, after being on the road seventeen days, he hired a farm of Joseph 
Oilman. The next year they moved on to Brownville, Maine, where he bought 
50 acres of wild land and commenced to subdixe it. Here they remained until 
his death in 1835. The farm is still owned by his grandson, Otis J. Abbee, now 
enlarged to 300 acres. The records of this branch of the family were gathered 
by the painstaking efforts of Mr. Charles T. Hendrick, who carried on an exten- 
siv^e correspondence for the purpose. The spelling of the name now used is 

Amos Abbee married in 1804, PATTY (or MARTHA) ABBE, who died May 
28, 1844, in Brownville, Maine. She was his second cousin. She was a large, 
spare woman, and her children took after her, for most of them were much 
above the average in size. She had some brothers who were very large men. 
Her brother Nathan was 6 ft. 7 in. tall and weighed 250 lbs. Her father was 
6 ft. 2 in. tall and weighed 240 lbs. They were very strong, powerful men. 

Children, first two horn in Gi-aniy, Mass., others in Jladley or Amherst, except the last, 

tcho was horn in Brownville, Maine 

710 Warren Richardson Aiiee, b. Sept. 27, 1805; m. Anna Jones. 

Allen Ahiee, b. July 25, 1807 ; removed with his father to Brownville, Me., and 
when a young man left home and became a sea-faring man. The last heard 
from him he was in Canada and married. It is supposed he died soon after as 
nothing more was heard from him. 

711 Louisa Ahlee, b. June 17, 1809 ; m. James Bigelow. 

Amos Coleman Abhee, b. Dec. 24, 1811 ; d. Oct. 27, 1893, in Mile, Me. He was a 
farmer and blacksmith ; m. Betsey Powers, b. April 8, 1814, in Wilton, Me., 
daughter of Eliot and Ruth (Powers) Powers. No children, but adopted 
Charlotte Powers, at the age of thirteen. She had lived with them since she was 
two and a half years old. 

712 Melissa Abbee, b. 1814 ; m. Jonathan Bigelow. 

713 Claudius Buchanan Abhee, b. Nov. 30, 1815; m. Florentina Maines Bates. 

714 Maria Abhee, m. Hiram Stanchfield. 

715 Sylvester Granderson Abbee, b. March 9, 1820 ; m. Louisa Thomas Barton. 
Jerome Abbee, b. June 10, 1824 ; d. May 15, 1904, in Reno, Nov. In 1849, he went 

to California by the route around the Horn, six months on the way. He bought 
a ranch which he afterwards sold to his brother Warren R. Abbee, whom he had 
induced to come west. He was something of a speculator and had mining and 
cattle interests. He invented a road scraper and a stump puUer, but they were 
pi'obably never developed. He later removed to Reno, Nev. He m. in California, 

Feb., 1856, Sarah A. , b. Aug. 1824. She is said to have been a Spanish 

lady. They had no children. 
Matilda Sophia Abhee, b. Sept. 22, 1822; d. March 24, 1876, at Danforth, Me.; 
m. in Milo, Me., June 10, 1842, William Godsoe, b. June 23, 1821, at Kittery, 
Me.; d. Sept. 7, 1892, at Danforth, son of WiUiam and Fanny (Scott) Godsoe. 
William Godsoe, Sr., was a sea-faring man and died at sea on the return voyage 
from New Orleans, three days out. Tradition has it that the family sent Wil- 
liam, jr., down to Maine to get rid of him as the property was willed to him. 
Children: i. William Allen (1), b. Sept. 15, 1844, d. Dec. 5, 1846, in Brown- 
^'ille, Me.; ii. William Allen (2), b. Jan. 21, 1849, in BrownviUe, d. Jan. 14, 

332 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

1895, in Milo, Me., m. Feb. 19, 1871, in Bradford., Me., Helen R. Miles, who was 
b. Feb. 8, 1853, in Bradford, and had six children, Caroline Sophia, b. March 24, 
1875, Charles Walter, b. Nov. 25, 1880, d. 1883, Addie Palmer, b. Sept. 23, 1883, 

Bertrand Allen, b. April 28, 1888, , b. and d. March 14, 1893, and Walter 

HoUis, b. June 24, 1895 ; iii. WiUis Sylvester, b. Feb. 27, 1855, in BrownviUe, 
went west and d. April, 1906, at Anoka, Minn., m. and has a daughter living in 
Montana; iv. Charles Beniah, b. Sept. 22, 1857, in Hudson, Me., lives in 
Bangor, m. April 25, 1884, in Danforth, Olivia A, Morse, b. March 27, 1866, in 
Danforth, daughter of Albion D. and Mandana H. (Haskell) Morse, has children, 
Ralph, b. April 24, 1886, d. Aug. 25, 1886, Aaron Burr, b. Aug. 30, 1891, and 
Thelma C, b. June 24, 1904. 
Lucinda Ahbee, b. June 15, 1828, in BrownviUe ; d. April 4, 1883 ; m. as second 
wife, Albert Gerrish, b. April, 1828 ; d. Nov. 9, 1895. No children. 

457. ABNER^ ABBE, JR., son of Abner*' and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, born 
in Longmeadow, Mass., August 31, 1785; died in South Hadley, Mass., May 
22, 1859. He was ''put out" during his father's lifetime to learn the trade 
of carpenter and joiner. He was drafted in the War of 1812 for the defense 
of Boston against the British. He was a carpenter and lived in Boston, where 
he owned quite a property and lost it during the troubles coming from the War 
of 1812. He then removed to South Hadley, Mass., and bought the farm where 
he spent the remainder of his life. He made the first brimstone matches used in 
this country. The old cart in which he used to drive around selling them is 
in the possession of his grandson, Charles C. Abbey of Chicopee, and it was 
used in the procession at the 250th anniversary of Springfield. His will was 
made May 21, 1859, probated June 7, 1859. 

Married (1) at Concord, Mass., December 5, 1811, SIBYL BROWN, born in 
Concord, January 5, 1789; died June 5, 1833, daughter of Ephraim and Sibyl 
(Wright) Brown, and granddaughter of Amos and Abigail (Clark) Wright, 
who kept the old Wright tavern at Concord, built in 1747 and still standing, 
and used as headquarters by the Minute Men in 1775. 

Married (2) May 26, 1836, LUCY (or LUCIA) ROBBINS, born AiTgust 20, 
1791, in Amherst, Mass., daughter of Deacon Isaac and Rachel ( ) Robbins; 
died November 24, 1859. No children. 

Children hy first icife 

716 Ahner Brown Alhe, b. Nov. 5, 1812 ; m. Chloe Ann Root. 

717 Sihyl Maria Ahhe, b. March 4, 1814; m. Samuel O. Merrick. 
Silas James Abbe, b. Jan. 1, 1816; d. Jan. 3, 1854, aged 38. 

Ahnira Calista Abbe, b. in South Hadley, Sept. 18, 1817; d. Aug. 14, 1888, at 
Chicopee; m. May 3, 1843, as his second wife, Henry Gates, b. Aug. 5, 1817. 
See number 708. 

Albert Abbe, b. Aug. 4, 1819 ; d. June 8, 1846. 

Amanda Cordelia Abbe (twin), b. Dec. 18, 1823; d. Jan. 10, 1842. 

718 Bamantlia Cornelia Abbe (twin), b. Dec. 18, 1823; m. Eli Warner. 

458. JOHN SWETLAND^ ABBE, son of Abner^ and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, 
born in Longmeadow, Mass., September 2 (or 26), 1787; died in Springfield, 
Mass., May 9 (or 10), 1862. He was a farmer and large owner of real estate. 

Married in Springfield, September 26, 1813, MRS. ELECTA (CHAPIN) 
WARNER, born in Springfield, December 18, 1773; died October 20, 1851, in 
Springfield. She was daughter of Colonel Abel and Dorcas (Chapin) Chapin, 
and widow of Dr. Pearly Warner, son of Samuel and Unity (Ware) Warner, 
by whom she had four children. Colonel Abel Chapin was a Revolutionary 
soldier, was stationed at Ticonderoga, and was also in Shay's Rebellion. He 
was descended from Deacon Samuel Chapin. Dr. Pearly Warner resided at 
Essex, Vt., and Montgomery, Mass. 

Seventh Generation 233 


Julia Ann Ahhe, b. July 2, 1814, at Springfield ; d. Jan. 6, 1905. She was a teacher 
before marriage. Married in Springfield, Jan. 3, 1854, Charles Henry Curtiss, 
b. in Martinsburgh, N. Y., March 8, 1815, son of Henry and Hannah (Lyman) 
Curtiss. He d. in Lowville, N. 1'., Sept. 7, 1891. He m. (1) Mary Lyman who 
d. May 6, 1853, by whom he had children, none by this marriage. 

John Alden (1) Ahhc, b. March 14, 1816; d. April 26, 1816, in Springfield. 

719 John Alden (2) Abbe, b. Aug. 13, 1817; m. Caroline Pease. 

720 Harriet Jcnks Abbe, b. Aug. 10, 1820; m. Enoch Cooley Chapin. 
Isabelle Abbe, b. Oct. 4, 1822; d. April 4, 1851; not m. 

459. SARAH" ABBE, daughter of Abner^ and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, born 
April 15, 1790, at Longmeadow, Mass.; died April 16, 1873, at Chicopee Falls, 

Married in Springfield, Mass., November 25, 1813, HORACE HENDRICK, 
born April 22, 1792, at South Wilbraham (Hampden), Mass.; died July 9, 
1845, at Springfield; son of Reuben and Deborah (McCoy) Hendrick. He was 
a farmer and had charge of the Springfield Almshouse, a position which his 
wife held some years after his death, later residing in the family of her son, 
Reuben Theodore. 


8arah Amelia Hendricl; b. Jan. 17, 1815 ; d. Sept. 11, 1861, at Petalnma, Calif. ; 
m. Aug. 5, 1835, Richard Dam-in Firmin, b. Jan. 24, 1814, son of Richard and 
Betsey ( ) Firmin of Wilbraham, Mass. Children (all d. young) : i, Roxana 

Anetta ; ii. Richard Danforth ; iii. Henry. 

Horace Lavator Hendrick, b. in South Wilbraham, or Somers, Conn., Sept. 16, 
1817; d. Jan. 11, 1891, at Springfield; m. Abigail R. Parkhurst, b. 1819; d. 
April 30, 1894, daughter of William and Mary ( ) Parkhurst of Townshend, 

Vt. He was for many years an overseer in the weaving department of the 
Chicopee Manufacturing Company's Cotton mills at Chicopee Falls, Mass. 
Children : i. Horace Lavator, jr., b. Nov. 14, 1855, a musician and fine engraver, 
worked for the Waltham Watch Company a number of years, m. but had no 
children ; ii. Eddie, d. young. 

721 Reuben Theodore Hendrick, b. Aug. 5, 1819; m. (1) Mary Newton; (2) Elizabeth 

H. BuUeus. 

722 Sanford Abbe Hendrick, b. Jan. 26, 1823 ; m. Elizabeth Ann Dodge, 
Laurtie Moraw Hendrick, b. Dec. 8, 1824 ; d. Sept. 25, 1828. 

723 Otis Morrison Hendrick, h. 3\iu& 2, 1S21 ; m. (1) Lydia Jane Wilson ; (2) Susan 

Miranda Flanders, 

460, SHUBAEL" ABBE, son of Abner« and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, born 
June 17, 1793, in Longmeadow, Mass.; died in Norwalk, Ohio, January 26, 1889. 
After his marriage he removed to Conneaut, Ohio, where he bought a small 
farm. He spent the last of his life in Norwalk with his son, Aaron, In 1850 
he was living in Conneaut with his wife, his son, Chester, at home. In the 
same house were his daughter-in-law, Maria, with her two children. 

Married December 25, 1816, SARAH SANFORD of Litchfield, Conn., born 
about 1798. 

Children (four others died young) 

Harriet Abbe, b. Oct. 24, 1817, in Conneaut (Salem), Ohio; d. Dec. 23, 1889; 
m. as his second wife, Elisha Farnham and lived at South Ridge, Ohio. She had 
no children but was a real mother to his six children and an adopted daughter. 

Sarah Abbe, b. June 27, 1819, at Conneaut (Salem). 

Henry Abbe, b. March 23, 1821, at Conneaut (Salem). 

724 Eli Sanford Abbe, b. Oct. 9, 1823 ; m. Maria Susan Cheney. 

725 Aaron Abbe, b. Sept. 11, 1825 ; ra. EHzabeth Todd. 

Chester Abbey, b. June 12, 1831, at Conneaut, Ohio; m. Minerva Lyman. 
Children: i. and ii. Edgar and Ella (twins), b. Feb. 17, 1861; iii. Hattie, b. 
1863, m. William Buchanan and had a daughter. Fern, b. about 1877, m. Frank 
B. Michael and lives at Benton Harbor, Mich. ; iv. Ernest. All the above 
children, except Edgar, are dead. 

234 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

461. PERLEY" ABBEY, son of Abner« and Sarah (Swetland) Abbe, born 
in Granby, Mass., September 8, 1803; died about 1850 or 1860, Cleveland, Ohio. 
When he was a small boy, his widowed mother, with her younger children, 
removed to Ohio and settled at Conneaut. For a few years after his marriage 
he resided in Twinsburg, Ohio, and in 1832 removed to Cleveland. He was a 
contractor and builder in later life, erecting the Marine Hospital on Lake Street, 
the old Allopathic College and other stone buildings. In 1837 he had been a 
provision dealer at No. 9 Dock Street. 

Married THANKFUL CLARK, born about 1802, in Saybrook, Conn., daughter 
of Zelotus and Elizabeth ( ) Clark. She was a direct descendant of John 
and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, through their daughter, who married her first 
American Clark ancestor. Zelotus Clark served in the Pequot War and received 
for his services a grant of land in Saybrook, upon which the family resided 
for manjr generations and where Thankful was born. About 1820 he sold this 
farm and became a pioneer of the Western Reserve. 

Children, first three horn in Twinshurg, others in Cleveland 

Elizabeth Abhey. 

Helen Abbey, m. Cameron. 

Harriet Abbey, m. Dr. L. B. Miles ; resides in Cleveland. Mrs. Miles has in her 
possession a piece of embroidery that belonged to Priscilla Alden. 

Mary Abbey, m. (1) Holdeu ; (2) Sweet. 

Louis C. Abbey, m. 1864, Nellie Loring. Child : Perley L., who is a manufacturing 
pharmacist in Kalamazoo, Mich. Perley Abbey served in the Spanish-American 
War, has since been an officer in the National Guard, appointed Brigadier- 
General, April 15, 1911. Married Maude . 

Pettie Abbey (daughter). 

462. JOSEPH' ABBEY, son of NathanieP and Tabitha (Hazen) Abbe, born 
in Orange County, N. Y.C?), May 7, 1796; died near Watkins, N. Y., November 
15, 1869. He lived in Hector, N. Y. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. 

Married (1) about 1820, KNIGHT. 

Married (2) 1831, SARAH MULFORD, daughter of Samuel Mulford. 

Children by first wife (lived near Rome, N. Y.) 

Albert Abbey, b. probably about 1820. He was living in Stockton, Calif., June 10, 

1890. Wrote concerning property of his uncle Frederick, who d. 1865. 
James Abbey. 
(Three daughters.) 

Children by second wife 

Andrew J. Abbey, b. 1841; d. April 4, 1905; m. in 1864, Isabelle Crawford of 

Hector, N. Y., and had four children, all dead but a daughter Fanny. 
Fannie Abbey, b. 1844 ; d. 1897, aged 57 ; m. 1884, William Jackson of Reynolds- 

ville, N. Y. No children. 
Mary Abbey, b. about 1846; d. at Pottsville, Pa., about 1881, aged 30. Married 

(1) in 1862, Hiram Burga (or Bragery) by whom she had seven children; (2) 

WiUiam Cox. 
Amy Abbey, b. about 18.38; d. at St. John's, Mich., Oct. 1, 1911 (?). Married (1) 

about 1853, Abraham VanHorn or Home; (2) Robert Dosenberry. Four 


726 Joseph Abbey, b. Aug. 18, 1848; m. (1) Mary A. Cook; (2) Mrs. Mary E. 


727 Samuel Abbey, b. May 17, 1851 ; m. Clarinda Dickens. 

463. MARY TRUMBULL^ MC CLELLAN, daughter of John'^ and Faith 
(Williams) McClcllan, born in Woodstock, Conn., January 31, 1800; died 
August 7, 1836. 

Seventh Generation 235 

Married in Woodstock, June 30, 1828, ISAAC WEBB, born in Chester (Say- 
brook), Conn., Januarj^ 15, 1798, son of Reynold and Catharine (Parmalee) 
Webb. He took passage from Middletown, September 29, 1842, on the steamboat 
Kosciusco, bound for New York, wliich he never reached, his body being found 
drowned in Long Island Sound, at Clinton, Conn., a few miles from the mouth 
of the Connecticut River. He was a graduate of Yale College in 1822; taught 
in Dudley, Mass., while studying law; was tutor in Yale 1825-7; opened a law 
office in Middletown 1827. In 1831 he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, with the idea 
of opening an office there, but he returned after a few months to Middletown 
and conducted a familj^ school for boys for several years. After his wife's 
death he made an extensive tour in Europe and while there his health became 
greatly impaired. 

He married (2) May 19, 1842, Sarah Isabella McClellan, sister of his first wife, 
born April 8, 1806; died April 23, 1875, who married (2) Professor Benjamin 
Silliman of Yale. See under number 236. 

Children of Mary T. McClellan 

(Son), b. aud d. Oct. 26, 1834. 
(Daughter,) d. Oct. 22, 1837. 

464. FAITH WILLIAMS' MCCLELLAN, daughter of John^ and Faith 
(Williams) McClellan, born in Woodstock, Conn., April 27, 1804; died 1892. 

Married in Woodstock, March 10, 1828, RUFUS SMITH MATHEWSON, 
born in Brooklyn, Conn., September 14, 1802, son of Darius and Mary (Smitli) 
Mathewson; died in Pomfret, Conn., May 29, 1886. The Mathewson family 
occupied a prominent place in Windham County for several generations. His 
grandfather, Joseph Mathewson, had purchased the historic farm formerly 
owned by General Putnam, and it was here that Rufus was born and lived until 
he was eleven years of age. He fitted himself to enter Yale and studied medi- 
cine for a time but gave up these plans at his father's solicitation to become 
a farmer. He was engaged in farming in Woodstock for thirty-three years, 
then, after a year spent in Mississippi, removed to Pomfret. He held many 
positions of honor and trust in civic and political life. When the New York 
and New England railroad was projected he was appointed to the difficult task 
of appraiser of property along the route, while his services as administrator 
and trustee were frequentl}^ sought. In the years 1861 and 1862 he represented 
his town in the Legislature and was often selectman. He was for many years 
bank examiner of the state and was one of the incoiporators and a director of 
the Putnam National Bank and the Putnam Savings Bank. He was active in 
Masonic circles, as a member of Putnam Lodge, No. 46. He was a firm and 
generous supporter of the Congregational Church. 


William Williams Mathewson, b. in Brooklyn, Conn., Feb. 9, 1829 ; d. May 31, 
1901, in Woodstock. Lawyer in Washington, D. C. Married Sept. 28, 1858, at 
New Berlin, Harriet Augusta Warner, daughter of Benjamin aud Sarah 
(Gazlay) Warner, b. May 14, 1842, at New Berhn. Children: i. Albert M. 
McClellan, b. in Woodstock, Oct. 19, 1860, is a lawyer and judge in New Haven, 
m. there June 13, 1888, Mary E. Foster, no children ; ii. Ellen Trumbull, b. 
March 17, 1862, in Woodstock, resides in Wakefield, Neb., m. John DeForest 
Haskell and has three children, CorneUus, Albert, and Faith. 

Harriet Cordelia Matheicson, b. in Connecticut about 1831 ; resided with her 
parents in Woodstock in 1850. Married in South Woodstock, Sept. 14, 1852, 
Dwight Morse Day of Killingly, Conn. Child : AHce Maude, m. Jerome Nichols 
Douty of Putnam, Conn., and has two children, Alice and Maude Alleine. Maude 
Alleine Douty was b. in Killingly, m. Herbert 0. Keach and is a member of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution. 

236 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

728 Mary Trumbull Mathetoson, b. about 1833 ; m. Colonel Alexander Warner. 
John McClcllati Mathcicson, d. . 

729 Arthur Maiheicson, b. Sept. 11, 1837; m. Harriet Silliman Blagden. 
Albert Maiheicson, d. . 

465. JOHN" MC CLELLAN, JR., son of JohnS and Faith (Williams) McClel- 
lan, born in Woodstock, Conn., August 31, 1812; died December 19, 1904. He 
was graduated from Yale in 1833; studied medicine in Philadelphia, and, as he 
did not care for the practice of medicine, returned to Woodstock and became a 
farmer. He was living with his father in 1850. 

Married February 16, 1859, OLIVE ANNA CHILD of Brooklyn, Conn., born 
January 31, 1830; died May 9, 1913. 


John McClcllan, 3d, b. 1860 ; d. July, 1864. 

Mary Trumbull McClellan, b. 1862. 

Jessy Trumbull McClellan, b. Aug. 29, 1864 ; resides in Woodstock ; not m. 

Percy Webb McClellan, b. June 20, 1866; resides in Haverhill, Mass.; m. 1904, 
Frances Packard. Children : i. Elisabeth Walcott, b. March 3, 1905 ; ii. John, 
b. Jan. 7, 1907; iii. Hugh Ruby, b. Nov., 1908; iv. James Trumbull, b. June, 
1910 ; V. Frances Appleton, b. Dec, 1911 ; vi. George, b. Dec. 29, 1914. 

George Eldredge McClellan, b. Oct. 6, 1869 ; resides in Woodstock ; m. Feb., 1898, 
Alice Margaret Pringle. Children : i. Jean Calhoun, b. Oct. 6, 1902 ; ii. John, 
b. Sept. 27, 1905. 

466. GEORGE" MC CLELLAN, son of James" and Eunice (Eldredge) McClel- 
lan, born December 23, 1796, in Woodstock, Conn.; died May 9, 1847, in Phila- 
delphia. A.B., Yale, 1816; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1819. He entered 
the Sophomore class at Yale at the age of 16. For a year after his graduation 
he studied medicine with Dr. Thomas Hubbard of Pomfret, then went to 
Philadelphia. He was one of the founders of Jefferson Medical College in 1825 
and was its professor of surgery till 1838 ; was then instrumental in incorporating 
the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College and was a member of its 
faculty till 1843. He Avas distinguished all over the world, especially in 
ophthalmic surgery. As a surgeon he established a reputation that has become 
proverbial. His list of operations included almost every capital operation 
known to surgeons, together with some that were original with himself. As a 
lecturer he was never at a loss for words to express his marvellous exuberance 
of thought. 

Married 1820, ELIZABETH STEINMETZ BRINTON of Philadelphia, daughter 
of John Hill Brinton. 


730 Sara Frederica McClellan, m. Thomas English. 

731 John BUI Brinton McClellan, b. Aug. 13, 1823 ; m. Maria Eldredge. 

732 George Brinton McClellan, b. Dec. 3, 1826 ; m. Mary Ellen Marcy. 

Arthur McClellan, b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 23, 1839 ; d. unm. He was a civil 
engineer, served in the Civil War, advancing from private to Major in 1864. 
Resided in Drifton, Luzerne County, Pa. 

Walter McClellan, d. in infancy. 

Mary Caroline McClellan, d. unm. 

467. SAMUEL" MCCLELLAN, son of James'' and Eunice (Eldredge) 
McClellan, born September 21, 1800, in Woodstock, Conn.; died Januaiy 4, 
1853, in Philadelphia. He was graduated from the Yale Medical Department, 
1823; settled in Bristol, Pa., after a few years returning to Philadelj^hia to 

Seventh Generation 237 

associate with his brother in ophthahnie surgery and the founding of Jefferson 
College. He was professor of anatomy at Jefferson College, later professor of 
obstetrics in Jefferson and at Pennsylvania College, but resigned to devote 
himself to private practice. 

MaiTied 1832, MARGARET CARSWELL ELY, born 1815, in Hartford, Conn., 
daughter of Reverend Ezra Stiles and Mary Ann (Carswell) Ely. 


Ely McCMlan, b. in I'hiladolpliia, Aug. 3, 1834 ; d. in Chicago, May 8, 1893. He 
was a physician in Pbihidclphia until 1861, then Major and surgeon in the United 
States Army. Married 1857, Emily Hopkins Tevis, b. about 1837, daughter of 
Joshua and Jane (Evans) Tevis of Pbiladelphia. Children: i. Samuel, b. 1857; 
li. Jane Tevis, b. 1859, d. 1861 ; iii. Nannie Edna, b. 1861 ; iv. Edward Stewart, 
b. 1864 ; V. Wilham Hamilton Tevis, b. 1865. 

Carswell McClellan, b. in Philadelphia, Dec. 3, 1835 ; d. in St. Paul, Minn., March 6, 
1892. He was graduated from Williams College, 1855 ; served in the Civil War as 
assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Division, Cavah-y Corps, Army of the Potomac ; 
civil engineer on western railroads, residing in St. Paul ; published, "Personal 
Memoirs and MiHtary History of U. S. Grant versus the Records of the Army of 
the Potomac." Married 1868, Annis Davis, b. 1841, daughter of Vines and Martha 
Lee (Small) Da^■is of CoUinsville, 111. Children: i. Mary Frances, b. 1869; 
ii. Julia Margaret, b. 1871 ; iii. Charles Humphreys, b. 1872 ; iv. Sarah SiUiman, 
b. 1874 ; V. Edwin Custer, b. 1876. 

James Stuart McClellan, b. 1837 ; d. 1838. 

Samuel McClellan, jr., b. 1838. He was graduated from WilUams College, and is a 
physician in New York City. 

Henry Brainerd McClellan, b. Oct. 17, 1840, in Philadelphia. He was a soldier in 
the Ci\al War, chief of staff of General Stuart and Wade Hampton, and by 
assignment on the personal staff of General Robert E. Lee. After 1870 he was 
principal of Sayre Female Institute in Lexington, Ky. He pubhshed "Life and 
Campaigns of General J. E. B. Stuart." Married Dec. 31, 1863, Catherine Macon 
Mathews, b. 1842, daughter of George Hancock and Ann Martha (MiUer) 
Mathews, of Buckingham County, Va. Children : i. Ann Miller, b. 1864 ; ii. 
Margaret Ely, b. 1867; iii. Georgia Matthews, b. 1868; iv. Henry Stuart, b. 
1870, d. 1871; v. WiUiam Macon, b. 1871, d. 1872 ; \i. Mary Carr (or CarsweU), 
b. 1873; -sdi. John Hancock, b. 1876; viii. Emily, b. 1878; ix. Robert Ely, b. 

John McClellan, b. 1843. 

Mary McClellan, b. 1844 ; d. 1871 ; m. 1870, John Caldwell Parsons, a lawyer, of 
Hartford, Conn. He was b. 1832, son of Francis and Clarissa (Brown) Parsons. 
Child: Francis, b. 1871 (Colonel). 

Walter McClellan, b. 1846. 

Einily McClellan, b. 1848 ; d. 1862. 

Charles Eldridge McClellan, b. 1851 ; resides in New York City. Married 1878, 
Adehne Sanford Halsey of Brooklyn, b. 1852, daughter of Edward Chauncey and 
Aureha (Hyde) Halsey. Child: Jeannette, b. 1879. 

468. LEARNED" HEBARD, son of Augustus*^ and Bathsheba (Learned) 
Hebard, born in Windham, Conn., April 24, 1799. He was a farmer at Lebanon, 
Conn.; a surveyor and engineer for some thirty years. In 1840 he was a 
member of the Assembly and of the Senate in 1855; judge of probate, 1847-61; 
justice of the peace, 1840-70, and notary public twenty years; one of three 
commissioners in the affairs of the Mohegan Indians in Connecticut, 1860-70, 
and sole commissioner of those of the Niantic Indians at his own discretion, 
1868-70, appointed to the first charge by the Governor, to the second by the 
Legislature. He was for years a general arbitrator of differences and difficulties 
over a large surrounding country. He was for several years a commissioner of 
the Retreat for the Insane at Hartford. 

Married April 11, 1825, PERSIS ELIZABETH STRONG, born May 19, 1807, 
daughter of Deacon Daniel and Jerusha (Bushnell) Strong of Lebanon. 

238 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 


Albert Eebard, b. Jan. 5, 1826; d. May 18, 1851, of a fever just before the time of 
his graduation from Yale College. 

Julia Uehard, b. Oct. 11, 1827. Married Aug. 14, 1850, William Colton Goldthwait, 
b. May 1, 1816, son of Erastus and Hannah (Colton) Goldthwait, of Long- 
meadow, Mass. He was graduated from Amherst, 1839, was principal of an 
academy at Westfield, later had a boarding school at Longmeadow. Children : 
i. and ii. (twins), b. Aug. 6, 1852, the son d. at birth and the daughter d. Sept. 7, 
1852; iii. Elizabeth, b. at Westfield, Feb. 11, 1854; iv. Albert, b. at Long- 
meadow, Jan. 29, 1857, d. June 4, 1858 ; v. Mary, b. July 10, 1861 ; vi. Martha 
Chapin, b. April 3, 1863; vii. (daughter), b. and d. Dec. 17, 1867. 

Ellen Hehard, b. April 22, 1829 ; d. Oct. 18, 1831. 

Charles Hehard, b. Jan. 9, 1831, at Lebanon. He was a lumber manufacturer at 
Scranton, Pa., 1853, until 1864, in Williamsport until 1877, then at Lake 
Superior, Mich., for twenty-two years. He was elected a Regent of the Uni- 
versity of Michigan in 1887, continuing for eight years. In 1899 he removed to 
Philadelphia. Children, first three b. in Monroe County, Pa. : i. Julia Elizabeth, 
b. April 24, 1859 ; ii. Charles Samuel, b. Dec. 6, 1860 or 1, m. Hannah Morgan 
and has a son Morgan, b. Feb. 23, 1887 ; iii. Mary Euphemia, b. Feb. 3, 1866 or 7 ; 
iv. David Learned, b. in Williamsport, Pa., May 10, 1875, resides in Buffalo, 
N. Y., m. at Philadelphia, April 6, 1899, Julia Kennedy Vanuxen. 

Henry Hehard, h. Oct. 19, 1833 ; d. July 24, 1835. 

Daniel Hehard, b. Sept. 5, 1836. Was graduated at Yale in 1860, and a teacher in 
the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, 1860-1. February 6, 1862, he was com- 
missioned Assistant Adjutant General on the staff of General Gorman, under 
General Sedgwick, 2d Division, U. S. A. Volunteers, of the Second Army Corps. 
He d. at New York City, Aug. 7, 1862, when on his way homeward. 

Elizaheth Hehard, b. July 7, 18-38 ; d. Nov. 9, 1857. 

Arthur Hehard, b. June 15, 1842 ; d. Jan. 22, 1858. 

Edward Warren Hehard, b. Oct. 14, 1844. He is a lumber merchant at Washington, 
N. J. Married Jan. 5, 1864, Emily Calista Latham, b. in Franklin, Conn., March 
26, 184.3, daughter of Carey and Emily (Thompson) Latham. Children: i. 
(son), d. in infancy; ii. Arthur Strong, b. in Lebanon, March 24, 1866, d. 1888; 
iii. William Carey, b. in Lebanon, Sept. 17, 1866 or 7 ; iv. Frederic Warren, b. in 
Lebanon, June, 1870, m. Bertha Moore. 

469. LUCRETIA' WEBB, daughter of Henry^ and Hannah (Clift) Webb, 
born in Windham, Conn., October, 1802 ; died August 27, 1867. 

Married as his second wife, May 11, 1824, THOMAS GRAY of Windham, 
born October 3, 1794; died August 29, 1860, son of Samuel and Charlotte 
(Elderkin) Gray. Samuel Gray was a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1771, 
its first class. His first wife was Mary, elder sister of Lucretia. By Mary 
he had no children. He was graduated from Yale in 1815, and became a lawyer 
in Windham. 

Children of Lucretia Wehh 

Henry Gray, physician and artist ; lived in Mansfield and Bloomfield, Conn. ; d. 

1907, having gone to Jamestown, N. Y., to reside with his daughter. 
Mary Gray, b. 1827 ; d. April 8, 1838, aged 10 yrs., 6 mos. 
733 Charlotte C. Gray, b. June 14, 1832 ; m. Dr. DeWitt Clinton Lathrop. 

Hannah Gray, b. Sept. 2, 1837 ; d. April 22, 1910 ; m. James L. Parsons. Children, 

both living in Boston : i. Katherine McKinley, m. Rev. William Kelsey ; ii. 

Walter Gray, m. Georgiana Moultou. 

470. THOMAS TILESTON^ WATERMAN, son of Elijah and Lucy Parsons« 
(Abbe) Waterman, born September 24, 1801, in Windham, Conn.; died August 2, 
1873, in Stratford. Was graduated from Yale in 1822 and was ordained a 
minister in 1826. He held pastorates in Providence, Philadeli:)hia, Galena, 111., 
Danielson and Monroe, Conn. 

Married at Mansfield Center, December 11, 1827, DELIA STORRS, born July 
1, 1806; died at St. Marys, Ga., July 10, 1881. Daughter of Dan and Mary 

Seventh Generation 239 

(Southworth) Storrs of South Mansfield, and a descendant of Alice Southworth, 
second wife of Governor Bradford, through her son Constant Southworth. 


Thomas Storrs Waterman, h. Aug. 28, 1828, in Providence, R. I.; d. March, 191.3, 
in Orange, N. J. He was a merchant in New York City. Married in Brooklyn, 
N. y., Nov. 16, 1859, Lydia Melleu Daniels, who was b. in Brooklyn and d. Sept. 
25, 1914, in Orange, N. J., where she had lived for forty-seven years. Children : 
i. Leoline. b. Feb. 8, 1862, m. Professor AValter Bridgeman of Lake Forest Uni- 
versity, Chicago, 111., and has four children, Donald Storrs, b. Dec. 1.3, 1891, a 
Yale student, Margaret, b. Dec. 14, 1892, Roy Claflin, b. May 31, 1895, and John 
Burrel. b. Aug. 2, 1899 ; ii. Florence, b. Nov. 21, 1864, lives in Orange, N. J. ; 
iii. Stuart George, b. Feb. 22, 1867, m. April 21, 1897, Ann Campbell, lives in 
New York City, has two children, Georgia and Thomas Tileston ; iv. Horace 
Brigham, b. Aug. 22, 1869. m. Sept. 7, 1904, Helen C. Schlusler ; v. Henry 
Storrs, b. Oct. 29, 1871, d. March 20, 1910, not m. ; vi. Helen Mabel, b. April 16, 

1874. lives in Orange ; vii. Samuel Daniels, b. Jan. 7, 1879, lives in Orange, 
former school commissioner. 

Delia Ahhe Waterman, b. July 17, 1830, in Providence; d. Jan. 26, 1832. 

Alfred Tileston Waterman, b. in Providence, Dec. 13, 18-32 ; d. in Washington, 
D. C, Dec. 29, 1909. He was graduated from Yale in 1855 and became a 
minister holding pastorates at Westfield and Berlin, Conn. Married Dec. 8, 
1865, J. Emily Stocking, b. in Persia, April 28, 1842. daughter of Reverend 
William Redfield Stocking ; d. in Washington, April 8, 1910. Children : i. Char- 
lotte Hutchins, b. in Middletown, Conn., Nov. 25, 1866 ; ii. Jason, b. in Mid- 
dletown, Dec. 3, 1868, was graduated from the George Washington University 
Law School in 1903, %viuning the prize for highest average, is now assistant 
editor in the U. S. Public Health Service, m. in Paducah. Ky., Aug. 5, 1897, 
Maud E. Holly, who secured all the records of this branch of the family, has 
three children, b. in Washington, Evelyn Holly, b. Feb. 7, 1900. Holly Jason, b. 
Nov. 20, 1901, and Stella Storrs, b. Dec. 7, 1908; iii. Fanny Fitch, b. Dec. 1, 

1875, d. in Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 7, 1903 ; iv. William Stocking, b. Oct. 16, 
1871, d. in Grand Rapids, Aug. 13, 1900 ; v. Carohne Darrow, b. May 18, 1882 ; 
\i. Storrs Seymour, b. Aug. 2, 1884. 

George Isham Waterman, b. Dec. 22, 1834, in Providence ; d. Sept. 13, 1884, in 

 Hawley, Minn ; not m.. He was a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin and 

became a lawyer in Chicago. He seiwed in the army during the whole Civil War, 

was wounded and taken prisoner ; was re-taken and fought to the end ; was Aide 

of Generals Morgan and Bradley and was brevetted Lieutenant-Colonel. 

Lucy Maria Waterman, b. in Philadelphia, Feb. 12, 1838 ; d. there July 5, 1895. 
She was for years an invalid. 

William Coates Waterman, b. in Philadelphia, April 19, 1841; d. in Providence, 
March 31, 1845. 

Edwin Southicorth Waterman, b. in Providence, Sept. 20, 1845, m. in Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Oct. 17, 1871, Martica Gookin. Children : i. Warren Gookin, has been a 
teacher in Fisk University, Nash\iUe, Tenn., m. in Oberlin, Ohio, June 14, 1898, 
Anna Muller ; ii. Martica Gookin, m. in Southport, Conn., James Ormerod Hey- 
worth ; iii. Alice Southworth, m. in Southport, Oct. 6, 1897, Clarence Baker 
Sturges ; iv. Esther. 

471. SAMUEL' DARLING, JR., son of Samuel and Nancy^ (Abbe) Darling, 
born April 3, 1809; died June 1, 1849. 

Married July 27, 1831, MARGARET G. BROWN, born July 14, 1814; died 


Margaret J. Darling, b. 1832 ; m. Smith Thompson, b. 1814 ; d. 1882. Children : 
1. Carrie Smith, b. 1859, m. Dr. D. S. Lyons and had a daughter, Gladys Foster, 
b. 1894 ; ii. Nathaniel Foote, b. 1861. m. Cora Dusenbury who d. 1885, leaving a 
daughter, Florence A., b. in 1885 ; iii. Nellie Darling, b. 1875. 

Burnel Wing Darling, b. 1835; m. Ella Fisher. Children: i. WiUiam Burnel, 
b. 1866, d. 1869 ; ii. Amelia, b. 1875 ; iii. Harry, d. young. 

Samuel Henry Darling, b. 18-38 : d. 1893 ; m. Mary Chamberlain. 

Franecs Amelia Darling, b. 1840 ; m. Richard VanAndrew, b. 1834. Children : 1. 
Frances, b. 1861, d. 1894, m. William Laugsworth who d. 1891, had two children, 

240 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Frances, b. 1889 and William, b. 1891; ii. Minnie, b. 1865, m. Frank Bosse, 
b. 1867. had two children, Grace, b. 1892, d. 1892, and Harrold, b. 1894; iii. 
Carrie, b. 1868 ; iv. Harry, b. 1872. 
Alhertine Ahhe Darling, b. 1843; d. 1864. 

472. DAVID" YOUNG, son of David F. and Freelove" (Abbe) Young, born 
January 10, 1819, in "Windham; died March 12, 1889, in Norwich, Conn. He 
studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1841. He was a member of the 
old Connecticut Militia, rose rapidly to the rank of Brigadier-General and was 
tendered a commission as Major-General, but declined. He served for three 
months at the front during the Civil War as Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2d 
Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers. 

Married (1) August 29, 1842, MARY ESTHER HARRIS, born March 24, 
1814, in Canterbury, Conn.; died March 22, 1853, in Norwich, daughter of 
Dr. Andrew and Mary Esther (Cleaveland) Harris. 

Married (2) September 6, 1854, ANNIE FRANCIS DAVIS, born in Bangor, 
Maine, March 20, 1832; died in Norwich, April 22, 1893. 

Children hy first wife 

Sarah Bacon Young, b. Aug. 28, 1843 ; lives in Norwich. 
Caroline Dale Young, b. Sept. 22, 1845 ; d. June 25, 1860. 
Mary Harris Young, b. Oct. 26, 1847 ; d. June 21, 1884 ; m. June 15, 1881, H. V. 

Edmond of Norwich. 
Lticy Ahhe Young, b. Oct. 22, 1852 ; d. July 21, 1853. 

Children hy second wife 

Frances Davis Young, b. Dec. 27, 1857 ; lives in Norwich. 
Frank Dale Young, b. June 20, 1860 ; d. Feb. 14, 1862, 
men Dale Young, b. Dec. 26, 1863 ; d. Aug. 1, 1864. 

473. ELIZA^ TAINTOR, daughter of Charles and Mary^ (Abbe) Taintor, 
born in Windham, Conn., November, 1794; died November 1, 1868; buried in 

Married June, 1818, COLONEL RUFUS LATHROP BAKER, born December 
6, 1790; died June 5, 1868; buried in Windham. He was the son of Dr. Joseph 
and Lucy (Devotion) Baker. He was appointed Ensign in the United States 
Army, 1812; Lieutenant, 1813; Captain, 1817; Brevet Major, 1827; Major, 
1832; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel, 1848; Lieutenant-Colonel, 1852; resigned 
January, 1855, and resided at the old Taintor Place in Windham. 


734 Charles Taintor Baker, b. April 13, 1821 ; m. Anna Bartlett Dwight. 

William Rufus Baker, b. at Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburgh. Pa., May 15, 1830. He 
was graduated from Union College. Resides in New York City. Not m. 

474. GILES" TAINTOR, son of Charles and Mary^ (Abbe) Taintor, born in 
Windham, Conn., July 17, 1802. He was a graduate of Yale, 1822. He was 
a dry-goods merchant in New York City, 1822-32, lived later in Windham where 
he and his father had extensive land holdings. 

Married May 10, 1836, MARY (NOWELL WILLIAMS) WEST of Boston, 
Mass., born about 1813. 


Sarah L. Taintor, aged thirteen, according to the 1850 Census. 

Frank Lathrop Taintor, b. March, 1837. He served in the 7tli New York Regiment 
in the Civil War. Was cashier of the Atlantic Bank in New York City about 

Seventh Generation 241 

1869. Resides in Keene, N. H. Married Charlotte Wilson, daughter of James 
Wilson, a lawyer of Keone. Children : i. Giles, b. before 1869 ; ii. Charles ; 
iii. Eleanor. 

Charles Taintor, b. March, 1840; resides in Port Richmond, N. Y. He served in 
the Civil War in the 22d Regiment of New York, went to Harper's Ferry. He 
later was a merchant. Married Oct. 5, 1865, Mary D. Jewett, daughter of 
George Jewett of Staten Island. Children : i. George J., b. Feb. 21, 1867 ; ii. 
May, b. Sept. 24, 1869, m. William Busk of New York ; iii. Henry Sherman, b. 
Dec. 28, 1871 ; iv. Gertrude R., b. Jan. 14, 1873, d. Sept. 8, 1873 ; v. CorneUus D., 
b. Aug. 6, 1876. 

Aiby Louise Taintor, b. March, 1841 ; d. aged 11 years. 

Henry Sherman Taintor, b. April, 1842. He was in the Civil War as 2d Lieutenant 
in the 12th Connecticut Volunteers ; went to Louisiana under General Weitzel, 
was badly wounded in the arm and resigned ; later joined the New York 
Volunteers under Colonel Hudson and was taken prisoner ; was confined in 
Libby Prison, then in Savannah, Charleston and Columbia, S. C. While the 500 
prisoners were being transferred from there to Charlotte, he escaped in time to 
join Sherman's Army as he was entering Columbia ; was with Sherman's Army 
for a month and was then given a pass home. 

475. MARY ABIGAIL GROSVENOR^ ABBE, daughter of Joshua^ and 
Marcia (Grosvenor) Abbe, born in New Gloucester, Maine, August 17, 1816; 
died in Stamford, Conn., April 17, 1905. 

Married August 30, 1838, SAMUEL CLEMENT FESSENDEN, born at New 
Gloucester, Maine, March 7, 1815; died April 18, 1882. He was gi-aduated 
from Bowdoin College in 1834 and completed bis education at the Bangor 
Theological Seminary in 1837; in 1838 was ordained and installed as pastor 
of the Second Congregational Church in Thomaston (now Rockland), Maine, 
and dismissed at bis own request in 1856. During that year he established the 
Maine Evangelist; in 1858 entered upon the practice of law; soon after was 
elected Judge of the Municipal Court of Rockland; was elected a Representa- 
tive from Maine to the Thirty-seventh Congress; in 1865 was appointed a 
member of the Board of Examiners of the Patent Office. About that time he 
moved to Stamford, Conn., where most of the family are still living. 

Children, torn in Rochland, Maine 

Marcia Ch-osvenor Fessendeji, b. Dec. 1, 1839 ; resides in Stamford. 
Joshua Ahhe Fessenden, b. in Rockland, Me., Feb. 15, 1841; d. at Stamford, 
June 24, 1908. He had a long and honorable war record, beginning in the Civil 
War. He was retired some years later with the rank of Captain, then by act 
of Congress was given the rank of Major. He had personal charge of Jefferson 
Davis, after his arrest. He was appointed postmaster of Stamford in the 
McKinley administration and held the office up to the time of his death. He was 
m. .June 28, 1866, to Mary Abbie Conner, daughter of WiUiam Harrison and 
Rachel Caroline (Porter) Conner, b. Dec. 7, 1841. Children: i. Alice Grosvenor, 
b. Feb. 2, 1879, d. Oct. 23, 1911 ; ii. Samuel Clement, b. April 8, 1888, d. Jan. 6, 
7.35 Eliza Grosvenor Fessenden, b. Jan. 11, 1843; m. William Fessenden Merrill. 

736 Lucia Williams Fessenden, b. Feb. 9, 1845 ; m. Major WiUiam P. Huxford. 

737 Samuel Fessenden, b. April 12, 1847 ; m. Helen Matilda Davenport. 
Ma7-y Elizabeth Fessenden, b. April 12, 1849 ; resides in Stamford. 

738 Deborah Chandler Fessenden, b. Dec. 12, 1851; m. Henry Alanson Gardner. 
Susan Spafford Fessenden, b. April 22, 1853; resides in Stamford. 

Seth Grosvenor Fessenden, b. Nov. 2, 1854 ; resides in Stamford. 

Oliver Griswold Fessenden, b. Dec. 25, 1855 ; resides in Stamford ; m. Jennie Weed. 

Has a son and a daughter. 
Ahhy Calei Fessenden, b. April 17, 1857 ; resides in Stamford. 
Sophia Agnes Fessenden, b. May 10, 1859 ; d. Sept. 4, 1859. 

476. PHINEAS" ABBE, son of Charles" and Mary (Welsh) Abbe, born 
March 3, 1811, in Windham, Conn. In 1814 he removed with his father to 


242 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Solon, Cortland County, N. Y. In 1835 he bought a farm in the town of Rome, 
Oneida County, N. Y., where he afterwards resided. 

Married March 8, 1835, MARY STILLMAN, born June 24, 1799, in Westmore- 
land, Oneida County, daughter of Chester and Mary ( ) Stillman and widow 
of Elisha House, by whom she had two daughters. 


Oeorge Ilenry Alhc, b. Dec. 13, 1838. In 1869 he was a farmer in Stanwix, N. Y. 
Resides now near Rome. Married Jennie Parsons. Children : i. Mary L. ; ii. 
Fred, m. ; iii. Grace, m. ; iv. Elizabeth, m. . 

Elisha Stillman Alhe, b. Feb. 17, 1840 ; d. in Utica, Jan. 24, 1886 ; not m. He 
was li\'ing in Stanwix in 1869, postmaster, hotel keeper and grocer. 

William Edivard Able, b. Feb. 17, 1842, in Rome ; d. 1912. He was a farmer in 
Rome, and later in Westmoreland. Married in Westmoreland, 1868, Harriet A. 
Philleo, b. in Westmoreland, Nov. 15, 1845, daughter of Milton and Mary Jane 
(Shaw) Philleo. Children, first four b. in Rome, others in Westmoreland: 
i. Janette E., b. July 14, 1869, m. March 3, 1891, WiUiam H. Storey, has ten 
children; ii. Hattie Isoline, b. Oct. 9, 1870, m. April 12, 1893, Mark Storey, 
has two children ; iii. WiUiam H., b. Aug. 15, 1872, m. Feb. 15, 1899, Emma Old- 
field, has one child ; iv. Henry C., b. June 14, 1874 ; v. Alice B., b. Aug. 24, 
1876, m. Feb. 15, 1897, Charles Storey, has four children ; \i. Ehsha M., b. 
June 8, 1879, m. June 21, 1911, Ellen Walker, has two children ; vii. Claude R., 
adopted, b. Nov. 17, 1887. 

477. HART' ABBE, son of Charles" and Mary (Welsh) Abbe, born in Solon, 
Cortland County, N. Y., February 20, 1817; died in Onondaga County, N. Y., 
January 22, 1901. His mother died when he was about two years old and he 
went to live with his grandfather Welsh. He settled in Onondaga later and 
on his homestead farm about 1870. 

Married in Oswego, N. Y., December 1, 1850, KATHERINE FISHER, born in 
Jefferson County, N. Y., January 9, 1834, daughter of John and Mary ( ) 


Children, horn in Onondaga County 

Ida Miranda Ahhe, b. Sept. 18, 1853 ; d. in Onondaga County, Jan. 17, 1895. 
Married in Onondaga County, Jan. 15, 1873, Isaac A. Sherman. Children 
i. Myron Hart, b. June 14, 1876. m. ; ii. Erwin Chester, m 

iii. Ray Westley, m. ; iv. Elsie Laura, b. May 3, 1887 ; v. Garth Abbe 

vi. Florence Katherine, b. Dee. 19, 1894. 

George Henry Ahhe, b. June 18, 1856 ; lives in Camillus, N. Y. Married Jennie 
Patrick, b. in Onondaga County, Dec. 17, 1865, daughter of George and Sarah 
(Clark) Patrick. Children, b. in Onondaga: i. Ethel May, b. Feb. 6, 1886, d. 
April 21, 1893; ii. Mary Eloise, b. June 16, 1891, collected records of this 
branch of the family for this genealogy ; iii. George Patrick, b. March 6, 1894 ; 
iv. Hart Worker, b. April 9, 1896; v. John Hurst, b. Aug. 25, 1898; vi. Jean 
Francis, b. May 22, 1906. 

Chester Ahhe, b. Jan. 1, 1867. Married in Onondaga, April 12, 1898, Florence 
James, b. at Onondaga Hill, Feb. 25, 1879, daughter of .Job and Mary (Hens- 
berry) James. Children : i. Mary Katherine, b. Aug. 20, 1905 ; ii. Henry C, 
b. Oct. 24, 1909. 

Jennie Laura Ahhe, b. June 8, 1871 ; m. Nov. 17, 1892, Alfred N. Fay. Children : 
i. Alfred Hart, b. Feb. 16, 1894 ; ii. Chester James, b. Feb. 23, 1896 ; iii. Watson 
Lucius, b. Nov. 14, 1901 ; iv. Frank Abbe, b. June 14, 1905. 

Lucius C. Ahhe, b. Jan. 7, 1877 ; not m. ; lives near Syracuse, N. Y. 

478. SUSAN BROWN^ ABBE, daughter of Moses Cleveland'^ and Talitha 
(Waldo) Abbe, born April 15, 1810, at Bozrah, Conn.; died in Windham, July 
18, 1903. 

Married at Chaplin, Conn., September 23, 1833, ANDREW FRINK, JR., born 
in Windham, July 20, 1812; died there January 25, 1893. He was the son of 
Andrew and Phila (Stowell) Frink, and was a farmer in Windham, also a 

^. r 


Mrs. Susan Brown" (Abde) Frink 

Gkorge AValuo" Adbe 

Mrs. Charlotte (Colgate) Abbe 

Cleveland* Abbe 

Walter^ Abbe 

Willia;m Colgate* Abbe 

Charles Colgate^ Abbe 

Dr. Robert^ Abbe 

Mrs. Helen* (Abbe) Howson 

Harriet Colgate* Abbe 

Seventh Generation 243 

Children, horn in Windham 

George Ahhe Frinh, b. Aug. 10, 1836 ; d. Sept. 29, 1836. 

Edwin ^"^mith Frink, b. Sept. 22, 1842 ; d. 1892. He m. Mary C. Thayer, b. 1842 ; 
d. 1892. Children : i. Andrew Thayer, b. 1868, d. in St. Paul, Minn., March 4, 
1886, buried in Windham, was a promising young man who had been employed 
for some time in the counting room of the Pioneer Press ; ii. Louis, b. May 16, 
1869, resides in Windham; iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9, 1873, resides in 

479. GEORGE WALDO' ABBE, sou of Moses Cleveland'^ and Talitha 
(Waldo) Abbe, born in Ashford, "Windham County, Conn., October 20, 1811; 
died at his residence, 32 East 20th Street, New York City, September 25, 1879. 
He lived in or near Windham until his fourteenth year, when he went to New 
York City and entered the employ of his cousin, Giles Taintor, a prosperous 
dry-goods merchant, and resided in the family of his uncle, George Abbe, who 
was at that time at the head of the Union Transportation Company, and subse- 
qucnth', w^itli the family of another uncle, Samuel Waldo, the portrait painter. 

About 1835 he engaged independently in the dry-goods business iinder the 
name of Williams, Camp and Abbe. After the crisis of 1857-8, Mr. Abbe and 
his firm settled honorably with their creditors and later paid all claims in 
full, but thereafter he was engaged as a commission merchant and broker for 
the remainder of his life. 

He was especially prominent in a nmnber of charitable organizations. For 
forty years he was an officer in the New York Association for Improving the 
Condition of the Poor. He was one of the managers of the Hospital for the 
Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled, and was one of the governors of the 
New York Hospital. He took an active interest in educational matters and 
at the time of his death was an Inspector of Public Schools for the Eighteenth 

Mr. Abbe was a prominent worker among the Baptists, was a deacon at the 
Madison Avenue Baptist Church, vice-president of Madison University (Baptist), 
and one of the founders of tlie American Bible Union. His whole life was 
silent in active work among the poor in the hospitals and in the chui'ch. He 
was a strong abolitionist, and when the war broke oiit, not only oi:)posed seces- 
sion, but subscribed liberally for the outfit of our soldiers. 

Married in New York City, January 19, 1837, CHARLOTTE COLGATE, born 
in New York City, March 23, 1817; died in New York City, February 19, 1885; 
buried with her husband, in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. She was the 
daughter of Bowles and Lourina (Townsend) Colgate. Bowles Colgate was born 
in Slioreham, Kent, England, son of Robert and Sarah (Bowles) Colgate (who 
were married in Kent about 1740), and with his brother, William, founded 
the firm of the Colgate Soap Companj^ in 1806. Robert and Sarah (Bowles) 
Colgate were leaders among the Baptists and dissenters, and were from families 
that had been with the Pilgrims at Leyden in 1610-20. Robert died about 
1805 and his wife about 1845. Both were noted for strong characteristics that 
marked the children, notably the eldest daughter, Maria, and the eldest son, 
William. Among their grandchildren, perhaps the oldest son of William, James 
Bronson Colgate, and Charlotte, daughter of Bowles, preserved most perfectly 
the family peculiarities and traits that had persisted unchanged for three or 
four centuries; nor were these changed to any important extent during the 
succeeding generations. Charlotte Colgate was one of the early pupils of Mrs. 
Greene's school in New York City, a school that recently celebrated its centen- 
nial of prosperity and wide influence. Lourina Townsend was the daughter 
of Gilbert and Abigail (Mead) Townsend and the granddaughter of John and 
Jemima (Travis) Townsend of Dutchess County, N. Y. 

244 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Children, horn in New York City 

739 Cleveland Alhe, b. Dec. 3, 1838; m. (1) Martha Frances Neal ; (2) Margaret 

Augusta Percival. 

740 Walter Ahhe, b. June 20, 1841 ; m. Ida Beulah Patten. 

741 William Colgate Ahbe, b. June 9, 1843; m. Eliza M. Martin. 

742 Charles Colgate Able, b. Feb. 12, 1849; m. (1) Addie Potts; (2) Minnie H. 


743 Robert Abbe, b. April 1.3, 1851; m. Catherine Amory (Bennett) Palmer. 

744 Helen Abbe, b. June 15, 1853 ; m. Hubert Howson. 

745 Harriet Colgate Abbe, b. July 17, 1855. 

480. ELIZA TAINTOR" ABBE, daughter of Moses Cleveland^ and Talitha 
(Waldo) Abbe, born in Ashford, Conn., September 23, 1814; died May 22, 1900; 
buried in Windham. 

Married at Chaplin, Conn., October 21, 1834, HENRY SLAYMAKER WAL- 
COTT, born September 25, 1813, in Windham; died there December 26, 1871. 
He was the son of Jonathan and Abigail (Clark) Walcott of Windham. Mr. 
Walcott was a merchant at Windham. 


Eliza Helen Walcott, b. in Windham, May 8, 18.36; d. Aug., 1916; resided in 
Windham; m. 1861, Mason Loomis, b. Feb. 18, 1828; d. 1893, in Dakota. He 
was the son of Calvin and Lydia (Sweeting) Loomis and was a civil engineer. 
Child: Henry Walcott, b. 1869, m. Dec. 27, 1899, Alice Renwick of Belfast, 
N. Y., daughter of William Bowman Renwick. They reside in Belfast, and have 
no children. 

481. MARIETTA^ (or MARY) ABBE, daughter of Moses Cleveland" and 
Talitha (Waldo) Abbe, born August 14, 1816, in Ashford, Conn. ; died in South 
Windham, Conn., April 10, 1901. 

Married at South Windham, November 3, 1835, CHARLES SMITH, born in 
Spaffordsville (now South Windham), September 14, 1807; died April 6, 1896, 
son of Joshua and Anna (Allen) Smith. Charles Smith was a leader in the 
development of the paper machine industiy in America. He was long at the 
head of the plant organized in 1828 in South Windham, engaged in the manu- 
facture of paper machinery, which, aside from the home field, found its way 
into many foreign fields. The Smith and Winchester Manufacturing Company 
is now (1916) ojierated successfully by his son, Guilford Smith. 


Guilford Smith, b. in South Windham, May 12, 1839 ; resides there. He carries 
on the extensive manufacturing interest established by his father ; has been 
president of the Windham National Bank in Wlllimantic for many years ; was an 
incorporator and has been president of St. Joseph's Hospital in Willimantic since 
its inception ; has been largely interested in Y. M. C. A. work, to which he has 
been a large benefactor ; is a director and owns large interests in the New 
London and Northern Railroad ; is director of the Public Library in AVindham 
Center. He has been deeply interested in church work, and through his gifts a 
church was built in South Windham. Married Dee. 16, 1863, Mary L. Ramsdell, 
b. Sept. 5, 1837, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ehzabeth (Lathrop) Ramsdell. 
They have no children. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Mayflower descendants 
from Governor Bradford, the former through Mary Backus. Mrs. Smith is a 
member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of Colonial 
Governors, and takes an active interest in philanthropic work. 

Mary Smith, b. in South Windham, Feb. 20, 1842; resides in Hartford. Married 
in South Windham, Sept. 11, 1867, P. Henry Woodward, b. March 19, 1833, in 
Franklin, Conn., who graduated at Yale College in 1855. He is now (1916) 
president of the Dime Savings Bank ; vice president of the Connecticut General 
Life Insurance Company ; secretary of the Board of Trustees of Trinity College ; 

Seventh Generation 245 

trustee of Retreat for the Insane, Hartford, and other institutions. Children : 
i. Helen Woodward, b. in South Windham, June 29, 1868, m. in Hartford, Nov, 
16, 1892, Rev. Stephen Henry Cranberry, who has been for many years rector 
of St. Barnabas' P. E. Church, Newark, N. J. He was b. in Hinds County, 
Miss., Sept. 10, 1848. They have two children : Helen Cranberry, b. in Newark, 
Oct. 1, 1893, m. April 14, 1914, Edgar Francis Waterman, b. in Hartford, Dec. 
16, 1875, and has a daughter Helen, b. in Hartford, Dec. 25, 1915 ; and Mary 
Emeline Cranberry, b. Jan. 11, 1895, in Newark, d. there Jan. 18, 1913 ; ii. 
Charles Cuilford Woodward, b. in Hartford, Dec. 15, 1875, was graduated at 
Trinity College in 1898, is now (1916) financial secretary of the Connecticut 
Ceneral Life Insurance Company and a trustee of two banks of Hartford, not m. 

482. JOSHUA GROSVENOR' ABBE, son of Moses Cleveland^ and Talitlia 
("Waldo) Abbe, born in Windham, Conn., June 26, 1827; died in Windham, 
September 21, 1868, from a wound received on the battle-field of Bull Run. Up 
to the age of fifteen he worked with his father on the farm. He then entered 
the store of his brother George in New York City, as a salesman iintil his 
health obliged him to seek a more congenial climate. In 1851 he took up his 
residence in Louisiana, where he remained for two years, and then returned 
to New York and started a news agency. In 1855 he again sought a change of 
climate, in Nebraska, a region then sparsely populated by white settlers. He 
remained there four years, engaged actively in politics, and was a member of 
the Territorial Legislature. In 1859 he returned to New York and engaged 
as bookkeeper and business manager of the New York Dispatch. He continued 
in this position until 1864 wlien he was appointed one of the Board of Com- 
missioners of the Metropolitan Fire Department, which office he held at the 
time of his death. Mr. Abbe was an old fireman, having entered the Volunteer 
Department wlien a young man as a member of Hose Company No. 20. For 
nine years he acted with ability as member, officer. Secretary of the Board of 
Engineers and foreman. Mr. Abbe was a soldier in the Civil War, a volunteer 
in Company G, 71st Regiment, New York, and was badly wounded at the battle 
of Bull Run. 

Married in Windham, June 17, 1862, SARAH E. FULLER of Windham, born 
April 4, 1829; died in New Haven, Conn., September 29, 1900. She was the 
daughter of David L. and Hadassah (Gay) Fuller. 


Jesse G-rosvenor Able, b. in Windham, July 12, 1863 ; d. in Jersey City, N. J., 
Aug. 26, 1865. 

Waldo Fenton Ahhe, b. in Jersey City, Sept. 17, 1865. Lives in Los Angeles, Calif., 
where he is a broker. Married (1) Dorothy Craue, and had a daughter Dorothy 
Katherine, b. March 17, 1894, in New York City, lives in New York City. 
Married (2) April 2, 1902, Alice Lydia Holmes, b. in Windham, Nov. 9, 1872; 
d. Oct. 27, 1909, daughter of Elisha Harlow and Sarah Williams (Johnson) 
Holmes. Child : Sarah Waldo, b. Feb. 28, 1903. 

Susie Eliza Ahhe, b. in New York City, Feb. 1, 1868 ; resides in Pasadena, Calif. 
Married in New York City, Dec. 29, 1891, Dr. Wellslake Demarest Morse, who 
was b. Dec. 17, 1861. He is a dentist and has offices in Los Angeles. Children : 
i. Crosvenor Abbe, b. Oct. 15, 1892; ii. Wellslake Demarest, jr., b. Feb. 22, 
1894 ; iii. Elsa Peters, b. April 2, 1895 ; iv. Beatrice Steers, b. March 15, 1900. 

483. JOHN RANDOLPH' ABBE, son of Moses Cleveland^ and Talitha 
(Waldo) Abbe, born at New Boston, Conn., July 12, 1833; died April 17, 1904; 
bui'ied at Windham. He resided in Providence, R. I., and in W^indham; was a 
machinist and engineer. 

Married (1) in Franklin, Conn., May 10, 1857, LUCY ELLEN AVERY, born 
January 22, 1834, at Franklin, daughter of Austin and Marv (Peters) Avery; 
died May 25, 1860. 

246 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

MaiTied (2) in Windham, December 28, 1861, JOSEPHINE LOUISE ROB- 
BINS, born March 18, 1844, in Windham, daughter of John Williams and Ann 
Eliza (Welles) Robbins of Hampton, Conn. 

Child hy first tcife 

Charles Smith Ahhe, b. May 23, 1859, in South Windham, Conn. ; resides in Darien, 
Conn. Mr. Abbe is an artist and also an actor of sterling merit, par excellence a 
comedian, although he sometimes plays roles of a serious nature. Among his 
successes is the title role in "Charley's Aunt." Married in Boston, June 15, 
1888, Emihe A. Bruce, b. April 1, 1862, in Hillsboro, N. H., daughter of James H. 
Appleton and Alvira (Hoyt) Bruce. Children : i. Ruth, b. June 22, 1889, in 
Boston, m. June 22, 1907, at New Rochelle, N. Y., Harold St. John Morehouse, 
b. 1886, son of Alfred and Annie Betts (Chichester) Morehouse, and has a 
daughter Mary, b. March 30, 1910; ii. Ohve, b. March 6, 1891, in Boston, m. 
April 21, 1909, Alvah DeWitt Mead of Stamford, Conn., son of Alvah D, and 
Mary M. (Scofield) Mead, has a daughter, Vera, b. June 12, 1910, in Darien. 

484. GEORGE EDMUND' BADGER, son of Thomas^ and Lydia (Cogdell) 
Badger, born April 17, 1795, in Newbern, N. C. ; died May 11, 1866, in 
Raleigh, N. C. He was graduated at Yale, 1813; studied and practiced law; 
received his law license by special act of Legislature when 19 ; was elected to the 
Legislature in 1816; in 1820 was elected a Judge of the Supreme Court, which 
position he resigned in 1825; was appointed Secretary of the Navy in 1841; 
was elected a Senator in Congress in 1846, and was re-elected in 1849 for a 
term of six years, serving on the Committees on Military and Naval Affairs; 
was subsequently wholly devoted to his profession, visiting Washington occa- 
sionally to argue cases in the Supreme Court of the United States. On his 
retirement from the Senate that body passed a unanimous resolution of regret, 
the only time such a thing has ever been done. 

Married (1) December 24, 1818, REBECCA TURNER, who died about 1823, 
daughter of Governor James and Mary (Anderson) Turner of Warren, N. C. 
No children. 

Married (2) MARY BROWN POLK, daughter of Colonel William Polk of 
Revolutionary fame, and Sarah Hawkins, his wife. She was born April 17, 
1795, at New Bern, N. C, and died in Raleigh, May 11, 1866. 

Married (3) April 16, 1836, DELIA (HAYWOOD) WILLIAMS, born August 
6, 1807; died November 16, 1876, in Raleigh, daughter of Sherwood Haywood 
of Raleigh, and widow of General William Williams. 

Children hy second wife 

746 Catherine Mallon Badger, b. Aug. 9, 1827 ; m. Wilham H. Haigh. 

747 Sarah Polk Badger, b. May 28, 1833 ; m. Montford McGehee. 

Children by third wife 

Mary Relecea Badger, b. 1836 ; d. 1884 ; m. 1855, Peter Mallett Hale of Fayette- 
ville, N. C. Children : i. Ellen, m. P. M. Wilson, lives in Washington, D. C. ; 
ii. Janet ; iii. Kate ; iv. Mabel ; v. Joseph. 

George Edmund Badger, jr., b. Jan. 20, 1838 ; d. Jan. 20, 1883. He was a practi- 
cing physician and surgeon in the Confederate Army. Married Oct. 25, 1876, 
Eliza A. FitzGibbon, b. Nov. 22, 1858 ; d. May 3, 1903. Children : i. Margaret 
FitzGibbon, b. April 15, 1878, resides in Atlanta, Ga., m. Oct. 17, 1901, Charles F. 
Whitner and has two children, Charles F., jr., b. Aug. 9, 1902, and John Selby, 
b. Sept. 22, 1903 ; ii. Louise, d. in infancy ; iii. Allison Louise, b. May 23, 1883, 
m. Oct. 24, 1912, Alston Davis Mori-ison and has a daughter, Jane Margaret, 
b. Sept. 3, 1913. 

Richard Cogdell Badger, b. 1839; d. about 1882. Served in the Civil War. 
Married Betty Austin. Child : Mildred. 

Seventh Generation 347 

Annice Hayuood Badger, b. 1841; d. 1898. Married (1) Dr. William S. Bryan; 
(2) Colonel Paul F. Faison. Child by first marriage: Delia. Children by second 
marriage : i. Pauline ; ii. Annie ; iii. John Sherwood ; iv. Stanley ; v. Duncan ; 
vi. Paul. 
748 Thomas Badger, h. Feb. 10, 184S; m. Eleanor H. Bryan. 

Sherwood Haywood Badger, b. 1844 ; d. 1912 ; not m. ; served in the Civil "War. 

Edward Stanley Badger, b. 1846 ; d. 1878 ; not m. ; served in the Civil War. 

485. ELIZABETH ANN' BADGER, daughter of Thomas« and Lydia (Cog- 
dell) Badger, born February 22, 1797. Resided in Raleigh and Fayette ville, N. C. 

Married in Newbern, N. C, January 23, 1817, ICHABOD WETMORE, JR., 
born March 14, 1792, in Middletown, Conn.; died October 7, 1857, in Fayette- 
ville, N". C, where he was cashier of the State Bank for many years. He was 
the son of Ichabod and Elizabeth (Christophers) Wetmore, and removed to 
North Carolina about 1818. 


749 Laura Jane Wetmoi-e, b. Oct. 17, 1817 ; m. Major Theophilus Hunter Holmes. 

750 EUzaieth Christophers Wetmore, b. March 6, 1819 ; m. Samuel Johnston Hinsdale. 
Thomas Badger Wetmore, b. in Newbern, April 7, 1821. He was graduated at the 

University of North Carolina, studied law and settled in Selma, Ala. Married 
OctaA-ia T. Hill of Livingston, Ala. Child : Robert Smith, b. July 1, 1856. 

George Badger Wetmore, b. Feb. 16, 1823, in Newbern. He was graduated at the 
University of North Carolina in 1844, studied law and was admitted to the bar 
in 1847. After a few years he turned his attention to the study of divinity and 
was ordained deacon at Christ Church, Raleigh, in 1855, and priest at Salisbury, 
N. C, in 1857. He was rector at Christ Church, Woodleaf, Rowan County, 
N. C, and adjacent Episcopal parishes and missionary stations. Married in 
FayetteviUe, June, 1850, Rose Hall. Children : i. WiUiam Hall, b. in Richmond 
County, N.,C., April 7, 1852; ii. George Badger, b. in FayetteviUe, Dec. 26, 
1853; iii. Annie Troy, b. in FayetteviUe, Jan. 9, 1856; iv. Samuel Hinsdale, b. 
July 14, 1858, in Rowan County. 

Frances Releeca Wetmore, b. in Raleigh, March 4, 1825. Resided in FayetteviUe. 
Married WiUiam GilUs Broadfoot of Virginia. Children : i. Charles Wetmore ; 
ii. George Badger ; iii. WiUiam Wilson ; iv. Thomas AYetmore ; v. James Baker ; 
vi. Andrew ; vii. Frank Hinsdale ; viii. John Barrett. 

Lydia Cogdell Wetmor-e, b. in Raleigh, Nov. 28, 1829; m. June, 1856, PhiUp 
Augustus Wiley of North CaroUna. 

WiUiam Rohards Wetmore, b. in Raleigh, Nov. 8, 1833. He was graduated from 
the University of North CaroHna in 1854 ; was tutor there, 1855-6 ; studied law, 
and for a time practiced with his brother Thomas at Livingston, Ala. ; later 
studied for the ministry and was ordained in the Episcopal Church about 1861. 
He resided in Selma, Ala. 

486. ALBERT GALLATIN' BADGER, son of Edmund^, jr., and Amelia 
(Dyer) Badger, born January 16, 1801, in Windham, Conn. 
Married January 16, 1820 (or 1821), ASENATH CROSBY of Mansfield, Conn. 


Albert Murry Badger, b. 1821, in Mansfield ; resided in Vernon County, Mo. 

Oscar C. Badger, b. Aug. 12, 1823, in Windham; d. 1899. Saw service in the 
Mexican and Civil Wars. Commodore in United States Navy. He commanded the 
Anacostia, Potomac flotiUa (1861-2), and the ironclads Patapsco and Montauk in 
engagements against the forts of Charlestown Harbor, being severely wounded 
on board his flagship, the Weehawken. Married Margaret M. Johnston, daughter 
of Captain Z. F. Johnston. Children : i. Charles Johnston, Captain in the army 
and superintendent in the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, now 
Admiral; ii. Annie M., m. Major General George F. EUiott, Commandant of 
United States Marine Corps. 

Amelia D. Badger, b. 1825 ; m. J. N. Harding. 

248 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

487. FRANCES ELIZABETH' HIESKELL, daughter of Thomas and 
Frances^ (Badger) Hieskell, born December 2, 1806 ; died June 18, 1834. 

Married in Bristol, Pa., July 8, 1828, TIMOTHY M. BRYAN, born January 

25, 1793; died July 19, 1870. He was son of Guy and Martha (Matlack) Bryan, 

and became a merchant in Philadelphia. He was first married to Anna Eliza 

Wilson, who died May 12, 1819, leaving three children: Guy, George Hunter, 

Mary Wharton. 

Children of Frances Elizabeth Hieskell 

Frances Hieshell Bryan, b. May 31, 18.30 ; d. Oct. 1, 1907 ; not m. 
751 Timothy M. Bryan, jr., b. March 9, 1832 ; m. Marie Duncan Chambers. 

Ellen Hieskell Bryan, b. June 12, 1834 ; resides in Hartford, Conn. Married May 4, 
1858, at Philadelphia, Dr. William Miller Hudson of Hartford. Children : i. 
Regina Miller, m. Fred P. Holt and has a son, Louis, au instructor of English 
at West Point with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel; ii. Frances Heiskell, b. 
Oct. 12, 1860, m. Nov. 14, 188- William Melancthon Storrs, lives in Hartford, 
no children ; iii. Alice Maud, b. Oct. 29, 1862, d. April 16, 1864 ; iv. Ellen Hies- 
kell, b. Feb. 7, 1866, d. July 24, 1867 ; v. William Miller, jr., b. April 4, 1869, 
m. Sarah , no children. 

488. WILLIAM BADGER' HIESKELL, son of Thomas and Frances^ 
(Badger) Hieskell, born December 11, 1808; died August 16, 1867, in Phila- 

Married at Georgetown, D. C, September 8, 1847, ELIZA JANE WILSON, 
born in Georgetown, daughter of James and Anna Eleanor (Balch) Wilson. 


Anna Balch Hieskell, b. June 30, 1848 ; not m. 

William Badger Hieskell, jr., b. Sept. 22, 1850 ; d. July 20, 1875. 

(Son), b. and d. July 12, 1852. 

Frances Elisabeth Hieskell, b. May 16, 1854 ; resides in Washington, D. C. ; m. in 
Washington, June 1, 1875, John Ridout, son of John and Retta (Ridout) Wil- 
liamson and took his maternal grandfather's name. Children : i. John William- 
son, d. May 28, 1883; ii. Edith Hieskell, b. June 29, 1883, d. April 13, 1908, 
was graduated in 1907 from George Washington University ; iii. William Badger, 
d. Sept. 29, 1888 ; iv. Charles Goldsborough, d. Aug. 7, 1891. 

Sarah Patterson Hieskell, b. May 16, 1856. Married in Washington, D. C, Nov. 
11, 1875, Irving Williamson, son of John and Retta (Ridout) WiUiamson and 
brother of John Ridout, who m. Frances Elizabeth Hieskell. Mrs. WiUiamson 
is a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants. 

(Daughter), b. and d. Jan. 30, 1859. 

489. HARRY" ABBE, son of Gideon^ and Sybil (Campbell) Abbe, born 1803; 
died September 25, 1847. 

Married LAURA SAWYER, born 1808; died December 29, 1841. Both are 
buried in the Abbey District Cemetery, Middlebury, Vt. 

Children, born in Middlebury 

752 Henry Abbe, b. Dec. 12, 1826 ; m. Clarissa Amidon. 
Emeline Abbe. 
Charles Abbey, b. June, 1830, at Middlebury, Vt. ; d. 1875, at Princeton, Mass.; 

m. 1855, in Princeton, Mary Ardell Whitcomb, b. April, 1835, in Waltham, Mass. ; 

d. April, 1904, in Princeton, Mass. 
Adeline Abbey, m. Aug. 7, 1859, Orson Percival (Middlebury, Vt., town records). 
Rollin Abbey. 
Laura Abbey. 

490. ELEAZER^ ABBEY, son of Gideon^ and Sybil (Campbell) Abbey, born 
April 27, 1800, in Middlebury, Vt.; died September 4 (or 7), 1872, at Orwell, Vt. 

Seventh Generation 249 

Married at Shoreham, Vt., February 24, 1824, BETSEY NORTH, born 
August 17, 1799, at Crown Point, N. Y. ; died December 28, 1888, at Orwell, Vt. 


Alvin North Ahhey, b. Feb. 9, 1825, in OrweU, Vt. ; d. Sept. 13, 1862, in Somerset, 
N. Y. Married in Somerset, July 4, 1850, Esther Humphrey, b. Oct. 27, 1825, 
daughter of Guy and Sarah (North) Humphrey. Children, b. in Somerset: 
i. Ormau G., b. Jan. 1, 1855, d. May 15, 1863, in Somerset; ii. Francis E., b. 
Feb. 27, 1860, d. Sept. 21, 1862, in Somerset ; iii. Sarah E., b. April 16, 1862. 

Edwin Ahhcy, b. Oct. 26, 1826, at Orwell, Vt. ; d. at Keene, Ionia County, Mich., 
Oct. 25, 1906. Married at Fort Ann, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1853, Abigail Heald, b. Dec. 
2, 1833, at West Fort Ann, Washington County, N. Y. Child: Mary Ella, 
b. Nov. 20, 1873, at Keene, Mich. 

Gideon Aibey, b. Jan. 12, 1829, at OrweU, Vt. ; d. Aug. 28, 1904, at OrweU. 
Married at Ticonderoga, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1856, Helen Betsey Skinner. Child : 
Philena Helen, b. Feb. 3, 1867, in OrweU, Uves iu Kerwiu, Kans., m. in Orwell, 
July 10, 1888, Howard Archibald Royce, b. May 18, 1863, in OrweU, son of 
"William E. and Eliza A. (Cooke) Royce. He is cashier of the Traders' Bank of 
Kerwin. They have one child, Robert Paul Royce, b. July 17, 1890, in Kerwin, 

Byron Sunderland Ahhey, b. June 25, 1838, at OrweU, Vt. ; d. Aug. 28, 1904, 
at OrweU ; m. at Ticonderoga, N. Y. ; Feb. 9, 1864, Thankful L. Moffit. Children, 
b. at OrweU: i. Eva MeUssa, b. Nov. 11, 1864, m. at OrweU, Feb. 27, 1902, 
Howard Higley Burge, lives in Shoreham, Vt. ; ii. Halsey Eleazer, b. Nov. 29, 
18(58, m. IdeUa Eaton Alden, b. Oct. 8, 1869, at Maiden, Mass. ; iii. Jessie Betsey, 
b. Sept. 18, 1871, m. at Shoreham, Vt., Aug. 31, 1905, Friend Alonzo MacMurtry, 

491. GRIN R.' ABBEY, son of Solomon*', jr., and Susan (Gile) Abbey, born 
October 4, 1806, at Bethlehem, N. H.; died March 3 (or 4), 1887, at Middlebmy, 
Vt., where he had been a stone mason and blacksmith. He was Cajitain of a 
rifle company. 

Married (1) at Middlebury, October 8, 1829, DIMMIS (or CLARISSA) 
CRANE TUCKER, born October 8, 1809, at Middlebury; died July 22, 1851. 
Both she and her husband are buried in the Abbey District Cemetery at Middle- 
bury. She was the daughter of Joshua and Polly (Crane) Tucker. 

Married (2) July 24, 1854, MELISSA LAWRENCE, born December 3, 1815; 
died December 5, 1895, at Middlebury; buried there. 

Children hy first wife 

Otis Ahhey, b. Aug. 4, 1830. Married (1) Oct. 20, 1863, Rebecca Lyons, b. 1844; 
d. at Middlebury, 1865, or 1869 ; (2) Mary Ann Lyons Reed, b. 1839 ; d. 1896. 
Child by first wife : Anna Rebecca, b. July 29, 18()5, in Middlebury, resides in 
North Sandwich, N. H., m. Nov. 18, 1896, at Lynn, Mass., James Howarth. 

Alanson L. Ahhey, b. May 23, 1833. Married Aug. 10, 1860, at Moriah, Essex 
County, N. Y., Jennie M. Hanford, b. at Moriah, April 21, 1840. Children, b. 
at Moriah : i. Flora Almina, b. June 18, 1866, m. at Port Henry, N. Y., Jan. 18, 
1884, Charles Stuart Hunter, has children, Harold, b. Jan. 29, 1885, and Stuart, 
b. June 18, 1889 ; ii. Dea Gertrude, b. July 9, 1868, m. Aug. 10, 1892, at Port 
Heurv, N. Y., John Gamwell Aldcroft, and has two children, Margaret Hanford, 
b. April 18, 1897, and Flora, b. June 8, 1902 ; iii. Orin CUfEord, b. Dec. 25, 1870 ; 
iv. Clarke Hanford, b. Jan. 1, 1873, d. Aug. 19, 1873 ; v. Meredith, b. 1885. 

Harriet Jane Ahhey, b. Sept. 23, 1835; m. July 4, 1860, Edwin T. KeUey. 
Children : i. Clara Agnes, b. April 3, 1862, d. Oct. 1, 1862 ; ii. Lizzie Abbey. 

Martha Qile Ahhey, b. Feb. 11, 18-37, in Middlebury; d. Jan. 25, 1875, near 
Schuyler, Neb. Married in LoweU, Mass., March 23, 1857, StiUman Noble White. 
Child : LesUe Lee, b. July 8, 1858. 

Osmond Ahhey, b. Jan. 18, 1840 ; lives in Texas ; not m. 

Julia Clarissa Ahhey, b. Oct. 7 or 1, 1843; d. June 22, 1906. Married at Lexing- 
ton, Mass., March 30, 1869, John Francis Maynard, of Lexington, who was b. 
in Marblehead, Mass., 1845; d. Dec. 25, 1904, son of John and Catherine (Beal) 
Maynard. Child : Julia Maynard, b. Sept. 7, 1870. She compiled nearly aU the 
data for this book regarding this branch of the family. 

250 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Child of Orin R. Abhey iy second wife 

George Edwin Alley, b. July 19, 1855 ; m. Aug. 22, 1895, Nellie Parker, b. Dec. 6, 
1866; d. at Middlebury, April 26, 1909. Children, b. at Middlebury : i. Anna 
Rebecca, b. Feb. 25 or 23, 1897 ; ii. Lawrence Parker, b. Nov. 22, 1899. 

492. LORA" ABBEY, daughter of Solomon*', jr., and Susan (Gile) Abbey, 
bom December 22, 1813, at Middlebury, Vt.; died September 30, 1877, at 
Monkton, Vt. 

Married in Hinesburgli, Vt., January 27, 1831, JACOB VAN STEINBERG, 
born August 22, 1800; died April 29, 1874, at Monkton. 


David Warren VanSteinherg, b. July 15, 1832; d. May 2, 1880. Born at Hines- 
burgh ; was graduated from the medical department of the University of Ver- 
mont ; surgeon in the army, 1861-5 ; d. at Cohoes, N. Y, Married Aug. 22, 1858, 
Phebe Houghtaling, who resided later at Troy, N. Y. Children : i. Carlton, b. 
May 10, 1859, d. Oct. 12, 1859 ; ii. Florence, b. April 11, 1862 ; iii. Ernest, b. 
Oct. 5, 1865, d. Jan. 12, 1867 ; iv. Minard, b. Sept. 29, 1867, d. Sept. 15, 1892. 

Catherine VanSteinherg, b. July 4, 1834 ; d. Sept. 4, 1836. 

Osmond D. VanSteinherg, b. Dec. 21, 1837 ; d. Jan. 21, 1839. 

Charles Ahhey VanSteinherg, b. July 24, 1842. Enlisted in 1863, was wounded at 
Newbern in 1864 ; mechanic at Burlington, Vt. Married Jan. 13. 1864, Char- 
lotte E. Hilton, b. Sept. 19, 1842, at Shelburne, Vt. Child : George Dana, b. Dec. 
19, 1869, d. Aug. 15, 1903, in BurUngton, Vt., m. Sept. 4, 1894, Charlotte E. 
McGafEey and had child, Charles Warner, b. May 15, 1901, d. July 14, 1903. 

493. IRA^ ABBEY, son of Solomon^, jr., and Susan (Gile) Abbey, born 
April 28, 1816, at Middlebury, Vt.; died 1898 (or 1888), at Essex, Vt., where 
he settled in 1833; was a prominent citizen and member of the Baptist Church 
and carried on an extensive dairy farm. 

Married at Jericho, Vt., April 18, 1841, EMILY CILLEY, born March 17 
(or May 19), 1812, in Underbill, Vt., daughter of William Gilley, a pioneer of 
Poultney and Jericho, Vt., and his wife, Abigail Ward. 

753 Pearl Castle Ahhey, b. Feb. 6, 1842 ; m. Martha E. Weed. 

494. CARLTON CLARK' ABBEY, son of Solomon^, jr., and Susan (Gile) 
Abbey, bom May 16, 1820; died February 3 (or 23), 1853, in San Francisco. 
He received the degree of A.B. from Middlebury (Vermont) College in 1845; 
taught school in South Carolina; attended Jefferson Medical College in Phila- 
delphia, from which he received the degree of M.D. in 1848; taught in Warsaw, 
Ala.; opened a drug store in Philadelphia; returned to Littleton, where he 
practiced medicine until 1853, when he went to California. 

Married (1) 1848, NANCY JANE GILE of Littleton, N. H., daughter of John 
and Lydia (Clement) Gile; died November 21, 1849. 

Married (2) at Littleton, June 16, 1850, FATIMA HUTCHINS HASTINGS, 
born October 1, 1818, daughter of Sylvanus and Lucy (Hutchins) Hastings. 

Child hy first wife 
Huhert Ahhey, b. Nov., 1849, at Littleton ; d. July 13, 1850, in Philadelphia. 

Children hy second wife 

Jane N. Ahhey, b. June 30, 18.51, in Philadelphia; d. May 8, 1907; lived in 
Waterford, Vt. ; m. in Waterford, Feb. 9, 1875, Winfield S. Hastings. Children, 
b. in Waterford : i. Curtis Sylvanus Hastings, b. May 14, 1876 ; ii. Elbridge 

* Seventh Generation 251 

Gates Hastings, b. June 16, 1880 ; iii. Gilbert Solon Hastings, b. Sept. 14, 1885 ; 
iv. Edmond Carl Hastings, b. Oct. 28, 1887 ; v. Nellie Inez Hastings, b. April 12, 
Isabella Abbey, b. Nov. 2, 1852, at Littleton, N. H. ; resides at Littleton ; m. at 
Littieton, March, 1883, WiUiam W. Weller. Child : Frank G. Weller, b. Dec. 24, 

495. LUCIUS' ABBEY, sou of Eleazer" and Lydia (Agard) Abbe, born 
December 19, 1802, probably in Vennont; moved to Ohio; died November 17, 

Married in Vemiont, August 28, 1824, MARY (POLLY) WILSON, who was 
born in Vermont in 1802 ; died February 28, 1899. 


754 Gordon Agard Abbey, b. July 10, 1825 ; m. Andalusia Failing. 

Jane Abbey, b. Nov. 18, 1827; d. Sept. 27, 1892; m. Harmon Parker. Children: 
i. Lucius, m. and had children, Everett and another born before 1903 ; ii. Frank, 
m. before 1903 ; iii. Helen, m. Charles Parker of Erie, not a relative, though the 
same name ; iv. Augusta, m. Samuel Lapham and had a son drowned in 1902 ; 
V. Cora, m. Charles Lapham, no children. 

496. LEMIRA' ABBEY, daughter of Eleazer« and Lydia (Agard) Abbe, 
born October 25, 1818, in Middlebury, Vt. ; died November, 1896. 
Married March 20, 1838, WILLIAM W. FORBES. 

Children, first four born at Ripton, Vt., others in Middlebury 

Evangeline Forbes, b. May 27, 1840 ; d. young. 

Laura A. Forbes, b. June 13, 1841 ; m. July 19, 1865. 

Delancy W. Forbes, b. July 1, 1843; m. May 19, 1867, Addie Gale, b. Aug. 2, 

1844 ; d. July 29, 1907. Children : i. Walter L.. b. Aug. 17, 1869 ; ii. Hettie M., 

b. May 18, 1873 ; iii. Ernest G., b. May 3, 1884, d. May 30, 1903. 
Franklyn L. Forbes, b. Nov. 20, 1845; m. Feb. 25, 1866. 
William A. Forbes, b. April 20, 1851 ; m. Dec. 7, 1880. 
Mary L. Forbes, b. Oct. 19, 1854 ; d. Nov. 23, 1876. 
Cora M Forbes, b. May 12, 1856 ; m. May 15, 1884. 
Delia A. Forbes, b. Sept. 17, 1861 ; m. July 18, 1894, John C. Lewis. Children : 

i. Cora E.. b. April 19, 1895 ; ii. Pearl A., b, March 18, 1896 ; iii. Ada I., b. 

April 23, 1897 ; iv. Erma L., b. July 5, 1901. 

497. WARREN' ABBE, son of Eleazer" and Lydia (Agard) Abbe, born 
1822 in Middlebury, Vt. ; died January 21, 1907, at Bethel. With his father he 
owned a farm in Middlebury. 

Married (1) MEL VINA DOLBER, born 1824, in Hancock, Vt.; died 1869, 
in Stoekbridge. 

Married (2) EUNICE ALLEN. 

Children by first wife 

Vian L. Abbe, b. 1844; m. in Middlebury, Vt., Oct. 12, 1861, William M. Nichols. 

Children : i. William C, b. 1868, in Alaska ; ii. George P., b. 1869, in Bethel, Vt. ; 

iii. Edwin A., b. 1874, in Bethel. 
Herbert E. Abbe, b. 1847; m. . Children: i. Guy; ii. Roy; iii. Jason; 

iv. Herbert L. ; v. Fred W. ; \-i. Jessie J. 

Alice M. Abbe, b. 18.53 ; m. Kemp. 

Jason W. Abbe, b. 1857. 

Inez L. Abbe, b. July 26, 1858, in Middlebury, Vt. ; m. Archer. Child : 


Children by second wife 
Eleazer Abbe, b. 1872. 
John Abbe, b. 1875. 

252 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

498. TIMOTHY" ABBEY, son of John« and Lydia (Woleut) Abbey, born 
October 14, 1791, in Mansfield, Conn. He resided in McKean County, Pa., and 
later in Berlin, Wis., where he died. 

Married BETSEY JACOX, born in New Berlin, Chenango County, N. Y., and 
removed to Norwich Township, McKean County, Pa. Slie was probably daugh- 
ter of John Jacox. There is recorded in Norwich, N. Y., a deed from the 
heirs of John Jacox to George Sage of New Berlin, March 29, 1866. These 
heirs are given: Lucinda Dunbar and John Dunbar, her husband; John J. 
and Lydia Abbey; Natlianiel W. and Emily Abbey; Harry T. and Olive Abbey; 
Sarah M. Burbank and A. D. Burbank, her husband; Jacob and Emily Stickles 
of Green Lake County, Wis. ; Mary Langworthy. 

Children, order not known 

Lucinda Abbey, m. John Dunbar. 

John J. Abbey, m. Lydia . 

Nathaniel W. Abbey. He was a carpenter until 1886, then conducted a grocery and 

feed store in Smethport, Pa. Married 1850, Emily P. Patterson. Children: i. 

J. B. ; ii. Pitt E. 

Harry T. Abbey, m. Olive ; resided in or near Smethport. 

Sarah M. Abbey, m. A. D. Burbank. 

Emily Abbey, m. Stickles, and lived in Green Lake County, Wis., in 1869. 

Ma7-y Abbey, probably m. Langworthy who had d. before 1869. . 

Palmer Abbey, not mentioned in 1869. 
Timothy Abbey, jr., not mentioned in 1869. 

499. HARRY' ABBEY, son of John" and Lydia (Woleut) Abbey, born 
December 4, 1895; died near Albion, Pa., April, 1857. He resided, when young, 
around Burlington, New Berlin, and Norwich, N. Y., later in Smethport, Pa. 

Married November 15, 1821, SALLIE JACOX, born November 8, 1802; died 
February 27, 1872. 


755 James S. Abbey, b. Nov. 5, 1827 ; m. Antoinette Langworthy. 

George Abbey, b. 1831 ; d. in Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 13, 1911. He was an expert 
carpenter and builder and spent most of his life in the west. He served in the 
Civil War. Married in New York City, at Trinity Church, 1853, by Bishop 
Bedell, Mary Ann Moxham, b. in London, England, Sept. 21, 18-32. Children: 
i. William, b. in Girard, Pa., Jan. 18, 1854, d. in Rochester, Minn., Dec. 20, 1893, 
not m. ; ii. Hattie Ellen, b. in Girard, June 17, 1855, d. in Chicago, Feb. 18, 
1909, m. in Beloit, Wis., June 1878 (?), Alonzo Drury, had two children, Eugene 
and Minnie; iii. Minnie, b. in New York City, July 17, 1858, lives in Chicago, 

m. there March 19. 1874, Montgomery ; iv. Robert P. b. in Girard, April 

21, 1865, lives in Chicago, m. there May 20, 1880, has five children; v. Addie, 
b. in Beloit, Wis., Sept. 13, 1870, d. there May 18, 1873. 

Susan D. Abbey, lived in Erie County, Pa.; d. Jan., 1888; not m. 

Mindwell Abbey, b. Jan. 28, 1838; d. Jan. 22, 1908; m. Sept. 28, 1864, Smith D. 
Sawdey, who resides in Albion, Pa. Children : i. Merton H., b. Sept. 3, 1866, 
m. (1) June 6, 1888, Ida M. Maynard, who d. Sept. 3. 1912, m. (2) Jan. 7, 1914, 
Elizabeth Marshall, has three children, Harry L., b. March 12, 1890. m. June 25, 
1914, Laura C. Walling, Hazel M., b. June 28, 1894. and Raymond W., b. Dec. 31, 
1898 ; ii. WiUiam R., b. April 8, 1868, d. Jan. 21, 1874 ; iii. Frank D., b. June 25, 

500. JAMES PARKER' ABBEY, son of David« and Hannah (Wood or 
Woods) Abbey, born in Cortland, Cortland County, N. Y. ; was a farmer in 
the town of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, N. Y. ; died August 4, 1895; 
buried at Arkwright Summit Cemetery. He was a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church and of Hanover Grange, No. 595. 

Seventh Generation 253 

Married January 14, 1845, OLIVE L. RUTTENBUR, who survived him. She 
was the daughter of Dauiel and Betsey (Day) Ruttenbur. 

CJiildren, horn in Arkwright 

Lorett DorUsca Abhcy, h. March 3, 1848; resides in Forestville, N. Y. She is a 
member of the Methochst Episcopal Church ; Hanover Grange, No. 595 ; Rebeckah 
Hamlet Star, No. 545. Married Dec. 30, 1874, Nicholas Black, a farmer. 
Children : i. Arthur J. ; ii. Clarence N. 

George L. Ahheij, b. Jan. 4, 1853 ; d. of scarlet fever, in Arkwright, July 24, 1859. 

Julia D. Alley, b. May 6, 1863 ; m. Sept. 28, 1881, Alva E. Lucas. She d. March 
23, 1882, at Arkwright. 

501. CHAUNCEY' ABBEY, son of David" and Hannah (Wood or Woods) 
Abbey, born April 1, 1815, in Virgil, Cortland County, N. Y. ; died September 
11, 1894, in Fredonia, N. Y. He was a farmer, stock-raiser and cattle-dealer 
in Arkwright for some sixty years. From 1855 to 1863 he was supervisor of 
the town. In 1856 he helped organize the Fredonia Bank, which in 1865 became 
the Fredonia National Bank, and of which he was president for twelve years. 

Married (1) ELIZABETH CHASE, who died March 28, 1855, aged 38. She 
was the daughter of Stephen Chase of Charlotte, N. Y. 

Married (2) MRS. ESTHER A. (ALLEN) ARMSTRONG, daughter of Judge 
Allen of Tiowanda, N. Y. She died October 20, 1891. 

Children ly first icife 

Hannah Alley, d. young. 

Rosa E. Alley, lives in Fredonia. Married (1) Manley M. Sessions, who 

d. ; (2) Albertus Pierce. Children by first husband, b. in Hamlet, N. Y. : 

i. Chauncey David ; ii. Sarah Mabel. 

Etta Elizaheth Alley, Hves in Fredonia. Married Sept. 11, 1884, Warren B. 
Hooker, b. Nov. 24, 1856, at Perrysburg, Cattaraugus County, N. Y., son of 
John and Philena (Waterman) Hooker. He was graduated from Forestville 
Academy in 1872, studied law, was admitted to the bar and practiced in Chau- 
tauqua County until 1882, when he went west for two years, returning then to 
Fredonia. He was special surrogate for Chautauqua County, 1878-1881 ; elected 
to Congress 1890. Children, b. in Fredonia : i. Sherman Abbey, b. May 5, 1887 ; 
ii. Florence Elizabeth, b. May 6, 1890. 

Rulie Lovina Alley, hves in Fredonia. 

502. JOHN' ABBEY, son of David" and Hannah (Wood or Woods) Abbey, 
born in Cortland County, N. Y., December 18, 1821; died at Cheriy Creek, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., January 15, 1882. He was a farmer. 

Married (1) at Clear Creek, Cattaraugus County, September 1, 1847, AMANDA 
INGHAM, born 1826; died July 1, 1856. 

Married (2) at Villenova, Chautauqua County, N. Y., Februarv 14, 1858, 
BETSEY C. STRAIGHT, born at Villenova, April 15, 1830; died at Cherry 
Creek, August 30, 1904. She was the daughter of William J. and Elizabeth 
( ) Straight. 

Children ly first wife 

David Alley, b. May 19, 1850 ; d. June 7, 1854. 

Isaac Eugene Alley, b. March 9, 1852 ; d. July 22, 1873. 

Chauncey Alley, b. at Cherry Creek, Dec. 11, 1853 ; d. Dec. 5, 1900, buried in 
Abbey Cemetery, Arkwright, N. Y. He was a farmer and a member of the 
Knights of Maccabees. He served as assessor of the town of Villenova for 
thirteen years. Married Dec. 25, 1873, Sarah L. RundeU, daughter of James and 
Prudence ( ) Rundell. Children : i. Percy J., b. in the town of Cherry 

Creek, Feb. 2, 1880, is a farmer in Villenova, member of F. and A. M. and 
I. O. O. F.. m. June 18. 1903, Carrie M. Miller, has children, Lorena May, b. 
Aug. 31, 1907, and EUwyn Eugene, b. March 16, 1912, d. Sept. 28, 1912, buried 

254 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

at Cherry Creek ; ii. George D., b. April 16, 1885, in the town of Villenova, 
where he is a farmer and trustee of the U. B. Church, m. (1) July 1, 1903, 
Grace B. Shattuck, who d. Feb. 29, 1904, buried at Cherry Creek, m. (2) March 
2, 1906, Tina B. Cobb, has three children, Lucile Aurilla, b. Sept. 5, 1907, WiUis 
Chauncey, b. July 22, 1909, and Morris George, b. March 14, 1914. 
Nellie A. Abbey, b. Dec. 26, 1855; lives in Cherry Creek; m. March 14, 1876, 
James Champlin ; has an adopted daughter. 

Children by second wife 

Aurilla B. Abbey, b. in Cherry Creek, Dec. 19, 1858 ; lives in Villenova ; m. George 
Sanderson. Children : i. Shirley W., b. Jan. 21, 1879 ; ii. John H., b. March 15, 

WiUiam D. Abbey, b. Oct. 10, 1861 ; lives in Cherry Creek ; m. Lettie Wentworth. 
Children : i. Julia ; ii. Nellie. 

Almon J. Abbey, b. Aug. 8, 1863, in Cherry Creek; is a farmer and cattle dealer 
there. Served his town as assessor three years, 1895-7, is a prominent Mason, 
twice elected master of Cherry Creek Lodge, No. 384, F. and A. M. Married at 
Cherry Creek, March 25, 1896, Mary E. Farrington, b. at Cherry Creek, March 
25, 1864, daughter of Tompkins and Mary ( ) Farrington. Children, b. at 

Cherry Creek : i. Edith M.. b. March 15, 1897 ; ii. Charles N., b. Sept. 26, 1898 ; 
iii. Helen M., b. Aug. 28, 1900. 

John L. Abbey, b. May 3, 1868 ; d. Oct. 30, 1873. 

503. SABRINA' ABBEY, daugliter of Reubeu^ and Mariam (Hoag) Abbey, 
born near Albany, N. Y., 1826 ; died near Albany. 

Married (1) May 21, 1848, JOHN BAIRD (or BOND), son of Thomas Baird 
(or Bond). 

Married (2) E. TUBES. 

Children by first husband 

James Lewis Baird (twin), b. March 4, 1849. 

Leu-is James Baird (twin), b. March 4, 1849; m. July 27, 1881, Georgiana Mer- 
rick, daughter of Abner Merrick, b. April 10, 1850. Children : i. John A., b. 
March 20, 1883 ; ii. Bessie R., b. Sept. 10, 1884 ; iii. Jessie S., b. Nov. 18, 1886. 

Thomas Baird, b. July 2, 1851. 

William R. Baird, b. July 23, 1853. 

Tryphena H. Baird, b. July 13, 1856. 

504. WINSLOW^ ABBEY, son of Reuben*^ and Mariam (Hoag) Abbey, born 
in Candor, N. Y., 1835. Lives in Mitchell, S. Dak. Served in the Civil War as 
Lieutenant, and has been a judge. 

Married in Caroline Center, N. Y., September 5, 1865, GERTRUDE ANN 


Loula Abbey, b. in Speedsville, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1867 ; m. Dec. 1, 1889, Otto Henry 
Louis Wornicke. Children : i. Carl Frederic, b. Aug. 11, 1901 ; ii. Julius Feind, 
b. Nov. 1, 1902. 

Winslow Abbey, jr., b. in South Dakota, June 7, 1884. 

505. REUBEN' ABBEY, JR., son of Reuben^ and Mariam (Hoag) Abbey, 
born in Speedsville, N. Y., July 9, 1842. 

Married in Speedsville, January 1, 1861, SARAH STRONG, born in Fairfield, 
N. Y., August 1, 1847. 


756 William Abbey, b. March 31, 1863; m. (1) Mary Owens; (2) Belle Mead. 

Harriet N. Abbey, b. May 24, 1864; lives in Corning, N. Y. ; m. Lucius Vande- 
mark, b. Aug. 13, 1865. Children, b. in Corning: i. Myrta, b. Jan. 16, 1889; 
ii. Grace, b. Aug. 12, 1890. 

Seventh Generation 255 

Myrta A. Abbey, b. Jan. 18, 1866. Married (1) Tlieodore Musselman of Mendon, 

Mich., who d. there Oct. 26, 1886; m. (2) at Copmer Plains, N. Y., Edwin Jenks 

of Painted Post, N. Y. Child : Edwin, jr., b. in Bath, N. Y., June 27, 1897. 
757 Herbert L. Abbey, b. July 10, 1867 ; m. Jennie Witter. 

Arthur J. Abbey, b. March 17, 1869, at Fairfield, N. Y. ; d. March 10, 1870. 
Minnie E. Abbey, b. in Berkshire, N. Y., April 12, 1871; d. in Corning, N. Y., 

April 21. 1892 ; m. in Corning, March 21, 1892, Edwin Maine of Corning. 
Berty R. Abbey, b. in Candor, N. Y., March 6, 1874; m. at Bath, Aug. 3, 1898, 

Libbie Hovey of Corning. Children : i. Irene, b. Aug. 4, 1899, in Corning ; 

ii. Ray, b. at' Painted Post, Feb. 29, 1901. 
Alice A. Abbey, b. in Owego, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1875 ; d. in Painted Post, May 22, 

1904 ; m. at Painted Post, March 21, 1894, Albert Jenks of that place. Children : 

i. Mildred, b. at Painted Post, Aug. 30, 1895 ; ii. Alberta, b. at Bath, June 23, 

May M. Abbey, b. at Hubbardston, Mich., April 19, 1876; d. in Corning, N. Y., 

Jan. 3, 1902 ; m. in Corning, Aug. 20, 1895, Edwin Maine of Beaver Dams, N. Y. 

Children, b. in Corning : i. Uriah, b. May 30, 1896, d. in Corning, Dec. 10, 1896 ; 

ii. Reuben, b. Nov. 22, 1897 or 1899 ; iii. Pearl, b. June 20, 1901. 
Fred J. Abbey, b. Oct. 10, 1877 ; d. April 12, 1878 ; b. and d. at WeltonviUe, N. Y. 
Elwin E. Abbey, b. at WeltonviUe, May 8, 1879; d. there March 6, 1880. 
George E. Abbey, b. at Fairfield, N. Y., May 1, 1881 ; m. at Painted Post, Sept. 16, 

1901, Alma Schuyler of Beaver Dams. Children, b. at Painted Post : i. Roy, b. 

Sept. 29, 1902 ; ii. Lloyd, b. June 13, 1904. 
Frankie E. Abbey, b. Oct. 6, 1882; d. at WeltonviUe, Nov. 14, 1883. 
Oro L. Abbey, b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., July 5, 1886. 

Theodore Abbey, b. at Newark Valley, Jan. 7, 1888 ; d. there March 12, 1888. 
Nora Abbey, b. Sept. 4, 1891, at Coming ; d. there, Feb. 28, 1895. 

506. RUSSEL FORD" ABBEY, son of Reuben*' and Mariam (Hoag) Abbey, 
born in Speedsville, N. Y., August 18, 1845, resided there; died February 19, 
1915. Was a Lieutenant in the State Militia after the Civil War. He con- 
tributed largely to the records of this branch of the family for this book. Most 
of this line of Abbevs have been Baptists in religion. 

Man-ied in Speedsville, December 22, 1870, MARY LOVINA MERRICK, 
born in Speedsville, May 19, 1848. 

Charlie Russel Ford Abbei/, b. in Berkshire, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1874 ; d. in Speedsville, 

April 29, 1906 ; m. Ella Borden. Child : Edward Charles, b. April 30, 1898. 
Eduard Danforth Abbey, h. May 3, 1877 ; drowned in Beebe Lake, at Ithaca, N. Y., 

June 22. 1907. 
Mabel Abbey, b. Sept. 19, 1882 ; was teacher at Ludlow\ille, N. Y. Married July, 
1910. Arva E. Blend and Uves at Glen Ridge, N. J. (1914). Child: Ruth, b. 
April 7, 1914. 

507. JOHN JEFFERSON' ABBEY, son of David^ and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, 
born May 11, 1822, in Onondaga County, N. Y., very near Syracuse; died 
March 19, 1898, at West Springfield, Pa. 

Married March 28, 1848, JANE DEMPSEY, born in Fairview, Pa., April 5, 
1816; died at West Springfield, February 4, 1898. 


George J. Abbey, b. Jan. 5, 1848, in Girard Township, Pa. ; m. March 30, 1874, 
Melissa A. Harris, b. in West Springfield. Child : Imogene Harris, b. in Spring- 
field Township, Erie County, Oct. 25, 1882. They are all living at West 

'Willia7n L. Abbey, b. Nov. 11, 1850, in Girard Township. Married (1) Sept. 23, 
1880, Emmer A. Sweet, b. at West Springfield, Feb. 15, 1856 ; d. there Nov. 22, 
1899. He m. (2) March 28, 1907, Anna Gleason, b. in Springfield Township, 
Nov. 22, 1866. They reside in West Springfield. Child by first wife : J. Burton, 
b. in Springfield Township, Dec. 20, 1883, d. there May 15, 1913. 

256 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy 

Frank Abbey, b. Nov. 4, 1853, in Girard Township ; m. Oct. 28, 1890, EUa Doe. 
Children: i. John S., b. Sept. 30, 1891, in Conneaut Township, Ashtabula 
County, Ohio; ii. Edgar P., b. in same place. May 23, 1893; iii. Hugh D., 
b. Feb. 25, 1899, in Springfield Township, Erie County, Pa. 

John L. Abbeij, b. June 30, 1860, in Springfield Township; m. March 18, 1883, 
Sarah R. Mclntire. Child : Homer L., b. Sept. 24, 1894, in Springfield Township. 

508. GIDEON" ABBEY, son of David^ and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, born at 
Hall's Corners, N. Y., November 30, 1824; died March 30, 1909. 

Married March 3, 1850, MARIETTA DODDS, born in Genesee, Genesee County, 
N. Y., November 7, 1834. Resides in Cassopolis, Mich. 


Charles Milton Abbey, b. in Girard, Pa., June 23, 1851 ; m. July 24, 1873, Mary 
Jennings. Children : i. Carrie, m. Harry Taylor and had children, Verna, Clar- 
ence, Lyle and Lionel, Harry, Margaret, Charles, Ellwood ; ii. Ralph J., m. June 
12, 1907, Blanche Jones and had children, Loren and Mary Dorr. 

Ella Viola Abbey, b. in Girard, Nov. 24, 1853 ; d. Nov. 18, 1898 ; m. C. S. Whit- 
more. Child : Harry Orton, resides in Elk, Wash. 

Richard D. Abbey, b. in Springfield, Pa., Aug. 26, 1860. Married (1) NeUie 
Paterson. Children: i. Carl; ii. William. Married (2) 1897, Lena Sadler. 
Children : i. Charles ; ii. John ; iii. Gideon ; iv. Richard ; v. Helen ; vi. Martha. 

Orra E. Abbey, b. in Girard, June 21, 1868 ; lives in Cassopolis, Mich; m. Aug. 31, 
1910, Goldie Teabout. 

509. ELIJAH J.' ABBEY, son of David^ and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, born 
August 9, 1826, in Girard Township, Erie County, Pa.; died in Springfield 
Township, same county, October 13, 1881. 

Married in Girard, June 20, 1845, SAMANTHA ABBEY, born in Girard 
Township, October 17, 1830; died at North Girard, February 2, 1912. 


758 Henry Franklin Abbey, m. Mary Eliza Baker. 

Albion L. Abbey, b. Aug. 30, 1848, in Cleveland, Ohio. Married at Albion, Pa., 
Jan. 2, 1872, Harriet Adell Strong, b. at Albion, Feb. 4, 1853, daughter of 
Leonard Rufus and Jane (Silverthorn) Strong. Lives in Erie, Pa. Child: 
Earle Strong, b. at North Girard, Nov. 6, 1888, m. at Niagara Falls, N. Y., 
April 12, 1911, Edith Fay AVells, b. at Marengo, Ohio, June 17, 1891, daughter 
of James Clinton and Cora (Carpenter) AVells. 

William Edson Abbey, b. April 12, 1851, in Girard Township. Grocer and coal 
dealer in Miles Grove, Pa. Married at Girard, Sept. 20, 1871, Hattie E. Buck, 
b. in McKean, Erie County, Sept. 17, 1851, daughter of Martin E. Buck. No 

759 Lizzie Ann Abbey, b. July 9, 1860; m. Homer E. Hilliker. 

Carl Elijah Abbey, b. May 31, 1869, in Springfield, Erie County; resides at North 
Girard. Married at Erie City, July 3, 1890, Jennie Elyon Rouse, b. in Girard 
Township, Nov. 14, 1869, daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Hattie E. (Nason) 
Rouse. Child : Dewey Rouse, b. at North Girard, April 25, 1898. 

510. THOMAS H." ABBEY, son of David^ and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, born 
in Onondaga County, N. Y., July 12, 1831; died in Peoria, 111., April 29, 1913. 
Mason in Peoria for some years. 

Married in McKcan, Pa.," March 24, 1853, ELMIRA GLAZIER, born Septem- 
ber 30, 1832. 


760 Carson J. Abbey, b. Dec. 30, 1853 ; m. Maria E. Slinn. 

Merritt E. Abbey, b. Aug. 18, 1855, at McKean, Pa. Mason in Peoria, 111. 
Married in Peoria, Oct. 11, 1884, Mary Sellers, b. in Bloomingtou, 111., May 20, 
1857. No children. 

Seventh Generation 257 

761 Albert L. Ahbeij, b. Feb. 18. 1857 : m. Nora Hinds. 

William P. Ahhci/, b. Aug. 18, 1859, in McKean. Lives in Peoria. Not married. 

762 John W. Ahbctj, b. Oct. 29, 1801 ; m. Mary Kelly. 

763 Cora M. Abbey, b. Feb. 24, 1863 ; m. John Shockley. 

764 Thomas I. Abbey, b. May 15, 1865; m. .Josephine A. Foley. 
Emily Abbey, b. June 30. 1867, in Fairview, Pa. ; d. May 26, 1868. 

Jennie A. Ahbct/, b. May 27, 1869, at North Springfield, Pa.; d. Dec. 25, 1889. 
Married (1) May 12, 1887, Clement L. Wheeler, b. Feb. 22, 1863; d. Aug. 16, 
1887, son of David A. and Emily (Miller) Wheeler. Married (2) in Peoria, 
Dec. 25, 1888, John O'Brien. No children. 

Robert D. Abbey, b. Dec. 27, 1872, in Girard, Pa. ; d. March 1, 1873. 

511. GEORGE W.' ABBEY, son of David« and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, born 
August 14, 1835, in Angelica, N. Y. ; died at Conneant, Ohio, September 8, 1913. 

Married at Angelica, June 16, 1858, MARY L. LYON, born at Birdsall, N. Y., 
March 4, 1841; died at East Springfield, Pa., October 18, 1891. She was 
daughter of Simeon and Cynthia ( ) Lyon. 


Phebe L. Abbey, b. April 18, 1859 ; d. at Angelica, Feb. 28, 1864. 

Sarah E. Abbey, b. Nov. 24, 1861; lives in Conneaut, Ohio; m. Aug. 25, 1888, 

Walter D. English. Has a daughter, Grace. 
Etta M. Abbey, b. May 2, 1864; d. Dec. 6, 1908, at Erie, Pa.; m. Sept. 11, 1891, 

D. A. Jacobs. 
Leicis W. Abbey, b. Aug. 6. 1866. 

Nellie 8. Abbey, b. May 10, 1868 ; d. April 23, 1877, at East Springfield. 
Grace M. Abbey, b. Dec. 4, 1870; m. June 10, 1897, George H. Johnson. 
Roy E. Abbey, b. Dec. 6, 1873 ; d. April 18, 1891, at Duluth, Minn. 
Fred L. Abbey, b. Dec. 6, 1876; m. Oct. 28, 1899, at Conneaut, Ohio, Rose Hassett. 
George C. Abbey, b. Aug. 28, 1879; m. June 10, 1902, at Conneaut, Hatde Wheeler, 
Barley Marson Abbey, b. June 11, 1881; m. Nov. 28, 1903, at Ashtabula, Ohio, 

Lottie M. Sherwood. 

512. DAVID BEEBE" ABBEY, son of David<' and Phoebe (Travis) Abbey, 
born in Onondaga, N. Y., March 25, 1839. Resides in Allen, Allegany County, 
N. Y. He served in the Civil War in the 1st New York Dragoons. 

Married (1) November 13, 1866, AMANDA MELVINA BACON, born in 
Allen, October 29, 1844, daughter of Thomas and Betsey ( ) Bacon. 

Married (2) MARY J. TUCKER. No children. 

Married (3) VIENNA FULLER. No children. 

Children by first wife 

Alson G. Abbey, h. Sept. 18, 1870: d. March 18, 1871. 

William E. Abbey, b. Nov. 6, 1872, in Allen. Married at Rosebank. Staten Island, 

N. Y., March 1, 1901, Julia L. Crawford, b. on Staten Island, March 24, 1873. 

Child : Edward William, b. at Angelica, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1909. 
Estella Blanche Abbey, b. Nov. 4, 1876. Married Nov. 25, 1896. Philip Sheridan 

Deming, b. Aug. 2, 1875, sou of John Newville and Elmira (Travis) Deming of 

Angelica. He is a farmer in Allen. Child : Florence Amanda, b. May 5, 1898. 

513. CHARLES ALFRED" ABBEY, son of David« and Phoebe (Travis) 
Abbey, born in Girard, Erie County, Pa., July 25, 1844. Resides in Ellisville, 

Married in West Springfield, Pa., December 22, 1866, MARY ELISABETH 
SMITH, born in Springfield, Erie County, Pa., March 15, 1846, daughter of 
Nelson and Sally ( ) Smith. 


258 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 


Lowell Ulysses Aibey, b. in Battle Creek, Mich., Nov. 26, 1867 ; d. in Jackson, 

IVIiss., Jan. 19, 1888. 
Maurice Alford Abbey, b. in LaGrange, Lewis County, Mo., July 11, 1871 ; d. in 

Edwards, Miss., Oct. 22, 1877. 
Algeroy Laverne Abbey, b in Farber, Audrain County, Mo., Feb. 3, 1873. 
Ben Clyde Abbey, b. in Farber, April 27, 1875; m. Dec. 25, 1902, Laura Mintz. 

Children, b. in EllisviUe : i. Bessie Laverne, b. Oct. 4, 1903 ; ii. Clyde Wilson, 

b. Nov. 28, 1905; iii. William Filden, b. Oct. 28, 1909; iv. Floyd Earl, b. Oct. 

28, 1909 ; v. Charles Ismal, b. Dec. 18, 1911. 
Mark Culver Abbey, b. in Farber, March 15, 1877 ; m. Feb. 13, 1909, Ida Easter- 

Ung. Child : Chester, b. in EUisville, June 26, 1910. 

514. SHADRACH' ABBEY, sou of Daniel^ and Susan (Hotchkiss) Abbey, 
born August 23, 1832, in Clayton, N. Y.; died April 11, 1880, in Flint, Mich., 
where he lived after 1879. 

Married in Rochester, N. Y., May 10, 1866, LOUISA C. MORRISON, born in 
Clayton, N. Y., May 9, 1845, daughter of Andrew F. and Gertrude C. (Hollen- 
beck) Morrison. She married (2) Muzzy. 


Daniel Andrew Abbey, h. Aug. 29, 1867, at Cape Vincent, N. Y. ; resides in Findlay, 
Ohio. Married Oct. 11, 1892, in Watertown, N. Y., Lottie C. HaU, who was b. 
June 6, 1867, at Three Mile Bay, Jefferson County, N. Y., daughter of Harley 
and Mattie (SneU) Hall. Children: i. VanDevere HaU, b. Dec. 27, 1895; ii. 
Louise Margaret, b. Nov. 6, 1901. Both children were b. in Flint, Mich. 

Raymond Charles Abbey, b. July 18, 1871, at Clayton, N. Y. ; resides at Flint, 
Mich. Married in Grand Rapids, Mich., July 11, 1891, Clara Louise Tibbitts, 
b. Feb. 23, 1871, in Rochester, N. Y., daughter of Charles Goodrich and Maria 
Margaret (Schuyler) Tibbitts. Children, b. at Flint, Mich.: i. Fayette Louise, 
b. Feb. 21, 1894; ii. Margaret Lucile, b. May 3, 1896; iii. Marjorie Elaine, b. 
Oct. 29, 1908. 

515. PHILENA" ABBEY, daughter of Daniel" and Susan (Hotchkiss) Abbey, 
born June 17, 1838, in Clayton, N. Y. ; died November 26, 1908, near Copen- 
hagen, N. Y. 

Married in Clayton, N. Y., January 4, 1865, SYLVESTER CHAPIN, born 
February 28, 1831, near Copenhagen, N. Y. ; died there November 21, 1898. 
Son of Silas Hand and Clorinda •(Knowles) Chajoin. 


Edith Chapin, b. July 9, 1868 ; resides at Barnes Corners, Lewis County, N. Y. 
Married April 13, 1891, John L. Williams, son of Edward and Elizabeth ( ) 

Williams. Children : i. Oscar Howard, b. April 15, 1892 ; ii. John Lee, b. Feb. 
13, 1895; iii. Lloyd Sylvester, b. March 23, 1896; iv. Roger Edward, b. Sept. 
4, 1898; V. Everett Lysle, b. Sept. 4, 1900; vi. Rena BcU, b. Jan. 23, 1902; 
%-ii. David R., b. June 15, 1903 ; viii. Laura S., b. April 11, 1905 ; ix. Martha E., 
b. June 27, 1908. 

Mildred C. Chapin, b. Feb. 7, 1872; resides in Fort Bond County, Texas. Married 
Oct. 1, 1895, L. Wright Sheldon, son of Cyrus and Amelia ( ) Sheldon. 

Children : i. Gerald Cyrus, b. Jan. 5, 1897, d. Jan. 27, 1901 ; ii. Wright Chapin, 
b. May 22, 1900 ; iii. Henry Cyrus, b. April 7, 1902, d. May 22, 1903 ; iv. Wil- 
liam Gordon, b. Oct. 30, 1904 ; v. Leland, b. Sept. 17, 1910. 

Alma Elizabeth Chapin, b. Jan. 27, 1874; resides at Hannibal, Oswego County, 
N. Y. Married Oct. 2, 1904, Eugene G. Sheldon, son of Edward and Blanche 
( ) Sheldon. Child : Ruth Alma, b. Nov. 6, 1908. 

Stella Grace Chapin, b. Jan. 1, 1879 ; d. Dec. 14, 1881. 

Blanche Chapin, b. Aug. 6, 1882 ; resides in Chaumont, Jefferson County, N. Y. 
Married Feb. 6, 1912, Charles A. Lee, son of Charles and Anna ( ) Lee. 

Myrtle Chapin, b. Aug. 3, 1884 ; resides in Washington, D. C, and Watertown, 
N. Y. 

Seventh Generation 259 

516. SALINA" ABBEY, daughter of SamueP and Elizabeth (Thompson) 
Abbey, bom in Orleans, Jefferson County, N. Y., April 21, 1843. Lives in 
Kennedy, Chautauqua County, N. Y. 

Married in Claj-ton, July 3, 1867, IRA NICHOLS, born in Clayton, March 
16, 1840; died in Kennedy, January 27, 1907, He was the son of Andrew 
and Cordelia (Holconib) Nichols of Vermont, and descended from Thomas 
Nichols of Maiden, Mass. He served in the Civil War as Lieutenant, 13th 
Regiment, U. S. Colored Troops. After the war he was engaged in the lumber 
business in Kennedy. 


E. Ross Nichols, b. Oct. 7, 1868 ; m. Sept. 6, 1893, Merta J. Sample. Children : 

1. Gretchen, b. June, 1894 ; ii. Tenis, b. Aug., 1896 ; iii. Hoyt, b. June, 1901 ; 

iv. Kenneth, b. Feb., 1908. 
Lynn A. Nichols, b. July 2, 1870; m. Dec. 27, 1893, Maggie Waite. Children: 

i. Lucille, b. July 4, 1900 ; ii. Margaret, b. Sept., 1905 ; iii. lone C, b. March, 

Leigh S. Nichols, b. June 9, 1874 ; resides in Kennedy ; m. June 24, 1897, Anna L. 

Crosby. No children. 
Mary C. Nichols, b. April 24, 1876; m. Sept. 7, 1908, Ralph Palmer. Children: 

i. Ference, b. Sept., 1909 : ii. Mariam, b. Dec, 1911. 
Edna A. Nichols, b. Oct. 23. 1881; m. June 20, 1900, Louis B. Saxton. Child: 

Rexford N., b. Sept. 7, 1908. 

517. JOHN BUCKLEY" MARSH, son of Wanzer^ and Sally (Buckley) 
Marsh, born August 6, 1801; died February, 1867. 

Married October 9, 1823, LAURA HINE, born April 6, 1804, daughter of 
Daniel, jr., and Dorcas (Stillsou) Hine of New Milford. 


Henry Marsh, b. May 6, 1825 ; d. 1880 ; m. Dec. 23, 1847, Nancy Stone. Children : 
i. Frank H., b. Aug. 8, 1849, m. and had two children, Helen E., and Frank H. ; 
ii. Lilla A., b. May 31, 1853 ; iii. Chauncey B., b. Nov. 22, 1855, m. Jan. 12, 1878, 
Ida Buckingham, and settled in Bridgeport, Conn. ; iv. Augusta A., b. July 2, 
1858 ; V. William H., b. Aug. 16, 1861. 

Clark Marsh, b. Feb. 2, 1827. Married (1) Sept, 4, 1841, Mary Esther Stone; 
(2) Mrs. Esther Smith, widow of Dr. Judson Smith of Bridgewater. Children: 
i. Samuel S., b. Oct. 31, 1857 ; ii. Lena, b. Dec. 30, 1858 ; iii. Fred, b. April 27, 

Egbert Marsh, b. May 22, 1830 ; m. Helen C. Canfield, daughter of Colonel Samuel 
and Rebecca (Taylor) Canfield. For a number of years he resided iu Bridge- 
port and was treasurer of the People's Savings Bank, later he lived in New 

John Marsh, h. June 18, 1833; d. Jan. 5, 1836. 

Julia Marsh, b. July 14, 1835. 

Daniel E. Marsh, b. June 16, 1839. He enlisted in the Civil War in 2d Regiment 
of Heavy ArtiUery, Company H ; went through various grades from Sergeant 
to Captain ; received two wounds at the battle of Winchester. Married Sarah 
Merwin, daughter of Horace Merwin. 

Helen Marsh, b. March 29, 1841. 

Ja7nes Marsh, b. June 20, 1843 ; d. March 26, 1863. 

Lucy Marsh, b. Jan. 31, 1845 ; m. Oct. 23, 1866, John S. TurriU, b. Feb. 8, 1825, 
son of Sherman and Mary (Stuart) Turrill. Children: i, John W. ; ii. Sher- 
man W. ; iii. Grace H. ; iv. Catharine A. 

Francis W. Marsh, h. Dec. 18, 1846 ; m. Emma Wilson ; removed to Bridgeport. 
Children: i. Egbert S. ; ii. Violet. 

518. HANNAH' FERRISS, daughter of Zaehariah and Hannah^ (Marsh) 
Ferriss, born December 21, 1813. 

Married September 27, 1832, WILLIAM WANZER, born October 12, 1807, 
son of Ebenezer and Betsey (Hendrick) Wanzer of Vaughn's Neck in the 

260 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

southeast corner of the town of Sherman, Conn. His farm and residence were 
on the west side of the plains below Lanesville at the north end of Canaan 
Hill, which was for many j^ears known as Beers 's Hill. The farm included a 
part of the old Captain John Warner's place. There seems to have been an 
Indian encampment about where the barns stand, as quantities of the broken 
flint stones, from wliich aiTowheads were made, were found there, also a fine 
stone tomahawk and a stone instrument for stretching bow-strings, and other 



Charles H. Wanzer, b. March 31, 1834; m. May 4, 1858, Carrie E. Treadwell. 

Children : i. Mary Treadwell ; 11. Edward, d. young ; HI. William David ; iv. 

Alice Caroline ; v. Elizabeth, d. young. 
Laura Cordelia Wanzer, b. Oct. 30, 1837 ; d. Nov. 10, 1837. 
Hannah Cordelia Wanzer, b. July 3, 1839. 
William Henry Wanzer, b. March 8, 1841 ; d. Oct. 26, 1850. 
(Son), b. and d. Feb. 7, 1846. 
Ellen Hendrick Wanzei; was educated at the Osslnlng (N. Y.) Institute and 

became a teacher. 
Anna Wanzer, was graduated from the Maplewood Music Seminary, East Haddam, 

Conn., and became a music teacher. 

519. AURIELLA" HOSMER, daughter of John Boman and Lura« (Abbe) 
Hosmer, born October 5, 1810, in Sardinia, N. Y. She lived for a time in Buffalo, 
N. Y., where she was teacher, dressmaker, and milliner; later lived in Racine 
and Somers, Wis. She Avas a member of the Racine Free Baptist Church. Died 
in Sardinia, N. Y., July 2, 1854. 

Married in Sardinia,^ ALSON FELCH, born June 10, 1813; died July 25, 1880, 
in Somers, Wis. 

Children, horn in Somers 

765 Lura Ann Fclch, b. May 2, 1837 ; m. John F. Rogers. 

766 John Hosmei- Felch, b. Dec. 25, 1838 ; m. Amelia Bacon. 

Mary Melissa Felch, b. Nov. 1, 1840 ; d. March 14, 1845, in Somers, Wis. 

767 Isaac Newton Felch, b. Feb. 10, 1843 ; m. Mary F. Thomas. 

Mary Jerusha Felch, b. Jan. 14, 1845 ; resides in Racine, Wis. Is a teacher in 

school and of music. 
James Alson Felch, h. May 4, 1847 ; d. April 29, 1886, at Stevens Point, Wis. 

Married at Lodi, Wis., 1875, Mrs. Emma Cain, who resides at Stevens Point. 

No children. He was educated at Racine Business College and Hillsdale College 

(1868). Studied law and was admitted to the bar. Was justice of the peace for 

ten years and city attorney. 

520. MARIAM BINGHAM" HOSMER, daughter of John Boman and Lura« 
(Abbe) Hosmer, born in Sardinia, N. Y., January 25, 1819; died October 18, 
1893, in Englewood, 111. Two years before her marriage she went to Racine, 
Wis., where she worked at the tailor trade, spun yarn and Avove carpets and 
blankets, earning twelve shillings a week in money, Avhich she considered very 
good wages. 

Married in Mount Pleasant, Wis., October 17, 1842, ORSON PHELPS, born 
January 12, 1813, in Brutus, Cayuga County, N. Y.; died January 10, 1899, in 
Racine, Wis. He was for forty years a blacksmith in Mount Pleasant, Wis. 

Children, horn in Racine County, Wis. 

Wealtha Phelps, b. Aug. 7, 1843 ; resides in Englewood, 111. Married at Racine, 
Wis., March 6, 1866, Harvey Silas Huntley, b. Dec. 15, 1825, at Plattsburg, 
N. Y. ; d. in Englewood, April, 1912, buried in Racine, Wis. He was a mason 
and carpenter, removed to Englewood in 1872. Member of the Baptist Church. 
No children. 

William Phelps, b. Aug. 9, 1845 ; d. Sept. 19, 1845. 

Seventh Generation 261 

768 Luther Bingham Phelps, b. Aug. 27, 1846; ni. Limetta Hodges. 
Olive Phelps, b. Nov. 5, 1847 ; d. Oct. 1. 1848. 

Uenry Phelps, b. Doc. 3, 1848; d. .Tunc 2, 1868, in Iowa. 

769 Charles William Phelps, b. April 5, 1851; m. Emma .Johnson. 

770 Mariha Jane Phelps, h. July 5, 1853; m. Thomas Nelson. 

INorman Milo Phelps, b. Jan. 21, 1856; resides at Beaver Dam, Wis. Married at 
Rio, Wis., April 20, 1880, Alice Elizabeth Pearson, b. April 8, 1855. Children, b. 
at Beaver Dam: i. Milo Newell, b. Aug. 14, 1881, d. Nov. 30, 1881; ii. Oscar 
Svlvester, b. July 24. 1882; iii. Earl Earldon. b. April 4, 1884; iv. Harrison 
Morton, b. June 29, 1888 ; v. Zenobia Wealtha, b. June 24, 1890. 

Orson Nctrell Phelps, b. April 23, 1857. Attended school in Englewood, 111. ; 
studied telegraphy and has been telegrapher in various towns of Illinois, Wis- 
consin, also station agent ; is now general agent for the Chicago and North- 
western Railway and American Express Company at DeKalb, 111. Married at 
Madison, Wis., March 17, 1887, Minnie Mettler. Child : Ralph Willis, b. June 24, 
1889, m. in Freeport, 111., Jan. 13, 1915, Margaret Krownschild of Freeport. 
Ralph Phelps has a position with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway in their 
Chicago office and resides in Austin. 

Adaline Phelps, b. Sept. 12, 1858; d. Dec. 2, 1858. 

George D. Phelps, b. Aug. 6, 1860 ; d. March 15, 1861. 

521. HARRY WALBRIDGE- HOSMER, son of John Boman and Lnra" 
(Abbe) Hosmer, born February 26, 1823, in Sardinia, N. Y. ; died September 
12, 1890. He lived for forty years at Green Lake, Wis.; went to Denver for 
his health and returned as far as Iowa Falls, Iowa, where he died. 

Married (1) at Racine, Wis., 1849, JENNETTE (or ELSIE G.) WRIGHT, 
born June 27, 1827; died October 28, 1868. 

Married (2) at Green Lake, Wis., December, 1869, MRS. HELEN FOWLER. 

Children iy first wife 

771 Ezra Frank Hosmer, b. May 18, 1851 ; m. Catherine Neopert. 

Louis Alfred Hosmer, b. Sept. 10, 1855, near Green Lake, Wis. ; resides at Parks- 
ton, S. Dak. Married April 6, 1886, at Parkston, Lavena Johnson, b. July 29, 
1865, in Michigan. Child: Mabel L., b. April 7, 1888, at MiUtown, S. Dak., 
m. 1906, at Central Lake, Mich., James Robert Carpenter, b. April 27, 1880, 
in Canada. Mabel Hosmer Carpenter has one child, Everett Lewis, b. Sept. 30, 

522. ANN ALINDA' HOSMER, daughter of John Boman and Lura« (Abbe) 
Hosmer, born April 14, 1826, in Sardinia, N. Y.; died October 30, 1899. She 
was one of the pioneers of Racine County, Wis.; moved to the state in 1842, 
and to Racine in 1844. She w^as a member of the Freewill Baptist Church 
at Mount Pleasant for forty-one years. 

Married at Racine, May 18, 1847, NICHOLAS DE MOUILPIED, born Sep- 
tember 13, 1819, on the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel; died May 
25, 1875. He emigrated to this country in 1845 and resided in Racine up to 
the time of his death. 

Children, horn at Mount Pleasant, Racine County, Wis. 

Ann Eliza Be Mouilpied, b. April 23, 1848. She lived at Freeport, 111., for a time 
after marriage, then at Racine. Married near Racine, Feb. 16, 1876, John 
Morris Emmerson, b. Nov. 11, 1846, at Sheboygan, Wis. No children. 

Mary Rachel De Mouilpied, b. July 29, 18-50; m. Jan. 21, 1873, near Racine, 
Edwin H. Noble, b. Sept. 22, 1847, at Rochester, ^^'is. They resided on a farm 
for about twenty years, then moved into Racine. No children. 

Martin Nicholas De Mouilpied, b. April 6, 1853 ; d. Aug. 6, 1908, in Galveston, 
Texas. Not married. He lived in Englewood, 111., two years, was then employed 
on the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Railroad as brakeman and conductor, finally 
went to Galveston. 

262 Abbe- Abbey Genealogy 

Thomas James Be Mouilpied, b. Dee. 2, 1857. At the age of twenty-five he left 
Racine ; located in Hutchinson County, S. Dak. ; taught school there ; moved to 
Eastport, Antrim County, Mich., in the fall of 1896. Married (1) at Alexander, 
S. Dak., Jan. 13, 1884, Lavena Johnson, b. July 29, 1865, near Traverse City, 
Mich.; d. 1912. Married (2) Jan. 14, 1914, at Elsworth, Mich., Lois C. Wright. 
Children by first wife: i. Clarence Martin, b. March 23, 1885, at Milltown, 
S. Dak., m. at Spokane, Wash., July 13, 1904, Tessie Windnagle, b. May 30, 
1886; ii. Archie William, b. July 10, 1889, at Milltown, resides in Eastport, 
Mich., m. March 23, 1910, Jessie Carrier, has a son, Irvin Glenn, b. at Elk 
Rapids, Mich., Feb. 27, 1914 ; iii. Mabel Bernice, b. Sept. 2, 1900, in Eastport, 

Lura Louisa Dc Mouilpied, b. Sept. 7, 1860. Married Sept. 7, 1880, near Racine, 
Wis., Edward Bishop, b. Feb, 18, 1859, at Somers, Wis. He was United States 
mail messenger and assistant postmaster at Somers in a store with his father up 
to 1881 when he removed to Racine. Inventor and manufacturer of a sign- 
printing device, and also, since 1889, photographer. Child ; Burnette OrviUe, 
b. June 24, 1884, in Racine. He was graduated from the Racine High School 
and University of Wisconsin and is now in the post card business in Racine. 
Married in Edgewater, lU., Nov. 2, 1909, Louise Marguerite Stoffel of Edge- 
water, daughter of E. A. Stoffel. Child, Robert Hurlburt, b. Dec. 27, 1913. 

Joint Albert De Mouilpied, b. Sept. 18, 1867. Was educated in Racine and has lived 
in Racine except for a year in S. Dak. Town treasurer 1901-2. Married at 
Waukegan, lU., Dec. 20, 1900, Alice May Acklan, b. Dec. 23, 1880, at Mount 
Pleasant, Wis., daughter of Thomas Henry and Martha Elizabeth (Rockelly) 
Acklan. Children : i. Milton John, b. June 28, 1910 ; ii. Lorin Nicholas, b. at 
Racine, Feb. 3, 1914. 

523. JOHN F." HOSMER, sou of John Boman and Lnra^ (Abbe) Hosmer, 
born May 20, 1828, in Sardinia, N. Y.; died October 20, 1898, at West Point, 

Married at LaCrosse, Wis., March 23, 1854, HARRIET MARIA GOODRICH, 
born September 29, 1828; died March 26, 1898, at West Point. 

Children, lorn at LaCrosse 

772 DeWitt Clinton Hosmer, b. March 8, 1855 ; m. EsteUa Jennie Proctor. 

Stoddard Thomas Hosmer, b. Feb. 19, 1856 ; d. March 4, 1875, at LaCrosse. 

George Alson Hosmer, b. Sept. 24, 1857. He has been teacher, farmer and miUer. 
He has resided at Neshonac, Wis. ; LaCrosse, Wis. ; Furgas Mills, Minn. ; Mon- 
tana ; West Concord, Minn. He was town clerk of LaCrosse, 1894-7, town chair- 
man and represented the town on the county board. Married Sept. 26, 1887, Ida 
Oehler, b. May 2, 1862, at LaCrosse. Children, b. at LaCrosse : i. Gertrude, 
b. April 15, 1890 ; ii. John F., b. May 19, 1892 ; iii. OrviUe G., b. June 17, 1896. 

Charlie Goodrich Hosmer, b. Dec. 27, 1866 ; has been missing since Oct., 1882. 

Harry Eugene Hosmer, b. Oct. 28, 1871 ; resides in Birmingham, Ala. Married at 
West Point, Miss., Feb. 20, 1898, Essie M. Coleson, b. Jan. 8, 1881. Children, 
b. at West Point : i. John Eugene, b. April 12, 1899 ; ii. Hazel NeUie, b. March 
17, 1901. 

Frank Irving Hosmer, b. July 23, 1873 ; resided at Hattiesburg, Miss. ; d. at 
Helena, Ga., April 12, 1914. Married at West Point, Miss., Dec. 3, 1902, Eva 
May Jones. Child : Wallis Irving, b, June 24, 1904, at West Point. 

524. JOHN ABBE^ WILCOX, son of Jeremiah and Melinda^ (Abbe) Wilcox, 
born December 8, 1816, in Springville, N. Y. ; died in Minnesota, July 11, 1863. 

Married (1) January 13, 1840, FANNY MANTER. 

Married (2) August 3, 1851, HANNAH T. TURN, born April 14, 1820, in 
Hamburg, N. Y.; died July 27, 1896. 

Children iy first wife 

773 Origen AUe Wilcox, b. Dec. 1, 1840. 

Seventh Generation 263 

Children by second wife 

Soiihia L. Wilcox, b. Sept. 3, 1852, in Springville, N. Y. ; resides at Taylor Falls, 
Minn. Married April 24, 1876, William W. Corner, b. Oct. 11, 1852, in St. Louis, 
Mo. Children: i. Walter Bert, b. Oct. 14, 1876, in Taylor Falls; ii. Carl 
Chester, b. April 27, 1880, d. March 18, 1883, b. and d. in Taylor Falls; ill. 
Percival Douglas, b. Jan. 5, 1883 ; iv.